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9 Jun
Simply Alarm for Pebble

Posted by Reboot's Ramblings in Tools | June 9, 2015 | 53 Comments

Apk file size: 3.7 MB

Need a Pebble Smartwatch?

Supported Android Versions:
*This app is no longer in development, but will remain on the store for previous buyers. This app is compatible with Android Versions up to 5.1 (Lollipop). The app is not compatible with Doze Mode in Android 6.0+ which prevents alarms from ringing while in this deep sleep mode. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to add additional features to the app or to support higher versions of Android.*

Simply Alarm is a Minimalistic Alarm and Timer App with Pebble Smart Watch Integration allowing you to receive alarm and timer notifications on your watch with the ability to dismiss and snooze.

-Wave your arm or punch to dismiss or snooze alarms and timers.
-Dismiss and Snooze your alarms and timers right from your wrist.
-See upcoming alarms and running timers on your watch.
-Fully customizable Alarms (single or repeating on days of your choosing by expanding alarm).
-Multiple simultaneous Countdown Timers.
-Home screen widget and customizable status bar notification for next alarm and subsequent Alarms.
-Smart One Time Alarms/Timers can be set to delete after one use for a clutter free alarm and timer list.
-Simple Desk Clock mode allows you to use your phone as a clock. You can set it to either default to desk or night mode then change the theme while using it*.

Simply Alarm is now integrated with Glance for Pebble! Quickly return to Glance for Pebble directly from the Simply Alarm Watch App without returning to the Pebble watch app menu.

*Simple Desk Clock Mode: All phones (hardware) are different. Some may be prone to screen burn when displaying the same image for an extended period of time. Simply Alarm attempts to mitigate this by pulsing the screen to occasionally activate the pixels. Although every attempt has been made to prevent screen burn in, Reboot's Ramblings will not be held responsible for screen burn in. Use Simple Desk Clock mode at your own risk.

Detailed App Information:

Help and Information:

YouTube Video showing an overview of pre-Version 2 features (still relevant for Alarm and Timer features):

Permissions Explained:
DISABLE_KEYGUARD: Allows alarms to display through your keyguard.
INTERNET: Send bug reports and will allow opening of web views in the app for help.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Read your saved alarm list from SD Card.
READ_LOGS: Read debugging logs for troubleshooting.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Set your alarms when restarting your phone.
WAKE_LOCK: Some devices require wake lock to be woken up out of sleep.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Save your alarm list to your SD Card.

Whats new

    *This app is no longer in development, but will remain on the store for previous buyers. Compatible with Android 4.0 to 5.1. Please see "Supported Android Versions" in the app description for more details*
    -Fixed the fail safe ring feature.
    -Added some color to the watch app.
    -Fixed the app Install (via companion app) directing to the wrong watch app.
    -Recompiled with PebbleKit 3.0 for Pebble Time compatibility.
    -Fixed the per alarm and timer silent/pebble only setting.

Reboot's Ramblings part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update June 9, 2015. Google play rating is 77.8571. Current verison is Actual size 3.7 MB.

Download simply-alarm-for-pebble.apk 3.7 MB


Tony Addyman

Excellent App. Excellent Developer I use this app daily for alarms and timers with my Pebble, and I really like that it works well with Glance. When I updated my Nexus 5 to lollipop this app stopped working. I said this was a "blip". I was right. Less than 24 hours later there is a new version which fixes this problem. However, I can't check this, although I believe it to be the case. I have too many Wifi and battery lifetime issues with lollipop, and these have nothing to do with this app, and won't be fixed in 24 hours, so I am back on kit kat. I used to have problems with the phone screen coming when the alarm went off, because I didn't know about the "pocket" feature. The developer kindly enlightened me. If you missed this feature too, just look for the little pocket icon near the bottom of the screen.

Jason Call

Nice, but.. I feel like I'm missing the part where I can start the timers from my watch. That's the only reason I have this but it doesn't seem to allow that.

Tyler Reich

Excellent app for what it does I am very impressed with this app. I love being able to dismiss an alarm from my watch instead of trying to reach for my phone in the morning. Also, the alarm functionality perfectly replaces the inadequate stock Pebble alarm feature. I have had a few questions and the developer has been very responsive. Highly recommend this app to anyone with a Pebble.

Helge Rath Bjørheim

Timer info Is it possible to get the countdown timer to display on the pebble? Have been looking for a app that can do this forever. I know i can start it from pebble but i would love if it would display aswell. Does not have to be dead acuret though. It could for instance update very 5 or 10 secs.

Laura Wilkinson

Was great This was great until I updated to Android 5.1 (from 4.4). The alarms aren't seen as alarms by the OS so they don't play when in priority mode. They also don't show up on lock screen as "next alarm." Please fix.

David Harms

Good alarm app for Pebble I really like the ability to have alarms ring on my Pebble that only ring certain days and set alarms on my phone that I can dismiss from my watch.

My Phone

Great app, great developer I updated to Lollypop & the alarms stopped. I contacted the developer & he fixed it within hours, great job! Now if Microsoft will fix Office Mobile.....

Cole Nave

Good, integrate tasker here, too Nice interface, good functionality! Please integrate tasker: best use case is stringing multiple notifs+countdowns together for any kind of routine, where the routine could be started at any time (with pebbletasker in my case). It would good to have dismissals and snoozes as a condition there, too. Also, I echo the multi-timer comment, and would like to see auto-launch settings more similar to kaloer (I.e. timeframe aspect, too). Great job, thanks for a great app!

Mike Hilton

Just the job This is pretty much the only pebble linked alarm app worth having, some very useful features, and simple interface. Great job, now a firm part of my daily working life, for someone who gets distracted and forgets things easily! The one feature request I'd ask for is to be able to set alarms for "every other weekend" as I work alternate weekends, and don't want alarms bugging me on my weekend off!

Matthew Carothers

This is a good app that could be great. This is currently the most elegant solution for alarm & timer phone sync, but I keep Multi Timer installed on my Pebble as a supplement because there are things that Multi Timer does better. So, I have a wish list: 1) Display an active list of running timers with the ability to pause, reset or delete a timer. 2) Allow timers that count up, like a stopwatch; again with the ability to pause or reset. 3) Allow option of switching default view in Watch App (currently it shows upcoming alarms upon opening the app) but I'd rather it opened to a list of recent or currently running timers; I use timers several times a day, but rarely change my alarms 4) Custom timer presets 5) Tasker integration!

colin caesar

Great app AWESOME DEVELOPER This is the best alarm app for android period. The developer is an amazing human being. Jonathan you are awesome bro. No matter how silly the question he responds cordially. So before you post negative comments shoot him a email. Life's short enjoy the small stuff ;-)

Leslie Noland

Mediocre and overpriced Overall the alarm application is just so-so. Alarm Clock Plus is a much better alarm app and whether you choose the free or paid version, both are cheaper than this. This boasts Pebble integration, though, so that's a plus. It turns out the Pebble integration is, itself, pretty lame so it's not much of a plus. One can create but not edit alarms on the watch alone, which is a handy frill. The big miss here is that, rather than do the obvious thing of using the phone app to create alarms which can run on the watch independently, it merely uses the watch as a remote control of the phone app -- the phone's battery dies or you get separated from the phone and a fully charged Pebble on your wrist is just jewelry. Pretty pointless. One can set alarms as one-time or repeating but one-time is limited to today and repeating is limited to only weekly on select days of the week. There's no way to avoid an instance except to disable the alarm at which point you'll have to remember to reenable it before the next instance. Bottom line, the Pebble integration doesn't buy much and the alarm app without the Pebble Integration isn't all that great.

Wayne H

Needs work Not terrible but could use improvement. Alarm only goes off if it has bluetooth connection to watch. If connection is lost, alarms that are set to silent on phone so that only the watch vibrates will cause phone to start blaring. I had left the room and the watch never vibrated and the phone started blaring, waking up my wife. Defeats the whole purpose for me. And all that for an overpriced $2.50 app? Fix the issues and sell for $0.99. Deleting app now.

Hornha 81

It does exactly what it is supposed to do Control via Pebble is a bit tricky but you'll appreciate it once you got used to it. I had a settings problem and was too lazy to solve it by myself but the support is extraordinary and swift

Douglas Guitar

Simply Alarm Forever It was working fine for a couple weeks and then today it would not stop vibrating no matter what I did. I had the turn off the pebble watch to get it to stop

Timon Kanters

Great app The app works nicely and the developer provides quick support. The only things I'm missing is the option to view an active countdown of timers in the watch app and being able to remove them.

droi mar

Fantastic Works well with Pebble integration. Love being able to cancel my alarm without having to reach for phone he he. It's the simple things... And I love the developer's calm, logical reasoning in response to hot-headed reviews.

Obinna Onyeije

Beautiful! An ok app to go with the Pebble. But it's always a hassle to change the song when I want to listen to something different. Please include the ability to control which song plays for each individual alarm. Better yet, integrate the ability to choose a random song from a playlist each time it goes off.

Andrew Smith

Really good Really good app. Would be great to view alarms from watch app on demand.

Cyndee Wiese

Don't want to live without this app. This alarm has saved me from my ADD brain on a daily basis.

Graham Home

Pretty Good Better than the stock Pebble alarm. It would be really great to be able to see a list of timers in the watch app, however, (with progress bars, please!) and also be able to delete alarms/timers right from the watch. That would add even more functionality to this app.

Sander Siezen

Best pebble app for me Great being able to set up alarms on phone but turn then off or snooze of pebble. Best app I have on pebble

Cory Beeson

Should be built in to pebble Though I wish I didn't have to use a slot on my pebble for an alarm, I can't fault this excellent app. I tried to create a good pebble vibrating alarm with tasker but couldn't get the phone screen to stay off. This app does EXACTLY what I was hoping to achieve. Alarm is vibrating on watch only; no vibration on phone or lit phone screen.

Henry Lavender

Alarms fail to run on Pebble.. Even after specifying in the application settings and in each individual alarm, every alarm I set fails to even appear on my Pebble with no vibration or notification while playing sound, vibrating and illuminating the screen on my phone even when I had specified not to. It seems that this app has all the settings I want (to have my Pebble vibrate and wake me up as an alarm in addition to my generic alarms I already have on my phone) but it completely ignores them...

Kory Reid

Used to ring my pebble Used to work great until one day out of the blue my pebble won't vibrate or interact with the alarm. I've been using this since December and haven't changed one setting. I installed and reinstalled the app on both devices.

Eddie C

Excellent App App has tons of feature - multiple alarms setting, timer mode, night clock, alarm overview, alarm offset, alarm sorting (excellent feature). It will be hard to find another app offering the same feature set. Definitely a MUST buy for Pebble owners.

Randy Wagener

Awesome Works perfect, just wish there was alarm sound options, or I'm missing it?

Michael Winkleman

Awesome app Fills a large gap on the Pebble for setting reoccurring alarms but I wish it could be location based as well.

William Perry

Great as a standalone app, awesome with a Pebble. Easy to use, great support, and the integration with Pebble is flawless.

Todd S

Setting Timers from both my phone & my Pebble A great & simple alarm / timer for my phone & Pebble. My day revolves around reminders. Being able to snooze them from my Pebble is amazing! I cook a lot and being able to set several timers for the different dishes right from my watch is fantastic. I don't have any complaints about this app. It's worth every penny!

Dan Navarro

Last update lost all of my alarms It worked great until the last update. Edit: My apologies for posting this here. I wasn't sure where to put this. The app works well and was a great upgrade over the stock android clock app. I had about 10 scheduled alarms set on my verizon Galaxy Nexus. After the latest update, all of those alarms disappeared. I'm glad it happened during the day rather than overnight. That type of sudden loss of configuration isn't acceptable for an app I depend on for waking me up in the morning. Edit 2: I will reenter my alarms and give it another try. Titanium backup didn't seem to back up the data properly :/ I really do like the app and you've got a good job with it.

Dan Ross

Be careful what firmware you're on Beta2,10 breaks this app*. Otherwise works well. * Figured out how to install the app to the watch with version 10 of Beta 2. First install this app to your phone, then (instead of pushing watch app using phone app you just installed) install Simply Alarm via the Pebble Beta app. All is working now, great app. Updated to five stars....can't wait until Pebble 2 is out of Beta.

Jordan Anthony Nunes

Just what I needed This is hands down the best alarm app for Pebble. Or even without a Pebble!

Oscar Riba

Like it... But (small request?) I'd like to use the app as main alarm framework. Sometimes I need an alarm to wake up (no Pebble vibration required, I need the phone to go loud) sometimes I don't want the phone to sound, but I want the Pebble to vibrate (ie silent alarm) a toggle for that on each individual alarm would be great!

Karl Wooster

I want to love it! I had already written a review, and before I could read the developers response, I accidently delete my review! Anyhow, I want to love it, but it had been very unreliable for me, on both sdk1 and 2. Sometimes no alarms, other times erratic snooze times. Can't trust it, but I love the idea!

Ben Kennedy

Works well for travel. I prefer using sleep cycle alarms at home, but while traveling I like the extra assurance of the watch and the phone going off. There is no ability to start, view, or kill timers from the watch itself (yet -- the functionality is in the latest beta!). This feature would make it at least 4 stars for me. Interface design is nice and simple but it could be a bit more smooth and elegant. A good option for a more functional Pebble alarm.

Ash Webb

Getting there Is it possible to have the pebble alarm precede the phone alarm by a fixed time? I prefer to wake to the pebble but if I am really tired I sleep through it as it does not repeat once it's been triggered. I was using the fitbit flex alarms but got the pebble tho replace it.

bill sutphin

By Date This would be much better if alarms could be set by date. Do this soon please!

Marie Ng

Very well thought out app, great on battery Was worried this might be taxing on my battery but it runs very efficiently. No noticeable difference. Works great with Pebble Time, Nexus on Chroma ROM. One thing that would make this absolutely perfect would be integration with the new Pebble Timeline. I'd love to be able to see upcoming alarms in the timeline (and not just the next upcoming but as many as the timeline will display). Thanks for a fantastic app!

Jake Bailey

Works... For the original pebble at least Worked great before, but now that I'm on the Pebble Time, not so much. Only says "Loading..." and doesn't go any further. Alarms only happen on the phone because of this. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, or else I'll have to find a different alarm app...

Dan Wilson

Lacking a few things I love the app and have been using it for years but the two most infuriating things are I can't easily change the alarm sound in the app itself, and the alarm auto snoozes itself too fast. I am not a morning person so sometimes I can easily sleep through the alarm until it snoozes itself after 15 minutes, which is the longest I can set it to.

Luke Petersen

Great integration but... This app lacks the ability to choose any other sound for the alarm. It's just that horrible blaring noise that all alarm clocks make. Is there a way the default sounds from my Android device could be used for this app? If so, it'd be a solid 5 stars. As it stands, I can't stand waking up to that awful sound, and will likely not use the app.I'd love to see other options for less grating alarm noises, even if they're not my devices default sounds. Update: thanks for the info! Upped the stars as well :)

Joshua Ashdown

Functions as advertised but overpriced This app does what it says on the tin, but I feel that the price point is far too high for the level of polish, or should I say lack of polish. From only quick observations the app seemed the drain the battery on the watch quite rapidly, going from 7 days of operation going down to 3. There were numerous minor bugs which wouldn't have mattered to me if this were priced much lower, or supported with ads. Most annoying of all is the app keeps reminding me that my next alarm is never, and clutters my phone.

C Scott Willy

Works great. Needs alarms to be added to Pebble timeline. Needs more than one alarm sounds. 5th star added with these two needs.

Tyler Blair

Love it Very well designed app. I needed an alarm the rang my phone and the watch and this delivered with flying colors. I must have installed the app wrong initially cause i couldn't get it to launch on my pebble. Emailed the developer and got an immediate response. Very impressed all around.

Wesley Duggan

Awesome app for any pebbler! This app is perfect! I'd like to see 2 new features. I'd like to see integration into the pebble timeline so we can see upcoming alarms. I'd also like to see a quick alarm which can be set from the watch app. Maybe user settable from The android app.

James Bartlett

Doesn't cope with UK clocks Great app and does pretty much exactly what I wanted. Only issue is when the clocks went back here in the UK and the alarms didn't pick up the change. That was annoying.

Chris White

Very Nice It does almost exactly what I want and it does it well. I gave it 4 stars because I'd like to be able to see a list of timers on the pebble itself and I find the android app not the most intuitive to use/configure. Still very good and useful.

Alex Lebois

Decent app .. Decent app .. works good .. missing individual alarm sounds for it to be useful for me

Thomas Burke

Won't be using Simply Alarm anymore. :( I really like this app and have been using it for a couple years now. I've used it with both my Pebble and without and really appreciate the slowly-climbing alarm volume feature. I've contacted the author for assistance before and he had promptly got back to me. All very positive things. I would like to continue using the app, which I have purchased, but will not be as I have just read that my newly-updated OS (Marshmallow) is not supported. Bummed.

Brantley Blanchard

Great app I love the app and the integration with my pebble time. Solid app once you figure out how to use it. I do wish "OK Google, set an alarm for..." worked but it said I didn't have an alarm installed.

Jennifer Smith

Used to be great Ever since I updated to marshmallow I have been missing alarms even though I turned simply alarm off for optimization. I use alarmist now which works with stock Android alarm . Won't come back until devs support marshmallow.

Andy McDade

Abandoned Great if you're on Android 5.1 or below, otherwise its development has been abandoned and it really doesn't work well on marshmallow.

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