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30 Dec

Posted by CH Games in Role Playing | Dec. 30, 2014 | 56 Comments

Apk file size: 7.7 MB

"The quests offer a nice variety, which is refreshing for the genre."
— Touch My Apps
"Seed 2 is an engrossing RPG..."
— 148Apps
"There's much to relish in the amount of customisation that exists in the game and the depth that brings..."
— PocketGamer
"This epic sequel is one of the most engrossing and powerful gaming experiences by Chillingo."
— Appmodo

It has been already 5 years since hero Lita deterred the conspiracy.
Lita, grown up to be a young man was spending his life hanging loose in his hometown Arsen Island as before. One change in Lita’s life is that he was appointed as school teacher as the Principal Macarina recognized his experience to go out to the continent. One light, Lita meets Canto, his teacher in a dream.
Teacher Canto orders to Lita. “Lita! Come to me right away!!! It is urgent thing!”
Lita is astonished and wakes up. Like normal, he goes to school and teaches students combat.
Battle class is so boring due to optimistic tendency of Arsen students and Lita is lonely like he becomes to be left alone. Lita decides to try to have an adventure to the continent again as the implication in a dream is in mind and born tendency of adventurer is exploded. Moizer, the first city of continent missing in a dream. Moizer they arrived at with excitement is not the one in the past of abundant and strong city any more. It was destroyed horribly to be ruined.
All continent is in war mode.

Another crisis approaches to Kalikuf Continent!!

- Free job change
User can select or change the job of the SEED freely according to how they raise the character or use weapons like swards, firearms and canes.

- Destroyer of head-to-head battle
“I swear to God of Battle, all enemy who stand against me will be destroyed brutally.

- Battle machine with speed of light
“I will make a vigorous attack in light speed.”

- Ruler of battle
“I will show the spell world shaking the heaven and earth.”

- Various quests
We prepared various types of quests including suppression of monster, collection, delivery, NPC protection, guard, siege warfare, defense system, monster capture, wounded soldier treatment and explosion duty.

- Dynamic scenario directing to increase the degree of engagement
Scenario direction according to the development of interesting story

- Sky Island System
My own independent space user is making. User can use not only network but warehouse.
Lita’s own space!! Decorate Sky Island as much as you like. It consists of useful content including Canto House, Lita House, magic instruments, suspicious box, spring of recovery and warehouse etc.

- Huge scenario made of creative world view
Huge continent, Calikuf! Make great story developed in that continent.

- Time system and change of climate
Not only visual effect but various interesting elements which change according to time and climate change are prepared.

- Costume
Costume system in which character changes according to equipment item worn. Create your own character. All equipment items have their own costume images.

- New means of transport
Breaking from the way to search destination walking and running endlessly, we realized new means of transport. Early stage of the scenario, it is possible to move using ‘boat’ and you can get new means of transport like ‘Air balloon’ and ‘Scout Ship’ as the scenario is developed.

- Battle
Battle of super action with high speed and stylish motion!
5 types of passive skill, 20 types of active skill and round-up attack specialized for each job and brilliant direction of dash attack will provide dynamic combat which you can’t take your eyes off.

- Monster
160 kinds of monsters!!!
Excellent artificial intelligence which make use of every special skill like short and long distance attack and magic attack.

- Vast world of SEED 2
24 characteristic villages and 200 vast battle fields

CH Games part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Dec. 30, 2014. Google play rating is 80.8968. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 7.7 MB.

Download seed2.apk 7.7 MB


Carl D

Game keeps freezing At sky island when trying to unlock things, the game freezes, not cool, so I gave up on sky island. HOWEVER It is possible to beat the game without IAP. You do not need to spend money, you just need to grind more and the game will be harder without iap but possible. Beat the game on level 83 with 1459 hp, 595 mp, 406 sp, 101 strength, 7 intelligence, 36 dexterity, 90 vitality, 60 wisdom, 481 attack, 270 defense, 136 attack, 4 critical and agility, 24 sword level, 14 mp recovery and 32 hp recovery. Equipped beast killer 2, titan gauntlet 2, savage crown 3, odin plate 3, chakara grieve 4, pendent of dexterity and ring of strength. About 75 of all healing items. With this setup it was hard without any IAP but doable. Seed 3 is better.

Peter Luypen

One BIG problem! Love this game however on sky island I cannot get ANYTHING to unlock whatsoever such as kantos house (I have the correct currency and plenty of it but the screen locks up for some reason) and without it I can't expand my inventory and use the keys which are taking up a ton of space!!! Please HELP!!! Hmmm ok I see now that to unlock the stuff u have to get SEED points which is VERY misleading considering there isn't enough room in your inventory without getting the warehouse!!! Used to not be like this!

Gerald Montgomery

It was the best adventure game I've played intil i saved whiile posined now i die as soon as i open my saved file can you plese help me.

do se

Nice I hope what you did here in seed2 you should do also in seed 3. I hope seed 3 has its save button too...thank you...

charlitocep paderan

i need my seed point Where is my seed point that i purshased. i have order receipt for my purshased 1000 seed point and as i open the seed 2 app i did not received any seed point kindly do something about it FiX! it Or Refund my money i hope youll take action for this issue.

Phat Boy

Dual gun in classic rpg Wow. This is the first time I play this game and it's awesome

jerron pampag

SEED POINT i still have 700 seed point and just suddenly disappear . hope you can fix this. -_-

Jasmine Cruz

I just purchased the seed point & didn't give me my points I want my refund.

KarlAndrei Daquiz

I love it I love this game its story is awsome oh yeah I play seed 1 rise of darkness too oooooooh

Andrew Joseph

Where is it? Seed Rise of Darkness where is it. I need th origin too this story come on help me out here.

Kevin Kent Canaveral

Won't enter the game I installed it so I can play it but opening the app my browser just pop up and load the ch games site..wew

melvz galo

good game :) how to expand the inventory? nice game its always appears inventory of items and eguipmwnts full . thanks for the response . how to buy in the brand shop ? because when I tried to purchase the item and eguipment bag it shows cannot buy what is needed seed points or tarion thanks

Mr Bean

Can you tell me w Were is seed 1 I can't find it?

Angel Castillo

Luv it Great Game :D

Abraham Aspra

Lost my saved game!

Kero Cabico

Only Litta is a hero This is best review for you .Best ever game. But my stepfather he is level 80 Your the one! But. I want you to make EDITORS CHOICE or 5 star rating. Best game worldwide.

Terri Foster

Yes Wonderful update beautiful on my tablet nice sized buttons and inventory control plz do this to seed 3 also Ty guys.

Julius Peligren

Wow I love this game

Lee Robinson

SEED2 Love the game

Pee Jay Bautista

This game is awsome

Josh Bynoe

Great game but had a problem buying seed points my card got charged but did not receive points

Aaron kyle rosales Rosales

This game is fantastic

Zyian Paradox

RPG!!! Yass i found it again .. well because of my cousin he delete this fun game ... so i re install it well back yo 0lvl :P well thx to this game!! hive it 5 star"!!!

Christian Jay Esguerra

Cant download! Please fix this! I'm getting annoyed of this! It cannot be downloaded! It says that it can't be downloaded due to ERROR! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! ?

Ziroj Neigthen

letters crash the letters is crash can't read it..please fix & i give 5 star

A Google User

Super Exellent I love this game

dilyn larosa

Love it ..

umar sharif

Superb This game is really awesome

lim kiew bee

Graphic not so good

Benjamin Goh

Quite fun No lags but try making the. Boss and mobs easier to kill

Kirisaki Kazuto

i wish there are online. seed

John Goo

Finished the game Well it was really awesome i wonder if their was a part 2 in seed 2 where litta manage to survive like that

Jazz Gaddong

Not working. It keep opening my browser everytime i run the game..i would really love to play it..please fix.

A Google User

cool game :-) very addictive game but i prefer seed 3

Vilai Keophath

Lovely Ignoring the sky zone, not collecting the keys. Makes the game and story good but honestly. I can use more bag space.

Mika Nishikino

Why cannot install at sd card or usg

Nathaniel Joring

More Screen Shot please.....

Pedot Daligdig

I love this game this game is one of the best game ever I've finally finished this game but the sky island is useless but i totally love this game you can collect the set so you have special stats this game fair not easy not hard but you can finished this game ^^ so i really thank this game ^^ its fun . and i want you to fix the seed 3 i can't save the game in seed 3

A Google User

I can't read the wording i like this game, the problem is when the character talk, the word appeared, i can't read it just because, the letter is not complete.

adabala rocks

Seed points problem When I Purchase seed points I didn't get them please fix it or else give me 120000 seed points.

Jeff Parena

Save file always losing i have to start all over again and again pls fix... :(

sunny jain

It's cool, now it's one of my favorite games. Small adventure and a great story game. Just 35 to 40 levels. I won it and like to play more volumes after seed 3.

A Google User

Good great game but not good like seed 3 i played it and i finish it,.

Ernesto Mendoza

I like this games but every time I try to open things in sky island it always freeze. Can u fix it..

Jay Villeza

Lose my loadgame what the fuck!!! Nice game bt my files/save game is gone!!!

Bonnie Juguilon

i dont know how to activate my skills ... have points on it but cant used it.

Dwayne Curtis

Not as good as first one This one isn't as good as first skills can't be learned I tap on skills to learn and nothing happens. Extremely disappointed

muhammad mirwansyah

Its very good.,sometimes crash T.T

Joseph Alles

Darn! Just lost my games!!! Lost my saved files just by removing my battery?! Giving you one star and uninstalling now. Please fix.

Michele Hines

Fun I can't seem to dash after the tutorial give it five stars when fixed

harshil patel

Game won't open.... it force closes after showing load resocerses

Faaiz Algar

Not for fast-pace battle Quick slot button are too small. Always fail in a single press. Not good when fighting fast attacking enemy.

brandon hubert

I cant play this until I play seed1... but I cant find it. Will give areview if I can play the first one

Joshua Labeach

Waiting for the next one When will you make seed 4?

James Beggs

Great game Beat it on gunner mode, challenging but not frustrating. Just one question, I got the heavenly armor, what does Kanto's Blessing do?

Evan Zerna

Great game Great game it has a nice story but I can't find the secret headquarter in tantra

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