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4 Jul
Shapik: the quest

Posted by Paul Podberezko in Adventure | July 4, 2016 | 150 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

This is a story of Shapik, traveling through magic forest in search of his missing sister. Explore a beautiful world, full of mystery, magic and danger and find your missing sister, solving puzzles on your way.

Whats new

    - fixed bug in 3rd level

Paul Podberezko part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 4, 2016. Google play rating is 83.7045. Current verison is 1.0.10. Actual size 40.0 MB.

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Charlena Bennett

Really cute Very cute, nice graphics and easy enough to figure out eventually without hints. It's a free game, what's to complain about?

Anaïs Aercke

Lovely This game is beautiful, with wonderful music... too bad it's so short. Amazing job :)

Randy McKenzie

Could be better... Looks like a decent attempt, but to me it's not very intuitive. Also, tapping on some things doesn't get the response needed, like at the bridge in the beginning it was very difficult to get the buttons to change colors, and I still don't know how I finally got it lowered. This is basically a 'tap and hope for the best' kind of game, and extremely short.


Adorable. ^_^ I want more of this type of game! Fun little indie game with beautiful art work and an imaginative story. <(^.^)>

Mohamad Alfakir

Shapik is cute but game is short This is a nice game that is worth playing but quite short. I have to admit I liked Shapik's eggplant shape and his cute eyes. One unique thing about this game is you solve one screen at a time before moving on. Drawbacks? Shapik moves a bit too slow, but what do you expect from an eggplant? I recommend playing!

Bernadette Macias

Beautifully done I guess I got lazy in problem solving with all the cheats and walk-thrus for other games b/c I was frustrated at first. I'd get away from this for awhile and suddenly break through my mental block! Thanks for a charming, gorgeous, genuine opportunity to experience the reward that comes from persisting instead of simply completing.

artem android

Cute small quest I hope Shapik will have more new adventures some day :)

Simen Wiig

Well made! A little slow and on the short and easy side, but made with love and effort.

Clever Clogs

Sweet but... Far too short and simple. Finished in about 15 mins. Still, lovely and worth having played

Roy Baines

Machinarium like but short Would pay for a bigger game. Has great potential to be up there with Machinarium.

Sitariu Sirbu Leonard

Verry nice I would like to have some more,was fun to play this game and hope so that soon will come more levels.Thanx

Neil Thomson

Very nicely done Nice feel, good artwork. Nice nod to Machinarium

Lucinda Mann

Shapik I love these kind of games. The only disappointment was that it was too short.

Ember Leo

Cute but frustrating on a small screen I suspect I would enjoy this far more on a tablet, but it's not quite intuitive when everything is tiny.

InsaneGiggles EmKat

Samsung galaxy tab Its ok. Cute, weird and dont play it much, but a good game if i find myself ultimately bored. Suppose a good game for teens. Good thing, no problems with ads or bugs. And i can play off line.

Ruth Shankar

Amazing!! Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, whimsical music... well done :) and please make a part 2!

High Majorus

Awesome Too bad I finished it in less than a hour. There needs to be more games like this!

Greer Taylor

Shapik Cute Lil game, easily finished within 5 to 10 minutes.

Denise Christopher

Htc m8 Love it, just what i wanted. Love it graphically too

M Gunawan

oh!! that was so short! oh well, thank you for the game. rooted s4 mini 4.4.2 stock.

Isabel Sampaio

Beautiful! The art was amazing, I could play this all day! It would be nice if they released a second adventure!

Алекс М

Nice game Small and easy but ambient and nice

Ahmad Ayman

How could you pass level 3 in the game

Liaxei LastName

To short. Make more games!

Chaitali Pawar

Awsiiee game But Its very difficult game and no hints so only 4stars fix this problem

Siddharth Mahajan

Beautiful to say the least...but too short

Fahmi Makshor

G8 M8 Came for the art. Stay for the story.

Sean Desai

Really fun game like Mechanarium Great game to play. Liked it alot

Brian Pipia

Light Weight Machinarium A couple of more levels and it is a five star app; as it is, I would give it 4.5 stars if I could.

andy mcgill

The graphics remind me of monty pythons flying circus

Rachel Stefano

Superb! My only complaint was that it was too short. I wanted more!!

Anik Townsend

Great game! Beautiful look to the game and fairly easy puzzles to solve. It's short but worth the time

Winomie wilson

Needs better directions Have no clue what to do and even after googling and doing what it says to lower the bridge when I get the right code and push the red button it changes the code and doesn't lower.

Robert Tan

It's Free What more can you ask? Thanks to the devs for the short diversion. :-)

Shaun Bosworth

Awesome! I love this kind of puzzle game. It was very short but very entertaining.

Mike hunter

Similar to Machinarium Great art work, lovely little game.

Veritia Harvey

Great game Really enjoyed it!!


Cute and fun! Some of the tasks are pretty difficult but if you stick with it you can usually eventually figure it out.

Khaja Kamran

I just love it! Small but very cute and simple adventure game.

Erick P

Great challenging game.. kinda short tho

Yashar Aliyev

Great But too short. Finished in 20min.


Very cute I would call this an interactive story. A few simple puzzles along the way. Short, but shows the developers are promising. Great work.

Bettina Meyer

Cute game! Love the graphics! I hope you'll create a game just as possible to figure out, soon - or even the same just with more levels ^^! It was over far too early but has so much potential! I'd definitely pay for a longer version of this!

Iain whyte

Great Great little game hope to see more bigger fuller game?

Rosemary Price

Short but very sweet Very beautiful little game Thank you,you are very talented

indie Jones

Alright I usually love games in this style of graphics and the whole story adventure games. But there wasn't much story through out the game. N I felt like I was just touching objects that didn't have much to add to the story, and that got old. I think it was just too simple for me, n I lost interest in it really fast.

Wonder Gloop

Gorgeous Love these types of games, fantastic art and lovely music. I like that it's short, otherwise it would lose its appeal and magic if it dragged on too long.

Charlotte Piggott

Cute! Well developed game, short and sweet. Lost a star as the controls are a can be frustrating when he moves without you clicking directly on the movement button (especially as he moves so slowly!). Very impressed with this freebie though :)

reena gracela puzon

Tsk.. Okay I gotta admit the graphics are great but the game wasn't.. Why is it no directions? Or neither a clue? Wtf.. Pls fix it..

Becky Newton

Disappointed =/ The graphics are awesome. I really enjoyed machinarium and was expecting the same type of adventure game in this app. It literally was twenty minutes long. I was totally confused and sad that it had ended so shortly. At least it was free.

Elizabeth B

Good start, but incredibly short. The game is only three very brief levels. There's no longer version anywhere. I would definitely pay for a longer game if available. The controls also need work. There are bubbles to click on to move character. That's fine, but he moves whether you click the bubbles or not. So you end up moving when all you want to do is explore the stage.

Александр Расходчиков

Perfect! Like for Indie games is very good! Music and atmosphere are here. Good job!Perfect music. I would like to see next part ) P.S can i participate to your team?

Lucas de Araújo

Lindo I really like this, and my girlfriend was telling me that I can't finish this game hah

Elixa Voss

Nice Nice graphics cute puzzle, too bad it's so short. Please make more levels.

Brittany Stricklin

Cute game Really nice little adventure game. Unfortunately, it was also the shortest game I've ever played, with less than an hour of game time. I would have gladly paid for the game, if it were longer.

Kyla Blythe

Fun to play, but way too short I really enjoyed the game. It had great art and decent puzzles, Unfortunately it was over too soon. I beat it in under an hour.

Kate C

Too short So cute but way way too short!

Thomas Beaudry

Bravo! I'm a game developer as well, brilliant!!

Felice Happy

Enjoyed it Cute game. Not too challenging but still have to think a little. Nice job.


Great Game. Hard to describe, but if you're a fan of The Room type of games, you'll definitely like this game. I took off a star because of the lack of zoom capability, and lack of a hInt system.

Semangat Maju

Nice game Looks like samorost that we love so much

thamer abd

Is too hard ,I'm stock on level 8

Noreen Devlin

Adorable!! Such a cute game, short and easy, but fun and very sweet... Ideal for young kids!


Good graphics Different type of point and click ?

Hajar Abbass

I just love it! Ii is an advenchar game that why I love it but any body know what to do at list of level 8 ?I dont know what to do?

Dee Kinnamon

How do u get passed the astronaut

Ange Mc

Loved it! But I want more!!!!! Please make another! :-)

Christianne Sayers

Great little game Short but fun. Characters cute and fun.

Elealeh Blue

Loved it! Wish it was longer ?

Codi Olive

Cute, amusing, and fun! Just the right amount of difficulty. Great game!

Jay Hong

Scenes are so adorable and gave me lots of fun.

Sophie Atkins

Cute I really enjoyed this game.

Amy Tilton

Short but cute

Vikas Mourya

It Very Good I love this kind of adventure game's .....

Danielle Chamberlain

Great graphics but I'm stuck. There's no rhyme or reason to it and with no hint system, deems unplayable. Otherwise could be an awesome game.

Aria Cryderman

Was that it? Well I just finished it and it was a short game but super cute! I loved it! The art, the music, the cute little characters and everything!

Nichole Smith

Great little project! This is obviously an independent project. It was sweet graphics, had lovely music, and a cute little story line. Its short, but I have a feeling this was made for the fun and beauty of it and then they though let's add it to Google play and let others experience it. Its free and I love these games. The game was inspired by machinarium and if you look at the credits it was a small team, so I think they did an awesome job.


Hard but fun!!! All the levels have something secret in them! But I can't figure out level 8 :-( So if you know tell me please!!!

Dark Angel

Has Great Potential!! This game has a lot of potential! The fact that its so short though, is very disappointing. I was hoping for hours of gameplay... Not minutes. Take into consideration of making it much longer and I'll change my rating.

Andrei Martinez Agras

Yay, it's working now! No permissions at all? Someone did something right! Only 9 levels, fun for less than one hour...

Ruth Bicknell

Very short but very sweet ? Lovely artwork and music, simple fun little game at bedtime. Well done ?

Suzanne Tichelaar

Was very disappointed that it was so short. Only about 9 levels. Otherwise a lovely game!

Stephanie Kramer

Don't get it Despite the graphics of the game, the rest is just horrible. It makes no sense in what I'm suppose to do. No tutorial, no hints. Nothing. It looks cool, but that's about it.

Naomi Wichlinski

Shapik The quest I like it but I'm stuck on level 3 can any one help me out.

Saad Arshad

Awesome games ever But only 10 levels

Bex James

Great little time waster Simple yet beautiful

Vondrik Champagne

Good for a quick thrill Really fun game to play w/ great graphics and background scenery. Didn't like that the hints for solving some of the puzzles weren't all that clear leaving you to do a whole lot of guess work and blind attempts. Nothing that will keep you banging your head against the wall but slightly annoying at times. Would like to see a much longer version of this game w/ minor changes in place.

Melissa Weymer

Short & Sweet Great graphics, calming music.. excellent game but I do wish it were longer. Can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Lisa Buksh

Good while it lasted Lovely sweet game, but it was just too short, which is a good thing for the creators I guess, so good I wanted more. My only issues was the code puzzles didn't have any hints or clues that I could determine. They were a 'click until it works' think for me and if the game was longer and the puzzles got trickier then I would have had no chance solving them.

Юлия Ивасива

Amazing game! I want more

Lisa Hudson

Cute but too short It is challenging without being impossible but could use some kind of a hint request when you're stuck. Would like to see a follow up with more levels. Great job!

Joshua Santarelli

Too Simple I like this kind of game, but this was way too straight forward. Practically told you half of what to do, the puzzles were too simple and obvious and the game was kinda slow and short. Not challenging enough.

Reid O. Bridough

Similar to machinarium but less frustrating Very cute story, loved the character design and just the whole feel of the art. Simple and whimsical wins in my book. It was very fun to play but it is short. I completed the game in a couple hours of free time. Please make a part 2.

Ice Nightingale

Cute game. Good game. Good graphics. Good job creators. We enjoyed it a lot. Wish there was more.

Jessica Dubeau

I can't pass the main menu Nothing work's I've downloaded twice and can't even press start ...and nothing in the menu work's except the volume setting...wish i could play it look nice

Paul Winstone

Yawn Looks nice but the imaginative graphics don't extend into the tediously dull game. I almost fell asleep playing it. Uninstalling.


Not a bad little game (for free) I like the art style and general creativity and imagination of this game. The gameplay, however, is really lacking. It's very unclear what you must do next; there are little to no clues, especially for the code entry puzzles.

David Evans Sahota

Short and sweet Great little point and click adventure little short but great atmosphere and lovely graphical styling

Laura Luttmer

Controls are sooooooo slow This may be one of the glitchy-est phone games I've ever played. The controls are agonizingly bogged down and slow. I've aged three years just waiting for the little character to walk to the other side of the room.


Very cute Very simple and cute game. Different kind of puzzles but gives relaxation. Finished very soon, please make more like these.

Ales Janosik

A neat short game For those complaining how it is short...eeeh, it's a completely free game :)

Sharon Gregg

Stupid Don't waste your time there are no clues and I cannot figure out what to do. Got buggy on the third level and wouldn't walk right this is not a good game

George D

Nice Really sweet little game. Free with no permissions, can't complain!

Wulfric Stormcloak

This is a nice and cute game but im stuck at the room with the burning fire Awesome game


Shapik the quest Crappy game no direction no story and bad control stuck at screen 3 for an hour then gave up

A Google User

This game is nice to play. l enjoyed it thoroughly

Phylis Ledesma

Cute game but I have no idea what I am supposed to do. Please explain or add a tutorial to get more stars

sharika marjan

It is so slooooowww, fix it pls. I want to finish the game.

Christopher Steenkamp

Great Game Wish it was longer and a little more challenging but totally worth playing. I love the art and design.

Kim Rockwell

Cute game but everything moves soooo sloooww! Get tired of waiting

Christine Cillo

Looks won't advance past the title screen......

Fiona Hosford

Sort out the glitches...!!! I really liked this game but to restart again and again due to it freezing or just getting stuck!!! :/

Heather Clark

Animation very slow Painfully so. And each one has to complete before next action. Other than that, decent point & click.

mustafa Dama

It is very slowly working

Galina Maslova

Lovely quest. So cute. Unfortunately it is short ?

Natalya Tower

I don't get it How do I play the game? It's confusing and I have no idea where to go or what I'm doing!

Chris N

Great Love this type of game

Putri Salsabila

Loved but too slow

Ankha Pritchard

Darling Whimsical, lovely, wonderful. Short but free. Loved it.

rhonda kinchen

Such a beautiful little treasure!! This is a visually bright, colorful & beautiful little game! I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys playing "point and click adventure" type games!! I can assure that you will not be disappointed!!! The only thing is, it's not long enough.. (fyi: there are only 9 levels) 'HOPEFULLY' there will be a sequel to it SOON!! : )

Kurtis Hass

Awful Just completely garbage! It's an ok short little story, but the game-play is terrible. It relies heavily on intuition?? to solve the puzzles. There's not much in the way for clues or anyway to get a good idea of what to do without just clicking/tapping all over the place. It'd be much nicer of the clue areas weren't so hard to click and completely blended to the background.

Ashel Revy

Beautiful & atmospheric Quite short & puzzles not always clear. Large screen recommended. The interface is a bit slow, esp. moving around... Maybe eliminate the stops and move more freely?

Lisa Woodard

Meh Not sure why it has such great reviews. It's short, the music is monotonous, and it's too easy. Would've given it two stars, but it is kinda cute and probably good for elementary school age kids.

Molly Gorman

Snort game, cute animations Not much content, but fun while it lasts. Sometimes easy to not touch the bit of the screen that will set off an action, can be frustrating.

Heavens Wrath

Just random pushing buttons There is no direction or guidelines just random pushing of clear puzzle or path to follow....I don't know why this got so many good stars when after 10 mins of play it pointless

erica lux

Nod to Amanita Design games Love. Wish it was longer. Notice when you are knocked off tram, airship from Samorost in the distance ♡ Make a longer game and I'll certainly buy it

Steph Walford

Boring Completed within an hour! Only pro was the cute graphics

Dee Marie

Awesome!! I was sad it ended Amazing little game and I love the graphics. Recommend for sure and if you update the game or add new levels it's something I'd buy forsure.

Laura Marquick

Beautiful little game The game is stunning, but level 8 was maybe a little too tricky. The clue's weren't overly clear. Would love it to be longer

Shomman Shomman

Beautiful! I loved this game! I wasn't smart enough to figure it all on my own, but it was really cute. And the puzzles were fun. I'd play more like this ;)

Barry smith

Nice little game The graphics and music are beautiful. The clues for solving the puzzles left a lot to be desired. Hope there is a longer follow on to it. Apart from the clues, it really is worth playing.

Sushant Goel

Unable to clear level 7 No matter what you do can't short circuit the robot


Obscure The game would be better if the puzzles weren't so obscure. Great graphics though.

Troy Brice

Cute, fun and quick! Somewhat easy but very fun! Great job with the graphics! And no annoying ads!

Sandra Dahouk

Horrible Horrible game no hints no help the music is aweful its no fun its not creative. Worst game i ever came across

Amizerart Robinson

A cute short little freebie. This was beautifully done and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully there will be another chapter one day.

Sarah FitzGerald

Short and sweet I really enjoyed this game and would be willing to pay for a version with more levels.

Bernard Quince

Awesome Great graphics, and sound. Good game play. Good puzzles. Good duration, excellent. More please.

Pauline Crilly

No hints Love this type of game when there are help tips, without them it's just frustrating sorry

Mohsen Banitaba

that was great but very short ! seriously ; just 9 levels ?!! :(

silviu g

Very nice.Very short :))) Beautifull game. Too short and too easy. But it is fun.

Ruby Rose

Short but Sweet! Simple puzzles, fab graphics!

Anna Faulkner

Adorable So sweet. A really pretty little game.

lisa patrick

Shapik, Anyone know how to get pasted level 7?

Angela Shelley

Sweet! Was awesome game, wish the story went on....

Сергей Куколь

Oerfect Excellent little game. Developed with a soul)))

Shari Rozon

Cute, unique and challenging!

Roy Wood

Great Do another.

Kelly Kelly

Beautify but...... Very short

Andrew Duggan

Truly odd

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