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25 Jun
School Days

Posted by MDickie in Simulation | June 25, 2016 | 157 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

"A good school simulation with outstanding features." - OFSTED

School's IN for summer! The story goes that Hard Time's prison has closed down and re-opened as a high school, but the challenge to survive and thrive remains the same. Live every hour of every day in real-time - from getting out of bed in the morning to attending a timetable full of classes, as you explore a city filled with interactive props. Picking up knowledge from each class helps you answer real questions in 10 different subjects, as you work towards the grades you need to graduate. But with over 100 fellow students walking the halls, an equally important popularity contest decides whether your days are filled with fun or fear.

Although the game is mostly free to play, you can upgrade to a "Private" education to remove ads and make the school your own - starting with a student of your own creation and saving your changes to all 10 classes as well as the teachers and civilians. Private students also benefit from a more continuous experience that never ends until you want it to. And unlike the sims with numerous micro purchases, just ONE small payment unlocks the whole game for life.

In-game tutorials explain in more depth, but the basic controls are as follows:
A = Attack (on its own to aim low, with a direction to aim high)
G = Grapple / Throw object
R = Run
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to prioritize objects, without to prioritize furniture)
T = Taunt (interact with props)

- Press ATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack.
- Press any button with any direction (or none) in a grapple to trigger different moves (as in Wrestling Revolution).
- Press RUN and PICK-UP together to set fire to a small object (which can then be used to set fire to a large object).
- Touch the clock or health meter to pause the game for more options.
- Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.

- If you find your device struggles to display lots of characters, considering keeping the "Population" option low.
- "Speed Up Frame Rate" sleeping will require good performance, so consider leaving it on "Speed Up Clock".
- Head to the "Display" options to tone down other features.

To learn more about this and other games, join the debate at:

Whats new

    - Exclusive link to try the new superhero game, "Super City"!
    - Improved compatibility with modern operating systems (but possibly not older ones).
    - Various bug fixes.

MDickie part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 25, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4615. Current verison is 1.090. Actual size 37.0 MB.

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Brooke gill

Awsome Great except for then random people beat you no reson and It needs a map for our of school and something to show who your friends are and enemys, Awesome game!!

Gotitfodalo Oki

It's pretty good *Teacher takes awhile to start class *Make falling off skateboard/bike harder *Should have reminder or something for when you have to bring items to class. Other than that I like the game .. (Paid for full game)

Twinkie Foster

Great but... I like the game a lot but when u lose control u almost always hit someone and get in trouble I wish the raging would stop it's messing up the game u can find money on the ground sometimes and buy stuff pretty much anywhere.

Chad Glasgow

Ads This game isn't put together well enough to warrant 30 second ads, with no skipping option.

Shabana Anis

Awesome But can we add more stuff in bags and can we have a mansion and where is the bar plus in sports period the stupid coach says me to beat some I do it he lowers my grade and can you also make earning money easier

Riyaadh Oozeerally

????? I want yo create my own character but I can't. ..what kind of game is this...I have always like MDICKIE games but not this one because of the character creation. .

Johnjuls Calapre

Only 4 stars Because: Its not like the other games like the prison and the wrestle which i loved. Its missing something from those 2 games which you also made. 1 more thing. Can we create our own character just like the other games?. Im looking forward for you guys to read my comments . I love your games.

Lora Lozano

Great game People are complaining about the characters losing control. In the game thats a mental break down, in the game you have to keep the characters psych up by smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, or taking painkillers to keep the character from breaking down. But people are too dumb to read the instructions at the very beginning. Great game guys.

Faith Jackson

Fun Its a great game what I don't like is the time schedule I don't like how u only get thirty seconds to get to the next class sometimes I have to get things for that class or ppl start stuff with me also could u make it to where u literally have hw also can we get more room in are bookbag like and inventory at least three items also could we have a strict dress code for the girls and the boys and the teachers so we can no the differ but fun game???

Waverly Richardson

Only one problem Its a fun game but there is only on problem that i can no longer take i keep playing and it keeps making me get stuck on top of the screen it annoys me but i keep restarting it over bc it is worth it bc the game is awesome but now im gettibg tired of it so plz fix it and i will give u five stars instead of 4

Alexia SnappyPDP

Addictive......But There Are Problems Problem #1: Teachers start classes to late. Problem #2: People fight you for no reason. Problem #3: The map only has places in the school. Problem #4: The teachers lower your grade when they tell you to do something, but you did it already.

Ashley N Lagares

You lose your mind too easily Its hard to maintain the mind bar and everytime i lose control i get in trouble then the teacher yells at me which drops the bar again and the cycle repeats itself. Im constantly in trouble for skipping class because o had a mental breakdown. Its much easier to maintain this bar in Hard Time.

Lili Mason

Its okay and all that but you should make it that they can't control themselves and that when you see your spouse you can press t to make them kiss or something and that people don't hit you for no reason and that you can't take up the furniture

Deinse Gilliam

It gives me problems Just out of no where I loose control after i loose control i go on an fighting sprig and can't defend myself if someone fights me. There many more problems so I'll say etc.

Brenden Barkus

Great game Great game but needs improvements like going in more places asking someone out instead of them asking you out an creating our own character hall should alto label the books so we know witch to take to class an I think hall should let us answer the question when we need to instead making the teacher call on you an if u escape from school u should have like an officer chase u down another thing is when school is over hame more of the pic's like talk an interact with u say if I had abandoned go I could go to her house an the dad could catch me an kick me out you know any make the streets an homes bigger

Shaina Lofton

Well-made game Alot of people are complaining about losing control of their characters, but there are many ways to keep your sanity up, Eating, Sleeping, or having good things happen to you all help. By good things I mean getting a boyfriend , having your grade raised and etc. Now one thing that bothers me is that my sister got the full game and became a teacher, but there is nothing for her to do. It is just like she is a regular student.

Apple cider28

Ads free trick Just turn on airplane mode. then your free from ads

Joe The GCritic

I have problems. I do like this game, it's fun, but there are irking problems that frustrate me. I hate when I lose control of my character, it's bullcrap because my character acts like a big idiot and beats the crap out of everything in sight. I would like a way to interact with other characters, instead of JUST punching them. The ads are aggravating and long. I like this game, but it's frustrating.

William Grayson

I love M dickie Good fun. Took me a while to get used to it, even after I played 'hard time' for so long. For a free app this is brilliant. Just as amusing as hard time and very enjoyable. Keep it up mdickie and please make a sequel to hard time do that and you will always have a fan. Another great app well done and thank you. I waited a while for this one.

Michelle Yssel

I Love it. If you don't like it don't play it. I really like this game. It's fun and hilarious. For some people complaining: 1. Your character loses control because of a mental breakdown since you don't have fun to. (I suggest playing an instrument, it fills te bar the fastest and less chance of getting in trouble) 2. Beds aren't just for private, check the hospital and your bedroom. If you cant find any you might have a glitch. 3. Steeling your things and punching you for no reason is part of the game that makes it fun and hilarious so suck it up.

Marty Garnsey

Blood and hard to control You get in fights, girls look muscular, the map is nearly impossible to navigate, you can DIE! This is a horrible game in both the app and it's programming. I played this for 5 minutes. And you pee your pants.

Taming ToLatte

another fantastic game my only problem is that you can only hold one item in the backpack at a time. And people constantly assault me and I once was out of school for a week, but the teachers show absolutely no sympathy for the fact that I almost died and fail me anyway. I think the back pack needs an inventory though, a long click of the taunt button to access it? Because it's a bit tedious bringing an instrument for theater and a sport object for gym/yard and it has to be different every class.

Adepeju Oikelome

Its okay The only. Bad thing is the. ads but its just like real high school and its good for kids in high school u know what's it like at high school I get to be cool but in real life I'm not but I know what it feels to be popular and I hate it everyone follows you and no one like fights u NAD teachs love u and they never make u go to Prince able oficce

nibedita das

Thank you mdickie I was dreaming of a game like this where u have a home,school,streets,shops and much more. Just about your games the customizing thing is main so make the customization free please

Altagracia Roa

Good an annoying I played on my dads phone and I get in trouble just for not bringing an instrument like really

My Reign

Very very very very very BEST game I love your games Mdkie..but for next time..please create game such as gangster USA..but make sure the characters are wwe superstars..and one more thing..please fix it that I can create my own character..I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR GAMES..DO IT... GANGSTER USA..Thank you for the games...

Archie Payne

Glitch OK so I walk around trying to get to class then my guy keeps walking else where and don't say I had a breakdown because I had my bar full and I could run and punch also I had detention and it finished so I tried to leave then it said I had to stay there even though it was time to leave

Jim Macpherson

Fun but People keep steeling my stuff so I'm failing music and gym and I'm having mental breakdowns all the time so I'm failing most of my tests because I have detention all the time fix this for five stars

Maya Lofton

S5 I love this game and I find it addictive. I have private and I switched my character to a teacher, but I don't know how to teach. You still have the timetable for each class as if you were a student, and the original teacher is still in the class. For everyone that gets angry when something goes wrong, go to the options. Press the option to save on exit. When you enter a new class, save. (It takes 4 secs.) If something happens that you don't like, press home, go to a different app, and go back to School Day

Marquis Alcius

Its not that bad of a game Its just that they be some ppl that be trippin and slamin u foe no reason and when u beat dey azz den all the teachers wanna trip to. Good Game but can U Guys make a way to ask ppl out becuz they be some fine girls and i wana ask them out and plus can u make the game more fun because after a while it be getting soo boring thank u. But fr its a pretty goo game. And maybe u guys should make them go on field trips and pay with ur own money

Tesang Yun

Can I Request a new game? I just really like A Gangster game does have the sell feauture like selling and buying guns and also drugs , And also i wanted to have a casino feauture. Thanks!

Skyler Blunck

Ok Great game, but breakdowns happen to easily. Also you need to add an option to be Atheist since some people might not be happy that you need to study god and pray just to keep from having breakdowns and keeping a good GPA. Please fix these problems. Thanks for your time.

Aaliyah Aaberg

School Days I like thid game. The problem is sometimes my character glitches up the screen. Sometimes, it goes out of control and I'm doing nothing.

Navjeet Kaur

It's really good This game is awesome but I think that you can make thief sim,police sim or an open world sim like grand theft auto with no need to buy a v.i.p pass

awsome kid

I love all of your games Its so fun I love to beat people up and going to class but after you escape from school 1. Can you make an after school job and 2. Can you also make the jail keep making more games oh and also can you make it easier to get money and make the controls better and a make rag doll falls make It easier to get to classes 2 more things when you don't start in 10th grade can you make it to where you keep going to the next years and make the teachers give more tests? Keep updating and making more games!!!!

Luis Vargas

Plz fix I paid for it on a different device but it wont let me get it on this one tried pressing restore but wouldnt work if you fix ill rate 5 stars fixed thanks

Yeo Yuan Ting

It keeps restarting. Sometiems, when my character gets called into the Principal's office, after I get out of the office, my screen would show the yearbook (which means that I've already graduated even though I have not met the required grade) and then I would have to start a new game. I hate having to always restart so please please please fix this thanks :)

cagney davis

Stop I would give it 5 stars if the kids and teachers stop beating me up and when I beat them up I get in trouble but they don't I hate it and I do not like when ppl steal my backpack Cas I have everything in there plz fix this


Ok But it would be better if there where 2 scholls and they fight all the time like sports battel of the bands i think u should add a police staiton so if u steal u do hard time in juvey

allan martin

A little stupid I didn't really goddamn like it cuz I can't do multiplayer,pls update the game pls!?

Jahlon Tyson

Love it I love the game but everytime when u take a test u have to choose a answer and some of the answers have???s. Where u can't even c them then the teacher brings ur grade down and sometimes u have a break down. I wish when u take a test the game choose the answers for u and u get it right.I also wish that when ppl go in ur room they don't steal ur stuff or move it around cuz on hard time i hide my stuff behind the bed so ppl wont c it but will eventually steal it.

Ruth Musembi

Welll...... I think when the control goes I don't like remove it I mean it's like my character is drunk when I dint drink any beer please remove that part and u will get 5stars after

Scottluis Cabahug

Private Student. Having Fun With This CRAPPY Guys Bullying,Shouting,Fighting And Use Baseball In The Face And Lost His Tooth. ha Ha Ha

Daniel Akpoyomare

Interesting OK the peeps are ugly but nice game I actually finished the game good job mdickie For like a whole week my mind was just on the game FYI if you want to pass this game avoid fighting and carry a musical instrument

Erika Hathy

Awesome, but glitch Best game I have on my phone. Also a game my family and friends agree I can keep. There is, however, a glitch where after a certain amount of time, the dad will disappear completely from the game. Could you please fix this?

chitra kulshrestha

Best game of mdickie Intresting story like real shool like we can ride on a bike etc.and of less mb there is many prop but one problem if someone stole our thing and if we take it back they starting fight if teacher do that they complaint for me need more props and new furniture as we get bored and make good faces only few are good otht faces are like dustbin and why only jock lazer is biggest and strongest I go to gym to make by body stronger but jock lazer is still biggest to us

Catfood McFly

I think this is the strangest game I have ever played Went to class. Accidentally picked up a desk. Long story short, threw my hideous teacher to the ground in a suplex then beat the crud out of her. Moments after my victory another student laid me out with a guitar. Grades went down. Recommended.

Dougie Harris

Hilarious! Seriously funny I play it alot I escape school 24/7 and random people take to the principles office for stealing something and I win court!

Annie Oh

Some things aren't right. Ok give the bathroom thing a longer time limit and make the animation for the characters better!AND THE BREAK DOWNS KILL ME!!!!just please solve all these things!

Super Creative Name

Good I escape from the school and then get/find money and then buy or find a weapon and then beat up people and then get detention and then beat up the teacher in the detention room and then escape again. Thats what i like to do in this game

Kayla Lenihan

UM FIRST OFF ALL UR RUDE Okay I die and YOU decide know what let's play a happy advertisement saying I'm lucky I'm happy too U GUYS STOP THE ADS OR THIS STAYS

Vannalauren Patosa

Fantastic this game is fantastic but one thing I wish the editor mode was free I played all of your games and I know how this game works so pls... update and pls... add some multiplayer mode and I hope you continue making games thanks for making this game I will rate 5 stars if the editor was free but for now only 4 stars......................

Winn Factor

Best game of all time!!!! Please update where you get a whole house with the kitchen and bathroom and bedroom for the mom and dad and make where when you buy all the food it restocks itself and make it have more food choices like ice cream and whine and more clothe and make it more exciting for the people that payed for full version like me ;) thanks mcdickie its a popular game make it better for us

Mo'Nique Boseman

Can you stop having mental breakdowns because it's stupid and get the character in more trouble and stop having people randomly come up and hit you and steal things for no reason and outside of school when I get in trouble why do we go to the principle just have a cop or something

Malikha Johnson

Cool I think its d greatest game of all other. But ah hate d teachers lol;-)

lois missler

Not fate When you by stuff everone steals itand you take it the say hey that's mine and they blame everything on you

Jemma Ocansey

❤❤❤ Love this game but the teachers are jarring??like they actually stress me out in real life??it annoys my skin cells for reaal???

Haley Webb

Its ok The stupid teachers get u into fights and they send u to the principal's office its stupid and u need to give different outfits plz if u do that then it will be a five star

Horn Swogglefan

Awesome as hell It's awesome (like all your games) but after awhile it gets boring. Hmmm.... What if you put all your games into one. Like if you're a regular civilian and you can be anything you want. If you want to be wrestler you can go to wrestling school. If you want to be a singer just go to the underground etc. That'll be awesome. #Bucks

Neil Cabanilla

So funn Hard to graduate but really fun if everyone says it's boring Bruh He worked really hard on that 1 single game and your just gonna hate it wow he put effort onto it that's why I give 5 stars to this game

Ryze Kingdom

Amazing game I'm like addicted to it☺ the only thing I would change is not showing an add every time you go to sleep it would be really appreciated?

Jamed Williams

I wish u can wrestle in the ring and i wish there wer movies and restaurants to take your date out on and this game needs a gun agianst bullies and a extra basket for basketball I had to take a star off cause u cant wrestle in the ring ?

Keven Zephir

It Okay Some times it would get boring after periods pf game time but is good of you take a break from it. What I would want next is a Super Hero Simulator!

Asif Rafique

Best game Best game but please add that you can make you're own characters than I will give a 10000000 stars if I could and one more thing please listen to everybody's plan please please!


I liked it I didn't love it only because of one main reason break downs you can't be in control and it get You in trouble . Just now fanny gatsby got a breakdown before a test and it ruined it for me i had a breakdown NOW MORE BREAKDOWNS please PLEASE please PLEASE

Sofia Martinez

Alright It fun at the same time but it SUCKS!!!!!!!!why. It is cuse i wonder when do you PASS SCHOOL. And it controls on it's own. ?WHY. PLEASE HELP ME FIX IT. IT SO FUN JUST SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?!!!!!!!!!!!! ?also give more time for doing the restroom.?

Zeyad Mahdy

Its good I liked the game but the characters are ugly and I really hate when the character goes insane and guys please make the questions easy and I want you to let the character can answer and let him talk with the other characters not let them always talk to me (sorry for bad english but I'm Egyptian)

Bradley Henson

Wow, Just wow People can beat you up, people steal things from you, heck, even your family can murder you and get away with it. But if you take something back that somebody stole from you, you get in trouble for stealing and get detention. I thought this game would be fun but it isn't, just unfair. Please fix.

Mya Hixon

It's ok Can you like put lockers and make the house bigger like add a bathroom a kitchen dining room and add like real things like in real school.thanks I hope you make it right.

Angel Key

Its cool You need to be able to talk to someone and do more stuff go more places jus like GTA like he club any where do any thing travel the world and etc...

Jonathan McQueen Jr

I don't like it You don't last long u get suspended almost every week and u don't eve n get to keep your character I lose it every time

Brianna Ocasio

Somethings Its fun but you get into trouble for stupid things like i got into troble for having a backpack are you kidding me. The teacher said it was a weapon that makes no sense.

Janet Forbi

Okay. Ads It's ok, but kind of gets a little boring trying to get through the end. Ads are annoying when class, and going to sleep, but how you can not watch them is exit out of the game real quick and go back on there, and it won't show the ad, and take you where you started when it was suppose to finish.

Antonio Appleberry

Private Why cant we make players without private makes me sad ???

micka claronino

I enjoyed it. But im pissed off when the controls disappeared.. like.. im on my record of not having any trouble when my controls are gone he start fighting everybody.. please fix it ? ------------------------------------------>> is it just me or the controls disappear when the brain is out of energy?? Cause when it turns red the controls are gone while its gaining energy again and the yellow line is back my controls are backs. OBSERVATIONS!! feed your player ???


Just realised something I just realised that one of the shops is the same inside as the warehouse in hard time! Also found a glitch where if you ride a bike to the school yard and go as close as possible to the wall with the basketball hoop then get off the bike and then get back on you can ride up the wall!

Gloria hernandez

Hated but loved it To much ads and i hate when the game takes over and people sometimes fight me for no reason

Ofi Toffee

Good game but... There are way too many ads and I heard you can get the private one for free! It won't let me though and I think this is SUPER unfair! It's a lovely game still.

Yom Ability Wutmabil

I'm not private to change my character Why am I not alowed to change my character in this game It's OK but I wanna be a teacher in this game??????????

Zakia Islam

No control on movement The player sometimes do something without control,it got me expelled, so funny and sometimes they act like mental

Tips T

Best game ever but The yellow thingy with brains, i always have break downs, i would rate the game 5* if you remove it,geez i hate that thing and does the computers work, because they say you can hack school files but when i try to, it tells me that I don't have an internet connection even though I have an internet connection, please fix it PLEASE

Dejuane Roan

Best school game It's really fun and addicting you can either be a good or bad kid you can skip school or get your grades up!!!

Javine Ranz.

My best friend and I were really liked it But please the people are too much BAD their attitude is so BAD they always stole things from me and when I take it back they will send to the principal. And they gonna PUNCH me suddenly and I don't know why ..

Egg Whites

Call it the best I have to admit the game is cool another thing I would like to add when you get tested and get it wrong, this is how I maintain my grade is, when I get it wrong close the program and log back in it will leave you when you first entered the room. Unless you change the settings. And if you take the time to read the teachers comment after they make the opinion it kind of tells you which one it is. Thanks for a game that is like Hard Time, make another one.

Crystal Aguilar

Fun game.but I want students and teachers to get in trouble when they beat me up.they just walk up to me and punch me.and if u steal something from a store and u get caught,instead of going to principals office,u go to Court and if u don't win u go to jail.

Anna Chabot

Weird Why are a lot of the boys really muscly? It's weird. And I want to be able to pick my character's appearance and name instead of picking out a character out of the choices. And, a bomb exploded in the cafeteria and I got blamed for hurting Stella Night which happens to be myself. Lol

TheDimond Wolf

It's awesome When I want to learn and play a game also I go to this, because this game give you so many thing you don't know and do know its good for learning

Eegypt Wilson

Great Its actually funny,cool,fun but on my last phone it didn't just go off but like know that I re downloaded it , it messes up but still love it

Maryam Amr

That's okay but Faces are so ugly and people take from me my things and when i take it from them they say to me i steal it and my home my family takes my things i go to school and back i cant find my things and you should make books shop and last thing is objects which sells i bought it and then the shop be empty

Tevin MCDaniel

Its awsome Its super fun,but you get onto fights for no reason,fix that and I'll give 5 stars

Alaa Gherbi

ALL MIDICKIE GAMES ALL SUCKS HES AN IDIOT!!!!?? He is so stupid that he can't make good games he's games are horrible and go kick he's ass before he makes an ugly terrible herrible game like super boring and hard death and scal Das smack his he's head split in his cloth until he can fix that stupid boring herrible games!!!???????????????????????????

Elijah Parker

I love this game/ And message to all people who don't read the description I have no complaints but can you add a zoom button like in supercity because in the latest update the game zoomed in and now i cant tell when someones trying to attack me Thx for making all these great games

Jasmine Siegrist

The game crashes also please add multi player The game keeps on kicking me off and crashing returning me to the home screen. Also i really want to play this fun game with my younger brother. Sorry if it's a bit much to ask, but please add muli-player. Pretty Please. /(~-~)\

Noah Hall

Awesome Play this on airplane mode it has no ads and fuller gameplay with no ads but this game is awesome because I played some of mc Dickie s games

David McClain

It's ok There are some adds but I like it but I can't figure out if you can talk to people and I wish we could make are own characters

Super Samoan

GREAT GAME But please add more clothes new staff dont just fix bugs and lags and yeah but please everybody wants new clothes and umm houses furniture please great game tho!!!!

Mean Machine

Create I wish you could create your own character like in the other MDickie games and also pick your own grade.

Mia Loves

I Hate When It Takes My Controls Away It takes ny controls and it gets in a fight and leave me on the ground and i hate when you are trying to get to class and people stop and talk to you and i hate it when they excuse you of killing ppl but it is a great time killer plzz fix it

micheal Anderson

It's the coolest It's the coolest thing that you would play get it in put 4 star's star, .ok and love the pics it me want to play it oh in plz take away the ads ok uwlcome I gave you 4 stars just plz take away the ads ok oh an every time I. I'm play the game it cut off so plz fix it

Dynasty Knight

Kinda fun But every time I get a call then I get back on the game it makes me start all over

CJ Dope

Nice game I have a suggestion, though... can we have at least a Saturday and Sunday? There should be weekends. Thanks

carla Robin

One thing One thing we should be able to talk to people and say what we want to but other then that I love it

shyene barnes

It's very fun but... I love this game but it keeps closing during every class period. Is it doing that for anyone else? I hope that it can get fixed soon or I'm going to have to delete it.

Sofia Tokarova

It's ok every time I want to go to classes I doesn't work

Michael Ortiz

Doesn't work It logs me off mdickie plz fix it

orko sikder2

Yo guys my name is jone I have a you tube chalen watch my tube Oh this game is rushed plz download

Nelson Bath

PHONES TALKING AND BABCKPACKS AND OPTIONS OK I love the game but please make it so in the corner of the game screen there is a backpack sit down buttonnplz and also make it so u can talk to people with it own will and u can also leave notes for people and plz make it so u can call it friends if u get a number or have a social media account on it computer plz other than that I like the game

Alice Fullwood

Epic You can explore,go to classes and brakr rules :) but its not online.

Max Burlingham

Terrible The game bloody glitches I can't even play a second. It crashes when I press play. RIP OFF

Dayton Pritchett

Best m dickie game then hard time then super city then wrestling then weekend warriors then booking then popscene then flash stunts

Johnson Lim

so many game crushes why,whenever i will have a game crash as dont put any ads.if u fix it i give a 5stars!

Rahul Kunnathattil

Rahul I love this game man! This game has big conjones! Really I loveit

erania rosario

Its awesome I love it except Its an amazing game but I hate when the brain thing runs out cause then u go crazy and hitting people

Mel J

Glitches This game gliched at lease 20 times fix this because I love the game and would love to play in peace but fix the gliching fix it now!!!!


Plz fix this Yes I know the payment Is little to upgrade to private but it sucks to have limited days unless your in private plz make it so you don't have to pay to have as much days as you wont besides that the game is so fun I love it

Shashi Yadav

Good but... The Game Crashes! I thought it was once and for last but it does happen every time...

Eric Johnson

Closing The game is awesome. I want to upgrade to private student , but the game just constantly closes for no reason . please fix and i will spend 5 bucks and give 5 stars .

Lissette Perez

Not really fun Well...Its not really "FUN" is kinda fun sometimes I will play a different game then I get bored of it and play this my second favorite game

Alyssa Keo

Noooooo ? Everyone I play it and download and delete sometime and I also get killed I didn't do anything jeez !!!!!??????

Panda Bear Horan

Addicting This game is fun, addicting and also funny! I never get tired of playing this game ?? RATE:5 STARS???

Priscilla Perez

DON'T GET THIS It shuts down out of no where and it's un fair boo PLZ RESPOND THIS IS STUPID FIX THIS!!!!

Kyndell leggions

Love it!! Hope I don't get kicked out of school ??

Yosola Eruola

Can't say anything it's too good I just can't describe this game it's so good even better than good make some more changes then it's absolutely perfect thanks for creating this game I could not have done anything on my tablet without it don't ever delete this game people it's it just to amazing for you to do that also MDickie can you make some new games just like this so they are all amazing as this so people keep this game don't delete if you do you are just so dumb and weird thanks for making this game I love it it is so awesome don't stop being imaginative I don't like it I love it so much it it EPIC and SMASHING you are a big success and carry on being successful

Moarlok 01

Love your games.. but Great idea with tons of potential! Fighting mechanics could be improved. But I'd love to see more from you. On another note can you have the add in the top right corner appear and go away? Having it there constantly is kinda annoying

Ariana Johnson

Very fun! Totally should get it. This game is hilarious. The scenarios you get are crazy. The teachers are always asking ridiculous questions, the students always want to fight you, and you get in trouble for the dumbest things. It's like school all wrong. The only thing I would recommend before buying this game is to do some research for tips and tricks. A lot of the things you need to know to play the game aren't mentioned in the actual game.

Rayven Robinson

Great game , love the way you add celebrities but the game crashes way to often. Fix and i will happily give 5 stars. Also there is too much fighting, people attack me for no reason even if im just sleeping or trying to get to class.

Stephanie Atillo

Love it! Totally recommended. I love how I can actually learn stuff from this game 'cause I get questions and I search up the answers for it. I also love how realistic this game is. Sometimes though when an add pops up, the whole game freezes but it doesn't happen everytime so it's fine. There's alot of pros to this game and a bit of cons, but overall, it's an awesome game. It's worthy of downloading.

Jason Gonzalez

PLEASE FIX Game crashes allot. You should make the other people get in trouble too. They fight me for no reason and the teacher pick fight and when you fight back you get suspended. Please fix this game and it will be a 5 star

Jenny Zinny

So annoying and irritating At a point, the control keys will disappear and the character will start to move on its own and misbehaving. Even when it needed to go to class at that moment. The classes ends so quick too. Super annoying

KätyTøastKwøn / / KŤK

Awesome game!!! There's so much to say about it so first I love how it's realistic and second I love how you can sleep on the ground... lol I only have one more thing to say. How do you go to your house? It will be wonderful if you replied and told me it. Thx!

Brynn Ilett

Good Again, good gameplay and worth the time to play. The graphics are clunky but its a phone game, you cant get any better than this without the serious lagging issue that most games have these days

Maya C

Stupid I did not know what the controls meant so I wrestled everyone I ran into. Extremely stupid. Can't they at least tell u what the keys do. And they say it is most detailed but seriously. I am putting up an add for high school story because it is SO much better

frisk/chara the fallen child

Glitches on the game and bugs There were teacher has blood face and chatting was red and when i move everything move I was like "what the?" Please fix it, Its little bit annoying but I love your games instead and I never be mean to ur games and I'm nice.

Caitlynn Chia

There is a little problem.. When i carry a backpack a random guy would just snatch it from me which really sucksand when i snatch it back he scold me and said " Hey! Give me back my bag or else i will beat you to dead" but the game is great actually so pls fix up this problem... Thanks

Blaine Droddy

Great has its bugs but great I play a lot of mdickie and this is my favorite a lot of people don't like his games but where are you going to see all of this funny and ridiculous fun stuff at by a pro game developer mdickie always brings the fun and this does not disappoint

Jhoana Taylor

It was fine but... It was fine for about a month I loved this game but a while later it started freezing and won't let me play and then when my character sleeps usually she would sleep for hours to come and now she sleeps in minutes and it's hard to wake up please fix

Esme Rhriba

Awesome but... This game is epic but could you make the game so that when you go near a person options come up so that you can pick one to say to the person. E.g If a boy walks up to a girl one option could be 'i love you, will you go out with me'. Things like that. Thanks.

Hisham Nashaat

Problem with ads I love this game so much, but the thing i truly HATE is (ads) they make the app crash A LOT and it closes by itself. Please fix this or remove the ads and i will give 5 stars

Aiden Rod

Awesome but It's awesome but when I'm doing things for my grades like P.E and Cookery and such students attack me it GETS REALLLLLLLY ANNOOOOOOYING...And I would like a way to find the hard time prison...TOO MANY ADDS....

Vatsal Muchhala

Stuck after detention Every time I receive detention, a 'play' sign shows up and there's possible to do after that which is why I hv to close and relaunch the app. I love it although it's like hard time but please take a look at this fault. I use a Oneplus 3

Mayah Saric

Funny loveing This game is a really good game because um... i don't know because it's so awesome that i have no words to say it leves me words less. I love this game more than anything but fariy tail so that sound tell you it's a great game.

Jessie Mboma

It's okay But at some point, the game just takes over and you get into fights for no reason. Fix it and I'll give 5 stars.

Sierra Ose

I love it a lot, but there are a few problems. For instance, I think they shouldn't be so rude to each other. My character has been ridiculed and harassed by multiple people, including teachers. Also, they shouldn't be able to take things from others, because on multiple occasions someone stole an object from my character. And then proceeded to beat my character up after I took the object back. I see this as a form of bullying, and I do not agree with bullying. Please do fix this, as soon as you can because it is very angering to me. But other than that, everything is great!

B girl Sho

Some more things Let us be able to enjoy the Saturday if not the holidays, we should also be allowed to go to the chapel on Sunday. common there should at least be a wrestling team for popularity and strength.

Kamal Brinkley

It keep kicking me out of the game I love this game and i used to have it but now it keeps kicking me out of the game i could play it for only 5 mins then it kicks me out and it never saves so plz fix that because i really like this game

Tina Earl

IT ALWAYS BLACK OUT When I trying to play it. It freezes really it does. But I still love it. On any kind of way. Can you please fix it.


Crashes lately... Since I got the game crashes never happened but now at these times it always freezes and crashes. 4 stars if you want 5 stars please tell me the problem

Maryam Amr

That's okay but Faces are so ugly and people take from me my things and when i take it from them they say to me i steal it and my home my family takes my things i go to school and back i cant find my things and you should make books shop and last thing is objects which sells i bought it and then the shop be empty and plz i want to marry when iam student and when i finish the year i want to choose which year i want to go or get off the school

Sarah Courtney

Fun but there's a glitch There's this glitch where it would just crash for no reason,I eould be very happy if you fixed it,it also happens with the Prison Days game too

mya mcdonald

Its good tho I think after we graduate we can mabey work somewhere BESIDES being a teacher. Like when I was playing wrestling revolution I was fighting in an office one time so I think u guys should add like A LOT MORE places so this game wouldn't be so boring. Thanks?. Oh and also can u guys please pretty please add the places also off u guy's super city game

Neve Mason

LOVE IT!!! This app is soo good. The only thing I could say is that you get told off for stuff way too easily but apart from that little issue I am orbsessed with it. Its amazing.

Pathikrit Sur

Doesn't deserve half star The maker is a freak. You can never win no matter how sincere u r

Isaiah Brown

Its good, but... I like this game, but everytime I get 5 minutes into the game it cuts off on me and it gets me so mad. So, if you fix all the bugs in this game I might give you a 5 or 4 star rating

ntebeng modikoane

#A-MAZE-BALLS It is so amazing and doesn't use data so it's tots free and I guess in some unique way teaches you about school what I don't like is when the controls during the game disappear some of you might not have experienced it but I have other than that it's great

mike rock

U need more stuff U need more cool hair stilles and u need make it warre we can sleep with people and get prago but pussing get prago \peagnet and. Wen we grajrat school. We can live as a grownup. Sorry four bad spelling. But can u please. Make that happen

candya 11

This game is amazing I love it in the game u can fight escape school grounds skip class get into trouble and date thats fun for me so i suggest u get it if i could rate this 20 stars i would i had this game for along time and i play it when im bored its awesome

Brielle Stephens

Fun and Funny and talented You can change your name to what you like also how you can go to sleep and like when you start people make fun of you and its like realy good cause it could happen in real like and how you can fight teacher's and miss classes and i like the details of the game

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