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4 Jun
Scary Maze Game

Posted by Epic Game Arts LTD in Action | June 4, 2014 | 49 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

Scare your friends with this scary maze game! The scare happens in Level 2 (very unexpected, even to those who have played the game before as it happens in level 2 and NOT level 3!).

Tip: Turn on max volume and play in the dark, alone.

Great for a laugh and can cheer someone's day up!

Got a friend who's feeling down in the dumps? Let him/her play this game and cheer this person with a hilarious laugh (and scare)!

Want revenge? Then this is your perfect application! Feel the horror!

Epic Game Arts LTD part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 4, 2014. Google play rating is 70.2237. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download scary-maze-game-1.apk 12.0 MB


Daniel Taylor

Cool God I was sitting on ma bed and I passed level 1 then leval 2 I was so close then I lost . Also at the start it said turn your volume up so I did and I died and then a big scary head came up and scary noises. Scared the carp outta me!!! JESUS MAN GIVVIN ME NIGHTMARS AWW ITS HAPPENING AGEIN!!!!!!!

Gene Peterson

Like it It's scary but not very fun because I don't like the way it pops in my face it just normally scares me and by the way he really needs contacts because her eyes I don't really pay attention but I think she needs contacts because her eyes are so weird I'm not trying to say that she's ugly I'm sorry but yes yes she is and by the way to get a tooth brush to brush your teeth cuz I bet your breath stinks mine doesn't that's what I'll say so yeah I can't really say a lot her being ugly

Minecraftlover68 2

Everytime I'm on Level 2 not touching any walls it did say I touched them. This makes me so angry of this bug. Uninstall for you. Will get back when fixing.

Julia Black

I was terrified I turned up the volume like it said,and I jumped. I didn't know when it was coming and thats when it popped up. I dont get scared easily so that must be good to scare me!

Davianna Daniels

I not scared I was play it. Then 2 level I was moved blue the pop image not scared. ??? thanks much! I will gave my best friend will scared in lunch!

Alexia Morse

Horrible Didnt scare me at all . Not even a flinch . When I got to level 2 , I didnt touch the wall and the " scary " face popped up . DONT DOWNLOAD

Ryan Atchison

Only 2 levels I would give it a higher rating but it's not scary at all and there Is only 2 levels. Definitely uninstalling this..

Lizzy Riley

Love it! It is fun and scary! I don't get scared easily so it didn't scare me to much but it scared my friend to death which was awesome

Isaac Carter

You cant get past 2 nd level Even if u dont touch walls a scary face pops up

Ramises Diaz

Really??? Not scary at all and you should really think about having at least the gruge there i mean really my little sister and she's like 4 years old really? She started laughing because the picture zombie was unclean and was really ugly like really put a scary scary face in there so people will at least jump or scream

violet rios

I love this scary maze game but it scar the crap out of mebl though my phone across my bed

Cheridan Taylor

Scary But Good Maze I Was On Ma Brothers Bed And I Passed Level 1,2,3,4 And Then On Level 5 I Skimmed The Edge Of The Black Line,Her Fabulous And Ugly Looking Face Scared The Babs Out Of Me,Plus She Should Get A New Hair Cut,Brush Her Teeth With An Electric Toothbrush And Buy Some Contact Lenses Coz She relates To CHUCKY A Little Bit And Eww Is she Ugly,

jada curry

DUMBEST FRICKIN GAME EVER You can't even get past the 2nd level and even if I don't hit the wall I still loose that doesn't even make sense.

Chris Wade

Level 2 Cant get past level 2. I think u got to go fast

Violet Fahlbeck

Scary It scares me to death then I didn't even touch it and the scary thing popped up I hate it at the same time I love it

Selwyn Jan Pancito

Love it really This game makes me laugh but my cousin's sister is so scared of the scary ugly women but I like it five stars

Elisha Williams

Fun game but Only two levels? when i first got this game i played it a couple of times but then it got boring becaus you would no when u would get scared.

Jessica Hunter

Doesn't work right 2nd game didn't touch the wall and the scary face popped up and restarted the game. Happened several time so can't get past level 2.

Menal Kashalo

Scared me!!!!!! My brother made me do it and then, it popped into my face. That is creepy, so much

Leijah Morin

Sutipud What the heck that's just sutipud like no one will get scared I am one to like your game if it is the world's dumbest game but not this it has to be the dumbest game ever in history sorry but it is I am 10 and i did not get scared that's sad

Mohan Singh

Hated it I didn't even get scared the girl is ugly

xXmegagamerXx 500

Bugs Everytime I go to the second level at the middle its saying that I touch the walls but I'm not its makes me angry please fix it

Katie Woody

I scared the heck out of me The face popped up and I am like holy crap watha heck it scares me when I am in my bed trying to fall asleep but the scary face popped out of no whaer and made me scream

Ben Beare

Funny The scary maze game is funny to try on your friends and family. I tried it on my sister and she screamed.

Aly Guerra

I have not played it but for now I'm just gonna give it 4 stars

Deslan Mcgarry

Crapy The picture is not even scary you get out for no good reason.

xtian depalubos

Uninstall Every time im on level 2 the monster just pops out not finishing the game,totally uninstall

Rylee Roberts

FREEEAAKKYYY What? My heart is pounding my sister played it & it didn't case her at all. Download it I DARE U!!!!!BTW don't turn it up!!!

Alan Garside

Are you ppl so stupid. This isn't for gaming pleasure!! It's to scare the crap out of ya victims. Say red backwards and u get to levels 3-4

Autumn M

Scary maze game I got scared the first time but then it wasent cool who ever made it was weird and I don't like them

jennifer williams

Cool Amazing cuz this game is scare me

Azura Naveed

Wicked So fun i even scared my 2 year old cousin and he screamed like a girl.

Russell Holder

Stupid I hate how you can't pass level 2, what's the point, oh that's why your too lazy to make more levels

Noah Price

Sucks So on level 2 there is a glitch, half way through will pop up scarry part

Onedirection fan

Boring This app is the worst ever I might just get nightmares of how boring it was. I'm getting the one on the computer this version was rubbish!

Jack Ellis

It a great gag but you have to get half way on lv2 before it starts to pop up at you but you should of seen my bros face.

Nikki Knight

It scares my sister love this game it also scares me a little

Adrian Henry

Ok I'm at lvl 2 not scary Ok first of all that face is from the walking dead nothing was scary I moved the blue square 4 times on a wall and it screamed .mu phone didn't turn down the vol so I said FUNK U APP then I pushed home then deleted I was special mad whoever made this game oh sa

Jovon Wagoner

Why this wack game I hate it why u have to do this u can scar babys lil kids man why ill scar u with it losers if i were u i will tgink befor i do scar lil kids why dang

Tavenne Wilkerson

Love it I said to my brother she would het him in his sleep and he got scared and cryed lol

Mila Novak

Crap Annoying, stupid and ugly looking game, if you can even call it a game

Stefhanie Guzman

SCARY The first time i played when i was in the middle of playing number two the scary face popped out it scared me when i put tge volume up my neighbor got scared before i got this game i tried the maze game and a scary face popped out of nowhere

Abigail Patton

I sort of liked it but I got passed level 1 and the got to level 2 and it said I touched the walls but i was in the middle of the maze!

bud Herren

Every time on level 2 It said itouch the walls but i didnt i hate this game so much now

Susan Choi

Woest troll ever When I started the game it said turn up the sound but I did not trust that tip so I put it on zero and one more thing GET REKT GAME MAKER sorry nope haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Stormmie Pugh

Can't get past level two When I'm not touching any walls it pops up with the face it will happen to u

O Peters

Loved it Loved it! Just one thing. If you dont have sound its not scary at all

Jasmine Joyner

This is it... This is just ... i dont in know i mean one minute im passing level one and then i get to two my volume was already up cause i was listening to music next i get to two, i miss the corner, then aahhhhhh aaaaaahhhhh eeeeeehhhhhhhhh eeeehhhhhhhh. I was dead. This scared me so bad i dropped my phone, ran to the bathroom,cry then laugh im like bruh.................... But . there are like only two levels and when you dont touch it, it still pop up like bruh?

Joseph Perez

It's was funny when I did it on my mom but my problem was.Only 2 levels put more !

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