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29 Apr

Posted by SkrotDev in Music & Audio | April 29, 2013 | 43 Comments

Apk file size: 3.3 MB

Skrot is a musical instrument that looks and sounds like a piece of junk, broken and messed up. If that sounds like a good thing to you, you should try it out!
It's super easy to use and before you know it you will be writing songs that top all the charts, get you on television and make you a millionaire a million times over.

Skrot consists of two main parts that can be used independently :
- A monophonic real time synthesizer that can create smooth melodies or noisy, harsh soundscapes, without requiring any knowledge about how synthesizers work!
- A sampler that allows you to record 2 seconds of sound from your microphone and play around with it. Play it slower, faster, or even backwards!

Skrot also sports a basic delay unit, enabling you to create even more noisy goodness. Set the feedback to max and go to town! And don't be afraid to plug your phone into your massive sound system and blow your house up.

DISCLAIMER: This app is under development, send us your feedback!
There is a known issue with the graphical layout looking not so great on some devices.
If you experience anything that hampers your experience, send us an email detailing your device model and Android version, and we will get right on it.

SkrotDev part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 29, 2013. Google play rating is 83.44. Current verison is 0.1. Actual size 3.3 MB.

Download skrot.apk 3.3 MB


Al Raye Cook Jr.

Mysterious, and amazing, but needs tablet optimization The only thing that could help this app is multiple stacking of loops and possibly polyphonic multitouch. Otherwise, a very impressive app. Edit: Tried this on my Nexus 7. The tablet version leaves much to be optimized in terms of using the screen space.

Alex Sheldon

Loved it Absolutely loved this, but it saddens me that I am not able to record sounds at length and since the last update for this was almost a year ago, I doubt the developer is still working on this. But had this had a proper Record function, I would happily pay for this app. For I was conducting harsh drone sounds that amounted to all out horror and creepiness, but alas, I cannot record it!

Gordon Alf Shumway

Couldn't Get Any Sound. I was really excited by the prospect of this app, as I love broken messed up sounds and synthesizers. But, try as I may, I could not get a single sound out of the app, I never heard anything. I'm not sure if I didn't figure everything out or what. But I'm pretty familiar with synthesizers and just music apps in general. I messed with all of the parameters, changed the presets, tried the two default presets, still no sound. I also tried recording a quick sample to modify, and still I heard nothing. Are you supposed to use the free open space at the bottom to play notes or samples? Because I touched every conceivable spot in the app and moved every slider and never got any results. I'm using the app on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet running ICS 4.0.3. I really want this to work, and if it ever does, would you please add a way to record, save and then export your work to a wave file, please? The way it was described gave me high hopes, and I think I will hold on to it to see if it gets updated and fixed, and hopefully gets the option to record and export to a wave file. Thanks for the app,I appreciate it even though it never worked, for me.

Robodie - the Kung Fu Ninja Robot

Awful, awesome sounds! Makes THE best "awful" noise -- perfect if you're into industrial (or whatever the kids are calling it these days, heheh). Love, love, l love the crunch and dirt to this! Having a little trouble with recording playback, though... (HTC One M8)

A Google User

Great little application Like the direct sample manipulations to use for recording on top of other recordings. Just hope the developer/s expand on this application or make another one with even more functions. musicalandroid. com

Kevin Sullivan

Intriguing Definitely has potential as a retro sci fi burble maker or industrial soundscape tool. Trying to figure out how to use it on the Nexus 7 was a bit weird because all the sliding stuff ends up in the wrong zones, and it isn't really obvious where the player is at first. But anyone making interesting Android music apps is to be applauded and encouraged. More, please.

James Beach

good for many filthy and broken sounds. It can be for dubstep wobbles if you know how, or horror soundscapes, or even just weird noises. Liking it so far!

Kozmijan Butec

Great weird noise maker! Absolutely must for all bizarre loving sound makers. Having an option to record live sound manipulation would be essential. Would pay if it would be a commercial app - simply that fun and usable, thanks.

phil jones

Interesting but not ready for use on nexus 7 yet. Ui items are offset from where they obviously would be.

Road Warrior

Hey Gorgof, I found that if you start in a downward motion in the play field and then move to the left or right you can get the sounds you want. Just letting you know.

Simon Quirk

Quirkles Sony Z1 compact. Found it quite easy to fathom out once played around with settings for a few minutes. Either use in built tone or sample a sound snippet then adjust with sliders for delay, repeat type effects etc, s imple but effective fun! I'm Quirky by name this is Quirky by nature! Luv it. :-)

Todd Bernstein

Fun musical noise maker I'm enjoying this app, but I wish there was a way to turn it off completely. When I leave the app, it notifies me to come back. Is there a way to fix this? Otherwise, it's a nice little musical tool.

Hairul Habibi

Hear this makes me feel in another dimension.. excellent!! there is another ones like this?

Yung Cazador

This is Cool! I made music that sounds like a Theremin. Something from a old space movie.

Mike Wise-Miller

Nicely done Works great on my SG S2. Took me a few moments to figure out that the bottom rusty rectangle is the touch to play surface. From there it's experimental fun all the way. Thanks dev! Would love export to WAV file, if ever on the cards.

Jessy Yo Mi Nomi

Haha nice It sounds creepy like gothical...haha anywayz....gud job!!great i enjoy playing this. Pls create more apps like this contribution to all androidmusic up d good work..nice

Steve Sanford

Time for trippin This is the coolest app ive found for my phone by far!!!!

bran flake

Mind Melting... I make TOTAL jams with this. Once you start playing with the sampler & synth at once you will get chills guarenteed. Please keep developing this. Hell I'd pay good cash for a pro version with more parameters and sampling time. Deceptively life changing. Thank you.

Nigel Goodwin

Best noise app for smart phone Yes it is. I will keep looking though.

Phillip Hanson

Serious potential I installed a while back and uninstalled only because it got boring after 5 mins. Add a little structure...even chaotic structure...this need something more to be an instrument of use. Extend this concept, especially with Dubstep and organized noise ripping through the world's airwaves. :)

k smith

A legit program With no adds or any crap.....made with love

david adams

Might have knackered my phone's speaker..... Ooops.

Yuriy Lehki

Great app, but needs an export option. This app is a great bit of fun, but it could also be used as an actual instrument (in an industrial piece, for instance) if it would allow us to export a WAV or MP3 file. Please give us a record and export option!

Kelly Taylor

Wow. I could play with this for hours. What a cool broken toy.

Christoph Chianese-Lopez

Awesome Great instrument! If only it had a recording utility so it could be used with an Android d.a.w....

Paul Maybin

Nice little Synth pad.....please add a few more sounds ASAP as it really could be GREAT!

blank blank

Good job Vary fun

Andronicus Mayhem

Whoa!!! Not sure what I'm doing with this thing, but once I start I don't like stopping. Would like to see more of this kind of junk out there.

Gina Zela

Cool App Skrot is awesome, it does really feel like playing junk material but in a fun way..

Björn Paxling

Noiselovers rejoice! Great and simple app for playing with sound, highly recommended!

Curtis Sylvester Jr.

Pure garbage There's no evidence that this app even works let alone supposed to do anything

James Lee

Piece of junk. It was so cool.

Alex Fowler

Cool! Very industrial sound! However, I have a bug - the buttons and sliders on the gui look shrinked and positioned not inside their tracks. Looks like they were not scaled to the screen of the device but the background was.However it works. Also, waiting for updates or more synths from you!

Frank Malm

Great little application Like the direct sample manipulations to use for recording on top of other recordings. Just hope the developer/s expand on this application or make another one with even more functions. musicalandroid. com

Alex Marshall

A powerful yet simple noise app Just tested this out as part of a noise piece and it was such a handy tool. Being able to use the sample and sine wave together was beautifully. A suggestion: Maybe have a way to import and export samples or record the output?

Chris Mcreynolds

Love it Really looking forward to plugging this into my Daw

Matt Foster

Freakin awesome If only it could export wav files or at least save recordings. Ilove the way the left side of the screen plays the sample backwards. I recorded me saying another one bites the dust it doesnt say its fun to smoke marijuana those christians in th eighties lied. Also this app doesnt seem to work on tablets. If these minor issues were fixed i happily pay for app and rate five stars

John Monge

Killer Good noises. Straight ahead design. Please make more noise machines. I would love to see this expanded or added onto an array of noise gadgets. I use it live in one of my bands. Keep it up.

Sarah Drummond

Very good

Dan Szeles

Would love to give 5 stars.. The sound and aesthetic is perfect! My only issue is it won't generate any sound when playing with the hold functions. But its active development, so looking forward to improvements!

Greski 9000

Good audio mangling mang You can get sketchy broken noise and soundscapes from this free app ...very good indeed ..

John Lee

It's cool An alternative to Morphwiz, with a record feature. Drawbacks, far less presets, and less slick design, but for some reason takes up more space?

Jonny Radar

Please make the wav files exportable. I would love to send this to Caustic, for example.

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