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21 Dec
Simple Calendar Widget

Posted by MYCOLORSCREEN in Productivity | Dec. 21, 2013 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

Functional on both phones and tablets, Simple Calendar is the most popular and highest rated minimal calendar widget available. It integrates with your existing calendar to show upcoming appointments directly on your homescreen. It can show the weather, sports schedules, holidays, and more.

***Latest update (2.4.8): Major ad spamming issue fixed, switched to a different ad provider. As requested by many users, we have also released a completely ad-free pro version of Simple Calendar, get it here:***

Features and Configuration Options Include:
- Skins
- Font style and background customization
- Select which application opens on click
- Fonts, colors, text size
- Supports tasks using Dato and GTasks

- How do I place the widget on my homescreen?
Long-press your homescreen, choose "widgets," find "Simple Calendar Widget," and drag it to the homescreen. On most Android 4.0 devices, widgets can be found under the "Widgets" tab in app drawer.

- I can't find Simple Calendar in my widget list!
Try restarting your device.

- How do I resize the widget?
Android 3.0+ supports resizing of widgets by default. For older Android versions this can be done by installing an alternate launcher.

- How do I show the weather forecast on the widget?
On your desktop Google calendar, just add weather. For instructions, search Google for "Weather forecasts in your calendar".

- How do I add holidays, birthdays, or sports schedules?
- Search Google for "Adding interesting dates to Google Calendar" and follow the instructions.

READ CALENDAR: Access to the calendar information

Whats new

    * Minor UI changes and bug fixes. New ad provider with more normal ads.
    * Fixed Tablet Devices crash on open Settings
    * Misc UI changes and bug fixes. Removed donate option. Added one banner ad at the top of each settings page (no ads on the widget).
    * Fixed crash when opening settings on pre-honeycomb devices
    * Fixed crash when gtasks is not available
    * Removed in-app donation

MYCOLORSCREEN part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 21, 2013. Google play rating is 87.0405. Current verison is 2.4.8. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download simple-calendar-widget.apk 1.4 MB


Karen Prigodich

Can't install since upgrade to Lollipop 5.0 I love this widget and have used it for years. Had to do a hard reset of my Samsung Galaxy S5 after upgrading to Lollipop 5.0 and since then I can't install this app. It looks like it downloads most of but not all the way, but then tries to install and I get an error message. "Unable to install due to unknown error "-505" Please fix this, as I love your product and haven't found anything else that works the way I want it to.

Basil Said

Battery Drain & No Development Support Major drawback! Isolated the widget to being the biggest culprit for battery drain. Attempt to email the developer asking for a way to change the sync frequency met with no reply. Otherwise, was a good widget.

Andy Reichert

Best calendar available For those who love to organize this is a must. This calendar allows for custom widget sizes and customizable displays. I HIGHLY recommend using this with Gtasks for a convenient to-do widget checklist that syncs with google. Absolutely worth trying.

Matt Limbrick

Formatting sucks Great app! Love that it even let's me choose the calendar tapping to defaults too. I can get away from Google calendar and use something better like acalendar! However the formatting of the widget corrupts EVERY TIME! Good thing is its worth it...Bad thing is it looks horrible.

Cameron Stillson

Worked great for awhile Used to work just fine. Rebooted my phone one day and the widget disappeared. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled. There are no simple calendar widgets in the widget drawer. Removed/installed and rebooted many times to no avail. What is the fix? I'm using nova launcher and it worked previously.

A Google User

simple and effective but unreliable On Android 4.2+ the widget seems to update the events very slow, which is annoying because the time for the widget to be up to date is unpredictable. Otherwise very customizable, slick and clear!

Tashfeen Bhimdi

Can't remove "day" area Great app, but only if you want to keep the Date Box on the left side of the widget. You can disable the display for it, but it still leaves that area empty, a lot of that area, around 20% of it. So you just see a blank wide unused column in the widget, which is just a waste. Looks bad and is definitely a usable area.

Jason Smith

Great... but still crashes. Best calendar design app I've see. However, still crashes with Motorola Xoom / Android 4.1.2. Fix please? I want my customization back!

Dan Golding

Task list bug I'm using the widget to display my Google task list only, no calendar events. However it regularly seems too just forget the list it syncs to in which case I have to open the settings and reselect the list. I'm using the dato gtasks option. Also when I scroll to the bottom of the list, everything but the first entry disappears.

A Google User

4x1 Widget Gone? Great app, incredibly customizable, and very easy to use. Just one little thing: the 4x1 widget option that I used to use is gone. Now, I use the 4x2 widget and adjust to 4x1. I hope that doesn't mess with it. :P

Cyntehl Thetä

Perfect Sometimes the font is small and will seem cluttered if there is a lot there ( a divider would be nice). Otherwise perfect. Samsung Galaxy S3

Chris Allen

Works for me ...Update: App suddenly keeps crashing when I click on, "settings" while trying change the skin. Please fix this and I will put my rating back to 5 stars..

Donald Rumac

Perfect Just set this up in 5 minutes. Customized the layout, font and size. removed elements I don't need to make room on my screen. Only thing I could not find is how to customize margins. Even without that, Its quite simply - perfect and everything I need.

A Google User

Problem after update Previously when the Google Calendar App was started by clicking on the date it would open to the last setting (I pref week view), now it always opens to agenda view. Is there a new setting i'm missing?

Trey Monsour

Still crashes on tablets when accessing settings I'm using a Samsung Note 10.1 2014, Android 4.3 ... trying to go into settings still crashes the program. It works great on my galaxy s4 with android 4.4.2 ... but the tablet version can't be customized, and the customization is what makes this program worth using.

Lynn Ava

Loved this calendar before supposed 'fixes! Attractive, fluid app which can no longer be customized without crashing soon as settings open. Still not working after update! Loved this widget so much! Cannot read without glasses, can't resize fonts. Tried reinstalling, no help. Android v4.1.1 (worked before) Undo bad code, it's no improvement, you've ruined this app. Never mind, moved on to Event Flow Widget. Much nicer than this old tired abandonware... developer cares more about ad revenue than users. :(

vivek ms

Great app to track calendar events and to-dos Highly customizable. Good integration with calendar and gtasks. Easy to use. 4 stars cuz integration with gtasks is broken with lollipop update.

Sadia Mahmood

A request.... This comment is for the developers: Please add an option where the event comes off the calendar, when that time has passed, I was all ready to buy the app when I realised it doesn't do that...I'm sure many other users feel the same about this, also it crashes randomly on my Xperia Z1, everything else about it I love, especially how much you can customise the colours, font sizes, etc., so well done there.


Can go with that minimalist look, Lacks some more design options that could make the app widget appear better. There is no text align option, which would be nice to add.

Mark Aflatooni

Excellent but 1 major drawback I've loved this widget for a while now. Clean format w/ great flexibility. Recently upgraded to a Nexus 5 & now simple calendar is draining my battery more heavily than anything else on the phone. Very disappointed, as I love everything else about it.

A Google User

Great but seems to eat RAM Used this for years on various devices. However it seems to require alot of ram on my s4

Kristina Malkova

Almost perfect. Absolutely beautiful and super-customisable. Except for that stupid empty day area I can't seem to be able to remove - it doesn't make sense for me, I like the date displayed inside the events and don't need to see it twice. Please please please fix this! It makes the widget ugly and extremely misaligned when used with transparent background. Not sure if that or the lack of among taks sources bothers me more. With these two things it'd be a 5 star app for me.

David Bennett

Clean, Customizable, Transparent! *Excellent Customization Support *Transparency Option For Home Screen Widget Is Much Appreciated

Armando Quintero Jr

Not-so-perfect now Since updating to KitKat, the widget has been constantly crashing. Then I have to remove the widget and add it again and when I do this, I lose all the settings and have to reinstitute those. It is all very time-consuming. Will give 5 stars again when this gets resolved.

Holly Ramsey

Simple, but needs better instructions This app is simple, but its option are complex and lack good instructions. I wanted to use Simple Calendar Widget to not only display my Android's stock calendar events, but also tasks. Why this app can't just get my Android's stock tasks is beyond me.. it makes you use either Dato GTasks or Astrid. I went with GTasks, as it was quite simple. I'm not very happy to need to download a redundant app when my Android already comes with a task manager. Then again, Simple Calendar is also redundant.. I got it simply because I greatly dislike the stock Android calendar's widget skins. I had a lot of issues with getting Tasks and Events to show together, regardless of what options I selected. What the app doesn't tell you is that you need to select the Medium or Large widget to see more than 1 event at a time, regardless of the options you select. You can manually resize the larger widgets and they will scroll.. but nothing tells you this. The "How to Use" is too simple, and better instructions with examples need to be IN-APP where they are easy to find. I still use this app until I can find something better that doesn't require extra apps be downloaded.

Severin Miller

I really love the simplicity and flexibility of this app and the widgets it can create. It's simple, well done and does what it's supposed to do. That said, I haven't seen it improved or any new features added in a long time so I can only assume it's no longer being actively developed. Which is too bad bacause there's a lot that could be done with it. Edge-to-edge margins would be nice and so would more options for task sources. In other words it's a great app but it should keep going and keep getting better. Alas it probably does not make enough money to support it's own development thus it kind of is what it is, which is the case w/so many good apps.

Ryan Mayers

Crashes Any time I try to edit the settings, the app crashes. I use this on my phone, and it works great, but the crashing thing makes it useless on the tablet.

A Google User

Still a little buggy.. Edit: the bug about widget not refreshing is mostly fixed after the update, but now the option "tap on empty area to open calendar app" does not work anymore... Original: Amazing widget. I feedbacked on the disappearing text bug and they took action so quickly. Almost perfect in all aspects for me.

Tvrosak Darn

Don't like the new widget size. Previous version allows the widget to be edge to edge (left & right). Or at least, please make it available in setting option. Changed phone to Galaxy Note. How to get the widget fullscreen? The widget could not get to fullscreen. What is the problem. Changed phone to LG Optimus G. The SCW free 4x3 could not load.

Warren Roberts

What a waste... I have used this app (or at least TRIED to) for several years now. It's a shame that the developer is no longer interested in supporting it. This was the only widget that could be customized with different fonts, colors, etc AND worked in sync with GTasks and Google Calendar AT THE SAME TIME. Now, it no longer plays nicely with GTasks and only gives me half of what I need. I have tried to contact the dev multiple times but I feel like I'm emailing a ghost. TOO BAD.

Dom Stein

Custom layout Under appearance, skin tweaks, alternative layouts, a custom option should be possible using the correct key words to layout your own preference.

theodore emelianov

Designers were too focused on style over substance This app is very pretty, but that's it. It doesn't do what its supposed to do, its not a proper calendar. Yes its very customizable, yes its very minimalist and simple. But its behavior is terrible. It would be nice if the designers put some actual thought into how a calendar is supposed to behave, rather than just making something that looks nice. Get it only if you want something pretty, not if you want an actual calendar.

A Google User

am or AM, pm or PM, noon or 12:00 I was wondering why the widget displays time as follows (and as show in the images used in the store). 11am -1:30PM & noon - 1pm. So why the lowercase and then upper case PM for times that are not :00? Also why noon? Why not 12pm? Can an option be put in to display times as follows (using the above examples) 11:00AM - 1:30PM & 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Ming Ern Teo

Good but crashes on opening settings on Sony Tablet Z I have been using this on my phones, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 without problem. But on my new Tablet Z which I just purchased, the widget works, I chose Large, but on tapping the right side of the widget to customise the widget, the app will crash. I notice that the release notes says the bug that causes the app to crash on tablets when accessing the settings has been fixed. But that's not the case for my Tablet Z. Unless what I downloaded off the Google Play Store isn't the latest version of this app. It's by far the most versatile and effective calendar widget as it allows extensive changes to the colour, font size, placement and number of events displayed with many possibilities ads to how it should appear on your tablet or phone.

A Google User

Mixed bag... Elegant, but... Widget was never fully functional. "clickable anywhere" simply never worked, not on any phone or any launcher. Cannot change font, shadows, no such an option... Tasks keep disappearing!!!

Benjamin Bartels

Just what I needed Users...please check-out the Holo skin. I got a new phone with the default sucky calendar widget. I wanted the nice widget that came pre-installed on my old phone. I found this great app, but the default skin is too large to be useful on a phone which made me almost pass up this app. Fortunately I reviewed the screen shots and download the Holo skin. Thanks for the scene shots and helpful video.

A Google User

Ads Now they broke the day of week and month color. Stuck on black on black ffs..................... Instead of improving the horrible customization interface, they just added ads. Not updating.

Mark Moore

Settings crashes, despite supposed fix Getting a force close when trying to get to settings since the last update. Happens on three different devices.

Dave Christian Caparas

Annoying It makes my nova prime launcher laggy. And when I remove this widget from my home screen, it fixes the problem. I don't know what is the problem of this app, this should be good, and I thought of that too, but after a short while, my launcher became too laggy!

Joe Wallace

Nice but kitkat tab 4 T531 error When i try to config the wiget i get the next error: Unfortunately, Simple Calendar Wiget has stopped. Fix it please....

Максим Басов

Battery life Consumes 15% of the battery, is bad

Пользователь Google

Doesnt work on sgs galaxy tab s App is crashing once trying to open its settings

Oleg Romanenko

Force closes. Doesn't show gtask. Nexus 10. Can't open the settings, the app force closes. Please fix it!

Ivan Lau

I really like your app, 5 stars until last update. During last update, i CANNOT USE TODO LIST provided from GTask. Please fix asap. Thx.

Péter Zsiros

No backup No matter how many backups I made, all of them disappear in less than a day. Sometimes the widget forgets to refresh, so I'm looking at the same day's schedule for two days in a row.

Rich Butler

Was great until I went to my G N 5 Used to love this widget for my quick look, go-to calendar. But when I moved from my Galaxy Note 4 to my Galaxy Note 5, I keep getting unknown error 505 when I install. Tried all the suggested steps from Google but no dice.

River C

Impressive I had to install twice but 2nd time it works perfectly, at least so far. I was able to format a rectangle on my home page which lists my next 20 (or more) appointments in a scrollable vertical column. Very configurable but it takes a while to find your way through all the sub-sections. Not particularly ”easy" but like my daddy used to say: "Keep hitting it with a hammer -- sooner or later it'll break !"

A Google User

KitKat support Still a great app, but not working 100% on Kitkat. Can't choose which calendars to show and the bagground in some settings is showing the wallpapter so you can't see the settings.

Ann Gombash

This app deserved 5 stars until I went to a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, marshmallow, android 6. The Tasks from GTask no longer display! I've emailed, asking for help a couple of times, with no response at all to my emails.... very disappointing. I use this to show my Google calendars, along with GTasks and has been great for years. Maybe an update is needed? Maybe some sort of response? It shows Google calendars very nicely, but no tasks or reminders from Google, nor GTasks on this newer phone.

Viktor Tkachuk

Great widget, but... Great widget for my needs and honestly would give it 5 stars, but recently it started only showing one event. I went through setting numerous times trying to find something to fix this issue, but to no avail. I have it set to show 25 events, scan 365 days (tried different amounts), and one day only is unchecked. I have rooted Samsung Galaxy S4. Please fix ;_;

D Caissie

Great app but missing date formatting option. I used to be able to customize Date format using java formatting mmm-dd HH:MM AM but now this option has been removed. Now the minutes don't display when it's 00 and AM/PM is capitalized when there is minutes but not when it is on the hour. This is making things not align. Please put back this option.

Carly Fernandez

Custom calender doesn't work I found this to replace another non-functioning calender widget and need it to be able to use the calender app I have in use. It seemed like it was going to go swimmingly until I tried to get the widget to actually respond to my settings. the app kept opening another calender app of which was not on the settings but I guess was default because it wasn't reading my app or something. Nice looking and sleek. If only it wanted to work for me like it promises.

Michael Goen

Recently Started Failing When Opening Settings Motorola Xoom Tablet: recently started failing when I try to open settings. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no help. Still works fine on my moto x smart phone. Was great while it worked, I'd give it five stars when it working. Also, the developer appears not to be committed to the app as they do not respond to email.

Keshav Goyal

Widget on my home screen doesn't Update automatically anymore after recent update. I have to manually go to widget settings and preview the appearance and then accept it in order to update current date on my homescreen widget. Please fix this issue. Other than this issue I love your app. Mobile: Xperia ZR Lollipop 5.0.1

Valentin Dumitru

Since more than a year tasks don't show up This is a great little product, but since more than a year Google tasks (from Dato Gtasks) don't show up in the widget anymore. Just calendar items. Will there ever be a fix for this? It would be a five star app. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong (although I had it running OK before Lollipop), in which case please help!

Christine Bailey

No longer remembers settings Used to work great with the GTasks task list, but now doesn't. Each time I wake my phone, the widget says tasks aren't found, and I need to restart Simple Calendar and go into settings and set Tasks to Dato GTasks again (even though it's already set). Only then are tasks visible or launchable from the widget. If this was fixed, it's a great tasks widget.

Betty Bakker

Perfect Highly recommend. Perfectly personalizable in shape, size, color, transparency, calendar app (yes, it shows your google calendar tab as well) which it opens after a tap, and so on. No crushing, no lagging, no bugs discovered yet. Out of over 20 widgets tried (and many more dismissed due to lack of personalization options) this one is the winner.

A Google User

Redo 07.21.16 LUV IT b4 when it first came out all the way up until recently. Now I absolutely hate it! Now you can't copy and change appointments info. Or any other parts of your calendar like you used to! You have to make your appointments/task all over again what's the point it was so nice when all you had to do is copy change a few things and poof keep going about your day.

sicunder kahn

Allows you to add tasks not just events It's not just a calendar widget but also a to do list widget. BUT BUT BUT only two to do list managers are included - extinct Astrid and not so famous G tasks. The leading to do list apps like Todoist, trello, google now tasks, wunderlist and are not included. a SUGGESTION: task should also have a checkbox or ability to cross strike through text and should not just become invisible. Still i highly recommend it but will continue to look for alternatives.

Starla Miller

Excellent! This has perfection written all over it! I have been using it for a number of years, and it is the most prized item on my phone, second only to my phone book. With so many settings to personalize to any one's need, there is nothing to dislike. Alarms. instant access since it is a widget as opposed to an app. only shows dates & events you choose rather than empty dates in a full month as in traditional calendars. Just complete perfection!

Peter Šepetavc

Crashes The data formating on my phone often gets corrupt - have to refresh the widget to clean it up. On the tablet it crashes every time I want to enter settings... Fix, please. Otherwise the best looking calendar widget on the play store.

Kevin Weber

10/10 would download again I finally gave in and got a Google+ account just to say that I've had three smartphones over 6 years and all of them have used this calendar. Wish there was a similarly styled month calendar widget but this is still great.

Francois van der Merwe

Task link update? Please let me know if you plan to update your support for task applications. Astrid is no more and gtask does not support recurring tasks on the free version. The free version is all I need... except for recurring tasks :) I would like to continue using your widget as I still think it is the best out there

Belinda Weichert

Used to be awesome I used this widget for years and really loved it. It was perfect as it did exactly what I wanted and could make it look exactly as I wanted. Unfortunately it started crashing my touchwiz home (Samsung s3) a little while ago now, so unfortunately it has to go

Justin Landis

One of the first installs on new device Have this installed on four devices. Works well on all of them but cannot access the settings on my galaxy note pro running KitKat. Force closes when I try to access settings. I have sent multiple crash reports. Hopefully there is a solution for this. Anyway thanks for a great app experience!

Graham Tapper

Great app but... It's great to be able to have a summary of the most immediate up-coming events on my Home Screen but what I'd really like is to be able to have it on my Lock Screen as well. Is that possible? If not, would you consider it as an enhancement request?

Haukur Jónasson

Latest update drains battery Since the latest update this app has been draining my battery abnormally. Currently it's sitting at 47% of the battery usage since last charge, with CPU total time 4h30m out of about 9h30m on battery. I really like this app/widget, but you guys need to fix this or I can't keep using it.

R Nick

GTasks no longer sync Love(d) this widget, have been using it for years. However, out of a sudden (after Lollipop upgrade?) tasks from GTasks are no longer displayed. Not good. Especially considering the last update for SCW was nearly 18 months ago, so there's no real hope for a fix. Shame really.

Andy Hong

This used to be my favorite agenda widget, and for many years, I had it installed on all of my Android devices. Unfortunately, ever since publisher MYCOLORSCREEN acquired this app from the original developer, support has been dropped. The app hasn't been updated since 2013, and it's buggy and unreliable in Marshmallow. Therefore, I've given up on Simple Calendar Widget, and I'm now using Event Flow Widget instead.

Jamie D'Amato

Awesome! This app. is very customizable and easy to set up. The one option that I'd like to have is line spacing...but that's getting pretty advanced in options. After going through many widgets this one is my favorite and I'm sticking with it :-)

Charlie Tsou

Having minor issue With the recent upgrade to lollipop, I've can't show more than one day at a time even though the setting to show only one day is not checked. Else everything else is great, been using this for the last few years.

Vincent Francis Maclang

Uninstalling I've been using this calendar for more than a year, highly customizable, looks awesome on my homepage layout. Unfortunately, I'm switching to a different calendar now as it eats a lot of RAM now. Occasionally crashes too when you're changing settings.

Kyriacos Georgiou

Good widget. Minor issue with performance... I like the way you can customise the widget with the calendars and the tasks. However, when sync is enabled on my phone the widget goes crazy (reloads every few secs) and it has an impact on the overall performance. This issue happens only when the sync is enabled (after a period when it was disabled eg. in the morning). It usually lasts for 5 minutes until the phone completes syncing all the accounts configured...

David Jose

My widget appears to have stopped loading more than a single event, and has stopped looking more than a day ahead on my calendar. I've cleared the cache and checked the settings, and everything seems to be good, but I can't get it to work.

Elizabeth Davies

No longer working Just upgraded from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5 and although I can download the app, I cannot get it show and widgets for me to select. Currently it is unusable and I'm gutted as this was my preferred calendar app for my phone. Will give 5* once this is fixed.

Patrick Ensign

Settings crash Using AOKP jb-mr2_milestone 1 ... Android 4.3 on a nexus 7 2012 edition. Settings still crashes, despite what the change log says... Widget displays fine with default settings, just can't customize it. I have been using this for years and would really like to see it work on my n7.

Effe Rosenzweig

Battery Drain Have had to stop using it because my battery drains down to 0 in <12 hours. Other than that it's great, but that's a deal breaker for me. Will update review if we can get a fix for the battery issue. Using Galaxy s4 and nova launcher.

Randy Sherwood

Update broke some stuff For some reason, though I have dates only set to show once, and times set to show within each event description, it groups my dates and times randomly. Have to open the app and refresh the widget to get it to correct, but the issue returns.

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