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11 Oct
Scan Halal

Posted by Ummah Labs & Co. in Lifestyle | Oct. 11, 2016 | 137 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Scan Halal provides valuable information on sources of food ingredients for consumers to make better-informed dietary choices. Scan Halal was born out of frustration with reading through all the long-worded hard to pronounce time-consuming ingredients that so many of us struggle with every day. Simply scan the barcode of the product you wish to consume and within seconds Scan Halal will breakdown the sources of ingredients (plant, animal, synthetic, etc) and display the results.

This app currently supports U.S.A & Canada Products.
U.K, France, & Germany release coming soon!
Please visit for more info

Whats new

    - General Bug Fixes
    - Performance Updates

Ummah Labs & Co. part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4988. Current verison is 3.4. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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zozmne1 mne

Great application but need more work on barcode scanner. Because some time the it can't recognizes barcode

Syed I Quadri

... what we needed!! I downloaded the app couple weeks ago, tested it, and despite its quirks, I have nothing but praises and duas for the team behind it. Its a work in progress. Purchased the full version today. Not sure if it provides anything extra, but you got my support. JazaakumUllah Khair!

Helena Frye

Scanner The scanner could read a little better and faster, also a lot of food products aren't listed. Other than that, I like it.

Obai Sukar

Wonderful I have a suggestion. To add restaurants and fast food menus so we know if one of the components contains haram or suspecious content. Like for example: ranch says component in a fast food joint. Or maybe whether the fries are fried with ham in the same fry.. etc

Julie Marie Shreif

Zuleikah Shreif This is very helpful for a vegan Muslimah like myself! I'm extremely excited! Thank you Scan Halal APP

Tehsin Shaikh

Jazakallah! This app has made my life easier! Now I don't have to be at the grocery store straining my eyes trying to read tiney words. Thank you for making this app!

Nazeer Parekh

App we finally needed! Really love the app. We definitely needed something like this. Alhumdulillah, may Allah bring lots of barakat to the app developers.

Munteha Akbas

Amazing I am Turkish Muslim Elhamdulillah. I really needed this app, made my life much easier no more unknown haram food entering in my house. I think people in muslim countries should use this app if it works there, bc I am sure not everything is halal in. Muslim countries but bc its a Muslim country we think everything is halal. Allah razi olsun.

Mehmet Esat Belviranli

A Very Essential App for all Muslims I have needed such an app many times before and now we have it. The first thing I have done after installing the app was to perform the in-app purchase to support the developers. A very nice addition to the app would be OCR scan of ingredients box, for the products which are not in the database. Thanks for making such a great tool happen...

umayma mohamud

Masha Allah Amezing product It is really great to have such wonderful app to scan food.. you guys doing fantastic job..jzk

Adam H

Brilliant idea, and top shelf interface!!! The app looks good and drives good on a Samsung Galaxy S4. I see a lot to come from this app Insha'Allah :) JAK

Bisma Ahmed

Cant download it I have enough space but I won't work.

Saqib Longi

Useless app Have scanned about 17 Great value items from Walmart and so far no record is found in its database. Utterly disappointed.

Umairah Ismail

Awesome attempt Not all products are listed but im sure it will be taken care of soon IA. Best of luck n JZK

Emad Alburaty

Becarful!!! Love the app but watch out some items say good and it's not just don't trust it 100 percent other then that love it...[Hostess] stuff not halal

Ms. Ali

Thank you! I cannot tell you how long I have wanted and waited for an app like this one. Thank you so much for this. I have been the problem person in my family for so long because I would always be telling people what Ingredients I know about and what I dont. You guys have taken all the guess work out of it and have saved me from making multiple phone calls to manufacturers. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR!

ra3y standar toyot

To try. ...! I am always check about Content .I wanna trying today if it's work or not .

Hamza Abdul-Alim

Ok but... One change is needed I'm so happy to find an app like this. I would give 5 stars but the custom section doesn't give you the space to properly add what you would like to exclude. It's like our is one thin line. Please look into this and I would happily give 5 stars and even buy the app to support.

Serdar H

Great app overall Please increase the number of food products in the database.


Best APP This is one of the best APP for MUSLIM UMMAH who wants to make shore what they are eating. We MUSLIM WANTS TO EAT HALAL.

Sufiyan Shaikh

Helping ummah to consume halal I upload one product and next day I got notification about it .good work. Keep it up . make some more apps which help ummah.

Le Idibsuzu Musawwir

AWESOME! THANKS!! May Allah Ta'ala shower you with His Mercy, Peace, Blessings, and Forgiveness. May He grant you success in this life and in akhirah. May He grant you His Shade on Yowmul Qiyam, ease your stay in the grave, and keep you on the siratul mustakeem! Ameen.

Ayesha Satari

It does need a few tweaks, but it's so handy and helpful when grocery shopping. Instead of standing around and reading all the ingredients I just scan the product it and it will tell me if its halal or not!

amal khammash

Amal May Allah bless you for this great job

Shoaib Warraich

Good Pls increase the number of food items in the database

Mohammed Hanifa

Awesome guys Alhamdhulillah. A very beautiful vision. I would have paid even 10$for your app.

Ali Toor

Doesnot even work Never detect barcodes and always says that its not in our server

Osman M

Halal is the way lol This app is amazing and In Shaa Allah the developer of this app is going to get lots of ajar. May Allah swt let me be the most successful. Ameen.

Sabnam Dot

Great app Found out I was eating so many haram things with this app

Spider's Gaming

The app is fake it says gelatin then the app says kosher plez fix

Salih Tolga Ozaslan

Jazakhallah I cannot report in my Nexus 5. Please fix this so that we can contribute as well.

Syed Fouad Hashim

Jazakaa'Allahu Khair Keep up the good work

Maham Fesa

So far this one is the best... Thanks

A. Amin

Mashaa'Allah It's help me a lot and I really appreciate the Scan Halal and I thank you. Keep it up..May Allah reward you

Malik Ammar

Not working Camer doesnot turn on for barcode scanning on my nexus 5. So not working for me.

Abeer Ibrahim

Amazing I am in love with this app, I specially like the (happening now )part. Thank you so much, and jazakom allah khayran

Yasir Momin

* *this app is not working.

Ahmed Elkamhawy

Great work Good app works on most of the things I have at home

Mohammad Kassem

Pretty cool I don't usually use the app, as I find overcomplicating the religion goes against the teachings of Islam, however the concept of the app is great for those who really are concerned with ingredients on the macromolecular level. Also great for people who have allergies. Good work MashAllah.

Hasheer Syed

Use caution ⚠ Assalaamu Alaykum, I was impressed with the app at first look and use but after few scans the results seems to be so generic that it may only be scanning the ingredients looking for pork or alcohol to pass or fail the test. Just to test, I tried beef jerky product and to my shock it pass the halal test. I emailed the results with pictures of the product and my inquiry to no response till date over 3 weeks. So, be very cautious with these apps and don't rely your taqwa on it.

Maryam Riaz

Really great app. Super helpful. Only wish you could manually search for the product by name or access the old products you scanned and see it later

Md Reza

Superb. May bless this App developer team.

mustafaa shaheed

This app close to much It's a good app it works but it closes alot and at times it's not good because I can be looking up a product then it just close.

Abdur Rahman Siddiqui

Bugs App when scanning barcode

Somera Khan

A much needed APP! Hats off to the person who came up with such a brilliant idea! This app has really made my life easier since I'm strictly zabiha. Now I'm 100% confident that i'm consuming zabiha.

Zainab Ali

Awesome I loved it because it tells me if things are haram or halal

Tariq Luhaidan

This is the best app ever!!! May Allah accept your work ameen

Ayaan Siddiqui

Amazing App :-) This app helped me greatly. Jazakallah to that person who made this app.

Malik Ammar

Not working App is awesome by functionality... But it doesn't work most of the time. Get hung.

Abdullah Chaudhry

Awesome Its about time an App like this is created. PAY FOR THE FULL VERSION AND SUPPORT IT!!!!

moe a

Unbelievable MasaAllah guys kudos! Please stop complaining about database people, instead help add products by taking images and ingredient lists. if u can't buy this app for 2 bucks then shame on you! 2 bucks for a cause? or would you rather but a 4 dollar latte? We can do it! Ranting because I'm tired of seeing kosher symbols, why can't there be Halal symbols? We as a ummah are not very united it seems unfortunately.

Liajul Hassan

I wish their customer service was active Great concept and can be very helpful, but I question some of their judgments. Some ingredients may be doubtful as to whether they were halaal or not, but they leave it alone.

hanan saeed

Love this app But by far thee SLOWEST app ever. I'll be in a good wifi area or even using 4g and it takes FOREVERR to scan things. Even if I type in the Barcode. It's a bit awkward when I'm in the grocery store or gas station and the cashier is just starting at me like why is this girl in her phone for this long? And there's alot of glitches but I love the thought behind this app ! I want to see it grow jAk

A. Maryam K

Really Nice App Assalaamu alaikum, this app is very useful when shopping and have used it to scan items for some friends in doubt about products. This app is a great service to Muslims who want to please Allaah (swt) by following the prescribed dietary restrictions, which is not so easy to tell in some products.

Ali Alawami

good just need to add some functions like see last 100 scanned products in a list and some products made in different places or country and need to mention that country also need to add more products...thanks

Katina Toney

Disappointed Wali AsSalaam Alaykum Rahmatullahi Barakathu Anti/Ahki . Jazak Allah for your efforts. I loved the idea of this app, but I am uninstalling it due to the fact I can't get it to function properly. It keeps Force closing with no signs of alleviation for me. Inshaa Allah you can make the changes and I return to see them.

Khaled El Dagany

Where is support? App is great but I can't get in touch with support I sent 2 emails already because I bought the app and I can't access the custom settings.

Mehmet Kanik

Don't buy anything in app The First, scanner doesn't work. The second i bought the app, thinking maybe the app get better in full version. However, it didn't upgrade the full version although they took my money. I am still receiving stupid zekat spam like advertisement.

Sunartriasih S

This would be the best halal check app if... 1) it provides 'search' button option for those who wanted to know the halal status only by typing its producer or brand name (although it's been a bit occupied by 'happening now' option) 2) it is also user-friendly for those who are not residing in English-speaking countries, since only international products that have been scanned and existed (so it's good to use while going abroad). But mostly, it's fascinating.

Hussein Alzoubi

Jazakom Allah Khair It would be very useful though if you allow users to search products by name

mohand oran

Very useful app, but i can't upload pictures I have LG G4 and when i want to add new products it stops by itself, please can you fix this bug. Thanks

Batuhan Zivali

Help Um my scan doesn't work could someone scan if merve soujouk is halal than tag me. Please and thank you

Fizzy Pop

Amazing app! This app is great to check products before you buy them! If there is no information for the product, you can send images of front of package and ingredient label for the product to be added to database. I haven't had any slowness issues that others have commented about. Thanks for a great app!

Sameer Jailavudeen

Not able to restore full purchase No app support to restore the previous full version purchase when changing phone. I have contacted several times to restore to my previous purchase of the full version. No response received yet. And also database is too little. Many things are missing. I am still using Muslim consumer group to check several items.

Yaseen Khan

Its very nice Easy to you use thanks brother to giving us this kind of app if you also can please provide also the item I scanned and I sent it you for checking if its halal....

عبد الله المالكي

ما شاء الله This is the real deal now this will expose all these foolish venders claiming things are halal and it's not zabihah... Surely Allah put out the light of the mischief makers. May Allah reward you

Abdul Sami

So far 5 star I Would love to help u guys by sending product's pic and any errors. Proud of you guys if need help I would love to volunteer.

Nadiya sadat

Best of all Sometimes u need to scan the products for second time incase the systems couldn't find it.

Obaid Niazi

SubhanAllah This is the best Halal (or haram) food utility, very customizable and almost always accurate Mashallah . I will be waiting till NFC Scanner is deployed i hope you do and do it soon , still a wonderful app though... thoroughly appreciated may Allah SWT bless you for this Sadaqa e Jareya InshaAllah

Amer Rasheed

Great app! Really love this app, easy to use and saves me a lot of hassle of having to verify ingredients. Jazakallahu Khairun for all the efforts of those involved in making and supporting this app.

Ammar Palla

Great app, saved me lots of time Having said that, my in-app purchase does not restore after reinstalling the app on the same device. Also, it would be great if the app would allow searching for food by title also.

ali mohammed

Help Not as good as iPhone version. Please fix. Camera is good on phone but bad in app. And when I try to add a product it unexpectedly quits. Please fix these bugs. Android v 5.1.1

Rokaya Mohammed

Liked it ? I really like it because it finds most of my food products but it doesn't find other ones like coffee creamer or something like that. Overall, I guess this app works well with me and I love it.

I. Hussain

Needs way more items in database Good app but 70% of items I scan are not in database, hope it gets updated more frequently, I'll give 5 stars when it has a bigger database and more frequent updates

Hammad Mirza

Camera functionality Please fix the camera issue on android

Ruqaya Raji

Love it ! ! ! ! I love this app it is really helpful

Adam Asfour

Best app ever can't live without it

Sultan Manzoor

Its good I don't know if there lieing or not

Mahroos Anwar

I some items images but I am not back message from it ....

Aatif R

Very impressed, good effort Couple of products didn't scan, but when I typed there name they showed up.

Yazan Asfour

Scan halal Can't live without it.

mohammed al saif

Deposited Too much products not in the databases?

Douaa Alni3mi

Baaad App It doesn't tell me any thing

Isam Nagi

Ma Sha Allah Really cool to use

Rania Alshaeb

I use it all the time I stopped buying a lot of things after I started using this app..

Shauna Johnston

Crap I wanted an app so I can boycott these halal products. I'm not supporting terrorist groups and im not Muslim. Keep your faith to yourself

Laila Elkadi

Since when is 1% Alcohol permissable??? Users Beware! Halal Scan seems to be a good app with great potential ....BUT, I'm really didappointed and shocked to see that the app/programmer considers 1% alcohol permissable! !!! Which scholar gave that fatwa? and based on which hadith? It's misleading to color the text 'green' and mark the item as safe to consume when it contains alcohol...the Quran and Sunnah doesn't say that alcohol is Haram only in large quantities! Looking forward to a more accurate application. Jazakum Allah kheiran.. Thank you.

Nasrudin Abdi

Mashallaah I really thank you so much wallaah. Great project, please keep adding more products, consult with scholars and specialists. Keep up.

Venkatesh Babu

Thanks I need something to scan which will tell the nutrition value without any barcode and directly reads the food and tells me good or bad plus the toxicity and the bacterial content plus the dust...

Muhammad Asad

This app is very much useful But detail of some product is not included in this app.

Lubna Aziz Ahmed

Awesome This has been a god sent app, we were new to USA, and based on a reference started using it, it has helped us eliminate the halal from numerous non halal products. I have paid for this app, and would recommend to the team to add more products to the team especially more products from Walmart, publix, aldi and krogers. Kudos to the team for helping all, jazak Allah..God bless u all.

Salamotu Yahaya

I'm giving 5 star so my review could appear on the top You guys are doing amazing job but if you are Muslims you should make it easier for those who do not know about the ingredients on what they buy. Customizing on the app doesn't make sense, you guys should just give a run down on whether the product is permissible for Muslims consumption or not. And trust me people will buy the App for $10 cos this is our religion we are talking about. And since when has 000.0000009% of ALCOHOL become halal to consume?

khalid mohamed

Takes all your info. The app was very good, but there is one reason i hate this app and it is because it needs all of your information. Location, pictures and phone call logs. Like why the hell do you need phone call records. What would that do for the app

AzrinAswan Azrin

Doesn't work on Sri Lankan products.., Anyway I appreciate the good work.

Mindi Martinez-Dagin

Shopping Buddy Mashallah!!! This app is my grocery shopping buddy...I scan everything. ..including my deodorant, toothpaste, lotion and shampoo....halal is the way to go from head to toe!!!

Noora M

Doesn't work It doesn't work. It keeps kick me out of the app every time I try to scan an item.


I didn't like it. I have tried to scan two things because I wanted to know if it's going to work or not.. when I scan somethimg a window shows a message says you'll recieve a nofication when we done our research... Now it has been a week and half and still not recieve anything from you!

Nur Aida

Best ingredient scan app! Easy 2 use ,fast result,simple, and nice! But i dont understand why i saw some silly and ashameful reviews. The app scaned an alcohol item, but it said it's consume-able? at the startup, it will ask you what ingredients you want to avoid. So,u might not choosing the alcohol,so it's ur silly mistake and it turns out with green-colored label. Force stop? Believe me, it's ur phone probs too. In this super modern technology, dont be so stupid and just do some searching on factors which lead 2 force stop :)

Maria Khan

Very buggy Resource is fantastic, but app needs work. Constantly crashes, will show item as not in database (but it really will be, as you discover when you keep scanning relentlessly), will completely reset every so often, screen will freeze, among other things.

Ammar Palla

Great app, saved me lots of time Having said that, it now crashes Everytime I try to add a new product and try to take its picture. Also, it would be great if the app would allow searching for food by title also.

Leo Mom

No good for food allergies I was looking for an app to help manage my son's food allergy. There is a custom option, but you can only add ingredients that are already in the database. You cannot add foods to the database. Still looking for the right app. :(

Zabed Ahmad

So far ok but could be better Wanted to upload new product that was not is database and it crashes. I tried several times and all the time same result. I had to delete the app and redownload. Please please fix it. This app can help oit lot of ppl. Also some of The products shows they are ok, but we have doubt about the ingredients. Please add explanation or why they are ok. Like red5 color, vanilla, etc etc. Please fix these problems and I will pay for full version. Will ask ppl to download as well. Thanks for the app though

Asma Kaukasvadia

It's pretty good Most of the time when I scan something at a store it works but sometimes you just keep standing there and scanning and it does not work

İbrahim Çağrı Kurt

Amazing idea Jazakallah! But for some reason the camera is inverted on my Nexus 5X?

Abdul Musawir

Best app for buying halal products I liked this app and it works really, well . before I use to be unsure about product if they were halal or not but now I can just scan it .recommend using this app

Yaz Khadra

Search options We should be able to search by product name too and categories.

Jalal Abul-Huda

Inverted scanner It used to work fine, however now the scanner is inverted and everything is backwards (up is down zero left is right). Makes it real hard to grab a box and scan the bar cover

mohammad ayub

Wow So what's the point of paying for this app , if you're not gonna provide any information . Have some fear of Allah. I've sent so many photos of products for you people to let me know whether they're halal or not but almost 2 years and no update. I've emailed you people and used every method possible to contact you and have never been contacted.

shamim ahmed

Great app I use it all the time I just type in the barcode number. Now I can scan a lot of things and see if its halal. Thx 4 making this app. Masha allah

Nayeemah Iqbal

Very helpful app Alhamdhulillah this app is very helpful, l dnt have to stand there reading the ingrediants of every product I buy anymore...the only thing is its not scanning on my new phone, lm having to enter the code each time.

Abubaker Siddiq Syed

Very Very slow and unstable While the idea is very good implementation has been horrible. It takes forever to load by which time I will be at checkout lane. Also the traces of alcohol is categorized as halal which is highly doubtful. I'm using paid version which is in no way better than free one.

Dennis Flores

App is OK, but why do u need my info? App works fine on many -but not all- products and provides helpful information on some ingredients. What I don't like and understand is that why do you need to access my sim card and collect my phone calls, address book, mobile pin, call history etc.? I have a Norton on my phone and it keeps warning me that this app is working in background and have a suspicious activity.

sofia fisrt

This even didnt started I have scan but it not works and i have type the code and it says NO PRODUCT WITH GIVEN BARCODE EXIST IN OUR SYSTEM HUH I HAVE TRIED SO MUCH BUT IT DOSENT I HATE THIS APP ITS FAKE

Nasir Aziz

Halal Advantage If every one update to app with all those products which they don't have in their data base will be great help for Muslims and we will have awareness for halal products. I love this App.

Krbki Mevi

One thing to improve upon? Everything is what I expected it to be, but I wish there could be an offline option. It cant be too big, can it? With, or even without pictures would be good enough for me.

Hector Crespo

Unable to submit Good but unable to scan and submit products that are missing from they're databases on a Nexus 6p, they also didn't respond to my email about the issue

Mohsin Khan

I Already Purchased. I already purchased this app but unable to restore when I format my mobile.. Kindly help!


Crashes down instead of opening. Needs more work

Khalid Ahmad

Good app but 1 problem App is very useful to me and the scanner works well, however if I try to upload photos the app will crash out. Nexus 6p

OdilAlp Bolgaev

Good job Guys. I always use this application to purchase any groceries even from Whole Foods store. Update products database please. This application mostly works for USA products. Assalamu alaykum Software Developers. How come I could restore previous purchase of full version. I just updated my cellphone and lost old full version. Is there any chance to restore it? Thanks in advance.

1) Am puzzled on the authenticity of the verification method. Verified by an Individual of the product's company by phone.?? Not sure it qualifies as reliable enough 2) Scan very slow.

Mujahid Sheikh

Not working Has been working for so long but now Doesn't show result once you take the picture. Tried with ip7 also but still doesn't work. Please fix.

Engin Arslan

Thanks I like and use this app a lot but it has bug as it keeps asking me my dietary consideration again and again. I'm fine selecting it but When it does so, it slows down so much that cannot operate anymore. Has to be taken care of.

niloufar hozouri

Awesome This is perfect! JazakumuAllaho khayra. Who ever made this app did a really big thing. May Allah Subhanah wa Ta'ala bless you.

Si Oyoy

Didn't work in my country It did not work in Indonesia, why why? Hope you to fix this soon. Cause we have so many doubtful food products, when the majority of our people is Moslem. Thank you.

Najah Fuller

The app is good I love this app. It works fine. But you can sometimes have problems with it being to ?.

Aziz Yafai

Thanks for this application Scan Halal team. It's very easy to use and use full that's why I'm giving you 5★ if the option for more Star I will give you. .Thanks again★

Ahmed Sadak

Can't get past front page It's stuck on the dietary requirements page.

The app is very useful during shopping. This app mashallahh is really high advance and this app will not only help me out but the other Muslim brother and sister.


Good app Thanks guys it's help us a lot to know if some products are 100% made by vegetable ingredients (y)

Qurrat-ul-ain Gul Muhammad

Please fix it? Love the app, however, it's not working anymore. Please fix it. At least make cheetos halal, pleeeeeease?

Umar Ashraf

Need German upgrade Please guys make this work for foods in Germany. I really need it here

Ibrahim Mansour

Ma sha Allah :) This is really helpful, djaza koum la khaira brothers and/or sisters who participated in the creation of this app :) ..keep it up ?

Bini Man

Scan halal Who ever created this app, My Allah make his dream come true. ? Amin Amin

Maman Oliea

Thank You Love it, now we know which food are appropriate to buy in regard of religion prectise

Rawid Alriashi

This is It's amazing

Melih Aslan

Ingredients do not match. Today I spent one hour to test this app. I found five cereals that scan halal did not include natural flavor in the ingredients but actually actual ingredients have natural flavor. Very disappointing. I bought many items without checking them. For example, fiber one cereal original bran cereal. Chex gluten free chocolate. Cheerios chocolate. Reese's puffs sweet and crunchy corn.

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