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19 Aug

Posted by M34T.H34D Studios in Card | Aug. 19, 2014 | 60 Comments

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Free with no annoying ads! Sheepshead or Sheephead is the American form of the German game Schafkopf. This is 5 handed Sheepshead with 4 computer players. There are variations to the rules depending on who you play with. The rules are very simple and will be easily picked up by anyone that has played Sheepshead before.

Don't forget to review our game and tell us what kind of additions you would like to see to the game!

Leaster Option is coming soon. Most of it is programmed in. We are now in alpha testing.

Whats new

    1.5.3 Release -
    -Fixed a few bugs with the computer AI
    - Background Changes - Finished
    - Game Speed Option - Finished
    - Calling up to JD, Pick Ace, or Jack - Finished
    - Leaster option - Finished
    - Link to rate our game on main menu - Finished

M34T.H34D Studios part of our Card and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 19, 2014. Google play rating is 61.6522. Current verison is 1.5.502. Actual size 674.0 KB.

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Sally Schweitzer

Sheepshead Tried playing call an ace and the partner/picker would trump the called suit. Impossible! He has to call an ace of a fail in his hand..once the game called the ace of diamonds...again never would happen so had to switch back to playing the jack of diamonds partner game as the "call an ace" game isn't even shheepshead.

Richard Nelson

Possible Improvements I learned Sheepshead from family in S.E. Wisc. When playing called Ace - the Ace MUST be played the FIRST time the fail suit is played. The Ace of Diamonds can not be a called Ace . Money scoring - we played 5 (cents), double on the bump, triple on the loner. But, you've done a fine job. It would be nice it you could have a wallet, that would let us keep track on our winnings. Thanks, I'm enjoying it.

Amy Carstens

Totally unrealiatic This doesn't even come close to simulating the strategy of a real game. Probably OK if you are just learning.

Jeremy Reinarts

Close to a great game The trouble i keep running into is if the person to the left of me is forced to pick. The partner remains the j o d but as the hands are played out the player forced to pick has the j o d. The following player lays a fail card and they end up being the partner. The most recent i had the jack of hearts but the following player was picked with the 9 of clubs. I can not find a rhyme or reason on this. Secondly is it possible to update so that if i pick the bid can my partner pick up my smear. Also more advatar

Paul J. Virnig

Sheepshead Have played this for quite some time now and really enjoy it. I have programmed in the past so I know how difficult it can be to get all the nuances (AI) of the program right. I can tell that a lot of time has been spent to get this app to the level that it is at, regardless of AI. And NO ads (awesome). Thanks for you efforts. The one thing I would look at is periodically the picker will have the Jack o' Diamonds and someone else will be be called as the partner. Thanks again for your hard work.

mike brown

Omg Players throw cards that in real game would get u killed, ex, throw off on called ace, dont take trump trick when not p

Sherry Peters

Not exactly like regular play. I will admit to changes taking place but still have yet to fix the basic problem with this game. One, the computer consistently has better hands than you do and your ratio of picking is much lower than theirs. Second, the computer will consistently throw high point cards on a trick where they should be throwing their lowest so other team always wins. It's frustrating. So I only rate as average due to basic fundamentals of the real game missing.

chris levandoski

Sheepshead Its a decent game but the ai players do some dumb plays.the pick the ace feature is horrible tho, they dont follow the rules at all! Over all its fun 2 play tho

Michelle Nett

OK for a computer card game. I don't like how when the picker is Ulf and has the J of D the player following him is usually his partner. I have also noticed that some hands have failed play when trump is lead and then same player will have trump the next trick.

steven northcott

Better/Worse I love the fact that you can now customize game settings. 2 things that really annoy me are the fact that it locks up constantly during leister games and the a.i. could be alot more strategic with its play. Always lays trump in order of power from low to high no matter what. Other than that, it's a good way to pass the time.

Jon Marsh

AI cheats... Doesn't even follow the most basic of SH rules. Picker can NEVER win on a called ace trick. Picker MUST play their fail called suit. Picker can NEVER play an up trump to take the trick. But I just saw the AI picker do that on the first two hands I ever played here! Uninstalling...

Joshua Truckenbrod

Constant bugs Good game. Bad programing. It has serious problems that keep getting worse.

Mark Weinfurter

Could use better AI Good game, wish the computer players played better. Felt like I was playing against below average players.

Kevin Pagel

Made the turn for the better After new patch this game has had a huge turn around. Still have some questionable moves by Ai but it is much better overall. Also options are a huge plus.

Mitchell Berg

AI have moderate retardation The AI do not play properly.... Throwing off when they should be taking trick and vice versa. Smearing picker. Good to learn to some extent

Wolfgang Jank

What rules are you playing by? When the called suit is played in this game you don't have to play the Ace. The picker doesn't have to keep a fail of that suit. I was tought to play this game by my German father and those plays are not in the rules.

ryan baltz

Needs a lot of improvement If picker has Jack of diamonds without forced pick it makes person next to them partner, ai doesn't play correctly they hold onto trump until end instead of taking the trick, picker and partner are always loaded with trump especially with blitzers, needs big improvement.

Hannah Arndt

Great for beginners but would like the option to save the current game. I hated having to restart the game when I was gone for only a few minutes.

John Hilgers

Decent AI isn't all that spectacular but it is a fun game to kill time!

Kathy Cady

Freezes Fun, but constantly freezes. Wish I could save play when logging off.

Justin Roland

Best sheepshead app! Great game! After update this is the most realistic sheepshead game out there. Great improvements!

Jared Brandt

I had someone pick on two low trump the ai could be better


awesome..... New updates are beast! best sheapshead game out there fer android

Nicholas Gates

Updates get big thumbs up! The new updates to this already great game are a phenomenal improvement and is hands down the best sheepshead game out there. Leister and Jack of diamonds partner let's me play just like I do when my family is together. Thanks for making this incredible! Leister freezes quite a bit after the third card is played.

Nick Kolb

A good start The app itself and the style is good, just needs some work on the computer players' tendencies. One computer player didn't pick with 2 Queens and 6 trump, sticking me at the end with having to pick, that kind of stuff still could use some working

Julie Bunge

Don't like the forced to pick! Should be play a leaster if everyone passes. Also would be nice to pick different player's. Getting sick of the same same.

Robert Kaplan

Can be fun but keeps locking up Get part way through games and it just stops. Have to force stop .

john doe

Hmmm. Computer play is highly questionable. I had JD and picked but ended up with a partner. Would give 1 star but it's nice to play sheepshead again. Screw you Yahoo! For removing game and replacing with arcade crap.

David Spielz

AI isn't the best, trump options need work as well as the actual game play ... still gets the job done for sheepshead

Mike Huettl

Doesn't follow the call an ace rules.

Dennis Juds

Good but... The called suit cannot be trumped by the picker. Must have a card of that suit in hand. It's been years since I played regularly, but I habw to agree with others that if the computer players were amongst the people I knew, they would be hetting a neer dumped on their head.

Eric Geldmeyer

OK Needs tweeking. Dealer needs to keep called suit, ace of called suit has to be played when called suit is led, and ace of diamonds can't be partner.

Michael Prom

The game is Sheephead. Not Sheepshead. The computer players are morons.

Rohit Saxena

Needs additional download of Adobe air

LeRoy Reed

Not trumping the called suit when it's being cut, and not playing the called ace when it's led, make this game annoying.

Clay Schwartz

The play of the computer is completely unrealistic. You can lead hi jack or low queen trump and usually take all tricks. Then computer will be last and play queen of clubs on a no trump played trick then lead a 9 of diamonds. Makes no sense

Clay Creighton

Locks my s4 up Game is OK if you don't mind restarting your phone all the time

Linda Hesselink

Sheepsaid Game is fun, but sometimes it freezes and I can't go on. Also, I don't know how to save my money for the next game once I can't play anymore.

Thadd Burch

The game isn't very realistic. The players don't play as they should abs don't smear when they should or use trump properly.

Paul Harris

Fantastic!!!! A perfect way to learn sheepshead.

Kim Dingman

I grew up playing the game. I was taught at age 6. Im now in my late 40s. Call the ace needs to be fixed. The ace must be played when call suit is lead the first time and the ace of diamonds would never be an options. Also would be interested in a 4 and 3 handed options for playing

joan hanson

Has problems but overall good I do love this game and for the most part it's really good love that it is Wisconsin rules as I grew up playing this game. But it freezes up so much and right in the middle if a hand. Please fix!

Eric Borchardt

Nice, but missing some options The interface is great. It's missing some common Wisconsin rules, such as double-on-the-bump (aka punish the picker). Also no option for doubles instead of leaster? Do you have plans for online play? That would be amazing.

Thomas Kuhn

AIs aren't awful. I mean, they aren't as good as a lot of people that I play with, but they know the game, somewhat.

Will Hansen

Horrible I'm going Uninstall this game. Freeze and the other players suck. Download a different one. Just horrible! !

Jonathon Bryan

The ace of the called suit must be played when the called suit is led. Ace of diamonds is not an option. There are some other things during play that seem strange. I do not write code for apps, so I have no idea how to fix it, but on a number of occasions, it seems the logic of taking tricks is lost and hands are lost or won based on the logic of taking the tricks... The game is OK, but there is definitely room for improvement...

Duane Buntz

I just scored 64 points, the problem is I lost to the other team which scored 67 points. 64+67= 131 last time I checked, which is more than the supposed 120 possible points.

Ethan Kalepp

Great for learning the basics, but terrible for any strategy playing.

John Helmers

Computer doesn't follow suit Played call an ace. The picker some how called the ace of DIAMONDS. Players do not follow suit. Jack of diamonds style is serviceable, but poorly played. Don't waste your time with this app.

Tom Bores

Addicting Game! Thank you! Nice job on the AI on this. I would say the computer makes smart moves 95% of the time making the game more fun to play. Great work!

josh Vander Heiden

The game is fun to play Wish we could play real people on it

blake burger

Very nice game but the players don't trump or smear as well as real experienced players. I'm guessing the programmer is from southeastern Wisconsin as diamonds are trump and not clubs as most play in central Wisconsin. Very nice, THANK YOU!

Mike Peltier

Too many Deficiencies No going alone? No summary of hands, called. ace not played when suit led. No leaster point totals

Brad Hegge

Be nice if we could change names of opponents.

scott willems

Locks up Used to be really good, but in the last two weeks it locks up after playing for a few minutes. Hope they can fix it.

Matthew Taticek

Fix called ace rules As others have pointed out, the called Ace rules here are screwy. AI need to keep at least one of the fail suit they are calling. And the ace must be played on the first trick when the called suit is lead. Strategy hinges upon this! That said the game plays well when it gets the rules right. Given that people have been reporting the rule problem since 2014 I'd recommend finding a different app.

Wendy Waltz

Definitely not Wisconsin rules Called Ace gets trumped by the Picker! Called suit is played & the ace doesn't show up! Ace of diamonds is the called Ace! WHAT??? Get this game fixed by a true Wisconsin Sheepshead player.

Robert Kaplan

Can be fun but keeps locking up Get part way through games and it just stops. Have to force stop .Fix the leester problem!

josh Vander Heiden

Don't know where program learn to play I have no idea where program learned the game because the way the computer play I would never be aloud to play that way also dislike the way it changes partner rules on its own

Mark Guenther

Sheepshead Free Neat layout and scoring. Gets stuck and hangs sometimes.

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