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3 Aug
Shu's Garden

Posted by Jason RT Bond in Educational | Aug. 3, 2015 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

A Game by Colin Sanders & Jason RT Bond

Grow your own garden playground with Shu, a bouncy alien who nourishes the soil wherever she rolls. Shu can shrink really small then release her energy and jump high into the air. Plant blossoms stick to her and she can shake them off in new locations to plant the seeds. Plants grow as the days pass, but remember that plants need nutrition to stay healthy and grow tall.

Little ones will enjoy exploring and playing on this mysterious planet while learning to care for their own garden. Children will see how plants need nutrition to grow and stay healthy, how mature plants produce seeds and how planting those seeds in new locations grows new plants.

The game has no explicit goals, and instead the player’s imagination is the engine behind the gameplay. Children will come to understand that a garden is a personal space free to craft as they please according to their own notions of order and beauty. And of course, there’s always the joy of rolling and bouncing!

So sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Shu’s Garden. You may even find you want to squeeze in some play time for yourself.

• Several large planets to bounce around.
• 90 different plants and flowers to decorate with.
• Play with Ira, Shu’s best friend.
• Explore deep ponds and bounce into orbit.
• Find ancient relics and strange creatures.
• No in-app purchases or ads

1. Tilt the device left to roll left & right to roll right.
• Wherever Shu rolls she nourishes the soil.

2. Touch the screen to shrink down & release to jump into the air.
• The longer you hold down, the higher Shu can jump up!

3. Jump into mature blossoms (the ones glowing) to collect them on Shu’s body.

4. Shake the device over an open area of land to release the seeds.

5. Touch Shu’s face in the lower corner to open her mouth wide and suck in any plants she passes! This is good for pruning the look of the garden.

Shu’s Garden is created by Colin Sanders (design, sound, music) & Jason RT Bond (design, art, animation), but important contributions were made by Ami Matsuda (voice, Japanese translation), Mike Bond (grass) and Ornella Bertrand (French translation). All of them live in Toronto, Canada.

We do not collect information of any kind related to the player or the player’s play experience.

You can rest easy knowing there are no advertisements shown or purchases to be found within this app. The information contained here is also present in-game behind a child lock, accessible from the main menu under “About This Game” in the top right corner. Within that section there are links to our personal websites as well as to the game’s official website and Facebook page.

Whats new

    Hotfix to eating mechanic!

Jason RT Bond part of our Educational and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 3, 2015. Google play rating is 71.5855. Current verison is 1.7.1. Actual size 40.0 MB.

Download shus-garden.apk 40.0 MB


Ellie G.

Cute game but... I downloaded this game just because I thought it looked cute. It is, but I have no idea what I am doing or what I am supposed to do most of the time. Tutorial is very minimal, almost non-existent, and while reading the game description gave me more of an idea, it doesn't really help me with the gameplay that much. That said, it's kinda fun exploring the game and discovering little things here and there. Still, I can see how guessing what to do can get a tad boring after a while.

Crystal Johnson

Awesome game! I love this game, the character and his little buddy are adorable and the music is relaxing, it's great to unwind with on the bus home, but recently my phone updated and now the game crashes whenever I try to start it. As many people have said, an update to fix the crashes would be great. Thank you for creating this game though!

Henry Townshend

Best I really love this game, it is really calming and has been aiding in my very stressful week battling anxiety. At first it was confusing, but eventually you figure out what you are supposed to do

anamarija spaskova

Love it but cruahes after few seconds Please fix it, I really enjoy this game, I like cute Shu and the whole concept, but it crushes and I can't play it ?????.

Rj Luna

Magnificent! Really hoping for future developments.. sorry for my typing/spelling no more space to type in... Da game is awsome by itslf but I've gt great sgstions u shud rily cnsder. 1st it wud be great to hav an almnac of plnts dat contained wat da flwers and seeds lookd like. 2nd Flwers wud make da game greater. 3rd Don't u think it wud be more awsome if da diffrent knds of crtures lke Shu wud hav diff. abilities like one wud be able to nuture a bgger field, da othr wud be fster, da other wud plnt flowers like I said in the 2nd n they wud come in diff. colrs 4rth diff plnets wid diff clmates dat grew diff plnts

Jhon Church

Movement controls The game doesn't work properly. Sometimes it doesn't move no matter how much I tilt it or shake it, other times it just goes right or left and doesn't stop. Please fix this.

Kennedy Avery

OMG.BEST.THING.EVER. Omg best thing ever!!! Adorable , Amazing! But Who's The Cute Little Purple Buddy ????❤❤❤

Cassidy Rodriguez

So relaxing This game is so cute and simple I love it. It really helps calming nerves I've already recommended it to a few people. I'd like more levels to explore

Rocky Knight

I'm Sorry. I know I'd love this app, but it closes less than one second after I click to open it every time. If an update fixes this I'll go 5 stars for sure!

Kelly Taes

Sony experia Z2 Tablet Cute game but closes after a few seconds please fix it alot of us would like to play this game

An Khanh

What a shame I really like how the game looks and I'd love to spend more time on it but it keeps crashing 5 seconds after I open it. Please fix this.

Emily Skeen

App doesn't open anymore. Not sure why? Used to love it, oh well.

Hoi Ching Heart Kwok

Keeps crashing Seems a nice game, but everytime I open the game it keeps crashing. Please fix it then I'll surely give 5 stars

Sierra Fadness

Disappointed I installed the game yet...when i go to open the app it dosent even open. Pleases fix looked cute. But in the end i am dissapointed.

sweet bee

cute... i kinda remember and misses locoroco on this. just ddnt get the giraffe

Elena Wu

Eh... It's amusing if you like simple.

Dan Shaw

What do you do with the red star? Id love to know what you do with the red star that you collect??

lilly wither

Music sucks Really cute game, but your soundtrack is terrible. I can't even turn the sound off so I can listen to my good music. Anyone else know how to turn sound off?

Seth Raito

This is a work of art! Simplisticly stunning! This one is a keeper ?

Alexis Nickell

Wont open For some reason on my Galaxy S 3 it will go to a black screen then it will go back to my home screen. Please fix. It looks like a very fun game.

Chris Crawshaw

Strangley fun :P Rolling around and discovering the strange things in the world...couldn't be any better :D

Sydney McEwan

Cool but.. Its a cool game but idk what I'm suppose to be doing. Its t really hard to controlled on my tablet too. It'd be nice to have a story or tutorial

Tony F

REVIEW Cute and all but one question I have to ask is.....what's the point?

Faux Weed

? Adorable. Roll and play on your own tiny planet with this lovely "gardening" sandbox.

Myla C

VERY DISAPPOINTED Won't Even Open Worthless crap program since it won't even run! I am uninstalling it.

Garnet Sacki

Awesome. Cute. I suggest smoother control over Shu and the blue one. Thanks!

Chloe Talbot

So calming I loooooove this game a lot but the only thing is that it keeps crashing after a while. Can u fix it? Also I think there is a menu or some sort of tutorials that keeps flashing up but I don't know because it's not there long enough.

aghna waseem

Reminds me of the game Loco roco But what's the goal of dis game?

Larissa Major

If only The plants didn't die

Kayla Toy

SO CUTE! I love this game so much! The only thing wrong with it is that it starts to run slow and sometimes will freeze but all I have to do is close out and go back in and I'm good to go for a while ;)

Sheila Coble

Broken It won't play f**k this game

Sophia Estoquia

Awesome This game is so cute. No problems and troubles so far. It is very amusing and I like it when you can go to other planets and make another garden. Super Love! <3

Anna Pivovarets

It didnt open.

Hannah Smith

Brilliant I really enjoy the app, but it could have more options for creatures.

Ava C

I cant move im trying to tilt my device but she wont move.

Lucatero Ashley

Stupid You just press the shu and it creates a flower on you thats the only thing you do

Micha Gail Andal

Friendly Its beautiful game

Junie Premacio

Cute But unfortunately. I dont understand jow to play it.

yumi chan

Superb! The game is amazing! The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is smooth. But I have some suggestions, how about make more companions? Like there are different *shu's per planet, and you can switch with each one of them, or add more interactive animals? Like a rabbit that eats the plants? Still the GAME IS AMAZING! keep up the good work guys! Lovin it!


Please update this game is great When I first downloaded this game it worked great, but after a bit I couldn't get the character to move at all. I tested my phone sensors and they're fine. I am not going to uninstall this game if it gets updated soonish. But if a month goes by with no update Im going to uninstall.

Sugar Bunnie

Relaxing Im an adult and I like this game very much. It's very nice and im enjoying all of these fabulous trees and plants that I'm spreading around.

Burton Merrill

It was marvelous. Some may find it boring due to there not being any goals or missions. But I loved it.

L Brown

Beautiful The most beautiful and relaxing game on gplay... Just explore and experience a stress relief similar to meditation.

Cwp Cwp

Stupid Won't load for me. Plz fix and I'll rate 5 *

Mariah Sayson

Cute I loved it. It was so adorable. I also found another planet.

Ana Manamtam

Awesome but... when I download this its always stop and stop and stop please fix it.

Rob -

Adorable, fun, beautiful relaxing freedom. Everything works so well together. The music never gets annoying. I love planting things anywhere you want, too. Underwater and on the moons even. <3

anamarija spaskova

Love it but cruahes after few seconds Please fix it, I really enjoy this game, I like cute Shu and the whole concept, but it crushes and I can't play it ?????.

Ms Sam

The art is amazing The game's background is stunning and the colors they use for the characters and plants are top notch, this game is cute and relaxing, I find myself playing this game about 4-7 times a day. This game is amazing and whoever made this should keep up the good work!!

Zak Barclay

Best exploration game ever. I know you just go to the right, but this is my opinion.

Austin Caffey

I don't understand it, Why is it so hard to control the direction, what's up with the random giraffe,what's the blue guy? More stressful than relaxing

XiAo Qii

COuldn't Load IT! :'(( Whenever it starts to load, within 1-2Minutes it'll just crashes me out! I would love to play and give 5stars if i could play it! Saw those images of this game and i LOVED the art of this game ALOT! DO fix it as soon as possible.. THANKS! T.T||

Máskéd Døll

Very calm and relaxing. Though can you please make a multiplayer option? Overall, this game is simply amazing. <3

Ava Anderson

Beautiful. This is a very beautiful and creative app! I wish there were achievements and stuff to keep me going.

Crow Leone

Cute but I think.... It needs a tutorial. I don't really know what I'm doing at all! But I love the art, it's so cute! Once I got the hang of it I really liked it. It's a wonderful game. <3

Fatimah Jaffery

Sweet game It's cute, and really relaxing!

Bubble Chai

Adorable So calming and cute, play this when I'm winding down (^__^)

Bethany Moyes

No game. Pointless. There's nothing to it

Niz Sh

Very lovely

Jaysa Garcia

Adorable and fun! It gets really hard though when you have lots of plants on lots of planets to prevent them all frim dieing. Can I suggest maybe the bigger they get the less nurturing they need? Also, its annoying when you knock the animals over and can't get them back on their feet. Beautiful game overall!

Whitney Moses

I like it but.. What's the point of it? It's adorable and whatever..but there is really nothing to do. If there is I haven't figured it out yet. Anyways...give us more things to do.

Panda Monium

I can't move. The graphics in the game is beautiful, but I won't be able to enjoy it fully if I'm not able to move. I understood the tutorial, but despite having a tablet with screen rotation and all that, I can't move my avatar around. It maybe that I misunderstood the tutorial or something else, but I would like to bring up this problem, in case it's happening to other players.

Maxx Rice

??? What is the point of this game I just don't get it anyone here know what its about if so comment about it please.

Дмитро Хоменко

Meh Looks kinda good, but I don't get it and sounds are extremely annoying.

Elias Berber

I want to play with my sister so can you add multiplayer plz

Nova Gaming 28

The guy Really cool game but only one thing WHO THE HECK IS THE BLUE GUY

Rocky Knight

I'm Sorry. I know I'd love this app, but it closes less than one second after I click to open it every time. If an update fixes this I'll go 5 stars for sure!

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