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10 Nov
Scary Maze for Android

Posted by Kar Mobile Apps in Arcade | Nov. 10, 2015 | 134 Comments

Apk file size: 4.6 MB

This app will let you scare your friends! You will find here a maze, after a few minutes of playing, a scary monster will appear on the screen and you will hear a terrible scream! First let your friend to be involved in the game. In the most unexpected moment he will be scare to death!

Make sure you have sound turned on to maximum!

How to play?
- Touch & hold the screen
- Guide the blue point throught the maze
- Don't touch the walls
- Don't uplift the finger


Whats new

    - new sound
    - game is a little easier
    - design corrections

Kar Mobile Apps part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 72.4651. Current verison is 1.31. Actual size 4.6 MB.

Download scary-maze-for-android-1.apk 4.6 MB


Mike James

What People think its scary well its not why do you think that theres nothing to be scared of. GOD THERES NOT EVEN A PICTURE TO SCREAM FOR

annie lu

Yes I found this!! My friend make us all to tryd game and I try 2 find this app...I finally found it!! But it is quite scary doe...good job :)

Asiaan Hito

Cool The scream scared me since I had the volume up really loud and even though I prepared myself I still got scared by the scream; it's fun. ADVICE: Turn the volume up!

mare Medz

Pretty good Got me the first time then blah. Good to scare friends with.

Rogue Smith

This is the most anxious game I've ever played in my life cuse I don't know what will be coming cuse it says don't touch the walls and don't lift your finger then I decided to hit the wall, never been so scared in my entire life

A Google User

Good game but It is difficult when I want to scare someone the person cant reach at last leavel so he not scare....

Morgan Jenkins

Um... Dear Lordy! It doesn't even have a scary part. Don't waste your friggen time to down load

Hailey Brown

Terrible #1.Its the same picture #2.the tap is only trys to scare you when you get to level 3 because you concentrate on the hard part I give it only 2stars because I like the screaming sound it makes. TIME LINE:☺???

Kevin Dean

Total fail Would be great if you could make it through just 1 second without advertisement after advertisement popping up totally killing the prank

Mandy Simpson

Fun Made me jump but can't get past level 3

Heath Meadows

It's fun didn't realize it was gonna be semi difficult but good :-)

Daylin Sanchez

I do like it but..... I olmost had a heart atack and i dont like that pepole can die but i didint so giving it one star???

Jacob Ramsay

I don't fuckin know It's so gay

eddie rohn

Sucks This app sucks i get a pop up of another app every 30 seconds

Fatimah Dixie

Scary maze for android It is okay, but the characters are not that scary and I am 10 years old

Erick Martinez

Alsome It got me and my girlfriend tried it she got so scared she almost cryed

Sexy Chica

Awesome My friends were so scared they even fell off my bed when it scared them.?????????☺????

Joshua Keene

Lol! Funny a** s***! Scared the f out me!

Ashley Nara

I love it.. Every time I do this prank to my friend they are so scared...

Devin Wright

Stupied???? You cant even play it with so many ads and its not scary it was a wast of ur time who ever made this game??????????

Keith Chapman

Great Scare the crap out everyone

Jalazsia Styles

Not scary It is not scary because the face is the same and you have to play the game perfectly???????????

Jordan Butler

Cool So scary awesome game

Samantha Miller

Funny My friend thought that it was a regular maze, but when the vampire popped up she was cussing up all of sweaden. No offense pewds. La la la la la la la la la la la la. Sing this while playing. Makes it creepier.

Tony Smith

It wont let me play I go to play and I press the start button and it won't start. Pleas fix this.

Rija Waqas

F*** this game video this is a f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f****** game Not working at all its not starting

emily howie

Love it I love this game it doesn't scare me lol

Joyslyn Dugas

It won't let me play cause its only for an Android

prajwel d siril

The game suck It has made me from not opening the file

Audrey Weber

Cool This game is fun, but it's not that scary

varad yoge

Do not start ... How to start this game .. ?

Anjali Katwal

Not scary It doesn't work, it's not even scary!!

Mona Mohamed

Amazing Its an amazing game it's very scary ?

harkesh singh

So boring Not work smoothly not good

Kaja Domazetovska

Super game It always scker me

Marchelle Bester

Awesome I let my brother play it and it scared him so bad he cried

aswin roy

Nice Didnt scare me ..iam usually not scared of pop ups or dark ..but nice though i could give my gf a pop : D

Violette Lange

A scary game finally scared my boyfriend! Get this app! So when I try to scare my boyfriend with a scary app he never got scared -_-. Now when I got this app and he played it he got so scared! This is a great app!!!! :D

Cole Ahrens

Its OK but... Its not really scary and I keep getting stuck on the third level... Is it even possible to beat it? Deleting it till it gets better.

Mia Deatherage

I hate it I've tried it did not scared me I'm sorry who made this game but it's stupid

Skyler Berston

Holy crap It scared me so bad I through my tablet and broke it

Tramamonkey 55

Meh I start to play it but the it keeps glitching towards the walls. Or is that because my screen is cracked?

Erryn Newman

OMG!! When I started the game for the first time on the first level I had to start again and when I got on the third level it scared the sh** out of me!! I DID NOT EXPECT IT!!


Cool It funny my freind shite her salf?

slifer Arekushi

Best prank ever I let my sister play and she got scared that she pass out

Avamartin123 Avamartin123

Love it I have a giant thing of scary games and this is top best

Semaj Cross

Its ok The game makes u jump a couple times but pretty straight forward but all around a an ok game

Gavriella Pellegrino

Awesome I let my brother play and my sister they both hidand cried under their beds lol

genna moore

Wow I'm twelve and I was not scared totally not scary make it more scary

Ragia Amgad

Nice Its not scary too much ...I thought it will be more scary from this ... but nice game :)

Brookie Guy

Weird I played this at 12:00 i threw my phone and broke it was a 200$ phone:-(

Eduardo Lopez

Its ok Its actualy ok the end is beter becuse it looks hard yet you dont have to actualy do it but you are so concentrate and boom but to people tha keeps on in the horror side this is no big deal its actualy boring but i got a big laug waching my friend got scared by this so good work i gues some stuf actualy works

Adam Mccabe

It scared the ship out of me I now what was coming and it still scared me it's the best

Cordel Michael

0.0 My favorite game since my sister scared me with it

Carl Turley

Doesn't scare me at all this crap stupid piece of junk

Chantené Hendriks

Cool I guess Not scary at all but fun to trick my friends and family

Mohamedali Okera

Boring I thought it's actually scary .Soo boring hw do u get scared of this shitt

Keisha Atkins

O.k. Maze wasn't enough space as it got slimmer

Tracey Stemples

Scary My sun scard my so much that I laughed so much

Sherri Chambers

The scream goes. On. And on I just hate it

Erica Justice

Sucks Wouldn't let me play

Aaron Cassaday

Won't even load This game won't even load it just freezes

Tyler Nuzzolese

Dropping my phone I was so scared I dropped my phone and cracked it

Roshunda Lambert

Amazing I am a little kid an I played this I almost peed on myself

Sri Krishna

Very scary children don't see

Kanesha Braxton

Lol I shared my bother

cersei jennsan

Waaaat Not scary at all and a cartoon looking pic ???

Eric Blackwell

Dumb Are you kidding me!! Uninstalled right away!!

Curtis Baca

Im just rating Im just rating cuz it sed to

antavious brooks

So funny I through my phone I was so scared

A Google User

Good app Its really so scary like it.

Vanessa Kelley

Insist karma I tried to scare my mom but when I did it it scared me

Cade Robbins

I think i peed my pants I shrieked so loud the next door neighbors came over to complain about the high pitched noise.LITERALLY.they came over to pants felt wet.uh oh

Callum Elwell

Love it I showed it to my sister and she screamed u should download it.its not the scariest game ever but it's still awsome

Amanda Basden

Lame maze game By reading ours and trying it is so lame and wack the one on computer is better

John Robles

Scary Made me look at every app twice.. nice.

Zaniya Brown

Scary maze It wasn't really scary because I was prepared to see what was coming

Camila Martinez

It sucks me and my friend ware looking for scary But this ia not scary dude you have to work in your games

Alexus Coronado

It sucks It sucks soooo much I hate it don't spin time on it at all

Tony Petreski

Dumb I thought that if you hit the walls then it would pop up but nothing poped up

Parth Bhatt

Shittiest scare app ever You have to literally try out so hard to pass the level I ended up leaving the app

Richard Partridge

Lol Funny got my dre beats plug in caught me off guard I think it's because your concentrating so much you forget about it lol

Jazzy and Madi

Awsome I loved it! I shate myself to the point that i laughed to the face

Juan Deluna

Dont like Butty i can do better and only 12

Dylan Hartley

Not scary I was prepped for the face and it didn't come up on it so BOOOOO

Aleksandr Seto

Level 3 so funny When me and my friend thought it was scary the sound was so funny

Wolfie Gaming

Fun and startling I loved the part were I had a heart attack

Cat Kat

This is the werst game ever. How is this game scary?

Georgia Hughes

It scary me so much It was very good

Phuong Vervinck

Holy **** This game jumped me so bad...and I loved it

Katherine Rodriguez

Stupidgame/que juego Mas tonto :( No da miedo solo sale un Lobo asqueroso :( / this game is not scary at all its just a stupid and disgusting wolf

Kiki's Krazylife

Alright It's okay I mean it got me the first time but now it is just eh

Bella Gaffney

Sucks I saw nothing scary game sucked


Woah That freeked me out it just poped up

Joshua Noble

Scary Really scary don't get it

Filomena Matos

This game is awesome This game Scares The SOCKS Of you !!!

Yara H

Horrible Its not scary didn't move a muscle

Lister Paul Andrade

hdhshdh that scared me oh my gosh

Ciena Ellis

Cooool Good and scary game

Lakirra Copeland

Scary Man I was so scared

Latesha Judd-Winston

Fnaf I really hate this it I not scary so really booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! ¡!!!!!!!


Stupid I thought it was supposed to be a scary game

alejandro santoyo

Scary So scary that i had to turn off my. Phone

Esther Goldman

?? IT'S A JOKE I don't see any scary stuff just a a both maze

Daisy Borner

Don't get it 1 : to many ads. 2 : you get close to the 3d one and it goes off with this mental looking ware wolf.

Phill Kerryn

Wow Scared the crap out of me!! It is really fun but maybe as stop the image a couple of seconds after it suddenly appearing so we can continue with the game

the j,a,g show yahoo

Awesome Or so fun to scare my cousins they scream there heads off

Whitney Williams

Not scary Is just a regular maze game

Matthew Darryl

B o r i n g What is the meaning of this game you dont have any meaning and once you fail in the third one you get a picture of a wierd ghost that is not not lame and then it screams aaahhhhhh in a girly voice what a use less game i wish no one wouod play it

Trin Reische

Scary I played this game and it was so cool then I think for a minute and I said I wonder if my little sister would be scared and she is only 4 and I'm 11 and when I show it to her she cried

Judy Music

That's some funny sh"" there. . Haha.? thanks..! Scared me and I knew it was coming. . Lmao.

Breanna Young

Not fun at all It's boring too much ads and it's not even scary make better apps

heather c

Not scary The first time it scared me and my brother but after that it was so lame .I've played better

Kelly Petersen

OMG SO SCARY AND COOL the jumpscare got me good

kadie folk

Good Game I almost peed my pants along with my sister who is 14 and I'm 11.

Kiera Purcell

Loved it It scared me as soon as I touched the wall and this face popped up I was gob smacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddhini Nadeeshani

Best Its toooooo scary . Awesome game prank


Not Scary You guys didn't even try to make it scary. ????

Kaylee Osburn

So dumb I hate it I don't even care this game is stupid

Ashen Paxtob

So boring It widely be fun if it had mor levels and jump scars

Brian Patient

Takes for ages to work please can you fix ity

Bahja Adan

Really boring but good for andriods Not bad but it wasnt scary enough and the weird thing is that i totally did not even lose, even when i was so close to win i think it just aays try getting to level 4 but there is no level 4

Fergus Sayedi

Agh I think the scary face came in the red one but it was not but unfortunately i close my eyes

cossi parker

Awesome gag Even though I jm now it's gonna happen it freaked me out XD

Finn Hatton

Doesn't woke Every time I try to start it nothing happens

Riley Arnold

?????? I like it bc it is funny when my friends play it and they get scared

Aryanna Brewer

Just horrible It doesn't even show scary things after I mean they would not be scary anyway so horrible .

Jesus Cabrera

I hate this it not even scary

harmless gaming

Scared my little brother LOL When my brother played it and when he was close to maze #3 he got scared LOL hehe :)

Mallett Is Me

I really got scared I jumped , I was so scared, this game is Amazin

hunter smith

Bad You cant get past the jump scares they happen and you cant progress after

Anqunette Jones

Hate the game I have to keep starting over so I hate it

Niwamanya Alex

Not nice I think it is for 2 year old kids


Not good I didn't even touch the wall and I got jumpscared....

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