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6 Jun
Shake Spears!

Posted by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. in Arcade | June 6, 2016 | 103 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 MB

Enter the new age of Tournaments with Shake Spears online multiplayer! Send challenges to your friends or fight against a randomly chosen knight errant! Pick up the gauntlet and prove you are the greatest knight of them all!

Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME! Become a valiant knight and enter tournaments to compete for the heart of a beautiful lady. Travel through four worlds of wonder, win battles in 20 cities, and beat challenging bosses in this epic game. It's time to become a hero for the ages!
Take out opponents with well-aimed strikes in knightly competitions of strategy and precision! Only a steady hand and a trusty steed can guarantee your victory! Upgrade your skills, armor, and weapons, and remember to use a dash of magic to overcome your enemies. Will you answer the call of destiny and become the most honored knight in the land?

◇ Four worlds with epic bosses
◇ Cunning AI
◇ Magic artifacts
◇ Unlimited upgrades
◇ Stunning battle effects

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Alawar Entertainment, Inc. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 6, 2016. Google play rating is 90.3597. Current verison is 2.5. Actual size 24.0 MB.

Download shake-spears.apk 24.0 MB



Doesn't work after opening you must clear data and play from the begining

Jargo Garcia

Shake spears Awesome if you like games of this genre

James Ostrosky

Sweet! Thanks Now it works sweet good game glad its fixed

Connor Star

In campaign it keeps on stopping

A Google User

Awesome game I didn't know what to expect but this game is highly addicting

Flaviu Preda

It doesn't start anymore For some reason it doesn't start anymore. Gives me an error and then it loops to the starting image over and over again. I'll give you 5 deserved stars when this is fixed...

vince ruiz

Great game but.. It was great it deserved 5 stars but for some reason evertime i play the campaign after playing and exiting it all my progress is gone and i go back to lv 1 pls reply and help me with this problem i really liked the game.

Salvador Solis

Really good but bugged Amazing game that is for sure. But I dont get my crystals with the offers... once its fixed it will be the best 5++

Collin Mintle

Crystal? How do I get crystals play for 10 minutes then your done? Why can't you get crystals fix please then it will definitely deserve more stars

Prateek Jain

They ate up my money I purchased the pack of 20 crystals, the payment was successful and I got a receipt as well but the game doesn't show any crystals. I have restarted the game and the phone but nothing seems to work. In app purchases suck.

Cam Jon

Extremely entertaining Quite addictive and simplistic. Love the way you can advance without being forced to spend money.

Ronald Donehue

Offers for crystals don't work! Syncing issues! I've clicked on multiple offers to get free crystals, started the apps I've downloaded, but I never get the crystals for my tablet. There should also be a way to sync the game from a phone to a tablet. If there is a way to do that I'm unaware of it! I'm waiting for a response from the company to get my questions answered.

aaron post

App crashes and constant purchase errors App crashes at least 3 - 4 times while playing and the store still pops up with an error saying I am not allowed to purchase items because the game is out of date. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice and no fix.

Daniel Waleniak

Great! But... This game deserves 5 stars. I've been looking for something like it for a long time. Fix crystal problem and you'll get your 2 stars. Right now you're robbing gamers. Also a few minor things like Google+ sign in, more variety and better story and it will be a truly epic hame. Also fix it up a little. It crashes sadly

Henry La

Decent game The game as a whole is really enjoyable. The way that the game is mapped out is pretty fun, the graphics are amazing and its just a joy to play. But the way to get crystals is just bad =| hope that get fixed and it would be awesome if there are gonna be more levels and stage. Overall good game keep it up :)

Josh Colas

Really? I seriously have to spend more money to get past the third level? Feels like I basically bought the tutorial for a pay-to-play game...


Fun & addictive Only downside is you need crystals or rubies to purchase the items that keep rivals from destroying you... which must be purchased wroth real money.... except there's a glitch in the current version which makes it impossible to (reluctantly) cough up $2 for 10 rubies... which won't last you very long. Definitely fun, definitely addictive, but unless you're willing to drop a lot of dough for game currency or the developers make or easier to obtain free gems/coins (please??!), it's not free for very long

Tyler East

Fun but shady In order to get to the next level you need a crystal. Fair enough. So in order to earn a crystal you can wait a 24 hrs or install an app to "earn" a crystal. Seems legit. Here's where the problem lies. When you install an app they don't hold up their end of the bargain and reward you with crystals. As the title implies, fun but shady.

Steve Gwozdz

Multiplayer flawed The game is fun, however that said once you've played awhile you start to see how flawed multiplayer is. What's worse? The developers know about the problem yet ignore it and tell you everything is working as intended. In multiplayer you end up facing bots as well as actual real humans. The bots are easily beaten yet you still increase your rating by destroying them again and again. Many players will disconnect when pitted against a human player they know will crush them. They keep their rating intact

Priscilla Flores

Its awesome love it shake spears is all about fun its cool It is awesome the best game I love shake spears its cool:-)

Ziegen Arty

Good but... Every time I download a game or what not to earn crystals I never get any did that 5 times now

Kenny Wong

Fun quick game! Great fun! Shame that it is buggy and crashes a lot. There is also the issue of not being able to be rewarded crystals when completing tasks... Nevertheless very, very good fun!!

Asterian Nairetsa

Best Medieval Game I've Played!! I love the style the game portrays, the main idea is super creative and its fun to play! I do agree that the only way to get crystals is the 1 a day option, or buying them. You have to spend the free crystal on new lands when you finish them, so you would have to wait 10 days stuck on the same level to be able to get enough crystals to change your class. All in all, a fun game.

Michel Abou Mrad

Great game.. Well, it's a good game but it's really hard to compete with people who spent lots of money on the game. And, sharing the level up to Facebook doesn't reward you with anything... oo well...


Fun but only if you have jewels... Either wait 24hrs for a free jewel or buy it. Too bothersome...

Rizki Fajar Saputra

give my coin !!! already install the offering app, and still no coin receive..if i get the coin i will rate 5 stars.

nicholas worden

Plz help Plz help me every time I go in the game it says external storage needed but I have alot of storage plz fix then I'll rate it 5 stars

mido sparda

This game is so hard!! ...until you play without pressing anything.. Like I couldn't beat the 3rd mission but after leaving the controls I can beat every single one of them

pinaki mandal

Plz give more crystals It becomes a pain 2 play just 1 level each day cause we get 1free crystal each day But the game is awsme

Michael Hoggan

One of the best games going Nothings wrong with the game this is the best

A Google User

Surprised...! Dont know how I came across this game, but "WOW" comes to mind!! Simply a brilliant 'Pick-Up-&-Play' game, a few flaws (as EVERY game has!!) but easy to get into, yet hard to master!! Thank You developers!!!

Seth Stemen

Found it on PSN, loved it, now it's on my phone. I found this game on my PS VITA and loved it! I soon found out that it was on mobile and loved it even more. This is a great game of jousting and Good fun.

Royce Mailolo

It was a 5 star game Until I got a new phone, redownloaded the app, and didn't get anything I purchased back. Ie: crystals, coins, upgrades... fix this for a bump. (If my ratings even mattrr to the dev)

محمد السميطي

Good but doesnt open I played it the game is awsome but when i closed it and reopen it after 1 hour it says error and the game closes if you fixed it i will give it 5 stars

Art Noble

In app purchase still dont work I uninstalled and reinstalled the game lost all my progress got up the level 15 registered my account uninstalled re-installed again lost my progress again games a piece of garbage does not work....doesn't deserve even 1 star...reporting to Google gems is a scam....uninstalled. ....follow my lead garbage app here...

Joe Allen

Just amazing Great game awesome fun but it is a bit annoying when it glitches,kicks u off and then makes uninstall and then install it again it happened three times in a day.

Je Pa

Used to be entertaining,but ... In theory it suppose to have 4 worlds in Career path, but developer have intentionally programmed the end of 3rd world in such a way that it is impassible to finish and move on to another game.

Ryan B

Great idea, poorly executed Network fighting is buggy on Wi-Fi and network. Lost connection = loss of points. Game hangs, closes, etc. Tournaments should also include players of somewhat equal standing. Those of us that want to earn class increases, weaponry, etc., through duels alone shouldn't be pitted against players who paid money and/or completed crazy sales pitches to elevate their characters. I'd rather just pay an upfront app fee to equal the playing field.

Viji Anand

Going downwards No free crystals we got once you click the option free crystal msg comes cannot able to connect the server please fix it then I will give 5*****

Gerald Uy

Android Issue Waiting for server, peer error, connection refused, connection lost, lose points for winning. What more can I say? Cant even play anymore. Theres an issue but no word from them whatsoever on wth is going on.

j Gay tan

There's not even no picture to this game how stupid its just a black screen if I wanted to look at a black screen id just turn off my phone

Hadi Mhanna

Love.the game I don't really rate any game but this is amazing only bad thing is little energy that is all just plz in the next update add more energy

Skyler Millard

Slight glitch I have a glitch that make my screen black in battle except for the names hp and level please fix P.S. I'm invincible and got madly high power

Andres Orozco

Now you Need internet connection wow man i can't play offline please fixed it


Tweaks needed You really need to tweak the amount of coins you get per round. Cause the game turns into this slow painfull grind of Win match, get 9 coins, Buy gear thats 1% better rinse and repeat. And there are a good few times where the battles stop after you hit eachother. Good game, just needs some work.

Tommylee Bain

I wouldn't give five stars because it wouldn't show me the knights battling so fix it or I'll get rid of it

richard pozniak

.. . Network lost. I can watch movies with problems and other games just not this 1.

Squeak Savoy

AWESOME I love this game i used to play this game when i was young i am so happy to have found it again

Dian Draeger

Damn! This game is AWESOME!!

Joseph Birney

Avoid this game full of bugs and glitches a complete waste of time

Wellington James

Very nice ads!!!!!! I am being sarcastic here just in case you dont get it. 1st why did the ads sometimes will pop up in the middle of duel???? 2nd, seems like there are no option to delete new friend request but its not big deal. Lastly, rubbies are scarce in these game. So be prepare to buy rubbies for better equipment if you want to win.

Alex Busta

No skill I used to win games (online) by using strategy and tactics. Now its all about buying the magic items like "Blind: Stun your enemy and freeze them on their position, they will not be able to do anything" Really?!!?. I hate to admit, but if you dont change these items to pay with real money, its going to be unplayable

Abdul Haseeb

I gave it 5 stars but now I am reducing it. Coz I can't log in to my account. It is saying constantly connection lost but my connection is ok . Kindly fix this problem

Robert Slattery

Need help Good game but when i go for free coins i don't get any added when i download and play the games

Shane Toohey

Does not connect. Game fails to connect continuously at start. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still getting same message. Tried connected with both WiFi and 4g connection - same thing. Samsung S6Edge on Android 5.1.1

Mohammad Daniyal Choudary

OK game But so much ads they ruin some matches this must be fixed plz and not by paying for no ads cause its stupid

Jeff Horton

Shake spears Great game simple fun shame there's an ad after every single fight, not an exaggeration

Yves Decena

Pay to win games. Sh*tty games like this, needs money in order for you to win, even in single player mode. F*ck you and your game! I don't recommend this game to non paying players.

Abdul Quainoo

Why all changes You changed everything soo the game is harder to play you should put some things back to normal like the armory and magic store because the cash flow is getting low

James Jonesy

Cool Could use some fixing on the tapping of buttons, very unresponsive. And could you guys fix the PS3 version? You can't even get past the title screen on the console version!

Sam Reynolds

I cant get on it It says thwrw ia no iternet but I had wifi and mobile data on

Joseph Lee

PS Vita Playing it on my Ps Vita. It's an awesome game. Glad it's also on Android

Joe Berringer

Won't work I downloaded the game and says network connection lost.......

Si Fu

To many ads I dont mind the ideea of some ads in the game but this is to much..ruins all the fun, after each fight you get an ad..i dont recomment this game

George Bartholow

SPAM/Ad nightmare I don't even know where to start... I used to love this game on my ipod touch years ago. I recently discovered it on Google play and was happy to find it... until it loaded up. Speaking of loading it uploaded videos and photos to my gallery without my consent. This is a good game, but the ads, spam, and manipulation of my photo gallery is unacceptable. Also, seriously you didn't include an option to turn off the music? The only way to find friends is with e-mail? Sorry but Uninstalled

Nicholas Kulp

Can't play When I open the app I get a message that says "wrong file size" please help really wanna play the game

Ice Box

Every time I battle the screen is black

Ali Kombar

Cool,but Stop putting this stupid video if you erase it you will get 5 stars

Leonard Giurea

Thes game is amazing like my valiant hearts

Nick Eastwood

I love it but all of the ads and pictures and videos but really it's a really good game I love it you guys just need to turn off all the ads and stuff

super Elite gamingTV

Old time OMG thank god the update for so many years has come

Broz Fuentes

Free rubbies not sent I'd been in Guevara to get rubbies,but no rubbies sent to me....

Ryan Hoolihan

Need help It keeps asking for a network connection and I tried both WiFi and 4g

Damien Potter

Wtf I gave this 5 star but just changed it because I just realise how difficult it is to win when you reach level7. I guess is pay to win after all.

Jonathon Joens

I love this game very much This game is great for passing time. Wanting a good challenge. And everything else

Jack Ward

Won't log in I can't get on the game it says there is no server when I have full bar's

David Flores

? OK Im not saying any of you are wrong but im not having any problems with ads.Though it could be more than just jousting with NPCs and deuling with other players that wont always work

auraman25 franklin

Took to long its 2slow?

Alfie Thompson

Ads ads ads and more ads please get rid of the ads

Kareem Hamed

Best game this game is on ps3,xbox,android just no lag best game

Ben Le

I was stun when a person name james who stun me I dont know what is this person like i was stun from that person is stunning me to make a move can people that hacked games like this should be banned from this game

Atreyu Billings

The levels are pitch black!!!!!!

James Michalak

Perfect relaxing timekill Simple concept, yet addictive. Jo ust, defend and use magic to defeat your opponent. Challenge a character DEADP00L if you would like to lose.


Doesn't work "Wrong file size" I reinstalled it did no work

nikolas soum

Well.. when i first played this game around 3 years ago it was awsome but the way you have made it to be nowadays sucks.. Plus that it bugs..

Zaky Marwan

My childhood games I miss this old game anyone know how to see all old android game ?

Alex Thomas

It won't let me play

Stealthy Ninja

Shake Spears Love this game in the old days ???

Maldonado Javier

It won't open

Joran Christensen

Won't Work When I try to play this game it is just a black screen. I have tried to play this on different devices and it has done the same thing. Please fix

andrew izquierdo

Can't play Won't load only says no connection with WiFi n 4g on Samsung s6 please fix

Tommy Bradley

Gets difficult very quickly. The first 20 mins is great but then it'll cost you if you want to start winning (unless you are incredibly patient). Too many games are like this, which is a shame. I'd rather had paid for it outright and then progress through the game but this title seems like another money making machine which some will inevitably pay through the nose for.

Dante Llanas

Old Days This Game was way better in the old days


Commercials everywhere!!!

Alister Chew

Improvement I want 5 but I can't really play it and I wish you can cancel the Internet part so I can play more thx

Mario Rodel Suarnaba Jr.

CommercialLOT After a game an isntant commercial appears out of nowhere


Doesn't work after opening you must clear data and play from the begining

DIY Mods

Don't waste your time I spent a lot of time registering and passing some frickin long survey at YouGov to get 24 free RUBIES, but I didn't receive nothing. Sent two messages to developers, but never heard from them. I will change my review as soon as I'll receive that what I earned. P.S.: I was spending money on stuff in the game, so I believe I deserve a good customer service.

Carl Hidle

Terrible Stupid energy based game so dont expect to play for more than 5 mins per hour, and an ad every 25 seconds, pvp is a joke, and i did a perfect joust and got 2 out of 3 stars wtf, uninstalled

Gino Staub

It was so a great game and now you cant play anytime you want cause you need to wait for stamina.

Kyler Marks

Broken Won't let me play at all keeps saying wrong file size.

Nathan Wignall

Used to be better when it was add free, rubies were easier to get, and there were less powerups. I also agree that all you need to win is a few good powerups.

akshay devansh

Always shows.. Waiting for server. Whenever loading items or another stage or match it constantly shows "waiting for server" and then shows no connection..this happens, no matter, whether i am to wifi or network data it shows no connection. Plz fix it asap.

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