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20 Feb
RPM Calculator

Posted by PlayDevelop in Productivity | Feb. 20, 2014 | 63 Comments

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Calculates RPM.

Visualize your vinyl record players RPM with this simple application.

Please consider this is the first version.

What features are you missing? WE love feedback!

Credits and thanks to,
Jeremia Nyman & Martin Fors

Vinyl, Calculator, Record player, measure, per minute, platter speed, platter, speed

Whats new

    - Minor bugfixes
    - The research department have rewritten the algorithm. Now better then ever!
    - First version. Beta. Please give feedback!

PlayDevelop part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 20, 2014. Google play rating is 80.7747. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 1.0 MB.

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Mel Meer

This App is Almost There It was giving me readings of 31.9 on my Galaxy S4 when my strobe told me it was 33.3. But it was consistent and I could use 31.9 as my reference. Numbers were clear and very easy to read as they turned to face you at all times. This app could be a winner with a bit of tweeking. A second decimal place would also be nice.

Simon Welburn

Instructions?? I have no idea how to use this app. Feel free to enlighen me ...

Cory Kontros

Awesome While this might not satisfy the purists this app is perfect for the other 95% of folks out there. Great app. Figured it out right away. Simple and perfect. Wouldn't change a thing.

Gajendra Khanna

Not working This application would have been great if it was working on my smartphone. I am having a Samsung S Duos 2 phone. On opening the application I am getting an error about sensors, "Missing Sensors. Your device do not support correct sensors :(". The documentation does not say what are the "correct" sensors needed are.

Alex G

Helped alot! Such a great app! Just lay flat on your turn table and adjust the rpm on it.

Doug Hammer

Works and works well. I could hear that my vpi turntable speed was off. Happily found this app and tried it out. Seems to be pretty accurate. It's not accurate down to hundredths of a rotation and won't account for the drag of the needle on the record, but man it's just about the easiest and quickest way possible to get you back in the ballpark. Sure beats breakin out the strobe disc or a test record. Many thanks!

Nathan Wickett

Amazed This app is super awesome! I took a long shot and typed rpm calculator into Google Play with what I thought would be a slim chance of finding something useful for calculating platter speed but to my amazement, the was this app and it works absolutely spot on! If you're unsure how to use it, watch the promo video. Thanks dev, a truly useful app!

Alex Rivera

Fantastic app!!!! I used this app with great results to check and verify the speed on my Pioneer PL-41 which has no speed adjustment. The app showed what I was able to hear in the music, it was spinning too fast. After several back and forth sessions of filing down the capstan on the motor and checking the speed with the app on my phone I was able to dial the speed in perfectly at 33.3 and 45 rpm. Thank you very much!

Jeff Sanford

Very cool but needs to be more accurate On my Galaxy Note 3, I get a reading of 33.0 with this app while simultaneously confirming it is at the proper 33 1/3 with a strobe. The display that remains facing you despite the phone rotating on the turntable is very impressive but the display slowly rotates clockwise. Perhaps the slowly slipping display is related to the speed being off by about 0.3 rpm. To center the phone over the spindle, I use a large hole 45 rpm adapter on top of a normal hole record. Any hints or adjustments to help improve?

Buckaroo Banzai

Works Quite Well Used this to check the speed of a Pioneer PL-A45D. Read 34.2 RPM which seems to me the norm for most others set to 33&1/3

Greg Walton

Very Useful Works great, but could do with some instructions. eg 1. Place on turntable and run. When screen returns to zero, turn off turntable and the app will settle to the average RPM tested (hopefully 33.3, or whatever) 2. After a few moments of non movement the app will return to "0.0" and be ready to re-test or test other speeds on the turntable. At least that is how it seems to work to me.

Allen Miller

Great app! Used it to check the speed of my worthless crosley record player. I had a feeling it was playing too fast. This app proved it! Thanks!

James S.

Excellent product Overall it seems to work pretty good. I'm impressed. I have a few technical questions about it and the website and the email link do not work. That needs to be addressed.

Kevin Sweeney

The Coolest Thing Ever Invented 1. Start the app. 2. Place phone on turntable platter. 3. Turn on turntable. 4. Be amazed! 5. Adjust turntable speed until any variation is centered at the desied rotational speed (33.1 and 33.5 for example). 6. Send money to the genius that finally invented a good reason to own a smartphone!

Pan Kar

Not working on HTC M8 mini 2 Would love to use it but it will not collaborate with the HTC mini2's sensors

Paul Guz

Invaluable! I fixed my turntable thanks to you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Conor Poull

Not a truly accurate way to judge platter speed. Weight of the phone and lack of a stylus in groove will throw off the measurement, and that's just for starters.

Joshua Bochman

Life saver! What an excellent app! Use is simple, just place it on the spinning turntable to determine the RPM's. Was surprised how accurate it was and how easily it made tuning the speed of my turntable. Many thanks!

V Angelo

Thinking out of the box Works great on my Note. Really can't think of anything to add. Well done!

AJ Kinahan

45 & 33 rpm adjustment Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have finally adjusted my Sony record player to play at both 45 & 33 rpm exactly. 5stars all the way!

Nicky Nic

Rpm calculator Very consistent results. Thk u

Doug Dickinson

Superb Really easy to use, I knew my turntable was a little fast sorted now thanks. PS the video shows you how to use it

gabe moran

? I'm getting 34.5 and 6 what is the purpose of this app? It works though..

Daniel Schustow

Perfect app for turntable speed measurement

Joseph Bomenka

RPM for my table! Best way to use this excellent tool is to put a small weight over the spindle, and put the phone on top of the weight. Its very accurate!


Awesome! very accurate! Tested with my SL-1200MK2

Larry Cebula

Not clear how to use this?

Sander Rekveld

Very useful app

Elly Rocker

Good! Very helpful app!

Ruben Gerits

Nice idea, but not working I really like the idea, and hope it's just a bug for my phone (sony xperia m), but I seem to get a black screen with a reset angle button. Nothing more. Works great on my Nexus 7 though, but it's a bit big to put on a record player :)

Jaime De La Garza

Nice, nut needs a few more features This is a promising app. I don't know the accuracy of the speed detection but it seems pretty close. I know this is a beta but a few features are needed: an indication of the speed difference (if any) for a given test run would be nice. Also maybe the app needs to run for an amount of time to get an accurate measurement, so a countdown timer would be nice? Memory for different turntables along with time, day, room temperature and tests run for each would be helpful to keep track of different tables. 5 stars

Jason Kong

AWESOME, AMAZING Incredibly happy about this, works like a charm. Simple and really easy to read the measurement even while the platter is spinning. Would gladly donate / pay for this app. Saved me a lot of money as I was about to invest in another application that requires an expensive test record purchase just to get it to work. Keep up the good work!

Adam Gurney

Clever Interesting and accurate. That the text stays right-side up while the phone spins is a nice touch.

Robert Norlander

Sick Sick application, use it daily to measure

Kevin Souter

Useless Doesn't work on a brand new Samsung A4


Request Can You create an application which can catch RPM OF WHEEL WITH reflective tape= through infra red or main camera,like optical tachometer or something like this, it will be=C2=A0 very useful=0APlz, if u= can, send a link for this application asap.thanks.

Dan H

Just put your phone on the turntable! Anyone confused by how to use it just read the title! Literally just lay your phone on the turntable and start it up (obviously don't move the tone arm). The display actually rotates to make it readable whilst spinning. Apparently I'm running at 31.7 and 43.5, although I'm wondering if that slight speed reduction is caused by the weight of my (quite heavy) phone? Obviously can't test the speed with a record playing to see if I can hear the difference.


Does not appear to be very accurate. Tried on 4 turntables that were at 33.3 according to their built in strobe. All registered about 32 RPM +/- a couple tenths. Seems to report a bit slow.

kyle mcdougall

This seems to work well. I noticed that the Linn table in the video runs at 34+rpm. That would be consistant with my old Linn. My current table show 33.5rpm which is close enough as I don't have perfect pitch nor does anyone I know. It would be nice if it would log a period of time - like maybe about 5 or 10 minutes to see if there a fluctuations over time. Other wise great app.

Brett B

Used to work well. Had no problems and it worked well until I went from a S3 to a S6. Very random readings now. Hope it can be fixed.

Hakan Cezayirli

Good Very good idea. Good app but must be a little bit precise. I can see some differences between manual measures and this app...


Works for me I repair turntables and this works for me. Strobe discs are hard for some to understand. Customers can read this simple display.

Mike Bergin

Gets the Job Done As another reviewer wrote, the app isn't perfect, but it's consistent. For example, my ideal 45rpm was reading between 45.3-6 (it synced almost perfectly with the .mp3 version of the song I used). It might not even be the app's fault; maybe it's just that the hardware between each phone is a little different. Life I said, though: it gets the job done.

Stuart Reid

Works perfectly on an Honor 6+ and a Lenco GL75 turntable. One of those brilliant apps that you don't realise you need until you have it!

Brett Ahlstrom

Much valued and appreciated I use it to check/adjust the speed of my Rek-O-Kut idler 'table which takes 30 mins to warm up to cruising speed. (It's an old broadcast 'table). I wish the app had a calibration feature though. It started reading 0.3 at rest a while back. I wonder if it would be easy enough to add the ability to reset it to zero in the settings or by a long press or something. Thanks for offering the app!

Alan Clark

As expected! I heard that a lot of turntables spin too fast. This app put my mind at rest that I'm hearing things at the right pitch! Does what it says on the tin. No frills!

Terry Jansen

Nice app perfect for comparing my turntables relative speeds. Well done

Emmett Keyser

Nice I figure it's accurate but haven't cross checked. If it is then this app is super simple and quite awesome.

Antony Briggs

Love it! The moment you realise how this app works... Priceless!

Marc Alexander

Awesome! This app works wonderfully. I am now able to compare the accuracy of Pro-Ject turntables with AC motors (Debut Carbon and RPM 1.3), as well as various belts. 16VAC wall transformer vs Speed Box S. The 18VAC fed Speed Box S is much more stable than the wall wart plugged into standard power conditioner. However, the AC wall wart seems to work just as well as the Speed Box when plugged into an ACRegenerator (I use Panamax 5500 series).

Mario Marinaro

Well done! It work fine with on my nexus 4 and project debut carbon. It displays 33.4. Well done guys, nice app!

Johnny Yiu

Nexus7 Doesn't work on Nexus7 6.0.1

Christopher Pease

Amazing I'll never use a strobe disc again. Nice job.

Leslie Edwards

Does what it says on the box. Pretty good app. Does a decent enough job for those of us who don't have anything more accurate available to us.

laurence goldman

Ridiculously good- I have Sutherland timeline, Platter Speed, and two other RPM strobe discs - total cost >$1000 but this free and my Simon Yorke is 33.3-.4 by just placing the phone on the platter. duh!!

Allan Russell

Works out of the box. Can't thank you enough for this app. Calibrated my turntable in seconds!


So simple Very easy to use watch the promo video first my rpm was 37.5 was able to bring it down to 33

John Ho

Disappointed Can't use on ASUS phone. Lousy app

srikumar biswas

Just simple and amazing app Just put the phone on the platter and measure the RPM.if you have pitch control then you can fine tune the RPM with amazing accuracy.

Jason B

Quite helpful Super easy to use and works great for a quick speed check. Seems relatively accurate on my Yamaha pf800 and note 3.

Oliver Kuo

My sl-q200 fluctuated between 33.2 and 33.3. It's got quartz lock, so I guess this works.

David Fyfe

No workie Will not work on my Galaxy S4. Just displays 0.0 and A Small Box With Reset angle. Tapped box, it just turns green. Reinstalled a couple of times. No go. So hoped it would have worked.

Aamir Rind

MISSING SENSORS My device Do not support correct sensor

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