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1 Jun
Role Playing Forums

Posted by Ape Discussions in Social | June 1, 2016 | 95 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

Role Playing Forums is a collection of online interactive roleplaying story games that anybody can jump in and join! Create your character and then immersive yourself in fantasy in one of the many ongoing interactive story games available to choose from. You can even create your own story!

There are a wide variety of ongoing RP's available in the Role Playing forums, including (but not limited to):
Pav's Kingdom
The Academy
Host Club
Survivalist RP
Mass Effect
Star Wars
The Elder Scrolls
...and many more!

And as the name suggests, Role Playing Forums is built up in a fully functional online mobile discussion format powered by Discussions from Ape Apps. Beyond the normal roleplaying functions, Discussions offers other powerful features such as personal profiles, private walls, private messaging conversations with group chat, and access to Social, a free online chat room.

If you love RP forums, roleplaying, fantasy, or interactive stories, then Role Playing Forums is for you. Create an account (it's free) and join the fun today! Must be at least 13 years old to participate. Users under 18 should have adult permission before playing because of the open nature of the forums.

Whats new

    bug fixes

Ape Discussions part of our Social and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 1, 2016. Google play rating is 71.8036. Current verison is 4.1.3. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download role-playing-forums.apk 17.0 MB


Nicholas Matar

Great Exactly what I've been looking for. Haven't had any bugs, runs smooth

Michael Johnson

this update is bad I mean it ok because we can still rp but this is now the internet version and i dont like ut not one bit so if you guys convert it back to the old that would be so much better

Malik Justice

Not the same anymore.. Tapa has ruined the app for us, Now its quite dull and its hard to post pics and press the small buttons from on the app. I am so use to the old app but trying to get use to it...also the old members before the wipe all vanished, the ones who are still there are mostly the mods and the new admin. I rarely :( see any of my rp friends any more, I wish this app was back to its "old" self ..but like you said there isn't a way to fix it. So I rate this a one star ... until it gets getter...or when it dies.

Mia Altamuro

What I was looking for I was looking for a place to play role play, and that is exactly what this app provided. So yeah it's great!

Yang Tsai

Keep good works up! The new layouts have it's ups and downs, but honestly I love it! Keep up the good works!

Humberto Cantoran

Not an app anymore. It's just a shortcut to the website. The app was easier to use.

Tyler Brown

Please respond May I ask for what legal reasons the app was taken down, and how come my old version of the app seems to be working on the new site as of today?

Patience Predmore

It won't keep me logged in. Other than that, it's great.

cameron jackson

Update Just a shortcut to the website and a difficult format :-\

Monica Love

Yess I love thid app it is monitored nicely it would've been 5 if We could have pics for our profile and backgrounds

Megan Young

I use to love it! I miss the app, but, I understand why the app was taken.

Aze Light

Keeps bugging me To update then closes

Toru Samua

I love it! I love this app in general, although I do like the old layout better the new one is cool too.

Nathaniel Davila

Confused on posting attachments

Gabriel Fogarty

I don't really like the set up as much based on how most of my phone's screen is not working. The only reason I put 4 stars is because there is no participated topics. It is hard to keep track of what I am in. I don't know if this is something you can add or not, but it would help.

Spencer Tenney

Beautiful Could use some work but it does what is needed.

Masha Stolyar

Bring back the old model !!!! bring back the old model it was so easy to manage everything with the last model that's why I used it now.... I don't like it as much as I used to if you fix that this will definitely be five stars

Hunter Kiedis

Ehhh, It was better the last lay out. The app it the web browser with an app. I find it difficult to use and makes it impossible for me to see what is new in my rps and to get to ones without any new posting.

Lizzy morgan-meckelberg

Good app Good app everyone is pretty nice to me. Have very few problems, when I do I just report it to one of my friends.

Flandre Scarlet

Fun nice place to role play but could use a little fixing up It's fun but the website is so different the app is more organized but didn't have as much stuff. They need to fix a few bugs and such, I'm tired of switched between site and app to get everything done.

Matthew Hinkle

Get It Together Won't log in, constantly, laggy no matter what, and just sucky. Horrible waste of time.

Narcissistic Genius

Cool Another thing that would be nice for the app is when you are actively roleplaying, you can see if one of your partners are typing a reply. This would be nice for group roleplays so it wouldn't be awkward and useless if you posted your reply, but another person already changed the scene. Just kinda like kik, only not. Thanks!

Brooke McNaughton

Role-players will love this I haven't had any problems with the app itself, except for the fact that I can't edit my profile. Everything's well organised, admins are helpful and nice, and it's a great community all round. This app is a must-have for role-players of any skill level.

Cheyenne sakura

It's good It won't allow me to update my profile pic

Dorothy Cha

Login I can't log in. It keeps saying "Login attempts invalid."

Alisha Moyer

Awesome One thing, the "Update Available" button will NOT go away, then when I click it, it brings me here, and no update is available. Otherwise, I love the app. Sadly, the PM still does not work.

Emily Brown

Fun but.. Keeps crashing and won't let certain settings work on my LG G3; such as uploading a profile picture, or writing a bio on my profile. Once these have been fixed I will rate it 5 stars!

Nik A

Overly complex I can't do anything! Everything is way too overly complex.

Madelyn Padgett

Love it Its awesome! Best rp app ever!

Kailah Wilson

Cant comment I made a post and i tried to write a commeent on it but it wouldnt post

Gavroche Thenardier

HELPPP this apps seems okay..... I just don't get it -.-

chris ebbs

Terrible login Cannot login, as it thinks that the password is incorrect, yet it works on the website... And there's no password recovery...

Lilly Fleming

Couple of Problems... I can't post Rps anymore for some odd reason, my search doesn't work, can't find out what a user sidebar is, and when I'm in my inbox, I can't respond to people inbox's, I hate it cause the y think I'm ignoring them, and I'm not T-T

Dylan Whetzel

Getting annoying Crashes everytime I edit a post I made and keeps saying there's a update when there isn't one

Foxy Theories

What is this What ....

Deko Geko

Nyeeeh Got the app and everything was fine. Then it came to activating the account. Simple, right? Had to change my email address cause it wouldn't go to my Hotmail, then it said that i never had to activate it as the account was already activated. Checked on my laptop and it still said Account not Registered, even after 5 different emails. *EDIT* It"s all better now. Profile loading screen is still stuck on "Loading..."

puppykinz45 IAMDERPY

Login Crashing I keep crashing every time I'm logged into my account, I don't know why it happens anyway, but it worked on my old phone. I'm leaving four stars instead of less cause I think it's a great app and I appreciate the time I've had with it.

King Hades sama

Eh.. Your profile photo takes so long to upload. It has a lot of issues with it.

Malik Justice

Yay!! It's back!! But the stupid problem is the profile pics all DEFAULTS.

Hunter Kiedis

Profile Picture I did it on my laptop to do my profile picture but on the app it doesn't show my profile picture. Please fix because I hate seeing my picture as default

Iskandar Dhiaurrahman

Thank you Thank you..So much..For the old layout again....

Michael Johnson

Back to normal but major problem Im happy it's back to it's old self but the app keeps crashing every time i try to open it up

Ethan Omalley

Loved the newer setup now... I loved the newer setup because it was easy now this older setup made everything hard to use and find.

Tamama kitty

UGGGG! It keeps saying I can't log in even though I put in the right info! I've lost 3 accounts to this silliness. The thing is awesome when it works, but right now? Not so much.

Courtney Cline

I love the app It's addiction g when you get started on an rp but I can't check mine cause the participate topics won't load up.

Samantha Baker

Luv the old one For some reason I can't see any of the rps I've posted in in the participation subject and for some reason it won't let me get a profile picture.

Lady B

Frustrated The new update deleted EVERYTHING! Everything I was subscribed to i now have to find all over again, and my password and there is no password recovery. It took me forever to find my password. So frustrated. I much prefered the older version. I can't stand ths new version so ill be leaving.

Jaime Flores

Why, man, why? Since the wipe, I made a new account and set everything up the way it was. But now, when I try to use the app, immediately following is a stupid "RP Forums in not responding".

Jordan Jackson

Ehh app with great people The people who RP on this app are the best at what they do and are some of the nicest people. But the new layout is horrific, only reason I left the app.

RebelMisfits Gaming

Don't Understand I wish it would acually Teach you how to use it. I don't understand where to go and how to RolePlay with people. It is very annoying pressing button after button trying to learn how to use it.

Shay Ann

Hmmm I love this sit. I literally miss the old layout. Im kinda debating whether i should go back to Tapatalk or just stick with this one

Ladylee Tanglewood

Improvement I still remember last year's rp forum. But this one is better

Yang Tsai

Keep good works up! The new layouts have its ups and downs, but honestly I love it! Keep up the good works!

ZweiDos 22

It's Great! I must say it's awesome, but before the wipes, it was much easier to use. But meh, I'll get used to it!

Kay Is Lost In Wonderland

Awesome I actually really like this app <3

Serebro Voron00

Great Realms It has good options but a tutorial would help. Not only that there should be a fixing to the upload button. Especially for the Avatars. Other than that it is good.

Kathryn Haupt

Pretty fun I love to role play, and the community seems like they are a pretty nice and fun group. I just joined recently. I had an account before the wipe and the update. I like the new update. Works well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab4 with my Bluetooth keyboard. KiuaYoukai112

dakota davis

Fix it now I like the old design

Ayden Christiansen

Rules Although I like the idea of the app, it has a rules section [which in okay with] what I'm not okay with however is it seems like there are more rules than are posted, because every time I try to do something, someone comes along and tells me that I'm not following the rules properly, I can't ask someone to join their rp without someone telling me there's a section for requests, I know that, but I'm not requesting an rp, I'm trying to join the current one.

Debra Lazell

Attitudes. Profanity. Moderators absent. Moderators aren't watching the posts, and enforcing the rules. It's sad. I should not have to deal with debates and profane abuse on a roleplaying forum. The moderators think these types of issues are funny and intense. ADOLESCENTS ARE ALLOWED TO ABUSE, Dev & Mods think IT'S FUNNY. The dev told me he didn't care, if you don't like it, leave. The dev and staff doesn't know who does what.

Aiden Cloutier

DON'T DOWNLOAD Mods are very mean and disrespectful and ignorant and abusive and the list guess on... and...on...and on... If the community was better I would rate higher but I just can't overlook the terrible moderators if the mods were nicer / less mean / less rude it would get a better rating but until then this app is very bad for ONE reason and it is not worth it, anyone reading this only install if you like taking orders from mean people also you can't have even ONE one-liner or your to will be moved to begginer.

Alex Wills

The worst group I have ever seen. This is just a bunch of snotty, bitchy people with control issues. They micromanage you the whole time you are there, and make it against the rules for you to even TALK about any other messaging apps. You thought your ex was desperate? Meet these people. You have to talk like everyone around you is 13. And instead of having places where you can go off away from people and act adulty, they decided to make everyone act like middle schoolers. It's a waste of your time, and a waste of space on your device.

Alyssa M

Good I've been here for over two years. Place is nice and most people are chill. Rules are easy to follow and the staff are reasonable. Follow the rules and you shouldn't have a problem. Be respectful and you'll get respect back. Anyone who says differently is butt hurt. I've seen most of the bans and they weren't without reason. Mostly trolling, racial slurs, and just being plain down disrespectful. Devs give you plenty of tries to redeem yourself. Need a sense of humor. Just be mature and have common sense -B

Gabriel Fogarty

The best. Read the rules. All of these situations could be avoided by following the rules. I had a small complaint, and it was answered the next day. If you have a problem, take it up with the mods. If this does not work, then go to the next level of the staff. Most of the people, I will agree, I dislike. Not as a person, but as the way they rp. In my opinion, there is a very small amount of users who are rude, and inconsiderate. If this offends you, then take it up to the staff. For the veteran rpers, I would argue that intermediate is the best place to find people. Advanced, at this point, is dead. It may take awhile to find other rp veterans in intermediate, but it is definitely worth it.

ifhaam ul-haq

Great app This app is great and you probably won't find a better one. It is easy to join a rp. the people are kind and the split sections make it a comfortable experience. Just a couple of bugs, the profile pictures get mixed up sometimes, and when exciting the app a reopening it logs you out won't let you log back in unless you restart the app.

Nero Rivera

Add private rp You should had a private rp option so people who dont like to publicly role play, can roleplay with one person instead of 20

Dark HellSong

Eh... Reasonably speaking its not that you ' CANNOT ' separate the mature audience from the children... Only a few possible answers come to mind from such a poor excuse... Such answers ranging from " Either they're lazy and/or lack professional assistance to do so " or " they've just started off programming and require a little bit more knowledge before being able to do so. " another thing... Its not wrong to mention other apps and or messengers... Unless they spam advertisement.

Tayler Cable

Why I had an old account, phone delete sense I got a new one so made another and message the mods to tell them so I wasn't breaking any rules but now.. it feels like they blocked me.. it won't let me in again.. I have no idea wht I done sense I haven't even started anything yet.. so ya.. I loved this app but I feel like I'm getting bullied


Its really good! I just wish more people played it for it can be a really good roleplay app!

Yeroc Seyek

Obviously not a hangout for rp vets Not that great. Extremely buggy and not user friendly. Not to mention the complete lack of detail from members...I grew bored relatively fast.. its a least I know where to tell my friends to avoid looking for RP

Bob Bobson

Cool Seems like a lot of the 1 star reviews come from those who either didn't read the rules or didnt't understand them.

TheMadHatter 44

MY TOWN People who rate this lower than a five most likely broke the rules. Those of us who have been part of the community know this site is one of the best.

Justin Wright

Guide It's awesome but add a help or better guide system.

Max Rosario

Best app ever! I love this app it's so awesome!

Ty Kennedy

Best RP app in the app store!!!

Samantha Baker

Luv the old one I can't log into my account now.... I tried to get a new password and it said all the emails I've tried were not found but ik one of them is it....

dakota davis

Oh god Barely anything is loading

Madison York

So confused I don't know what to do don't download

Rāïnbøw Øbśīdīān

Hmmm I've been absent for a few months, and my account was banned. For no reason. Can you please fix this? I love the app I really do.

Queen Of Hell

I dont understand I love the idea of this app it's great. But I've been trying to post and ask questions for the last hour and it won't let me. I can't find the post option and when I want to comment it tells me this post isnt working. Please help i really want to use this app


Wow Was absent as for a month or two and got banned for no reason.

Kalin Paradox

So far at a glance looks promising!

Killshot Games

I like it It's a fun app and you will have a good time people can be rude. But that's rare. I recommend it :)

Autumn Stubblefield

Like it I like it. Tired of seeing people complain about a popular genre of rp done mostly on the site, and completely overlook doing them, because of how others did them.

Hunter K.

Perfection The app is perfect. Nothing is wrong with it any more and I am just having trouble making people look at my rp threads. I learned that you have to keep everything short and sweet if you want your rp to take off. Or get any responses whats so ever.

Luna Jackson

Too strict, zero freedoms Firstly, it won't let me create an account. And secondly, there are WAY too many rules! It's so specific that you need a 5 line minimum length for intermediate RPs. That is a wall of text considering that dialogue doesn't count as a line. That's only one example of the many rules they have. It's so strict. The point of RP is to have fun, but this app goes and makes it regulated and forced. Uninstalled.

Mykal Bryant

Keeps logging me out. This app is great; don't get me wrong. But it kind if irritates me when it logs me out unexpectedly and it won't let me log back in unless I uninstall and reinstall it. Could someone please fix this?

Ayame Yu

Great but.. I went to login on my phone and it said I was banned. According to the rules, your supposed to get a warning first. I don't understand why I was banned when I didn't do anything wrong. What's going on?

Angry OxMan

Not even 10 minutes I was in the app for about 10 minutes. Closed my apps and went back, it said i had to log back in but when i tried it won't even let me in saying, "log in failed." I cant find how to post ANYWHERE i don't even know how people got to the forum. There are also a super strict set of rules here as well. It hardly seems fun and it sounds like a place where if you let one thing slip they'll hound your ass. I cant even rate the actual roleplay settings because my app crashed so hard. I don't recommend.

kiko catt

This sucks I just started a new account and I logged in but it kept replacing that to the SAME thing! Can you please "FIX" this again-.-

Nik A

Run by a dictator Spent about 30mins looking around. Almost everything is dead as a doornail and the main "Admin" came off as a massive dick.

pokemon greatest master

Meh The set up is fantastic, but it's hardly active. People haven't been here for days.

Lilith Nightbane

Awesome While I haven't posted much, it is a wonderful app.

Gamer Button

Can't Post Pictures Everytime I try to post a pic it tells me no app can do this task, Please Fix.

Tamama kitty

Pretty good It's pretty fun to play on whenever I get the chance to. It's good for beginners and advanced alike

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