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16 Aug
SketchBook Ink

Posted by Autodesk Inc. in Entertainment | Aug. 16, 2013 | 62 Comments

Apk file size: 9.6 MB

Draw perfect, resolution-independent lines with SketchBook® Ink. This easy-to-use pen & ink drawing app enables you create amazing line art and export high-resolution images directly from your tablet (7” or larger).

Using SketchBook Ink is as easy as opening the app, picking an ink style, and drawing. You’ll find the simulated pressure sensitivity mimics a natural pen-like drawing experience, and provides fine control for your line art. Zoom in and out without worrying about pixilation because your lines are resolution-independent.

Key features:
• Full screen workspace keeps the interface out of your way and keeps you in the creative zone
• Color editor and color picker with tap-hold customizable palette
• Seven preset ink styles with different line weight and behavior and two eraser types
• Layers, including the ability to import a photo into a layer for reference (great for tattoo artists)
• Gallery to store works-in-progress
• Export 9.2 MP PNG files to the Photo Library or export 101.5 MP PNG files to Dropbox, internal storage, or SD card storage

Draw perfect lines with SketchBook Ink, and tag us when you share! Visit for support or more information.

Whats new

    ✓Pressure sensitive brush type
    • Support for tablets who have pressure sensitive input directly from their OEM stylus.

Autodesk Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 16, 2013. Google play rating is 75.4734. Current verison is 1.6. Actual size 9.6 MB.

Download sketchbook-ink.apk 9.6 MB


krak ken

Major lag on Galaxy Note 8.0 Feels like beta. Fun app with great potential, but very laggy when Zooming in or out--frustrating to work with. Takes several seconds for screen to render when coloring on a second layer. Needs export for Pro with layers intact to make this useful. Color picker is too sensitive. Fix lag issue, add Pro export options, and this will be worth 5 stars.

Jefferson Lee

Built for line work and illustration. This app is really built for illustrations and line work, which won't fit all artists. I love this app because it only has a limited tool set; simplicity helps me be more creative since I am better able to focus on the art rather than the tool. Instead of a lot of brushes, pencils, markers, and ink, this app presents you with a sheet of paper and some nice sharpies. That's absolutely perfect for me, but it might not be enough for everyone.

Jastrow Krempe

Almost The app has its shortcomings, but overall the brush effects are rather nice if your style is compatible. And limitations often do not really hinder the creative process. But here are some things that keep to annoy my, because they seem so unnecessary. If you are in pen (only) drawing mode with the pressure sensitive brush selected and swipe the canvas with a finger you get a warning: Pressure sensitive brush only with stylus. Well, as I'm in pen only mode I did not intend to draw with the finger. You can't copy a layer, something I like sometime to disentangle things. You can't shift/scale the background image and even how it is placed on the canvas (rotation wise) is somewhat obscure. The color puck can't be used to change the color by dragging like in sketchbook proon the desktop. At first glance I hoped for that. The feature 's also missing in sketchbook pro android, but there is nothing that looks like the color puck. All in all I like it, sometimes at least.

Logain UBiv Tnomal Ablar

Needs an update, like yesterday. I love the potential of this app but it lacks basic functions I expected. For loose work such as the sample images show, the app works well enough. But for precise work such as logo designs that need vectors over bitmaps or city scapes that require sharp lines, it sucks. Mainly because there are no basic shape tools. There isn't a line too. There's no fill tool, no gradient tool. There isn't a way to select and manipulate points. Disappointing. 2* until some basic features are supported.

T Poulin

Generic and lacking features from Sketchbook Pro Vector graphics is a way better idea when you have a mobile device and want to share your drawings to PC or social media. But this app just lacks the tool bench and completeness of their raster app, Sketchbook Pro.

Darrell Jones

BROKEN! ... It doesn't work. NO STARS SHOULD BE AN OPTION Not working at all on Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 would like my money back or problem fixed. All my other Autodesk apps work. Was kind of looking forward to this and was totally let down

Denise Dominguez

Buggy as hell! Using the Galaxy tab 3 and I've tried unistalling and dice. I'll try to do a hard reset and start again. UPDATE: I want to use this app so bad but I still can't! I get weird images instead of the palettes and what not. Please address this issue. I checked if I had a virus but I don't. UPDATE 2: Man I'm still frustrated that there has not been an update to fix issues on my tablet. Update 3: Still not fixed as of 1/2/2014. Now not sure if its just Samsung tablet or im an idiot. :(

Ulrike Kleinert

Nice lines, no fill, not working The app was sort if limited but made for really nice lines and there are still no good vektor art apps so it held its own. But it just stopped workin for me at all.

raphael reyes

Import background broken Anyone else find that using a background layer no longer loads images, started possibly around time of the kit Kat update.

Darryl Anderson

Overpriced and limited This needs an import function so I can ink pencils from sketchbook pro. This needs way more functions, and tools. Smooth pen strokes, a nice start but needs improvement. Galaxy Note 8


Could be better if somethings were added that would be important for a vector drawing program Would be an even greater tool if it didn't pick colors from the background so easily if pen wasnt left hovering for amfew seconds, exports as svg, illustrator or anything that keeps vectors. Needs to add shapes and ways to manipulate your stroke and above all else adds a merge for your layers.

chuck lowe

Cool app Good sketching and illustration app. Too bad you can't import files and merge layers.

Kial Irvin

Why the color picker? Why is there the color picker when you hold down for a sec its horrible there is no way to turn it off why program it in the app to interfere with the artist when you have the icon that doesn't interfere. I dont get it. Other then that no merging of layers and no text very good app though.

Jamie-Lynn Zetl

Needs improvement I use it on my note 8 because of the options i have that make comic draws easier than with the pro version. However, its not good enough for pro drawings. My major problem is that when i zoom in and color it, then zoom out, theres color missing in lots of places. Very very extremely annoying. And of course the major lags that were mentioned before. I've been using it for 5 months and no update to fix this has been made. Very disappointing for an app with so much potential.

Duan Joubert

Pressure sensitivity doesn't work. Installed on a galaxy note 8.0 and allthough it can do pen-only mode there is no pressure sensitivity, making this app fairly useless.

Chuba Amadi

It's on the way Significant lag with the galaxy note 8. Very sharp resolution. Would be nice to add vectors to this particular app. I'm just getting used to it and I think it has brilliant potential although it's a different style of drawing that Sketchbook Pro

tara mckenna

I cant use this app. Every time i tap the gallery button i get a message "ink has stopped". And the whole thing crashes. Its no good to me like that. And i already have "do not keep activities" box unticked (in the 'settings'-'developers options'). I have emailed autodesk a few weeks ago but i've gotten no reply. Its very disappointing cause it look like it could be a lovely app. I have sketchbook pro, it works fine i'll continue to use that. Pity 'bout ink though.

Terry cobb

Needs more tools for the money very bummed Don't buy it. Not impressed at all tried to like it wanted to like it but bored fast. Needs a lot of tools for the money. Over $5.00 Regen is slow a lot of time, colors like red suck, tools, tools, why should someone need to rely on sketchbook pro then ink to slow, This app make me move to slow.This is really infant stage of the development this should of been a free trial thanks for the lack of quality as usual.I'm with Dave Hollingsworth this is a BIG problem in INK AND PRO FIX IT PLEASE!!!!! Color flip floping on the stylus.

Steven Dayton

Nice app. Hopefully improvements to come In spite of some negative comments I decided to purchase it anyway to compare it to Adobe Ideas. Unlike Ideas this is available for Android which is my device of preference. It has more brush options and is much easier to change sizes and colors than Ideas and at a much better price. The addition of a paint bucket tool would be nice. For quick and rough drawing this app is okay and for more complex work I will use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I hope Autodesk pays attention to these comments, suggestions and requests that have been posted.

Michelle K

Won't save properly Loved the app till it came time to save my work. Brushes are great and makes inking my art easy...or so I thought. When I save my work, the lines become choppy and incomplete. This renders the app useless. Please change this problem. I use a Lenovo ThinkPad tablet with Wacom digitizer pen...

Tiffany Ross

Good App - Needs Work It's a good app for one thing. Inking. I downloaded it to my Samsung Note 8.0 and was able to quickly draw a nice inked piece and am happy with the brush engine, but these things could use improvements. There is NOT an eraser. It only exports as a .png. No layers. No .psd. No vector file, which would be even more awesome. There is not an import feature. I'd like to be able to import penciled drawings that are scanned in to be inked. Being able to name the file would also be nice. If these things were added/expanded upon, this would be a five star app. As it is right now, it's a three. Ok, but lacking. On second thought: BAD APP. There are two versions that Autodesk needs to clear up. One for the Note and THIS one that only has one pressure sensitive brush. :( :( I feel cheated that I bought this one now when there's a better one actually made for my Note floating out there.


Has potential...very buggy I have sketchbook pro as well but this pales in comparison. It acts as if it was rushed for release. It is pretty laggy but that is the least of it. When it is zoomed in, the colors and lines are smooth. But when zoomed out to even 100% it looks like a 5 year old did it. There is a lot of white sloppy gaps in the colors and lines. The vectors do not translate properly in different zooms. That needs to be fixed. Please. Because the those sloppy appearances carry over to export. They do not get fixed as a PNG. And even that has problems. PNG is meant to be loss-less, but when I export something to even sketchbook pro it becomes extremely pixalated. Even when I play with the size. I had to export one image 3 times before I found t he least pixalated image. Please update with solutions to bugs that I and other users are sharing. It has a lot of potential with features that are there, given it is shown the proper love. I do love the pressure sensitivity for lines and how smooth they come out ( at least when zoomed in enough). I would love to use this app a lot more when it is easier to use and not as buggy as it is.

Zero Dean

Limited. Unintuitive. Overpriced. Yes, it really is as bad as some reviews say. I wish I'd paid more attention to those before purchasing this. I'm a sketchbook pro user and love that app. By comparison, Ink feels like a beta. Has a very limited and UNintuitive feature set. Also sluggish on Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. Ok for a beta, but definitely overpriced at $5. Compared to other apps like Infinite Design or Scribmaster (both of which I own), this app adds nothing and $1 is probably too much. Do yourself a favor and wait until they update this app or at least be prepared to get a quick refund (I would, but was too slow). Definitely not ready for prime time. Could definitely use some sketchbook pro consistence in UI options. PNG export doesn't match vector drawing. Also needs things like PSD and vector export support. Option to choose Dropbox directory. Bezier curve manipulation. Better brush controls. Also better feedback (exact size of brushes). Also save brush/frequently used options. Custom palletes. Canvas rotation, symmetry... Etc. This doesn't deserve the Sketchbook name.

David Hollingworth

Major issue on Galaxy Note 10.1 This would be a great sketching tool if it wasn't for one major issue. If the stylus is stationary on the screen for more than a fraction of a second then it picks up the background colour which means I'm suddenly drawing white on white. It's infuriating to have to keep resetting the ink colour all the time.

Reanna Weekley

Love this app, but.... I love this and it has great potential to be a good comic making app, but I wish there was a few more brushes like a basic pencil brush and a box and/or a shape maker brush. Love the no touch option so I don't make squiggles with my fingers! There's a little lag when I move around a drawing, but it's definitely improved from when I got the app. Those problems aside, I think it was worth what I paid for it. Keep improving it!!!

Doug Damron

Mixed bag of results! Great ui design, features. Lags horribly on cintiq hybrid after creating multiple layers. No pressure sensitivity on Shield tablet (pressure sensitivity works on other autodesk apps). Fix those two problems and rating would go up.

Benjapol K.

Good tool,why not make it best ? after try half hour, work effecientcy better than sketch book pro version. need some function that necesseries like fill color for a big area or big brush. And i also love custom preset in sketchbook pro version even it has only 2 things will adjust (stroke wieght and color) in this app. worth money , looking for app like this for a long time :)

Cladio Juliano

Could be Hey guys, the more I use the app the more I realize what a powerhouse it can be for ink work. Right now its not preforming well in android. Panning and zooming causes a slow down and makes the image blur and causes major lag. And I'm using the tegra powered cintiq. If the app was tweaked I could see myself using it all the time. Would love to see the brush engine tweaked to be a bit more natural, but I wouldn't want you guys to sacrifice the feel now. Full pressure support for all brushes is badly needed, and the ability to have more controls of the brushes. Would be great to also have it work with the cintiq companions to use its controls. Also, if we work in HSB it should stay on HSB instead of having to always click to go back. Really hope you guys don't overlook the power of this app , its just fantastic and could be the go to app for inking in mobile. I would use it constantly if I had these updates, and I know others at the top of the field would as well. Very excited for the future of sketchbook ink.

Ozoneocean MJM

Has potential but generally poor Very laggy drawing performance and it picks up background colour if you draw to slow or too detailed. You can't draw small shapes (like a little circle), because the drawing engine merges them into a blob or doesn't even register them.

Rhea ElBourji

Doesn't work So disappointed and utterly disgusted that I bought an app which won't work on my tab... what is the point in this? I don't even know if I can get my money back!

Andy Mere

Unable to export I love it, its perfect for what i need... but i cant save ANY of the art i do. Export just yields a blank white pic. Hm.

Jeffrey Darlington

Buggy, pales compaired to Sketchbook Pro Autodesk is its own worst enemy here. Sketchbook Pro set a high bar, and Ink doesn't match it (yet). The pressure sensitive pen (there's only one) works OK on my Galaxy Note 10.1, but takes a lot of practice to get the nuance right. And the Fit to View button randomly rotates the view for no apparent reason, which is annoying, especially since there's now way to rotate it back. This app is off to an OK start, but it's so limited compared to Sketchbook Pro that I doubt I'll use it much until it improves. Bring Ink up to par with Pro and it might just replace it for me. Until then, I'll stick with Sketchbook Pro.

C OReilly

Missing an eraser Come on guys, where is the eraser tool? Pretty basic requirement for any sketching/drawing app. Can't believe developers overlooked it. Fix please.

Kyle Shold

Immense potential (Is this app abandoned?) This could be a great. The line quality is good but can not tap to make a dot. Instead the color picker activates. Exporting high-resolution images is fantastic but a few more file options would be nice. Rulers, lasso, more brushes and flood fill, to name a few, should be added. Has the potential to be a professional app but needs an update desperately.

Szüdi János

Improvements needed. Feels like a beta sometimes. Vector file export and custom (re-sizable) canvas size would make it more useful.

Pavol Ševera

Needs improvement Pressure sensitivity doesn't work for me on Galaxy Note 8.0. Impossible to export to a vector format. Otherwise it's a nice sketching application, but somewhat primitive (not quite worth the money).

Thomas Harris

Simple and useful I quite enjoyed using this. However, why is there only a share to Dropbox button? Not everybody uses Dropbox. There should be a generic share button that uses the share feature built into Android so we can share to our preferred service provider. Fix this and is 5 stars pretty much

Jack Richards

My go to sketching program! I love ink! The crisp lines and minute detail i can achieve with this program is fantastic. I mainly use it for the concept stage of my drawings before exporting and creating a much more polished idea on my PC tablet. The only things i would change about this program is the incorporation of a translate/scale tool so i can move objects on layers and an upload to deviantart options like SBP. other than this i think this program is fantastic!

Nick Oppen

Line only The tools are all line oriented. There is no way to do a background wash. A brush tool would be good.

Stig Kristensen

Best app for B/W drawings Really awesome for "ink" work. Combined with the high resolution export options make this a professional sketching/drawing tool. If only this had a couple of rulers and some panel tools then it would be perfect for making comic books.

Vadim Glinka

Canvas rotation with two fingers Please add the canvas rotation with two fingers. Then put 5 stars.

Rapid Punches

It failed to export I paid for it. Had high hopes. Hopes were dashed when it failed to export 5 times. Didn't think a pay-for app would be this terrible. How do I get my money back? And when it does export all there is, is a blank 1kb .png! How can Autodesk charge this much for something so full of bugs?

Jon Towler

Lacks in sharing & more Lacks the ability to upload to drive or social networks. Almost impossible to draw a dot (it treats a dot as the action to activate the color picker)

Rapid Punches

It failed to export I paid for it. Had high hopes. Hopes were dashed when it failed to export 5 times. Didn't think a pay-for app would be this terrible. How do I get my money back? And when it does export all there is, is a blank 1kb .png! How can Autodesk charge this much for something so full of bugs? PLESS UPDATE IT AND FIX THE ABILITY TO EXPORT.

Mandy Wong

Limited It has great potentials but wish it allows you to import images, more undo steps and opacity in brushes.


It failed to export I paid for it. Had high hopes. PLEASE UPDATE IT AND FIX THE ABILITY TO EXPORT. It WAS exporting on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A but all of a sudden without warning it doesn't anymore!!! I EVEN HAVE VIDEOS OF ME ON YOUTUBE USING IT SUCCESSFULLY WHAT HAPPENED??? EVERY TIME I GO TO GALLERY IT CRASHES.

Kirsty Lee

Cute but lacks basic functionality One star for potential and decent rendering, otherwise woefully inadequate, not even a fill tool. Needs a line, pen, shape, fill & gradient tools before I'd even consider this worthy of three stars. Not really worth the price considering there are free apps that have at least those options. A working gradient mesh tool would earn 5 stars from me, but it's a long way to that yet. Really, this should be a free beta app.

Javier Miguelez

Overpriced and very limited. Note8. Avoid this app. Basically all you have is a brush, different colors (thank god) and layer support. One tool for 5 dollars, for an app that totally feels like is in alpha stage. Even the brushes that come with the tool feel like there are only 3 of them: normal pen pressure, reverted pressure and no pressure. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.

Chris Wells

Good but limited. Brush size can not go large enough to colour big areas. I would really love to see some kind of parity with Sketchbook. The lack of corner shortcuts drives me insane! Not compatible with the eraser end of the Spen.

Dominic Salas

Needs more options. This could be a great 5 star app if I could get support to respond to my email. I bought the app from google play and tried it but can draw on it at all. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I heard there was a version for my device but could only get it from Samsung's app market but when I checked there was no such app. I hope Autodesk can work this problem out for me.

shannon ribbons

Asinine alert tells you repeatedly that 'pen only mode only works with pen' if you touch it with your hand (happens all the time). Seriously - let me turn the sodding alert off. Apart from that really like it ;)

Joseph Bonifacio

Excellent but still more implementations needed Working on the Note 8.0, the new pressure pen support is a godsend. Unfortunately, while you can disable everything but the pen, it will still pick up long holds with your hand, fingers and palm which force the program to bring up the palette selector. This makes it awkward to draw with you palm to of the surface.

Jason Carson

Good Stuuf I'm using this app on a first generation Galaxy Tab 10.1 along with a Galaxy Note 10.1 and I have yet to experience any of the issues other users are mentioning. This app is very responsive for me on both tablets, not once have I experienced any lag. I would like to see import/export to Pro and I'm hoping that will come soon, but in the meantime I save to device then open in Pro. As far as the app lacking brushes and a bunch of other features it says right in the description that there's 7 presets with different weight and behaviors so I knew what was in the app before buying it. It's perfect for line work and illustrations, now if I'm looking to create great detail and gradients I use Pro. I am very happy with Sketchbook Ink and I always look forward to using it...

Tiago Dias

Refund now! I demand a refund as the app is non responsive and extreamly buggy! I have a screen shot of what I see everytime I open the app. I havnt even been able to draw a thing, im using galaxy tab 3 so please fix this FAST or refund me the money ive paid for nothing!

Rachael Logan

Get sketchbook pro Instead Laggy on 10.1 2014, pen settings can't be adjusted. It does some rendering after EVERY. STROKE. Please update or at least be more clear in the product description.

Terry Lanear

Very disappointed. Does not work (nVidia Shield Tablet) I already own Sketchbook Pro and just picked this up the other day. The plan was to do my pencil work in Sketchbook and then send a photo of it into this to do the inking and coloring. Unfortunately it will not import any photos into the app as promised. I've tried looking in settings and reinstalling to no success. Please fix this or advice me on what I need to do to import photos. As it is now it is a worthless app and I have just thrown away my money : /

Heather MacDonald

Needs more Has great potential but not as developed as Sketchbook Pro. Missing rulers and basic shapes, and any kind of vector editing. UI settings are nonexistent. It is impossible to draw a dot. Nags every time you touch the screen with one finger when using a pressure sensitive pen. No calligraphic pens. No full-line eraser, limited undo, no masking.

Ryan Cristonsen

I really like the idea, but it needs tweaking. The brushes need to be bigger and the on screen colour palate should have a hide option, it gets a bit annoying. The on screen palate ought also have a swatch picker option so you can swap to popular colours without hitting the full menu.

Randy Chhun

Needs another update App crashes if you shut your screen off. Its minimalistic. Pressure sensitivity is either not there or implemented horribly on this app. I do like the app.

Justin Whitehouse

nice tool but... wish the underlay layer could be resized and rotated. also would be nice to share back and forth from sketchbook more easily. Some sort of export to vectors would be nice as well. Also please support the eraser function on the s-pens that hsve thst feature.

Mike Koss

Can't import underlay I wanted to sketch over a picture, but the import image for underlay feature fails silently (using nexus 7). Also reported by other users on get satisfaction.

Robert DeMoss

Galaxy TAB3 Doesn't seem to work at all. The screen is broken up and pixelated you can't see what you are drawing???

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