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6 Sep
Scientific Calculator

Posted by android.soft in Tools | Sept. 6, 2015 | 104 Comments

Apk file size: 2.2 MB

The app is a powerful Android scientific calculator with real look. It is one of the few Android calculators with complex number equations support. Features:
* Real equation view editor with brackets and operator priority support
* Component or polar complex entry/view mode
* Equation and result history
* 7 easy to use memories
* Large universal/physical/mathematical/chemical constant table
* Degrees, radians and grads mode for trigonometric functions
* Fixed, scientific and engineering view mode
* Easy to use with real look
* Advertisement free!
Would you like to have multiline equation editor with equation syntax hightiting, actual bracket highlighting and trigonometric functions of complex argument support? Upgrade to PowerCalc Pro.
* Multiline equation editor
* Equation syntax highliting
* Actual bracket highliting
* Trigonometric functions with complex argument support
Stay tuned! We are preparing new functionalities:
* Unit conversions
* Radix modes
* Help

android.soft part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2015. Google play rating is 72.8283. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 2.2 MB.

Download scientific-calculator-4.apk 2.2 MB


Kayron Mercieca

Great, but can't buy! This is precisely the calculator App I want. As a secondary school Mathematics teacher, I find all its functions and the in-line calculation display precisely what one needs. However, I'm trying to buy the App and can't. It keeps saying I need to sign in to my Google account despite obviously being signed in as other App purchases work. Unfortunate as I'd like to get rid of ads and support the developer.

richard t Biggio

Works nicely Does a good job of replacing my trusty TI-86 graphing calc that's on loan to a family member!

Kevin Eubanks

Solid A solid, well-designed app. But not particularly outstanding.

T.A. Nelson

A scientific calculator on my phone... The only thing my phone didn't have when I bought it. My Vet. Technology classes just got a jump start...

AnuJ Gupta

Not so much impressed but OK Ok type app.... does not give a right answer for a complete equation...

Yuu Mori

lol when you type "numbers of horn of unicorn", it says "2".lol.

Julie Makena

Awesooome I love it. As an engineer,it has a load of functions and very easy and handy.

Velda Mack

This was very helpful to me and daughter

Angel Soncco

I like this app quite easy to work with.

alexa lopez

Its a good tool for geometry

Adeolu Keshinro

Who puts up ads when you are making a serious calculation? Who does that?

Emdadul Islam

its very useful thanks

Garry Moore

Does everything I want

Jim Rohnkohl

Great Other than the ads it's excellent!

mohamad solaiman

Helpful and fast to use

Jade Bucio

Ugh it's confusing

Ruben Prada

Very useful

Miriam Villarreal

Yeah Yeah awesome Loved it

Shining Star

Wrong answers It some times give wrong answer plus its very difficult....

Simon Pritchett

Waste of time A scientific calculator without the ability to have a correctly functioning ans key is an exercise in pointlessness.

Suraj Rana

I pressed tan 60 and it says error stupid

Usama Al Mahi

missing some functions... Not so good..

Mudashiru Bolaji

Great Best of the best

Kagari Kunosaki

Wow Very bad. Much flunk. Very repeat.

Air Seeker

Very useful calculator and enough function for daily QA use. Large keyboard.

Loris Mejia

Loris Mejia The best calculator I have ever used. It has everything I need. Absolutely wonderful

Kyle Call

Love it! Does everything I need

Courtney Whittlesey

Its not help full at all!!!!!

Stein Erik Meinseth

Not possible to buy premium

Angel Chris

It's a good app

Arlan Lanuza

love the application I like the application easy to used. I rate 5 ? ?

Mick Mwandama

It's a nice tool

Jim McComas

Fits an architect's needs Solid performance and easy operation

William G Morris Jr

Everything I need

Shannon Lucas

Is there negative stars? Seriously, after every button you press on this calculator there is an ad. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Jasmine Ruiz

Don't get it Absolutely horrible. The calculator itself is good. Like a regular calculator right. What made this the most poor quality was that literally every second there is an ad popping. I'm here trying to find the compound interest punching in all these numbers to find the compound interest after two years and then it's LITERALLY one ad after every click.

Elisheva Bat-Sha'ul

Fantastic! I do really like this app. It has all the buttons and functions a scientific calculator should have. It always comes in handy to me when I can't find my actual calc. Only one bad thing though. There are ads everywhere and as soon as you get an answer it allows you to see it for about .8 seconds before an ad takes over the entire page. I am not sure if the creators could monitor and change that but it would be an AMAZING improvement.

Francisco Gonzalez

pop up ads up the ars. i wouldn't mind dealing with a few ads here and there.. but come on yo. an ad after every calculation is retarded

Matthew Coleman

Horrible Are you kidding me? You can't do ANY equations without exiting out of dozens of adds. I get you need ads in order to make this app free, but this is too much.

Melissa Rangel

Works fine In my opinion, this calculator app works fine. I've read peoples' comments, so I decided to try it out for myself. And sure enough I liked! Though, I don't like that it keeps on poping ads and ads and more ads so I put four stars. I don't really mind the ads that much it just irritates me.

David Johnson

I don't like it Trying to find rates with diameters and I can't figure this thing out i wouldn't recommend it

Mike Colletti

Ads ads ads 4 + 2= ADS The ad pop ups are overbearing and will happen while doing a problem frequently. Gj developers.

Paz Barraza

Great app But the pop up full screen adds are very annoying. And they happen every couple seconds. Makes the app hard and unenjoyable

Paris Boorman

It was terrible. Every 5 seconds there is an ad they aren't relevant or interesting either. They are just spam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

Timothy Martin

Ads suck don't you know that? You guys siriousely should stick to bar ads I will be typing away and it forces me to watch a video or I'll acedently click an add then I lose my train of thought algrabra is hard egnof pepole

kyden rauch

Sucks It is not at all like the image. it can't graph and adds pop up every 5 seconds

Moin Syed

Ads gone wild app Horrible to have ad cover the app after each cannot do math if you have to click out after each click!

Carlos Chinchilla

Great I want to purchase the full version but it says I must sign into my Google account even though I'm already logged in

Aguilor Mulonze

I like this calculate it helps me a lot @ work,easy to work with it and has got memory

Amber Bowens

Great, but sucks Like everyone else is saying the app itself is terrific but the ads are killer

Steven Shedlock

Too many ads... Really hard to evaluate when so many ads keep popping up... 2 stars since it does at least open...usability is low, uninstalled.

Monica juarez

The ads are crazy annoying I'm just trying to do my homework and they keep popping up AFTER EVERY CALCULATION

James Lewis

GET RID OF ADDS, I'M 13 FOR GODS SAKE!!! Great but y do we need to buy full version to remove adds. I got homework!!! I HAVE NO TIME FOR ADDS!!!!!!!!

Braxton Ripley

Ads for ever Can not get anything done with this calculator due to the ads that pop up with every button press

Kevin Roesler

.... Ads I am tired of these ads. I tried upgrading and it says I need to sign in.... Which I obviously am. Fix your app buddy boy

Fatimat Olaoye

Ads The app would have been great, only every button you press takes you to stupid ads

Nicholas Alvarado

Every other time I press a button, an add pops up blocking me from my function and or my answer

Brian Murphy

Too many ads. After every calculation or in the middle of a calculation an ad pops up. Horrible. Would rather spend the money on a real caculator then deal with this crap.

Augustus Ebelegi

Excellent app It makes scientific work easier.

Melody Bloxsom

Ads everytime a function is done. Uninstalling, liked otherwise.

Matt Wollert

Horrible... It's one thing to have ads at the top of you're calculator, but this interrupts the calculation after everything single input. Horrible. Don't get it.

Keemy John

What's up with the ads? Great product but completely ruined by the ads. After EVERY calculation there is an annoying add. Going to delete.

Christina Mundt

Useful don't like the one way thing

J M Graham

It's free but does that mean I have to drown in ads? Don't bother.

Ed Peck

Ads everywhere Too many ads after I use it once an ad pops up

Raul Rivas

Ads I'm entering numbers then pause for a bit than an ad pops up

Benjamin Ansah

Mr ansah Very nice one to use.

Maxwell Vallée

Way too many adds! Every time I use the dang calculator it has an add popup at least 40 times in 5 minutes. This is ridiculous.

Nicole Bokanoski

No graph Pic shows can graph, you cant

Ethan Grossinger

Works good for myself Works whenever I need it to.

Vince S

Offensive advertising model Constant ads every few seconds = instant uninstall

Mindy Dyson

If I could give a neg star..... Too many adds interrupting

Stuart Lopez

Excellent little device, what'll they think of next!

Fricken Chickenify

Ads There are way too many ads, and a lot of buttons do not exist or don't work

Donald Ferris

Ad infested Infected with ads, do not waste your time with this app. !!

Tihi E

Adds... After install, I couldn't even calculate a single problem before adds and pop-ups started. Ads are OK in apps, but developers shouldn't abuse it!

Michael McReynolds

Ad pop ups Worthless when you're trying to solve a complex problem and the app spams ad popups. Deleted

Marlene Trempy

Waste of time It works great as a calculator but after you hit enter you get an ad!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! HUGE WASTE OF TIME

Zaria Baker

To many ads!! Very disappointed! But it has all the buttons you would need!! Just dye down on the ads!!

Matt Mori

Every button is an ad trap Would honestly take me an entire minute to enter 2+2

Evah King

In Spite of Pop-up Adds I like this app regardless of the adds - I just x them out! The App actually looks and feels like I am holding a real scientific calculator in my hand. Cool!

kidist Demisse

I didn't like it because it interrupted me a lot. Advertisements came on like every second

Sandy Sid

Network hog It show annoying ads after every calculation, that is ridiculous for something that wants to call itself "scientific". Better call it " an average calculator I want to get paid for desperately".

Ghost Cuber

Free Ad Solution This works well, but there have been many complaints of ads. To fix this, turn off wifi and data. Inconvenient, but no ads!

Michael Doherty

Ads after every function? An ad bar plus the ads after doing a function? I'm removing this and reporting you and your app.

Shelby Davis

Absolutely horrible! I downloaded the app and within 2 minutes over 10 ads popped up on the screen. I couldn't even click any buttons without accidentally opening an add. Huge waste of time

Rigoberto Alvarenga

Ads every buttong you pressed To the creator of this app.. Be serious man. I know you need the money from ads but an ad every 10 seconds? You've gotta be kidding me

Leah Macey

Ad frequency makes this app unusable C'mon, guys. An ad after every simple calculation is too much. I spend more time on this app trying to get out of the ads I have inadvertently clicked then actually using the software. Not worth the time!

Wolf Gray

Must have I have been looking for a calculator that actually uses asin atan and acon which is really needed for the work I do in Geometry. Too bad that it has a lot of adds in it to where it becomes a pain in the A$$

Danielle Shilling

Attack of the Ads If you are trying to do computations beyond three or four key presses I really hope you don't lose your place because you will be interrupted by ads. This application is made completely useless by the incessant ad pop ups!!!!

Adrienne Fisher

Hate it! Wayyyyyy too many ads. I should NOT have to deal with that many ads when I'm trying to get homework done in a TIMELY fashion! Grrrrrr.....

ArkBlade VipenStrike

Worst calculator A commercial pops up with nearly every button pressed. Save your data for something better.

Jackson ross-parent

Stop the pop up adds Great calculator. Stop the continuous pop up video adds and it would be even better. The adds are annoying as frig when trying to use the calculator of a extended period of time. Get rid of the adds and it'll be five stars.

Yolanda Boyd

The ads need to be removed. Every time I hit equal it goes right into a ad. That's ridiculous.


Bad news bears with this calculator. I couldn't even throughly examine this calculator there are just too many ads to do so.

Brielle Lowery

Stupid This app has nothing but ads. Don't waste time

Alyssa Lovell

Why Everytime I press the equal button I get an ad that follows... Really bad

Samantha Frederick

Too many adds, trying to do my finance homework is a nightmare. I can't even see my answer u til I watch a 5 second add.

Andy Brown

Ads, ads, ads This is freaking terrible. Ads pop up almost every button pressed. Do not even try to use this garbage.

Sheryl Newport

Sucks This app truly sucks because you have so many advertisements that I couldn't even finish typing my problem before another one popped up. I would not recommend this app to ANYONE.

Ashley Dzvetero

Horrible The app itself is great, but every time I punch a number an ad pops and blocks the screen. I can't even use it due to excessive ads.

Tomeka Simmons

SUCKS! I hate the fact that every time you hit enter, an ad pops up versus my answer.

Omar Elgendy

Misleading title This app that shows me different ads has this glitch where a calculator appears for a few seconds. Is there any way to fix this? I just want to watch the ads that appear every 5 seconds

Elias Hicks

Just be sure to turn off WiFi and data Everyone has been complaining about the ads, but if you're offline, what's it gonna do? I've already done it and everything. Enjoy your ad free calculator.

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