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12 Mar
Seagate GoFlex Access™ app

Posted by Seagate Technology LLC in Media & Video | March 12, 2013 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 1.9 MB

The GoFlex Access™ app allows you to remotely access all the photos, movies, music and documents stored on your GoFlex Home network storage system. Simply launch the app and login to access your files and shares from anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

-Access your files stored at home from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection
-View your photos
-Create a slideshows with music
-Share your documents
-Stream videos and music with cover art

Requires Android 2.2 and Adobe AIR.

Whats new

    Version 2.1.34
    - File upload functionality
    - Prompt user option to download file if video format is not -supported bug fixes
    - Performance improvements when navigating through folders
    - Improve robustness of login

Seagate Technology LLC part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 12, 2013. Google play rating is 52.5648. Current verison is v2.1.34. Actual size 1.9 MB.

Download seagate-goflex-access-tm-app.apk 1.9 MB


Duane Redding

Sadly not we we expect from Seagate On one hand I could say that at least it's something. On the other, I could say they probably shouldn't have bothered. The GUI on this app needs a ton of work.

A Google User

Poor user interface need improvement. The app DOESN'T RESPOND VERY FAST when you try to scroll (not the phone) & asks for MORE PERMISSIONS THEN IT NEEDS! I can still use it though to get files from my hard disk at home, so not too bad.

A Google User

Not Terribly Excited about this app You can't choose the player to open videos with. Because ot that not all my movies will play. Some movies of same format and size won't play. I can't tell exactly how large fo a file can be played. This app leaves ALOT to be desired. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this one.

A Google User

Bad attempt at "a cloud" IF, if it played .common movie files it would be dose NOT. I downloaded a 1.5 GB movie and no sound. I suggest that this is oly for documents and pictures. I'll be removing it and paying to extend my capacity on Google Drive for my pics and docs, my movies, Ill find another way to bridge the 2 TB worth of movies on the Seagate. By the way great files storage unit!

A Google User

Not worth downloading Won't support music file format wma easier to access drive via web browser using ip address. Would be better to have media player imbedded into app.

Matthew Enoksen

Works as advertised No problems logging in at all. Self explanatory. Use the same logon information as you would through a web browser. Only complaint is that you can't stream m4a format audio.

Adam Szymanski

Two for the mo... Videos steaming, forget it. Thats why I got a smart TV. Music works with mp3 shame, because I got a NAS to store all my lovely FLAC files. Seagate media app media player can, so why can't this one?

Jack Gold

Needs improvement Should be able to stream videos and music using the streaming player on HTC.the camera upload feature needs to be fixed as it can't upload even on a good internet connection also it needs to be in the share options add this stuff and it will be a winner

Wendel Barrs

A bad investment for storing different video formats other than MP4. I have been waiting for an update for nearly a year now on fixing the problem with playing other formats of videos other than MP4 on the android app. It would certainly boost this app rating to 5. As a general cloud system for photos and documents it works wonderfully but the main purpose of purchasing this device was to link my video collection and back up.. Backed up no problem but the app does not allow other video formats. I am sure with all the technical advances in programming that an update to allow more flexibility in storage and media playing options for a better entertainment experience. Come on a trendsetter and gain some points in innovation. Update and fix ......... Reviewers use the power of Social Media Links and expose Seagate's lack of commitment to their customers and share this link!!!!!!

Ufuk Orhan

Disappointed Certificates are still untrusted, stucks at authentication, every once in awhile comes back an error: device is off/wrong user ID/Pass. Though can log in with a browser. Should have made a modified browser, would have been a lot better.

Clark Ye

Can't even log in Had to jump through a bunch of hoops (download a huge adobe air program that ate my phones memory space) and now it can't even log in even when I QUADRUPLE checked my home name, username, and password. This program is absolute garbage. Don't download..

prasad c.

Need Apr 2013 Adobe AIR update for JellyBean 4.2.2 Update - 04/22/'13 - almost after 2 months, Adoe Air is updated and magically - GoFlex Access starts working. Login,Access to NAS drive is restored! What a dependency!! Still issues with continuous track access (music albums)..but gets two more stars... Old - I bought a Seagate NAS drive after learning that my Android devices can 'easily' access it remotely using this App. But It has been a year and issues of this app. keep stacking up. Latest is - after upgrading my Samsung Galaxy Nexus to JB 4.2.2, This app stopped working. It asks - nas drive name, login and password on first screen and after entering correct information, nothing happens. It stays on the same screen. Contacted Seagate support, but don't have hope the way they are handling the support. Other mobile phone I have (running on JB 4.2.1 can atleast lets me access my NAS drive) Other issues - 1. No WMA 2. No Continuous play for full songs album 3. MP3 name tag support is poor. (e.g. no album art display) 4. Extremely poor customer service. (on their support website, only useful thing is - User forums) I have to join 1* rater's club. (and soon switch to some other product - say bye to Seagate

Andreas Victorsson

Seagate being Seagate. This app sucks, if I had known I had to deal with this crap I wouldn't have bought a goflex drive. Can we get a good app for power users? At least so we can play or download media to our devices? What about storing files? Can we please get that too? This is ridiculous.

Ben Cantwell

Android users don't want to be forced to use your software I bought the drive because of the app. I had no idea the app was so poorly conceived. You can only upload one file at a time, and it can't be done automatically. Why not let me use a file explorer and share the chosen files with this app like the cloud storage services? I wish I had bought a regular USB drive. I wouldn't have to use their crappy software to use that.

Andrew Underwood

Broken on latest update to. 4.2.2 Provides logon access to go-flex-home. As described elsewhere inbuilt media players are poor. However, once logged on could use other apps (e.g. vlc) to play media. In latest up date will no longer authenticate login

A Google User

Hitime warning!!! You might spend hours trying to find a video format that works ,I have with no success. Followed their spec to the letter in several format converters. This app needs attention what others say is right . This could cloud seagate's image

A Google User

It works, but.... I bought the GoFlex so that I could access, send, and download large picture files from anywhere. I am sad that I cannot use this app to download photos from the hard drive to my phone. Seems simple enough, yet no option exists, what gives? It's enough that I have to fight with my wifi router just to keep this drive available on my laptop, i also cannot use it to search and download photos to my phone...lame. Seagate, maybe you should look into having a third party finish creating this app, you know, so it works.

A Google User

Bad Wont play .avi files most of my movies are back up on my hard drive are .avi I cant watch anything from my phone they need to fix it but I don't think they even care if they cared at all they would of fix it by now

Danny Sid

Another worthless app !!!!! Title says all...........the whole app needs to be re-done I should have bought Western Digital they have a better interface and more user friendly.

Kevin Cook

Really bad app. Such a shame, the interface is horrible, it doesn't stream all video media types or allow you to use another player. I may need to ditch this for a western digital cloud. Please update so my investment is worth while.

C Finkelstein

Piece of useless junk! The app will not allow me to stream any videos and will not allow me to use my own video player on my phone. Why sell a nas drive unless seagate offered nas abilities through our media devices? Total waste of my time Seagate.

A Google User

Needs major but simple improvements. User experience is very bad. Here are the major problems that I'd like to see fixed. 1. Download capability 2. Ability to to use ES File Explorer. 3. Ability to go back to the media that was playing. Basically if the phone rings while you're listening to an mp3, game over. I'm not sure you would release a product/service without the ability to go back to your media but this is a major design flaw.

A Google User

Like the hard drive but this app sucks It will not play any of my video's!!!! Some how my videos are not supported or the app can't open it for some crazy reason. I have like 200+ videos with a variety of formats, mostly avi's it definitely will not play them. Come one you got to fix the avi's, everyone has avi's. But even then some of my mp4s don't work right.

Jeremiah Messerer

Worthless for Streaming Video, Other stuff OK Menu navigation is reasonably fast but I was not able to get ANY video formats to work. All attempts produced an "invalid format" error. Video - Didn't work at all. Music - Works OK, only supports MP3's. Pictures - Seemed to work well.

A Google User

What about Android 4.0? Very slow, and only supports Android 2.2. I just bought a new 4.0 tablet, and can't use this drive!!!

A Google User

Works but missing functionality Can view only. Won't play Wmv files. Can't email or save. Very lamb. That makes it useless. After further attempts to find anything of use I've concluded this is the stupidest app I've seen. Can't save or share. Allows Seagate to make the claim of a phone app - guess that's about all though. Don't buy Seagate ext.drives if you want to access your data through the cloud.

Thomas Murphy

Pitiful Just bought a 2TB goflex and this app is awful. I can sign in on my xoom after accepting a certificate warning. Once in can't stream any video. Can't even log in on my S3, keeps saying invalid username. Really? Come on Seagate a lot of us bought your hardware to use this software and it doesn't deliver even remotely. Stand behind your name and product and try and fix these issues!

James Bowdidge

Poor effort Access is vert slow compared to the seagateshare website, takes ages for photo thumbnails to load, just sits for minutes on the "loading" screen. 90% of my videos say they are unsupported format, even tho they play fine on the phone with many players from the market, I can even stream them through upnp app so no reason they shouldn't work through this, needs media player selection. Overall poor effort dissapointed with the product in general, wouldn't buy a Seagate NAS again...

matthew kruger

It's alright It works absolutely fine for viewing what's on my drive. But I can't upload to it, and I cannot figure it out.. Anyone know how? I'm on a Galaxy s5

Shawn Reist

limited use App works well with my Samsung S3, does not play well with Samsung Tab Plus and Asus Transformer TF101. Videos or Music which would play on my various devices when transferred to a Micro SD or USB stick will not play; 'unsupported video/file format' is displayed. Why does this app not pass the file to the appropriate application which can play the app. There is no option to Download items. i.e if I wish to transfer it to the device which you know will play/view/open the document/file you want for later use for such things as a long flight, train ride or bus ride.

David Rosowski

Not for noobs This app is only for people who used the seagateshare feature already remote accessing their files. Flv is the only video type that streams, because of their network, not this app. Youcanr stream avis overtheir network the ftp way either. If you dont like this app just used http to get to your files.

Chris Skinner

Needs A Total Overhaul I didn't have the issue of logging on as other had but the whole unsupported format issue is just unacceptable . The files play fine through es file explorer while on the network so i know the files are capable of beeing played on my GS2 and my A100.

Dermot Riordan

Rubbish Hardly worth wasting time reviewing it. Slow, unresponsive, woefully bereft of functionality and Seagate can't even be bothered to update it.

Jason Sorenson

As other users have said this app responds pretty slowly when navigating folders. On the other hand it works great to upload files from my phone to the goflex home. Uploads just as fast if not faster than from my laptop. At least until i moved and now once i re-hooked up the goflex home. Not it wont log in from app. Been trying for weeks and nothing.

Collin Jensen

A sad little App... Good connectivity and easy setup, but what a waste of time. It hasn't supported a single file-type I've tried to open yet, there's no way to download anything to your device and upload is in beta... So, great if you just want to stare at your files remotely? Get the Hipserv app.

A Google User

Fail Fail Fail After updating to Lollipop app disappeared from my device. I will not install on my Nexus 5. It installed on my Nexus 9 but will not run. It has NEVER worked on my Nexus 7. Wouldn't it be nice if Seagate actually updated this thing to work with devices made in the last 2 years? Old Review (for older devices): *Video Playback Works Great* It takes a while to logon, but once on, navigation is easy and video playback is great. The quality of the video looks pretty good on my 3G phone. However this app seems to depend on flash, which is no longer supported. This app won't even install on my Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean.

Dennis Ogden

Seagate go flex access Don't waste your money is my verdict.....nice webpage but try and contact them ......then it is quicker too take a slow boat to China will get to them faster than can on line .I am still trying to contact them for over a week cant give zero score shame really be the 1 star could be an own goal?

Steven Cinquegrana

Oh god! Seagate just can't do software, can they. Do they test anything?? This is just more Seagate junk software built on top of their other junk software. Buy another brand drive if you need more than a basic NAS.

A Google User

Bummer I expected more even if I had to pay for it. I want to sync and backup my cell without thinking about it . This is nowhere close. No streaming video. It just seems clumsy and ill conceived.

Gerome Garcia

Wont play .avi and oftenly wont even let me download the file This app only plays mp4 files on my galaxy s 3. No .avi or .mkv. sometimes it gives me the option to download, which would be fine but some files it doesnt even give me the option to download it just says unrecognized file format and loading. Fix it so I can at least download all my files. Which I can then watch with the stock video player on my phone. Even on the off chance that this app can stream the file, I want the option to download it! Wtf I cant go to a friends house and actually share my files.

Roman Motin

No comments Video doesn't work properly. Minor formats are supported. The app. is not updated more then a year. Awful solution - no more comments.

Omid Kahkouie

So disappointed!! Come on guys! it's not all about playing music and video files. Have you ever tried to download a folder or do a simple copy/paste using this interface? It only allows you to access individual files and if that's a media file then good luck with being able to play it. In other words, it won't let you manage directories. When I was buying this device I thought I could leave my portable hard drive at home and access my files and FOLDERS online from anywhere; well, I was wrong! I do not recommend downloading this app or even investing in the device itself. I have a feeling my GFH is finding its way to eBay one of these days!


Won't install on 5.1 This app worked perfectly on 4.3 jelly bean, but after putting 5.1 lollipop, I get an error message "can't install" from the Play store. Also would be great if you could upload ANY file from your phone/tablet to the drive other than just pictures, songs, or videos. If you seem to have the same problem, please try using ES file manager and add the drive as an FTP device. That way you can access all the partitions (ext. Storage, public, personal, and backup)

Joe Victor

Wasted Potential I chose a Seagate NAS drive specifically because the box advertised this app. I wanted to stream my music and video to my phone. This does not accomplish the task. The only option is to download the files rather than stream?! Really? Its okay for pictures though. I will be exploring other options... You make nice hardware Seagate, but this software leaves much to be desired.

A Google User

Only plays supported video formats-are there any? I have never been able to get this to do anything useful. At least the new version tells me my video format isn't supported. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find documentation that tells me what formats ARE supported. Oh well… the GoFlex is doing a nice job backing up all the computers in the house. I didn't really buy it to be a media server, too.

A Google User

Great App.. Works fine on my HTC Desire HD. I can view my files at any time and anywhere I happen to be as long as I have signal or wireless! It is easy to use and quick to open. I use it for documents that are needed during the day and I no longer have to open the laptop just to update a clients details. I just edit it on my phone and it is done! Just wish the app was compatable with my wifes Wildfire S! None of the apps I have found will be any good for her.. Shame, but hey-ho

A Google User

Unbelievable If you're going to require that we play EVERYTHING through your software, at least provide codecs for commonly used formats (avi is not supported? That's insane). Or you could just give us access to the files so a can play, delete, upload, move etc as we see fit. This software is a waste of time and your advertising concerning this product is patently false.

A Google User

Like watching fish All you can do is look at your pretty files. You can't play them or download them. Crap crap crap. Been crap no updates. And no replys to the user community seagate is a failure at this. And shame on hipserv for not fixing this either.

A Google User

Forgot to mention The droid apps on my HTC Inspire and Acer Iconia tablet work flawlessly. i can even upload files from both devices. this is a plus if i am on vacation and want to immediately backup pictures to my home network. i re-read reviews, it seems slowness is an issue with some folks, but being on a fiber network, i am happy to report that is not an issue. i cannot say if the problem with slowness not being an issue is because i am on a fiber optic network, or the software was resolved. i am very happy with the apps as well as being able to upload/download from my netbook too.. great product, happy customer

A Google User

Should have bought western digital... Bought this for the 'on the go' experience. the unit itself is slow on the network. this app supports virtually no video formats and wont even play .wma music formats. App is pretty much useless as is the the drive itself. screw you Seagate.

Nexus Sen

Shame! This is embarrassing. For a high tech company. Please hire a high school student to develop something we can at least call an app. Bought 2 nearly useless drives and I tried and waited for months.

A Google User

Samsung Note 10.1 Cant even log on, yet my HTC ONE X works fine. I have tried everything. Youbguys should fix this so its usuable. Even when i watchva videonon my HTC it locks up after 2 minutes. Icesmith

David Hamilton

Extremely limited When will Seagate get around to updating this software? How abandoned this product seems to be would put me off ever buying anything similar from Seagate again. The Seagate Media app now supports Chromecast. Why not GoFlex? Any plans for this?

Out of the blue Won't accept password! I am sitting here looking at my desk top web access with the password and username showing, and the mobile site says invalid password or username! Too bad I used to use it everyday until this problem presented itself out of the blue. If customer service actually reads this please advise.

Amit Shah

Crap app This app is totally crappy. It doesn't play 90% of the video files. Who ever wrote this app needs to go back to programming 101. I would suggest Seagate to look at other quality apps...maybe they will learn something.

Zaid Mohiuddin

Its a mediocre app The app needs a refresh cause the the interface looks so unfinished. It doesn't look like it was made from a proper company. And plz make it more responsive. The response time of this app is absurdly slow.


What's The deal Don't think I have ever seen so many bad reviews! Why isn't there a response from seagate??? Let's hear it, why haven't you done anything to improve this app? I have been using for the last few years and I agree with the negative reviews, very temperamental. Sometimes it works well but most of the time it sucks. So I only use it when all else fails and then this app fails also. I would say it works 10% of the time from cell phone, tablet or a computer via the web.

Matt Hutchison

Just terrible Drive was a cow to setup & this app is just plain horrible.. hateful waste of space that freezes & cannot play common video formats... Well done guys... If I did my job like this I'd be sacked.. deservedly...

Derek Cameron

Poor Sometimes it doesn't connect. According to the last update it gives you the option to download video files if your phone is unable to play it. But when you download it plays fine?? Why won't it stream? Phone can clearly play it!!! Never got reply from devs Uninstalled and sold drive

Paul Collegio

How? 1. It says I can access from anywhere, but so far, I can only access from within my home network via WiFi. Anywhere else, I get an error saying my device is offline...and it isn't offline. 2. How can I configure this to access from 3g/4g or from an e,ternary WiFi network. 3. I would prefer to copy folders to my phone rather than stream. How do I do that? Answer and if my issues are resolved I'll move this rating up.

A Google User

crap wish i never wasted 127 pound on it now. unbelievable rubbish thats slow and does not hardly play any formats. they should be sued for ripping people off

A Google User

Just terrible You have to fix this crap Seagate, I love my new harddrive but this app is so bad! Plays no files, slow, even when connected to my ADSL 2 and navigating it is such a test of patience it drives me mad.

Max Mikan

Worse than a 1 star I have one word that this go flex deserves and the word is disappointment. I spent 2 hours trying to get this thing to work and when I finally did all it would say when im using it is error. If you are thinking about getting it dont it is the worst money ive ever spent. And on top of everything else its so slow. It sucks!

Chris Fernyhough

Good except for video All in all a pretty good app. Allows me to view most things on the drive with minimal fuss. Can be a little clunky at times but with a bit of tidying up on the drive this could be fixed. Only real problem is the video playback, it really should support more formats, surely this isn't the hardest thing in the world for seagate to add?

A Google User

Why no local connection .. When I am at home and internet connection is down. So on the same wifi connection why am I not able to view my files from mobilephone . Please fix this bug. Thanks a lot....

Dennis Bolt

Useless. Doesn't work with nexus10 Why hasn't this been updated? The nexus 10 has been available for a long while now and has A large number of users. If Seagate doesn't support their users, there's no reason to buy their products.

A Google User

Galaxy tab 10.1 android phone Cant handle large file folders on my android thunderbolt. Can not stream movies to my phone or tab. Love streaming to my media hub at home and that works ok. But this app sucks, useless unless i want pics or small folders of music. Needs serious updating to work as advertised

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