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25 Jul
Simply Convert Units

Posted by Simply Advanced in Tools | July 25, 2015 | 87 Comments

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Welcome to the last unit converter that you will ever need. This is the easiest and fastest way to convert units.

This high precision unit converter allows all conversions to be seen and solved in real-time. No Internet needed for conversions!

There is no pressing on an Enter or Next key. There is no scrolling through long lists trying to find the units. This intuitive app is designed in such a way that speed is your friend here. It has mainly the common units so that the unused excess doesn't get in the way.

"All the units are just one click away." - No other unit converter can say that!

 - GUARANTEED simplest and quickest interface (if not, email me)
 - Hide units (and unit categories) that you will never use
 - Sort units that you do want by size or name
- Different rounding modes
 - Great native/pure Android themed app that fits your device theme
- Android Lollipop supported!

Version 10 converts the following units:
- Angles (Mil, Degree, Radian, Circle)
- Area (Centimeter², Inch², Feet², Yard², Meter², Square, Perch, Acre, Hectare, Kilometer², Mile²)
- Currency: 34 of the most common monetary units (Pro)
- Data (Bit, Nibble, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, and more) (Pro)
- Fractions (Decimal to Fraction and Fraction to Decimal and a reference sheet) (Pro)
- Fuel consumption / Mileage (Kilometer/Litre, Mile/Gallon(US), Mile/Gallon(UK), Gallons(US)/Mile, Gallons(UK)/Mile, Litre/100km, Litre/km)
- Length (Millimeter, Centimeter, Inch, Decimeter, Feet, Yard, Fathom, Meter, Kilometer, Mile, Nautical Miles)
- Metric Prefixes (Pico, Nano, Micro, Milli, Centi, Deka, Hecto, Kilo, Mega, Tera, Peta)
- Power (Erg/hr, joule/hr, ft*lb-force/hr, milliwatt, calorie/hr, btu(IT)/hr, joule/sec, newton*m/s, volt*ampere, watt, kilocalorie/hr, horsepower, kilowatt, megawatt)
- Pressure (Pascal, KiloPascal, HectoPascal, Torr, mmHg, inHg, PSI, Bar, Atm, cmH2O, ftH2O)
- Speed (Kph, Feet/Second, Mph, Knot, Meters/Second, Speed of Light, Speed of Sound)
- Temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Reaumur)
- Time (Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, Century)
- Torque (Dyne*Meter, Gram-force*meter, Pound-force*foot, Newton*meter, and more )
- Volume / Liquids (Drop, Milliliter, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Fluid Ounce(US/UK), Cup, Pint(US/UK), Quart, Liter, Gallon(US/UK), cubic foot, cubic meter, Olympic pool reference)
- Weight / Mass (Grain, Gram, Ounce, Troy ounce, Troy pound, Pound, Kilogram, Stone, Short Ton(US), Metric Tonne, Long Ton(UK))
- More including: Energy, Dynamic (Absolute) Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity

Note: Some of the lesser used units and categories are hidden by default to keep the interface more manageable. This can easily be change from the "Edit" menu option.

Convert your units now with this friendly, easy interface. It's the best unit converter that just works, no problem. This isn't just another application, it's an experience. ;)

Check out the ratings and great feedback from other users if you are still undecided.

If you don't think this app deserves a 5-star rating, then please email me how I can make the app better! I like to help. Also, please give us a +1 above if you found this unit converter to be useful and easy to use, it helps tremendously.

* Pro version now available due to popular demand:

Whats new

    - Use basic keyboard by default
    - New settings option to use math keyboard

Simply Advanced part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 25, 2015. Google play rating is 85.1471. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Archie Pogi

Making life easy Now I don't need to go to my pc and open similar program anymore. Thanks to the developer of this app.

sonya leonard

I needed the fractions, which it show as being able to use free. It is not. You have to pay for the up grade to use. Sorry have to uninstall. Adds on every page.

WFNews WorldFishingNews

"GREAT" I could not do without this App!

Gary Wiggins

Excellent Does what it says with very little hit on phone resources

Mike Rautenbach

Well written app. Wish pro items were greyed out

Tony Jack

Very useful Use it regularly.

Paul Taylor

App is ok but the google ads are so annoying, its making me consider deleting the app!!!!! There should be a setting to disable the ads

Chris Yust

Versatile This app is light weight and fast. Couldn't be happier with all the conversions that are available.

Diana Hunter

Metric prefixes are wrong The negative sign is on the wrong prefixes. Micro shows as E6 and Mega as E-6 etc


Good app Works great on my Z1 very useful.

RG from SD

Easy to use

Niall Macfarlane

This app is simply the best quick and easy to use brilliant *****

letheflows Max

very nice I do like the interface.

Bob Gauvin

Love it... Great app. Keep up the good work...

Eric Howard

Nice Definitely helpful!

Karma 7

Very useful.

Shivaraj Honnatti

Good one....plz add some more conversions related to chemicals etc

Jim Schafer

Awesome interface. You can pick only the conversions you need.

T Peterson

Great while traveling outside of U.S. Makes conversions a snap!

Joanne Woodward

Quick and easy! I just moved into a new house and this app is brilliant when out shopping for converting cm into inches for old school bods like me. .lol.

Julian Martin

Pretty good and practical - TORQUE?? Would be practical to include a calculator??? Also fluid density. Think about it.....Eveb though its pretty good and practical for everyday use I would like to propose to the developers if they can enter torque measurements. Thanks

Aqqillah Hayani

old version is more better I love the old one than the new onw

Norman Cormier

Ok App is ok but has pop ups at bottom of screen.

Me Who

Limited unless you have pro version

R Neil Haugen

A good tool Does what it should.

Melvin Taylor II

Simply Convert Easy and fast

B Casey

Perfect Works great everytime what more can you ask for.

raimon calaque

Very useful

Meng Bunny

Good converter Easy to used

Irina Yakubinskaya

It simply stopped working one moment. I mean free version

Rey Navarro

I totally love this app I was looking for something like this for work. I'm gonna buy it as soon as I get to my wallet.

Cat K

easy to use, nice options love the interface, options & ease of learning the app. considering the pro version just cause this is such a well done app.

karl nunz

The best I went through so many apps, but finally I got this one. It is excellent thank you guys.

Iam Shantaram

Very Nice Well designed, efficient and quick to use. Well done !

Pankaj Asangi

Very nice utility. Easy to understand. Can you add bytes bit converter

Emilio Stone

Fast, accurate and reliable

Oisin O Donoghue

Great job Simple. Fast. Easy to use with alot of information

Cathy Loy

Great app! Easy peesey and very informative.

Carol Rudicil

Best ap ever! So easy to use!

Raymond Koh

Nice to use! Easy to use, :)

J. Sage

Does the job!

Pradeep Menon

Very happy with this app. It's simple, stylish, quick, bug free and doesn't annoy me. This is the perfect app. Been using it for over a year so I figured I should post a good review.

Mark Taylor

One of the most useful apps that I have It covers everything I need. What more can one ask?

Paul Cantor

Convenient and easy to use I don't think in metric and this app makes the conve r sion fast and easy.

Ahar Timan

THANK YOU!! ??❤ I love this Calculator it helps me on my math assignments! And in that i rate yoy 5 stars thank you verry much!

Adman Buckfast

Clean, simple interface + ALL the results at once I really like that this gives you ALL the converted results for a given unit on screen at once (or rather, as many as will fit on your screen, you may need to dona minor amount ofnscrolling to get to the unit you wanted). Still, it's a neat idea and a solution that means you don't have to keep selecting the "converted to" format - simply scrolling to find it is actually less hassle, and this seems to be the only app I've found that does it like this.


Perfect Works each and every time. Does all the conversions i want

Erica Ellingwood

It works good on my droid turbo too!

Mark Sherlock

Looks good & works well with my Sony Xperia!

Tony Gabriel

Simply convert units Pro Great, easy to use app.

berto albe

Very good, I work with oil and converting into courts is now quick n easy.. Berto. Chi 212

nafis tuts

Good Job I don't know, but I just like it.

Guy Matte

Perfect tool The title says it all.

Samudu Kaushalya

High Five ? Fast & Easy to use

WFNews WorldFishingNews

"GREAT" I could not do without this App! Just Great!


It's very simple and easy to use great app

troy braun

I use it weekly. Maybe that's a testament to my education, my laziness, or both. I do love this app, though.

Stephen Johnston

Good App Easy to use, works great.

Yee Kim Siah

Easy and quick tools

Seriphinae A

The best!


Loved it

Simon Carpentier

Simon Good helps you out very helpful

Valerie Greenfield

What I wanted Third app I loaded looking for simple metric to mile conversion. This is the one!

Pete Collins

Converts everything as you enter. No need to hit a calculate button. Covers all units, and it works. Only one I use

Denis Charpilloz

Mr. Denys Philippe Technical Director

Jay Lee

Yo I like it so much

nicole miles

Simple Simple and easy to use. Great app!

Lisette Kampstra

It's great. Works like a charm, exactly what I need. Easy to use and very complete.

Martin Court

Great app Does exactly what I need and easy to use

Milel Metin

First class the best so far

Barry Tonkin

Excellent! This app is so easy to use...which makes it the best!!

amber sowden

Cool Sooo simple and easy♥♥♥

Chuck Cutler

Simple, Great presentation. Must have!

Aaron Fisher

Love it and will continue to use it.

Sean Kelly

Great handy app. It's perfect for all the conversions I use frequently.

Jeffrey Anderson

Very good app

Hugo Lopez

Good Easy to use

Sam Drake

Simply what I was looking for. I kept this app after trying three other conversion calculators. It's Simple to use and you can figure it out immediately. There's no screwing around wading through trial and error issues. Done deal!

Wil Schell

Crap Wasted my time downloading it to find out I have to pay for part of the app to work.

Shireen Van kesteren

Is there no app that doesn't have pop ups. ..

Pat O'Connell

Quite useful Love that this in includes some very old units, not such as "grains" for drugs.

M Hill

Instant conversions to lots of units. Works great on my Lg g5

Mr Tipps

Me This is the best converter app in the world love it. LOVE IT

Julia Meadows

Very happy Excellent app. Simple and does what it says on the tin.

A Google User

FSO Very useful and easy to use.

W Eck

Great app Very helpful tool.

rajeev das

Awesome....display all units in a single view

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