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7 Apr
Samsung Power Sleep

Posted by Samsung Electronics Austria in Lifestyle | April 7, 2014 | 46 Comments

Apk file size: 29.0 MB

Power Sleep lets you donate the processor power of your smartphone or tablet to support researchers at the University of Vienna with the decryption of protein sequences. The decrypted sequences are used to benefit cancer and Alzheimer's research, amongst others.

Power Sleep functions like an alarm clock. When you go to sleep, your smartphone or tablet requests a data package from the SIMAP server (Similarity Matrix of Proteins) at the University of Vienna and starts calculating. When your alarm rings, the process ends and the package is recorded in the SIMAP database. Fully automatically and for free – Doing good has never been easier.

Your network operator may charge you to download the app and data packages via a mobile data network or WiFi. Please ask your mobile wireless or internet provider about rates and data volumes.

Power Sleep uses BOINC, a technology for distributed computing, as the basis for using the unused processor power of your smartphone or tablet only when you don't need it.

To ensure everything runs smoothly:

Remember that your smartphone or tablet must be connected to a charger and switched on
You must be connected to a WiFi network so that Power Sleep can start calculating
Please ask your internet provider about rates and data volumes
You have the possibility to change your standard settings so that the data packages can also be calculated via the mobile data network
Please ask your wireless provider about costs and data volumes
Exceeding your data volume can lead to additional costs
The average amount of data transmitted is 1 MB per package for download and about half the size for upload
The estimated duration for the calculation takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour per data package – the longer you sleep, the more data packages can be calculated
All functions remain available during the use of Power Sleep

Power Sleep functions on Android smartphones and tablets from version 2.3 with ARM processors onwards. For optimal use, we recommend smartphones and tablets from Android version 4.1.

Samsung and the University of Vienna do not collect any of your personal data. Your processor power is used solely for the benefit of scientific research.

To find out more about the permissions requested by Power Sleep click on the link You will find all the details under the point “Security”.

Learn more about Power Sleep –

Learn more about SIMAP –

Learn more about BOINC –

An app update can cause connection failures with the SIMAP server. To solve the problem, the connection must be re-initialized for the new app version. Please restart your smartphone or tablet and start Samsung Power Sleep again.

Whats new

    *) Multi-alarm function: Set multiple alarms at once.
    *) Donations without the alarm clock: You can now provide your processing power without the alarm clock.

Samsung Electronics Austria part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 7, 2014. Google play rating is 85.3237. Current verison is 1.0.11. Actual size 29.0 MB.

Download samsung-power-sleep.apk 29.0 MB


john smith

Creative I am using this already and I just got it last night. Bit there are some major glitches in this. I can't push the Facebook Twitter and Google plus buttons. Then the hours of contribution are way off. I started it last night and I'm at 27 hours. If anything it should be like 5-7. Please fix these I would love an honest post of how many hours I've donated.

Mikhail Zavadski

It could be much better Good idea, but very difficult to use, if you don't need this alarm. This app could do its job without bothering me at all, except of this I have to have so much hustle. So changing 5 to 3.

Alastair McManus

I use this every night...but.... Its stopped working and says there is an 'initialization delay' been on 930 hours of donated time for weeks..would be cool to get an update from the developers too on worldwide stats and how users have so far the concept! Continue to use this as my alarm but doesnt initialize!

Tony Here

SIMAP update Hey everyone. As of December 2014 SIMAP has left the BOINC platform, and as such no more work units are available through this app. Thank you all for your contribution thus far, and if anyone is interested in helping with other ongoing projects you can do so directly, through the boinc client (search BOINC in google play) and add the projects of your choice. I personally recommend IBM's worldgrid, but that's just me :). Thanks again. Tony (enthusiastic contributor)

Michael Hodgins

Looks great. It works well enough as an alarm, it looks good and is nicely responsive. I guess all the professor's calculations have been done though because it never downloaded any work. Such a shame that I found this too late.

Edward Gates

Great app! Other people are crazy. Easy to use app! To address concerns of other: it should be connected to Wi-Fi because it pulls alot of data, but you can tell it to use your 3g, beware data charges. It needs to be plugged in because you use a lot of power processing it and it's an alarm clock because it uses the majority of your cpu to process, so it kinda takes up your phone while in use. Great app. Easy to use. Keep up the good work

Armin Hasitzka

Great idea but ... Like many pple complained about it before: Why an alarm? I WANT to donate my processor if it helps but I prefer my scheduled Android alarms! Also: I'd love to see how many packages (not (only) hours!) my mobile calculated AND how many packages (not hours!) the whole community calculated in the last 24 hours, 3 days, etc ... I think that would help us to better understand the big picture! :) If you implement that you would get 5 stars from me!

Jan Zantinga

Used to work I used to use this app every night, but now it no longer works on my nexus 5 ruining lollipop...

Vincent De Barros

Please add this feature Many alarm apps now offer the ability for the app to use the phones built in accelerometer to detect movement while you sleep. When you set a time for your alarm to go off the app monitores your movement to see when it would be best to wake you up around the time you need to wake up; usually a 30 minute window. If you add this to the app I will definitely use it but I need that feature.

Keith Keydel

Great concept, fair alarm clock, processor donation stuck on initialization delay Having the processor in my phone help scientists while I'm sleeping is a great idea. Combining this with a good alarm clock seems like a winning combo. But unfortunately, the donation feature seems to be stuck on initialization delay. I set the alarm before bed, when the alarm woke me the app still read initialization delay.

Braeden Herbert

Not working I really like the idea and look of the app but it never works for me. I had a Galaxy Ace II x and it always said my device is busy with other apps. Just a few weeks ago I got a Galaxy S3 and it is doing the exact same thing. I have cleared my recent apps and my RAM but nothing fixes it. Please help!

Maximillion Frommelt

Doing good, except the alarm I really love this application, and the purpose behind it. The problem lies with applications volume limit. As I continue to use this application, the volume only reached a maximum level which was about half of my devices volume. If Samsung fix this, this app would be 5 stars. So Samsung, please fix this problem because it's not very helpful for when the alarm clock is so quiet people don't wake up from it; it kind of defeats the purpose.

Mika Markkanen

Great idea, but... Used to work in the beginning on my Note 3, later after some 300 hours stopped, initiation delay, perpetually. New install got me some 180 hours, and now again nothing happens, and no response from devs. So, dropping score from 4 to 1 star. And with practically unlimited mobile data and humongous battery the need for charging and wifi feel frustrating! And cursed app does not work even with wifi and charging, to make this crystal clear to idiots out there.

Ian Adams

Nice to help out I did folding @ home with my ps3 and my PC as well. I think This sort of stuff is awesome. If I'm not using my system why not use its power. I use the alarm all the time. Idk what cause it but if I use the arrow keys to set the alarm it crashes and says Power Sleep has stopped working. Every time. I can only set the alarm with the slider now. Used to work fine.

Caleb Anderson

Nexus 7 not working The app is great but won't do anything on 2013 Nexus 7. It just said it was delayed and didn't move from that screen, even at 100% battery

Simon King

Brilliant idea! Awesome idea. I love that I can donate my phones processor power to help great causes without hastle! Nice alarm sound and UI too. Easier to use than the standard Samsung alarm clock! Great now that we can use it without setting an alarm. Perfectly for those lazy lie-in days!

Stephen Perrin II

Good, could be better I like the alarm, I like the design. But it only works for 10 hours on my phone. After that, it doesn't track my hours, so I don't think it works anymore. Please fix this problem. Android 4.4 EDIT: I see the problem, and it has been resolved. It runs perfectly now and includes a multi alarm as well as other options. Definitely worth five stars.

Ashley Mallinson

Doesn't work Had this installed on my note but doesn't work on s 5, just says initialization delay and does nothing, fix it please

craza flya

NOT SATISFIED When I downloaded and first entered the app it shows a note about power sleep and I was unable to close that note and scroll through it. I tried to slide screen again and there was not reponce. Pressing the back key only closes the app. I am using an S2 why didn't it work!? Soo upset! Please fix it! I can't even try to use the app it just wouldn't respond when showing that stupid unresponsive note! I.AM SO UNINSTALLING THIS UNRESPONSIVE APP!

Myles Frost

Very helpful But I wish it would show you statistics like how many packages you have decrypted and to get the hours right. Also more features like a setting where it dosent have to be on charge and one where you can choose how much processing power tou want to donate because I ceetainly will be happy to donate more than just under 1 percent

Philip Scutt

Is it working? Great idea, but not sure if it's working! I've used it nearly every night for 2 weeks & for a whole day but it still reports 0 hours contribution!

Terry Friedmann

Constant Initialization delay error Great concept but needs more development. Was working when first installed but now no longer computes anything

Nehal Patel

Are we all stupid? Stay away from this crap App In this advertisement they say that the app does not access your identity and photos. Well, when you install this app, it needs permission to access identity and Photos/Media! Screw these people. We all know that google has all data on us but I am not ready to give it to any developer around the world. Almost any app is not free on market. Since most of them need lot of permissions. I know we cannot change this business model, but we can at least avoid this stupid developers who are asking for help and also want to access information from us.

Jason Grover

Was great... When I had my nexus 4, now it keeps crashing on my Xperia Z3 compact whenever I try to run the app. Please fix!

Joseph Metzler

Stopped working I used to use it everyday was glad to donate my processor to science. One day it stopped communication with the servers and then it stopped being an alarm. I have uninstalled it

Daniel Keeling

Hot, hot, hot! Woke up from a 4 hour sleep and my phone had become too hot to even hold! I'd be scared to use it for anything more than a power nap. If this is solved then I would be more than happy to allow the team to use my processing power for a decent length of time.

Ty DeLong

Initialization Delay Love the idea, but never could get it to work. I used the non-alarm functionality, but despite being fully charged and on WiFi, it just said "initialization delay" for hours. Bummer. I wanted to help :)

Elie Ayoub

Great app Let me choose which days to sound the alarm so I don't wake up on week-ends! Otherwise easy to use without complications. Thank you.

Alun Stone

Patch Fail Cant use it anymore, last update was a major bug. Just sucks battery life and does'nt run calculations.

steve nonya

Needs to be automatic I already have a real good alarm with Iheart. This app should have a way to just be automatic and do its job when plugged in and stop when unplugged.

Ahmad Shdifat

Good idea But what if its not used for researchers . What if it used to get a huge rainbow table oO.. more information should be published about the research

James Mugford

Great app. Next the Linux server version? :) Would suggest a tweet sized snippet of what it is and does in the app description, to help social media adoption.

Juan Hernandez

I've had this app on my s4 for about a month and up until recently, it started saying "initializing delay." I also got it on my s5 and it says the same thing.

david r parker

Great idea, poor support I can't contribute to the project, it permanently shows "initialization delay." My phone has been rebooted several times, the app has been uninstalled/re-installed, I've done a combination of rebooting and uninstalling, it just won't work. It used to work. I'd still give this app 5 stars if I got some support from anyone on the face of the Earth. The alarm function works though. So rest easy cancer kids, I won't be late for school.

Allan Phillips

Great Like other users I'd like to be able to have this running whenever my phone is charging regardless of battery state. Some sort of leaderboard would be good too. Good that you no longer need to use the alarm.

Linda Morgan

Incredible Method for Scientific Research For the creator(s) of this program...I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your research and development in the medical, biological, and scientific fields, to further the advancements in such, which will not only benefit the world now, but offer our children and their children resolutions and treatments to diseases currently afflicting many worldwide. I have 3 available units to offer and will pass the word on. What a remarkable way to pay it forward - at no cost to the entire world!! I'm cheering you on!

Simon Harris

I'm doing my part Why aren't there more apps like this... just think how much good can be done with all those smartphone sitting idol

Bernald Solano

Stays in "initialization" The title says it all, I'm running cyanogen mod M11, I wonder if that has to do something about it.

Heather Peacock

Wonderful I love the idea of donating my phone's computing power to science. All the better now that I can simply charge it and it goes right to work no alarm needed

Saul Phizacklea

Would love to use it but.... I downloaded this and when I got welcomed with the intro...thats it... nothing else...none of this nothing

Михаил Перминов

Please, add Russian language and visualization of calculation.

Alexander Won

Good to be good Nice to help

Jevgenij Galkin

Good idea :) Will run it frequently- think everybody should join this project

Denis Shchukin

One problem Contribution's only 0.5-1 hour though program worked 6-7 hours. Why?

Beatrice Gatta

Not working It keeps saying "initialization delay " but then it never starts. I've plugged it, I'm on wifi and the battery is full. I don't understand .I'm switching back to HTC power to give, because it's working, but I really wish I could use this app instead. I liked the idea of an alarm and it looked nice. :(

David Wainwright

Initialization delay Can't get passed initialization delay.

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