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5 Jun
Retro Wars Arcade

Posted by Pocket Guru in Arcade | June 5, 2014 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

Relive the classic 80's arcade experience with Retro Wars Arcade. Inpired by the the hit arcade game Star Wars Arcade. You control the rebel starfighter,
your goal is to destroy the enemy Space Station. To do this, you must reach the thermal exhaust port
at the end of the trench and fire torpedos into it.

You must survice three phases of play to reach the exhaust port. The first phase of play will engage you in a
spectacular battle in space. Your goal is too destroy all enemy fighter while dodging fire.

The second phase takes your ship to the surface of the battle station, which is covered with laser bunkers
and laser towers.

The third phase takes you deep into the battle trench. The trench is lined with red laser gun
turrets that fire at you. Avoid the catwalks and the turret fire and shoot the exhaust port
to clear the level.

Vector Graphics - retro style graphics with vector line display
Voice enhanced game play
Twitch based gameply with simple touch controls
Online Leaderboards - compete with your friends
Achievements - earn badges to become the best fighter pilot in the galaxy
Unlimited GamePlay - never play the same level twice with procedural levels

Pocket Guru part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 5, 2014. Google play rating is 79.4404. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download retro-wars-arcade.apk 11.0 MB


Jeremy Stephenson

Fun Game ! Very fun to play. Takes me back to when I played it at local arcades. Only small annoyance is how they did the voices of Darth Vader & Luke. In the original arcade version, they used actual audio clips from the film & you heard the voices of Mark Hamill & James Earl Jones. Still, it's fun.

Juan Ramirez

It's ok... I remember the game when growing up, but the robotic voice is kinda annoying. Was hoping for luke and this possible??

Xx xX

Nostalgia... The high rate is because this is based off of the first rideable video game I played as a child. Game it self is so so.

Robert Catiller

Just like shooting womp-rats back home!!! A great clone of the old arcade game. Creative substitutions in the game title and sounds to avoid copyright infringement. :-) I was skeptical about how this would play using touchscreen, but it plays pretty well. I'd love to see this developer do some more retro arcade cloning or even better see them licensed to do full carbon-copy retro games!

Richard Craig

Good recreation. First, to all the idiots whining about the voices not being the original, umm, ever heard of copyright laws? Disney would sue the pants off this dev if they included the original samples. I do miss the fly-in transition to the Death Star, but maybe that was another copyright concern. The touch controls seem almost too easy and detract from the gameplay... Like others, I would suggest gyro controls as an option.

drwhite 2001

Poor ripoff Needs gamepad input at least I can't see what I'm doing with my fat fingers in the way

Mark Vincent

Awesome attempt! Played this for hours as a child in the arcade and this is very faithful! Copyright issues on the sounds don't detract from the game too much. Needs a different control system seriously bad though!!!!!! 5 stars if you can get my finger out of the way......

Kevin K

Simple and Fun A very classic game, not too involved, and lots of fun. The retro graphics are a fun twist, and the game play is refreshingly simple. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because the ship upgrades are cash only. I'd suggest an update making them available for game points.

nick najera

Nostalgic This is a great everyone else said...this needs gyro steering with a firing button....the star wars music and soundbytes. I would definitely support this game monetarily....These changes would make this perfect... I can deal with the shield not charging between levels...

Chewbacka Grizelda

Good copy of original! I've been looking for this game for over 20 years! Only complaint is that it keeps saying to increase the power, but I can't remember how or find a way to do that. Help?

Brian Clarke

Its a really good start... But needs work to keep my attention. I played this game constantly in the 80's. My best friend and I used to have hours-long sessions at local store of some kind - I don't even remember what kind, all I cared about was this game. It was awesome. This adaptation is screaming for a D-Pad and a fire button at the very least. It would rock if it could have a flight yoke that would respond to taps by firing the blasters. Also, you need shield power ups between stages. Kudos to the developer - this is the best and closest I've seen to the actual video game.

Mark Siegman

Retro wars arcade I like this game I used to play games like this back in the seventies and eighties I will stay with you around I like them when they were in the Arcade I spent a lot of time and money in the Arcade I'm 51 years old

Stanley Metz

Retro starwars Very good except shields don't increase by one when completing a level like the arcade version does. But still fun. Cat walk levels trickier than the arcade version too. However, tower levels are easier. Good retro fun.

Connor Hobart

Fat fingers... And shield The controls r a bit sucky but still a gr8 game... I agree with many others, the voices could be original but for obvious reasons ( it cost alot)... And plz install a shield revive.. Thx ?

Joseph Rangel

Red 5 standing by It is what it is. Great effort, lots of fun. For obvious copyright reasons, much of the beloved sound effects and voice work is gone. Understandable. 5 stars for doing precisely what the dev set out to.


Pretty good I'm only giving it 4 stars, because you can't revive your shield after beating a level and there is no control for the ship other than the cursor to shoot down enemies.

Matt Dingo

Pros and cons Great adaption of a child hood arcade game. Controls are awkward. Definitely looks like the original. It plays no where near the same.


Awesome game! Great game! You should add tilt controls and left and right firing controls by tapping each side of the screen. Also add extra shield everytime a wave is completed.

Andrew Crown

Retro wars Just like the old arcade game. Very cool. Would be better if it had a fire button so u dont have your finger right in the screen

Jensen Newton

Really cool What a cool version of this game. I remember as a kid sitting inside the dedicated simulator to play this game at 10p a go. To have it on my phone now is brilliant.

Catherine Fielding

Hard at first but once you get used to it its great I hated it at first but you should give it time and you will like it but please add some money you can earn on the game I don't have real money to spend on it money doesn't grow on trees

Alex torres

Not bad! :D Keep Going! I think that need diferent Star wars songs for each part :) efects are good and sounds .. Keep going

Big Al Kirk

NOT BAD AT ALL I remember this classic arcade game when I was a kid and pumping in 10p after 10p (yes arcade games were only 10p back then). So Im quite pleased to have found this. Id recommend this to retro arcade and Srar Wars fans.

Charles TROST II

Nostalgic but laking Would be a 5* game if it allowed on screen directional pad and buttons, or gyroscope input. Other than that great job!

Sheldon Liddy

Really good I know I'm only 14 but I love star wars and I found out about this game and thought I must pay it, and I found this and I think it's a pretty good game, but how do you increase power??

Guy Edmonds

Shooting Tip This is as close to the original Atari vector graphics Star Wars Arcade and is great fun to play, hats off (if I had one) to the developers, Shooting Tip, other people have said that the cross hair is covered up when shooting which makes it difficult to see, use both thumbs or fingers in the same direction to move cursor towards enemies for a better experience, please if you could in an update include the shield power back after levels and could you please do Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi,

Justin Zimmerman

ripped me off paid to upgrade my shield to 7 shields, but it wont regenerate all of them. On anything after wave 8, it stops giving you shields back at all...

Joseph Cortez

I am having a blast with this. Only wish it would increase shield by one after each wave completed.

David Silva

Cool retro but needs a bit of improvements This is a great take on the classic but there needs to be a DPad in a lower corner and a fire button in another corner. Putting your finger in the middle to steer/shoot doesn't let you see much

Shane Monroe

A ripoff at best ... First, if you're going to blatantly rip off a great arcade game, might as well steal the music too. Game needs it. Second, the game is analog and should be played with gyros. Finally, I take offense to those looking to make money off another IP like this. Might as well get Mame4droid reloaded and play this game right.

Michael Friedman

Ah, this one takes me back! The graphics take me right back to the early arcade days. The basic game play is good but my finger does block some of the screen. Overall I really like this game.

Mark Ottiwell

Retro wars What a bloody great game. Cant u use a normal voice tho. Very annoying and would be great with the star wars music. But u cant probably change to that. Miss the red 5 I'm going in. Great game tho

Karlos Hempstock

The force will be with you... Always Not tried it yet but I'm gonna go ahead and give it 5(*) just cos I have waited a long time for this! Played it on emu. But lacks sound quality! Now let's blow this thing and go home

Colin Abrams

4 stars only no shield increase but wanted this version to come out one console format you can't beat a classic next original outrun please. Never forget the 80's

Gary Furlong

Retro wars arcade Awesome. Takes me back to childhood sitting in the big booth arcade version! Highly recommended for 80's kids.

Chris Fretwell

Fun retro arcade feel Good game play for a free app, so hard to complain about that. My only problem came up when I tried to preform an in-app purchase (a very resonable $0.99 for the regenerating shield).

david hodgson

Need gyro control Looks great please improve the control method I would pay for tilt control

Glenn Davis

Great game! Just as I remember playing it in the arcade decades ago! Just wish the shields regenerated after every level like the original game.

Brian Berg

Best Game ever I have not seen this game since the 80's

kenny jackson

class love it but any chance of star wars 1 of this this is 2nd version i loved 1st one

C. Cinton

Retro wars So far most realistic retro 80 Star Wars game and it's free best price is FREE 5 stars

Arthur Hardt

Its not bad but.... Its missing all the sounds from the original game. FOR YOU STAR WAR FANS THAT REALLY WANT IT. DOWMLOAD MAME4droid. Blue lable logo. Then goto internet using phone. Goto coolroms its free website. Type in Star wars. Look for mame or mame4droid version. Download. Goto download file. Copy to ROM...MAME4DROID...ROM FOLDER. if not sure copy to all "rom" folders. Restart walla. Original Star Wars Arcade Version. Coolroms website also has the 2nd one Empire Strikes Back Arcade for mame too.

Darren Luke

Daza luke Takes me back to Me child hood when I used to play with friends great stuff?

Kevin Biggs

Decent, but Touch screen for controls really detracts from the game, you can't see what your doing, tilt controls, while possibly harder, would allow you to see what your doing

Manuel Aquino

Fun recreation of original SW Arcade game but I feel that the touch aiming of the sight takes away from the experience. To those complaining about the original sounds this is NOT the original game but a recreation. Disney owns the rights to Star Wars now and would immediately have this game taken down if the developer used the original sounds. Idiots!

Bryan Mena

Good but needs more control options The game is good but it use an onscreen joystick, its kinda annoying having your finger on the screen the way it is.

Carlos Teran

For an unlicensed game based upon a venerable vector arcade game, this re-dress is awesome. The graphics feel great, and the port is clean and fast moving, trying its best to emulate the control scheme from the original. The music and sound effects are very generic, then again the Evil Empire might send a cease and desist order if they try to do otherwise. Very generous with the achievements, by the way.

Alan Richardson

The force is strong in this 1! Fantastic game!. I would go to the seaside & spend hours looking for this original game. Many thanks to the developer ?. I do miss the voices but again I understand y it's not possible or at least being researched. I miss the most was the music that you heard at the end of blowing up the death star maybe having have some descent music on finishing the death star would improve on an already FANTASTIC game & I think it would make other people improve their ratings


Nope With no star wars music,and stupid irritating robotic voices, this just doesn't feel like star wars in any way. Uninsulated within 10 minutes of playing. Don't waste your time with this rubbish if you think this is anything like the real retro game. It isnt.

Stephen Willetts

Fun game I remember playing this in the when I was young in the arcade and wanting to own it. Now I get to own it for free. I am one happy chappie :). The voice over is stupid though.

Michael Sullivan

Good Recreation! Good recreation of the original game. I could care less about the voices myself.. My only critique is that its difficult to see the targets with my finger in the way. Can you move the controls to the sides or bottom?

Aidan Miles

Good game to play when you dont have anything else to do. Make a difference between darth vader and lukes voices

Marco - Kimberly Villarreal

Cool for what it is. Gives you the feel if the old classic, though missing some things. I did download the acutal arcade via MAME, but it's hard to control without a yoke style controller. Retro Wars simplifies controlls by either tapping on the targets to fire. you can also use both thumbs together on each side of the screen to control the "X" to give it the feel of the original arcade. Some upgrades could make this game better, but it's a fun game for what it is.

David Baxter

Awesome effort!! A little buggy but such similar play to the original I think it's a keeper. Thanks for the flashback!

cp C

Sounds a bit iffy. Might I suggest storing the audio in a directory we can access ;)

DTandZoë Braven-Giles

Brings back memories! Just wish it had the original sounds, but it's still great to see this game again.

Paul Lima

How this got passed the copyright laws is amazing, its like a slow version of the original star wars arcade game, needs transitions when entering death star

Raith Munro

Brought back memories But this implementation is not as satisfying as it could be. I expect that film audio samples would get this banned but they did add a lot of appeal in the original game. Shooting fireballs in the trench is too hard without causing bridge crashes. Finally the deathstar explosion is a let-down. It used to be retina burning concentric circles rather than a distant firework :( but thanks for the memories.

Yahir Segura

Installa files _chartboost automatically It installs it auto and you can manually delete it but they come back in minutes. Hate that . Liked the game but it kills it for me . It downloads about 100 adds for you without you knowing . Go to your files and i guarantee the file is there

Christopher Weis

It's ok. Touch aiming ruins it for me. Well done clone of an older coin-op. The touch aiming totally ruins the experience.

Julien Breau

Can't see Nice but unless you have a bluetooth mouse or pen you don't see much of what your shooting at. Especially in the trench.

Nick Murdic

Finally! I have been hoping for this game! After reading the reviews, I saw that some of the players are confused by the in game quotes, mainly "Try to increase the power!" These quotes aren't actually meant to be goals, objectives or commands. The original game had audio bites from the Star Wars movie. I imagine due to copyright issues, the quotes are now digitized voices of the movie quotes. My only suggestion I have is for the developer is to offer a paid, ad-free, unlocked version.

Bri Robertson

Good game... But the controls are shocking. I actually like to see the game I'm playing, not my hands..... On the pause screen I see a small box with an image of a controller in it, is this a settings option because it's not working on my nexus 4. Please add on screen controller and I'm back to the 80's....

keith lucas

Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky! I really liked this game. I am actually old enough to remember playing this game in the arcade. If I can make a suggestion for improving it. I would allow for tilt maneuvering, and shooting via side buttons on screen, instead of shooting by finger tapping the screen. Also, the Death Star explosion was much bigger and brighter in the arcade version. Otherwise, great game guys.

Alan Richardson

The force is strong in this 1! Fantastic game!. I would go to the seaside & spend hours looking for this original game. Many thanks to the developer ?. I do miss the voices but again I understand y it's not possible or at least being researched. I miss the most was the music that you heard at the end of blowing up the death star maybe having have some descent music on finishing the death star would improve on an already FANTASTIC game & I think it would make other people improve their ratings

Michael Touma

Truly retro I love it!! Best played with a stylus. I'd give it 5 stars if only it would let me access control option. Also, is there a version of The Empire Stiles Back Arcade? I tried Retro Arcade 2 but nothing came up.

Daniel Scott

Need some sort of button action. My finger just gets in the way of the screen. If that option was available then I definitely would enjoy it much more. Good attempt at a remake of a great classic game.


Great rendition, but... gyro controls would bat this one out of the park! It's extremely distracting to have your finger placed over whatever you want to shoot at. It's difficult to see potential threats because of this. The original soundtrack would be an immense plus, however, I know it's not possible due to copyright laws, therefore I can overlook that minor inconvenience.

Scot Carr

Old school authenticity! I played the original in arcades (dating myself...God I'm old!), so an old school bootleg copy like this sure brings back memories. Until an authorized one comes along, this be all right!

Christopher Valdez

Very like original, but in-app purchases deceptive I used to love this game. I still do. But the in-app purchases, while not expensive, are inaccurately described. If you buy 1 extra shield, then 2 extra shields, then 3 extra shields, that should add up to 6 extra shields. But each purchase nullifies the previous one. 3 extra is the most you can get. Same counting if you buy the refill shields for clearing levels. 1+2+3=3. And 9 is the maximum. If you finish a level with 9 shields, you get nothing, no matter how many you've purchased.

Paul Hawkins

iWish... Instead of abrupt changes between challenges on each level, a better transition, like finishing off all the TIE fighters before going to the Death Star and animating an approach to the trench after all the towers are destroyed like the movie. The voices being "electronic" is annoying, but I don't know the Disney royalties for using the originals. And maybe a gyroscope option for flight control ?

Connor Hobart

Fat fingers... And shield The controls r a bit sucky but still a gr8 game... I agree with many others, the voices could be original but for obvious reasons ( it cost alot)... And plz install a shield revive.. Thx ?

Jimbo Crimbo

Could be better My only problem is that the robotic voice is annoying me and I wish it could be old school with luke and darth voicing over

John Dohe

Great old school game. This is a game that anyone should at least download and try. All you need is your finger to control the target curser, which auto fires the lasers and hits where you move the target curser.

Angel Rosario

Retro STARBORE 1 STAR. Completely disappointed! I should feel like I'm flying. Instead I have to use my finger. Are you serious - come on. I am deleting this right now.

Doker D

Nope Misses the mark. Should have used the accelerometer to move the targeting reticle. Music and sound are terrible. Please Disney, give us the remake we diserve.

Steve Bartlett

Star Wars Somewhat like the arcade, but needs triggers and not your finger in the way of the screen... Nice to bring back some old school games... What's next? Dragons Lair?

julian tucker

Top interpretation Well done. This is an excellent game. Would give it 5 stars if there were tilt controls for operation. It's a shame you miss all the action because your finger is in the way. One option here is to plug a mouse into your device and use that! Like others, I used to play this constantly in the 80's and have been waiting for a good one to arrive on android. Options for improvement: trenches longer, a lead in to the towers, tilt control, +1 shield at end of each level. Seriously well done though.

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