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27 Jul
Screen Rotation Control

Posted by jubo co in Tools | July 27, 2016 | 89 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

You can freely determine the orientation of the screen.

You can control portrait, landscape, reverse portrait, reverse landscape the four directions.
You can also specify auto direction.
App even horizontally or the other direction does not support, you can switch to force.

- 4 orientation screen control (horizontal, vertical, reverse horizontal, reverse vertical)
- Specify the auto rotation screen
- All App (app, game) support the direction of 4 orientation.
- Gingerbread (2.3) more then version optimized
- Froyo (2.2) less then version is not supported reverse vertical and reverse horizontal direction.

- Specific application to force portrait / landscape view setting may not display correctly. (Camera app, etc..)

jubo co part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 27, 2016. Google play rating is 80.9335. Current verison is 1.1.0. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download screen-rotation-control.apk 2.5 MB


Benjamin Simon

Perfecto This app did what I wanted. The ONLY problemo was the widgets looked streched and my folders weird too. But it looked exactly like my tablet otherwise so thabks developers. And I hope thus review helped ;)

Pat Sarcilla

Managed to do its job perfectly. Some apps and games (especially the camera) don't work after being rotated, which I understand. But, at least, put a "set orientation to phone default" option on this app (or something like that, you know what I mean), and make it less laggy.

Athar Khan

Please Improve 1. During call, make rotation stop. Let it be portrait only 2. Need 'Enable autostart' option. 3. Once device is restarted, it's asking to select orientation. It should automatically do it.

Evie Graham

Great Rotation App This app worked perfectly for a problem I started to have with my Kindle Reader. Suddenly the screen turned upside down and I could not correct it. This app fixed the problem as soon as it was installed, without any work on my part. Thank you to the developers for a great app that does what it's supposed to do, and does it well!

A Google User

Great but some bugs Does what i want but majes my phone screen not able to go to the apps

NoszerO Xray

App has to NOT rotate games Not useable because it makes games like Clash of Clans unplayable. I love the idea but apps like this have to have exemptions or they cause problems not fix them. Set to auto the app should leave games alone. It doesn't. Uninstall.

kirk whent

Almost there Great app. I use it when in the car and the phone is in a cradle in landscape. My only issue is that when I come to use the camera the scream rotation is all wrong. I'm using a note 3. If fixed then I'll give 5 stars

Mike Cooper

Locks my screen into "upside down" orientation perfectly! Nexus 6's charge port is on the bottom so its awkward to use the phone with a plug coming in from behind the desk.

James Edmondson

Awesome app The Samsung Galaxy s5 screen rotation is very slow. With this app, simply set to "auto" and the rotation is almost instant. Perfect!

Bee Vang

no option to close this app Would've give this app a 5 star. There seems to be no option to close this app whenever you don't want it to run anymore, except for forced stopping. Maybe the author should include it in the next update.

Alex Dunham

This is so awesome For now nothing is distorted or warped and thats amazing. Keep up the good work

John Harrison

Great at spam, poor at rotation Doesn't work well on x86 on laptop. It seems more focussed on delivering ads in the top corner of your screen than on being good at rotating.

Christian Pena

Life saver When I ended up breaking my phone half of it was broken but with the help of this app my phone became usable.

John Smith

Long press the program info in the status bar for app info->force stop for a quick force stop as the program does not end itself otherwise. Why do some Android developers still not allow us the option of unloading the program from RAM from the program itself. Please add an exit button to streamline this program from startup to shutdown. I understand it does not eat battery at battery life at all, but there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of battery/RAM "penny pinchers" like me.

Jason H.

Just what I needed! I'm running a custom ROM on my LG G2 and rotation doesn't work at all. This app let's me rotate the display when needed. 4 stars because auto setting doesn't work. Awesome app though.

flavius alin

Note 2 kitkat 4.4.2 Doesn't work good on lock screen and on portrait camera. And upside down don't work. The rest is ok.

Hai Yang

Manny ads,.. Ads, application used ram max, application very hight >1Mb. Anyone have use " set onientation" application 111kb no ads... Very good.

Jacob Bird

S5 no worky Doesn't show bottom row of apps on home screen in S5. Worked great for my S3 though.

Pratik Patil

It's OK Reverse portrait does not work on my MOTO G. I have to hold the phone upside down , then select reverse portrait then select auto. But when I turn my phone in other direction it doesn't return to the reverse portrait mode. I have to again repeat the process. So fix that and I will give you 5 stars.

Hong-Leong Ong

Reverse portrait doesn't work normally, but there is a workaround for my S3. Hold the phone in reverse portrait position, then select 'Reverse Portrait' mode. Wait a few seconds, then select 'Auto' and the screen will rotate to reverse portrait correctly. Btw, will be great if the app provides an exit option for quitting.

Wink Fiorillo

This one actually works Nexus 6, I have tried a few other ones and this one is the only (that I tried) that actually formats the home screens properly, of course the widgets are going to look weird because most of them aren't formatted to be elongated like that. I am happy with this app.

Rae G

Works on android The app lacks in that when rotated to landscape it crops and enlarges whatever is on the center section of the home screen instead of cropping the actual photo. I also wished it would auto start at launch and default to auto rotate. I primarily use this app to fix the android orientation issue with Daydream.

Mumeni Fawaz

Rotator I love it because I can rotate my screen to any direction and its soooo coool

Yoshitsune Seijuro Akashi Minamoto

It's wonderful apps Thanks for this apps I can read or play my games without bothering rotate mwah.

Dide Shahin

Iwas having problem with my mobile screen as some portion of it is not working. With screen rotator, this is solved

Pete Dutcher

Apps disappear While using in conjunction with Dodol Launcher, my app icons disappear. I had to go into settings and force this app to stop in order to see them again. Uninstalling!

Brett Hill

One issue The camera is all f-ed up, needs to be fixed.

Milo Kushington

Great app Works great fixed nexus 7 screen stuck issue. Thanks

seyed mostafa Ghayeni

Doesn't work The reverse portrait mode which is why I downloaded the first time doesn't work

Lee Brown

Lees faxs It rotates every thing it does what it says rotation home screen your calls train your games everything so if you looking for something to rotate just ring like I was get this phone it works

Kyle Wallace

Doesn't work Doesn't work and has random popup adds when you are not even using it.

Canuk Hed

Works easy and nice Out us all the ones I tried this one works the best. My s5 rotation stopped working and I tried other apps which sometimes worked but sometimes not. This one turns my screen every time with ease. Thank you.

Michael Bourgeois

Messed up rotation no more Works great for me thus I'm a happy camper.

Rastadan 2143

great ap does what it says i use this on 1 of my quad boot laptops

Pandharinath Jadhav

too good !!!! My phone's bottom display had touch problem, but after installing this app, I can rotate it upside down...and I can now easily use apps which usually dont toggle in landscape...:-)


Doesn't Work Reverse portrait doesn't work.

Craig McLeod

Perfect. Does exactly as it says, and forces the screen to rotate. My phone has a lot of problems. This app, is not one of them.

Isabella Musa

Great! If you are searching for some rotator, this is the one you need! It's very good!

khen gen

Finally I can rotate my home Finally I can rotate my home page. Really cool

The Highwayman

This app saved my bacon! This app seems to me to be getting unduly slated by some here. I found it quite useful and pragmatic on an Huawei Ascend G510. I have a dead region of my touch screen that some apps refused to avoid when I needed them to. So note, the touch screen input also gets rotated, not just the image displayed. I now rotate input dialogues outside of the dead region and enter data again. It’s surprising just how many apps don’t honour the auto rotate. 5 Stars – it’s free and did exactly what it says on the tin, for me, on my handset.

Ettel Chava Rosenbaum

Can't get autmatic mode to work The screen rotation on my phone stopped working randomly. . Which is a problem because it's a function a counted on. I can't find any useful info online. .I decided to try an app or two. It works great in any lock position but when put on automatic it still won't budge. I'm stumped and frustrated because that's the function I really need. I dunno how much of this is to do with the app and how much the phone and I still don't know what is wrong. Sensor issue? If any techy folks have any ideas.....

Jeanine Schoessler

Perfect for my slightly cracked screen Absolutely fantastic save for using apps that only have settings buttons right where my screen is dead. Thank you for this fabulous solution!

Dustin Unilowsky

Good for what I needed I installed this app to help prevent my charger from braking while using it when it's charging. I have it in reverse portrait so the charger is up instead of down. It is a bit glitchy in landscape but I don't need that view so this app is perfect. First bug so far the back ground theme disappears when this app is active. Second bug keyboard seems slower.


Doesn't work Sorry guys only two thirds of a screen on my note 3. Misses bottom half of screen off.

Johngaming Jusayan

Loved it Now I can rotate my home screen and it looks like a tablet!!! XD

Nasir Mehmood

Really good and working.... It is what i wanted... Thanks developer i salute your thought

Daniel Fox

Perfect The tilt/rotation sensor stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy s4. Still haven't figured out how or why, but this app saved my butt. I like that it doesn't slurp very much battery. Personally I expected the app to quickly kill my battery, but it doesn't. The only complaint is that that there's always a little ad in the top left hand corner when you open it up. It disappears when you close it though.

Mark Anton

Does not work Rotates home screen on ZTE n9521, Lollipop 5.1 phone but does not display icon tags at all and Google search bar is not displayed properly. This issue is present on several other apps like this one.

Ryder Young Reezy

Dope app., love it Its reliable, it saved my broken screen, I love it

Loyd Lucas

Almost perfect! I use a Note 3 & so far the only issue is it will not allow me to use my camera in portrait mode.. Please fix and or add an on/off switch to stop app when using the camera.. Once done I will update this review..

Logan R

Works Not sure what this is really useful for, but it works like a charm at what its supposed to do

Vaughn of Zena

Works well Does what it says it does. This does a lot of good for me because the middle of my screen is broken (although I can see it, the sensor is like broken). Although the Auto option doesn't seem to immediately work getting my screen to flip upside down, my phone is sometimes weird about rotation so I'll put the blame on that. Sometimes apps won't adjust to the screen correctly if they're not meant to be rotated, but that's not the author's fault. Good program, invaluable to anyone dealing with a broken screen.

Divorah Dhevz Moralde

After my tablet cracked in the middle and deemed the other half of the touch screen unusable, I can't use my camera the same way ever again but this app has helped me solved that problem Thank you very much developers! The only problem is the setting of rotation in the beginnng is on the middle of the screen which I can't access, but my otg mouse or keyboard can help with that :)

Soumya Mukherjee

Wish I could rate it 10 This app helped me a lot. My phone touch is not responding in certain section. With the help of this app I was able rotate my screen and click where I wanted.

Peter Utekal

100% working On the stock android 4.4.4 looks perfect , there is not any weird widgets or folders ;) (CyanogenMod 11)

Tylon McSwain

Great Very nice setup; I like how it floats in front of and free from whats already happening on screen. My only problem is that mine won't do reverse portrait. That's not really a big problem though, I read other reviews and their reverse portraits work. I'm sure this is an isolated and rare case. To you out there reading this, don't let my minor problem stop you from downloading a terrific app.

Martha The Talking Dog

This app has some issues I have ONE issue with this app and that's the "Auto rotation" on some Android programs like I want to view stuff in landscape view but auto rotates back to portrait view, PLS FIX AND I WILL RATE HIGHER

andres tobias

HTC desire 626s currently Locks home screen in landscape no gltitchy stretched out icons good work... Exactly why I downloaded it...

Halima Begum

? This is good to use when you want to watch a movie on landscape without it changing to portrait every time you move your phone

Zaki Zaki

Good but not great It sometimes stops working and have to turn it on again. If not for that i would have given it 5 stars. Plz fix it. Thanks.

David Noel

Ehhh Better than some. I like the auto rotate but no screen adjustments. Plus it has adds at the top of the screen.

The Hammerdown

Note4! Great app and the iphone thought it was the only one could do it, but it needs a way to turn off!


Easy to use Put it on auto and any apps that did not rotate before will now behave!

Dominika Kozlowska

Literally saved my phone ! The bottom touch panel in my phone stopped working some time ago, I was only able to dowload apps which had rotation option and it just drove me mad cos many good apps don't have this option! I initially thought about repair but I was asked to pay £100 for a new touch panel! I was about to sell my phone for parts ( Samsung Galaxy S5) but luckily found this app !

Jeff Sterup

Broke my screen rotation. Installed this app because I wanted reverse portrait. My galaxy s6 won't do that out of the box. The app won't do reverse portrait in auto. And it doesn't look right when I'm in landscape. Uninstalled the app and now my screen will not rotate anymore. I could auto rotate with the built in settings before I installed it. Thanks for breaking my auto rotate.

Mark Anton

Does not work Update: Still does not work as stated in the following. Rotates home screen on ZTE n9521, Lollipop 5.1 phone but does not display icon tags at all and Google search bar is not displayed properly. This issue is present on several other apps like this one.

Nguyễn Cường

It's pretty useful I do like the feature to use my phone upside-down, but I can't just do it in Auto mode, I'll definitely give it a 5 star rating if you can improve this. Thanks

Benjamin DJIAN

Perfect About 1cm, all the way on the left of my smartphone touchscreen is not working anymore. This app is allowing me to use all the keys of my phone's keyboard, even inside an app that doesn't allow rotation of screen. Thanks a lot!!!

naresh nes

Lovely app My broken phone one side touch not working ..but make me to the do it works all Round's around

Chloe Mcleod

For some reason it's stopped working I downloaded this a while ago and it worked great but for some reason now it's stopped working

Returded TV

It's very good but don't let it go on landscape mode with your password

Jason wongpj

Nice app I can control my phone's screen whether in app or in home page!

Slavko Isakov

Not the best but this don't have trial

One more think i want Is that also it should rotate at 360°,& thn i wll give u 5 stars i hope u watch mine feedback

Bharath Balu

Waste It does not auto rotate


Very usefull Finally my fu¢π;!ng cord doesn't bend over my chest lg pro lite

Kyle Schleich

Perfect Forces all apps to auto rotate. Exactly what I was looking for!

kashif ahmed

Super No words to say about this app super

edward smith

Screen rotation I think every phone should come with this app

Prajwal K

I still can't believe it really worked! I wanted reverse portrait and this did the trick! ?

Raja Tahir

Amazing app but have one bug ... All icons were not shown ...

mario uriarte

Love I've been using this for as long as I have found it

Vishu Saini

Good app I like this app it help me a. Lot

imtiyaz hasan khan

Very good Rotation all side

Thomas Collins

Stopped working

Prabhanshu Sahu

App Awesome


AWESUM After my phone stops rotating even with Screen Rotation on, I found this, and still using for 5 months, but my only request is to make this app run without making the app you recently opened stop. I mean, I am using Youtube a lot and when I want to rotate the device from landscape to portrait while a video is being played, the app will stop as like you opened another app, which is this. So I hope you understand what I mean.

Rachael Frye

Simply does what it says it does. This app overrides everything to allow you to rotate the screen the way you want or have it on auto. Will work in apps that don't normally rotate. However since some apps weren't designed to rotate they are sometimes stretched. I would given it a 5 star but once i have it on i cannot seem to remove the notification for it.

Andrew Taverner

Reverse portrait doesn't work As others have pointed out, you can get it to work by selecting reverse portrait holding the phone upside down and selecting auto. However, this means no upside down use in bed, since it's set to auto. Fix and 5 stars

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