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12 Sep

Posted by MildMania in Puzzle | Sept. 12, 2015 | 107 Comments

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New, polished, mind-bending, minimal puzzle game with dozens of levels and extra-ordinary design..
- Beautifully crafted minimal puzzle game
- 77 mind bending levels
Get ready for the new puzzle experience..

Optimized for human brains

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Whats new

    Second package is now available!
    66 new levels
    New game mechanics!
    Have fun!

MildMania part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2015. Google play rating is 83.757. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 12.0 MB.

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Natasha Yellowhair

Knuckle spit Awesome great mindf×% k

tarık kaya

Wow Such rope. Many fun. Much puzzles.

chris portscheller

It's alright... Kinda boring

Deniz Korkmaz

Very nice But package 2 should be delivered asap and more packages are needed, thanks so much

Winter Storm

It won't start I downloaded it and as soon as I opened it, it just stopped. Please fix I really wanna play it.

Ayşenur Bilgen

Beautiful game Simple and intelligent design, soothing music that befits the game. I enjoy it.

le Yamazaki

Fantastic Very charming concept. Hope pack 2 will be free.

Eada Wilson

Cool games Nice game for a brain workout

Sergio Villa

Love it but , one problem the adds are annoying pop up during game play

Burak Kürkçü

great and inspiring game by all means

Tiana Avery

It won't let me play cause it is soooo stupid

Jeff Jones

Tough puzzles. Great interface Finished all puzzles in set one and the game never crashed. Outstanding job.

Constance Omana

Waiting on package 2 ... love this game

Nadya kichataya

Fucking awesome !!! Amazing game and great relaxing- noisy music !!! U should try it !

Barry Gibbs

Mind Expander Its elegance is only exceeded by its intelligence.

Manar Kamel

Class one Mindfu*ck game

Izek Garcia

Awesome Loved it cool puzzle game

Sivas WebTasarım

bullshit Complex and no fun why do i play

Justin Hughes

rop Fantastic critical thinking puzzle game

Mutlu Karagülle

Brilliant and creative game


Dozens of levels?? I only counted 8. Need more levels please.

doruk üvez

doesnt work!! dont even think to download it. lamers!

Nick B

Fun gameplay, overwhelming advertising, no paid version? I understand and accept advising in free games, but this is twice the max I might tolerate, and the game is only half as good as other games I already play.

Thomas Moretti

Good idea ruined by ads Great concept but so many ads, 30 seconds videos every few levels are unacceptable. And no ad-free version available, I'm sorry but this is how to kill an app with great potential.

Kyle Snyder

Don't know what the problem is? The game is great and sure there are adds but there every (don't quote me if I'm wrong) 10 levels and eventually,10 levels takes a long time besides, it's better than saying "don't like ads?, give me money", it's more respectable that way in my opinion

Caitlynn Bradshaw

Hard but cool This game is hard but challenging . I like it. sometimes I get frustrated at it, but it is fun. I'm glad I downloaded this game. you should download it too.

Jason Phillips

Free to Play ads, supported by game. The game us lovely, but it's such a shame that it's packed to the brim with obnoxious adverts that make it virtually unplayable.

Filippo Ye

Wtf Why all these bad reviews, it's an awesome puzzle game, maybe one of the best. Ads usually are 30 secs videos but can be skipped


I hate these ads! Really cool idea and simplicity design that could make it a wonderful game, but these super looooooong ads ruined the delighting feeling totally and make the experience awful.? (Much more frequent than every 10 level, I'm pretty sure.)

Luke Tinius

Wonderful All the people complaining about the ads need to wake up. They are every 10ish levels. You even know when you're going to see the next one because they appear everytime you reach a new polygon at the bottom of the screen where the bar is filling up. You want free games with no way for the creator get income? I love ads, because it means I can have games that are free and the creator still earns income. Get off your high horses.

Robert Smurthwaite

Fun game. Bad ads As many other people have mentioned, this is a great game, completely ruined by ads. I quickly un-installed after the 2nd un-skipable ad.

Simon G

Great game ruined by greed I understand "free" games want to monetise off of ad revenue but this game has gone too far. A lot of these levels take less than a minute for me to solve so I'd say about 30% of the time spent is being forced to watch ads. Not worth it even if that number went down to 10%. Don't even bother with this game.

Mallory Haldeman

I love the game so much butt Too many adds This game is so addicting and I LOVE it, but I get an add every other level(no exaggeration) and its positively irritating. I love love love it and I understand that adds are necessary due to it being free but please cut down on the adds at least a tiny bit

Mia Waligora

Awesome game even with the ads Loved the game. I am waiting for package 3 to open. Those of you who are giving bad reviews have two choices. Stop complaining about the ads (yes ads is spelled with one d) and uninstall the game or suck it up and just play the game. Problem solved!!

Jennifer Camacho

Awesome! Waiting for package 3! I got this game at 2 am on Thursday and finshed today on Saturday of the same week at 9pm. The game is awesome it really makes you think, which I love! A good brain teaser game is always good for the soul. Now I'll just wait for package three. Hopefully it's more challenging. The only thing that bothered me was that there was sometimes a commercial after each level which was kind of annoying, besides that, nothing but fun.

Patrick Deschamps

Great game with too many ads And it's not just me. Read the reviews and you will see that the game is really great, but ads me it boring.

Paul Tristan Santos

Annoying ads The game is good it's just the annoying ads that makes it a bit bad

Nick Ostman

Amazing game, poor management This is an amazing puzzle game with brilliant clean, minimalist design and beautiful music. It can be a calming and fun experience...until the ads. After I solved my first puzzle that caused me to think a bit I was subjected to the abortion debate due to a rather loud video ad I wasn't expecting. Not only did this distract me from the feeling of pleasure and accomplishment I should've experienced, but it also made my mood shoot from calm to stressed. Reviewing when I came here looking for an ad free version

Jacob Flowers

Loved It! I turn my phone on airplane mode so there aren't any ads. Just complete the first and second package today and waiting for third package....? Great game that uses your brain and wastes time.

Trevor Blain

Great ad viewer with puzzles in between! No ad free version? 30 second long ads that can't be skipped? Check and double check. Excellent way to ruin an app. Kiss off. Uninstalled.

Sean Frolander

Ads with a few puzzles The game is pretty fun and relaxing, but then you get pulled out of that and forced to watch an ad every couple puzzles. Way too many ads. The ads aren't implemented well.

Andrew Kennedy

I want to pay for this game I'd like to pay for this game, but the ads are so intrusive and there are no options to remove them, so I'll likely stop playing. Please add a pro option to remove ads!

Cody Cox

Achievements didn't pop up, but still got them. I am very disappointed, the satisfaction of earning achievements from this game were high, until I realised that I already did before my eyes. There was no pop-up to be seen, although I was keen every moment. What little satisfaction I got from this, no more than more enough for my disappointment to engulf, wholely. A very nice game, easy yet hard, simple yet complex, designed well, and flows and transitions well. Everything that I would appreciate, but cannot without my satisfaction. Sigh.

Grant Stevens

Great game, ruined by ads I'd happily pay a couple of bucks for an ad-free version of a game like this. This one gets increasingly unplayable as the ads get more frequent when you get higher in levels. Also wants suspicious access to Google profile info. Uninstalled.

David Kinoshita

Amazing game but... The ads killed it This app is amazing but it's completely ruined by the painfully long 15 to 30 second ads. If it was just a banner ad and not a video this app would be 5 stars. Untill these ads get shorter, 2 stars.

Genevieve Boss

Ads every other level Awesome game, but there are ads every other level. I know the ios version doesn't have them, so it's just the Android users being punished. There isn't even an option to upgrade to buy out of the ads. They absolutely ruin the experience.

Christien Guy

Fantastic game ruined by ad system. I would happily pay to get rid of the obnoxious ads. Unfortunately this isn't even offered. 30 second un-skippable ads every few levels is kinda gross when the levels themselves take a few minutes at most to solve and usually less. Just found out the ios version doesn't appear to have ads at all? Come now guys.

Abady ESG

Annoying Ads The game is really good but the ads are really annoying like every two or three level a 30 seconds video comes up, such a shame that there is no free-ads version. Please fix that and upgrade a ad-free version ASAP

Max Ooi

Great game but ads are obnoxious The game is addictive and intuitive. Really relaxing but the ads add stress.

Sofia Ruiz

Disagree First of all, I don't know what you think, but the ads, to me, are fine. I'm going too only tell you this once. You will NEVER, EVER, find an app without ads these days that are not free. Next on my list . . . oh, yes, right. My "liked it" 4 stars are NOT apart of the ads, but simply because of the game. Personally, I think the game is OK, but the puzzles boosted it up one more star. I'm not sure if you think this is a good review, but thumbs up, thumbs down, or completely spam it.

Kosei Takeddin

Good game Nice challenging puzzles and it works well. .. i wanted initially to give it only 4 starts, but i saw the bad reviews that it had a lot of ads, i say no, not so many ads and that ads are good to support developers to create free games like this, keep it up, im waiting for the third package

Dave Shevett

Ads are very irritating. Great game. Looked everywhere for a place to pay for it to stop the extremely loud and unstoppable ads. Nope. Can't. Review dropped to 2 because i can't continue enjoying it.

Roberts Rēboks

Almost unplayable on LG G4 I haven't got till ads, so I can't comment on those, but with such a low framerate is impossible to enjoy this game. I don't believe, that this game should lag on such a powerful device. Game looks very promising, very good, but an update is required. Thank you!

nick church

Great game It has a buttload of ads. Super serial here. But the game is great. Not sure if I can pay to remove ads. Am too drunk to figure that out. But wanted to check if the people who made this madebnore games. Also I enjoy the repetitive sad piano.

Seiji Lindstrom

Great! Awesome! I love this game. Challenging and super satisfying. People say the ads are annoying and they are right, but airplane mode fixed that issue for me so problem solved.

Leilani Coetzee

Don't know I can't even play the game ... it crashes before completing the start-up

Ryder Lambert

Too many ads and that soundtrack! Seriously that high pitched whine is insane... more like "Tinnitus: The Game" which is a real shame because the composition is actually nice to hear

Jeff Hines

Adds is a game ruiner Too many adds. 30 second adds every few levels. Gameplay is satisfying but the reaccuring adds do not make up for it. Uninstalling for now.

Ravi Kanodia

Elegant, meditative game ruined by video ads It's so peaceful and soothing and then Lipton Iced Tea is blasting in my headphones. Would pay to skip ads; as-is, I'm out.


Great game Even though ads are a bit much i still very much enjoyed this game. I have finished all puzzels and look forward to package 3

Jose De La Torre

Too many ads after every other level This is a great app expect for the annoying 30 second ads after every other level. It makes sense for an app to have ads but this goes overboard, it's really annoying and it takes the fun out of the app.


I will pay! I don't seen to see a paid version of this game. The ads are ridiculous. I am willing to pay to get rid of them.

Leo Misevski

Want no ads? Well how stupid can you people be. Since this game doesn't require internet to work, you can just turn off the WiFi connection temporarily and restart the game and THEN turn it on again. The game only detects internet access when its turning on, not while its running.

run fel

Horrible Stupid ads every few levels, one blocked my phone and I had to restart it. This is a good idea ruined by money-earning ads. Uninstalled

Zenab Hussain

Its great for the brain Loved it completed both package and cant wait for the third! Also to people complaining about the ads I turned off my wifi or put my phone on aeroplane mode and it was fine.

Clara Hagerling

Excessive ads I do understand that ads are the way to monetize free games, but frequent 30 second long ads are just excessive. The game play seemed fine, but certainly not exciting enough to compensate for the boredom of such long ads, so I uninstalled it.

David C

Ads, ads, ads I actually liked the ga--30 SECOND AD--meplay. It was p--30 SECOND AD--retty interesting and a nice way to spend time. Still, I --30 SECOND AD-- felt like I was being interrupted a lot by the--30 SECOND AD--numerous long ads.

Gabriel Moreira

Monetizing - you're doing it wrong The game itself is really good, but as the others reviews said, it gets annoying seeing a 30' add every 2 puzzles


Bad Way to ruin a seemingly great game. Within 5 minutes I beat the basic few levels and then watched the same tv commercial four separate times. I really wanted to enjoy this game but greed definitely got the best of the mild mania team :(

stuart clark

Entertaining but overly intrusive ads Quite fun and entertaining puzzle game, but the ads are highly intrusive. Some after completing a section, others after a single round. annoying.

Matthias Bekaert

Perfect, just a little concern Like others mentioned yet, there is way to much interruptive advertising in the game. It's even so bad that I turn my wifi of so I can enjoy the game without the annoying adds. If I were you, I would stop allowing video adds, or at least put them just every 10 games or so. Maybe it's less interruptive if you put your adds in a banner at the bottom of your page? But like mentioned before, I really like your app and I want to award you with add revenue, but at this moment, the adds are way to annoying.

Andy Profilus

Seriously obtrusive Advertising! I enjoy the game. It is simple and relaxed puzzles, with beautiful music and then BAAM!! Very loud full-screen video Ad that cannot be closed for 20 seconds. - Totally killed the awesome mood the game had for me. Resulting in immediate uninstall and this 1star rating. I am happy to try again if the devs change their Ad presentation.

Brady Braun

Sorry It was doing so well. But then the ad popped up. I understand that you need to make a profit but honestly this could be a top chart game if the ads weren't there. The continuity and Zen is just shattered. I'm sorry. The game felt extremely well made and very robust. The ad destroyed all of that and made it feel a bit cheap.

Megan Hucks

Great but those ads tho I really like this game. The puzzles are somewhat challenging and fun to figure out and because of that I wouldn't mind paying for this game... But the ads come at you hardcore like you're gonna buy or download their games if they attack you enough... All in all... The concept is interesting and gameplay is cool. The music is beautiful and I like the sound effects... The ads are just dragging it's potential down.

Jamie Freeman

Ads Good game, way too many ridiculous adverts... 25 levels in and six 30 second adverts already. Unplayable.

Travis Murdock

Game is fun, ads are horrible. The game is actually a good amount of fun for me, however, the ads are an incredibly frustrating part of the experience. The game has this very calm music, with simple calm game play. AND THEN THE ADS BLOW UP AND PLAY SUPER EPIC MUSIC BECAUSE THIS IS A SUPER AWESOME GAME WE'RE ADVERTISING AND IT'S TOTALLY NOT A LEGAL GREY AREA TO USE A CHARACTER THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT! and then the ad ends, you continue your game and then two puzzles later YOU GO DEAF BECAUSE THE ADS ARE 200% LOUDER, NOW WITH ELECTROLYTES!

Grant Moyer

Good concept Good concept, but most puzzles are trivially easy, and there is no difficulty progression. The levels appear to have been designed randomly. Particularly with the cutting mechanic, there are often so many cuts allowed on a level that it's probably harder not to solve the level. Also, if for go through puzzles quickly, there's more ad time than puzzle time.

Elio Campitelli

Death by ads. Interesting game if somewhat dull at times. Very easy with some challenge here and there. It would be ultimately a relaxing and enjoyable game if not for the extremely annoying ads.

ezmo deg

Stupid This is an honest rating, why stupid? Do you really to interrupt a person playing by syddenly appearing lengthy video ads? Bullshit

Vladimir Kry

Crashes all the time I've made some progress in game, but now, for no reason, I am not able to pass the Google game registration. I don't have a user for that service, cuz I don't need one.

Marijus Kilmanas

Mid-game video ads?!? You've got to be kidding me with these amounts of ads and especially this intrusive! This is more of a click baiting than a game, I have spent almost equal parts watching the ads and actually playing. And accidentally clicked a couple of ads too while trying to get rid of them. So yeah, i suppose you achieved your goal. In no way on Earth would i recommend this game to anyone.

john d k c

To meny ads After every and I do mean every level you have to sit through a 30 second unskipabel ad wtf got put off after level 9 shame because it's a nice game

Yannick Duplan

A good killing-time You really get into it, trying to manipulate the ropes in every sense (but with reflexion). It's true that ads can brake a bit the enthusiasm, but it's not that problematic.

Mat Wilson

Great game. Hate the ads There weren't many ads to start with but now it seems that I'm getting one every level. WHY IS THERE NO PAID VERSION OR IN GAME PURCHAEE TO MAKE THEM GO AWAY. It's very frustrating.

David Soliday

Disappointing Nice puzzles, elegant interface, but ruined by incessant video ads. And reading the reviews, (which I probably should have done before installing,) I learn that users have been offering to pay for an ad-free version for nearly nine months and all we get are more levels and more video ads. No thanks.

Christopher Pettit

Good and Not so I like it but personally I think it is just a little easy (for me any way) it is a good app for if you are taking the bus or something Although the ads are a little excessive but not to much to make a huge fuss over all you do is put your phone in air plane mode and no more ads. One more thing is I love Legend Of Zelda and thought it was awesome when I saw the triforce in the first pack. Good app but there is a some room for improvements. All in all good app to the creators.

James Zhang

"I'm money hungry! Here have some ads!" -Game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Every few levels... Ads... This game looks clean and looked like fun, but ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS. OH YOU NEED MORE ADS? HERE YOU GO, I GOT EXTRAS. Especially when they're 30 second long ads, it gets so annoying. It's a unique puzzle game but there are many more out there that don't use that many ads to get money. Oh btw, if you're reading this, have some ads. I think I got too many of them. Ads ruin first impressions and the enjoyment of a game. But I'm glad I stopped playing this game.

Anam Jaiswal

MIND blowing It really requires good mental ability for solving last few puzzles..? (adds are very annoying...)


Great game, awful ads. Uninstalled. The gameplay was fun and relaxing, with nice ambient music. I was having a great time playing, until a 20 second, unskippable video ad started playing. I understand that you as a developer want to make some money off your game, but the way you do it is jarring and damages your product.

Milan Segovic

Fun game Game is really nice, I like simple puzzle games, but man, you can't just waste my data on loading video ads. I don't mind havung to wait a bit between levels, but make it so video ads load only in wifi. I play phone games only when I'm taking a bus and data usage is unacceptable! I won't be playing this game till this is fixed, because I value my data more than this game. It's a shame, cause it's fun

Martins Aimufua

Great puzzle game Have you ever thought "I would like an app that allows me to untangle Xmas lights all year round"? Look no further, Rop will allow you to do exactly what you want while having fun and creating mesmerising patterns. Rop can be used by however feels the need to train themself before the Xmas period. No more hours spent untangling those lights. With Rop you'll be done in a blink of an eye. 10/10 would recommend it.

Neve Moore

Clever concept This game looks good and plays well. The puzzles are equal parts relaxing and frustrating; it's fun but very casual, stimulating and not too addictive. It speaks volumes that the only negative thing anyone has to say about this (FREE) game is that there are too many ads. Go offline or just learn some patience, it's a good game!

M. Jabali

Perfect.. almost I really enjoyed this game, after couple of weeks or months i finally finished all the levels. The only complaint would be the ads but you can just play it without internet connection. Looking forward to third package :)

Andrew Bates

Fell on their own sword. Got a few levels into the game and was loving it. The music was mellow and gameplay was soothing. Suddenly, trumpets and a 30-second ad for something casino. Came back to the Play Store to find out there isn't a no-ads option and I can expect this to happen over and over again. Nevermind.

Cecis See

Love it Very thoughtful that several simple puzzles are added between the tough ones to encourage player. As for the adverts, chicken and egg kind of issue. Without them, this game will not be free. Developers need to earn a living too, so just work around it. Off the wifi and data plan when you play

Steve Gardner

Sweet ad simulator ruined by puzzle game I downloaded this awesome ad simulator so I could enjoy none stop long unskippable video ads but unfortunately it is ruined by a puzzle game interrupting them. Sure it's 80℅ ads 20℅ puzzle game but still frustrating there's no 'puzzle free' in app purchase.

Konstantin Tzortzatos

lovely puzzle but the ads are unbearable stop being so money hungry, 30 second ads every 2-5 puzzles are just too many. I'm sorry but you dug your own hole, this is why this game doesn't have a higher score in general. Shame on you

Jennifer Hazel

Listen to your consumers Please add an option to pay for removal of ads. Many consumers are more than willing to pay for this and it is a financially viable business option. Whilst they started out every 10 or so levels, the further you progress the more there are. I'm at 1 level : 1 ad ratio and it's made the game unplayable, losing you guys revenue.

Darth Nerdist

Non Skippable Ads Fun game. Challenging. But ads ruin it. It's faster most of the time to just exit the app and restart. You don't have to sit through the dumb you weren't going to buy into in the first place. So win win.

TriJin Bade

It's was wonderful puzzler, until MildMania updated it so it plays a required 30 second full screen advert after every two solved puzzles. It took me about 30 seconds to solve each puzzle. In summary - Five stars awarded for the idea, four stars taken away for the greed.

v DxPE v

Great game, idiots rate low This is a great puzzler and it was awesomely developed, i have waited months for package 2 to come out. People are upset over 30 sec. Ads that you can skip in 5 seconds. That's how they make money rev. people, calm down. Anyways its a great game. I recommend the download.

Ethan Cazares

Please help me My tablet is broken to the point that some parts dont respond. If you could please update it so that it can rotate ill give 5 stars

Yesha M

Idea better than execution. More ads than gameplay First off - so many ads! Probably the worst ratio of gameplay to ads. About 50/50. Great idea, but could be executed much better. On a larger hexagon for starts. Many levels were the same thing too

Barry McCawkiner

Horrible ad-filled game The game runs on what would have been a good idea, but there are constant video ads. I thought I'd download it just to try it out despite the other reviews, but they're right. I saw one ad, which crashed the game, and then 3 levels later got hit with another ad. These are 30 second ads that you cannot skip. Do not give this game a go. It's not worth the frustration of sitting through an ad every few levels.

Ken Macrae

Never opened Would never open, just a blank screen. Would like some assistance? uninstalled twice to see if the install was corrupt but still had the same issue.

Stefan Kupych

Too many ads ruin an otherwise cool game rop is a great looking game. Fantastic even. But after 5 minimalist puzzles I am bombarded with a 30 second ad for Farm Herpes Saga (I'm leaving the typo in). I downloaded this game because it looked like an antidote to those types of games. But it took me 25 sec to do those puzzles. That means I've spent more time watching ads than I have solving puzzles. Instant uninstall. For the record I'd have paid $1-$2 for such a game without ads but all you'll get is a fraction of a cent from my 1 ad view. Enjoy! ?

Noah Burno

Ads Ruined It I love this game, but I can't do the ads. Every few levels is a 30 second video? That's just ridiculous. If you decide to add reasonable advertising I'll install it again. Until then its deleted

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