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6 Aug
Rise Wars (strategy & risk)

Posted by ALLSOFTWARE (Aníbal León) in Strategy | Aug. 6, 2015 | 142 Comments

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Rise Wars is the best strategy, risk, conquest, and world domination game!

Get all the medals available, increase your military rank and improve your ranking to become the best world player.
Enjoy maps as Europe, North America, Pangea, Tamriel and classic World and submit your own maps and soon will be added to the game!
Play against your friends on one device or online, all for free! The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and supports both phones and tablets.
Customize your game with lots of options available. Take a risk and play with fog, high level of AI, or just invite your friends and try to beat them.
Available in many languages, help us improve by sending us your corrections and recommendations.

Download it now and rate it for the project to go forward! Thanks everyone for your help, and don't forget:
Risk it all, roll the dice, dominate and win!

Whats new

    * Improved online gameplay.
    * Achievement system and military rank levels.
    * Leaderboard and advanced stats.
    * Highly customizable games.
    * Many maps to play with.
    * Modern graphics design.
    More features:
    * Chat, graphic stats and help system in game, push notifications, performance improved and bugs fixed..

ALLSOFTWARE (Aníbal León) part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 6, 2015. Google play rating is 81.2418. Current verison is 7.6. Actual size 13.0 MB.

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Dobro D

Great gameplay but... I like the game and it's fun and all but Idk why recently when it is updating it gives me a connection error and my connection is good and other apps have internet and sometimes after I try to update too much it crashes and kicks me out of the game. Fix this plzzzzz!!!

Dan Pedersen

Was good Why remove the ability to fast play.. I don't care about the dice... this used to be fun. You broke it. I will definitely find something else.

bill flickinger

Computerized risk Its an awesome game. The writer did away with some silly rules of risk (as I remember it) such as only being able to reinforce neighboring territories. My internet connection is crap right now but I look forward to playing online. Whatever glitches that might have plagued the game are gone. Can we have a US Civil War map?

Joseph Jowers

I great Risk app. Could be better with better online play design. Online game usability is limited and often doesn't work. Playing the computer is fun though. Still haven't lost interest or gotten bored with it after a month, that's saying something as most get old after a week

David J. Berman

I get bored Risk is one of my favourite games. The worst thing about Risk is how long each game takes. This is why I like playing on a computer. It should speed up the process of setting up the board, rolling dice, bickering about rules etc. In rise, the turn time-out can be set to a minimum of 10 minutes (24h max!). This means that each round can take up to 60 minutes, and I lose intrest in about 4. I suggest 30 second time-out be possible.

Jeff Carr

Love Risk App works great! Glad to have a mobile risk game.

Christopher Bonnell

I love the game honestly risk is just fun ... Some things are nice like the options and all the ways to change the way games played .... The part that's sometimes annoying is the dice ... Obviously it's the hardest thing to code and make it consistant but it just is annoying sometimes .... And the adds come too much ... Yes make money but don't make it interrupt the game every time. I love the game just not always I'll give top 5 stars ... Keep it up guys add some new things to it ;)

Mahir Tahseen

Now I can play Risk on the go in about 20 - 30 minutes! This is how a Risk app should be. More maps, faster gameplay, better UI and a much clearer set up are what set this Risk from the rest. It stays true to original, whilst adding online multiplayer, an extremely accurate ranking system, achievements (although I'm not sure if it connects to Google) and overall, a fun time. A.l. are nicely balanced too, meaning you can practice anywhere. This game doesn't change the formula at all, and I'm glad it doesn't. I would like to select who I fight online though. :-(

Joey Carper

Awesome app Love the app. It's quick, easy to use and plays just like risk. Minus a few things but still its awesome

Brandyn Waterman

Glitches on glitches Yes, this offers a free risk feeling. However, every game becomes glitched and seems to rearrange pieces and countries between all turns. It appears that the game has an issue with combining game data of different games you are involved in, based on enemy color. (Two separate games mesh together of sorts.) Unfortunate that a game with so much potential appears lazily finished.

Jon Foreman

Randomly deletes saves Had a game going, came back to it and it was gone. Was near the end too. Very frustrating. If you leave the app for any reason, it will skip your turn and you'll lose any troops not placed. When you lose a game against the computer, you have to wait for the cpu to finish and can't delete the save. Lose a game before you get a turn? You get to watch the computers play. I emailed the dev and got blown off.

Matthew Morgan

Awesome I love risk, its one of my most favorite games. The fact that the game has different maps other than just the world made this game even better.

Travis N

This game is fantastic Perfect Risk clone. Difficulty could be harder, as I master Risk quite easily. Online is too easy too. Looks like a lot of players have no idea how the strategy of Risk works.

Tom Bickle

Ruined This was a brilliant game till the update, now half the time it let's you place your troops and then skips on to letting you move them without ever letting you attack. Cost me more games than I care to count.

Justin Smith

Many issues..... My experience has not been a good one. All the complaints of skipping attack and missing cards is happening to me. Just simply doesn't work right and you lose cards as you comquer since it won't show more than 5. Not cool. And not as user friendly as the one I found and use now. If your looking for a decent game like this, try Domination. So much better.

Adrian Wan

Game crashes when exiting from game screen (ie when pressing home or when locking phone). It would be nice if the game saved instead of crashing.

Kelsey McWhorter

Entertaining I enjoy this app. It's useful for passing the time and is fun.

Jeffery Hames

Exceeded my expectations I was expecting just a one map game board, but I loved how there were several maps including Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls and Pangea

David Hollis

Great version of Risk! Loved playing this. It is a very balanced version of the board game. It is a simple interface so it's quick and easy to learn and simple to use i loved this about it.

Peter Chocholak

Don't have players move during ads Also the map is small enough I make a touch error and there is not an undo

Patrick Montgomery

Very basic low tech but lots of fun Love this game. I loved Risk as a kid. This is quick and competitive.

jonathan Kaboos

Ads ads ads Way too many ads and the game continues to play in the background so you cannot see what happened. I would not recommend downloading this game at all.

Greg Lewis

Fun game but glitchy Won't let you attack about 75% of the time. It automatically puts u into reinforce mode.

Jared Altmix

Pretty Great Game Just as the title says. A fair Risk clone, even with netplay.

Matt Warner

It would be amazing but... Its unrealistic. You will win 20 rolls in a row then not win once and you'll almost lose the game. It can be super annoying. Other than that it works well

r3d Cracka

R3D awesome game. almost exactly like the board game. the card system is a little different. theres also other maps (which i havent tried yet). one of the best things about play is that you dont have to count armies or roll dice. a 6 hour game now takes about an hour. if you like risk, i guarantee youll like this game.

Joshua Campbell

Pretty fun All around a good game. I like the alternative maps as well. Looking forward to additional maps

Roberto Rodriguez

VERY ADDICTING just can get off my tablet. I would rate 5 stars if the game had better graphics though.

Chris Putt

Great game Very well done. Only a few bugs I saw: doesn't save game automatically if you hit the phone's home page is the main one.

Andrew Stimach

Skips Attack was great but now it skips straight from placing troops to move. lost so many times because I was not able to attack. uninstalling

Bruce Carroll

Risk Great app the dice are abit stupid and not like real dice but good enough

Liam Scanlon

WHAT?! It wont even let me play it it justs logs me out of it immediately.

abraham cardenas

Good but The game glitches and I lose a turn and needs to add friends so u can play with the same people

Craig Mancini

CPU Favors itself Every time I play the CPU Players always win. I had 15 armies against one army and the CPU rolled a 6 on a single die 14 times!?!?! Not until you get at least 2 countries on a continent will you win any battles. And even then you will win only one die no matter how many you roll. DO NOT waste your money keep with the free version.

luke Wasson

It never does what it is should do give risk back to parker brothers or Hasbro and quit trying to make horable fakes

Alfredo Diaz

Amazing game. I absolutely adore this game. I can hardly wait for an update, the one reason I did not give it 5 starts is all the train noises along with the fact that it gets a little boring (even though I've played it for 2 hours straight) .

Justin Mann

Great game Would be even better if you could choose who you play against in online mode.

Joshua Lewis

RISK-Y Map is not exact on who/where can attack, and there are some rule changes.

Trey beach

Awesome, love it Beast game

Danny Gramowski

I can't attack How do you attack when it tells u to type in something and you don't know what to type in. Please add a tutorial

Stilletto Blade

Update killed this game... Recent update ruined the game. Action button was good English now not good used to be able to skip useless messages between turns/deployment now you can't...just ruined it with no improvements

Boris Badenoff

Good game but... Sometimes the odds seem heavily weighted in its favor. I had 14 to 8, attacked, lost 4 in a row and gave up still with 10 to 8. It added 3 and counterattacked with 11 to 10 and won with 8 remaining. Really? Not very fair odds. Hard to plan a strategy when its defense is so much stronger than mine.

Joshua Walker

That stupid update... The game used to be absolutely brilliant, played it all the time...then it happened... The update of doom. Now instead of saying ' Continent Captured ' it comes up as if it is just a function and worst of all....THE GAME WON'T STOP CRASHING!!!

Derrin Perry

Frustrating! I lost one game because I tapped .001mm to the left when trying to move troops, and ended with 2 guys in a crucial spot instead of 20. I lost another game because I lost my WiFi for a moment and the game erased my whole turn rather than just not proceeding to end the turn. If you join a game with a short timer, you get boned because the AI might take over and fly you into a cliff. If you join a game with a long timer, it can be literally DAYS between turns. Not having fun. Uninstalling.


Awesome Fun game, I have a problem where the crossings and borders don't shoe up, but other than that its fun

jake allan

The game is really fun :) like I'm playing the real version :D

Callum Armour

Boring Couldn't give this anymore than 1 star because I downloaded because I liked the idea of playing online but NO-ONE was online at any time I looked over the course of a whole week. Uninstalled.


Crashing every game Game crashes every time now since mew update will delete if fix is not done soon

Angela Saksa

Nobody plays I can't start or find a game because no-one is ever playing this so it takes hours to find a game its ridiculous

Michael Brown

Can't finish a game Game was great until recent update, now it force closes in the middle of every game. It was one of my favorite time killers at work, but I'm now about to delete it.

Anas Alharthi

Amazing Best game ever everything is smooth and there no lag this game is amazing thanks for the fun

Mark LeRiger

Lots of fun. Can play for minutes or hours. Been playing for a couple months. You can play this when you have 10 minutes to kill, or 2 hours.

Charles Harrold

Crashes A lot. Can't get through one game without crashing.

Tommy Albrecht

Amazing but....... I can't do online matches. Pls fix and I will give 5 stars

Joshua Wolters

Just like risk. It's my favorite board game, nice to be able to anytime

mohd tmeme

Thanks for the update.. Keep up the good work

Essee Farhadian

Update sucks Uninstalled can't play online and the CPU is garbage

enrique gomez

Cpu is a little easy... can't figure out how to move multiple troops in and out of territories like I used to before update. Overall fun game and great time waster

James Cortelyou

Good Game Keeps crashing on me after transferring troops at the end of turn.

mamta rohra

The game is superb but the app keeps hanging up in between with a message reading "unfortunately it stopped"

Jon Von Stein

Closest To Risk Computers are too easy, but feels good to win all the time.

Jared Beck

Fun and easy risk game


Don't know how to register very annoying

Oh bone

Sort the dice out Poor dice. Heavily tilted towards the computer.

Evan Robertson

Game keeps aping lose all progress

Adam Taron

Just what I want

James Quigley

Random number generator non existent There is no random number generator or similar used in this game. It's about at random as the back of my bag.

Alyssa Carpio

No problem with anything. Great game, similar to risk. Easy and understandble .

Brian Langlois

Fun but cheats when it gets a lead I enjoy playing this game. But it literally cheats when it's winning. I was behind in a game but managed to break all the computers continents. It kept getting 23 men every turn even though it should have only gotten 7 plus possible trade. This happened 4 turns in a row which is impossible. Maximum consecutive trades would be 2 unless you eliminate another player and even with trade should only receive maximum 19 men. Still fun game though.

Joe Davey

Totally what I was looking for! The music leaves a bit to be desired but honestly it's risk like I was hoping for (with some extra fun maps: Westeros).

John Robertson

Great Game!!!! Just like my favorite old board game (well action board game. I loved Monopoly and other board games based on the games Theme.) Risk, which was my favorite war themed board game. This one has things risk could never have since it was board game & this is digital, like playing on custom maps, etc. Highly recommended!!

Aldo Brustenghi

Game would be a lot better if it did not use such badly skewed dice rolls and it would be nice to have a review option so that you can see what the CPU has done...Also the numerous ads keeps making it crash.

Nathan Alvarado

It's a good game but unbalanced I love the game but that love fell when the unbalanced AI comes in with 2 troops and kills 5. WHY. I tried all of the different settings and still didn't dumb down the AI. The game is great but failed at the AI, seriously they will tear you up.

Cindy N Myles

Overall a decent game Not as detailed as the classic Risk and a little fast-paced, but overall not too bad of a time killer.

Matt Mercer

THIS GAME SUCKS Are you freaking kidding me 15 of my guys go take on 8 and I only ended wining 1 roll. Not only that but if your not playing online and just against AI s they'll all gang up on you with in a matter of seconds and its the exact same thing over and over. Seriously though duck this game its not worth it at all. ????????????

Scott Barwell

It's RISK This is basically Risk, the board game and plays like the PS3 version but with added features of choosing what maps you want. Some people I don't think understand the rules. If a player rules a continent(not just a state) then they get extra reinforcements. Also is a board game and goes by the roll of a dice. Doesn't matter if there's 8 v 4, if you don't win the dice you'll lose a battle, simples. For free it's well worth having and it takes up hardly any memory so it's a no brainer if your a fan of the game or board games in general.

Holt Cannon

Still Worth the Aggravation =P So we all know what this is xD It's -basically- Risk, the classic board game adapted to the mobile format. If you're planning to download this game, you should consider the following: Unless you just like blowing your money, opt for the free version. The ads, while annoying, aren't really all that bothersome. Secondly, like many of the more dissatisfied customers said, there's no shortage of bull**** when it comes to die rolls. But it's not as one-sided as they implied. Overall, it's still a good game.

Richard Harris

Shame Local game option is good but can be one sided sometimes with cpu getting more reinforcements than you would. You can change the difficulty to easy but no point in playing if you do that. Various maps is interesting!! With the exception on the traditional world map, the others don't show where you can attack other islands from. Online is a joke. Once you finally manage to get a game going, a lot of the time you'll find players are placing a lot more men down than they should be allowed. Really ruins it.

Boris Badenoff

Good game but... Sometimes the odds seem heavily weighted in its favor. I had 14 to 8, attacked, lost 4 in a row and gave up still with 10 to 8. It added 3 and counterattacked with 11 to 10 and won with 8 remaining. Really? Not very fair odds. Hard to plan a strategy when its defense is consistently so much stronger than mine. Then in the latest update they added invasive video ads, with sound even though I set game sound to OFF. Watch for data fees! Was 3 stars, now down to 1.

Matthew Lloyd

Mixed It's free that's a plus.. the controls are clear and simple so that is too.. however, combat feels unbalanced the cpu is always much stronger and seemingly gets more troops. There's is no way to adjust the difficulty of the game so that leaves a lot to be desired, as a whole the layout is nice but the color choices and sheer confusion of which states can attack where gets old quick. It's lacking an incentive for replay or a feeling of achievement oh and the music stinks...

Melissa Ramirez

I love the concept, hate the execution My favorite board game is Risk and this is like a mobile version of that, so for that reason I want to love it, but unlike Risk this game is so skewed its highly unfair. I love a challenge, but only when executed in equality. The die rolls, while skewed, don't bother me too much. But the CPU getting 15 reinforcements every roll when they own one property while I own a couple continents and only get 8 makes it impossible to strategize and takes away the fun. Level the playing field and I will up the rating.

Jacob Bierman

I hope for more maps but game is great I wish that there could be more maps but overall this game is great. Also difficult levels would be cool to. Sometimes seems to easy.

Nic wow

Cool At first..... I hate this terrible instrouctions. Now I realize how to play I found out I suck at risk and am still addicted to the app!!!!! But I am confuse on the multiplayer setting.

Magister Gir

This is risk Out of everyone's complaints the answer is simple, go buy the board game. It'll cost money but there are so many versions of this that aren't full of glitches, heavy handed favoring and other crap. Plus it's a lot more fun to watch your enemies in person get crushed when you decimate their army.

adam ace

Great game! Works great, Grown up playing this game please just like the original risk love the online option self option complaint against friends option

ben zeeb

Very good AI isn't the greatest, but not bad at all. The online makes this game, it's awesome not having to mess with the pieces and dice. My only complaint is you are allowed to retreat all your troops from a taken territory, you aren't forced to leave the attacking troops behind. Minor thing though, this is an awesome game!!

Peter R

Too many bugs Enemies get reinforcements for keeping a continent even if you break it, enemies can cash in cards mid turn and you can't, and the online play is very choppy. Uninstalling this.

Theodor Heath

Risk for all intents and purposes Nice little game of risk bundled into a neat app. The music is particularly annoying, hence 4*.

Andy Gates

Awesome way to play mobile risk! I love this game. I love playing risk, but it takes so long. This allows you to play a game of risk quickly! Great game!

Eric Bennett

Horrible game I controlled an entire continent and only got 3 reinforcements each time causing me to lose to a person getting 12 people controlling 2 spots.

Ashton Brayard

Great game The developers did a great job of this game. Don't skimp on stars for this app because you lose 24 units to a 1. Dice are used in games of chance all the time and have been used for millenia, because of their inability to care about the outcome. It is random. That is what "chance" is all about. Improbable things are bound to happen.


Waste of time Instaled for 2nd time because i love this game. But it takes a lifetime to conect and even when you do,other player moves takes too long.

Micah Gubler

Most annoying ads off all time Good game but honestly if you're going to do something as annoying as put 3 ads in between turns including a timed video before you can return to playing, I'm going to give it a crappy rating. Because that's a crappy thing to do. Seriously who does that? I've never had an app with that many ads.

omar cruz

Best good for stress Best game ever its addicted me and learning new strategies on how to take over the world

Sievert Arsta

Beware Ok so this game is great and everything, but sometimes while attacking territories near the bottom of the map, it's really easy to click the wrong button and end your attack phase. I've also accidentally ended my turn several times while trying to relocate troops. It would be nice to see some sort of undo or confirmation feature...but in the mean time, I'm just going to blame all my losses on a crappy user interface.

jeremy hall

Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, dice odds are messed up, can't see where others place their pieces, the timeout is a load of crap, and you can't choose your color, and dealing of the territories is always one sided.

William Ducey

Really great game But I'm trying to play 2 player online against cpu as well. But you can't and that's quite a bummer...


Too easy Can the developers introduce another level of hardness please. If I play at max difficulty and random countries then I lose one in every five games. If i choose the countries then I get Australia almost all the time. Its too easy

Ahmed Abdallah

Terrible Fix the AI. Allow for notifications to let you know time is almost up for your turn. If you mistakenly touch the bottom of the screen you can end your turn without playing. Add a button to end your turn and ask for a confirmation that you want to end your turn. Simple UI basics that are quite lacking in this game.

Pieter Van Zyl

I enjoy it, but the dice rolls are rigged. Having 14 vs 4 and then loose. I just might think to pay for the game if this problem is fixed.

jimmy c

If you don't wanna pay don't get it. It's too easy to accidentally clicked an add, and then your game isn't saved.

Kevin Santana

To many ads I understand the need for ads but when I get 3 back to back to back after my turn it is a bit rediculous. 1 at at time is sufficient

Justin Obarr

OK >:( Stupid! Give troops to the people that need them my aunt and I vs each other and she got 27 troops and I got 3!!!!!!! FIX IT!

Andrew MacDonald

Great Game Impossible to play online, needs a play now option to match players instantly, otherwise people join games and then don't wait for players and don't play when match begins. There's always a bad apple that ruins the match. Other than online matchmaking, excellent game.

Jerry Roscoe

Awesome! Best game ever shifty Hasbro app dnt work. Much better than it

Cole Kraft

Won't let me log in It was fun until the game wouldn't launch. redownloaded and now it won't let me log in. If that's fixed it gets 5 stars

Nick McLenon

The Odds are terrible Every dice roll usually is in the CPU favor because this is the free version. Almost 0 strategy involved.

Antonios Antonopoulos

Great game To people talking about the the dice being favourable to the AI. True, it happens, same happens to me though. I've been ridiculously lucky some times. It's luck guys. Great game, good job developer

Ahmad Karim

THE MOST EXCITING RISK GAME I HAVE EVEN PLAYED Nice and it is the risk i am finding thanks

David baldyga

Doesn't work correctly After turn taken sometimes it doesn't keep your. It looks like you didn't play. Time to remove the junky app

David Cimankip

Online needs improvement I love this game, but when playing online sometimes I have problems and suddenly all I had done is erased, making me loose one turn. Moreover, I think the game would be very improved if you could see what the other players are doing while you are waiting. It would make the online game so perfect.

Paul Borges

As close to perfect as free can get I have had no trouble with the AI. They don't play the game smart. The online server is tough to deal with some times. Constant connection issues. The notifications in a 10 min per turn game often come in after time has expired. Many times I make my move only for it not to be recorded and the AI makes moves for me. When the game actually responds to your play it is a perfect version of the game. Unfortunately more often than not it's a let down.

Ben Olsen

Annoying CPUs The CPUs role of the dice is either a walk over or a devistating blow. CPUs get winning steaks that can take out a army of twellve with one dice. This has only happened once to me but one man will take out four men very often. Apart from this it is a great game and i would recommend it any day

jon gibson

No longer works I was playing this and loving it but there has now been a connection error for 2 days I've missed my turn in in 2 24 hour games. All other apps on my phone connect fine

Richard Deichler

This app is junk right now. First and foremost, when playing online completed turns are somehow lost and reset. This means you end up missing your turn even if you played it. In a game where one turn can make the difference in winning or losing, this is unacceptable. Perhaps they have just gotten too big too fast and the server capacity isn't there. Whatever the reason, it is very frustrating to put another player out of the game, only to have your turn not count and that player then is able to eventually get the upper hand. I have emailed about this problem many times now, and received no response at all. I am about to lose a game right now where I had the only other player who is actually playing dead. Secondly, I have been without notifications for this game for two weeks now. When you play online, even the 10 minute time-out games can be 55 minutes between your turns if no one else plays. Without notifications, the only way to know when it is your turn is to constantly check the game. This is terribly inconvenient to say the least, and again can cause you to miss turns and therefore games. Also, there are cheaters that ruin your game. I am out of space, APP SUCKS NOW.

Benjamin Bialek

Great game Almost like risk but more challenging and you can play as many times as you want

Mark Larson

Way too many ads! Game sucks! Uninstalled after 15 minutes. A bunch of ads every time you take a turn. Not that good of a game anyway.

Gbnep Bradshaw

IMPROVED Not like classic but fine really good lan and online awsome great job

Russell Baker

Rise Wars A really great app, it would be better if you could change the music a bit, but other than that, it is essentially Risk.

Jeremy S

Just bad I destroyed the computer on easy a couple times so decide to put it on hard. I had 15 guys in a territory and got attacked by a dude with 23...fair enough...but the dude did not lose one person so he was able to just about wipe out my whole continent. In a separate game I was holding down South America and the AI had 3 other continents. Every turn I would run through those three continents so he wouldn't get his extra men. Then on a random turn he received 53 men and wiped me out.

William Consavage

This game makes no sense You'll be beating an ai and mess up his control of a continent which should stop him from reinforcing as well. But this game says screw strategy and will spawn the guy 20 troops for his 4 countries. Stupidest game, definitely just made by a troll.

Kade Van Schindel

Lots of small problems. List of things to fix: Dice (lost a 20 to a 4) , Lines on some maps, Quicker online matching, Wins to loss ratio/ percent on leaderboards. (Will remove 1 star when fixed)

Leegert Playz

Good strategy game Everyting I need and more! Is this copyrighted from Risk??

Bruno Ribeiro

Hard to finish a game I dont mind all the propaganda. But if you cant properly close the 3 propagandas after each turn, the game links to a website and closes. The game you were playing does not saves. When you reopen the app you have tonstart over. Online games just sits there and finds nothing.

Chris Blizzard

It needs some work I really enjoy this game but you guys really need to fix the timeout time. I am tired of people not doing anything for 10-30 minutes straight expecting a win or whatever there doing. Can you guys add a 1 minute time out. I am only gonna give 3 stars until this is fixed. Thank you for the epic game.

Jeff Myers

Risk I love the board game and this is it at its best. It seems the reviews about the game being unfair are made by the type that would flip the board over in real life. If you can enjoy a game that is not just handed to you switch to normal quality and have fun.

Nicephorus Phocas

It's fun when the ads don't break it Fun game, the ads are an interruption, but I don't begrudge a dev getting paid. Unfortunately, one of the ads served recently breaks the game. It takes you to a screen that orders you to rotate to an upright position, but never moves forward. You have no choice but to abandon the app, your game, and any progress you've made.

Josh Scott

Functional online play It's occasionally a little laggy on the home page, but turning the app all the way off fixes it every time.

Ray Yanma

A Great Game for this modern Generation This is a great way to introduce Risk to the modern generation. It is fast-paced and fun. I could get three games completed in one hour. It's sad that no one plays online anymore. A great game.

Dustin Smith

It is ok. It was clunky. Biggest issue is the randomization of the dice. I have never seen so many sixes rolled, especially by enemies. Another big issue was the ads in between every turn. I understand having ti have ads for a free game, but only have an ad before and after the match. It does push you to want the ad free version of the game, but it was not good enough to spend the money. Would rather spend the $6 for premium unlimited play in the official risk game.

Daniel Gunn

Froze my hudl When I tried to play this game my hudl screen went to the grey static that you used to get on old TVs. The music played for a while but eventually stopped. I was able to turn off the device but afterwards it would not turn back on, and I was forced to restore it to factory settings.

joey Edwards

Good for the most part Game will work fine for a few games, then the computer seems to get mad and starts to cheat. If the computer doesn't control any continents, and gets 25 men per round, for 3 straight rounds (without killing off an opponent), there is something wrong. Also the computer can move as many guys from as many countries to one country that it wants. It will only let move from one country to another, then ends my turn.

Gerard Kean

Nice but the dice broke the game for me The game is nice and works well but loosing an entire army to bad dice rolls one after another after another. I have never seen consecutive rolls like that, certainly not in real life with actual dice.


Push notifications no longer work I've done everything I can to get push notifications to work. Without it the games is useless. I've also sent a bug report but that was useless

Cj Fuqua

triplecjon - username Needs work on the multiplayer selection. Almost no synchronous gameplay like in the local selection. Also the awards thing is jank. It's too good of game to stay at such a low level of gameplay.

Jil Smith

Resistance? & Attack moves? Great app! I loved it Thanks. Feedback: 1st-missing Resistance. In Classic RISK cards have a territory on them (apart from wild-cards). When you cash in you get 2 Armies deployed on those territories if you occupy them. Most strategic when playing an adjunct-move game (instead of a chain-move)2nd-when attacking you have to at least move in 'The Amount Of Dice' rolled. So a game-development error here. Otherwise it continues to defeat the purpose of moving-strategy. Cheers. My favourite game


Would not recommend Good maps (but very imbalanced) AI suicides into you AI is plain retard (even on hard) and is really easy to beat. Game difficulty is based arround making you always roll low. Has glitchs (territory with 0 unit on) Achievements are too easy Apparently playing 3 local game counts as 50 online game. And much much more issues. I recommend downloading RiskII instead

Marcus Lee

Please add a quick join game function! There are so many games with only one person in it waiting for other players. And also a 1m timeout. And pls improve the notification when its your turn. AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE DICE ROLLS, ITS JUST YOU. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THE DICE AT ALL.

Jared Gonzalez

Fun and addictive. Reminds me of the fun i had playing risk with the family. Only complaint would be ads, but if you buy ad blocker then problem solved.

Jason Jones

Game play is good enough, but every other turn has 2 ads, back-to-back. Very annoying.

waterdog Jones

It is risk Very addictive. Just what I was looking for. This is going to get me in trouble playing it so much

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