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25 Mar
Rhythm Teacher: Music beats

Posted by Gamya in Education | March 25, 2015 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

Do you want to play your instrument with perfect timing? Do you play guitar, piano, drums or any kind of music instrument? Tired of boring practice?

Learn to play any instrument and how to read music is a difficult task that requires lots of practice. But the practice don't have to be boring. Rhythm teacher it's the perfect tool for your music education. This rhythm game teaches you how to read music in a fun and easy way. It's perfect for your rhythm training! With a bit of practice on every level you'll learn that sight reading is easier than you thought. It's like having a music school on your device.

In this application you'll learn from how many beats are contained in each bar and which note value is given to one beat, to advanced concepts in reading music. Improve your music sight reading with the exercises ranging from easy 4/4 simple rhythms to complex compasses of two rhythmic lines at the same time. This app includes the definition for every music concept introduced in increasing difficulty, from beginner to pro.

Also, you can log into your Google play account to measure your progress with other players.


• Simple and understandable explanation for every new music rhythm concept introduced.
• Fun rhythm game experience for practicing the exercises that will teach you how to read music.
• Polyrhythm exercises with two lines at the same time.
• Gradual progression on the difficulty of the music theory concepts introduced.
• Leader-board with the scores acquired to watch your progress.
• Can be used by any number of different users.
• Google play support to post your scores online.
• A new way to practice for your instrument: Piano, violin, guitar... Even if you are a drummer/percussionist.

Lessons include:

★ Note and rest duration: whole (semibreve), half (minim), quarter (crotchet ), eighth (quaver), sixteenth (semiquaver).
★ Dotted notes.
★ Tied notes.
★ Triplets.
★ Off-beat notes.
★ Syncopation.
★ Anacrusis.
★ Simple time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4...
★ Compound time signatures: 6/8, 9/8...

Translated to:
* Inglés: Rhythm Teacher
* Español: Ritmo y solfeo.

Whats new

    - Lag issues on some devices solved.
    - More levels: 67 levels total.
    * 12/8 time signature.
    * dotted 8th + 16th rhythm pattern.

Gamya part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 25, 2015. Google play rating is 89.9433. Current verison is 1.30. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download rhythm-teacher-sight-reading.apk 11.0 MB


Jonathan Kamarata

Would like to give 5*s but lacking a few things It needs to have an " audio preview " of the rhythms before you start a lesson. Button response seems to lag.

franc e

wonderful!!!! A wonderful app. Easy to follow. A must for all serious learners. But would even be better with sounds of recognisable musical notes. Keep it up!! And thanks!!!!!!

Mehmet Yousouf

Excellent app It would be even better with sound input.

Amos Ostos

Great aplication I like a lot this aplication

David Parry

So good Simple and educational

Rick Uanjengua

Absolute Fun Having reached level 57 and having experienced a superior learning curve, I would recommend this to anyone: amateur or professional!

Janet Guglielmino

Very useful.

Ashley T


Alejandro Raygoza

Awesome Very fun way to practice. Me and my wife played for a while and we had a lot of fun.

Michael B

Great app Good for rhythm training

Mehdi Fattahi

Very good I like it

Randy Quintero

Liked it

Jia Yi Chow

Useful Helps me understand the notes and helps me develop a sense of rhythm. Would be better if they can add a level that allows us to arrange the notes and play that level.

Dominic Butler

This really works!! Very useful tool. Timing has given me trouble forever. This is a really great way to just drill in music notation and rhythm. It would be nice if the interface and graphics were improved

אלה דומברובנר

I want more free levels.. :(

Rohit Bhusan

Superb Excellent game. Love that it helps you practice more complex patterns.

exalt 36

I love this app It's very helpful.

navid karimiyan

Great thanks to developer

Xavier Miranda

Innovative A really good and different app from other music theory apps. Ideas i would like the developers to implement: option to change the tempo of the levels and randomization on the order of the bars of the level, so each replay is a little bit different so the user doesn't memorize the level to score better.

Ashley Roefs

It never registers whent I tap the notes! I have an HTC Desire 510 and this app does not work properly on my phone. Every time I try to play a level, it does not notice or register that I have tapped the notes. I have tried several levels, several times and not once did it register my tap. It's too bad because I was really looking forward to having this app on my phone. My friend had it on his phone and it was really cool and fun to play. Infortunately, I will be uninstalling.

Massimo Ferrario

During the game here is a very high time lag between my tap on the screen and the application noticing it: I have to tap about 1/8 in advance to get the exercise right! This happens on both devices I tried: a Samsung Tab4 tablet running Android 5.0.2 and a Samsung Ace 3 phone running Android 4..2.2. For me it's pretty useless, but I see so many good reviews that I think it's a problem related to Samsung devices... or did I miss a "calibration" feature?

Emma Atkinson

Very good. A few enhancements needed I'm an adult beginner enjoying teaching myself rhythm with this app. I would like: some of the darker background colours to show white or yellow notes; there might be a small lag in touch detection, using the Mic and tapping the phone might be better; a user selectable sound for my playing; flipping the display 180 degrees would help get my power cable out of the way on my phone. Good work and thanks.

Tracy Samphier

Excellent I was looking for something to help my son with his sight reading. This is really good. Has some quite complex rhythms. Yes the lag is annoying but the app is still helpful. It would also be really helpful if the bars could be randomised so we aren't just learning the rythms. Overall great app! Thanks. :-)

Leah Tea

Amazing. This is just what I needed. It's a really great way to start reading rhythm. Love the way that background color changes to keep you focused. This app is so good, even funding the adds annoying is impossible! The only thing that bothers me, is that the countdown doesn't have a stressed first beat, so I start counting a bit late.

Stephen Blair

Great! Would like grooves and drums. This is amazing! I would love to have repeating patterns (grooves) as well as more than 2 buttons (like for drums). Would be nice to be able to raise tempo for more difficulty. I see this as a practice tool more than a game.

Matt Foster

Wow Oh boy first grade music class! I learned mary had a little ? lamb and twinkle twinkle little star! I never knew four fourths was equal to one

Kaitlyn Krohn

Works great! Perfect for beginning or advanced musicians! Makes it fun and easy to familiarize yourself with common rhythms and practice sight reading. Simply follow along and tap the screen to match the beat. Simple metronome makes it easy to keep a steady tempo

Rhonda Shore

Fun while improving rhythm skills. Very enjoyable games. One always likes to compete against oneself and improve.

J Herbsty

Was a good idea but... I generally appreciate the app's approach, but in practice it's just not useful because of the latency. I'm using one of the fastest cleanest cell phones on the planet, but it isn't possible to score unless I click milliseconds before the beat. I mean simple tests like whole notes, half notes and quarter notes without even any variation. I wasted 15 minutes looking for something I might have missed. Nope. A rhythm app is just not helpful with this much latency. Also, the ads interrupt. I'll keep looking.

Jonathan Poland

So far so good! Hoping this is gonna help a bunch with my rhythms. My only wish is that they'd allow you to hold a note by keeping your finger on the screen for the duration of it's value, instead of just tapping it once for the whole value of the note

Mordechai Halpern

Great app For beginners and intermediate players. Even professional could use this to sharpen there knifes

Natasha Monroe

Not working This seems like it could be a good app, but I'm having issues with it. When I tap on it the app doesn't register. Also, it would be nice if there were actual instructions on the home page.

Leticia Mendoza Narro

There are very few Levels for free It is a very great help if you start from the very basics then you must pay.

Adelaid Fritzwent

Adi I have alot of problems with the rhythm and beats.but right now i'm gonna say goodbye to all of them by this nice app

Eli Roth

Has Potential! This app has great potential to be a fun way to improve rhythm. Unfortunately, I can't give it 5 stars because in order to get an "A" grade for each note, you have to tap right before the metronome click. It gets incredibly confusing in the later stages when you have to take that in account. Maybe there is some for of input delay?

Nick Bubnov

Nicely done I love this app and I train with it every day. Please fix touch lag issue though.

John Jubal Murphy

Home Run I have been looking for an app like this one for a long time now. And for me it is the best one I've come across yet and is in a league of it's own as apps go!

Raisa Nusrat

Educational and entertaining. Really good. No time lag problem seen on my samsung tab so far like other reviews say. I was already familiar with the notes and rest and knew how they play, so for a totally new learner I don't know if the instructions are clear enough.

Trung Nguyen

Amazing effects Anination and random change of color make rhythm training more captivating. Looking forwards to triplet and syncopation lessons.

Yinon Kuperstein

Nice but... What about note grouping? Notes never actually appear like that

Janine Sasser

Great!! This app has taught me so much more than I could have learned on my own... great app for ppl who r trying to teach themselves..

Cindy Eniola

Terrible app Can't understand it. Is it a game or what. Or how is it to be used. No explanation nothing. Save your data and don't download this terrible app.

Amanda Heroman

Not a bad app. It is definitely helpful in learning to keep time. The only thing that would make it better is more "tap" surface instead of just the one spot.

Meli Melo

Great exercises. Great exercises and a good variety of them. It would be nice if it could also count the duration of the note the user plays though. For example, if the exercise calls for a half note and I only play a quarter note, it will be counted as correct as long as I hit it at the right moment even though I am releasing it too early.

David Jensen

I like the concept but I feel like beginners will develop bad habits from the lag and lack of note groupings. I would recommend clapping along and not using the button provided except to unlock new levels

Lucia Garcia

A fun learning tool I'd been looking for a rhythm game for a long time that went up to the more advanced levels that I needed. Now I've finally found it! I'm a piano teacher and I also frequently recommend it to my students.

Busrah Bujang

Very addictive... It forces u to read N feel the rhythms...


So helpful! This ap is giving me great practice at recognising different rhythms. I'm getting better at it and would love to see more examples of each test. Huge thanks.

John Mccullah

Very good app! Had a friend who said he'd always wanted to play guitar, but didn't have any rhythm. This app gave him the confidence to learn a few chords! I use it a few minutes a day, and can tell a difference in my strumming when I play with a metronome.

Sandra Schenk

Helpfull I am an intermediate skilled musician,but I am still finding this software usefull. I breezed through the first 12 levels, then it started to get really hard. I will see if the timing translates to playing an actual instrument. One major downside. The tempo can not be changed and the music doesn't change either. I have a Samsung tab 4 and I don't get any lag.

Karen Kim

Great App I'm glad I found this app. Really found what I was looking for to help improve my timing and rhythm. Something I never mastered but now see myslef improving and working on through this app. Thank you!

Andy O'Neemus

Great app There are some big problems with Android's audio latency, and this app nicely sidesteps them to deliver a genuinely useful rhythm tutor. It will be pushed on my students! An option to add an accent on the one beat for the metronome, changing the sounds to something bassy on the bass and trebly on the treble for the two part exercises, and giving some kind of continuity to the weird random background colours would improve things nicely. Tempo options would be nice too. Thanks for another good and useful app.

Zan Nie

If you love Staff Wars you will like this I am alright with the beginning rhythms but needed to work on the harder ones. This app helps me to do that. One question what is the difference between this version and the pro version? Also screen has begun to flip around during play. Would be helpful to lock screen orientation.

Jafar Raza


nelson morales

Loved it I've tried a few of these apps & this one is absolutely the best and easiest to use, gets you right to work u can practice each level as long as u need to, no problems with the app no glitches, I'm glad I found it & hope many others do to.

Theodore Zahov

Very good app The apply is very good and does what it says. Good rhythm reading and learning tool. What I would suggest is to add "prolonged tap" option. The player should hold its finger until the note duration expires, like on a piano.

Aimee Lauezzari

Love this app My students and I use this app often. I only wish there was beaming.

abdel njiopa

Best for rhythm I really had a big problem in rhythm. But this app is solvong it already very well. Thanks

Cheryll Cooper

Really cool app. So bad counting rhythm but it's making me better


Greatly fun and helpful! BUT... The lag between the start of the exercise and the countdown is very considerable. It would be great to have the option of changing the tempo and the number of countdowns before beginning the exercise. Also, some added variability in the repetition of levels would be great. Other than that, very good and helpful app! More levels and content please!


Brilliant App This App has really helped me establish a sense of rhythm. Being a pianist, I think knowing different rhythms is crucial, and this App is really good in the sense that it gradually gets more difficult in subsequent levels. 57/66 Golds so far, hoping I get them all!

Kamal Ali

Very helpfull I have always had a problem with rhythm. Loved this app and I can tell from begining it will help me. Thank you

Bobby Hubbard

?AWESOME I love this app! I've had a lot of trouble with my rhythms and this has solved most of my problems. I highly recommend this app??.

Tamera Mayta

Just started learning, I see this app will help with keeping a beat. And if I apply myself even the tricky ones.

eric msgid

This app has taught me so much am dumbfounded. Thanks guys

Micah Berg

Great, fun tool! Now I can practice during random down time when away from instrument.

Matt Foster

Wow Oh boy first grade music class! I learned mary had a little ? lamb and twinkle twinkle little star! I never knew four fourths was equal to one

Joaida Acevedo

Its a little hard at first when you dont understand rhythm but its fun once you get the hang of it! Ive learned so much from this app!!!

Vaggelis Dimopoulos

Excellent app but... I think the confusion is not because of latency, but due to the wierd motion of bars. Every time that i memorized a short pattern looking ahead i played it in perfect time. When i read and play simultaneously it becomes more difficult to stay in time. So ithink it would be better moving the score with a constant velocity. Overall awesome app!

Ryan Pringle

Excellent Been looking for a way to tighten my timing. Sometimes my phone lags but thats not the fault of the app. First day and Im already experiencing improved sense of rhythm. Thanks

Kelly Hasty

Fine on mute Lag, can't adjust tempo. I will come back to it if I can't find an option with no lag.

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