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8 Nov
S View Clock ON

Posted by Velmurugan Sengottaian in Productivity | Nov. 8, 2014 | 51 Comments

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S View Clock ON enables the Clock to be displayed permanently even after the lockscreen timeout expires when S View Cover is closed. This enables smartphones to be used as Dock Clock.

1) When the clock goes off after S View Cover gets closed , "S View Clock ON" will switch on the clock and will display it continuously.
2) Option provided to enable or disable the "S View Clock ON".
3) Option provided to restart the "S View Clock ON" automatically after the phone restart or Power On.
4) To switch off the clock when "S View Clock ON" is running , open S View Cover , lock the screen and close the S View Cover.
5) No sensors are used. Power consumed by "S View Clock ON" is very much negligible and close to zero.

1) Tested "S View Clock ON" with Galaxy S5 , Galaxy S4 , Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Grand 2.
2) Works well even with unauthentic or fake S View Covers too.
3) When Clock is displayed permanently, it will consume power for displaying the clock and enabling backlight.
4) There is one second delay to receive whether the S View Cover is closed or opened. Blame samsung. :)
5) Refer the attached video for the user demo.
6) Feel free to contact for suggestions and additional feature request.

Version 2.0 :-

► Added an option "Clock ON Duration". After this duration Clock will be turned OFF.
► If "Clock ON Duration" is set to "30" then Clock will be OFF after "30" minutes.
► If "Clock ON Duration" is set to "0" or left blank then Clock will be ON forever.
► Redesigned the UI.

Version 2.1 :-

► Added Notification support. "S View Clock ON" can be enabled or disabled from Notifications.

Version 2.2 :-

► Added an option to keep the Clock ON when the device is connected to Power/USB while the service is running.

Version 3.0 :-

► Changed the background logic to make it work across all the Samsung devices which supports S View cover.
► Using android light and proximity sensors to keep the clock ON. When the cover is closed , app will enable the display to show the S View Clock Permanently.
► In older versions i used Samsung APIs but they were not consistent even across variants of the same device.
► Tested battery usage using Galaxy S5. S View Clock ON used 0.6% of the battery in 15 hours ( < 1% per day ).

Version 3.1 :-

► Fixed the issue , "Screen flashes ON and OFF every 5 seconds" as reported by few users.

Version 3.2 :-

► Fixed the issue - in some devices Screen doesn't turn OFF.
► Fixed the issue - in some devices when after "Duration of the Clock" expires it turns ON again.

Whats new

    ► Fixed the issue - in some devices Screen doesn't turn OFF.
    ► Fixed the issue - in some devices when after "Duration of the Clock" expires it turns ON again.

Velmurugan Sengottaian part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Nov. 8, 2014. Google play rating is 52.766. Current verison is 3.2. Actual size 404.0 KB.

Download s-view-clock-on.apk 404.0 KB


Kevin Smith

Charge function not working Most features work on Note 4 now. However the USB charge option does not work and screen stays on all the time despite charger being unplugged. This make the app useless for me.

José M. Nieves

Tried with Note 4 I experience no difference with my Note 4. The screen timeout is still about 4-5 seconds. I have tried to reboot, it still does not work. :( Would love for this app to work; I have been looking for something like this!

Nic Brokenshire

Nic Brokenshire Works great - but only indoors! Everything works perfectly and correctly when I'm sitting at my desk. I use S5 running Android 5.0. However, the moment I step outside the front door. the app stops working. The S View screen goes off after 5 seconds and doesn't come back on! This would be OK but the same thing happens in the car where I want the screen to stay active so that I can see what music is playing. Consequently, can only give it 2 stars max. until this problem is fixed.

Kush Kumar

Clock Face keeps flashing Installed on Note 3 Lollipop. Clock Face keeps flashing on and off, doesn't stay on continously. Hope there is an update coming or I would like my money back. Love the idea. Just MAKE IT WORK.

Chris Mayfield

sm-n910t i can't get the app to come up at all. i tried everything i can think. if you use tmobile note 4 don't waste time doesn't work

John Williams

Note 4_now fails on Lollipop Worked perfectly until lollipop installed. Now pulses on and off about every 5 seconds while docked and charging then turns off altogether. Now impossible to use at night. Shame as was excellent now very poor. Will wait for fix but tempted to uninstall and get refund. Developers please respond

Larry kuhl

Doesn't work on note 4 It's a shame it's a good app I assume, but I thought it would work eventually. . So far it a future investment for the note 4 nice s view cover terrible software support not just this app but all sveiw apps I've seen

Tom Palmer

Temperamental It doesn't work most of the time, it was working at one point but I had to turn it off in order for it to actually lock (Problem 1) and it wouldn't work after (Problem 2). I'm using the Note 4.

pete kearns

Timed operation now not working Has been a great 5 star app. I had the recent flashing on and off problem on my S5. The latest update has stopped the timed operation working. It goes off on time but comes straight back on again, and so on. UPDATE All working fine now 12/11/14

Pete Light

Great App but... It'll get 5 stars when you have the option to switch it to "Night Mode" or something like that. What I mean by "Night Mode" is that the app will ONLY ever be running when connected to charger and not running when it isn't. Obviously this needs to be automatic once"Night Mode" is enabled.

Matthew McDonald

Doesn't work on note 4. Flashes two or three times then stays off. Tried all the settings and no go.

Samuel christiadi gunawan

Doesn't work on samsung galaxy note 3 neo

Thom Murphy

Not working properly with Note 4. This app doesn't work properly with my international Samsung Note 4. The clock doesn't turn on or remain on except when using the USB power option, which is easy enough to do for free with "Stay Awake" in developer options. I gave 2 stars for now as the developer seems responsive to others. If I don't recive a timely response I will downgrade to 1 star based on the app's current performance on my Note 4. I'm considering refunding, but want to give the developer a chance to fix it. Will upgrade if resolved.

Randy Anderson

Great! So my note 3 used to work like this when plugged into a charger until the last AT&T software update. The s view screen would only stay on when charging which when dimmed down or on auto brightness made a perfect bedside/nightstand clock. I purchased this app to do the same since it wouldn't work anymore and the app has delivered. When I closed all apps with task manager and used a 3rd party developer to shut background apps the screen used only 1% in 12 minutes witNo calls, texts and WiFi enabled at home

Jeffrey Yuille

Screen blinks after lollipop upgrade When I first loaded S View Cover On my Galaxy Note 4, it was working perfectly and I would have given it five stars. It was working perfectly under Kit Kat 4.4 4. Since the lollipop upgrade, the screen continues to blink when I close the cover. Please fix.

Dwight Stone

Works fine on my note 4.... thanks

David Labas

Clock flashes As others have stated. Clock, s view turns off and on repeatedly.

Craig Cable

Only work the once then have to restart Autostart is on

Jennah Sieg

It doesn't work right. Stays on after I try to shut it off. They claim it was fixed, but that's not been solved yet. It's really just an annoyance more than anything.

Stephen Heywood

Works good on my s5

Menachem Adelman

Excellent Flawless when you follow the instructions. On Note4

Lynn Kehler

Keeps flashing I'm looking for a clock that stays on all night. This keeps flashing - why?? It needs a night mode so it's on only at night or when charging.

Tony Smith

Keeps flashing on and off... This app has been working fine and solves the silly issue of the SView clock turning off after 5 seconds. However, since the last update on 5th November the App keeps flashing on and off...I have re booted, I have uninstalled and re installed and nothing seems to work. ..can the developer please sort this out?.. I use a Galaxy Note 3...Thanks :)..... Back to five stars after the update...Thank you Velu ! A timely and proactive response to this matter...five stars and well deserved.

Marla Braverman

Love this app! This makes the S-view cover worth having! Thanks so much for fixing the issue with the screen turning on and off. It works perfectly now! Highly recommend this app and this developer.

Jedi Hammond

Even Closer to Perfect! Added when powered on option which is awesome!! , but doesnt seem to work when i am on wireless (qi) power :(.... on my s5

Guy Thomas

One thing Missing (Most important) This needs a setting that will only keep the clock on when it is on Power. Other wise you have to keep truning on and off maually. The notification does nto work on Note 3 and only sometimes works on S5. Still not working on wireless power 21 century :)

Jeremy Wilson

Great app - just what I needed Having finally bought an s-view case, I was getting frustrated with the clock only lasting 5 seconds before disappearing. After searching a while, I found this. Works exactly as it should - brilliant ! One suggestion - I'd like an option for this to only work when plugged into power or docked. That way, when I'm out and about and the phone is in my pocket, the screen is not on. Could this be something added in the next release ? Thanks for a great app !

Georgia Roberts

Waste of money Just brought this for my note 3 s view case and it doesn't work at all. Tried multiple times and even restarted. Be good if I could get my money back -_-

David Sedghi

Not working with Note 4 And I tried can't get refund. Please assist.

Jamie Duncan

Works perfect! Great app, A lot of people are looking for an app like this. You should post it on xda. Good job. Thanks

guy reso

Nice app. Works great on Note3. Better if I could switch the service on/off from a shortcut like tasker-plugin. →→→ Thanks a lot for taking my opinion. I look forward to the update.

krishna kumar

Stunning app A great app which samsung has missed.. Expecting more updates on ths from you friend!!!

Paul Kovach

Pretty Cool, but has some Glitches I have a S5. I'll keep the app cause it is the closest to what I am looking for, but there are some issues with the S5. First, If you just close the S-View cover, the lock screen will not engage, so that kinda forces you to have to remember to manually lock the screen if you are a security-minded person, especially with the finger print scanner engaged. Secondly, when you do manually lock the screen and then close the S-View cover, the clock still comes on. The only way to actually make the clock stay off it to go under options and disable it. If you do not, you will risk "burn in" from constantly leaving the clock face on.

Vatsan Santhosh

Great app I was looking for some feature like this for my note . Works well with my sview cover . Thanks.

Becki Wright

Great app.... Almost what I wanted, would be perfect if you could set length of time to stay on, worried about burn in on my screen. Reply to KITTY: that would be GREAT, thank you!

Anoop C.K

Nice utility for my cover Downloaded it for my galaxy grand 2 for my cover. Works fine. Can we configure the digital clock ?

Sharanu Mathapati

Cool Finally I can keep the digital clock on continuously . Nice utility.

Dinesh Sharma

WASTE OF MONEY I have purchased app for my NOTE 2. But does not work. I don't know why it says This app is compatible with your device. I WANT REFUND

Praveen Chikkappaiah

Excellent I don't know how samsung missed such utility. This is what I was looking for from many days. Thanks ?

Nic Brokenshire

Nic Brokenshire Works great - but only indoors! Everything works perfectly and correctly when I'm sitting at my desk. I use S5 running Android 5.0. However, the moment I step outside the front door. the app stops working. The S View screen goes off after 5 seconds and doesn't come back on! This would be OK but the same thing happens in the car where I want the screen to stay active so that I can see what music is playing. Consequently, can only give it 2 stars max. until this problem is fixed. On further investigation, the problem appears to be Bluetooth. When I get near my car, the phone links with my Bluetooth enabled radio and S View Clock On stops working. If I turn Bluetooth off, everything works correctly.

Dwight Stone

Lollipop broke it Did work great before it just shuts off right away not developers permission issues... thanks

Jeffrey Yuille

Update 10-10-15 Update: I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I just upgraded from Lollipop 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 and S View On is working fine. Actually, last July I had uninstalled S View after the screen kept bliking while trying to charge the phone and the problem was not fixed. By chance, I decided to install it again yesterday after rhe Lollipop upgrade and magically the program is working as it should.

Justin Booth

Pretty good Idk what happened, but one day it started working consistently. Really like it

David Knysak

Used to work I bought this app so the SVIEW clock would stay on during charging at night. After my phone updated this feature no longer works, making this app useless and a waste of money.

Stephen Heywood

Works good on my s5

Jeffrey Forrester

S view clock on This app keeps knocking it's self of it says it's running but you have to keep selecting enable s view clock on my galaxy s5

crazymadguy2008 jimliew

Note 4 v5.0.1 not working My note4 screen blink every 5-6 second. Sometimes don't work at all. Did I miss out anything?

Rebecca Albee

Worked about 5 mins... Auto shut off..tell me how to fix... S 4

Ben Benji

Didn't work for my Galaxy S5. My S view just blinks on and off constantly when I close the case. At least it was only a dollar. UPDATE: Works after upgrading to android 6.0, guess it doesn't work on 5.0. Updating to five stars.

Samuel Price

ok no attempt is made to avoid screen burn like dock clock does, eg use low intensity color font and move text. also doesnt seem to detect charging when charging wirelessly


Glad I didn't pay more than $1.25 Great when it works which us about 50% of the time on my S5. Very glitchy and often fustrating. Meh.

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