Download Servers for MCPE apk 5.8 free for Android smartphone

25 May
Servers for MCPE

Posted by Mc Grey in Tools | May 25, 2016 | 198 Comments

Apk file size: 2.9 MB

MCPE launches automatically when you select a server from this live list. All selected servers are stored.

A server can be full (to many users), suddenly gone offline or have some other issues. Please note that if a server is not working then the server has a problem , not this app.

How do you make a password?

Whats new

    Added more servers. Now over 600 servers!
    Bug fix.

Mc Grey part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 77.3947. Current verison is 5.8. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download servers-for-mcpe.apk 2.9 MB


Nuradila Wulansari

Hi~ I need your HELP People said this app is working and really easy to use,but when I try to join,it ALWAYS won't to let me join it say "Locating Server"i know is loading ,but I waiting for a looong time...really long time , I even try other server, do something problem with this app? Or the server? Please feedback I need your help,or maybe anybody want to help me?

Denasia Smith

Cool This game is off the chain its super cool and I love mine games and I love hunger games its so cool u schold download it??????????????????????

Alyssa Rodriguez

Awesome awesome awesome!!!! The best server app I've found for android. This app is easy to use, very effective and fun to use!! I recommend!!!!!!

ABC Gaming

Nice but load forever When I go to my Minecraft it generates the servers for ever and what does the country section do?

Lamar Noil

????? Very fast and essential if you play Minecraft: Pocket Edition! Great app! When I first started playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition, I couldn't seem to join any servers. This helped me a lot! I 100% recommend this app. This is a very good app for new people to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Harvey Bushby Knight

I can't join !!! This app is studied because every time i try it doesn't work

JPopTart 64

The best app ever!!!☺ This App helped me a lot more than the other apps that I installed,at first it sometimes said "Outdated Client", but it actually means that there is an update,and it turns out that there is an update, Thank You Creators of this app?

Baluyot Baluyot

Guys to do some password in a server /register and your password but some server ask a email too so I think its helpful to that problem.....but yea its 100% effective

Jade Tiangco

I can't even move. Please then I will rate five stars. And by the way it keeps saying login password and please fix too

Anibal Urbano

Inteeface The app is really great it works and all but you need to update the interface make it look more detailed not just plain black or dirt as the background

herobrine lady

LOVE IT This app is everything I wanted thanks

Quincy Faye Tendilla

:( Well it was pretty Good...It worked for me for the first 3 times,but now it wouldn't work... Please fix it... :(

Micarelli's toy collections

I love it but... I can't get in whyyyy and guys I know how to get the password if your registered just say in the chat your password if you type your password the players will not see it

Jonah Young

Confused So I downloaded this to play with other people on minecraft. But then I go on the server and wait sometimes for 3 hours and its still progressing or downloading, and somtimes I read peoples comments and they say that it works. So can someone explaine or help me out. Then I will give this app 5 stars.

Mercy Mabini

It doesent work if i start it jusy shows a black screen pls fix

Jose Inda

Reply quickly one question read please How can I enter my server and make it appear in your app please reply quickly

Jayce Womack

HELP!!!!!!!!! I need someone's password plz plz :(

Jaden Palma

Eh I couldn't move in the servers

ander wilkins

Help I'll click on the server and it won't load plz reply back and help me

Angelo Ciccarelli

It wouldn't let me leave spawn Stinks like butts

Kyth Costo

HATE IT Doz not work it only adds servers

Malcolm Upla

Very Nice App Very Easy And I Love It Good Job


It's amazing!!!!! The fact it's amazing is it's a server were you play mini games with other people it's like pixel gun 3D but Minecraft mini games in pocket edition well like pc

Dallas Fox

Join my server the address is and the port is 50058

coco swords

It was great No lags what so ever

Carlos Ayala

Can't open This ia bullcrap

Nathaniel Shawhan

Great I liked it, it helped me find some people to play with when I got no friends to play with.

Ivan Qu

It's good The struggle is that it won't let me even get into a Mcpe server.

Mr.namingf Fyf

Dont hate Haters are roung this minecraft server app is awsome

Chunyu Tan

awesome the most easist way to get to a server even 0.11.0!well done

Elian Rivera

After a while it wouldn't let me register

Mia Williams

Don't know my password It keeps asking me for. My password I don't know what it is if you respond and tell me my problem I'll rate 5 stars

jack martin

Always says invalid NaME old fm's if u could that would be nic ethen five promise just plz fix if u can

Logan Reynolds

Doesn't work for 1.11.1 My point is that the big update came for MCPE and the max version of MCPE servers is 0.11.0, with the big update this app doesn't work so please update it to 1.11.1 please! :)

Armaan Shaikh

man it awsome cool but sometimes it lag for me can you fix that

Dion Abril

Plss help I spawn in at a server but everytime i move i teleport back to the spawn point and even if i look somewhere else it move my viewing to its default POV. Pls help me and i will rate better

Lawrence G.

Good app! But... But please update the app theme to "Holo" theme if you can.

Jordan Nance

I dont know the passwords so it just keeps teleporting me back to start

Leste Les

Why? I keep trying to see ANY SERVER is on but all it keeps doing is reseting EVERY SINGLE TIME i put the version. FIX THIS.

Savion Marn

BEST APP EVER!!! I didn't think it would work but IT DID!

eizenn oriza

Awesome It really works but some servers are not working but its still awesome and please fix this then I'm going to rate this app 5 stars

tysawn The iOS gamer

Skywars Skyward is good love the instant I play hunger games sever the thx .com gray

ninja king

Wtf Won't work on 11.1 fix this

Cameron Quick

When ever I try to move it glitches me back to spawn on every server

skyler green

This sucks. You have to put everything in 30 times and than the app freezes up or crashes its a waste of space and time.

Zelda Fan

Dosen't work. :( Whenever I put it on, the screen freezes then force closes.

Mar Mar F.

Stupid It will not let me join but my brother can! ? that is stupid and I hate this app

Jen Marie

AWESOME! I can open servers but....the problem is it always say Servers For MCPE has stopped always lagging.I will wait for this update ;) > ^ < ♥BTW THIS APP ROCKS!!!!BEST APP EVER!

Andrew Waycaster

Spawn When you spawn if you get pushed back when you move you have to type. /register then you follow the instructions.hope this helped.

Elaina Jeffrey

Love it lol :) Go on battle sever and it will not glitch and you will not go back to your spawn point

Eve W

I can't play! Every server was full!?

AleiCat Grace

I can't leave the spawn can you fix it??

Christian janssen salazar

I can't join any server Because it is always said outdated and client what is outdated and client?????

Heru Budi Rahardjo

Naice I like it this is the best app ever....

Owen Julio

Plz i dont have wi fi i want play with mobile data add plz

Ezekiel Oliva

Love it!!!!!!!!!! :D it's so cool me and my sister play hunger games I love it 5 stars for this

Andrew Cunningham

Freeze I get the server and all but when I see it it freezes.oh another thing if you don't fix it I am shutting down your company sorry I said that I guess I was overreacting a little bit

Carlos Gabriel Ramos

DOESNT WORK FOR 0.11.0!!! I put it on 0.11.0 and when I came into the server it keeps saying That I need to update my MCPE!!!

Adi Putra

Get the server instant network in the app

NatecamDoes _

Fix,, If it says invalid name check your user name.... No periods... No spaces

Maya Masood

Good but Can't leave spawn

Luke Mostran

Ive spent my intire trying to get a server and they say inviled name when I downloaded it from HERE

Caiyun Wu

if u guys read the comments read this the thing is that u enter a pass word in order to be Free if u dont u r stuck there the password is /login if u are able to go in thank me :)

Eden Franzen

Cool I like servers but their kinda lagy.

Margo Davis

AWESOME!! great app don't need to copy anything works with every update of MCPE

Hattie Robinson

Yeah It's wicked the hunger games rocks

Stephen Anne Asistio

Stupid app it didn't work at 0.11.1 version!!!

Bonita Femur

Its ok buuttt Add more servers that are 1.3.2 cus half of em are 1.4.0 and 1.3.1 or 1.3.0 its annoying cus I always have to go to app servers and there rly bad cus u always get banned from them if ur not from there country so plz fix this I'm fed up of those boring servers from app servers

Zarrah Vargas

Why....I have a 14.0 version of Minecraft but there no much 14.0 servers when I click the block hunt beta v14.0 I can't connect even though I have a stable internet connection its always saying can't connect world....?

Aisha Bibbs

SO GOOD It is so good u don't have to do anything else but click it

Allison Reimers

thanks for the amazing servers! but, i have a problem.....i cant get to lifeboat sg, a popular server. ): it wont load :/

Khalif Vaughan

Best app ever By friend at school told me about this app. So thanks to him. :)

The Diamond Minion

It is awesome I very like it because i can play malay server

Leah Young

Don't know password The reason why its ok is I don't know any password to any servers its just I don't know

luis baques

10 outa 10! Best app ever. Plus add search to it plz!!!!

Alfie Mccurrach

Epic You only need to have one of the zero point bla bla bla. You can have any!

Ruby Jane Ellis

But WhT do I do when I don't know the password

Lilly Tait

Hmm Why did I get banned permanently from one of the games for not being steve

Destiny Dawn

Liked it but a stupid idiot hacker hacked I need my login to work, but banned that hacker!

angello castro

AWSOME This is soooo helpful god this is mad=)

aaron rodriguez

Suggestion It's cool but can you add a search bar so I can just search the servers instead of finding it

Haarlem Kennedy-van Delden

Great Great app all servers work great job

Jason Heineman

The best This is the best because if u tap on a server it instantly goes on ur server list while other servers u have 2 type in. 10/10 but needs search but still download it

Ama Exe

Ever since the update I couldnt connect to any server

Germaine Collins

I cant find hypixel get it back please But i like the app

Kandace Schultz

I got a mod pack O click on what said mod pack and I got mutants

Simon Muncer

It's ok But it does not let me on one of the servers

Narou Frost

This is the Best I can get any servers i want and the mb is so small this is worth downloading

Brayden Furminger

So good Nest way to get servers 10 out of 10

Ethan Manansala

This is so amazing I love it u get to play with my friends

Angel Reyes

It dosent let me in the server Idk why


so many servers fun and easy to use

James Latrobe

So good All you have to do is click it

Matthew Lara

Great Just wish that it was easter to add servers and a bug that bugs me out is fixed

Matthew Moseley

Sky wars I needed some way to get maps

Remie Clibanoff

AAAMMAAZZINNGG Awesome app!! It really works!!

Wendy G

LOVE IT LOTS All it need is more severs

Lps Andmore

Sooo epic I love playing on servers and this comes in handy! ???

Rien Samson

This app deserves. 5 star Best app ever In my whole life

Jerome Suing

Very good Its so easy to add a server in mcpe thanks for making this rated 5 stars !

Cherylyn Cruz

Omg Best thing ever caus i am nine and im the only child so i have like no one to play witha at home so ilove this appppppp ?????

Juana Hernandez

It cool It cool i got asome

Hi falcon

Is good Is good i am from malaysia and i download this anr i found server

TheDarkKnight Original

Awesome game Love it my brother showed me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T Hanbury

Mostly every server is 0.14.0 I have 0.13.2 I can't join the FUN ones 4 stars ? <not the happiest smile ever this is ???? dah

Chad David Llames

Awesome Cool Server and Awesome Tnx For Make This App So cool I love it :)

XxgamingxX gamer

Fix this Every sever i go on it says dicconed from sever plz fix it for vo.20.0but my friend leted me play on his but i have minecraft but wont work ?

baiduri cj

It works For me Tom Bailey app dont work to me so this is my fav server app

Sadie Sawyers

Okay It's fine sometimes but a lot of the time it just..... won't work.

Danysha Salguero

Doesn't let me log in Every time i go into a sever it says "cannot log in" just don't download it

Brandon Sheridan

Amazing!!?? So many servers to choose from. I ? this app to the moon and back!!?????✌

Adam Welsh

Be better if Add a five nights at Freddy's server

Janilyn Cabarillos

Loves it I really want to have a parkour map in minecraft I'm so excited!!

Sa'ban Nur Subkhan

So annoying To many people have a different version

Noah Freeman

The only problem is that some of the hunter game maps don't work other than that it's good if you can fix it 5 stars

bubblegum's fabulous vidios

The best It is really easy and gives you cool servers

Emily Mcelwaine

Very nice I like ti make vids using this

Matthew Chandler

Wait My anti virus app says it has risk ware. Please scan.

Kelsey-Nean Kenning

cool its good but you can maybe add build battle and hide and seek

Emilee McDonald

Loves it ? This app helped me get all the servers I needed who ever made this app thx a whole lot loves it. -necoett428

Miranda Rose

Amazing It is awesome it has a lot of amazing servers! Get this app right now it is soooooo cool!!!!!! And I meet tons of friends! This is the best app! But sometimes it never loads and it takes a long time till I can play servers cause it crashes minecraft.

Keagan Sweeney

Is there any other questions, and then the other day and age, but it was the last time you have any of these things are not a good Minecraft popularmmos St Louis, and then the other day and age, but it was the last time you have any of these things are not a good idea. the first to know about it, and then the other day and age, but it was the last time you have any of these things are not a good 4th 4th. we have to be a girl who was a great time to get a chance. thanks. . I have been a long way. the first to know about it, and then the other day and age, but it 3, but it was the last time you have any of these things are not a good idea. the first to know about it, and then the other day and age, but it was the last time you have any of 3rd. we have to be a girl who was a 33 33, but it was the last time you have any of these things are not a good idea. the first to know about it, and then the other day and age, but it was the last time you have any of these things are not a good 3rd. we have to be a girl who was a great time to get a chance. thanks. . I have been a long way. the first to know about it,

Natalie Youngdale

Bad and love It's awesome it's so cool and works but no happycraft :( :(

Mathew Mortalla

Add some search its hard to find other server I wish hypixel server are working. I will give it 5 star

John Mark Opano

Cool This is really easy #best #easytouse #awesome ??????

Maria Valenzuela

Awesome I use this app all the time! It takes me right where I want to be (idk)

Blood Smoker

Best i ever had This is the best one i used it takes me right to the server so i dont have put in the ip and port plus it has little 5 people servers that are good for just building and talking ?

Gian Angelo Serrona

F*#ck is not working when I joined It crash Please fix it i will rate 5 stars ?

Davion Crawley

Server removed You guys removed minedox network and now im so mad that was the only server i played you guys ruined your app for me

reneil gonzales

Thanks for server Lifeboat+ I become famous...... Like this app and download it its too many server....!

Mike Joe

It did not work pls help me if you help me i will give five star

Jennifer Smith

I don't know what to do I log into a server and it keeps on glitching so I can't move,pls help me cos I've never been on a server before


Good app needs new picture icon I think the app needs a new face it someone to share it global

Arian S

Does not work It is a good app but it does not bring me to the server


It's good U have to change ur name in settings and then registered

Alethea Lorenzo

Hated it I couldn't do anything once I got in the servers plus it was really laggy and glitchy

coolash12324 awesomeness

THE BEST Tho I would like it if you could search it

joyfull burger

Uhhhhhh..... I don't hate it I'm just not sure if you need a mcpc account or just register an account

Ruby Mask

Good I think this app really helps with servers also #snooblife FTW

Jolene Doyle

yeah awesome Its great! Addicting,helpful,of course,and,yeah,GREAT SERVERS!!! 5000000000000000 STARS

Jason Jeffries

It's great if your looking for the life boat severs

Stacy Pitts

It sucks I don't know how to register and login

Robin Edwards

Create but one thing When I try to join higher servers like cosmic it opins mcpe but doesn't add the server

Mark Newton

PLEASE READ CREATORS!!!!!!!! I have been trying so hard, but I can never actually join a server without it making me stuck! How do I sign in? Please tell me and I will rate 5 stars!

cca777 Pagano

Wow Its great love it so easy to use love the SG omg its great!!! <3


One problem The app it self is good but sometimes it says that one server is creative but when you log in its survival. By the way, if you want to move in servers you need to write /register or /login


Easy to use but.... I love it and its so easy to use but sometimes the servers don't work and they have to many adds but other than that its great!

Arianne Gabriella

Yey! Hey this is so amazing this game is so amzing or maps my mcpe is so full of servers and thankyou for making this app!

The Copper Golem

Good Prqetty good yes bold is cool lol

Vitcor Munoz

It's great but Everytime I get in a server I don't know how to login someone tell me plz

Ken Lenard Ababao

Easy To Connect No need to put the Ip address....just one click and the server is there....Nice app?

Light Queen 101

It's Ok... IT WORKS I LOVE IT. GIVE IT A STAR. Well Some of them....

Savannah Fudge

doesnt work for me it takes forever to join so i cant play when i want to

Richmond Gerez

Stuck When I join a server I can't move I'm stuck in one place

portal turret

it makes me do my email but it does not work and my password


Good app needs new picture icon I think the app needs a bug fix in the mcpe has stopped when you two the server to play

Teagan Akans

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!! Please make compatible with mcpe 0.15.0. I haven't been able to play on your servers ever since the new update.

teguh idaryanto

Sg When I played Sg or team bounty hunter or something like that work butt am God pvp

Meadow Minecraft

I don't get it It doesn't show a name! How is this supposed to be beneficial without a name!

Adalicia Cardona

It was so bad I hate this I looked up how to set it up but it didn't work out so if you want to play with people go search multiple and it will help you and it is easy to make a server like me and you can get ride of mean and bad players

Anthont Doucet

Almost 5 stars but It stopped working

Gamer Challenges

Best server app ever I love this app so much im speechless

novencio garrote

Wow so amazing So easy to use but u need to register before ya play...=-O

Jovanne Gacus024

Very helpful app Very helpfull app and its so easy find the server you want because its been arranged

Sekhoane Lelosa

Worst app ever This app sucks I can't even move in the servers don't download it it is useless

Cecil David

Uhh people Iron is laggy here and wood some of theme are still 0.14.3 were 0.15.0

Closer Walk

So easy to use! This app is so easy to use! All I do is click the server, and then bam! It instantly launches minecraft and I can play the server. Also, it has so many servers! It also has a setting in which you can choose what kind of server you want. Get this and rate five stars!

ABC Lagasse

DUMD Wish I could give it zero stars did NOT work at all

Brian C. Lewis

ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME Every time I press a server it goes to minecraft pe and I go to friends and my list says PLAY and I press it and it says invalid name it never works!!!!!!!!!???????? this game is ?it made me go into a big breakdown?????????

Antonius Hardianto

Wow. So I dont need to write server, Interesting

Nick Kreeger

Great I use it all the time it has its catagrios and it also gives you the option of what languages and stuff it great!

Wendy G

Its not letting me into any servers Please help with this bug

Unkown Eclipse Darksoul aj

Wut I'm trying to do register but won't work!

Diamond Wolf

Thanks I feel very lonely in my server so you know

Cameron Bodtorf

Awesome I finally get to play with other people


BestOne Best Server App in The World!

total kitkat

ZA BOMB Literally so good 109/10 it works perfect it's so nice and I recommend it

Markya Latham

I Am I'm putting in my email its not working

Finn Sproxton Windass

I can't find a server I deleted Please add a search so I can find a server

Destiny_Gamer_ Crystal

Wow I Used this a long time Hahahahha sorry for the judgement this app works but one problem when i download a lower server in my version of mcpe it cant work i mean it needs to work so i think thats a bug u really need to fix that ok...So thats it for this i really used this a long time hahaha

Liuba Drutel

Love it and add this server It totaly works but when it was 0.14.0 there was hypixil and now there is non until it was 0.14.2 it stop so please add a new hypixl because i love all of the minigames

KlewBear PlyzMC

Fix It always dissconect me. I hope you guys can fix it. Thats my only excuse now. Everything else is pretty cool.


Epic and awesome I liked it it has lots of servers and I don't need to be watching videos to put the IP and names in here you touch it and there's the server and no errors found so thanks for making the app BYEEE

Commander Mon Jaq

Easy To use and so useful tool! Its easy to use. Just click a banner of server and boom! Ull be teleport to mcpe app! Good app!!!! And useful too! U can play online now! Even u don't have friends! Yeah so download this app its so very good if I can rate 100 stars I would.

Cool boy 3645

Hate it It kicks me every time because the login time expired plz remove that then I will give 5 stars?

Ethan Reynolds

ITS AWESOME Love it but i got banned on Dreemcraft XD hahaha now i got banned on pocketminers and now i got banned on all the servers on it

Armida Alvarez

Boo! It doesn't work. Once I press a server, it brings me to mine craft and when I press a server it said invalid name

Angie B

Can't get in it When you get in it will say to join but when you do it will say you can't join the game because its an put dated sever I will give it five stars when I can get in the world

Crazy Crafter

What happened?! It deleted my sg and put CTP instead!! Any help?! Please...I dont like CTP hardly at all.

princewalter R. Buquiran baquiran

Guys its so fun If i am join a server then i kill players hahaha trololololol

Kaylynn Freeman

I need help When ever I go to a server, it tells me I'm not logged in. But I am logged into Xbox. Can someone please help?

oddMan1738 jh

Its okay It's okay but there's only 0.14.3 severs and not 0.15.0 expect life boat

Braeden Skaggs

I thing you should add a search It's good you should add search be cause I can never find hypixel


One more thing A search tab for searching severs incase we don't know what the ip address is. Thanks

Sean Pradia

It ok I mean I kinda lik it but the servers are boring when there's baerly any ppl

galaxy unicorn

I can't connect to lifeboat I can install it but it's not working but I still like it.Does it work for v.0.14.0? Because when I try to I can't connect:c

athol Bremner

HOW DO YOU MAKE A PASSWORD I kept trying and it would not work

Bridget Pate

It's a good app I mean, it's OK, but it's not the best app ever.

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