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5 Jul
Salt Mobile

Posted by Salt Mobile SA in Business | July 5, 2016 | 83 Comments

Apk file size: 4.0 MB

Salt Mobile app: quick and easy usage and options information - across all your

mobile accounts.

PrePay or contract, it's simple. The Salt Mobile app manages:
Your offers - see what we're offering you, such as the latest handset or a cheaper

Your usage - subscription customers can see usage so far, before the next bill
Your bills - check the bills you've paid over the last 6 months.
Your options - subscribe to or cancel any options.
Recharging - recharge by voucher for PrePay accounts.
For support visit

Terms and Conditions

The Salt Mobile app is available only to Salt Switzerland private customers

connected to the Salt network or via Wi-Fi.

Downloads are available via Wi-Fi (excluding connection costs). Downloads via the
Salt network are charged according to your subscription.

The app is compatible with Android phones with OS 4.0 or above.

Whats new

    Bug fixes

Salt Mobile SA part of our Business and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 5, 2016. Google play rating is 40.9914. Current verison is 1.2.14. Actual size 4.0 MB.

Download salt-mobile.apk 4.0 MB


KS Lee

Mediocre Application Provides a decent overview of account information. Future update should utilise recognition of Salt provider SIM card or network registration to allow for automatic login and further prompt for password for account sensitive changes when necessary.

Stéphanie Droz

Really updated? Where are all the features that were available with the Orange app? Like the the widgets and the fact that the app remembered our login data? I thought that Salt would be better than Orange or at least as good as it but it actually is worse. So what's the point of doing something "new"?

Michael Tucker

Far worse than Orange app App keeps crashing and logging me out of my account. Has much less functionality than Orange app, which was already bad. For example, most functions open up a browser, requiring you to log in again. Not possible to manage options within app. Does not tell you when current billing period ends.

Tom Raymann

Useless. Dont install this crap. Fails to login, fails to create an account, fails on everything. I have handed in my notice as I do not need this crap in my life.

Michael Pini

Much worse than before Password is not remembered, I always need to scroll to see the usage information, when scrolling always one of the buttons on top activates a submenu... Why not just use the old Orange App and change the logo? Everything else remains also as before.

Pascal Hertrich

The Worsening The new Salt app delivers much less detailed information as the my Orange app. It doesn't even give you the option to remember the login data. This app is so bad, that I (for the first time ever) had to rate and comment it!

Jul T

Doesn't login "Check you're connected to the Internet and try again" while I'm connected. If I type a wrong password, it says "wrong password" so connection works...

Aslam Shehzad

Orange App was far better! I hope Salt will make all the efforts to improve it!!

Adrian Thum

New name and new problems The design is not bad. But the functions and the overview was better with the orange app.

Robin Eicher

Login not possible App doesn't work. Mobile site doesn't show the new products. it displays that the App is soon available, but on the next line its already linked with the playstore. If you spend a heck of money for the whole rebranding,do it by the end. i feel still like "something new is coming soon" and not "something new is here now". Registration on the Website fails as well in the last step, when it comes to entering the number. Looks like you abuse your customers as beta testers. sad with a budget greater 40 millions

Rolf Zuberbühler

Can not login I can not type in the login and password. Fields do not get the focus.

Christopher Berry

New Salt App - Waste of Space Total waste of space. Only allowed to use particular letters and numbers for the password. Failed to log on a number of times because I am not connected! But can download the app and send and receive emails. 'Hated it' is a huge understatement.

Fabio De Santo

worst start salt! so i'm always open for change and stuff... but salt is doing the worst possible job here: bad app, some feautures dont work and also the overview of the app and mobile site couldnt be worse. mediocre handling of the app, incorrect information,... in 2 months my contract is ending, wonderful ^^


Bad No working App. It doesn't let me login !! ?

Lisa Joss

simply bad it would probably have meant less work and better end result to simply change the design of the orange app. this new app is useless

jake lismore

Pretty good The app works fine, its quicker and better looking than the old orange app, but it has crashed a few times and i haven't found a way to remain signed in which is annoying.

Jan Rüegg

Cannot login Check you're connected to the Internet, is the error message (which I am, of course)

Coen van Gassen

Doesn't let me login... Even though i'm connected to the Internet, and even though they claimed to have fixed the "login issue"

Mwenda Kobia

Just bad I don't know how, but this app is worse than what Orange had. Most basic of functions (payment, login, etc.) are handled badly. Feels like an alpha build of an app

Nina Mattille

better than the old app but still pretty shitty

Martyn Dale

No update or fixes my side. Still no login possible. Absolute fail, want the myorange app back. No good at all, all around. Sry Salt you need to do more than this to keep us happy like orange did.

Georgia Ertz

The Orange app was fare it looks like a websityle, but usability is poor. Hope it will improve.

Mossy Crowe

Tells me to check that I'm conected to the internet upon logon. Tells me to check that I'm conected to the internet upon logon. Ironic since I'm using their network. Crap app!

Moritz Cavigelli

Account is still not working

Sana Ullah

Just hate

Pascal Aubort

disappointing This isn't even an app, it is just displaying the salt website in a webview (hide the address bar at least!).... Cannot buy any extra like a one-off data pack or the like. pretty useless and disappointing.

Oliver Ladner

Needs a "remember password" checkbox If you got a long password it's a hassle to type it everytime.

Nick Withheld

Poor, style(not that good either) over substance Usability is bad, on the old Orange app my usage was shown on one page in a simple bar style. Now I have to scroll down and work out what my usage is . Keeps telling me if I’m an orange subscriber to create an account even though I’m logged in. Detailed page is mostly blank, it was not until I realised I had to scroll sideward’s to view the numbers. Over all the style of the new salt company is very retro and not in the good way.

Robin Bühler

Seen better things than this Make the api public so the community could build a proper app

Alberto G

Need improvements Please add a remember my login infos and also a widget to use in home screen to check consumptions

Johan Andsjo

Finally A mobile operator app that I can use to control my subscription

nicole jaccard

Password The forgot password button isn't active.

Simone Lionetti

Unable to login. Apparently, 'looks like something went wrong' without further info.

Marc Senti

Awfull A lot of things open just on the web page, what makes the app slow. It's also a little complicated and has some log-in problems... And it doesn't keep me logged in.

Johan Andsjo

New version better Log-in issue clearly fixed

Thomas Bürli

Sine the last update the login is working. But scrolling is still broken. If you scroll it thinks you clicked on it. So it can easily happen that it adds/remove an option which you didn't wanted .

Glover Carvalho

New ? Let's be honest, this app is pure garbage, Orange app was way better, autologin, cleaner interface, widgets... Please just update this app and make something usable

Stéphanie Droz

Really updated? Where are all the features that were available with the Orange app? Like the the widgets and the fact that the app remembered our login data? I thought that Salt would be better than Orange or at least as good as it but it actually is worse. So what's the point of doing something "new"? When are you going to fix it????

Narek Bayanduryan

Terrible. The resolution of the login screen backg.riund is just atrocious. You also have to log in every time and the app is laggy as hell. Bills that have been paid and show up as paid on the Website are shown as unpaid in the app. The UI does not follow material design guidlines. The design looks good for iOS. So basically they ported that over and it works like crap. Here I was hoping for a fresh app from the ground up.

Dominique Bovey

Mediocre and lame Better go on the mobile site. No added value. Don't bother installing

Henry Lütcke

This app is a disaster I really would like to go back to old Orange App. Of course not possible.

Patrick Ramseyer

Crap software Connected to wlan .. asks me for internet connection...... cannot login... basic error.. shows how they failed to test their systems properly before releasing

Fuqua Lotapus

Salt is bitter Repeatedly logs me out, only updates usage once a day, keeps insisting i have only one contract etc fix it or fire the devs and employ people who know how to write a fuctioning app. LOG IN NOT WORKING CORRECTLY, NEEDS FIXING, ??? my cynicism leads me to enquire, is salt paying people to give top ratings??

gert vleugels

Far worse than before overview is not clear. Everytime I have to reconnect, doesn't keep the password in memory

Michele Vigolo

Login failed No way to login. It says 'check you're connected to the internet and try again'.

Leandro Delmastro

Obvious provisional app before real thing? An app such as this can only be a temporary solution while waiting for a real application. Fingers crossed.

Grzegorz Jankowski

Orange app was much better Password shut be remembered in application!

Ruben Lopez Herrerias

Offers good control and visibility of my subscription! My Salty app!!!

Cormac Frazer

Everything is worse. What was wrong with the orange app? Nothing. This one does less and is harder to use. MAJOR things missing are widgets and the ability to see how much you have gone over your contract. It tells me I have used {x} non contract minutes, but not how much that costs me. Absolute rubbish. If I had any choice, I wouldn't use it. Also makes me log in again and again and again. Major frustration. Worse than orange in every way.

Remo Zulauf

Not working Used to work. Since I'm in UK it is no longer working. Doesn't show any information.

Federico Angiolini

Can't even manage to login. ...enough said...

Dominik Cipa

Most unstable app I ever had Every time I travel to another location or country I have to reinstall the app. (or delete all app data in the app manager of Android) because the app stopped working. And this happens very often for me. This app is really simple, how come that it keeps destroying itself? Ask a student to rewrite the app from scratch for 500$ and you get a much better one....

Michael Merten

? Works perfectly have no idea what others complain about. Have all my information at a glance and more.

fabio mariotti

Not working! Shows the code...

Leo Schuler

Works as it should

Remo Zulauf

Not working Used to work. Since I'm in UK it is no longer working. Doesn't show any information. Update oct.8th 15: the app still doesn't work abroad. This is really annoying and despite the fact most of users are complaining about the app salt doesn't seem to be interested in users feedback and doesn't want to fix all the issues and make the app more user friendly. This ain't no service at all!

Danijela Milosevic

Thank you!Now it works!Worse than ever!!!!!! I guess that I had to write really bad review to get access to my account and to get a nice Salt application.Update:I can't log in again!!!!!I have to use browser to check my account!My already paid bill has unpaid status.What is wrong with your system?!?!?!Orange communications app was much much better.Yours is really terrible!!!!!

Mattia Cimino

Does what it should Just that deserves 3 stars. If the stability improves, I'd give it at least one more.

Tim Robinson

Broken Completely broken now. Brings up an error screen saying "current page" and "translate". That's all.

Stefanos Kotsonis

Buggy Does not always work. Does not seem to report your outstanding time/data limits correctly. Salt should lookup "beta testing" and "use cases" in the internet before putting something out to the public that ends up damaging it's reputation.


POOR POOR JUST SO POOR Can't even login. What do you expect us to do with the app?

Marcel Fontolliet

Ok but not exciting More or less the same as if your using the web browser. Did not see a benefit yet but no errors.

Nino Castiglia

Widget and counters?? Most important things still missing

Mike Gledhill

Well, despite the latest version apparently containing "stability and logon fixes", I was still unable to get past the Login screen. My username and password work fine on their regular website though. A hopeless app. My dead hamster could've done better.

Amir Hosseini

Something went wrong Not login, keep saying sorry, something went wrong please try again later! !!

Rodney King

Irritating app Keeps telling me something's wrong without further explanation. Now that I've topped up via internet it's decided to work again.

Kate Ly

Can't even login Get your acts together

Celso Macedo

What a joke... Another fine example of poor costumer service!

Andreas Scheuber

Basically can't log in

Federico Angiolini

Does its job

Sana Ullah

For updated version

Nikos Panousis

Full of bugs...

Miloš Rodić

Unable to login. Something is bad. Unfortunately poor app.

A.T. J.

Nice app Simple and easy app to use. I can see my bills, fees and how much Internet I have left all at a glance. Admittedly, a year back it was buggy but now it's pretty much streamlined and enjoyable to use.

Mwenda Kobia

Getting better.. Massive improvement, but could still use a few more native features

Milko Milovancevic

Unstable Keeps on crashing, every time i want to do something with the app, i have to do it 3-5 times.


White screen surely not compatible with android 6.0

Pius Marty

Data info What does a data info tell me without the period of usage? NOTHING!

Florian Rhyn

Just a browser This app is only a browser to the Salt website and it's slow, I think even slower than the website on chrome. Otherwise I am very, very happy with Salt!

Kalvin One

Need an account ?? Why ? I m a new customer and I have received my new nano sim (post mail with signature) and this app asks me to create an account on the internet ?? Give me my account through SMS and automatize everything for us !!! First bad thing with Salt

Stopped working Just says {{ current page | translate }} and cannot click on anything... not quite useful

Roberto França

Quite ok Works fine with the features you find on their site, so far no prob.

Eoin Quinlan

Waste of space and time translate?? translate what?

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