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11 Sep
Root- Push Notifications Fixer

Posted by andQlimax in Tools | Sept. 11, 2016 | 81 Comments

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Are you experiencing delayed push notifications? If so, then this app its for you!

It's free! No banners. No ads.

What does this app do?
Push Notification Fixer (PNF) changes the heartbeat-interval numbers. The heartbeat interval it's a mechanism of android that keeps the push connection alive by sending a little network packet at specified intervals. PNF simply updates that interval numbers. By maintaining the push-connection active (for example every 5 minutes), push notifications will arrive on your device instantly.

Setting the intervals to their lowest values won’t make your notifications arrive more quickly. If the app is installed with the proper permissions, your notifications will arrive instantly regardless of a low interval.

If you have problems or questions, send me an email ([email protected]) before giving the app a poor rating. I will answer you as soon as possible.

XDA support thread:

How do I use PNF?
Install the app, accept Superuser permissions, choose your interval, select “apply,” and enjoy. The Mobile heartbeat interval must be longer than the Wi-Fi interval, once you applied the settings, the intervals are permanently changed and survive to reboots.

How do I restore the default heartbeat interval value?
Before to uninstalling the app, tap "Restore default heartbeats".

This app is provided with no warranty. You are responsible for what you are doing on your phone.

Whats new

    Version 5.5, 2016/09/11:
    - Fixed: wifi heartbeat was not updated anymore, caused by new google play services update
    Version 5.0, 2015/09/01:
    - Fixed bug "Can't find Google app process"
    - New icon (better one will probably come soon)

andQlimax part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 85.5479. Current verison is 5.5. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download root-push-notifications-fixer.apk 2.9 MB


Eric Muchemi

Fake I installed it primarily because of gmail and Quora. As it turns out I eventually had to open gmail after receiving NOTHING for TWO DAYS! Only to get mails coming in. It's like PNF made it way worse than it used to be. UPDATE: I'm not an idiot, I had been receiving notifications before only not on time. Your reply is condescending, I wish I could give you zero stars.

Thiago S

Amazing! This App does exactly what's stated, maintain your connection active. Before this app I would get 10~15min delayed WhatsAPP messages, and now it's always instant. I bet the people rating less than 4 doesn't even know what they are doing and probably doesn't even have their device rooted. Thanks for making this app, and IT'S FREE!

Bayu Nugroho

Works perfectly. The app does what it said. No more delay on receiving notification. And it's FREE!! Thank you. :)

John Evans

Brilliant! After a day of no notifications I tried this ap. Magic. Immediate notifications after installing! Thanks a lot!


Android L support The new theme looks absolutely perfect! Thanks for the update ;)

Skribbety Skribb

Weird on my tablet The very second I installed it all my push notice came thru. After that doesn't seem to work on my tablet

Dies Irae

Didn't expect it to work When it did, month's worth of notifications came through causing my phone to vibrate for a minute. Finally I get notifs again

Prince Mahesh

Its working but at 1 minute delay this app is working well on my sony xperia M but i receive notifications at 1 minute delay from facebook messanger app. its working fine for whatsapp.

Tender Heart

no effect? I changed time to 4-5min & rebooted and connection doesn't get active unless I turned on the screen :/ I test with google ring phone (from the device manager) and if I keep the screen on, (using 3G) it rings instantaneously, but if I keep the screen off & locked, connection stays asleep,, so notifications delay,, any help ? (I'll rate 5 stars once I solve it)

Jare Bear

Decent app but doesnt work Cant fix my notification glitch... ever since july when i "factory reset" my device as instructed by a Sprint Employee (why i listened is beyond me), my push notifications have been broken, and this app also glitches. I wish it could fix my phone!

Smitty S

doesn't work anymore Used to work like a breeze but not anymore :/

Samiha Nudar

what's a superuser app btw?? i can't make this thing work..

Deni Kner

Don't know what happened Maybe it's new Google services or what, but there is delay in receiving notifications... No matter what I put

Enej Verlic

Seems to be working ?

Johnny Balazo

Works as intended.

allytend dorrimus

Nice..... Working now. .thank you for the update

Damian Parsons

Don't be silly "How do I know?". Because I monitor my net time connection. It's not difficult. You created this app, but seem to know very little about issues when it's not working. Just saying "oh your internet connection turned off". The fact is that Push notification problems are often network based. For example, Push works fine on my home network, but not where I stay on the weekends and your app doesn't fix it.

Haresh Gulvani

Nice App This developer should hire by Google. Nice app and solve the Push Notification delay really easy.. Needed this type of developer for this Open Source Android OS. 5*

Brandon Gibbs

Well.... Why the hell do I still need this app? Get it together Google. How can they have notifications be broken for so long and over so many versions of Android? Do they not know this app exists? Why can they not fix it.... They better hire you or buy the code or SOMETHING. Thank you for the great app though!

Will Kirksey

Great I'm finally getting push notifications for Google voice on 4.4. Droid RAZR running PA 4.0 Beta 4

Ash Udoh

Solves WGR614v10/Superhub 2's short TCP timeout If you're a Virgin Media customer in the UK and suffering from push notification issues, this might fix it - it did for me. (Of course, the better solution is to buy your own cable modem.)

Junior Chandan

Hearbeat option unavailable The first three options i.e. mobile data heartbeat n wifi heartbeat n whatever is this isnt available! When my fone wasnt rooted it worked, now it isnt. What do i do?

Chandan Tripathy

Solved problem...Awesome This app solved the delay in receiving messages in whatsapp in my Xperia ZR.

Stephen St Onge

Simple and it works! It fixed a timeout/dead connection issue that has bothered me for years..thanks!! Totally worth the small donation too..

Jacob Leigh

Works partly, changed WON'T STICK Like the subject says, yes this ish somewhat convenient, but the changes won't stick. They stay for like 30 or so minutes then revert to the factory setting. Galaxy s3 4.4.2 stock. Edit 2: from my understanding this app should modify a configuration file. Are you saying this app must remain active to keep the heartbeat going?

Abhishek Shanthkumar

Really helpful Does what it says and tells what it does. Must have for so many apps.

Shane Briley

Facebook Doesn't work for Facebook notifications on sprint lg g2.

Balo Telli

It let my phone receice push notification faster. After you added the gtalk and gcm monitor, it very conveniennt. Mine is using gcm on my N5. You deserve 5 stars.

Simon Talbot

Didn't work for me I have a galaxy note 3, which thanks to Virgin media's superhub gets delayed push notifications all the time (whatsapp) I thought this app would fix the problem but it's exactly the same with or without it. Also most concerning is the battery usage, i have battery monitor widget installed which tracks the exact mah used overnight, it's gone from -20mah when in deep sleep to approx -130mah meaning huge battery drains over night. I normally lose 3% battery overnight, last night it was nearly 25%.

Mathew James

Doesn't do what it says. I installed this app to try and fix the delayed whatsapp notification issue, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I've set the heartbeat interval to 2 minutes on 3g but I still don't receive whatsapp notifications. It's a darned shame. I though I'd finally solved the problem :/

syaf R

Thank you! I am finally able to receive notification on my phone. It really works. Totally recommended for those of u who have problem with notification. Good job dev. Thumbs up!

Ranjith Kumar

Nice app I know but When I lock my phone. Not getting notification instantly. I checked another device at same WiFi network it's good but not in my moto E. When i turn on screen all msg coming frequently. I know this can fix. I don't know why not happening in my mobile.

Andrea Pizzolato

Useful in Italy with 3 ITA carrier. It has finally solved my issue with delayed notification. Thanks for it, really appreciated your work!

Gopi harikrishnan

Nice but, Little battery drained than previously....

Muhammet Can

great debugger i wasnt getting push notifications on mobile network and it helped me debug the problem. well done

Николай Володин

This is a good app On android 4.4 works fine. I wait while running at Lollipop


Will try Hopefully it will work, Huawei is a beast at aggressively killing applications (probably would be solved with a new ROM, but I'd prefer to stay stock), and often kills Kik and even my stock messaging app. Would love if this could make my phone chill out a bit, haha. EDIT: 3 stars for effort, but does not work with Huawei stock ROM.

Joures Lim

Doesn't help Not really help at all..

Cory Dee

Works Fixed it completely

גל וייצנר

App does its job on nexus 4 rooted with the recommended intervals and battery drain was changed a bit compare to before I used the app. However since I updated to marshmelo battery drain is so terrible so I returned to default android intervals (15min on wifi and 28 min on 3g), un-installed the app and battery returned to normal. Phone is probably can go into deep sleep mode, but notifications are now again with long delay. Do you have any suggestion? BTW, I used to have in the past the PNF NO ROOT. Is there any difference or I should stay with the app for rooted phones?

Ami Y.

Seems like this app is no longer necessary For Android 5.1.1... Is it? Edit: On Samsung note 4 android 5.1.1 the heart beats are lower than your recommended intervals.

Boon Kui Heng

Am on Meizu MX5 rooted (Lollipop-based). This app solved my (very badly) delayed push notifications. Along with this, PushNotificationTester was also a great companion app for carrying out testing.

Bazz Turner

Works Fixed my what's app issue on my letv-x500, thanks for your efforts :)

Ahmad Zaim

reconnect manager? next reconnect attempt timer is in negative countdown thus my google play services doesnt reconnect automatically. please help. does my superuser app has bother with this operation?

Bipin Bedi

Not working properly Earlier before this update things were fine, but with latest update it is not working properly.

Harmeet Singh

Su root denied Hi i am rooted with kingo su and when i allow it to root it says su permission denied check superuser. When i check it says allow. Please help

Suhandy Gunners

please help... BBM notification delay problem even set the time to 2 minutes in mobile data & 1 minute in wifi thanks

EQ !

Is the recommended interval settings good enough?

Harsh Vyawahare

Not working Still not getting WhatsApp messages


It seem doesnt work on my Vibeui 2.0 on my lenovo.My notification still delayed :(

Uhmm Zabrozongo

Thank you this app is amazing!!

Daniel V

You gotta be rooted Otherwise it's pointless. Fixed Cerberus for me. Unfortunately lsdroid broke Cerberus. Donated nonetheless.

Nischal Tonthanahal

Never worked for me

Timothy Holt

Doesn't work Doesn't fix the huge delay I get between enabling mobile data and receiving email notifications. It's ReconnectManager that's causing the problem. The reconnect interval gets too big when data is off. This can be seen in Play services monitor. There's needs to be an option to change the reconnect interval or autoconnect on data enable.

wee siang

Simply amazing..thanks dev.i bet people rating less than 4, not even have their device rooted.

Ahmad A.

Awesome!! ? Fixed the official Twitter app push notifications on my OnePlus One! Also fixed my Google+ notifications when on cellular data. Thank you! Please add support for receiving donations via PayPal, I can't donate via IAP due to fukn Google demanding my Driver's License and Bank Statements just so I can make a purchase using gift cards.

Akasit Binsri

Thank you so much! It works perfectly and it just saved my phone.

Jay Cai

Awesome app, to fix what Google engineers are too lazy to figure out.

Datlink dred

Okay here's the! Good idea with the app. But realize it suppose to be able to push notification, but the android system kill all background apps including this. If it's killed how will it pushed notification? Rethink it by making it a system app.

Sohan Sonu

Wow! Excellent My whatsapp notification always delay.But this apps solowed my problem.. thanks for developer team.

Valentin Chakarov

Works great I was getting notifications with big delay or no notifications at all when using messaging apps (Viber , whatsapp) on my SGS2 with stock 4.1.2 rom. Also I was getting missed calls from the messaging apps, but my phone wasn't ringing at all. This app solved all my problems with 1 click. Thanks, developer!

Zaki Yamani

Great it works! pls donate if it works guys! VERY Good job. Im using this together with an IPv6 disabling tool and It solves ALL OF MY PUSH NOTIFICATION PROBLEMS!

Prince Mahesh

Its working but at 1 minute delay this app is working well on my sony xperia M but i receive notifications at 1 minute delay from facebook messanger app. its working fine for whatsapp.

Kulgar Amiri

It does not work well on my Tecno C5, notifications from WhatsApp show up only after opening the WhatsApp icon. Solution please.

Zaki Yamani

VERY Good job. Im using this together with an IPv6 disabling tool and It solves ALL OF MY PUSH NOTIFICATION PROBLEMS!

Norman Re

Your App is great Up first I wanted to thank you for this App, but there is an issue on Wi-Fi networks. The app cannot not change the heartbeat interval on Wi-Fi networks for some reason on mobile network does the app work perfectly fine

Marwan Jalkh

Useless.not working. Like a placebo.not working on note 4 marshmallow.messages on whatsapp are still delayed.lagging big time.

Armin Muminovic

Is there a way to make it more frequent than 1 minute? For example 10 seconds or something like that. All my messages are still late 1 minute. I can't believe this is the way stuff works in 2016. Android 6.0.1 here. Thanks.

Daniel V

You gotta be rooted Otherwise it's pointless. Donated to sponsor development.

M.Yaman Sayegh

Doesn't work It doesn't work on my infinix note 2.

Wilbur Wright

Why can't I change my push notification again? Is it a one time use? Need help ASAP

EKPO Effiom

It not working It useless

David Slawotsky

Grayed Out Worked last time. Now the options are grayed out.

Akmal Newton

What What do you mean by wifi hearbeat ?

Ivan Velickovic

Not working S6, 6.0.1, rooted, not working at all

Mohd Zairol

Excellent apps Solved my Razr network issue.

modi X

Good app, but why does it send so much data over WIFI? It used 700MB on WIFI in the beginning of this month.

bojan njegovan

Doesn't work It doesn't work on Koobee H7. Notifications are late like without this program. This program, no go.

Charles Delroy

Not working on CM13 for me

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