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16 Jun
Royal Escape

Posted by Goblin LLC in Puzzle | June 16, 2016 | 69 Comments

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Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!

Welcome to the Victorian Era England!

In this amazing room escape adventure you work for a spy agency who discovered a conspiracy against the Royal Family. You have important information which you have to bring to them right way, but you’re being chased. Agency has arranged a covert way for you to get to the Queen. Hurry up, our informant is meeting you at the main train station with more information.

Downloading this tricky escape game now and let's see if you are smart enough to save the Royal Family by using your puzzle solving skills.

Pssst! Collect all the hidden diamonds you see on your journey, they could be more important than you imagine...

Whats new

    ---> Can You Escape - Craft Out Now!
    ---> Minor bug fixes!

Goblin LLC part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 16, 2016. Google play rating is 83.3254. Current verison is 1.0.14. Actual size 49.0 MB.

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Rebecca Slade

Have not done much I like so far but only completed 1 bit and then your have asked me ask me later and then we will see if i have changed my mind then

david persey

One of the worst Puzzles just do not make any sense. They are very easy but totally illogical. I needed a walking cane to pull down a blind? A key mysteriously inside a desk top, it would of had to have grown inside the tree itself. Combination of a case is part of the train? I have uninstalled this childish effort. Oh and the music is brain killing.

jimmy vlm

Like it a lot..but not being able to continue without making a purchase really pisses me off I would surely give it a 5 if only it could be continued without having to buy after the 9th the graphics..great to the smallest details

Colin Bewley

Was i wrong Thought you were better than this. Game was OK but the sales tactics are beneath you. After paying for " all of it, the whole shebang" no ads etc... I get to the end and can't seem to find last ruby. But guess what ? I can BUY THE LAST RUBY! B.S.! SNAKE IN THE GRASS TACTICS. LUCKY TO GET 3 STARS NOW! I've bought or downloaded every thing you've put out and then this. You ruined your rep w/ me. Colin.

Leigh Stevens

Horrible Would give 0 stars if I could. Keeps force closing and won't even open the main menu when I got to lvl 4. Uninstalled.

Elizabeth Anderson

Not bad! One of the better "escape" games I've played. Intricate artistry and clever clues.

hannah smith

Good but. . Starts off good. Simple quick tutorial then some great rooms with logical puzzles and good graphics. But to go on after room 9 you have to pay. Not good when there are ads all through the game which brings in the revenue anyway.

Dale Harris

wow! better than I expected! My only complaint? More levels please! I should have downloaded this app long ago!

Demetri Broxton

Not bad I LOVE The Room and was hoping for a similar experience. This is the low tech version of the room. Much easier, but clever at the same time. It was fun, until you have to pay in order to advance...

Dave Lamphere

Enjoyable I enjoy this type of escape game. The images are decent and not cartoonish. Also, i love having the inventory to the side. The other games that have a chest or something where all of your items go is annoying. It is good to see what you have right on the screen. Wish that there were more escape games like this one.

Jan Evanoff

Royal Escape Boy do I feel the fool. Not only did I pay for the entire pkg, no ads plus 2 bonus levels but then find out that to get into the secret room you have to have all 15 gems. Problem is there isn't a gem at all on level 7 so to get that final gem you have to buy it?! Pretty underhanded if you ask me.

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Ok! This game has good graphics and scenes, but puzzles are not always logical, its as if no thought has been given to the puzzle strategy to this game!

Theresa Terry

Not Bad It's not bad so far on level 4 now, I'll Holla` bak.

Shaikh Mus

Love it I like this game bcoz its very cool and I want you all that the part of this game is to buy part1 and part2 that part you have to buy and play and again u have to buy I really dont like that part

Amy Smith

Fun escape game Not many levels, but they were all pretty fun. Not too easy, not too hard.

Melanie lott

Why is it listed free if have to purchase to past level 9 other than it was fun. Im deleting it since u have to pay

Phil N Jason Richards\Green

So far so good I would rate five stars but being ordered to I think is a pl$$ take

San Laws

Easy as pie. Even though no gems some levels 9 rooms are enuf lol Got other games to play Goblin that are free and worth it but thanks for an hour of easy

DaisyTwitch White

Pretty easy but enjoyable. I like the way the developer thinks, I have enjoyed the games but this one was a little too easy wich made it seem kinda short compares to hell gate escape which was challenging. I did enjoy this tho however as said it was rather simple hence the removal of one star. Would also like to add that to purchase the extra levels it's really not expensive. And would be worth while for harder puzzles. However if you do buy the package they should throw in the secret room or give you the missing jem. Very short game

Joanne Boyce

Ok... But you have to keep buying to advance. Find rubies but still don't have enough to do bonus! Unfair

Joe Warner

Looks great Have only played first three levels but it looks great and has no glitches. Not too hard not too easy. Great for these long work nights!!!

Julie Johnston

Nice game But not paying for only a few more levels plus according to other reviews you have to buy the last gem. No thanks.

Cynthia Vann

R U kidding me u want me to buy the rest of a free game. Wow just like the government wants us to pay extra taxes for when rich folks houses slide off a hill. F -THAT AND UR GAME.

Jonathan Schoellman

Attractive, clever, but not challenging It is in fact entertaining however there is not a lot to the puzzles and they're not logical either. I did enjoy playing, just wish there was more to it.

Becky Conner

Where's the bonus? It was fun until I couldn't go past level 9 without upgrading.

Diane Lee

Nice, but only 3 scenes ! Ended after 3 escape scenes. (Unless you want to buy more) Otherwise, liked the graphics, and was refreshingly different from other games ! If it were longer, would easily give 5 stars ! Thanks : )

Valerie Edwards

Enjoyed but.... Unfortunately Developer has given into the "buy to play more" tactic, so uninstalling

Samantha Morris

Just a sample Enjoyable but short lived unless you are willing to purchase more levels

christopher bragg

Good graphics and nice clues but feel cheated after buying whole game and then being asked for more to secret room.

Melinda Kemp

Royal Escape Was fun until level ten locked and couldn't get bonus to load.

Leshawn Hankins

Its ok...... Lil confusing at first but when you play it gets easier..

Christie Stone

Kossack couple Great relationship builder when two play together. But still challenging at most.

Sayantani Ghosh

Mind tester A game which keep ur mind busy..good one...should go for it

Trevia Smith

Only get 9 levels free Past level 9 you must pay to proceed. Dissapointing.

katherine clarke

Cant get pass lvl 10 without in app purchase... not good for a FREE app

Tim Nash

OK But only half a game. A bit easy but ok, though annoying to get halfway through and then have to pay for the rest. Don't remember anything in the description that mentioned that.

Trish Stansfield

Great until you pass Level 9 & have to pay for the rest. Disappointed that I couldn't finish the game. Otherwise, not too easy, but the clues made sense within the context.

Shelton Smith

This game is bullshit they let you play to the ninth board and then you gotta pay

Amanda Cress

Miss leading It only goes to level 9, then you have to buy the rest.

Ashwetha Rajanekanth

Good but.. We hy do we have to pay for the last 2 levels? ? ?

Jennifer Kumjian

Would have given it 5 but. ... ...I couldn't believe how short it was. The game was a lot of fun. I play a lot of escape games and the ONLY time I have ever paid for the rest of a game was when I had played many levels and I was promised not only more levels but continued updates. In other words, I invested BECAUSE I became invested. Hope this helps. I'm truly not just bi!ching ?

Wendy Bilger

Kind of disappointed in the way the game only let me play to level 10 then I had issues.

Severina Chaos

"Whack-a-clue" When did escape games become synonym for "click aimlessly until you find a place it fits" ? Those 'puzzles' have no logic whatsoever. I'm not even calling it hard, took me literally 15min to go through all FREE levels, and NO, thank you, I don't want to waste my money with the rest. There are WAY better puzzle escape games out there.

Kay Blake

Good game I agree with another reviewer, Dave Lamphere, the inventory is much better when always visible, you don't have to leave the scene to delve into a box or such-like! Enjoyable, although not as challenging as some of the other games by Goblin LLC.

Mark Dickson

Now they have finally gone too far. I just wrote a review about another escape game, defending the selling of the extra levels as I believe that paying less than $3.00 USD is a fair price for the "all in" package. I purchased that for this game as well to unlock all the levels and the secret room. However, it appears that the developers did not create a ruby gem in level 7 which is required in order to access the secret room. They will of course let you purchase the "missing gems" to open the room. That's completely devious and evil. I already paid them money and now they want more just to let me complete something that I should be able to find in the game. This is no longer a business model, it is deception and downright sh!tting in the face of your consumers. I want my money back you thieves!

Wyse One

Two thumbs up! Really enjoyed this one. But, I couldn't access the secret room because I was missing a couple of rubies. So, I replayed until I found them all, got into the secret room and escaped ;) . Please, though, to the game makers - add an "about" feature so the player can identify the founds objects. I have to do a lot of random clicking because I don't know what it is that I have found and dont know where it should be used. Otherwise, an excellent challange for me.

Julia P

Okay so far....not very far in to the game. Some puzzles make more sense than others, but that's part of the fun.

Michelle Mewes

In app purchases The game was good at first until I had to buy more.

D Stukes

Terrible!!! Decent graphics but I hated the step-by-step, talkative tips. I don't want to read chatter and be told every little thing, I want to think! It takes all the fun out of it. I have played some of the best escape games and the point is, you have to have a chance to explore and figure it out on your own. There should be an option to turn those chatter box tips off and an option to only have hints!!!

Nice game Quite like it, graphics were good. I only rated this 4 stars because the game is free till level 9. After that you are supposed to buy the bonus packs. Or else you cannot move forward to other levels.

Deborah McCants

Great Game and Beautiful Graphics Love This game although I haven't played it for awhile. Decided to return and paid the extra dollar and change to unlock the bonus level and stop all ads. Problem is I can't seem to get past level 10. I've watched the walk through multiple times and still can't cut the gold to make my escape key exactly like the walk through video displays. Help.... Anybody else having the same problem?

Lisa Winnard

Weirdest game ever. No idea what the hell was going on.... Just finding random items and having no clue as to what to do with them. Very confusing. Played better games.

Miriam Teresi

Detailed images, but simple solutions For all the H.D. graphics i expected more challenging solutions.

Chris rowles

It was ok, just wasn't any storyline, too much random tapping

L Suryanto

Great My fave from goblin llc


Love! Great story and game!

Sagar Dhawan

Love it Really good game

sue is

Love this game....

Larry Kahn

SCAM! Don't pay! I don't mind paying a couple bucks for a game like this. But then you pull a scummy move and ask me to pay again for the secret room? There is NO WAY to collect all 15 gems to unlock it without paying twice. You should be ASHAMED! I won't pay for another of your games ever again!

Sarah C

☺??????????????? I love every one of these escape games. I just don't like all of the spooky games. I can't wait to start this one ????????

Ashli Sloan

I DO ♡l♥ve♡ this game! Okay-> titanic, you can get 4 or so screens down the way and then BOOM! they drop the "$2.99 or you're game is up", bomb! This is an even better game and without the bombs! 5* all day long!

Jennifer- Nini-S.

I loved this game I really liked this game!! I purchased the extra levels, and I rarely buy games unless I really like them!! Some levels were hard to figure out, I had to use the walkthrough. But this game has great graphics and I had a lot of fun playing it. I wish there were more levels!! I am sad that I already finished it!!

Chardenae Van Rooyen

Really fun to play Not too tough. But u guys need to .make some more free ones for the ones who can't really afford apps, as a appreciation for parents... R whatever lol

Laila Moore

No gem on level 7 I enjoyed it till I realized there was no gem on lvl 7. I don't mind paying for extra rooms if I enjoyed the game but to purposely leave that out to get us to also buy a gem is sneaky. Really put a bad overall look to this developer for me.

Ron Petty

Excellent Good puzzles, v good graphics, interesting locations. Not too hard. I'm off to buy the expansion bundles now. At £1.78 its worth sticking on your tablet.

Liz Stonehill

"In-app purchases" and "demo version" used to mean different things... it's a good start and I enjoy the levels I can play. I just wish that "free" meant "this app is the whole game for free" and not "we will sucker you in and give you ads and look demo!"

Rachel M

Game is quite good but bit short. Only 6 extra levels when you pay for the bonus packs, so not really worth it. Could do with being a lot longer as the levels are good

Sea Chellz

Really liked the challenges Still need 1 more ruby to access the bonus room (i can pay extra $$ for the last one or sweep each room again.) I'm too cheap...time to go sweep. the music but wish the "interactive sounds" had separate volume controls

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