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24 Aug

Posted by polyGeek in Entertainment | Aug. 24, 2016 | 145 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

The RunPee database is constantly updated–the day movies are released in theaters–to tell you the best times to run and pee mid-movie...without missing the best scenes. Of course, we provide a synopsis with each Peetime, so you will know exactly what you missed.

Besides that, RunPee lets you know if there is anything extra after the end credits.

The built-in Runpee Timer will alert you, by vibration, when a Peetime is coming - so you don't have to worry about bothering the people around you.

Now you can relax and enjoy the movie...without wondering when to run and pee. We've got you and your bladder covered.

Note #1: If you have any bugs to report please email me - [email protected] - so that I can communicate with you and try and get it resolved.

Note #2: If you get an error during installation it is likely a problem with the Google Play Store app. To fix simply go to Settings -> Applications Manager -> Google Play Store and then hit the "Clear cache" button.

Whats new

    A new version of the ad that is much darker than the previous version.

polyGeek part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 81.7243. Current verison is 3.2.42. Actual size 18.0 MB.

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Stephen Griffith

Paid for this app, suddenly have to sit through ads. This app is pretty great, buts its ridiculous that there are now ads I must sit through to get to use something I bought. Its like I paid for commercial-free Netflix and only to wind up suffering though Hulu's commercials.

Sarah Jackson

as someone that uses the bathroom during every single movie they see this app looks amazing !

Scott Ellis

With there was an ad-free version... I paid for this awhile back, and now it looks like the app is free - with the caveat that you always have to sit through an annoying ad on startup. I wish there was an alternative. That said, it does provide useful information. The UI isn't the best, but the data is good.

Greg Martin

Best phone app....EVER! I'd give it 100 stars if I could. A life saver for movie goers. Had it on Windows phone, so glad it is on Android. Well done, Dan & crew.

Thomas Passer Jensen

I paid for this app, now there's ads

Keith Kraiser

Adds are back in paid version I like this app, used it regularly, so paid for add free version. Now that version is unavailable for my device or not at all. Should be able to get refund. I'd be willing to pay again to get rid of the annoying 10 second commercial every time I go to movie and launch this app.

Ben Pyman

Material Design Desperately needs a redesign.

Ted Briggs

Wow This is a brilliant app and as soon as I came back from the bathroom I thought it would cool to read what the people were saying as they were saying so I read it of to my friend and it was like I saw the movie a billion times!

Lynda Malerstein

I love this app! I have told so many people about this app, and they laugh when they hear what it is but then they get it and love it as much as I do. I couldn't go to the movies without RunPee.

Joseph Attia

Ads are annoying since I paid for the app I love runpee during a movie. One of the few apps I have paid for. But now,I can't stay the app without a bunch of annoying ads I can not skip. So why did I pay for it?

Bill Engisch

Paid for ads? I paid for this app and I should not get ads just because it is free now. Would have rated it better but the unskipable ad ruins the previously friendly app. I want a refund.

Jose Rubio

Loved it! It does not give out spoilers, and while you're in the bathroom, you can follow the link and read the part that you are missing.

Jason Casarez

Ads now. I paid for mine. I paid for this app, why am I getting ads? It was great before the ad. Now the ad can't be skipped.

Rhonda Herra

Ads! What is with the 8 sec ad when you log into the app? I use to love the app as I would know when to pee and if there was extras at the end of the credits. Now I have to sit thru 8 secs of an ad to be able skip the ad and finally get to the information I wanted. BTW it is the same ad each time. Get rid of this and bring back the fast user friendly app.

Jonathan Lyman

Did not have the movie I wanted I expect quicker times to support new movies for a paid app. Inherent vice on 1/10


Needs 60fps It's really choppy and for a basic app it should really run in 60fps, the movie list scrolling back to the top after selecting a movie then going back is really annoying and should be easy to fix

p fritts

I paid for no ads!!! I want my money back!! It's a great app that I was happy to pay for to get rid of ads. Now it's free for everyone and I have ads. That means that I am not getting what I paid for and I would like my money back!!! Five stars otherwise.

Anthony Ervin

Great Idea and Application Used it for the first time today while seeing Insurgent. I was able to make a popcorn refill run and a restroom break all without missing a thing. I just pulled out my phone as I made a run and read what was going on. It even tells you if there is anything worth waiting for after the credits. Thanks for this! The only knock are the ads, but it's still a great app!

Robbin Cozart

One of a kind This is a life saver for me! I'm 5 months pregnant and have to use the restroom often. Before the movie starts I will read all the clues for the start of a pee time so that I won't have to keep pulling out my phone. I have tried the timer but I can never feel it vibrate. I never see a movie without using this app!

Joshua Greenwood

Movie time! So far this is a wonderful app. Surprised nobody thought about it soon

Ian Kuhn

Simply brilliant I can't name how many times I have needed to get up and go to the bathroom but I'm to afraid I'm going to miss something important. Thank you

Mitch Lucia

Ads An ad on the bottom is one thing, but an 8 second unskippable ad for paid users is ridiculous. Especially when the paid version is then abandoned and you're forced into this crap. Nice bait and switch, Dev.

Nick Gill

I feel like I got ripped off I paid for this app now I still have ads and none of the perks of the paid version. I think this should be stealing.

David R Barcena

Awesome Thanks to this I didn't miss anything and didn't suffer for an hour!

Phil Caputo

Get rid of ads for pay users!! Paid for the app, now it has ads. Would be 5 stars, but has ads now.

Philip Garrett

Waste Did not have the movie I was watching (It Follows). Also, it has an unskippable 8 second ad you have to wait through.

jill florio

So much more than i expected Knowing when to pee is great but I don't use that feature very often. But knowing if I should stay for extras after the credits is always useful. Plus the new 3D ratings are handy. All in all a must have app.

Christi Garza

Brilliant! It actually worked and worked well. It did exactly as it said it would and was very convenient. I used it for Mockingjay Part 1 and it was spot on. I will definitely use it again.

Ranjan Rehman

My bladder thanks you No more debating whether I should go or suffer!

AJ LeeForever

AWESOME You guys are not just idiots. YOUR GENIOUS' S!!! I always need to go pee at the movies and look! Its runPee!!! AWESOME

Scemo Person

One problem I just need an update it's March now and the latest movies were from November

Jack Fris

Great app but why the ads on a paid app?!

Robert Kloosterhuis

A great app for those with spouses with small bladders

Andy Solis

Works as described, with flaws. Gave it 3 stars, the over active bladder ad when I launch the app is getting really old. Also, the last 2 movies I went to weren't even listed on the app, which completely defeats the purpose.

April Walton

Yay the App is free again Prefect for all movie Theater goers :)

Karen Perez

App has old movie dates from November 2014. Nothing currently playing.

Petar Bogdanov

Displays ads before starting. Ads about peeing. It makes you wait though them.

Spencer May

Love it Finally people think like me

Matthew Martin

3 stars Well it good, but I like for it to show older movies. So I can keep movies running at home instead of pausing.

Francisco Gonzalez

Paid for app but ads are annoying... I paid for this(before it was free!). However, with the ads that have been added it's just plain annoying. There should be a premium service for those of us who paid for this app or a reimbursement for paid subscribers. ..smh...

Михаил Лавриков

Perfect app! I have a strong urinary bladder, but your application is very useful! Thanks a lot for scenes after credits!

Chris Thomas

Functional but visually an eyesore. Needs a big update.

Anne Knight

Run Pee Just installed this app & have browsed thru a few movies I've seen or plan to. Seems VERY useful so far

Val Wienhold

Best app for a small bladder So helpful when you don't want to miss anything crucial yet can't ignore nature's call. Also gives tips about bonus scenes that run after the credits. Love this app!!

Brandon Dillinger

Welcome back to eclair design standards This is a very ugly app with incredibly annoying time delayed advertisements upon opening along with banner ads at the bottom. The 10 second full screen solid white ads that are not able to be skipped will deter me from ever using this in its intended environment, the movie theater. The content seems to be there, and while I haven't used it for a movie yet I can see the appeal. However, for me, its an immediate uninstall for the two above mentioned reasons. To fix Remove video ads, update UI to modern stdrd

Alex Cherem

I have a small bladder when it comes to movie theaters so this app is a life saver. I see a lot of people complaining about the look of it and the advertisement but honestly there is only one 10 second app when you open it up every time and most of the time that you will be using the app it will be on lock screen so it doesn't even matter, even though personally I actually like the way it looks. All you need is a couple of minutes max to figure out everything you need to know about the app and then you will never miss any important scene again, an whatever you do miss you can read a quick description of it as you are in the bathroom.

Tia Logan

Outdated We're past mid June and the most recent movies are from may....

Andrew Courter

Servers are down Tried it out for the first time and the servers are down. Booooo

Carine Ong

Needs to update The release dates are not accurate as i live in Singapore and the movie terminator 4 is not in the list.

Reiner Jeremy

Good idea. But to much ads

Eric Hulse

Good idea Man this app is ancient. It needs a makeover in a bad way

Rik Fleming

This is a great idea

Ladyvelvet Olip

Great App I have had this app for nearly a year and a half now and I'm just now getting around to rating. It should have been sooner. There is so much more to this app and you don't know it until you get in there and start looking around. It's great on reviews it gives you what ratings have been by rotten apples and by you it's something that you would really enjoy and need

Andrew Forret

Useful app with obnoxious ads Small banners would be one thing, but for an app that's supposed to be used considerately in theaters, an all white full screen 10 second unskippable ad is unacceptable. What happened to the paid version? I would gladly pay again to get rid of the ads.

Gary McGregor

Ads If you are going to add ads to an app you already made people pay for, you should fork the App to paid and Free versions.

Josh Wick

Would be 5 stars, content is great,but... REMOVE THE ADD THAT COMES UP WHEN THE APP IS OPENED PLEASE!!! Yes, I meant for that to be in all caps. Have and add-supported app, but good lord, if there is a line to be crossed with that philosophy, you crossed it with this garbage! Generally, I use this app to see if there is anything after the credits to stay for and with that stupid add, I have to sit there and wait just to search for the time sensitive info I want!! Might as well wait the 2 more minutes and find out for myself now!

Netta Rogers

Almost perfect. . . Great app and features, but you lost a star for not having a paid version to get rid of that obnoxious ad. It is bright and distracting when trying to set up in a dark theater. Otherwise this is awesome for not missing something important, and I can read the synopsis of what I do miss while in the bathroom.

Vishal Doshi

Nice app Please, please make an ad-free version for 99 cents! (That 10 second Bladder Ad is VERY annoying !)

Alfie Porter

Have not used this yet but... I saw a video about it and it looks like an amazing app so thank you!

David Campbell

Worked great if you can skip through the one ad. They have a time adjustment feature.

Matthew Zalecki

Used to Be Awesome - #1 - I paid 99 cents for this app back in the day, so why is there a giant ad now at startup? And why is the timer for it so long, and why doesn't it automatically close? - #2 - This app does not work with Nexus 6p. Notifications do not update or disappear, they just pile up with outdated information. App does not vibrate the phone to notify me of peetimes. And it drains about 20% battery for one movie. - #3 - Only good thing about this app now is to see if there is anything during/after the credits

Michael Johnson

Love the app but... Won't let me share to Facebook. Keeps saying no Internet when there clearly is. Lost opportunities for free advertisement. Might want to address that.

Kevin Hardy

Brilliant Ideal if you have been for a pint or three before kick off!

Rey Herrera

Not updating "No response from servers." Tapping try again just tries to connect for 30 seconds before timing out. Internet connection is verified (green).

Joshua Simpson

Full screen ad is horrendous If I'm not mistaken, I paid for this app. Now I have to sit through a 10 second screen that is all white with small black text in a dark theater? Not cool. Love the app, and I'm not opposed to ads per say, but I'm sitting in a dark room with a hundred other people. There should be no bright ads in this app.

Patrick Petrowsky

Love this app and the people who take the time to figure out the times.

Joan Ortiz

Great but... Please, make an ad-free version soon.

Genevieve Yew

Very useful! You can never tell when you need to pee. Now with this app, I can run pee with confidence! XD

Andrew Sasak

Awesomely executed, awesome features Don't normally find apps useful enough to rate, but this is an exception

Amber Michelle

App is dead App doesnt update from servers for the last few months.

Jeff Shields

Paid for it... Now ads

Reiko K.

Saved my life Really had to go during The Force Awakens and managed to download this before I missed the only 2 possible timings. Runpee saved my Star Wars experience. 10/10

Tim Lewis

The extra features alone make it worth it I don't have to go "runpee" very often, but it also provides nice additional features that totally make it worth it (like a synopsis of the first three minutes of you show up late and a description of anything that might come after the end credits).

Frances Pope

Very useful features I love this app and they keep adding new features that are really useful. Love the ability to see if there is an end credit scene and to find out if it is worth seeing in 3D.

Josh H

Most useful app out there This app has paid dividends and it's free. Seriously, don't see a movie without it!

Ricardo Mantecon

Great app - POOR UI Love this app and all its different options. Will give 5/5 stars when the UI gets renewed

Karyn Leung

Love it! I don't normally have to get up in the middle of a movie but it's nice to know when I can. I especially love the part that tells you if there are any scenes after the credits.

KaSelah Crockett

RunPee Great App This is awesome for the movie goer that always has to go!

Katlyn Scully

Awful It is mid September and only has movies release from August not worth it at all.

JK Higa

Great content, horribly slow app The information in this app is very useful (especially for waiting for post credit stingers), but the content takes forever to load and the app response time lags considerably

Luis Perez

You need this in your life. This is the most useful app in the planet. Must download now.

Ananya Sahay

Hello? We guys in India have intervals of 15 mins for going to the bathroom and buying food stuffs. Does this happen in other countries? ???

Rick Pruden

So useful Great options and features! Very handy for movie theater lovers to say the least.

Chris Gross

Needs way more Needs a little notification of some short (a short buzz, notification on attached wear device, etc). Memorizing "oh yeah when X says something" without pulling up the blinding phone isn't ideal.

Beth Hodge

Thank you! I've had this app since it was a pay for app. I have a bladder condition and have to go frequently. This makes going to the movies possible for me. Love the timer! It works beautifully. Thank you!!

Pieter Mans

So many useful features! Just brilliant, timers, post credits info, polls on if it's worth it in 3D! Great!

Robin Cox

Paid for ad-free version - after upgrade can't get rid of ads Tried to contact runpee, but got no response. Too bad. Used to be 5 star.

Sara Jane

Thank you! I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have to pee a lot. This app is so helpful @ the movies.

Kevin Shoemaker

Probably my favorite app. Ever.

Chris Thomas

Works beautifully, but ugly as hell.

Doug Raybeck

Useful Particularly good for us oldsters.

Phil Ramsey

Love this app

Alejandro Martinez

RIP OFF I PAID FOR THIS APP AND IT DIDN'T HAVE ANY ADS. I don't see why I have to put up with ads! I want a refund!

Katharina Kaufmann

Love it, but ads although I paid I wouldn't say anything about the ads being there for a free app (although it is very annoying) BUT in the early stages of this app when you could get premium for a few bucks, I DID THAT. I paid for it and now I still get ads because now you took out the option to remove them. At last give me back my money if you want to show me ads.

Janne Suhonen

Nice, first it tells you to be mindful of others when using the app in a theater, then it lights up your screen with a huge white full screen ad that blinds everyone sitting around you... Other than that, this is a really good app though.

Francis Sims

Great App I never knew what to do about my over active bladder until I found this app! Now I can take the medicine they advertise and not need a pee break in the theater! Oh wait... I don't need to RunPee anymore... Goodbye RunPee ap and your annoying unremovable ad!

Michael W

?Works but I purchased this before, They made the paid version now an ad only version and obviously I won't get my money back. I wish the advertisement wasn't blinding white or a $3 a year subscription at least ???

Vishal Doshi

Needs an Ad-free version for 99 cents !! Hey sleazy Dan, release an ad-free version for 99 cents AGAIN ! (That 10 second Bladder Ad is VERY annoying !) After reading several reviews, it seems that long time ago there used to be an Ad-free version for 99 cents, but the developer removed it and never gave the people their money back

Steven Żebrowski

Fatal Flaw Look, this is a great app, but until that Mybetriq ad is changed from BRIGHT WHITE to something that won't be a huge, rude distraction in a dark movie theater, it's useless.

Erik Shewan

Love this app! It's so well thought out and a must have for people that can't make it through a 2 hour movie without needing to pee! Everything you need to know, including whether or not you should stick around until the credits finish!

Carla Cramasta

Love Really convenient!!

Walt Weller

Love it I use this pretty often. Have used it for a pee break or two, even. Would prefer a subscription option to skip the full screen ad, but not everyone will feel the same. Getting regular movie watchers for the write ups can't be all that cheap! Thank you!

Matt Kubinski

Every Movie Lover's Dream! Dream come true! Now those of us who "gotta go" can do so without missing key moments of the movie. Also handy for checking if there are any scenes after the credits. One of my favorite apps of all-time!

Wade Shields

Needs updated design This is very useful for me, but the design is so outdated. Please update to Material Design.

Morgan Quinn

Was 5 stars, but The ads at the start should have the option of being removed. Please make a pay version.

Nate M

Superb! Getting Better and Better!! Best App in the whole store!

Travis Biggs

Fairly cool app so far

A Google User

Amazing Even if you don't use it for the pee times, it's great to know if there's something after the credits without sitting around to find out.

Ryan Jones

Stupid ad Unskippable 10-second ad ruins whole point of the app. Would have gladly paid a buck or two for ad-free, but no such option exists.

Paul F

Very Handy!

Alex Schamenek

I PAID! Why do I have to watch ads??? WHAT THE HECK!!! I paid you money and now you give OTHER PEOPLE a free version and I have to watch ads now??? Revert this back to a paid version and make a separate ad supported app for the other people. I DEMAND A REFUND!!!

Lindsay Clay

Oh my wow!! Thank you for creating this app. I find you to be a genius. My daughter and I are so happy to know when we can leave and what we missed. This is officially my favorite app. The ad at the beginning is not that bad as everyone whining about. They have major issues if they can't wait 10 seconds.

Larry Rhoads

Great app. I am now the source for all my friends, when they want to know if there are scenes after the credits.

Bob Violence

I paid for ads? I bought this app before it was free, and now that there is no paid version, I get ads. Author should either refund people like me, or restore the paid version.

Carl Rimmel

Access to files??? I don't think so. This latest version suddenly needs access to all files. Why? I will not be upgrading.

Ben Douglas

Great! Apps like this are the reason I own a smartphone.

Barry Davis

Adds Got the paid version and got MORE adds for my effort.

Kenneth Degel

No need to access my files, and what happened to the paid version?

SC Lim

Like it, but can't use it if it's stored on external SD card on Marshmallow..

John Leehey

I paid for ad-free... Why am I seeing ads if I've paid?


Why do you now need access to my files? What could you possibly need access to my stuff for?

Kenneth Barre

Excellent Does exactly what it says. Keeps me from wasting time after credits. (used to be part of the AMC theater app - prefer this version)


Ads No one actually needs to know when to pee, just sit through the whole movie. This apps only purpose to see what's after the credits. But with ads, this app becomes absolutely useless. Use mediastinger or anything after.

Jordan Jorgensen

Great Love the app, but would like a paid version without ad.

Joshua Gardner

Oh God this app is a blessing

michael dudzik

Movie geek Easy to use and accurate! I use it everytime flawlessly!!

BJ Smith

Must have for movie goers We've all been there, watching a movie, feeling engrossed, then your bladder starts to cry under the strain of the 48 Oz soda you slurped down before opening credits finished. You're afraid you'll miss the big reveal, or climatic scene. You try to calculate how many minutes are left until the movie is over or you explode into a fine yellow mist. Along comes RunPee to the rescue. See the best time to sneak out and relieve yourself. Get a synopsis of what you have missed. All without disturbing other people.

Tyler Fowler

I use it every time I go to the movies. I understand having the add when opening it considering it's a free app. I have had zero issues using it and the interface is perfect. Everything is so easy to find.

Jason Updegraff

Very useful Timer is a little buggy but this app has saved me from missing important scenes several times now

Louise Hartles

Very useful It's great for finding out when is the best time to run to the loo and if it's worth staying after the credits.

Mary Sue Terrance

Best $1 I ever spent First and best app I ever bought. Had it for a few years and never fails me.

Jason Couisine

Hell or high water??? Where is this movie?

Rohail Shah

Very convenient and a great concept but seriously needs a redesign and a reworking of how the app starts up. It shouldn't lock you onto a loading screen but instead show whatever was last seen (or cached) with maybe an unobtrusive loading bar at the bottom. On another note, Dan Florio you are a genius, thank you.

Alex Garbarino

You've converted me Not gonna lie, this sounded like such a silly application when I heard about it at first. Then my friends who had already downloaded it insisted that I have to have it. Now I never go to a movie without starting the timer on the app!

gary sanders

Perfect! Most creative movie app ever. Never miss an important scene again. Great for grabbing refills, making making a short phone call or just to go Pee. I love it. #Asheville

Nick Lanter

annoying ads The load up ad is annoying and I'll happily pay to remove it. It also killed my phone battery by 50%

Brooks Black

Tells it! It lets me know what I miss if I "go" at these times. That's valuable! I would pay .99 to get rid of the drug ad.

Robert Lemon

Check app before the movie? Great app! Very useful. I hate sitting through the credits if there is nothing at the end. Thanks

Travis Dieringer

Paid version is not ad-free The app is OK, and good for finding out if there's something after the end credits, but when I pay for an application I expect there to not be any ads.... Especially a massive full-screen ad that takes 10 seconds to get past. Without this huge annoying time-eater I would give it 5 stars, but this has caused me to miss the start time of a movie many times.

Tim Spencer

Was great, now just good. Ads in a paid program with no way to pay to remove. New scary permissions with no explanation. It was great, now it's just ok.

Morgan Quinn

Was 5 stars, but The ads at the start should have the option of being removed. Please make a pay version.

Callum Ismail

Great but... The only suggestion I'd say is that you guys should really give the app a make over so that it looks more professional. But other than that, it's a brilliant concept and app!

Dee Dee Guizlo

Love this app Love the write ups even if I don't Ned a peek time. Particularly love info on what is or is not coming after the end credits. And, you can change the font size! Thoughtful!

Brenda Morris

Love it! I am so glad that you developed this app! It works ,it just does. Thanks so much for helping to make my movie experience more enjoyable.

Permissions Invasive app permissions.

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