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10 Oct
Skin Viewer 3D

Posted by AeroShark333 in Simulation | Oct. 10, 2015 | 123 Comments

Apk file size: 3.8 MB

Skin Viewer 3D

A Material-designed application to load, view and apply your Minecraft skin or Minebuilder skin!

You can view the skin by using the 'View Skin' button.

You can select a skin using the 'Select Skin' button:
- from Minebuilder Online Skin Database (loginname required)
- from Minecraft Online Skin Database (playername required)
- from URL (URL required)
- from file (some kind of file manager required)

You can select a background from using the 'Select Background' button:
- from URL (URL required)
- from file (some kind of file manager required)

You can use your skin using the 'Use Skin' button:
- to Download the skin to storage
- to apply the skin to Minebuilder singleplayer.
- to apply the skin to Minebuilder multiplayer.
- to apply the skin to Minecraft PC multiplayer.
- to apply the skin to Minecraft Pocket Edition singleplayer/multiplayer.

Watch an app preview here:

On the main screen:
- Press a button and you will see its functions
- There is a menu too

In SkinViewer mode:
- Tap (holding tap): Skin stops rotating
- Left and right swipe: Rotate skin in swipe-direction (and keep rotating in that direction when the finger is removed from the screen)
- Swipe, when an arm or leg is touched: rotating body part
- Double tap to show menu (for extra features)
-- Menu:
--- Show snow
--- Show rain
--- Clear weather
--- Slanted arms/legs
--- Zoom
--- Show/hide parts
--- Save screenshot
--- Enable/Disable auto-rotation
--- Close menu

Live Wallpaper:
- A 3D live wallpaper (skin viewer)!
- Double tap to show/clear snow or rain
- Swipe to change rotation direction
- For custom skins and backgrounds:
-- skin: place a skin.png file in /*storage*/SkinViewer
-- background: place a background.png file in /*storage*/SkinViewer
(*storage* is usually the SD-card)
-- or use the in-app Navigation Drawer to change both skin and background!

Minecraft (normal skin version and 1.8 skin version) and Minebuilder skins are both supported!

Permissions used:
Internet & Wifi - Advertentions and obtaining skins and/or backgrounds
Read & Write - Loading, saving and applying skins and/or backgrounds

Libraries used:
ZipI/O: Kellinwood
ZipSigner: Kellinwood
ZipLogger (x2): Kellinwood

Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. I am not affiliated with Mojang AB but I adhere to the terms set out by Mojang AB at
Minebuilder is a trademark of Space Walrus. I am not affiliated with Space Walrus but I adhere to the terms set out by Space Walrus at

Whats new

    Animation recordmode update!
    - Added: Animation recording mode for 5 seconds
    - Added: Animation recording mode for 10 seconds
    - Added: Animation recording mode for 15 seconds
    - Fixed: Application launch crash on Android 2.2 (or lower) devices
    - Fixed: Drawer image causing crash on Android 2.3.x devices

AeroShark333 part of our Simulation and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 81.5656. Current verison is 4.7. Actual size 3.8 MB.

Download skin-viewer-3d.apk 3.8 MB


TheDoctorWho 97

Wasn't my skin When I typed in my gamer tag,it showed a completely different skin

Ash Ketchum

Awesome!! Really awesome and helpfull app. Five stars bro! :-D

Paolo Palomata

Nice 3d Viewer But I have a problem, why is the background shows black screen only? Even I updated the app. Pls fix this. It suck dude. I'll rate it 5 if you fix it tnx.. (Sony Xperia L)


Arms I wish i could rate 5 stars but the thing is i can bend the arm i hope u could do this is the next update if u do tht i will rate 5 star


Love it :) This is a cool app to pose minecraft skins :) would be more cooler if the arms and legs can bend and we can add items for it to hold :D thanks and best regards ^-^


Minecraft skin renders I still have problems my shoulders are inverted,I love it but one thing missing, skin renders I want it to have animation like bending arms and legs,able to hold items, thats all, you can see photos of skin renders on google

BrickMan ShowPage

Nice app Now i can make poses of my character and put it in my youtube channel art

Cameron W.

Please fix When I save without a background there are white marks all the way around the edges of the skin but when I save with a background there aren't any please fix!

Gamingkids 814

Awsome This app is cool the app creator recommend me to use this on my video

Alex Sakata

Really Great! Seriously, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for something like this! I do have one question though, do you plan on adding 1.8 skin support and if you do, when?

Abigail Petersen

Best ,Awesome, Love It Well I love this app cuz I can find skins. I can look at skinsmfor inspiration of skin making!!!!! Also all my friends are jelly of my awesome skin!!! Thank U for making this it is awesome!!!!

Cookie Fantasy

Not good It always put the easter bunny nothing else I want it to have different skins then the bunny that's why one star. FIX IT!!!


Amazing! I wish i could rate it 30 stars! I have waited so long to find an app like this. The best part about it is that i could get my custom edited skin from pc and upload it to mcpe with ease from the click of a button! I highly recommend this app to others!

Andrew Smirnoff

Nice app, Abiram! This definitely deserves 5 stars :P

Beverley Densham

Keeps crashing Every time I go on it, it crashes!

toni williams

Ok I like it but I click the apply button to apply it to pocket edision and it just says this game is not respawnding then it competle closes everything plz fix this and reply

lpsapple Jackmm

ILOVED it!!! It worked perfectly !!!!?

Narendra Nawangga

Pls REPLY. THIS IS WEIRD After I choose my skin then select the wallpaper, the skin wasn't there; only the wallpaper. Because the skin isn't there, I choose it again then the wallpaper wasn't there; only the skin. THIS IS WEIRD. It didn't choose the both, it only choose one of them. And it only shows head, body ,and legs 2nd layer, but not with the arms. Pls, fix this

Kristoff Diaz

Awesome But Can you make more 3D like 4D in the computer Its more awesome if you do that I'll rate 5 star if you do that. Thanks

Julia Lacson

It is good I love it. Not hard to use ^_^

Angelo Delos Santos

Really Appreciated the Incredible Updates Thank you for doing our favor and requests. We really appreciate your work. Wish you Good luck. :)

Luke Lim

Error. Whenever I want to use the skin in mine craft pe it always fails! What's this!

Ashley Taylor

It sucked I couldnt get any urls to work and when i tried to move the limbs it went nuts because the kept moving in random directions

MɪN3CɾʌFƭ GʌM3R

Awesome Love the wallpaper, everyone at school was jealous

Riza Tsubudji

Cool The best architecture skin Viewer 3d app!!

Brandi Brinks

Edit it should have a option to edit. improve it

Nath Ward

Fantastic Application! Has everything you'd ever need for viewing your favourite skins from Minebuilder and Minecraft! The fact you can just put someone's name in and the app gets that skin is an incredibly useful feature! Cannot recommend enough. Great work dev!

Trace B

88/8 GR8 Would r8 88/8 but GPlay only does 5 stars. Beautiful app for viewing skins. Buffalo Bill's wet dream.

anthony stone

Very nice I hated having to picture a 3D skin in my head, or go on Minebuilder to view it, now thanks to this great app I don't have to!

jeffrey tininahanjr

Like it This is helpful so far for meh. XD.... So yeah, I hope this app will be noticed by googlers. Luv this app if u can put some pose presets. I love classic Abi. Mix this with Skin toolkit for Minecraft, It. Is. Awesome!!! -Wulfie

Vutock Durney

Nice I was looking on Google play for a skin viewer so i can work on my skins again (MC) and i saw this pop-up, i recognised the name of the dev. Well done Abs!! A suggestion: a pause button in the top-right corner to stop the skin from turning/ or when u tap on the skin that it stops. Thnx!!! -Vutock. ..................A reply to your reply: Thanks for answering with such speed! I cant wait for your new updates lad! :-D

pe gamers

Awsome If any one needs to render mcpe skins use thus APP it is brillient


Wow Abiram Omg nice app.Another Great and succesfull app Its helpfull m8 for new player on the comunity :) 5 star nice

Holly Wisdom

Good but... So Its good, not gonna lie, but could you give the option for it to stop spinning? I would use this app to help me build skins but it spins so I cant concentrate on one spot.

Слава Сутырин

Very good The best app of minecraft skin viewer, 5stars



Areli Santillan

Awesome but... Please add iron swords, gold swords, bows, etc and then I'll rate 5 stars. Thanks!

Epic Steve

Add minecraft 1.8 skins Add clothing layers to skin on here plz

Kjsjdjdbdbhddbbdndn Nfjcncjnfdjndndnxnd

JUST ADD Add swords and others plz??

Justin Jin Gwapo

Great!! It will be more great if you make this app an animator app I know it needs a lot of work but please make it possible

Devin Zheng

Alsome app download it

Niko Mait

Awesome app Please get rid of the white lines in the sides when you save screenshot with no background there are white lines in the side of the player...plz fix this...

Harvader and Leo Geo

Nice! ? This is a great app for making Minecraft renders and sharing them on Instagram! (It gets me follows and stuff!) So yeah, great app!

Priscilla Navarro

Yas Itz so fab! I luv it! And- aw poop i have to go ?✌ see ya

Camden D'Alessio

Great Alternative Normally, when I make a skin, checking all my common error points is tough, considering there's no 3D viewer. Wait a sec. There is ;D Although I noticed the underside of the body is a bit strange... Is this supposed to happen? The head is also strangely pushed forward, and the hat layer on one of my skins was noticeably darker, despite being the same shade as the head.


Great but Can u make it easier to bend because wen you bend its slow

The casual Zombie

Texture This is an amazing app however when I load my skin it makes my my right and left leg switch colour

Orland Aloria

??? How to have armor?

Enchanted Pick

Get rid of the white lines Yes you can bend the arms but its terrible for gfx if you could make it a little bit more realistic It would be better

ElementalIbs Account

Tnx I appreciate you responding to me :)

XSonic PlaysMC

Best...update....ever Finally can do some gfx for peps now on yt thanks for this update m8

Shieldedgaming Zk

Cool I love the bending but make in more easy to control it and add bones -your best friend

Ender Shades

Add this? For the potitioning, can you ad more joints? Like in the arms and legs. Other then that, love this app!

RainnePro Borromeo

Awesome! Its awesome i can use it to make simple thumbnails but pls add like curving the hands and feet (bones) and holding tools like sword and axe that will be soooo awesome :D thanks for making this app

DarkHexagon 7

Its good but needs a few tweaks This app is good but when I rotate the arms or legs, the textures seem wrong and blurry. Also can you make an option to place the character back to its original place when you are moving the character instead of starting all over again? thanks

A Google User

Add 2 item Weliding I already Live It But If You Could Hold One Item One Both Hands That Would Be Great


Best app ever This app I been searching for a week and at last I found.....with this app I can make profile photo for YouTube by cropping the skin and crop at another image using image editor.


PLZ FIX THIS!!! when I bend the hand and leg it look so weird because its look it gonna be so tall you know... FIX THIS AND I WILL GIVE YOU 5 STARS!and when I touch the diamond pickaxe it say coming soon but when I 3D Viewer it..Its works @[email protected]

Eissa Dar367

Best! There is something add a feature which gives items to your animated skin such as diamond sword pls

Sankofa Legend


Dominator 80

Good but not the arms of my skin are the left and the right one looks different than the other one fix this

Joeline LJJ

THANK YOU SO MUCH THANKS FOR CREATING THIS APP!!I can create a minecraft thumbnail for yt now!!


HELP Love the app but its not opening just gliching pls fix this!!!


IDEA! They should give a transparent background for thumbnails/profile pics on YouTube

shane ali

1 update brings a big problem The no background feature is actually messed up because when yuo choose that its still have backgroud. Please fix this bug. Then i rate 5


Da best Really man, you did a good job :D

BakedPotatoIan (Ian)

Cool app! Now i can make renders! But can u please fix this bug where the diamond pickaxe and sword are not properly aligned to the hand..... Then i will rate 5 stars... Even fix the textures of the sword and pick....

Nightcore Kat

Not the best There needs to be a reset pose button, an option for props, and more backgrounds. I dont have enough memory for many more pics.

Michael Rivers

Why?! Every time I pick a skin they have a blue tint don't waste your time with this dumb app

Andrie Santos

Amazing I can use this as profile pic.

Foxy The Pirate

Add one thing or fix Have the tools handitems show in hand it looks wrong then

HiamMCG918 - Vlogs, MCPE and More!

THANK YOU! Now I can finally make channel arts and thumbnails!

Alejandro Becerra

My skin... All the blue is red and the yellow is light blue you need to fix this bug

Samantha Solis

ITS SO COOL i love it so much because its 3D i love 3D

Astrorious Lunaria Infinite

Usernames are based on legacy instead of UUID

MLG Gems

Is good But Were is the sword


I like it but When I add a sword in the sword isn't in the hand please fix this problem. Thank you-edit- please update it im getting annoyed because of the items that wont stay in the persons hand


Best It's helped me get everything this should cost 100 dollars that's how good it is


When I'm not using cinema 4d I use this it's amazing

Ash the Hunter

Can't wait to use it I saw someone's post saying something about downloading this app. I saw that he did a lot of these so I decided to try it myself.

Amari Raye

Can't create my thumbnails I'm trying to do it without background now the background is black it used to cut out the black part for you

Herobrine_666 the demigod of the hell

The problem with the tools... The sword can't be holding in my hand... you can fix it pls :) your app is ☆☆☆☆EPIC ☆☆☆☆

The Crusher

Love it so much! I use this app for making profile pics and background pics.Really really thank you guys for this amazing job


Amazing I love this app, and it helped me make my awesome live wall paper. However, I think there are a lot of things you should add: Being compatible with Alex skins would be good, and being able to put in multiple players into the image. Also, you should make it so you can use the animations you make in 3d view mode as the wall paper instead if just the character rotating ?????☺

Steve Be Like HI GUYS

I Wanted you To Fix..... I Saw The New Update For This App Saying Fixed Color Bug No You Did Not This App Is A Troll

Indalecio Banuelos

Good but meh The thing dat bothers me is the sword

Slix Proz

Please Reply This App Is Cool To Render Because I Want To Post My Skin To An App Called Mc Animo But This App Is Great To Render So 100 Stars?Please Reply

Allen Blue

I loved it but... Make update and more option


Omg.. The 3D skin viewer is SO annoying! It is REALLY HARD to look around.... please fix for 5 stars (*****)

average nerdedgamer

Plz How do you make so there no background at all just skin no blackness

Cristian Sierra

Fix It glitches and the body part move another way and not the way I want it


Awesome Very good

The Pumpkin Playz

Fantastic for GFX This is so amazing, a FREE app that can be used to position skins in 3D. With a little tweaking, this could be one of the most useful app for me. One thing though, the positioning and the bending of limbs and head are area little awkward, and it's really hard to center the image. Other than that, it's a famtastic app.

A Google User

Awesome but I tried to use items but it didn't work plz fix that

XxMcpe GirlxX

Love it but U need to add ur own templates aka backrounds such ad shapes

Ruby McNamara

Im using it now! Thank u so much i use it as my profile pic on youtube!


BEST ANDROID 3D SKIN APP EVER I JUST LOVE THIS but plz reply and tell me how to put like a diamond sword in your hand

Brianna Wheeler

I guess. when I tried it it was pretty good because when I try to move the arm and went too fast and starts spinning really fast so just saying that if you want something to do thats easy this is not the rite app for you...

AgentCJ 0930

Add more items Please add the bow item and the rest of the tools

Lei Almay Mendoza

I want to have accesories like swords axe and other stuff

nessa _xoxo

It's has VERY good graphics and I LOVE IT!!!

NaXeT Chaos

Good Good, but PLEASE add Minecraft PE skin selection because my skin wont appear in my gallery

Chocola Minazuki

IT WONTS MAKE A PIC OF MY SKIN :( it says vakid skin and it put one random skin!

joanna perandin

Things to Add 1. Double Character Viewer. 2. More Default Backrounds. 3. Easier Bodypart Movement. That Is All For Now BTW This Isn't Criticism Just Things You Maybe Should Add

LunarJoy YT

It's ok Just if it could be like Minecraft because it needs to be tweaked and it's a bit round so plz fix it and good app

Jaymes Morgan

It's good but... I wish it was more like Minecraft, it's rounded and somewhat blurry (not as a problem it just is)

TwistFreak Mc

Its Awesome But Can U Make It that the skins are Able To Get Bigger Or Smaller?

Ava Gervais

Ok I wish I could put stuff in his hand it doesn't work that way ; (

Gamer Rizkie

This is so cool I can make 3d animation for my favorite skin

A Google User

Good but need some Update This need some Update but I'll just Rate it 5 Stars!

minecraftpe master

It wouldnt work on the marshmellow update

Darren Goh Guang Wei

I NEED MAH SKIN Why only one skin? I wanna upload my skin


Nice Please male bending easier it's very slow and needs to be tweaked


needs more i need to add my own skin from mcpe

bone pickings

Worst app ever Can't rotate right, default skin SUCKS, swords don't go into hands. Don't download if you want a happy life

Jaelynn And Raelynn's Channel

Good for thumbnails Its great for thumbnails for me because I dont play Minecraft PC I play mcpe and plus its very easy to use

Ryan Bird

OMG ITS DA BEST I'VE FOUND Definitely try it!!!!!! You can make custom background with any picture, add armor and tools, different animations and weather, it's really handy lel

Jurijs Vosils

We nee PRO for free 1 and 3 image is made with Skin viewer 3D Pro which is paid soo make pro version for free or i will not put higher rating


Loved it Well done who ever made this cos now I can make thumbnails for my YouTube vids so Thank you alot


Meh it's okay It needs fixing like whenever you try to stretch a limb it goes blurry and also the Minecraft characters look plastic-ish

Tatay Penson

Very useful but one problem I can't use my Minecraft skin on Minebuilder because it's a 16x16 pixels format! You need to allow usage of skins with 16x16 pixel formats!

jelwe pinkston. Robinson

EXCUSE ME BUG FIX? When I put a background on it.frezzes in seconds and FIX OR I WILL PUNCH YOU!!!!

FairlyBlue 755

Its okay but... In phones, you CANT do your won skin which sucks.

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