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26 Aug
Shaw Go Gateway

Posted by Shaw Communications Inc. in Entertainment | Aug. 26, 2015 | 96 Comments

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The Shaw Go Gateway app allows you to record all your favourite shows and manage existing recordings while you’re on the go. With the Shaw Go Gateway app, you won’t miss a thing.

Available for all Shaw Gateway HDPVR customers.

Whats new

    Support for 64-bit Android devices

Shaw Communications Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 26, 2015. Google play rating is 65.668. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Ray Bicknell

No lollipop support - edit: fixed FINALLY fixed for lollipop. Works well as before. Not the fastest, but still useful.

Rick Taylor

This is a terrible product Lags constantly, updating your settings only works 1/4 of the time. Come on guys you can do better, this was a great idea ruined by the execution.

Jeff Christman

Not working on galaxy s6 Great app when it worked! I Upgraded phones from my s3 to a s6 and can't use the app now. COME ON SHAW. 300/month for your services I expect it to work especially considering this phone has been out for over a month now.

Scott Cameron

Fails in lollipop 5 but finally good in 5.1 Worked great until android update to lollypop 5.0 and then it failed every time but with the new lollypop update of 5.1 it works great again.

Amir Bakovic

Love it Love it .. I always forget to PVR my sports, so this app is fantastic because I could easily PVR what I want while in transit. Also acts like a remote control

Winston Bull

Working Well With Lollipop Finally! The newest update allows use with my Nexus 6 and Lollipop. Thanks for finally getting it together Shaw!

Corey of Nanaimo

Latest update has issue On Galaxy S4 phone and Galaxy Super pad the latest update starts your guide list at channel 2 or 3, even when HD option is selected, and no way to set anything up as "favorites" on the S4.

Barry Palik

Great app when it works. All most a months since the galaxy S6 came out and it still doesn't work. Unacceptable Shaw. It's a 1 for now and a 5 when you get it working

Russ Loewen

Gateway has stopped I'd really love to use this app without re-installing every time on Lollipop.

Chris Pidskalny

Galaxy s6 edge crash on startup Won't load use to load on my galaxy s4 but won't load on s6 edge all updates have been instaled

Jeff Meilleur

Worked on Note 3 but... Not working on my S6 edge. I finally needed to set a recording away from home, and the app crashes. If it gets a fix, I would up my rating.

Brad Campbell

Lollipop is fixed. Tested on nexus 7 2013 Very smooth now


Doesn't work Will not open needs an update

Daniel Strini

it just crashes all the time crashes shortly after launch attempt. C'mon Shaw, this app has been broken ever since Lollipop 5.0, are you ever going to fix the startup crash?!

Mike Harrison

Unfortunately gateway has stoped I get this error on lollipop 5.2 galaxy s6 it won't open, used to work great on my s5

Adeolu O

Lollipop Finally The new update fixed the Lollipop issue, but the app still lags. So 3 stars for now.

Paul Green

Not working...... Installs on 5.0.2 Galaxy S6 but states "Stopped Working" Shame it never started!!!!!!!!

Jim Webb

Pretty Decent Finally works with Lollipop. Wish it was a little faster, but overall a nice way to set recordings on the Gateway when you are away from it.

Martin Bruyère

Instantly crashes on galaxy s6 As soon as I try to open the app on my new galaxy s6 it crashes and won't open. If you need more details please let me know. I've submitted crash logs a few times

Saxon O.

lollipop still won't open for me on lollipop

Gary Brandel

Pretty solid, will be much better when updated for LP

Kris Ratchford

Good Yay. It works

Albert Chan

New update works with lollipop

Thomas Zhou

Pretty Good App finally works with Lollipop, good job! :)

Colin Mah

Broken, crashes Does not work on Galaxy S6. Please fix.

Karl Mueller

Not available for Nexus 5...? I was able to install it on the nexus 7 2013, but not on t he Nexus 5. My guess is it is not compatible with Lollipop.

Kevin Rathbun

Doesn't work Upgraded O/S and the app stops working. Tried uninstalling twice and still won't work.

Ron Hamilton

Can't give a lower rating Had the app for a week now and every time I try to start it I get the message "Unfortunately Gateway has stopped". So much for this being of any use. Just about the best joke shaw cable has pulled yet.

Cindy W

Frustrated I can't log into my account??? Needs to be fixed.? Does this app even work at all?? Please fix that! ??And my rating will change ??❤? Thank you!?✌

Mary Lewin

Awsome Was away from home for 2 weeks and wanted a particular show recorded. I was blown away..... It actually worked. My wife loves me now-?

Yazdi B

Beautiful App Awesome App; designed to make life easier. Never miss a show again. As a service technician for shaw I'm proud to recommend this app to our customers. Love it.

James Kellough

Doesn't work with Android 5.0... at all. This app will not even open with Android 5.0. Please fix! Would be a great complimentary app with Shaw TV service. I'll adjust rating when functional.

Sameer Zaman

Great on KitKat, no love for Lollipop This worked great on nexus 5 with KitKat. Unfortunately its now completely non functioning with Lollipop update on Nexus 5 and the Nexus 6

marshal funk

Really sweet concept What a good idea but, It keeps saying at random " having trouble communicating with your gateway" if i can resolve this issue i will bump it up to 5 stars.

Dan Hooper

Cant record Tried many times to record programs with about a 10 percent success rate. 'Record once' button turns blue as if it were successfully pushed, but doesnt actually flag the program to be recorded. Repeat attempts yeild the same result.

Blair Kissel

Stops recording and search doesn't always work When it works, it's ok but it has a few serious issues. After a while it stops working and I can't record shows. (When I press the record once button it does nothing.) A lot of times when I touch on a show to get details it brings up a completely different show on a different channel! Also, search doesn't find some shows that are found on the iOS version of the app.

Bobby Weber

This so used to work It used to work fine but now it just boors me off every time I try and use it. Its a nice app to have when you've forgotten to set a recording. But its pretty frustrating when this app doesn't work.

Russ Christie

Pretty could but is missing some stuff It would be nice to be able to jump forward and backwards/fast forward or backwards. It makes the app a lot less useful! Otherwise the app is gorgeous and provides basic functionality enough basic functionality.

Jeff Tokar

Android L Breaks this Very handy app and works well. I found that if you try setting up a recording on a show that is currently on, it hangs up the app and the's a pretty minor issue, but something to be aware of. EDIT: Just updated to Lollipop on my nexus 5 and now it crashes every time I open it...dropping to 1 star until this is fixed.

Gilbert Marcoux

Just crashes on Galaxy S6 Worked on my previous phone. Upgraded and now it just crashes. According to threads this has been happening since at least April 19th (almost a month).

Doug Fresh

Doesn't work on my s6 Pay for the service and I can't use the app, useless

Bill Mann

New samsung, don't bother getting this app Don't bother if you just got a new samsung, instantly crashes. Been over a month and not fixed yet...over a month and still not fixed.. boooo

Avi Patel

Does not launch On my nexus 9, won't launch, gives a cryptic message and no indication of issue. If device isn't certified, prohibited the install!

Ted Sarkissian

Would like to give a 0 rating because it crashes every time on startup on my Galaxy S6. Worked fine on S2. With the number of negative reviews one would think a solution must not be far away.

Hired Goonage

Very slow Absolutely sluggish on S4. Used to work but now the channels won't populate. ..just stays blank. Useless now.

Lawrence Morrison

Doesn't work. Crashes everytime I open it on my LG G3 ever since I upgraded to Lollipop. I see S6 owners are having the same issue. Shaw- will you ever fix this? It has been going on for months now. Update June 19th. still nothing. WTF shaw you seriously can't ever fix your apps? You are a terrible company. No support for your users who pay you $100 plus per month for services.

Jephrey Mills

Wont open on Samsung S6 Worked ok on my Samsung S3 to record one show. But if you go back to the guide to scroll through or record another show it freezes. Update and I will bump up rating

Greg Stuart

Doesn't work Didn't work on the HTC One M9.

Saif Khan

Fine Useful when the remote is out of reach

Mike Harrison

Unfortunately gateway has stoped I get this error on lollipop 5.02 galaxy s6 it won't open, how long does it take to make compatible on 64 bit os?

Gerald Calder

Gate way is different from regular shaw This is the dumbest sh*t ever, why make you take the extra step especially if you pay out of the a*s for your account already, shouldn't be a separate process, terrible idea and a waste of time for something like this. There's no point for such a long process that you claim is simple and easy

Jim Webb

Pretty Decent Just crashes on LG G3. Lollipop. Is a fix coming anytime this year? Useless.

Shawn Bell

Will not work on ZenFone 2 When you open this app on Zenfone 2 it just crashes.

Chris MacIsaac

Doesn't Even Open If you have an S6 don't even bother and save the 13MB until they resolve the not opening issues. Disappointing given I'm 4 months removed from launch of the S6 and these issues remain unresolved.

Jason Nate

#shawfail Lollipop fix, app works great. Easier to search than through the actual gateway menu.

Amy Wilson

Good app - if it's working Love the features but need to uninstall/reinstall app about every 6 weeks

G Dub

Whhaat? Crashed continually on my Gal S5, but works perfectly when loaded on my BlackBerry Passport :/. Lol!!


No work samsung 6 Used this all the time..vdry disappointed that I upgrade phone and no work ....figured shaw have this ready to seeing is new ...please fix...loyal customer here....ok adding this now since no response and no repair....fix it by July first or Ill switch all my stuff to Telus and it pains me to do that

Andrew C

Doesn't even open on Galaxy S6 It crashes right away so some work definitely needs to be done.

G Tech

Crippled streaming and missing critical space management features... Does not show space used. Does not allow to delete all episodes in a season without deleting the series recording. Does not allow streaming even though the ability and option is available. Nicely crippled like the DNLA feature on the PVR that we pay to own.

Jason Cooke

With update it opens, search results now inconsistent. *UPDATE: now it launches, thank you. However... The app doesn't find the show when search, but. If I navigate through the guide, it is listed. Prev. comment: Previously worked on Note 3, now it will not launch on an LG G4. Eta on a resolution?

Blair Kissel

Stops recording and search doesn't always work When it works, it's ok but it has a few serious issues. After a while it stops working and I can't record shows. (When I press the record once button it does nothing.) A lot of times when I touch on a show to get details it brings up a completely different show on a different channel! Also, search doesn't find some shows that are found on the iOS version of the app. Finally, a lot of the time it takes MINUTES to set a recording - just sits there spinning away...

Andy Higginson

So the issues that I have been having with the channel guide on the appnot matching the one on my tv has been resolved. After a quick email I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. While everything seems ok now, I feel that having to go through that process is kind of a bit ridiculous. I don't have to do this with any of the other apps that I have. Will I have to do this in a couple months when Shaw rearranges the guide again? Why is this not automatic when it retrieves the account settings.

Sheldon Gale

Super Convenient App This app works perfectly. I use it for two functions. Reviewing the guide & setting up recordings from anywhere. It does what I ask & doesn't complain. What could be better?!


Thank you for the August 26, 2015 update! App was not working at all on my new phone that runs Android Lollipop prior till then. Now it is (as far as I can tell) 100% and ready for the new Fall television season.

Rob Klassen

Not functioning properly This app is frustrating to use. The gestures are to similar leading the app to scroll down 150 channels when all i want is to see what the next show is on the same channel. It crashes and takes way to long to load. I avoid using it when I can.

Randy Zhao

Why I cant watch program on TV control from this app The app can show the channels and program. I can schedule recording without problem. But when I tried watch live tv, outstanding request there forever

John Wright

Seems to work great on my tablet. By the rating I was worried because it didn't have great reviews , but work great on my tablet. A couple of thing I hope they improve is in the guide to number the episode . Let you know season episode number. Plus in a lot of the lists the title is cut off. Like for " the expanse " . They just have the ..... so you have to click on the actual episode time guide to even know what show it is. It would be nice to see it at a glance.

Sebastien Barbeau

They fixer it! Thank you for fixing the crash issue with my G3. I was still using the app by clearing all data every time I wanted to open it. Now it is enjoyable to use this app. Thanks again.

Shawn Ryland

Kinda laggy even with 2 gb ram in tablet Would be nice if there was a way to backup series recordings settings when the gateway has to be replaced. Rather than having to reset up all the recordings.

Neil Doolaar

Doesn't work consistently Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Mostly doesn't...


Not really useful Letting me stream the stuff I've recorded would be useful. This is a glorified long distance remote.

Chris Pidskalny

S6 edge support finally 4 stars due to app taking way to long to work after numerous crash reports

Amber Vantschip

Love it Absolutely loving being able to record tv as I'm reminded by others of tv shows

Colin Mah

Fixed for Galaxy S6. Works great now.

Keith Soleski

4 stars now that the crash on Galaxy S6 phones has been fixed.

Pete Whitehead

Works Great For Me Great app, especially when out of town

Mike Harrison

Finally 64bit supported Finally 64 bit

Bob Maslanko

Doesn't work on the Samsung Galaxy S6 All this program does is crash on my new phone. My previous Apple 5 it worked just fine!

Keith Skopyk

Doesn't work on galaxy s6 App crashes on galaxy s6. No reason to support one of the top phones on the market I guess.

Alan Turton

Won't work on S6! Shaw needs to get a fix in place asap. This is ridiculous!

Brooke Mclean

You can Change the channel on this app so I did change the channel on the smart TV and my dad was freaking out he said he hated smart TV then I told him

yota ride

Nothing special. Meh, it is what it is. Nothing special

Barry Palik

Great app ! Use it all the time

Michael Novak

When searching titles, it no longer finds all listings. It shows titles already aired (expired).

John Wright

Seems to work great on my tablet. By the rating I was worried because it didn't have great reviews , but work great on my tablet. Update ### no longer works on tablet. Try to record from tablet and just tries to contact server? Try to sync and just takes forever. Just give up on it. Was a great program now does not work. 5 to 3 stars. Wait a while to see if fixed. If not will be going to 1 star. The fact that not updated since 2015 is not looking good.

Patrick Thériault

Good, but add a way too stream pvr show to my phone and I change to 5 star.

Robert Oakley

A must have for anyone with s Shaw PVR. I can see this coming in very useful when I realize I didn't set the PVR for a show I wanted to see when I'm out. Now I can set it when I am away.

Isaro Ma

I hate it I try my email and my password and still doesn't work please install

Marley M

It's great to have this because my brother hogs the TV alot so it's nice to watch TV on my tablet

Jasmine Bella Haridy

Shaw new program Great and fun to watch

Ross Mackie

Used to work No longer let's me know if I'm actually recording the show I want. Won't let me modify or extend the record time anymore. Doesn't show all the channels I subscribe to (ie. 67). This app desperately needs an update to fix the many little things that essentially render it useless

Kari Koivu

Like the layout...

Ken Neave

Just upgraded my phone. App crashes every time on my new LG G4 running 5.1. I had everything running fine on the old Samsung S4 running 5.0.

Trevor Mark

Crash crash crash This app dosent even start on my GS6 Edge. Used to work fine on my GS4.

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