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5 Sep

Posted by CapEnjoy in Board | Sept. 5, 2013 | 42 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB

Play "AppWords" on your smartphone and tablet !

ScrabbleWords is a game Scrabble like. A word game in which players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a gameboard. The words are formed across and down in crossword fashion and must appear in a standard dictionary.

ScrabbleWords is 100% offline! No internet connection required. In the car, train, plane or at home play against your opponents without any time constraint!
Furthermore, ScrabbleWords is multiplayer (local)!

Scrabble players could train and improve their words knowledges.

- Play up to 5 players (friends or computers) on the device.
- Opponents Scrabble computers have advanced AI, and will not be easy to beat!
- 5 levels of difficulties
- Easy grip of ScrabbleWords, fluid game with animations for a more realistic atmosphere.
- Supported languages ​​and dictionaries:
           * French - Dictionnary v6
           * English - North American Dictionnary
- HD Display.
- Customize the application: names of players, board layout, dictionary.
- Statistics of games played.
- Game rules included in the application.
- Autosaving games! No game loss!

Good games on ScrabbleWords !

CapEnjoy part of our Board and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2013. Google play rating is 75.6804. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download scrabblewords.apk 23.0 MB


Alexhana Maioa Guevarra

WTH There's a word "zen" right? Well, this game said that it's not found in the dictionary! There's more!! There's a word turn in the game that I played and I put the letters 'r' and 'e' to form the word "return". I also put the letters 'o' and 'd' beside the letter 'r'. So I have 2 words. You already imagine it? And when I pressed the "play" button it said 'words should be aligned' WTH!! Don't waste your time. So hated it. I only gave it 2 stars.

Jenilee Thompson

I used to like it... Until I realized the 'computer' can play words that I am not allowed to use. Played a game where the computer played both 'oa' and 'aa' as words. One game later, I attempted to use the same words and the notification saying "-- does not exist in the dictionary" appears. Not only that, but 'bint' is a word but 'bing' isn't? Un-installed the app. If I am going to play a game, I'm gonna play it right and i expect the same from my opponent, computer or not.

J. Jones

No Good Love the game WHEN IT WORKS. I installed this game about a week ago. It worked fine at first, a nice alternative to the ads in Scrabble. Then the problems began a couple of days ago... It constantly started closing out in the middle of the game and now today it started giving me ";" (semi-colons) instead of letters! WTF? Sorry but I'm uninstalling after submitting this review.

Thomas Dalliston

Thank you for not needing internet! Great app that does everything you want for a game of scrabble at anytime anywhere with friends or against the computer. So stupid that the official version and zynga version force you to have an internet connection even for local play! Really like that you can have up to 5 players too. Only minor issue is that when you add the fifth player during set up the box for the name is overlapping with other game settings but I'm sure a minor bug fix will correct this :).

emily lattanzi

Latest update made it so you can't see the letters Used to be a great game, but now all the text is in italics and you can't see the letters on the blocks to play.

Steve Scribbins

Unstable and dictionary is suspect Layout is good and no adverts but that is it. It doesn't let you play common words like 'be' and then plays a south African swearword. The dictionary it uses should be accessible to the player.

Brix Bocaboc

Out of the world words, oh well, what can we do for a free game, please edit the game, I am expecting an updated game next time, but hey, even if you are bias ,I won 90 plus % of the game, thanks for the wonderful time playing the game.

Neil Orr

Good game some faults Certain legal words are not recognised ive just played a game and was told the word. BE was not in the dictionary and im sure computer opponent makes up some words and also cheats by filling my rack with vowels more often then can be described as unlucky But saying thati prefer this version compared to EA s offical scrabble game which i uninstalled due to irratating ads through out their version of the game.because of android lolipop upgrade games become unplayable letters dont appear properly shame

Sherry Saulsbury

CHALLENGING!!!!(zte prelude) I Love this game its educational. A very logical & informative app. I enjoys it every day when I gets off work. It relieves stress and feelin tired off my mind. If u don't have it I would down-down this app right now while your reading this. It only takes a minute of your time.

madison heenan

Drives me crazy Love the lay out of the board. But it is so annoying when the computer only plays one letter words. And once in a blue moon will actually put down a 4\5 letter word. Kills me. If I wanted to play a two year old, I'd play with my daughter.

Mark Wheeler

Great! I looked up a lot of the words that other reviewers had issues with, and according to the official SCRABBLE dictionary, the computer was correct in each case (if there was a problem with the word "BE" before, it's fixed now.) According to Alexhana's review, he/she complained that the computer wouldn't allow making the words "return" and "rod", but from the description, the letters were clearly going in different directions. There is nothing wrong with the app. People just don't know how to play the game.

Gillian Stern

Its entertaining except the computer put in random letters that dont even make words. And when i put in tbe same combo as it, it says its not a word. So not fair

Marcia U Anderson

Finally A game with NO commercials and does NOT require any special permissions. That is great. Thanks to CapEnjoy, this is the most used game I have. I installed just a few days ago and since installing I've barely used my other games. I use scrabble finder to help me find words. Loads of fun. I play against my tablet robot. Thanks CapEnjoy!!!!!

Manuel Teixeira

Not good for mobile. Response to entries 'words must be aligned' yet am entering words correctly

David Field

Excellent scrabble like game Scrabble in all but name. Works well on HTC One but perhaps a bit battery heavy.

Paul Mysliborski

Good, but two little problems.... This game isn't too bad. It does however have a tendency to boot you out of the game when attempting to enter a word. No big deal, as you can reenter and press continue. Also just started to notice that the game does not give you the correct amount of points for words sometimes. Fix these things, and its a 5 star game for sure.

Erica Pietracupa

Love it! Only a few minor issues other than that great game, well designed, love the graphics and how easy it is to play.

Danny Brett

Danny 7in tablet Works fine , apart from the strange words even a beginner uses and all the so called two letter words. Disallows 'be' Improvements need see near the end ,number of tiles opponent got left and opponents tiles a different colour or marking on tile played, can't always see play, to quick

daniel smith

Great game but for some unknown reason 'Be' is not in its dictionary. Annoying when your trying to get a high score from another word with an E. Brilliant but for that error 4 out of 5.

Tammy Tucker

Good game Its got a few kinks, like saying letters must be aligned when they are & i can not figure out how to get to dictionary while im playing. But over all its good. I play alot.

s/v Silverheels III

Lousy dictionary The game regularly says that words are not in the dictionary that most certainly ARE. Very frustrating. May go back to Scrabble, even with the irritating ads.

Jayne Mcniff

Uninstall Someone needs to spell check this game properly...'taxis' is not spelt 'taxies' i spell words and they exist but not allowed in the game

Choyax Sarsale

I like this app but the problem is the board, when I double tap the board it does not zoom in or zoom out. Pls fix it for yhe next update

Andrew Lopez

Proper let down Played for a good 20 minutes and was impressed. Then it started declaring my words weren't in the dictionary????????????? June? ?????????? June not in the dictionary? ?????? Uninstalled Please let me know when you fix such a vital prob!

Helen Gale

Within the first few minutes of playing it's already made up 3 words. I will be uninstalling now.

andy Lawley

Cheat Makes up its own words that I checked with Oxford English dictionary and they don't exist. Total Pants

Kevin Calford

Good Scrabble clone. Shame about the dictionary though. Continually makes up words. Can still beat it though despite the cheating, lol. 1 star from me I'm afraid. Will revise if it's fixed.

Ben Chow

Dictionary isssues ' Be' is not in the dictionary. Was this to be or not to be. Otherwise good app. Edit. Blank tile disappeared and replaced with n. The mystery deepens. Edit 2. Sometimes when I pull a tile back from the board it turns into a blank tile. Please fix.

Zionne Rebekah

The game's a sore loser. It doesnt accept ordinary words that get high scores despite the fact that they exist, and always makes up words. The game's a sore loser, won't Let me play -_-. And theres no dictionary at all, might as well uninstall

kevin flower

ScrabbleWords I like the game but once you have gone to make a move you can't make the board small in case you've decide to change the move Otherwise I've had no problems with it.

Colin James Crawford

Good game, not sure about some words the computer dreams up

Zohar Leder

Bugs in point calculation At first it seemed like a really nice app. At hard levels the computer gave me quite a fight. Until I realized that some of the scores that it gave itself didn't make sense. Since then I checked the score calculation many times - it's buggy. Sometimes too little, sometimes too much. Also in simple cases, as long as the letters you put create more than one word. The mistakes are rare, but ruin the game for me.

Jackson Steen

Yes, the game IS a sore loser. It does make up words such as PAIKED and JOLE and there is no way to contest this. Other than that the game is very much like Scrabble.

Joshua Philips

Bad Scorekeeping Often gets the scoring wrong on value tiles and when making more than one word on an intersecting play. Also crashes at least once a game.

jona Labrador

Need a dictionary guide I'll rate this 5 star if there's an update about this

Helen Browne

This game is good if you want scrabble game off line to xxx

Cindy Ross

Love that I can play offline Double tap does not work to zoom out board have to go back to main menu. Scoring is off - does not always account for two words or two double score etc. Miss Scrabbles 4 play a word for you. Love the statistics which scrabble does not have.

Nancy Gibson

App words Great levels. .love the challenges. .keeps the mind working!!

Ogbuefi Darlington

Say no2 Ads & non offline games Shame on EA games' scrabble. Ads infected crap

Adam Williams

Good game but I AI seems to come up with words that are not in the Dictionary (Consice Oxford English Dictionary!)

Cole Train

Shady "glitches" I get screwed out of points all the time. Using a TL two ways only gives you one way points. A final score tie gives a win to the CPU. I can't play obvious words like "zen" but CPU plays ridiculous made up words all day. The game conveniently force closes as I'm playing a big point word but never while playing a low point word.

Suzanne Waterman

You cheat. Words count for you but when i use them you say these words do not exist. It is bad enough that you use some weird dictionary but you cannot change the just rules to suit you. Example VO

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