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22 Nov
Riddles, Brain Teasers, Logic

Posted by Polis apps in Trivia | Nov. 22, 2015 | 133 Comments

Apk file size: 6.2 MB

Everyone should be able to solve these tasks. Some of them might be suggested to solve while interviewing in serious companies to check candidates analytical skills. Also this application is eminently suitable for training problem solving skills of children and adults.
Many of the puzzles in this Brain Teasers App will take hours, if not days, to solve. But be patient, try to think properly. We have a best riddles and brain teasers for you. This App have riddles in the following categories: Brain Teasers, Funny Riddles, Logical Riddles, Math Riddles, Name The Object Or Person, Riddles With Words.

Application will first show the Brain Teasers (problem) only. Take your time to solve the problem by yourself first. After that you can click on answer button to see the actual answer.

♥♥♥♥♥ Awesome This game is sooooo cool nun of my family members can figure this out ♥♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥ Cool it makes my mind work but some of it are just simple ♥♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥ NC nc logics but some are easy hehe ^_^ ♥♥♥♥♥

In free version the App has limit of answers for 10 days.

Whats new

    - some bugs fixed
    - some teasers were corrected
    - new teasers coming soon

Polis apps part of our Trivia and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 22, 2015. Google play rating is 81.2546. Current verison is 1.15. Actual size 6.2 MB.

Download riddles-brain-teasers-logic.apk 6.2 MB


Lucy Tarmey

It's really good but you have to pay to get answers , and it didn't say that you have limited answers but apart from that its good . you shouldn't have to pay for something like an answer

Cassie Porter

Its pretty good, but some of them are really stupid I still recommend it you also have limited answer until10 days other then that its great.

Michael Summers

"Rate me" spam Used the app for 10 minutes, was asked 3 times to rate the app, and then I ran out of answer reveals. It claims the answer reveal count will be removed after 10 days. Purchases remove ads. However, dealing with the rate me spam AND answer reveal limit, while barely avoiding clicking the large flashing ad was annoying enough to ruin the experience. The riddles I DID get to see were interesting enough that I would have continued use if not for other major annoyances.

Nhy Caroll

Cool but needs more answers for free Cool game but the number of riddle answers u can receive is limited. I ran out within like the first 5 minutes because I was so into it.

Jocelynn Neumayer

It is cool I really like this app because my friends are all like "OMG where are you getting all these riddles?", but I do not like that you have to pay,for like half of the answers. I 1/2 recommend, 1/2 don't recommend

Amy Rice

Amazing app. I could spend hours trying to figure these riddles out. The $2.00 is well worth it (if you're impatient like me haha) to unlock all the answers before the 10 days. I definitely recommend this app. I will be playing it until there aren't any more riddles that I haven't solved,which seems like it could take awhile. The riddles are of all different sorts. Haven't found one I've disliked yet :)

Paws girl

IT WAS FUN BUT NOW ITS NOT Okay I found an error with the riddle Murder mystery it said that the maid was fixing the table and the Butler was polishing the silverware and dishes so how can you fix a table if the dishes and silverware is being polished and also you need to pay for more answers

Alexander Laplante

Decent App. What's the point of trying to solve these riddles. When you only get so many answers. Then I have to wait ten days to gain more answers. Or I can pay to get them. Might as well Google the correct answers. Kind of reminds me of a more recent South Park episode.

Annie Sedlak

While the riddles are great, any game app saying its free and then makes you pay for actual access to the answers is crap. Of course you can wait 9 days for more free ones,but who are we kidding, after a few days you'll never open it again. Boo on the creators for this one.

Victor Castaneda

Very unclear It never really tells you there is a finite number of free answers so I was just double checking myself on the stupidly simple ones. I can obviously just Google the rest but that's annoying but still better than paying for the answers for no reason. Terrible.

Valeria Ramirez

Brain work This makes my brain work a lot take one when you wake up and when you go to sleep during the day too.

Aileene Rojas

Answers Its great the only problem is that you only limited #of answer reviels and you have to wait ten days in suspence ,but I still love the game

Kelly Thompson

Brain teasers I like it because is really tricks your brain... a lot. What I don't like about it is that you have to wait 10 days before you get to see all of the answers.

Kianna Tafoya

I liked it I like it because is making me smarter and im always competin with my twinbut you should actually let us answer the riddles

Jahlani J.

Good Pretty good so far, except for the last couple riddles, too much math and explaining. When will riddle games realize that people download them just to have conversation with friends or whatever. We're not just gonna uninstall as soon as we know the answers. So there is no need of giving the answers a limit.

Tina Swearingen

Ok, but needs to confirm answers if not allowing unlock. If you have to wait 10 days for unlock, I will get rid of it shortly.

Alexandra Volentierová

I think it's amazing application. It helps me meditate more and more an makes my mind still thinking. :D

Parth Shah

Perdect for a brain boost It is 2 ! JUST $2 ... Well worth the price for the amount of riddles provided. Some are very interesting and some are simple. Highly recommend if you want a quick jump start for brain.

Andrew Toogood

Good time waster Some of the english could do with checking as some riddles don't make sense. Also unclear how to enter the answers.

Dallas Michaud

Okay I liked it but are you SURIOUS I have to wait 10 DAYS for more free answers!?! Really hate that because it really was a okay app but... I wouldn't waste your time... sorry... DON'T install! +anyway it was really EASY! Please make it hard or harder and please more free answers or less waiting time... thanks and sorry if I was too hard on this app... just my review... completely honest.

Kimberly Bygoytia

Love it It's a lot of fun l told my parents a riddle and didn't know the answer but when I said it they started laughing : ) ÷ )

T Day

I like the app but it would be better if you didn't have to wait 10 days for more answers.

thanigai vel

I'm lovin it... It really improves ur IQ; but more starting answers required.

Robert Burciaga

It should give more starting answers than just 15, otherwise, it is a great app.

Jaz Toxic

Bets one This is the riddle game ive been looking for, but needs more free answers.

Ruby Deane

I hate that u only get a sertin amount of answers that's just a load of rubbish like wat the hell! I will tell everybody I no `not to download this app" if u don't change it I will tell everybody that has downloaded it too delete it

Deepshikha Kanojia

It has Interesting questions but I think there is a mistake in well and climb question. Rest I loved it

Michael Brandt

Riddle me thus. Great app! I enjoy the awesome Riddles. Most of them are interesting an tuff to figure out. Others are comical.

Kaeleigh Tierney

More answer There need to be more free answer. I found this really cool one and it said wait 4 days and that was on Valentine and I waited d now it been a couple week. I am getting really mad and I have no more !!!!!!!!

Josh Ingalls

Fun Challenging and good to waste time and confuse friends

Sade Polite

The ten days suck It made me wanna uninstall but I love the riddles its tricky and fun to play with a lot of ppl

Sudeepa J

To see all answers all you have to do is clear rhe data of this app in settings > manage applications. you can do it everytime when you run out of free answers! no need to wait for 10 days.. :-P

Aliah Pantaleon

It is fun Yeah. It is. But I felt irritated because of the hints. I'll be using this for my logic game but it's irritating. More answers please.

A Google User

I like it. Dont like hoe you have limits on answers though...

Alex Adame

Really Good Brain Game The game is good cause it really makes me think and then makes me laugh when I learn the answer. I'd recommend it ☺

malus rex

What's the point? Nowhere to actually type in an answer to the riddles leaving the only way to know if you're right being to open the answer, which seems pretty pointless.

Alle' Holloway

I LUV IT it really trains my brain there great answers u don't think about

Phoenix Anderson

Not mad at the wait time... Just wish I could input my own answer. Other than that, great app. Wish I had the $ to support development.

Russel Joyce Castro

Fun but... It was fun. the bad thing is u have 2 pay 4 d answers :3 :( please make it free.

Anjel Moreno

Really good The app is amazing and it doesn't make me buy answers it just keeps going but, it kept bugging me to rate after every riddle.

Zainab Raza

Cool Its fun and all but when it says to wait until 10 days are over to use free answers is the bit thats annoying , otherwise it is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!?

Ayla Williams

Awesome Game... A really fun apologize that I just am starting to try out,but is great and No adds,No trouble with loading,not making my phone freeze,nothing!!Great riddles that are fun and made me and my mother laugh because she was stumped!!! I also love the sounds the app makes,as well....I give it a whooping 5 stars!!!

Adrain Cabrera

Adrain cabrera its good but u hav to pay them to see the answer when all u do is read theres nothing else u cant answer any thang The top was my decryption i forgotten to go to this one

Cool Joke

Disappointed :( This is a Great app, but I dont understand why I need to pay to get the answers?

amanda collier

The riddles are stupid and you don't guess the answers, you have to pay or wait 19 days. I dont get the point.

Donetta Lowe

Wtf!! How come i cannot review my answers? It seems odd to me that it wont tell me if im wrong or right.

Eagle River

Great for when you're bored These are hard, but very fun to try and solve. I love giving these to my friends and family.

Blaire Banks

Clever ?? I enjoy thinking about these...they're like little problems I can do while I'm at school or in the road or something and I can even laugh at my siblings when they can't get it!! Haha but I love this app..??

RC Hetrick

You have to buy the answers!!! So many better apps where you don't have to buy the answers...stupid app.

Tracy Odonnell

Wow I personally believe it is super awesome would give 5 stars if there were way more brain teasers.

Abby Brisko

More hints They only give you 10 hints a day. What if you are a child and you don't know these things? I still like it but that is all I would fix.??

Jamie Martin

Suspenseful It makes my heart pump really fast.It's like when you read the riddle you don't understand it but when you read the answer you think to yourself how did I not know this.I love it and would play it forever if I could

Kenneth Herrera

Lacking There's no way to bookmark which riddle you left off on, you have to scroll all the way through them to try and find where you left off. There's many riddles that are repeated with only minor details changed.

James Haage

Won't leave me alone Would rate it more but I can't be on it for 3 mins without getting asked to rate. Can't even say no just remind me latter n it sure will. 3 mins latter

Hailey Hemenway

Love Smart clever funny confusing. Get it it's a great game

Axel Trinidad

Booh You run out of answers unless you donate money or wait nine days to get more free answers, this app sucks

sapna choksi

What What's the point of having a app if there is a certain time you can play it till when you run out of answers oh that's all the answers we are gonna give you today come back Tommorow um........... NO, I'M NOT GONNA COME BACK TOMMOROW.

Nathan Delaportas

You don't have the right to say this is rubbish It's great never asks me for rating but for buying more riddles

Megan Brightwell

It's ok I like their second app better... I don't like how this app asks me every other riddle if I want to rate it.

sushma GS

Good work but small mistake In puzzle titled "What a well", I think answer should be 95 minutes instead of 100 minutes as in the last 5minutes, after reaching to the top, man will not fall back. Correct me if I'm wrong. Rest of the puzzles are good so far.

Michelle Plays MSP

Helps Me In Life ♡ So I had this test to to see if I could special program at school with a Brain Teaser question And it asked something similar to the mansion with no power and Thank God I Remembered the answer that I chose xD I got On The Program Tysm!!

Shaikmohammed Adil

Very good brain riddles....... The riddles r very funny&good but how to give the answer to those riddles.plizzz reply me soon

Russell Coryell

Exercise my brain Good game... Makes you think, not just click and click and click, like a drown.


ummmm ok you can't answer. it just tells you the scenario. ..then tells you the answer. no guessing. ..figuring it out, with hints etc. blah uninstall

Amanda Hamlin

Like the idea but... ...the puzzles are easy and some don't even make any sense.

Gabriel Ade

Challenging This really puts your mind to the test. It's a fun mental exercise.

Kay D-haus

The riddles are good, but I don't like the limited answers.

Cherry Filmz

it's ok I only had a day to play with it then I have to pay for it. But the riddles are good.

Kathy Swain

Yhe riddles are ayite fun y some are more challenging than others

Madison Davis

I love it It is my week out of school so it gave me something to do

Platinum Edward

I only rated this because they wouldn't leave me alone It does its job

Vikrant Reddy

Good riddles It gives me many good riddles but it won't stop asking me to rate

Paige Starnes

Ok/Awsome If you were able to have all of the answers I would rate this game 5 ☆'s. Other than that the game is awsome and the best brainteasers game ever.

Erick Rose

Good app. Fun trying to figure out the riddles. Some I've heard already, others are pretty tough.

Oliviah Cracolici

Tricky It is awesome and I love figuring out the tricky letter

Angelica Marie Petilla

It was my one of the most favorite game. A very very challenging game ???

Mayank Gupta

Average app I don't see an option to correct/comment on an incorrect answer

Garrith Edwards

Truly good for killing time Best set answers and riddles, some even made me smile.

lyle hoff

It's ok They should have unlimited viewing of the answer instead of having 10

Kendra Pugh

Is this the kid's version? It was too easy.

XoXPixelLady Plays

Awesome But You could have a limited amount of answers

Tiara Lemay

Almost my whole life is riddlea 500000000000000336885236993128073127973637996 <- not a number. Stars

Laura Alviano

OMG SUCH A GREAT APP! This is such a great up if you are with you're friends or family and it's super fun to pass time with!!!

Tim McLochlin

Awesome I love this app, it is so much fun! But, is there a way to submit your own riddle?? Or have I just not found it yet?

Neeta Patel

Neeta Patel The riddles are awesome make more.

Dimuthu H

Good, But all the answers cannot be seen

Myah Norris

Fun and adicative I just got this and I can't stop playing it. It's a great app you should get it!

kimora Brown

awesome always has me and my family thinking but u only can reveal 10 and then u have to wait 10 more days mad annoying

Julian Meraz

Great game Best game ever if you are on the road.

Anelina Alegre

Great Game Its really fun and a good time killer and if you use up all you answers just change the time on your phone to ten days later then go to the game and change it back to normal time. It will have all answers free!

Trinity Harnes

Good but... The riddles are really cool! Except, 10 answers a day? Really? Even if u do figure out the answer without checking the answer, ur gonna wanna check if ur right! I mean, c'mon!

Melissa Wood

Want an option to put in the answer to see if I'm right. Have to use hints to see the answer but you only have so many before they won't let you see the answers any more.

Kadence Speers

Um..... It is a really good game but some make 0.00 since

Maggie Oberhelman

Brian teasers Like the silly ones that ya have. Keep up the good work. Some of them stump us pretty good.

Mack Nine

Lots of fun Interesting. Fun. Thought provoking. A great yarn. Oh wait I thought this was the book.

Courtland McIntosh

It's ok Interesting brain teasers, some real tricky ones. Very poorly translated, the english is noticeably clunky. Probably one step above google translate.

A Google User

I lalala love it. Even my sister love it.. I hardly figured it out.. Good thing there's an answer.. Very challenging...

Alan Thittala

Annoying, but Clever It's amazing that you're thinking SO hard about what the answer is - and when you see it, you feel as if you want to slap yourself on the head!

Joey Avila

Fun Designers be aware that, uninstalling the app and redownloading it will refresh the answers available.

Latron Louis

Love it!!!!! Clever,relaxing,and at the end it got you going "I'm so stupid why didn't I think of that"

Destiny Love

Very tense This game is kinda like eating at a restaurant first appetizers then dessert


Challenging It's a brain teaser I liked it it challenges ur brain and makes it sharp

Sophia Koontz

Rate It asks you a lot to rate it . And you have to wait 10 days after you use your free ones . But other than that it's a great app , the riddles are awesome

Tyler Donnelly

I have to pay to see the answers some of these comments are probably bots. P.s. to get more hints fast uninstall the app then reinstall it again???????

theregoesthebluehacker xd

Greatt woot haha I love this app... but can u please add the balance more? Anyways, its cool and the answers are pretty funny loll thumbs up

Ashlea Jaydbell

Interesting, fun and tricky! :) I really like this app. (VERY WELL DONE!!)

Peter Crawford

So so Some of these were written with all the proficiency of a 5th grader. And a few of the riddles don't make perfect sense. But overall, there are some solid brain teasers here alongside some classics.

Carol Charles

Brain teasers Solving riddles is fun i just wish you could type in your guess before revealing the answer maybe win coins for the right answer use coins to unlock next level etcetera

Jitendra Patel

Perfect simple to use Very good for brain teaser lovers with good collection of teasers

Konstantinos Tondorof

Trick If you are out of answers just go to settings - apps - brain teasers and then clean app data. And you will have 17 answers once again

Martha Gomez

Riddles It's an awesome brain teaser it is a great game to play with my family especially my 11yr.old son.

Supreme Ace

Nice The app is great and so are the riddles but you should remove the 10 day system that you have to wait 10 days for free answers... it's pretty annoying.

Holden Krapes

? Like it but it doesn't give you the answers

Jessie Patricio

Good Some are boring but i love it

Franklin Kh

My Brain Becomes a Warehouse Interesting... took me so long to s0olve even a question... but i love it, coz i solve most of the questions in within 5 mins...hehe... Don't missed this game ur brain will become Riddles warehouse. But unlocking ans.with donation it seems like bussiness. We buy our netwrk to download it...isn't that enough?

Abby Brisko

More hints They only give you 10 hints a day. What if you are a child and you don't know these things? I still like it but that is all I would fix.??

Katie Stephens

Lots of stories with a hole, riddles, and brain teasers! I used to love stories with a hole as a kid, like the one where the find a man dead in a field with an unopened package and realize he knew he was going to die, how did he know? Theres also quatrain riddles, math brain teasers, and more! Definitely fun as a car game, game with friends, or ice breaker game!

Ken Harvey

Interesting. Mixture of logic and math puzzles that not only make you think but educate and enriched the mind. Well worth the couple of $$ for early answers. If no money just wait 10 days and all answers are free.

William White

I have to wait 7 day just to get a answer or pay a donation fee?! Lol naw I'm good I'll just unstall it

Anna Heckart

Fml I suck at this crap. But its fun lmao

Abid Hamid

Contains malware After a week or so if you start getting adverts popping up when you're doing little else other than checking your messages....dont forget to uninstall this

dany & gaby

Love it butt... It should give u less days a month pass and my thing is still in 3 more days nuthin happens

seti ahato

stupidest this will tell you riddles that you either know or have no idea what they mean the answers are never notable and these are all really corny

Unofficial Overwatch

Riddles are to easy, math question, or cheat. There was a riddle about a dog and a king, and the amswer wasnt even fair. For all i know, the king puts the beed in a safe, or the beed is large. Does he keep the dog in a cage?

Amelia Morgan

More answers Plz make it so you can have all the answers you want as I always use them up quick xD and I want more cuz some answers I'm like ooh I think I know that then I find out I can't see the answer when you have sorted this out I will rate 5 stars xxxx :) bye!

Gina Jones

Loudestfamily Absolutely love it! There's a few typos other than that it's fantastic! Love playing brain games with my kids!

Jenny Cascio

Samsung galaxy s5 I don't like this app, because you have to wait ten days to get all answers free,and it constantly bugs me to rate it after I rate it millions of times,when you do get lives you have to wait another and so on,rhat is why I think you shall NOT get this app!

Roxas The Key of Destiny™

So Annoying It asks me to rate the app every other riddle, and now I find out I have to pay for other riddle answers for a certain amount? Money hungry much? What's stopping me from just going online and looking at riddles and answers for free?

Jane Naylor

Fun but... Grandma and I play this game but are always disturbed by ads for other games. If this changed it would be great.

Alexander Berezanski

Pretty cool If you become bored open this one up and forget everything.

andani ishmael

Love it. It's really great, but I will give 4stars because I have to wait for 9 days to get more free answers

Ben Herzig

Garbage app Shoves rating the app down your throught and obly gives you 10 "free" answers a day for garbage brain teasers

Erica Coronado

So much fun The answers are really smart, it really makes you think about what you just read. Not to mention it's hilarious.

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