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6 Sep
Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers

Posted by ooblada in Puzzle | Sept. 6, 2016 | 177 Comments

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Love logic deduction games and number puzzles like sudoku and minesweeper?

Riddle Stones is a game of logic that will train your brain: like crosswords but with squares and numbers. The game is based on the asian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s a real mind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need to think and use your brains to succeed.

To decipher our puzzle grids, you will use numbers indicating which squares to activate in each grid based on simple rules. Each number tells you where to add squares in a row or a column. You can compare it to sudoku or crosswords with more fun brain training. You will learn easily, progress rapidly and quickly get addicted! It will blow you mind!

Riddle Stones offers a fascinating cross-over between crosswords, sudoku, minesweeper and other puzzles based on numbers where you cross the hints to find which squares to activate. But be careful and think right, if you tap the wrong square, you will trigger a trap!

Fans of picross, nonogram, griddler, paint by numbers rejoice and enjoy Riddle Stones...
Solve grid cross-puzzles by logic & deduction! PLAY NOW!

Also available on Facebook.

Riddle Stones is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra lives require payment.

Whats new

    Various bug fixes and improvements

ooblada part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 87.5655. Current verison is 1.5.1. Actual size 48.0 MB.

Download riddle-stones-cross-numbers.apk 48.0 MB


SallyAnn Nelson

To many adds now After playing this game for a long time and getting to level 78, i now get advertisements appearing on the screen after every game, they go for at least 23 seconds. This never happened before, then started to appear after every level, and as from today after every game, 16 games per level, starts to get annoying - so time to leave

Sophia Marigold

I have played this game for a long time. I really liked it until I found that you have to pay real money to get more hearts after spending game money only twice. Also there are multiple answers to some puzzles making you guess and most likely to get it wrong then losing a life and waiting an hour to get another. You only get 1 of each helpers then you again you have to pay real money. Lastly the picture aren' t real, there fake. Very annoying

Eric Hayward

Forcing people to either use Facebook or buy gems to advance is not very nice. One of us do not use Facebook at all thus making it impossible to advance without cash.


Cant sync w/ Facebook ? Uhh seriously ? Theres no option to sync with facebook? Bleh then i guess ill be uninstalling because theres no way im starting over. I want to continue from the facebook game. Please make it so that we're able to sync with the facebook game. Ill install on my phone again when that option is available.

Devin Chomiak

"Logic" Puzzle with guessing For the first few 100 levels it's an awesome app with some fun puzzles. Then it starts becoming really repetitive and the puzzles start to feels the same. Plus a whole lot of the puzzles involve a guess at the end which ruins the whole "puzzle" aspect of the game. I liked it but it just got boring and frustrating when you guess wrong.

Stephanie Keleher

I love this game and have played it for a couple of years on Facebook, however it keeps crashing when the adverts come up which is not good as you then lose a life and when you have to wait 45 mins for a life it can be frustrating. Please sort it.

Meredith Acevedo

Love the concept of the game. Very good got that brain. But I do get frustrated when they are multiple correct answers and it's a 50/50 guess. If it's possible to be correct both ways then you shouldn't lose life if you choose "wrong".

Amber Seward

It's ok I mainly don't like the fact you lose over half health for 1 mistake and unless you pay for more you lose a life after 2. Even on higher levels where you get more health

Amanda Mccoy

Repeats All the puzzles keep repeating. My 8and 7year old sons got past 300 and were really annoyed that they hadn't seen any new puzzles :( I stuck with it in to 400s but uninstalling now... nothing like the Facebook game which the photos show

Mitzi Keeton

Great game with fatal flaw. Challenging but fun..But if you don't have playing friends you will be forced to pay to advance. That's a shame, because I really like the play!

bethany carver

Crashes half way through a game and then takes a life off of you

Catherine Bewley

Repetitive I'm getting's just reoeating the same puzzles. It's become a memory game rather than logic

Jaron Kelleher

Multiple solutions!!!!!! This game fools you into thinking its a logic game. Eventually they give you puzzles with tens of solutions and expect you to guess or pay. Insulting to everyone. Screw you

Joanna K

Great The game is fantastic def makes you think. Occasionally had a lag but other then that it's a great game... Wish lives would accumulate a little faster :/

Doodle Boon

A game for the brain A fun puzzle that actually usually your noggin

Merrit Sanchez

Guessing Its fun until you get to a point in a puzzle where there is multiple answers and if you already messed up once that can kill you and you have to redo the puzzle

Charlotte Watts

Love this game It take some, brain work. It is very addictive.

Samantha Grim

It's great! Thoughtful and entertaining without being tedious.

Amanda Case

Game is fun, but.... The game keeps crashing and I still lose a life, and it takes way too long for lives to regenerate.

Bet I

Great game I like games where I am not dependent on others playing. So far the puzzles are elementary..looks like it is increasing in difficulty. Great game to play while waiting on...something or someone.

Rosemarie Hall

Wish you could get more treats

sofa king

I've gotten too far playing through Facebook to start over. Uninstalling now.

Sofia Berberoglou

Great game needs improvement Doesn't connect with facebook

Sue Dixon

Brilliant game it's so addictive

Alexandrya Miller

Good but I like this game alot but it would be cooler if it actually made pictures instead of just random blocks on the screen. I also don't like that a certain move can go either way.

Jenifer Morgan

Better on Facebook but still awesome

Erica Betts

It keeps freezing on me. :( The game is fun but since my last update, I have more ads and then seems to freeze during the second ad.

Antonia Hunt

Amazing I am only a child and it is amazing and I have had a go on my laptop and I decided to get it on my tablet ?

margaret quigley

Love it. Very addictive

Kathy Winn

Harder than it looks. Pretty fun.

Lori Campbell

So much fun Great way to pass the time!

Lin Barfoot

Challenging but fun

Tammy Hale

Fun and addicting.

Helen Perez

I have waited so long for it to be available on mobile!! Sooooo addicted!!

Beth Tibbles-Hammond

Brill and incredibly addictive

Helen Thompson

Good but repetitive Good game but after a while the levels repeat, and becomes very easy. Also it's irritating that so many levels require guesswork instead of pure logic. I know the dev has responded to others that the 'boosters are there to help', but that gets very expensive far too quickly for my taste and budget.

Shelley Thomas

Question How do I get the notifications for this game to turn off?? I don't need it telling me when my lives are full. I have job where I'm always talking to customers and I like to play it in between calls, but when a notification dings during one of my calls, its very annoying. Let me know and I'll change my rating. I love this game.

Chris Burke

Fun game but sometimes there are multiple solutions to a puzzle and the developer seriously replied to someone's previous comment about this by saying use boosters in that situation. So in other words they're saying spend more money on our game. Also annoying how every once in a while a trap will take away more health than you can have, like I have 140 health and the trap takes away 145 so you can't make a single mistake

Julie Kile

Totally fun I'm addicted! This is a great mind challenging game! Totally love it!

Sonjurae Cross

Pretty clise There shouldn't be any times on the mobile version because the squares are so small that we have to go slower. We should also be able to press and hold for the "x" marker.

Jonah Jackson

Great game but You shouldn't lose all your health after one or two wrong moves and food should be worth more points.

Jannene Roth

There are several grids that could have multiple solutions because they don't give you enough information, then there are other grids that are super simple. Today there was an update so now there are ads. I had enjoyed this game very much, but not sure how much I will play if I have to watch these long ads.

Carol Jacobsson

Multiple solutions There are multiple solutions on many of the puzzles. Needs more work but good fun

Yvonne Schmidt

Needs more lives Doesn't give enough lives and takes to long earn one back.

Nikki Speller

I loved this game but I had to get a new phone and now I have to start over from the beginning

cindy delgallo

Stupid, infuriating, annoying I love love the concept of this game and it WOULD be great IF it didn't keep getting stuck on 0 and not give luves, then I have to reinstall, and it starts me all over again. It won't let me find friends, or give or receive lives.. . Please fix it.

Melissa Lawrence

Not challenging They do not get more challenging as you go. And I really hate that there is an element of guessing. Where multiple results would solve the puzzle.

Tina Easiley

Riddle stone Love the game, but it keeps freezing up,so I'm talking it out

Susan Allen

Captivating Makes you think but great fun. Time runs away from you!! ?

Comfort Inn

Its a great game !!!!!! Challenges and all. Its a great game that you should try. Only at episode 3 but its great. So try it !!!!!!

Debra Wood

Just as fun as the online game on Facebook Love the music too!

Kirstine McCallum

The tablet and computer version of the game is much more challenging! I am slightly fed up of puzzles being repeated but presented as a different level. Unfortunately, I no longer have a tablet and would much prefer it if the more stimulating version- available on tablet and the computer- was available for phones.

Jessica Baker

Ridlestones 1: Food gives ya very, very little health but one wrong move can drain your life completely. STUPID. 2: Why can't I earn hints? I will not pay you cash for hints. 3: FYI non of my grids looked like actual objects. Uninstalling but it's unfortunate bc I like this new theme twist compared to the other piccross games.

Ashley Willman

Not fair There are several levels that have multiple solutions and you are penalized for not choosing the one the game chooses.

Victoria Souza

I like. Still needs some work but it does the trick. It's got me in it's grip.

Wendy Usher

I'd give it 5 stars, but it keeps closing or freezing. Moto E with Android.

Patricia Kennedy

Love it! So glad this app is now available on my phone. Love the PC version. At this point cannot connect with other users. Hope that changes soon.

Christie Heckman

Great game Easy to use. Great to pass the time.


Love this game but it keeps bugging when I get to level 20. Then i can't play any further nor can i go back and play earlier rounds ?

Inez Brown

Fun Mathematical challenges

Debbie Frisch

Debbie Very addictive love it

lisa day

Brain thinking Love this game, gets you thinking, great fun, loads of levels to do

Sean Gresh

Riddlestones Love this game...

Rachel Arnold

Brilliant game ?

Darryl McGowan

Fun and stimulating Fun and stimulating

Paulajane Smith

Love the game

Calla Partridge

Guessing Overall good game. Too many ads. Find it annoying that in some stages two options are available but only one correct and no way of figuring out, have to guess.

Carol James

Carol James Just started playing and hooked already great brain teaser

Kate Taylor

Yayy I love picrosses and I remember playing this on fb on the laptop, delighted it's finally at my fingers

Merritt Jones

Not exactly like the Facebook game I love this game on facebook, but this version has limitations. It doesn't sync with facebook, so you won't keep your progress. There isn't an option to "x" out spaces that can't be used. The pictures above aren't even from the app, but they're from the Facebook game. I hope this is changed soon.

Nicole Robbins

I dont understand I'm not sure how on a z ultra I could get the exact game I wanted as in the same as the one on Facebook but then when I install it onto a z5 I get a complete child like version of the game. I don't like this one. I keep it on my phone hoping an update will come and change it to the fb version. Until it does I won't be buying or playing.

Chantel Cummings

Addictive This game can be infuriating and frustrating, but I love it.

Rosie Vian

Brilliant Love the logic required to complete each grid. Dont love that theres no 'daily reward'


Riddle stone guess I have an older version Mine doesnt look like the newer version. After a while, some of the grids repeat themselves.

Jenna Brant

Love it I love this game it keeps my mind going and actually challenges me.

Elizabeth Paradise

Fun Fun and challenging. Great for times when you have time to kill but still want to use your brain.

Melissa Burchett

Addiction Love it, only time i stop playing is when i run out of lives.

Angela Hoit

Riddle Stone's Love this game!

Amanda Knowles

Cute game I enjoy this game just wish it got harder the higher you went.

Jeanie Uhlik

Won't restore my heart!!!!! Been waiting all day...every time I go back to a start playing again, it says I still have to wait another hour or so for just one heart, it's not letting me play at all, only wants me to invite friends, FAT CHANCE!!!

Randee Jean Zeeman

Okay.... But... Okay I don't mind this game at all. I'm well past level 1000 but I'm getting bored. The creativity has been lost since level 100! I've played over 300 levels without losing a life and achieving all stars possible because I've seen all of the boards several times and the solutions never change. This game could be improved to be more difficult and rewarding. Maybe bonus levels could be added when one achieves 48 stars. It needs to be spiced up!! I will reconsider if changes happen.

Janice Hager

I am addicted, but... I've played over 1100 levels so far, so obviously I enjoy the game. I wish that health deductions for traps had some sort of logic though. An easy puzzle where I make a stupid mistake will take only part of my health, but a really difficult puzzle where there are 2 possible next steps and I have to guess, 2 or 3 moves from finishing, will deduct more health than a full heart can hold for an incorrect guess. Makes the game very frustrating. Power ups are ridiculously overpriced.

Abbey Schield

Fail Quickly I love this concept of a game, but this execution is miserable. You have literally 2 chances to make mistakes before you're down to one star or out of a life. The puzzles are tricky and really get you thinking, but is frustrating when you can't test your theory more than once.

Marguerite Walker II

Cannot close the adverts' sound When it starts an advert, I can't turn the sound down for the full 30 seconds, which is very disruptive to others - it seems to lock the phone for the length of the advert.

Emma King

Love this game, but got a new phone and had to start all over :( It should be linked to an account so you can log back in and go from when you left off

Rebecca Smith

I wouldnt waste my time with this again. Two things: 1. Every now and then I get a level in which there is an unsolvable point, logic doesn't work and there is no option but to guess or buy premium content. I don't believe you should be forced to buy premium content that way. 2. The game freezes and crashes every other level or so. This is the main reason I'm uninstalling this game.

Krista D

Disappointed Played 3 days ago loved it. First chance I got back on to play was today and still saying I have no hearts. Only at lvl 5 would love to keep playimfy

Louise Bennington

Okay It would be better if there was an option to mark the squares that you know are not to be shaded (like I do when I do these puzzles on paper). This app sucks life out of my battery like there's no tomorrow. I love doing these puzzles, but paper ones win for me. Okay so I got it on my tablet now and it's much better than the phone version, in all aspects. Will uninstall from phone.

Thierry Lamoureux

Brain game If you like brain driven puzzle, you will like this one...

Kasey Herren

Facebook v. App I played on facebook for a longtime before this app was released. I wish this app linked to it so I wasnt having to start over. Also, the app doesnt have the "x" option so i cant mark out squares that I dont want to fill. Also. The facebook version has markers at every 5 lines. When these puzzles get bigger, everything starts to run together. Decent, but really needs improving. Until then, Ill stick to playing on facebook.

Connie Vincent

Addictive Love this game. Why is it there are a different versions? I have it downloaded on my LG V10 and tablet but it's 2 different versions. When I play it on FB it's the same version as what's on my tablet. ???

La'Vena Pratt

Addictive I love it except for it doesn't link up with game play so when u have to get a new phone or restore ur phone, u lose everything. Other than that it would have been 5 ? stars

dawn shields

Great time killer, no stress, keeps mind working

ju McClintock

Riddle stones Very addictive and frustrating brilliant game

Christina Hall

Fun Im still getting use to how it works but im getting better awesome game. My logic is off a little due to chemotherapy so this is therapeutic fun for me.

Jackie Lawlor

Would be 5 if you didn't lose so much life with one mistake

Jennifer Kahl

Addictive Can't stop playing it

Linda Smith

Riddle Stones Makes a change from Match 3. Really makes you think. Challenging.

Beth Wilson

Crashes I enjoy the game, but it freezes about every 3rd level causing a life yo be list. Also, when there are 2 guesses for a level, it takes away life too quickly.

Agatha Baldwin

Friends Wish I could interact with friends on the app..

Natasha Whaley

No Facebook connect Would like it if I could sync with my Facebook

Jackie Collins

the best game of its kind. Very addictive

Nicky Peters

Challenging and addictive Literally play this game till I fall asleep. Love how challenging it is. Definitely getting the old brain cells working

Martha L Backus

Like! I like to play but don't like being timed! I like to take my time!! Should have a choice! Thank you!

Hazel Brown

Love the game! But it constantly crashes on the adverts... Please sort as I am losing lives

Randee Jean Zeeman

Okay.... But... Okay I don't mind this game at all. I'm well past level 1000 but I'm bored. The creativity has been lost since level 100! I've played over 400 levels without losing a life and achieving all stars possible because I've seen all of the boards several times and the solutions never change. This game could be improved to be more difficult and rewarding. Maybe bonus levels could be added when one achieves 48 stars. It needs to be spiced up!! I will reconsider if changes happen.

Selena Barton

Crashes Installed 6/12/16 It was fun for a version with such size restrictions until level 44 where it keeps crashing and costing lives so that no progress can be made. Have made it a bit farther by 16th, but constantly crashing and freezing up. Seems to randomly decide to crash on a level until all prior levels are 3 star to stop that crashing level to maybe go another before it does it again with everything starred. Close to uninstalling due to crashing.

Claire Parsons

Please link to an account like Facebook. Got upto level 50 but had to start again with a new phone! Otherwise would have been 5*

Valerie Winn

Delighted Played on Facebook, now I can play wherever I am.

Valentine 666

Boring It's perfect for people who don't know how to solve crosspix. But I get totally borer. Btw it's lagging pretty often.

Ruth Cooper

Riddle Stones I enjoy playing this and I have recommended the game to my sister


This is the most enjoyable game of its kind!

Gillian Dadson

Great!!! Nice to give the brain and good workout .

Sherry Wallace

Aggrevated Constantly freezing and not responding.

Nancy Harman

Glad I can get it on my phone but... Are you EVER going to get where it syncs with the facebook version? What's the point of finally getting the android app if you can't sync your laptop version and receive gifts from your friends? I love that it's on my phone but it's just NOT the same game.

Regina Davis

Would give more stars but it starts your level over if you have to change screens. Hey a phone call or a text and answer it and it resets you back to the start of your current board. Otherwise I love the game.

Pamela Roland

Awesomeness Love this game

Paula Sweat

Game reset I had done over 350 games and then yesterday out of the blue my game reset back to start. Also out of all the ones I did I never received any boosts. I don't mind buying boosts but other games give boosts when you reach certain levels. Please help because I really do like this game.

Maleigha Kaufman

Keeps my brain thinking It doesn't let you stop thinking for a second, great time waster. Only complaint is it drains battery...solo quickly. Other than that, LOVE IT!

Michelle Barney

Fun and relaxing It is fun and gives you something to do without the extra intensity that most puzzles have. I can relax and enjoy using my mind without feeling pressured. A must have if your looking for a relaxing good time.

Katelin Gannon

Good game but... The game is great, but it is a BIIIIG battery drain and it keeps freezing! I'll be in the middle of a level and it will freeze, and have I have to force end the game, when I come back I have to start the level over and I've now lost a life!

Melissa Melvin

Love the game but I don't have wifi and the stupid ad videos every 3 minutes are using all my data

Shauna Leighton

Need X options We need the option to x out squares

Lita Gallant

Fun and challenging Enough amount of fun with enough amount of challenge! I love this game ?

Doris Morton

Love this game

Leatha Archer

Update sucks Since the last update my game sucks eveytime an ad comes on after they make you a deal and you push the X it never plays tru and you get riddle stones is not responding wait or end (if you wait 5min for that to actually pop up) same thing happens when you watch the video to save a life to keep playing. You end up having to close out and end up losing a life anyways. Please fix or i am going to delete your game.

Laurie Whiteley

Ok Would be nice to have a button to cross off squares that aren't part of the puzzle. Otherwise good game.

Judy Barry

Enjoyable but... Could be so much better. Having an actual picture as a result would add interest to the puzzles. They seem random patterns, and nothing like the photos given as examples above. There are places where guessing is the only alternative and for a random pattern logic does not help.

Diana Rodemeier

Good but needs improvement. This game will draw you in, but it does need help. Some puzzles can't be solved logically. It would also be nice to create pictures while solving the puzzle.

Jennifer Krejce-Boldt

Awesome This game is addicting but always crashes please fix this problem

Joyce Edison

Fun! Good tutorial on how to play. Addictive!

Dennis Cole

Good game well presented

Heather Wolfe

Love Love this game just a shame i had to restart when i switched to a new phone

Mandi Hale

Fun game and gets more difficult as you go

Seema G

Levels do not seem to get harder Fun but the game gets boring as the levels do not seem to get harder.

Nathalie Hughes

Super Easy but requires some brain ! Love it !

Emma Budreau

Good game, unbearable ads Great game, loved the first 30 levels, then hit 30 second unskippable ads after EVERY level. Impossible to enjoy now with no momentum. Too frustrating.

Maria Vlasiou

Get this I play it all the time. Plus points: many levels, classic puzzle, easy controls, polite with ads, can play indefinitely if a reasonable player (and without purchases), addictive. Minus points: rarely repeated levels, often non-unique solutions, pointless 1-star rating as you can never get that, too many offers to buy stuff (not needed. The game is easy as is).

Haitham Ahmed

Very bad Ads Good game, love the Facebook version, mobile version with 30 seconds ad. not a good choice, consums data plan :@

Dawn PJones

Not as much fun. Played this game for a while. However, the ads have become intrusive to the point I am deleting the game. Wish I could tolerate the ads.... bye bye Riddle Stones, you were fun...

Catherine Muller

Love the game! Blocks are too small on many puzzles on my 7 " tablet with a stylus so you inadvertently touch the wrong block!!! Useless to try & play!

Kristi Doss

Game freezes and crashes The game itself is great, but it freezes at least 2 to 4 times a night. Every time it freezes, it takes away a life and you have to restart the level you were on.

Heather PunkMummy

Great game Challenging and fun, but costs ridiculous amounts of money to play once you use up your lives or run out of spells.

Liz Taplin

Love the game but seriously considering deleting due to all the ads. They are popping up after every other game now.

Steven Graydon

Real brain teaser. Good fun..

Crystal Ramirez

Great game and very addicting

Marian Chadwick

Fab and addictive

Steve Chlo

Pretty cool puzzle game No way to Exit the game. Must go to Song - Apps - and Kill the game. Uninstalling due to most basic function missing. Let me know when it is added so I'll be able to Exit/Quit on demand.

Heather Whitley

Grids repeat It's a fun game, but once you get to higher levels they reuse old grids. I have several grids memorized because I've played them so many times.

Amy Van Heel

Love it!! Fun puzzle that's make you think! Only thing I dont like is to get health bags you need to spend money. Why not get prizes for getting all the stars in each section?

Coraima Anguiano

Too many repeating levels The higher levels have the same puzzles over and over. Not very fun after you remember all the grids. Please fix this. I enjoy the game but this makes it pointless to play anymore.

Amber Wilson

It's good game but After a while you gotta wait for keys and it's not letting me send to friends who play the game so cannot progress further. I love the game apart from this

Ben R

Wrong Moves Love this game! Would have been 5 stars if it wasnt for the fact that if you make a wrong move it shouldnt take so much of your life away

Katrina Steele

LOVE this game....but I absolutely love this game but the lives go to quick and there is no way to earn only buy. Wish it was connected to Facebook like so many others so we old ask our friends there for lives

Russell Gantman

Fun but guessing involved It would be nice if all the levels were able to be solved by logical deduction. Some you just have to guess at. Also wish there was a way to mark "definitely empty" like their FB version

Jennifer Smith

Love these puzzles I've done puzzles like this on my ds and passed all levels. This is a mix of hard and easy. I enjoy them to make me think a bit. Not too hard.

Ronda Andersen

Love it most of the time. Getting a little irritated when I have to do the same puzzle on different levels.

Shawna Ashead

Great time suck When I play, I lose track of time. Makes you think.

Tabatha Pinkston

Cute game It's a cute game that you can do when you only have a little time or lots of time. Can always go back and replay levels if you want all the stars.

Beth Spivey

It freezes up and you lose your level otherwise addicting.

Kylie Sherman

Would prefer more colors in each puzzle and to make shapes, but game is still fun, good way to kill time.

Candace Strube

I like it. It get challenging at times

Kate Blanchette

question how many levels are there? and my version looks different

Dawn Parsons

So fun The thought of being timed is frustrating but it's fun to play so far.

Jessica Kauhi

Addicting puzzle game Wish we could connect to Facebook using the smartphone app!

Sharon Hudson

Addicting Very addicting and hard to put down once you get the hang of it.

Kandace Jaconski

No sign in options I am pretty far on this game on Facebook and this game has no log in or sign up.

Fun Has some glitches but is really fun!

Nicole Hansen

Awesome game! Good game that will make you think and use math and reasoning skills.

Ashlie Farrand

Riddle Stones Really makes you think in the later levels. Nice way to pass the time.

Jon Brousseau

Riddle stones Fill in the right squares

Laura Stewart

Super challenging I love this game because it keeps me focused and thinking

Amber Shawhan

Addictive Can't stop playing it.

Needs exit Great game but have to open task manager to exit the game.

Gail Lee McGowan

Great game Really makes you think and use your logic

Angel Taylor

Love the game but could use more lives then 1

Linda Mizzell

This is a really fun game that makes you think. Love it

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