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8 Jan
School Festival

Posted by ABABO in Casual | Jan. 8, 2014 | 50 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

New school, new encounters, new possibilities.
The school festival is just around the corner.
Time to schedule your life, make friends, have fun and enjoy your youth because this is where everything will start...


Genre: Visual Novel, Otome Game
Language: English
Game might run out of memory and crash on low spec devices
The walkthrough for the game can be found on our site.

Whats new

    +Various bug fixes
    +Fixed a bug that prevented access to one page of the Gallery after achieving 100% completion

ABABO part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Jan. 8, 2014. Google play rating is 75.8512. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 38.0 MB.

Download school-festival.apk 38.0 MB


Jkate Agpalo

TIP: In order to have an ending, you should have enough visits in Festival~~ I played it twice and still didnt get an ending so I decided to change the places I visit, more on Festival~And yay I got an ending of Sano!! Great Game! I will now continue on other's story~~

Anniw Siatras

I would give more stars if I could actually download the game it looks cool and I want to try it but the stupid 919 aero code keeps showing up at 100% The game looks nice so I really wanna try it! Haha hope it works soon! Thanks for your time :)

Elaisia Hylton

I'm getting upset Every time i play this game nd i go to the end i always get no one nd dance with everyone i don't know what I'm doing wrong but I'm getting mad if you help me out then I'll give a better rate

April Ochoa

Love Forget my other comment I played all story's.I loveeeeeeee Sano's story its romantic/weird.Weird because in your relationship you yell a lot but here's a sneak peak of what he says when you say yes.He picks you up and then says (you are my girlfriend,you are mine) SOOOOOO ROMANTIC GET THIS GAME!!!!!!

Kayla Renolds

Disappointed I was getting really into this game! I got deep into the story, and all of a sudden the game screen went dark and it put me at the start screen..i had to start my whole game from the beginning. This happened to me twice now, and I don't want to uninstall but I can't deal with this problem reoccurring..

John Posadas

This was such an addictive game! I don't even know where to start! First, I just randomly chose answer and things and I wasn't happy with my ending and then I started playing and playing again and I loved it! It was so addictive and the story is so cute! My first guy was Sano and their confession thing was so cute! Hahaha, I recommend this so much! Good job! I look forward to many other games that you guys create! (':

Nindya Syavira

IT'S FREE, GUYS! AS FREE AS A HOUSE ELF GOTTEN A CLOTHES I'll leave the complain first, I cleared all scene but then it doesn't give me the afterwords. I really wanted to hear what the developer and programmer think about the game AND I WANT TO KNOW THE CLASS PRESIDENT NAME SO CURIOUS :( oh and it sometimes closes itself. But yeah, this is a really great good wonderful, game. You name it. At first I was confused on how to get each character's route but after figuring it out I had soooo much fun. It's really addictive and-- oh wait I can't type too much.

Jax M

Loved it! This is the second game I've played by these creators and I love it as much as the first one! This one was a bit more difficult but so much fun! I am still missing 2 scenes but have everything else unlocked so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. However, I will keep trying as I just love playing! My favorite is a toss up between student Amano and Hirota. Thank you so much for all your hard work creating this really awesome game! :-)

Dina Droubi

Tiresome game. The first time I play, I get along well with hiro since he is too easy to talk. I got him protect me from bully and do a play with him, but then I clean up the class. Its really hard to get the end with hiro or sano. Every time I tried talk to them, hiro is keep busy and sano keep saying 'im still angry' even though I try to be nice to him. I already finish helping the festival. There is nothing wat I can do since its keep repeating, never let me get new route. Its too complicated and tiresome. Im srry

Jas Issabelle Belarm

ADDICTIVE! The game is awesome! I was frustrated at first because I couldn't get any good endings but everything works out well if you help with the festival and view all the right scenes. I also love how the creators made a guide for it on their website! <3 And it's all FREE and FUN! :D The storyline's excellent, challenging, and fun. The music is well-picked and great as well. Plus I also loved how all the characters are unique and fun in their own way. Hoping for more ABABO games soon! <3

Silver Mist

I loved it but... Every time I reach an ending, (stuck trying to get Tetsuya's ending to unlock others), it automatically closes with a little sign at the corner saying 'low memory'. I was a bit angry because I saw that I had a lot of space. I've played it for 5+ times and it's still stuck at the part where they want to dance with me. I can't see Tetsuya's ending!!! I got the other two with just 4 crashes. 1 for Naoki (my first ending) 3 for Kidou. It's completely killing me to do it all over again.


SF = Simply Fun and kind of relaxing. It's so refreshing to see free otome games that aren't, well...gross. This is very cute! If you are having trouble with endings, Google a guide! I'm having fun, and the game is quick enough for you to keep playing 'til you get the ending you want.

Yazmin Paddio

Not good When you get almost to the end it never let me go back to school

Pranali Bhatt

Love it It's a fun game and with the help of the walkthrough I played all the games...( though i m unable to get ischizaki ending A and B) I <3 Naoki!!!

auryonna stewart

Great Fun game! I got the bad ending at first then played again that changed thankfully. It changes with the choices you make overall fun game you can keep going back to for different story lines!!

Fang-Hsin Hung

Bravo! I read the afterword and I must say I am really looking forward to the next piece of work~ Keep up the good quality I have been seeing^^

Malie Heine

ADORBS! *SQUEAL* I finally got all the characters and their endings! I like Ichizaki's after story, it was embarassing but adorable! And I LOOOVE Red/Amano's after stories. It was so cute! *sigh* Wish we could go for Mr. Tanaka though. XD Because I got his ending in Love Blossom and it was so cute. Also, what the heck is the Class President's name?! O.O Oh well. :P

A Google User

This game is really superb I like the animation its cute....I hope you still continue to make new Romance Otome Games...but if you do make it free please make it free like the Love Blossoms Extended and School Festival those games are so cool..

Hong Dynasty

This game is so awesome and free but no matter what I end up with nobody to go to the dance with me? Is it because of my choices or is this just part of the game?

Melanie Campos

Help It's a really Good game I just can't seem to get amonos ending b and c, someone help?

Kawaii Kay-chun

Love it!!!!! I absolutely love this app!!!! Its just as good as the other one by the same creators!!!!! Although I need help!!!! I can't get sano's story no matter how hard I try. I have gotten the other two boys story and loved them but I can't get sano's. HELP!!!?

Devina Lim

Excellent~! I used to play this in my tab but noe since I used a new phone I downloaded it again, but I can't find the save button?

Tasha Moon

Loved it! My first otome game and I think I'm hooked. Fun characters, lots of extras, great walk-through by the creators. I'm still missing 1 scene in the gallery and don't know the story of Hiro meeting Sano but hopefully I'll discover it eventually

Jeriemel Perez

having fun... hope you guys make more games like this..

Raquel Negron

Ichizaki! I got all the Ichizaki scenes and I gotta say, its so beautiful. Having a bit of a hard time figuring out how many times I really need to help out with the festival, but everything else is magical. I feel like I'm 15 again. ^.^

Fasya Farisha Syazwani

Sick Im sick bcuz always repeating the same thing..tired plus boring eventhough the story line is cute n best

Assyifa Kargi

So cuteee FOR PEOPLE WHOS STUCK, Ababo has a guide and YOU SHOULD check the internet before you complain and give this great game a one star. You should be grateful its free! There were so many hard to get scenes but i lovee it, its just worth it. Still havent unlocked some scenes on 'other'. Please make new games!:) i personally like kidou's ending A and B

priya sharma

Help The game is awesome but I can't get ichizaki ending help walk through was not in detail

Morgan Furr

Help! I love the story but I keep getting the bad ending where she doesnt get to go to the dance! Will give 5 stars if someone explains what im doing wrong!

Ophelia Knight

Why!?! I had just gotten to the part where Sano was confessing and the app closed unexpectedly!! Fix it, fix it, fix it!!!! I was really getting into it, I was so close to that confession! Fix it and I will give 5 stars!!!!

Aqidatul Izzah

The story is very simple Unfortunately the game don't have a skip bottom. It hard to play without it. And I love Kidou's path. He's really cute :D

Anny Ruby

Awesome This it's the more fun game a have played

Khya Blesser

Yeah Love itgreat and u should get it please rate it

Madhee Ahmed

Loved it I like it but i never got an ending with sano

yuki ushiro

Really fun game I already found the good ending of the three and get there after story. But how can i get the other picture and scenes really frustrated searching for it.

Regina Harrell

Finished I got to dance with sano and naiko at the same time because I could not decide who to go to the dance with

Florance Augustine

I really didn't understand this game. At first, this game was quite fun. But then, after I walk back home from the school after looking for Kidou, that moment I start to confuse with this game. No more story after that? Someone tell me what i'm got to do.

Gabrielle Fontenot

This game is soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!! I love this game at first I don't like it but now its just so fun to play!!

A Google User

This game is really superb I like the animation its cute....I hope you still continue to make new Romance Otome Games...but if you do make it free please make it free like the Love Blossoms Extended and School Festival those games are so cool..

anime star

Love it! I just finished the both of the boys but not yet of the junior or whatever

Rifka Adella

Totally must play this, the graphic is so awesome for the free games and nice backsound, everything is perfect! Dont listen to anyone just try this and you will know the reason i give 5 star

rebbekah cannons

Pretty good I found it to be a good otome styled game art was a bit off looking and it would've been nicer with more characters and more conversation events for each one but aside from that it was really enjoyable and certainly far better than love blossom.

nzrhnqmh abby1abby

great game! its greeat, but i hate it when there is no "save" button and, everytime i play it, it keeps on shutting off. :((

Sarah Kidd

Continous shut down It closes evertime on kidiou's close to end when go to infirmary, which ruins story, if fixed would get a 5/5 star, but until then it is only ok

Tanya White

Love it.... But I can't get the Tetsuya ending, even though he goes to the festival. He just gets dragged off.

joseph Mutombo

Eh This game isn't so fun when you start all over because the game is already long in the first place so starting all over is annoying! (VERY) But other than that its okay, I guess.

Malak Ibrahim

Someone help me !! I always get the bad ending !! I didn't know what im doing wrong but plzzz someone help me !!

A Google User

Do not open. Only shows ababo logo then exits

Trixia Lazaga

OMG The game was really good and I really love it but I wish you could do more in the story like go on a date with them or give them gifts but for me I give it 5 stars.

Kawaii Kay-chun

Love it!!!!! I absolutely love this app!!!! Its just as good as the other one by the same creators!!!!! Although I need help!!!! I can't get sano's story no matter how hard I try. I have gotten the other two boys story and loved them but I can't get sano's. HELP!!!?

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