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16 Jan
Simple Monster Hunter

Posted by wang xiaoyong in Role Playing | Jan. 16, 2014 | 58 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

Beat powerful monsters. Step by step to become a hunter.
Beat monsters to get the materials, forging super equipments by materials. More than 100 items to explore and forging.

Whats new

    -add new quest: A hundred wars.
    -You can sell monster parts in the store!
    -skip battle when round more than 15.
    -monster critical strike damage reduction.
    -item price drop down.
    -skip battle when round more than 25.

wang xiaoyong part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Jan. 16, 2014. Google play rating is 80.6015. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download simple-monster-hunter.apk 12.0 MB


Eric H

Awesome. Awesome game just 1 thing some items are like impossible to get. I have done double kaulua bird thing like 200 times and no tail. Also I think if you beat the quest once you should be able to skip right away if not sooner.

Luciano Ballista

Fun and well done for such a simple game, but the ammount of farming is too high for making a gear that will ultimately be useful for the next monster only, when you'll have to do a lot of farming again, equips get obsolete way too fast even when decently upgraded.

Raymond Ramsey

Some improvements required I think the game needs the following 1.Different Backdrops 2. New monsters 3. The ability to sell more then one item per click (sold over 2000 dragon bones; took forever) 4. New quests 5. Possibly different looking armor, weapons, and monsters (beside color changes). But overall its a great game and will give a 5 star review if #3 complaint is dealt with at least

Jesse Mangum

It can be fun and had potential the combat needs to be refined. the only way to kill a monster is to raise your defense so high that it only dose 1 dmg a hit, and atk power is only useful for making the fight go faster. As you get to the end game monsters it becomes less fun and more farm. You spend a large portion of your time going back to get the basic mats. After all the work you put in all you get is the same monster with a different color. Huge let down after all the farming.

Stephen Senjaya

Simple but a good game I don't really care about graphic, the game it self is fun.The minus is it took willpower, your chance to get a girl/boyfriend and part of your soul to become super strong in this game. Recommend to play this when you're doing other thing(e.g. watching movie, getting scold by your mom, attending a meeting, etc). Could be 5 star if the skip button pop out faster.

Stephen Oller

Awesome This game is almost exactly like monster hunter but instead of battles being 10 min they're 10 seconds. Just need to make 1 to 4 players, that would be awesome

Robert Hurkman

Monster Hunter simplified Exactly as described, monster hunter but on a simple phone version, great as a farming game, highly addictive as a die-hard monster hunter fanatic! Only one complaint, the "skip" button takes way to long to pop up...

Matthew Collins

Maybe instead of having a skip button, you could just have the quest restart automatically? Would make the game less tedious of a grind.

Juan Barrero

Really bad The game is boring and not well designed, I played for half an hour with the same enemy and it was just no fun at all.

andria siswanto

Xperia 10 It just like playing wayang (a traditional game) in my country.. at least i want more background and more monster please

Nigel Ewing

Awesome! I originally played it on NG. I got pretty excited when I saw you can get it for iOS and android! Great game, very addicted to it! I finally beat it and now I can't go back to the game. Its stuck on the thanks for playing screen!

Chris Dudzic

Good stuff Oddly addictive, could use a faster way to skip fights though!

Erisman Kriswandhani

Impressive Gameplay wise : Good casual rpg. Improvement suggestion : Better graphic


Sell armor/weapons Excelent game. A mini MH. I can't sell items like armor or weapons though, so I can recover some money from stuff I don't use anymore. Or that option is there but I can't find it?

ramon reyes

Must have If you're a MH fan you got to have this app got some waiting time to endure this app will make time fly!

Vincent Kho

Excellent Xiaoyong this game is so cool , I like it very much, but it needs more background im bored to see the same places over and over , and it needs more skip, thats all

Giovanni Nieves

Awesome Graphics can be better. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, gameplay and upgrading your character are really fun!

Megatroid Perezes

So simple, still... So simple, still so hard to let it go. So amazing :D

Hisyam Muhd

OMG THIS IS SIMILLAR TO MONSTER HUNTER AND IT IS AWESOME!!! I have been a fan of Monster Hunter and this is the only game simillar to.Please add multiplayer! 5 stars straight away! :)

Brandon Patrick

Addicting This is such a simple game, but I haven't been able to put it down. Great work!!

Lawrence Wang

Good game Would be better if one can view set bonuses before farming the set.

Aaron Ratcliff

Great game, but you don't get to do much. And would be better if it was 3D like the real game.

Lee Dyson

Great Casual Killed well over 3000 Riokings, still no red dragon jewels.

T Sullivan

Nice! It was a good way to pass time, but now that I have beat the 100 year quest, I have run out of new quests...

Kelly Dority

Good Just wish there was a automated questing option or at least have the skip button be an option at the beginning of each quest. It gets very tedious with how low some of the ingredients drop rates become later on. Please save my poor fingers from so many unnecessary taps.

wolftic z

Hunters assemble Great game just plz add controls and a limited world with five villages for each quest ans u fully control your character

darrin backman

Great but short I love monster hunter. It's a great simple version of it. But I beat it in 1 day and have a +100 final weapon. So I 1 hit all the monsters.. Wish there was more dynamic to the armor and weapons.

Dylan Hansen

A well put together fun little Flash euquse game that wouldn't be out of place on the internet 5 or 6 years ago but the fact that I can take it anywhere with me in my pocket makes it an excellent app and I highly recommend it for any fans of the Monster Hunter series.

Tim H

Can't read it Everything is blank. No text to be seen. I don't know what tab does what.

Ryan Nuebel

Good but... I was on the 4 star quests... then my phone restarted for whatever reason... AND THEN I LOST EVERYTHING!!!

Justin Lee

Mobile done right. Mobile games do too much trying to be real games which is asking too much. This is simple and entertaining and doesn't aggravate you. It's just simple fun and nothing else. If you want something more challenging get off of the android market.

Jose Rafael García Lucena

Awesome game So much fun while been simple. I would like to see some background changes when new quest line have been unlocked. I will give 5 stars but the dragon's red jade never drop

rei hachiro

Most Epic Simple Game Ever!!! I like the way the characters are well made! It still needs more weapons and monsters but this is still an Awesome game!

Nathan Gomer

Wtf is this? I'm a huge Monster Hunter series player and was fully ready to love this, and I can deal with non-existent visuals if the gameplay and upgrading are fun, but there isn't anything here: no tutorial or guidance of any sort, not even any text when I click these curious rectangles all over the app, just an "OK" at the bottom... Wtf am I missing? UPDATE: When you first boot up the game you get a choice of language: ENGLISH or a strange blank space. If you click the black space you'll get no text in the game,

sandy pratama

Already done Good already clear need around 12hour nothing more to do

Raoul Schubert

Simple & Funny Good for killing spare time (: (e.g. at the local train station)

Jordan Walls

Wow The game itself is just amazing. Its exactly what it says simple monster hunting. You click a quest it runs it and you gather materials to build better weapons and armor and it starts slow but gets slowly addicting!

Harry Ho

Better than I thought I definitely looked at the game and judged it by how it looks. I didn't expect much, but I gave it a try. think the UI can use some updating/cleanup and some minor mechanics can be made a little bit easier to understand and provide more information, but this game is very addicting. I have had a craving for MH or something similar and this definitely was a good fill in. Good job.

bryce edwards

Good but boring It was fun when I started but it got really repetitive. I guess it just wasn't for me.

Quantum Fox

Pretty good. This game is addictive, but becomes repetitive very quickly. Farm happy game. Only thing that matters is having very high armor. Hammer is the best period. I like the other weapons, but their stats just don't compare to hammer. The VERY beginning blade is best for the armor. But I calculated it out, and lvl 2 and on, hammer is a clear winner unfortunately.

Timothy Veritas

So much potential, but NEEDS improvement I hope the devs of this game look up another game called timing hero. If they could mimic the combat from that or something similar, it would make the game way way more fun. Right now you dont even get to fight. You just click on the quest and it auto battles. Not very fun

Thanonxay Vongphachanh

Skip! If only we could skip automatically then i could 5 star this game! Other than that ita a great game! And maybe implement a continuous mining button or something? I hate having to go to the main menu again and picking the quest all over again.

Jesse Bown

Fun Could use new weapons and armour and skills more detail

William Weaver

It good for its simplicity no one can argue that but I think that the farming is just ludicrous and the action kinda dissapoints in stead of having the ability to try and Dodge and avoid damage therefore you rely on skill instead of "oh my armor is level three now I can go do this thing " cause Monster Hunter had farming but not as bad as this in that game you can win by your skill alone but this game you need to farm money stuff to upgrade just so you can get past 1 monster it's not Monster Hunter

Mike Morgan

Great simple game Great little time killer if you're a monster hunter fan. This game is pretty much just an incredibly dumbed down version of monster hunter. By that I mean the combat is almost non-existent just like a cut scene essentially. But encompasses the crafting and building up to the next strongest monster. This game is perfect if you a monster hunter fan and need something to do while you're waiting. Still waiting for a red Dragon eye to drop tho.

Drew Kelley

Couple of things I believe the skip option should be almost instant. Even after 15 hits it's still too slow, especially when you are grinding everything in the game. Also, I think monsters should hit less because as soon as you complete the next armor set, you'll still be slaughtered. So you upgrade it a few times and that's not enough. You have to upgrade it at least 5 to 10 times to be able to barely survive one of the next monsters. It's a fun game, but it takes longer to grind in this than the real monster hunter.

timothy robertson

Very simple fun game Took no time at all to get into the game and understand it. Very addictive simple game. I was wondering if the creator is going to make an update? I've beat last stage and my weapon is around +150 already. I'm ready for more challenges. Thanks for the great game

Slay Pink

A monster hunter indeed This game should have been 5 stars if not for your current armor/weapon being totally useless for the next next monster. You can never beat a higher ranking monster without using the highest possible monster set.

Andy Ferguson

Ads get in the way, neat game tho Potential to be a Cool game. The immovable ads get in the way during the battles, and needs ANY sort of automated mode to grind resources, .


Terrible Not worth the hours you'll spend trying to get further in the game. Don't waste your time.

Bruno Davila del Bosque

Good but there is a problem You can't best rioris no matter how good your armor and weapon is at max upgrade even if u use hammer. Fix this. And will give 5 stars

Robert Taylor

Needs work It needs upgrading. Mine has nothing labeled. I have no idea what I am fighting or what equipment I have other than by how it looks. Still fun though

Gideon Onesimus Indra Hartono

I love monster hunter Please gimme more item drop rate. How can i make an equipment with more than 200x of hunting? #depressed


Great 1still it can be better like adding new zones such as snowy..volcano..forest..desert etc or showing the Hp for monsters ,make the breakable parts more realistic and adding consumable items..... keep it up!!

Koti Clemmons

Good game. But it could use more of a variety of monsters. Yet over all it helps me get my MH fix lol.

Sean Snyder

Power eater Great monster hunter game. No exit though. It continues to run in the background and process nothing. Killed half my battery today.

Kevin Djap

Okay Game is fun but sometimes fight takes too long time. Will be very helpful if there's an option to skip battle animation right away.

azmi aradzan

It's Monster Hunter, and it's simple. I really liked the simplicity of this game. It's really (I mean, REALLY) simple, yet so addicting like actual MH games. Keep up the good job! I hope the graphic can be better in the future.

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