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15 Jan
Silent Boot

Posted by Anton Weber in Tools | Jan. 15, 2015 | 104 Comments

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Disable annoying startup sounds!
Silent Boot mutes your phone on shutdown to keep it silent on boot and restores previous volume settings after startup is complete.

Please note: This workaround does not apply to all phones.

Whats new

    - Fixed issue with volume not being restored
    - Added delay before volume is restored

Anton Weber part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 15, 2015. Google play rating is 83.2365. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 37.0 KB.

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doug mitchell

Great, samsung s5, This works great on my galaxy samsung s5 using Verizon. I can now turn on my phone without darn noise. Requires no security access. quite a clever method to avoid noise

Russell Sanders

Does not work with EE uk phone Installed, rebooted, usual scream of inception happened, girlfriend asleep next to me jumped out her skin.Thanks for trying.

Jan T

Startup Sound Is Baaack! This app worked beautifully until the recent Samsung Galaxy s5 update. Now the startup tone is back and I can't turn it off. It's still silent on shutdown, but startup sound has returned. Please fix!!!!!

Peter Stindl

Great on Samsung Tab S with Android 4.4.2 On the other hand sad that we need an app for it. Somehow hard to believe... Now since Google doesn't care about such a basic feature I am worried about an upgrade to Lollipop if I read some comments here. Same at some other good apps. Just would need the upgrade to get rid of this stupid write block to the SD card. Can't root since I still have warranty. Don't understand the people who develop Android and just create problems for the user... And it was clear to them what this SD card restriction under 4.4 will cause - funny? I don't think so! Not if you are a user or an app developer.

Carl Boyer

Not working My Verizon S4 booted silently until I encrypted it. Now, the annoying boot jingle has returned plus the key pad clicks as I enter the unlock password on boot up. Tried Silent Boot to fix this and I still have the annoying boot jingle and key pad clicks.

Kenneth Edelstein

Galaxy S5 - Perfect So nice. One funny aspect, when my tmo s5 shuts the first "half note" is heard, actually satisfying! Just one well earned suggestion: Put your PayPal info on your site to permit contributions.

David R Possin

Flat out does not work Don't waste your time.

Dave Read

Lollipop problem fixed As you *should* do before pinging emails to Devs, have a play with the settings...... My phone is back to the way I need it to be, quiet on booting up. Anton, you're still the boss, but with a little time deficit in having to reply to my email... Side-on-eight apologies :-D

Matt B

Did not work for me. Motorola Droid Turbo v4.4.4 tweaked settings and all that and could not get sound to turn off during boot.

A Google User

This app does what I need it to do. Honestly I can't see why Virgin Mobile doesn't understand that I'm not always in an environment where a loud startup noise would be appropriate.

Kiley Staats

Worked Great Until... Lollipop. The app writer needs to update this so it works with Lollipop. That is why most people are complaining it isn't working anymore.

Mick Spruce

Used to work After latest software update it stopped working and still not fixed plus it doesn't tell you what the selectable options do

Carsten Dressler

Works on Samsung S6 Disabled the silly T-Mobile sound on boot!

Frito Hobo

At&t Samsung s5 Had to turn on extended mode now it works just fine.

Sool Noedig

Quality Amazingly, after so many years they are still doing maintenance on this little app in order to keep it running smoothly. Now that puts a smile on my face :)

Paula Allred

Works well, here is a tip. Be sure to set your volume all the way down to as far as it will go. After that when it boots up silently you will just go ahead and use your volume control for music, videos. you don't have to do anything more. The icon in the phone will show muted volume even though when you play music or watch videos the volume control is active for the sound apps. great. Thanks.

Inderpratap Sodhi

Doesn't work with Lollipop Tried using the app on Nexus 6 with 5.1. The stupidly annoying At&t sound still persists on booting up the phone.

Sean Hart

Works perfectly This app works so well that I not only usually forget I even have it but I forget my Galaxy S4 even makes a noise on startup/shutdown until I have to turn on a family member's phone.

Timothy Longworth

Worked with no issue on my android 2.3.3, doesn't work with any or all options selected on my new android 4.1.2

Dean M

Works fine Galaxy S4: worked fine for me on the first try. No extra fiddling needed. Time will tell if that continues.

Tim Ramsey

Silent hero Thank you for this outstanding app.

Dean Dillman

Galaxy S6 Edge Woked just as it said it would on my T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge


It works. Works in the extended mode for my Galaxy S4 mini. Thank you.

catia G

It works sometimes Unfortunately it works Now and then, not every time that It turns on that it is silent

Dennis Novak

Used to Work (I don't "hate it," as written in the star system; it just no longer works.) Silently Boot worked almost all the time until 2015 approximately. Now it works sporadically, which is not useful, since it is not dependable. Galaxy S5. Please fix it. I miss it! Thank you!

Johanna Matias

On Metro PCS Galaxy model phone on Metro PCS . Love this app. Works great. Never, not once had a problem with it. Can't do without. Thanks

Darren Hickey

HTC One M8 Works perfectly.

Paul Ackroyd

Works well. Works 100% on my Galaxy S4. No more warking up the babies when I switch my phone on.

marky salva

Worked only in startup.Not in shutdown..

William Mckee

Works on startup only The silent on shut down not working for not working


Works Works on the first try on my SG6

Cat Parker

Silence is golden System sounds should be optional not the default...this works!

Janet Burgess

Brilliant - thank you dev Samsung tab s 4.4.2 - works as advertised with no tweaks needed. Why on earth don't manufactures understand you don't always want an intrusive noise on startup.

Spencer Browne

Does not seem to work on a DROID Turbo

Neil Bennett

Works on galaxy s3 With "silent boot" ticked, i get silent startup, all other sounds work as before. Excellent.

Shahrul alias

Works for Lenovo K920 Pro

Пользователь Google

HTC Desire - must have.

Пользователь Google

It works! Desire 2.1

Te Norman

Works on GS4, no longer on Samsung tablet Love it! Silences those stupid start up jingles - does everyone need to know I started my phone? Recently stopped working on my tablet. Tried various settings. Nope. Still rocking on my GS4. THANKS!

doug mitchell

Great, samsung s5, Update: The app worked great until I encrypted my Galaxy S5, at which time it stopped working. Lowered rating to 3 stars and Im bummed. I'm running latest lollipop. This works great on my galaxy samsung s5 using Verizon. I can now turn on my phone without darn noise. Requires no security access. quite a clever method to avoid noise

Michael Wy

Works on AT&T Galaxy Note 3 You have to be patient after phone starts up for sound to turn back on. Great app works great.

Stephanie Jury

Doesn't work with my Galaxy S4 Start up is not silent!

Mike Copperwhite

Great. Got rid of the very loud irritating Galaxy S4 startup piano music. Works fine on Lollipop with extended mode option enabled.

Olatunde Oluleye

Does not work on GS6. Encryption & knox on


Wish I knew you existed Been suffering thru a loud spalsh screen for 2 years, always trying to avoid powering up a phone whose battery depleated on the charger in the bedroom would have been a no-no if I came in late and my beauty was already asleep... Thanks! HTC ONE M7

Serjio Canchola

Doesn't work for start up on new update for galaxy note 3 only on shut down used to work before the new update of phone was a great app please fix it unless im doing something wrong

Pete Lowe

Does not work consistently on galaxy s3 mini.

Michael W

Sad that an app like this has to be made. OEMS.. NEWSFLASH.. Basically..NO ONE. WANTS. BOOT. UP. SOUNDS!!?

A Google User

Works like a charm for my Blu Dash 5.5 - thanks! I'm using the scheduled power off / power on option on my phone. That way I don't have to remember to silence my phone (or use airplane mode, or whatever) every night. Now it does this silently. UPDATED AGAIN: I was having problems with this sound being off only sometimes when the phone powered off. After trying several options I think the app now works all the time as long as I have "compatibility mode" turned on.

Scott Smeltser

This app does exactly what it claims. The boot sound on my ascend mate 2 could not be disabled. The phone has to be rooted in order to disable the boot up sound because there was no option in settings to turn it off. It was very loud and very annoying. Like other people have stated, why does everyone have to hear my phone starting up? This app is a lifesaver. It kills that's annoying jingle at startup and now I have nothing but the boot animation and a slight vibration on startup. What a fantastic app. Thank you so much. I love it.

Michael W

Sad that an app like this has to be made. AT&T.. NEWSFLASH.. Basically..NO. ONE. WANTS. BOOT. UP. SOUNDS!! Don't really appreciate the bright white and blinding startup logo splash either. Always a fun time in the dark when trying to be discrete. Just hope your carrier branded phone never randomly reboots during a meeting without this app! Works fine on GS6 Active. Things iPhone users never say: "How do you uninstall these carrier apps and sounds?? "

David Fuller

It Works... It worked perfectly on my T-Mo Galaxy S4 the first time I used it. Just remember to go to the settings before the first reboot and enable it. But on subsequent reboots, it allows the first note of the music to play before the mute kicks in. Still better than having to hear the whole reboot noise.

Don McCarthy

Working again. Stopped using this when it no longer worked on new phone. Now have a lollipop rooted ; found it works again.

I Like To Comment

Works on LG G2 Done a great job muting power off and startup sound. When turned on, only takes a few seconds until the sound is back.

Chaffyn Lovejoy

Works perfectly with S4. It's a little scary not hearing the silly tune. Also nice. Beats rooting (for now) which is also scary.


Works great with Samsung s6 Works great with Samsung Galaxy s6 hate the startup noise. Now I don't have to worry about it anymore

Steffan Klein

Works perfectly on HTC 1 M8, but it is off after installation. You must turn it on first in settings. Suggestion to developer: enable mute function by default, it's the only reason why a user wants the app. I.e as user I install app and immediately turn off and on phone to see if it works. But of course it won't, as mute function is set to off. You'll make more boot sound frustrated people happy who won't even check the settings, and will automatically assume incorrectly that app doesn't work.

Bobbie Freese

Thanks Nothing more annoying than being forced to advertise for the phone company every time you start your phone. Prevents this most admirably. I hate that sound. LOOKING AT YOU, T-MOBILE.

Regina Shrugs

Just installed it and it seems to work on Huawei Ascend 2. Only thing is, the default on the install is to disable the muting which is strange considering that is the purpose of the app. Once the option is enabled though it mutes on shutdown and startup. Thank you!

Ellen Taylor-Lubrano

Works great on Galaxy S5 Startup sounds are so annoying! And it's even more annoying that many stock setups don't let you disable them. This works great on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon). No problems.

Robert Kuhn

Works perfectly on my Galaxy S6. My phone is muted on shutdown. Booting is silent, and then the normal sound is restored when booting is completed. I haven't found any problems. It's wonderful to have an app that works well.

Lawrence Lynch

HTC One M7 (Lollipop) Great App, works well (so far). No more annoying boot sound. Silent mode and Extended mode both 'ticked'. Takes about 30 seconds, after boot, for sound profile to be re-enabled.

Nick Bassett

Works great on Samsung Galaxy S5 if you check the "Extended mode" option. There are only 4 different settings in the app, and they are all explained on the Help screen (or in the screenshots here in the Play Store).

brian hughes

Only mutes at boot up some of the time on Galaxy S3. Used to be very reliable but not now.

A Google User

Problem with lenovo S 90 It works 100% with my note 3, but the annoying lenovo jingle still play on boot up. I toggled all boxes on except airplane mode and with boot up it show silent speaker..any advice?

Dali Kewara

My Review Very usefull application!!! It's works on my device—Smartfren Andromax C3.

Jeff Reynolds

Doesn't work on my t-mobile lgg4 Worked on my lgg3 in the past.

Mike Cifaldi

Does what it claims on Galaxy S5. Thank you! I did not want to root my phone to get these noises to stop. This functionality should be integrated into the android OS.

Stephanie Jury

Doesn't work with my Galaxy S4 Start up is not silent!

Ricky Watts

It works! This is a great app to silent those annoying startup/shutdown sounds the phone makes. Like described I don't need people to know I turned my phone on/off.

Kel venuh

Doesnt work.... Not working in my yu uniques.

Zarko Maric

Useful Works on Chinese Doogee Valencia DG800, without any problem.

G Cruickshank

At last Excellent answer to that annoying startup music. And dead simple - no complicated rooting.

Harald Brauer

Essential when lock button is broken Very useful and also works on rooted phones. Disables vibration as well.


This app does what I need it to do. Honestly I can't see why Virgin Mobile doesn't understand that I'm not always in an environment where a loud startup noise would be appropriate.

Russell Nanney

Doesn't work on nexus 6 Startup sounds are still loud and annoying as ever on my nexus 6. Even tried enabling the extended work around, nothing. If you've got a nexus 6, it doesn't help.


Great app! Very useful! One request listed below If possible add option to also disable vibration when phone is restarted. One can disable vibration from call, and typing( haptic feedback) from sound settings menu, but I cannot find a way to disable vibrate on reboot. Please implement this if possible! Thank you! ?

Joe Griffiths

Brilliant app! Got a really annoying and embarrassing start up (and shut down) tune on my work mobile (Hisense) and this kills them both. Well done!

Kristen Cherie

It's called "silent boot" Simple you would think...It should silent start up sounds...nope it does not.

Claude Marcotte

Works great on my Galaxy S4 phone but not on my Galaxy Tab A tablet Hopefully a future version will solve this!

Arindam Karmakar

Silenced the roar of HTC M9+ boots Loved it. I am using HTC phones for quite some time now. Stated with M8 and now using M9+. Tried different ways to silence the beast during start up. Successfully did so with this app. Good job team.

Arthur Korff

thanks! works great. why do people need to know when I turn my phone on?

William Softmore

Doesn't work Worked on my old Samsung phone but on my Huawei Y6 running Android 5.1.1 it doesn't, even when I try all the different settings

Gretchen Lakshmi

Works great! Perfectly silenced the start up/boot sound on my Samsung Galaxy S6 from AT&T in the U.S. Thank you!

Dave Read

Continued after Lollipop, now Marshmallow too Anton's App still going strong after multiple OS updates and a new Note 4 phone... brilliant.

Sheri Rubin

Works on Droid Turbo 2! No special permissions, small size, don't need to root, and now pure silence upon boot up. Thank you!!!

Frawsty Fyre

Awesome. Works on ? HTC One m9 (T-Mobile) and ? Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (T-Mobile). Restoring the sound on HTC takes a bit longer thnn needed. Could you make a slider for the timing plz?

Trond Raymond Knudsen

Does what it says! I dont have to do the root work myself.


Great app! Very useful! One request listed below If possible add option to also disable vibration when phone is restarted. One can disable vibration from call, and typing( haptic feedback) from sound settings menu, but I cannot find a way to disable vibrate on reboot. Please implement this if possible! Thank you! ?

Norbert Oláh

shutdown sound starts so fast, that the app cannot mute it fast enough. for a fraction of second the shutdown sound starts to play. but the much more louder startup sound is muted! this app saves my life! (and phone's warranty ;) ) (Galaxy Note 7)

Sebastian Foye

Thank you I don't see why this requires a third party app instead of just being an option in the phone's settings. Why would anyone want a noisy boot?

Mysore Nataraj

Could use additional feature Works on boot up in my karbon titanium s 7. I really was looking for getting rid of that annoying nagging jingle. This app does not work on shut down. Guess we have to mute before shut down. One may not remember to do it in silence supreme areas like religious places courts meetings etc. We will be left holding a embarrassingly bawling baby .

Steve Williamson

HTC One M8 not silenced This app does not work and my HTC is still playing it's annoying start up tune when turned on.

Nicole Rachelle

Didn't work for pre-decryption sound Turbo 2 On my Turbo 2 Silent Boot was able to silence the second boot up sound that happens after I decrypt the partition, but it was not able to silence the sound that happened before decription. My phone normally does two boot up sounds, so at least this will limit it to just one sound. Still worth installing. Motorola needs to make it possible to do a true silent boot without rooting.

Niŋinturdle 已ᎱĺᏟ Ⴆeŋλmίn んorton

Love(d) it, but it's a setting now Thanks Anton, you pushed an option no one expected to have to download so well it became a pre-installed setting. You win!

Mark Calnan

Works absolute treat Samsung S6 - turned volume up to max to test. Powered off. Turned back on and no boot up sound. Mute icon stays up for few seconds and then back to volume before the test. Excellent work. Thanks

Paul P

What a shame didn't work Didn't work HTC M7 Android 4.4.3 . Tried ticking the other boxes in settings but that just silenced the phone volume. Never mind. HTC One ain't "Quietly Brilliant" at all.

David Page

Silence at last on a Galaxy Note 4. Found this while looking for something else. Didn’t think it was possible without rooting it. Works brilliantly using extended mode. Thx very much guys.

Charles Thompson

Perfect on Samsung S6 All I had to do was enable it. Didn't have too check any more settings. Worked like a charm; the loud startup noise is gone. Thank you!

Karl C

Worked on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Silenced the terrible and loud AT&T bootup sound.

Alex Bridenbaker

Works great I like how it doesn't have ads, require so many permissions. Only thing that I request to change is that when I press the options I want a list to show up

David Cunningham

Waste of time Can't understand how this gets such a high rating. Doesnt work on my G4 ...even on extended mode which is supposed to be for those phones where the usual "workaround" doesn't work :-/. Uninstall and try something else.

Francois T

Does the job. No fuss. Does exactly what it says. Annoying LG G4 sound just went away. Thanks.

Darra H

Doesnt work Used 2 work. Now its a load of rubbish. Deleted

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