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5 Aug
Rise Wars (strategy & risk) ++

Posted by ALLSOFTWARE (Aníbal León) in Strategy | Aug. 5, 2015 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

Rise Wars is the best strategy, risk, conquest, and world domination game!

Get all the medals available, increase your military rank and improve your ranking to become the best world player.
Enjoy maps as Europe, North America, Pangea, Tamriel and classic World and submit your own maps and soon will be added to the game!
Play against your friends on one device or online, all for free! The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and supports both phones and tablets.
Customize your game with lots of options available. Take a risk and play with fog, high level of AI, or just invite your friends and try to beat them.
Available in many languages, help us improve by sending us your corrections and recommendations.

Download it now and rate it for the project to go forward! Thanks everyone for your help, and don't forget:
Risk it all, roll the dice, dominate and win!

Whats new

    * Improved online gameplay.
    * Achievement system and military rank levels.
    * Leaderboard and advanced stats.
    * Highly customizable games.
    * Many maps to play with.
    * Modern graphics design.
    More features:
    * Chat, graphic stats and help system in game, push notifications, performance improved and bugs fixed..

ALLSOFTWARE (Aníbal León) part of our Strategy and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 5, 2015. Google play rating is 85.9281. Current verison is 7.5. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download rise-wars-risk-game.apk 11.0 MB



One of the best Risk games! I have loads of Risk games and have been playing for decades, so when I say that Rise Wars is very good, it means a lot. I wish you could save games and return to them later and have a way to leave the sound on, but turn the dam music off, but otherwise it's great. Well done.

Zenit Kovacevic

Nice, but there is room for improvement Game itself is well done, however there are several issues: 1. Multiplayer is crashing a lot and losing connection 2. Cheating is possible on multiplayer. 3. Even on hard settings the AI is not that challenging after a while

Mee Thor

Addicting!!!! Awesome app. Completely addicted. Wish there was a save button. Hit the HOME button before exiting game or you'll lose it. Found this out after lots of trial and error. Buy full version!! So much better without ads.

Aaron Alexander

Move the leave game button I have been noted from 4 out of the past 6 games from what I can tell is a poorly placed "leave game" button, inconveniently located directly adjacent to the "play" button. Either move it or add an "are you sure" step please. Other than that the game is fun.

Lasse Jørgensen

Good Game! Wonderfull smooth and fun game. I wished for more graphical options. Bigger icons and such ;)

Christian Siefen

Amazing Game! I love it, i can play through rounds quickly and its a good way to pass time

steve walters

Fun game Addicting game lots of fun big fan of risk loved playing when I was kid. Now it's here at my leisure.

Andrew Kent

Good. Extra maps (or boards?) Included (Y) Could look a little less dated - glossy 3d buttons looks tacky

Paolo Gatchalian

Improvement Keep up the good work. A lot more room to improve!

Matthew Maraz

Great game! I play this game all the time and it doesn't get old to me

Brian Carter

Not bad One of the better risk games out but what would make it even better is if you could pick each individual computer skill level

Mathew LaMarca

Needs notifications. And players who miss more than one day in a game should be booted from the game.

keltic dragon

IT'S CRAP The game is a good thing but it's the CONNECTION ERRORS THAT BRING THIS GAME DOWN.

Chuck Bramble Jr

Good game, needs improvement There's certain things that need to be changed, maps added, different game variations, and the ability to cash in cards as soon as you have five or more no matter when it is in your turn.

Justin Mann

Great app Love the game Risk, and this app enables me to enjoy playing whenever I want!

Josh Dehoff

Great game Love it. Several maps, lotta fun. Although if you have fat fingers like me you might skip a turn or 2. Thanks for the great game guys.

Theo Jackson

Good version of risk, might be a bit heavy on battery use, not sure though. Recommended.

Alan Fisher

Well done I bought it. Lots of fun!

Tan Man

Great It's great time killer for when I'm at work

Antonio Key

Yes!! I have this on p3, and now on mobile. ..

Joel Novak

Good I like the game of risk! This is a good version of that. The controls are simple.

kevyn brinkman

Just like risk This game gave me the fun and excitement that I get when i play risk.

Bailey Ellis

Awesome game Risk is one of my favorite games and now I can play it on the go

Dallas Muse

I would give more stars if you could save

Josh Kreps

ok It's an ok game. The AI can be frustrating at times and I'm not sure why but I frequently have my turn skipped because I miss - tap the screen. If there was a way to go back to attack mode from the move stage then I would have a much more enjoyable experience

Michael Kruse

Love this game. Its always challenging.

Michael Helbig

Good version of risk for the android. Like it very much

Joshua Pruner

Awesome Awesome game. Still trying to figure out the online features stuff but other than that, a very good risk game

Ricky Wyatt

Rise wars Just as fun as risk.

Neil Lowsley

Rise wars Works great, thank you.

Rick Toth

Rise wars Military strategy

Eric Hutchens

Stays fairly true to the original I like the app. It has allowed me to get my head around the board game again (so I can beat my daughter), but there are 2 annoying aspects to it. 1. The screen is landscape but does not allow me to flip it upside down, leaving my charge cord on the wrong side. 2. I end up advancing to the next phase of my turn by accident. I have lost games because I accidentally tapped outside the 2 countries involved in an attack, leaving my men in the wrong place. The same with the move phase.

Kevin Robinson

Great game Well made, and it's not impossible to beat the computer, which is nice. Haven't tried online yet, but the single player is good

Mark Williamson

Great game! Worth the buck! This is the best Risk clone I've found and I believe I've tried them all. Multiplayer is weak and needs effort. Still, with the few little quirks it has, it's a very good app.

Tony Forde

A little bugy with the attack and move button. But love the game

Nathan Leochner

Good game Good. Have trouble playing online.

joshua cole

Best risk game out there Literally the best online risk game app, would rate 6 out of 5 if possible.

christopher williams

Mobile Risk Great game for the phone. Lots of options and quick game play.

Michael Diaz

Mike This game is real fun however, I purchased it under the pretense that I would no longer deal with ads. And ads are still happening

Leslie McCormick

Great game But.... I can't see the borders of the continents when playing north America or Europe - - or point value associated with them. Can you add it to help or a popup. Would help w strategy

Dan Terry

Simple and effective. Great game,just like risk and you can play online Brilliant. Just like risk and you can play your friends online

Brian John

Rise War!! If you like the board game risk them you'll like this game...just like Risk plus different boards for playing, awesome. but I few bugs, but not a bad game at all.

Tommy Barrett

Good work This has all the basic features one could expect in a risk-like game. It has some positives, like a wide variety of maps, and negatives, like vague/undefined attack points and continent boundaries. The creators made a very OK game, not going above and beyond, but giving me just enough so i could scratch my "I am napoleon" itch. So, if you are ready to pay up for a just-par game that made me shrug and say, "it works," this is gonna be perfect for you.

Chris James

Love this game - its great. if you like Risk - play this. some pointers for the coders! on my Nexus 6P it drains the battery like crazy - its the only game / app that makes the phone get warm. the cards screen - its hard to see which cards ive selected / highlighted. I also have a hard time seeing the boarders of the continents in local play. The Sounds are ok - the music is annoying - can we have an option for sfx on / off and music on/off

Justin Mann

Great app Love the game Risk, and this app enables me to enjoy playing whenever I want! Would love to be able to choose one's opponent.

Tyler Collier

Bugs The first time I played it was with my wife who was playing on iPhone. It forgot both of our moves. It's so buggy I asked for a refund from the developer but no response.

Thomas Morrin

Battery issues The game is great, but it destroys my battery. Even when not playing

Thimal Banneyake

Unrealistic Rice Roll I love te game of risk but this game makes me sick if it with unrealistic dice rolls. I attavk 1 with 12 and 1 wins with rolling 6 on the dice 7 times in a row. How on earth can that happen? Kindly fix this BUG so that this will be really fun to play...

Rod Tiongco

Fun local, but not enough online players/open games

Will Kenly

Dice rolls are very unrealistic I just lost a 19 to 5 invasion. The chances of that are astronomical. And then next turn an A.I. lost with a 12 to 2. The chances of that are also huge. The dice rolls are not random. Needs work.

ben zeeb

Great Few minor issues here and there, but they're so minor they aren't worth mentioning. Just install the app, it doesn't ask for a lot of permissions and it's by far the most fun game I've put on my phone.

Paul Price

No qualms with this one Great game no issues, I was worried about the negative comments on dice roll probabilities but everything seems fair to me. Bravo to the developer!

David Ross

If you like RISK this is the game for you. Play vs up to 5 computer opponents or play live with your friends. Great game.

Dave Martin

Rise wars Just like risk and you can adjust difficulty levels. Great to play anywhere

Konstantinos Mantzouranis

PLEASE for the love of god,fix the dice issue. It is statistically impossible that you attack 1 soldier with 12 and you end up losing 10 times in a row.

Monika Landon

Great game. Just like the board game but quicker. Great sound effects.


Ok Like the game, some bugs and things that could be better. But that's always the case. When playing the computer some times it will be able to have 0 armies in a country. How is that possible?

mark Pattinson

Adictive Based on the board game risk, 100 times faster and just as fun. Great maps too

Mark Lynch

Paid version is much smoother. Having to switch between ads slows up the free version a bit

Real McNeal

What's going on here 26 vs 3 and the 3 wins............cmon now! Online not working either.

Ben Heath

Love it Totally addictive!

Paul Dubski

Bin always a sucker for this game

Antony Fletcher

brilliant fun adaption including GOT map and others. Great value for money.

Alexei Hadley-Lawrance

Great game Love this game

Rick Edwards

I think it's a good game fun to play

Tim Hueer

Love this game

Travis Bain

Awesome game


Loved it.

terry rosemore

Fun game Really fun game. Great stress relief. I wish I could pick the color I always get. I am colorblind, so some colors are a bit challenging for me.

Keith Mosscrop

The game I was looking for Exactly what I wanted and expected from a quality risk type game. And it's not just like it, it is the game!

John Patenaude

Not bad It's could give us more options

Paul Paszynski

Awesome If you love risk you will love this game

John Doe

Great game minus the controls I'd love to give this app 5 stars, but the controls for switching between reinforcements, attack, and move is to "definite". If the creators make it where you can switch back and forth between all three then add a button for "end move" it'd make this game the perfect risk clone.

Richard Deichler

This app is junk right now. First and foremost, when playing online completed turns are somehow lost and reset. This means you end up missing your turn even if you played it. In a game where one turn can make the difference in winning or losing, this is unacceptable. Perhaps they have just gotten too big too fast and the server capacity isn't there. Whatever the reason, it is very frustrating to put another player out of the game, only to have your turn not count and that player then is able to eventually get the upper hand. I have emailed about this problem many times now, and received no response at all. I am about to lose a game right now where I had the only other player who is actually playing dead. Secondly, I have been without notifications for this game for two weeks now. When you play online, even the 10 minute time-out games can be 55 minutes between your turns if no one else plays. Without notifications, the only way to know when it is your turn is to constantly check the game. This is terribly inconvenient to say the least, and again can cause you to miss turns and therefore games. Also, there are cheaters that ruin your game. I am out of space, APP SUCKS NOW.

Dante Martinez

Fun game and overall very good. There does seem to be an occasional game where the dice rolls seem extremely skewed. I am wondering if there is a seed in the RNG tied to the game itself. If so, they should really change this. Generate a seed each turn instead. I generally think the dice rolls are random but some games seem to have an extreme skew. I just lost one game where I had 4 continents under control and the remaining two AI had none. I was losing over and over even with astronomically lopsided attacks; 34 to 3, 12 to 3, 21 to 4, etc.

Jeff Smith

Would be great if you could add computers to an online game so me and a friend can play with multiple players but not deal with the unreliability of other people.

andy. douglas

Risky venture Amazing app but I can't ever seem to use the cards which leaves me at a pretty big disadvantage

Francis Mazzone

Desperately needs update I no longer receive notifications after i updated my phone to Android Marshmallow

Micah Matthews

Fun, straight forward Like risk, but additional optional boards

Benjamin Belec

Risk Worth buying this app!

Marcel Marciš

Lacking ui Missing volume options, switching passes is too definite and misleading (I pressed attacks to attack, not to end attack phase too many times), need to create separate profile, not using Google account names MP awkward to set up

David Skilton

Works well, off line too. Would be nice to have a login to share leader board across devices.

Shaun Mealy

Great game, several glitches Great game, very similar to the classic risk, but several components are not perfect and worst of all, I have to uninstall it and reinstall it once a week

Manny Ponce

I play it a lot I play it a lot, it's simple, and doesn't consume too much time. I will 5 starts it but I would love to see the AI improved, less predictable, it gets stuck in attacking the same country, even is attacking country.


Great game A great twist on a great game. And the full version is only two dollars

James Chen

fun turn based strategy game. risk on steroids

Kyle McFarland

Very good risk game Nothing too flashy, but it does the little things right. Definitely worth the 2 bucks for risk fans

Julian Ortega

Get it! Free or bought this game is worth it if you love risk. I play every hour.

Mr. Bear

Love this game Great game. If you loved playing Risk this is the game for you.

Jeff Taylor

Great! This the best version of RISK that I have found.

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