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23 Oct
RPG Character Generator

Posted by AC Arcana in Books & Reference | Oct. 23, 2013 | 87 Comments

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This app gives you unique and creative ideas for fun characters for your next DnD or Pathfinder Campaign!

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for characters for you Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Cypher, or other tabletop RPG Game? This handy random generator provides a bunch of ideas for interesting, dynamic, and well developed character personalities, abilities, and traits.

Also great for writers and writers' block!

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Whats new

    - Fixed a bug that would cause the lock buttons to be ignored on occasion
    - Fixed a bug where locked items that broke rules would be changed
    - Changed some archetype names and descriptions to be more sensible. Removed protector, as Protector and Defender was redundant.
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the 'Other...' dialog working on additional items
    - Fixed a bug where added items weren't loading
    - Fixed a bug where extra attributes from previous characters could leak over to loaded characters

AC Arcana part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 23, 2013. Google play rating is 81.2507. Current verison is 1.7. Actual size 159.0 KB.

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GamerGirlROBLOX 0904

Best ever! Add one last thing though, we'll, two. (1 Birthdays) (2 More Options like less mideival *or however you spell it* style, but don't remove anything.

Chase Waterhouse

Wonderful I love it. The only issue I have is that it crashes every once in a blue'd be a good thing to fix if anything! Thank you for the app though! It's awesome

Gabe McClellan

Good app Generic titles aside, a wonderful app if you need to come up with some ideas for a book, game, or if you're just bored. Only problem is that I can't get that nice modern UI in the screenshots, even with Kitkat, and it'd be great if I could enter custom descriptions for the "Other..." choice, where applicable. Otherwise, amazing job!

Mikayla Goggin

Whaaaaaaaaaat? I dont get the reason of it. You dont even get to see your finished character!

Michael Weil

Nice, even if a bit cluncky Lots of cool options and ideas, also cool rundom stuff alongside the more "useful" thing, a major downside is the looks

Steele Alexander

I really like this. It thinks of everything you might need, and allows you to not stress about it. If you forget, you can always come back and check on it.

Ron Horne

Easy and quick! I run a D&D game and sometimes need a random villager or non-player character on the fly. This app has given me some pretty interesting personnas and has helped add a lot of flavor to my games. Thanks to the developer!

Ken Jones

5 ★ This app offers some of the finest creative ideas in terms of character background and personality. Perfect for any fantasy fans or authors/artists.

Robert McDonald

Fun Little App--Imaginative I have to agree with Ms. Cook below: an excellent tool for those who aspire to write within the genre who are developing their characters. I also think an image generator would be interesting, as has been stated, but that would be an expensive project, indubitably. Otherwise, expanding upon some of the selections for the various categories would not be remiss

James Langley

Nice app and a handy tool. Needs more realism, based on previous options chosen. (Women with long beards?) However, I love the options alowed. Well done all together.

Nicholas Rock

Great tool for writers. I'm currently working on a novel, and this app is helping me organize and create character concepts. Could use a little more selection, but definitely a great tool.

R G Oden Jr

Great but Does not have all types. For example missing Druids. Other than this I like it.

Tyler Chapman

Great Character Creator! The only reason you can't see your character is because of the data. It can't simulate literally everything. You think it can simulate a Mega Lucario/Spyro/Eggman hybrid? Either way, there are so many options! Creating your own life story! I just love games/apps/tools built on those premises! All in all, I say 11 out of 10. And yes, I know 11 out of 10 sounds pretty freaking ridiculous. It's the thought that counts.

Katrina Beck

Excellent! Out of all the random generator apps and websites I've tried, this is the best all-purpose character generator I've seen. The appearances can be a bit odd, but that's what the edit features are for, after all! (Plus it makes a fun challenge to try and draw them as they are) If I had to suggest something, I'd love to see more clothing styles and quirks, but all in all a very inclusive and well rounded app. 10/10 would recommend

Devan Hebert

Lol I just wanted a character generator where I could put details of characters, this idnt it exactly and I dont really fo rpg, but it was a somewhat ok use for characters in a book im writing, I can almost remember every quirk now lol so ya its ok even for a writer... lol

Nobody Special

Nice and thorough, but needs refinement While it offers a very wide assortment of character options and choices for any type of character, the interface is a little glitchy|twitchy|jumpy at times and its appearance is unpolished|raw. I do really like the program, but it needs a little work.

james warner

LG G2 - works great & is great No crashes/stalls. I love this app. It has come in handy so many times. As a DM and Player for separate campaigns I have used it religiously. Missing a few things that should be in there and a few random chances shouldn't happen though. Must download!

Anna Stickroth

Pretty good. This is cool. Very useful for character building. It includes aspects/traits I hadn't thought of myself. My only issue is that there are several spelling errors and typos.

Stefanie Roberts

Freaken love this xD This is really goood i love writing fantasy well i try anways but this a great app for setting your character up and even helps with creating the rest of your story the thing that i wish i could find is physically building a character but anyways i love this app so yeah cool story bro ^_^

Melissa Humbard

Really enjoy this app. This is well rounded. I just installed it and, quickly, realized how many things I can use it for. I write, draw, RP, D&D, and come up with characters left and right. I love the options, and although some are unplayable as RPG characters, they make great story options. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A phenomenal addition to my character building techniques.

Joseph Colt

Really Convenient. I've been using it unceasingly for the past three hours, and haven't had a crash yet. This character development app transforms the often tedious process of developing fictional characters into a fun, easily organized and understood character summary. There isn't much support for creating a story, but that is a very minor concern, given the sheer, unrivaled convenience that this app brings to the interested community!

Brandon Full

Awesome This is a fantastic way to do encounters on the fly, and now all your random merchants and blacksmiths can have stats! Just try and attack the mayor's assistant now, you jerks.

Aj Abogado

How come there are no other apps like this? This is such a great idea especially for writers like me. Thank you for this app. It's simple and unique. And it's so easy to use. Well done!

Amanda P

This is so helpful I create a lot of characters of my own for different purposes and it's just not possible for me to sit down and type or write out a character description, template or not. But this just makes it fast and easy with all of the amazing options and just xnsjdkskdk so great.

Mari Camarena

This is amazing! I see no problems with it. I love to write fantasy stories and creating characters is always the hardest part so this saved my life. I love it so so much. Its almost perfect. I'd like to see more options though but still, this is fantastic. (:


Very fun Love how indepth a character can be. Not only great for RPGs but for writing as well.

Rio Rosas

LOVE IT! Im in the process of creating a manga and this app is perfect for my all characters! Huge help! Oh and if you could please add more things that would be really awesome!

Tony Robinson

Super dumd dope! You who made this are like the new inventors of kool aide. I'm smiling ?

Lucas Simmons

Like I like this app. I think the power it has is in its simplicity. It helps with writers block when coming up with NPCs and the like. I also use it with short stories. I just build an interesting character and let my mind go wild with backstory and character direction.

Krista Reid

Am I the only one who does not get what this is? Maybe I'm stupid but I can't look at my character... If that is what I'm supposed to do... Idk but I will rate it better when ic an figure out how to use it.

Eric Steele

Good app, but... Sometimes you get combinations that don't make sense. I realize the cross-checking involved to do this would be insane, so it's not a big deal. Overall, nice app now that the ads have been moved.

Xavion Smith

Right now I'm using this app to make create some characters for comic I'm working on. This is a great way to flush out the character profiles as I continue draw my main characters.

Jessica Jones

Its really awesome I get a kick out of this every time I use it, its something new to read, I have characters killed off a lot and this is useful for those times when its mid game and I take a powder!


Amazing Useful for both RPGers, and writers like myself. It seems to be designed particularly for specific games, but the addition of the "other" button helps. It could use some improvements, and additions to versatility, such as more descriptions, and allowing users to make certain combinations "always", "incompatible", etc., but it is invaluable overall for anyone involved in massive fantasy writing and RPGs.

River Bundy

Pretty good. It would be absolutely amazing if an image generator was added, but I believe its great otherwise. Maybe adding in descriptions for everything is also a good idea...

Toria Bayer

great app!!!! I love it and I love that there's transgender options and lots of sexuality choices. maybe add a neutral gender? otherwise it's great ???

Trevor Elkins

Suggestion I'll rate five stars if you make it to where you can make custom descriptions when you choose "other..." category please.

Asia Rose

Best One I Could Find Creates very unique individual characters. I really love it! Only thing i might suggest (since I draw and write about these characters) is more detail or misc on appearance details... like freckles, moles, makeup, & jewerly, etc.

BEN Drowned

Wonderfully detailed! This is very well- made and seems to think of every little thing! This has helped me wonderfully.

Forrest B.

Good, for what it is. Great for character ideas. Nothing fantastic to look at, just text and boxes, which is ok. I would like to see more flavor texts for choices, such as a quick description of weapons and such.

Ash Amin

GM's best friend This is the best NPC generator I've found on a mobile device. Really nice. Excellent randomization but sometimes too random and not thematically in keeping with your game. Only downside no history so if you forget or lose the info it's gone but the save functionality is great when you remember :) Highly recommended!

Minty T

Perfect for DnD, story or RP needs Unfortunately, I'm not really super familiar with DnD but I do roleplay a lot and enjoy writing my own little stories and this works perfectly as inspiration for major characters to nameless extras

Abby Schardt

Awesome App! This is really useful! For those, especially, who need help organizing the background information about their characters. Wish there were more slots but I know there aren't a lot of people like me who make 25 and up characters.

Jessica Chudyk

Don't really like it, too much! I'd like to see my character when made, and plz do put more options in the game, plz!

Andrew Kemmerer

Yep. Its what i need Best yet. It lets me remember and tweak the little details i need to remember when i get home from work so i can write those details easily


It Just Needs One Thing I love this app. It really puts into perspective my character, but if I could input an image for my character that would be nice. Just to put an face to the name.

Jake Dale

Wishful thinking I'm not a table top gamer which is a reason for this apps creation, I'm a writer and this is a very good app for creating characters I just wish for for mixed scifi theme but I'm not sure how that would work. Really good app either way.


Only one issue I lo e this app and everything it does, I just wish it had a feature to go back to a prieviously generated character you might have accidentally randomized or deleted

Chris Alvarado

I Dont know what to say about this game I dont get to see my character i created at all... Fix this please...

Smoke Enenra

So useful, but there is one problem I may not always understand the app, but it helps me be creative, without having to constantly type everything! But i do have a problem with it crashing randomly

Moe Kitisu -Chan

Helps with making characters! This helped me create a great character, and I know it'll keep helping me make more! Though, there is a little problem I don't mind much about, but just so you know, if I exit on a character I saved, and go back on it it crashes as if it's resetting, because I can get on it after it crashes. I don't mind it at all! I just fear it might get worse, but otherwise this app is so useful!!

Steve Loomis

Awesome But Not Legendary... Yet I like it. Could use a few more descriptions. Such as sociopath since I was making a villain for my friends game. It still worked wonders. Highly recommended to someone that RPs and want to make a backstory easy before you write it. Lastly open add about 5-20 more races you have good list but you need more.

A Google User

Excellent but room for improvment I like it. Thought of the things in an rp character that i never did. But i wish it had some more things that i did think of. Like adding a relationship section with names of the users other characters


Really interesting This deals with a lot of interesting character aspects that I wouldn't normally think about, but I agree with everyone who says it should have some picture options. A way to apply an image to the character would be great, and a picture generator would be fantastic, although a little far fetched. Cool app, but not perfect.

Gamer King

Cool but You need to add a thing that makes you be able to customize what they look like and like pictures of what the character would look like

Alonna Guinaugh

Good setup The app has a good setup in catagorys and all but, what I would like to see more of is like armour and the era, and i feel like the religon thing is a bit obsurd, and if the person wants to put a specific age they should be able to. But all in all I love it. Good job!


Good to start It's a good thing to use when you have no idea how you want a character to be. It's UI is generally easy to use, and some of the generations are downright amusing. A generally great app

josh reynolds

Amazing The only thing that could improve this is the ability to have pictures and to be able to choose spells a charater might have (and in different formats. Like dnd pathfinder...ect)

Alix Taylor

It's almost perfect It's better than others on here, but the ten characters only thing kind of bugs me. Why not 50 instead? Or 100? And then there's the problem where it keeps crashing if you go away from it for too long. Either way, it's awesome.

Red Is a Name

PERFECT But if not to much to ask, more stuff would be great :) Update:Don't get me wrong It's still great..But keeps crashing :( please fix.

R.S. Dorian

Neat My Dm always got annoyed with me while building a character. This makes it a lot easier and is a pretty fun way to kill time too.

Timothy Schroeder

Good Overall I like it because you can add to it, but it needs an edit option to erase and correct typos. Also needs a theme list (Modern, western, futuristic, etc.) to categorize characters, I hate getting an Orc, Cyborg and Mariachi band all together. And being able to add a picture of your character would be cool too.

Michael Hamilton

Excellent character creation app This app is great. At first all the options are a little overwhelming, but when considering the use it is great. As an artist there is way more information than I need but for someone who is a creative writer or someone who likes to get lost in a fantasy world this app is gold. For anyone in a creative field this is a must have tool to have.

Nathan Page

Good, Great, Well-done ...but what I would like is a finalized version, so after you select the options you want you can go to a finished state describing your hero

Jason Burley

Works fine for me I'm a character designer that has never played D&D. However, this is perfect as a jumping point for really quick and detailed concept art ideas. My only suggestion is that perhaps adding "genre" such as fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, etc. to the list of options. I know that it's not the initial purpose of the app and may be a thought for a different app altogether, but, like I've said, it's a suggestion that many people will utilize. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Good job!

Jenna Roman

A great start, but could use improvements I use this for writing purposes and it's a great way to help imagine a character. However once you max out on 10 slots that is the limit to your imagination. And there is no way share, post or email you character. Adding both 1. a way to share each saved character and also 2. a way to store the character in your phone making more than 10 the limit. Also adding a "details" segment where you could add back story or anything extra yourself would be nice. Thanks, I look forward to updates!

Larkin Hawke

Really good! I like it a lot, plus the feature to add others is really useful. If only it would let you leave your added ones permanently. The diversity of gender is great, but i personally like to add more, and it'd be great if they would either let you leave an addition, or if you'd add it to the app permanently. Besides that its amazing and super useful!! One of my favorite apps.

Celeste Clavin

It's pretty good It gives you alot of options to choose from and let's you pick your own answers if yours is not listed. It does not lag or have any problems. Running on my device. I feel like their could be a bit more on appearance but other then that it's a great app and is worth it

Viktor Maximilian Hammer

Absolutely Fantastic! Although some visual elements would help to see what you're doing. (Not everyone knows every weapon and hairstyle or wants to look them up) but i adore this app and will keep it installed and updated wherever i go.

Sonja Crocker

Versatile app! I originally downloaded this app for use in a D and D campaign. Instead, I found myself using it more and more to eleviate writer's block. By creating one character with this app, I have managed to crank out many chapters of my novel. This has helped me add so much depth and dimension to my characters! Well done!

Wesley McCallister

Phenomenal It's great for ANY RPG because it gives you the option to add ANYTHING to your options under a category. I use it for SWTOR when I'm in a pinch and can't decide who I want to be, it's a small file and good fun. Only request is to add a small description of the weapons :)

Joel Carmean

A d&d must have This is the perfect edition to any RPG experience. It has tons of classes, races and goes as specific as to where you lived, your background and religion. Whatever isn't here already, gives you the option to add your own input. Overall, ingenious.

Ryan Hall

Dms bestfriend. If you have players in your group that lack the creativity or patience to make a character that has any more depth than "I'm an orphan, tragic backstory, bit i dont remember my past." Then this app is for them. Now your pcs will be more than poorly designed anime characters! Enjoy!

Thrillz Adrenaline

Omg Yaws I'm an idiot. I downloaded this before but didn't like it because there was no avatar picture, but me being a hobby artist who loves making OCs, this app is quite handy for when I have no idea what to draw. 10/10 would add more features to appearance.

Eugene Koh

Would be better if you allow us to add description to custom entries The fifth star just needs one thing : A custom description for provided entries and custom ones. You could also add Google sync so we can have those entries be available on other devices. Other than that, well done!

Hexx Bombastus

Crashes on rotation This app fills a much needed gap between player and character sheet. I would prefer however if it didn't crash on my GS5 whenever I rotate the screen to a new orientation.

Cathy Crazy

Great app but.... I love it! I really do, but there are some problems with it. 1er a limitation, 2nd it would be cool if you could make the ACTUAL CHARACTER!! I would 5 stars of these 2 things change.

Sean Marshall

Very nice! I would five star this if you were able to disable some of the options (ie quirks, gender, goal, etc). Very fun to see what random types of characters you'll constantly come up with. A writer's handy tool for a quick character or inspiration for a missing character.

Beka T

NOT what I was expecting... But very cool at what it does. And rather amusing! I was just very disappointed that after I put in all of those elements it didn't spit out a visual avatar. I know, I know, totally ridiculous expectation but I found this app when I was looking for avatar creators and just assumed... and you know what they say about assumption.

Spess Dendee

Works Has a sufficient amount of detail in character creation. Only thing that irks me is that there is a limited number of save slots, so you might want to save certain characters to an outside reference.

Bad Luck Brown

Doesn't save Would give this great app 5 stars if it would save custom input data. I spent a lot of time inserting custom results only to find out it was all erased upon reopening the app

Dallas Maras

Awesome generator It is really great for when you are running out of ideas for characters or just need to make a quick NPC for a game. Otherwise there a few problems and issues it comes across. But nothing to serious.

Rob Walker

Extremely handy I have just begun DMing and am finding frequent writer's block. Thj s is giving helping me get past the blocks and get my mind working again. Thank you!

Kheshire Kat

Exactly what I was looking for! I love how you can randomize just certain things or do everything. Also, the explanations of some of the traits helped me out too! DOWNLOAD THIS APP

Xardas Aktar

Very well done. This app offers much, in the ways of customization. The only reason I gave it 4/5, is a selfish one... I'd really like to "see" my character's visage.

Panda Turtle3

Fun It's fun to mess around with and it helps me narrow down character creation. I'm sure there are a few things to be added (I haven't invested enough time in the app to come up with any more options it could use) or maybe even just a new version of the app geared toward story writing rather then just role play. All in all though I really like it.

Paul Smith

Excellent and very useful I play Mythic, and this app is a most useful accompaniment. One click and you have a character with physical traits, light background and goals all set up. Any detail can be adjusted if you don't like it and saved ready for easy transfer to a character sheet. Great for quick adventuring :)

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