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25 Jul

Posted by Kinkajoo in Board | July 25, 2016 | 149 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

The original Rummikub (not Rummy nor Rummi or Okey) is one of the most popular family games, played by millions of people all over the world. The unique combination of tactical thinking, luck and tense competition has made this classic family game to one of the most successful games for the past 60 years! Arrange the tiles to create the smartest color and numbers combinations. Will you be the first player to place all tiles and win the match?

Whats new

    • Bug Fixes

Kinkajoo part of our Board and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 80.3993. Current verison is 3.1.1. Actual size 44.0 MB.

Download rummikub.apk 44.0 MB

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Keith Walters

I want to play without needing an Internet connection I like the layout of the updated version. Nice to see that I can choose the number of players when in single player mode. The app developer responded quickly to that concern. Now all that needs to happen is reestablishing the ability to play in single player mode without needing to connect to the Internet. UPDATE: I was sent an email on 3/24/15 from the app developer stating that offline play will return in an updated version in a few weeks. I hope they can correct this sooner, but at least it's in the works. UPDATE 2: 5/15/15. Well still no offline play. So it's one star until that is corrected.

Tudor Popa

Good game with poor implementation This game is exciting but the control on screen is terrible (especially the drag and drop). Needs optimisation and some new features to enrich the player's experience. Also there are frequent connection problems. Please fix!

Denise Slocombe

Why are you going backwards? Old version allowed playing offline. New version requires being online so if the internet is unavailable you can't play. Why not allow the player to choose?

Eva Martinez Fornos

5 starts before online only update Please hurry up to update so we can play offline again, which is how I use it. Thanks.

Chris M

Online requirement sucks The sole purpose of having got this game was for use in areas with no phone service or internet. You have just screwed it up. Please revert back to the old offline platform. Very unimpressed...

Brendan Chiesa

I hate the update They added new functions I don't want slowing my game play.

Andrey Syschikov

Bring back offline mode! Seriously, I just want to play vs computer.

Mike Rubin

Rummy Great game and good app. I wish colors were more distint (especially black and dark blue).

Christina Backefeldt

Lousy update I really don't understand the point of making online based. I want to be able to play it on my tablet without the need of a WiFi hotspot

Thebird Larkman

Love the new look and mods but! Do I detect the AI on the solo games has gone strange. I have always played with 3 player mode 2 being AI, now towards the end of the game one AI player appears to just pick up tiles never laying anything down. Are Online tweeks spoiling the more important solo game?

Orit Vaitsman

The last update has ruined a very good game. All the focus is on online game, but not everyone want to play online. The new graphics are not nice. And it is not possible to see how many tiles users have. Why to remove good user interface and friendly features? Why to play single mode need always to login??? Why the game implies that there is always Internet connection?? Reducing my score more for this

Katie Boyd Travis

Latest update ruined it The latest update ruined this app for me. I do not like the feature connecting it with online accounts or the changes made to functionality. Plus phone gets very hot now when game is running. PLEASE UNDO!

Anthony Paylor

Can I get the old version back? I have a phone that's limited on space. This version is really bulky and thus causing problems playing. I'd really appreciate getting the last version before this major update as it works better on this phone. BTW, I purchased/PAID for this game.

ShOna Mitchell

Favorite game ever.. Everyday I'm whooping a$$..

Allison John

Al This just keeps crashing. Have to constantly do a force stop to continue play. Often mid game if closes with an error message. Very annoying

Kjell Ruben Strøm

No more offline use Cant play when offline.

Gary Brushe

Paid for this and now can't play when/where I want I paid for this and after they take my money they make it only work on-line. Used to love this game and would rate it a 5 but not now after this update. PLEASE revert back to how it was with an option to play online if you want.

Pamela Simmons

It constantly freezes up or quits me out of it.

Jeff Blyth

'Join a game' is a joke And never played a supposed online player who used a joker ... even more of a joke. Not real its a pretend 'real player ' and as i read ALL the reviews this has gone backwards bigtime.

Bonnie Hunter

New version is balls used to love playing this game. new update completely ruined it. interface is hideous, and i can't even log in now! it just hangs on the log in screen. bring back the old one!!!!

Melanie Hartley

Keeps crashing When it works I love playing this game, and am improving! But it seems to crash every other game at the minute. Very frustrating:-(

Laura Kirker

Awful update! Why do I need an Internet connection and a login to play single player? The new graphics look like Fisher Price. The old version as SO much better even though it wasn't perfect.

Susan Andrews

Terrible upgrade This upgrade RUINED the game. You've lost me as a player. Bring back the old version, it was 5 stars!

Maria O

Bring back the previous version it was 5 stars I hate this version. I tried playing it toady on q plane and it was asking for internet connection and login. Please change this! Also I have no idea how many tiles the other players have. In the newer version on single player mode the other players points change with every game. Previous version their points changed with every game that you played with them. I also dont understand the star with the number next to the avitar.

Argenis Cigollen

WHY THIS USELESS UPGRADE???????? Please bring back offline playing!!!!! (main reason I payed for the game) and to make matters worst, I am not able to see how many tiles my oponent has! Why???? - I also 100% agree with most of the similar comments

Ginny Putano

Hate, hate, hate!! Wish I had NEVER downloaded the upgrade. I don't play online and I don't like that I'm forced too either. Bring back the older version please!!! This was my favorite game and now it will just sit. The graphics are crappy too! Also, the couple of times I have played, the game stops. I'm so bummed!

Tami Rueter

I love this app. It's just like the rummitile game we play on vacation. This is the third time I've ONLY moved tiles from my tray and been told I can't manipulate tiles on the first move. I then have to exit the game and restart. Very frustrating.

shayla shayla

Game is AWFUL now! BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK! I'm playing less than I used to because of it. I liked knowing how many tiles my opponents had. Game restarts if I leave single game play. It's not obvious how to select multiple players or change level. Game play area is also smaller. Also, what's the point of keeping score if you never reach a point value to win the game, like the table top version? I HATE THIS UPGRADE! MORE LIKE A DOWNGRADE!

Slenda Glenda

Great game. Agree with others, would like to be able to play against my friends

Nat brinson

Loved this game... worked well and was offline and simple. New update crashes, can't play it without logging in so you need Internet which makes it pointless. PLEASE I want the old game back :-( please

Annika MacFarlane

Bring back the old one Frankly, this version sucks... The old one didn't put you on a time limit and the layout was better for single player. Uninstalling it now.

Tony Williams

Very poor recent upgrade. Screen area is poor. Animation is jerky and pedestrian. Cannot see how many tiles an opponent has left. This is a very poor upgrade and where I would have given five stars for the previous version have only given it one now. Should be zero.

Lena Karlova

Design becomes terrible. Please bring the old version back!

Pavel Manzyuk

Bring back old update. I want my money back.

Sandra Harper

Bring the old version back. This one sinks.

Roberto Andrade Selibe

I don't like the new layout.

Allison Shroff

New version horrible It crashes, its a mess ans i want the old version back,

Clare Edwin

Keeps crashing! Starting to get annoyed with the app crashing in the middle of a game! Very buggy since the upgrade!

Carmala Galea

I hate this new version. Bring back the old version! !!! 2 stars for this version. Don't enjoy playing it as much as the old version .

eka phil

Good realization. But the new location of the control buttons on the top of the screen is not convenient.

John Berryman

Had a bit of a rocky period after a major update but the features that were removed are all back now and the problems have all been worked out. The app is better than ever. Back to 5 stars! Love it!

Keith Walters

I want to play without needing an Internet connection I like the layout of the updated version. Nice to see that I can choose the number of players when in single player mode. The app developer responded quickly to that concern. Now all that needs to happen is reestablishing the ability to play in single player mode without needing to connect to the Internet. UPDATE: I was sent an email on 3/24/15 from the app developer stating that offline play will return in an updated version in a few weeks. I hope they can correct this sooner, but at least it's in the works. UPDATE 2: 5/15/15. Well still no offline play. So it's one star until that is corrected. UPDATE 3: 5/19/15. FINALLY OFF LINE PLAY AVAILABLE!

Karen Buckman

Frustrating!! I love rummikub and this mobile version is enjoyable as ever to play... when it works!! It frequently crashes mid-game and then offers you the chance to send an 'error report'.. out of 8 games this evening, 4 have cut off! Very frustrating, especially when you're on the verge of winning!

Rhys Williams

Great game, but buggy app Love playing rummikub and when this app works I've no complaints about the gameplay. But it's very buggy, usually have issues when trying to start / join a game and have a high level of "sorry, a problem has occurred" errors while in game, kicking you out. Shame

Maria O

Great game Since the update this version is back to 5 stars. Thanks for addressing.


The screen keeps showing up blank blue When I try to open the game, it would load but kept ending up showing up blank blue screen. I had to clear my data and cache hoping for that to work but nothing works. Please fix this asap

Erin Tamayo

Crashes I don't know why but this game crashes more than not. If I am quick enough to push the right button before it crashes, I may be lucky to get an offline single player game. Please fix.

Daniel Williams

Errors In the middle playing it keeps asking for me to send error reports and then I lose my progress

Michele Adams

I loved playing game when on my LG G2. Now on LG G4, and it crashes midway through game. Can't even finish one game. It would be 5 stars if no problems.

Andrey Syschikov

With offline mode back i give 5 stars back!

Lisa Sloan

Some problems Half way through a game, it comes up with a message that one of the players has won, but they have tiles left. Shouldn't be allowed! App crashes a lot too.

liand corn

Excellent It's a great game, but the tiles jump about every now and then which is annoying. Other than that, great version of the game.

phoebe huneycutt

This sucks... won't play without freezing up. Would like a refund

Anne Maton

To many problems You play the game and at the end you get a pop up saying the game has encountered a problem. Very frustrating when you have spent ages playing and are about to win, sometimes it happens in the middle of the game. It's been going on a long time, needs to be fixed!

Matthew Morabito

Glitchy I occasionally get booted out of the game. The game gets completely erased, all progress lost, and restarts a new one.

Kjell Ruben Strøm

Best rummikub out there The developer listen and fixes issues, makes this a even better app

Stephen Neslage

New Update doesn't work on Droid Turbo Old version of this App was awesome, my favorite game. Just updated and now it crashes almost immediately.

Judy Cameron

Rummikub Fun game that makes you think!

Alex Pidd

Doesn't work Have had this a while. Now after update just goes to a blue screen on startup. Cannot play. A waste of time.

Anthony Bisset

Addictive, it was uñtil it started crashing, 3 out 4 games today crashed

Nick Smith

Better, but not as good as original. Improved from the previous version by the addition of offline computer opponents, but still not as good as the original version.

Lynn Balcer Dees

Rummikub Lots of fun.

Charlie Astbury

Love it Very addictive my friend got me playing this now I can't stop ...... just wish u could be able to pick ur friends to play against it says coming soon wish it would hurry up

Argenis Cigollen

THANKS for the fix - New UI is OK Offline playing is back and I can see my oponent number of tiles. Miss the table design... it made it cozy.

Lorrie Chesnut

Rummikub Old version Graphics were great and play was fun! New version defaults to 30 second timer that doesn't seem to stay off! Really? 30 seconds? Screen looks like it was designed 20 years ago....

Katie K

Won't let me connect and keeps kicking me out If I can finally get into a game it'll kick me out half way through!!! Can't believe I paid for this!!! ???

josh beckman

The game wont even let me join a table Also when can i invite friends such a waste of my hard earned $4

Danny McGivern

Waste of Time, Money & Effort So once you decide to pay for the privilege of this game, you may be blessed enough to be able to connect to a game or two - this in itself should be a game. So you have passed the first level, once you are in a game it will decide to allow you to pick up a tile but will not pass the go to the next player. So all in all, you may get to play ome or two games and that will be it. The game will constantly crash and will not work after that. Although, I must say Rummikub is a brilliant game hence my upset.

EmilyCrafter 57

AWESOME!!!!! I was hesitant about installing Rummikub because of the problems described in some of the reviews. However, I decided to try my luck and give it a try - and I'm very glad I did. I am a big fan of the Rummikub board game so I had high expectations for this app. I am very glad to report that this app not only met but actually exceeded my expectations. I play Rummikub on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The game plays easily and I very much like how the dimensions of the board adjusts as the number of tiles played increases. Very smart! I will gladly give it 5 stars. I do have one very minor issue that I would like to mention to the developers. I do have a little difficulty in distinguishing between the blue and the black colored tiles. Other than that, the game is perfect. Thank you.

Thebird Larkman

Dare not update because of bad reviews I like the version I have, I play mainly against the Ai. Online play does not interest me so I dare not update!

andrew mason

Disappointed Bought this hoping to multiplay as advertised and several months later it still says coming soon I want a refund

Cynthia Tidball

Okay, but AI cheats Why is the AI able to adjust the existing board tiles when playing its initial tiles, and I can't?!

margarita vargas

This is my 2nd review! I love playing the game and in the last review I wrote tht it was glitching but now it works fine. Now my problem with the game is like how long is it going to take for you to be able to play against your friends. It's been like a year now and it still says coming soon

Johan Nortje

Does not work After registering with my email, the menu screen goes blank with only the buttons showing. When I click on "Play Now" or any other option, it says "starting the game" but nothing happens, even after 15 minutes. I did verify my email. The game is useless if it does not work and I would like a refund if the issue can't be resolved.

Melanie Lynch

It's way too glitchy. Gets disconnected a lot. Not enough time to make moves.

Sonia I. Sanchez

best game ever!!! we love to play this game, it's so addictive, I also have the table game, our family and friends enjoying get together to play. I'm so pleased, that's what I gave 5+Stars. I try another versions but didn't work. This one it's the original and the best.

JD Willemse

No offline play It is ridiculous that one can't play offline single player games. The design is also rather primitive

Dana Edwards

Daname It kept freezing in the middle of the game.

Josh Schoonover

Best game ever This is a family favorite, and an amazing phone port.

Kristina Bar

The design is terrible, not fun to play.

Stephen Sloan


Scrub Ber

Waste of money To echo what's been said below. Cannot connect at all. Ridiculous!

Lee S

Not working after update Can only play online, and not single play anymore. Also, blank screen when going into settings so can't even send error log to dev

Jennifer Massey

Wish I had know before I paid for this Wish this game would stop kicking me out of games just because I went 2 rounds without making a more. It doesn't make since because that can happen a lot when you play this game

Stephanie Boylan

Have enjoyed the game but 3 stars. Has begun freezing several times in the same hand. Have to close and reopen. Also have gotten error messages that the game has stopped with an option to send a report. Have uninstalled/reinstalled, no change. Single player mode

Kate M.

Not working The game freezes constantly. I tried uninstally the game, closing background apps, clearing cached data and it didn't help.

Pam Dupree

Love the game I love playing this game but the latest update has caused me to be a bit annoyed with it. Every time I start the app it wants me to sign in with Facebook. I don't want to sign in with FB! Stop asking me EVERY TIME!

Liane Frydland

Bug on initial lay since last update :-( On single play, if the "computer" lays first and has, say 3 number 13's, and then I try to lay 3 13's, it accuses me of manipulation and won't let me play the move!

Laura C.

Great game; HUGE battery drain I love this game and play daily. Unfortunately, it eats up my battery super quickly -- half an hour of play generally uses a good 40% of my charge, which is prohibitive if I don't have a charger on hand. If that issue gets resolved, I will happily give a five-star rating.

Gary R

Fun, but computer AI is super-human I love the game, and the play is true to the board game. But playing against the computer is frustrating. It constantly makes 12-15 step moves no actual human could keep track of. Also, would like it if the invite game and private table would work. Apparently they've been "coming soon" for a long while now.

Vogt Dwight

Rummikub Great game if You have some time. I'd like to play against someone whom I chose. Right now the bug is...the main menu goes to blue screen. I have to make my choice real fast or it doesn't work. Other than this new bug it's a great game.

Augusto Cordon

Tired of unbelievable fast speed, always winning player? First, dont worry. You are a very good player. Of course in a human sense. They are simple algorithms trying to simulate humans. So the rule is simple.. To play humans avoid THE robots.... There are several, Elton, Mary , Andy, Joe, Kim... They alwasy play the same... But when you feel smart enough... kick them hard

Christine Smith

Addicting This game is fun. I play it daily. I would give it 5 stars but there are a lot of bugs, I have worked my way around some of them but it can be frustrating.

Eric Tucker

Good game It sometimes hangs and I have to start over on a game, which can bite. Other than that - great multiplayer and good pro computer wizard.

janine coleman

Loved this initially but since the July update I can't get past the first advertising screen! Please fix this bug!!

Eusébio Soares

Almost perfect 1. I miss the chance to invite my friends on the web to join a game; 2. It would also be interesting if there was a way to raise the bets, as it happens in other apps; 3. Whenever you end a game and choose to continue playing, you shoud be able to keep the same opponents (except the ones who might want to leave, of course...)

Joe Bellio

Needs Private Match Making The "coming soon" thumbnail for the create game section has been a place holder since I purchased the game months ago... When is this option going to be available? Also, please fix game crash bugs.


Fun game!!! Pro: Very good interface compared to other apps. Con: Crashes sometimes during the game!

BOINGY21 Boingy21

Great Game but... This is a great game but there are so many bugs and glitches!

Caitlin C

Bugs much.... I don't leave many written reviews but...the level of frustration this app gives me is just too much...why do I keep trying and playing? Because the game is special to me, I played it for hours on end with my grandmother when I was younger. this app makes me feel like they scrapped it together and then just released it without it being ready, there are constant bugs that you run into. Aside from the fact that the game just randomly runs into "problems" Well I'd like to go further but I see I'm limited to wh

Maureen Webb

Rummikub Fun game and great exercise for the brain. Pity there are so many crashes when playing online

Cathey Cook

The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is that it jams up at least one time every day.

Jeff Blyth

Ok.................. when it works Ok but unstable has its on mind if it wants to cooperate or not. Crashes and games end unexpectedly

Tom MacKean

Great game but... Crashes and glitches ruin the experience

Alejandra Ortiz

DO NOT BUY This app has a bunch of glitches it's a complete waste of money.. I bought it a week ago and was able to use it only once... I want my money back!!!

Pam Dupree

Love the game I love playing this game but it has decided to log me out, not that I remember ever logging in with an email. It doesn't recognise my email and then tells me there's a network error. I'm level 4 and have over 12K points and it will only log me in as a guest. Please fix it.

zandra nyiro

Used to love it Since the latest update, I can now only play when online. Uninstalling

Sally Browne

Very disappointed almost never able to get it up timer gives me 30 sec to play no time to even learn how it works!!!!! No response to my email requests to comoany

Maxine Skilton

Great, but poor Pretty sick of being kicked out all the time. Then it lags so much your move doesn't do what you've asked it to do and the numbers end up all over the board. Pretty crap

Norman Deards

Battery hog This app regularly drains the battery on my nexus 9 until flat. Very annoying!

Laura Palmer

Not working Just gives me a black screen when I try to open the app

Aaron Cheske

It is pretty ridiculous that private matches or pass and play games aren't available. Who designed this app?? Whoever you are, go home, you're drunk...

Gary Brushe

Paid for this and now can't play when/where I want I paid for this and after they take my money they make it only work on-line. Used to love this game and would rate it a 5 but not now after this update. PLEASE revert back to how it was with an option to play online if you want. Latest 25 July update doesn't work PLEASE fix

Brandy Sewart

Ready to UNINSTALL GAME!! 8/8/16 UNINSTALLING GAME!! Still will not work after updates. Worse experience EVER! And I loved this game! 7/27/2016 Worse experience I have EVER had with this game! Can't even play it, it keeps crashing! I have done everything they told me to do and still does not work! I paid for this game, now I'm thinking it was a waste of money! VERY FRUSTRATED!!!! I'm logged in through FB. Always have been.

Nancy Warren

MAJOR PROBLEMS SINCE JULY UPDATES!!! I guess that's one way to get over my addiction to this once WONDERFUL game. I've done EVERYTHING the support team has recommended to other players (has only made things worse) and even emailed them directly (no response yet) ?

Rianette Kemp

What?? The update is horrible! I had 98760 points and now only 41!! And the game hangs more often than not. How dow I uninstall the update? What trash. And please do t give me the generic answer of logged in as a guest. Logged in using my email!!!

Jacqui Alexander

What has happed????? I love this game and play it often. I especially love the app version as i can play it on my own and hone my skills. BUT...what has happened? Firstly it changes to only play on line ... no good on a plane people... and now it crashes when i try to get on.... AND I have the paid version!!!

Margie V

Game still hangs on startup since 2nd update Followed your instructions of uninstalling, closing all apps, shutdown tablet and restart after 30 secs, then reinstall game. It did not work! After 25 July update: sadly no improvement. Also followed same steps as before for a clean install. I so hope you can fix this... i had well over 100k points...

Janet Motherwell

Now that I have the game back to the original again, I can give you 5 stars. Thank you guys for your help. The only shame was that I lost my score of 14,000 plus.

michael gallagher

No offline play After the update it is only possible to join an online game. If you try to do anything else it does not work. The only button that functions is PLAY NOW. I do not want to play online. Please may I have a refund as the game is not now what I paid for. REPLY I do not ever want to play online, so why is it necessary for me to sign up to "sign up to play online"? I do not wish to give my email address and my email password to anyone, certainly not to a foreign company.

Kami Brunner

Uninstalled Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there is a way to cheat on this game. How does a player go from 15 tiles to winning in one turn? Love the game, but these 'cheaters' make it very unlikable. Uninstalling it now

Stephanie Howe

No instructions Cannot play as don't know how to. Waste of money.

Thebird Larkman

V3.1.1 Nexus 7 & 5 phone now working again! Many thanks to Nadav and all at the Kinkajoo team for resolving the issue I was having. I can now play this addictive classic game again.

juliette dolence

Refund my money please Paid for this game ,,, now after update it has in app purchases... no thank you. Greedy developers . No fun to play anymore

Deborah Kennedy

Totally unplayable. No buttons work. Can't even check setting. I've uninstalled/reinstalled. Disappointed because I enjoyed it up until it fell apart.

Eileen Wilkens

Rummikub Love the Rummikub game and especially appreciate that there is good customer service when you have a problem.

Lynne Gracie

Rummikub Thank you for telling me to log on. I am now back playing every day. This is the best game and very challenging. When one game is finished I can't wait to statt the next game to get my score up.

Simon Argent

How to play with friends??? Downloaded this game so I could play with a friend. Doesn't appear to be an option to invite people I know......

Barbara Bennett

Rummikub Excellent online support when problem occurred, and all well now.

Babara Storey

Rummikub Had this a long time always good now it will not play?

Sheila Rudge

Rummikub Can't play off line now

Dawn Franzen

Paid for this but haven't been able to find it on my devices.

Kim James

Great brain game! Keeps the mind active online & offline! ?

John Berryman

V3 created couple of problems but still love the game V3 won't allow me to play as guest. It stops responding normally after "checking servers" but I created an account and it's working again. I'm glad. I love this game. Back to 5 stars unless they start spamming the email I registered with.

Rose Girl

Sad - Really used to enjoy!!!! By the way - did you guys even read what the issue was????? Updating AGAIN did NOT. ONE. THING. I loved playing this. Updated it (AGAIN) this am & they have now added timers which makes it almost impossible to keep up with the computer. Especially since the computer cannot play neatly to save it's life - melding haphazardly all over the place. Truly sucks!!!!!

Julie Sackett

Cannot select your oponent (friend) I would like the option to play against specific friends; that is the reason I purchased this app but it is not a feature. Thanks for your consideration.

Joseph Case

Doesn't load at times Get to main page then will not load

Jo Cox

Used to be brilliant After latest update will not work on Nexus 10!!

victor levy

vic levy very good

Pam Dupree

Loved the game I love playing this game but it has decided to log me out, not that I remember ever logging in with an email. It doesn't recognise my email and then tells me there's a network error. I'm level 4 and have over 14K points. This is lasting way too long! Fix it!

Michelle Nichols

Great game, but... I've been playing for a few years now. I am/was around 43,000 points. Guess I fell sleep last night with the app still open and didn't log out all the way. When I got on this morning, I only had 15,000 points. This happened once before, but I wasn't as high and didn't lose as much. Going to take forever to get it back. I did email support, but doubt I will get a respinse.*****I did what they suggested on a different review. Uninstalled the game, cleared my phones cache, and reinstalled. Didn't help at all.

Mister M

Disappointing Constantly demands online login in with facebook etc. Yet constantly logs out and refuses to log in. Older completely offline variant of the app used to work flawlessly. App has gone very much backwards since.

Katie K

Won't let me connect and keeps kicking me out If I can finally get into a game it'll kick me out half way through!!! Can't believe I paid for this!!! ???

Shana Angel

I absolutely loved playing this with my family when I was younger. I loved playing this with my family when I was younger. I love that this is an app that I can play anywhere anytime. However the last two days it is froze and I am unable to play it, please fix it immediately!!!!!

William Farnworth

Great game. But has now stopped working. Tried downloading again but still won,t work.Kitty.

Jeff Blyth

DOES NOT WORK AFTER UPDATE Even logging out then back in as suggested. .. DOES NOT WORK - REFUND PLEASE!!

Anna h

Keeps crashing Everytime I play it crashes before I can finish a game. Mostly when someone else times out.

Eduard Van Der Westhuizen

Needs social media multiplayer Great game but would love for it to be integrated with social media such as Facebook to allow one to play against family and friends...

No longer works. I do not want to play on line.

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