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11 Sep
Resources Game

Posted by UN3X in Strategy | Sept. 11, 2016 | 208 Comments

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Go out*, find deposits, and build your first mine! (*GPS-based game, geocaching)

RESOURCES GAME is a location-based massively-multiplayer economic simulation

Scan your surroundings in the real world for resources, and find rich deposits on the map.

Build mines to extract from these deposits, and process the resources into products.

Earn money, expand your mining operations and your buildings, and earn rank and name by making the headlines in the NEWS, or upgrade your headquarters to stay ahead of the competition instead.

Get on the nerves of your annoying competitors by attacking them and looting additional resources.
Collect lost freight to recycle, sell or invest into upgrading special buildings.

Important notes and comments:

-Resources needs* GPS or network location, because you build mines according to the real geo-coordinates of where you are located. (*GPS-based game, geocaching like multiplayer online game)

-Resources cannot be played offline. An active internet connection is required to play. Therefore there may be additional costs and fees, depending on your contract with the network service provider!
A network connection speed of > 350Kbps (= min. 3G, 4G or LTE) is recommended

--- Resources is a one-man project developed during free time ---

The developer is therefore grateful if you do not go too hard on him for any lag or bugs, and instead provide constructive feedback to support and improve the app. :-) The support function within the app should make this as easy as possible.

Please show understanding if not all requests can be answered promptly and personally, since no help-desk team exists and the developer's a working family man. ;)

You can find more information about the game, including a forum, at

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    More Informations & changelog:

UN3X part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 77.3277. Current verison is 1.5.7. Actual size 28.0 MB.

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Arunas Buivydas

Arunas Great game. It takes you outside. If you want to be reach you need to travel in your town, enough sit at home.

Jay McKinnon

GPS fail App fails with note about using a GPS spoofer and Settings. My settings are fine for comparabke games and I have no GPS spoofing software. Maybe this country isn't supported yet?

Sean Livingston

Too long of wait times to get anything done. Could have made everything much cheaper.

Ryan Harvey

Worked then stopped working Created account got it working....left game came back and now the game wont load at all ....

Samuel Moore

Good Game, Minor Tweaks would make it perfect A few features that would be fantastic would be a working Global Market, allowing you to sell/buy using market share prices, volume, and price per unit as factors. This would really bring a new dynamic, as being able to play the market could be profitable. A system is in now to show fluxations of prices based on supply, but the demand isn't controlled by players. I hope this hits off in the US though, I'm the only user in my city (Out of 300,000 people I'm the only one that's playing! :D )

Edgar Wong

Can't load Hi, entering the app has been a hit or miss for me. Sometimes it would get stuck whike loading settings, sometimes it will get stuck at on of the messages on the loading bars. Thanks.

Cass Edwards

Fun for certain types of players =) Which includes me. It's a bit grindy but you do have to think about your choices, which is engaging.

Chantelle Stephenson

Wicked cool Love it, great companion to Ingress...there goes my free time

Thomas Vercetti

Love it The resources are not constant during scan.. It changes each time i scan. Also having trouble to log in.

Sarah Webb

:/ Will not allow me to open game....

Jonny Joanknecht

Best game on play store Dopewars x ingress x tycoon = Resources™ - very very addicting, well executed

Eric Crim

Login Denied I like the concept. I although only played for 10 minutes before I was disconnected and unable to log back in. Msgd Support no answer. Fix that issue and I'll raise the stars

Dennis Franssen

Addictive master piece Like heroine, hooked once tried! But to lock people out because they own 2 devices !? Tos say only multi accounts not allowed, multiple devices is not defined. Wouldn't a warning and a temp ban for like 1h be more human like?

Ziggie lee

genre setting!! build, upgrade and work your way up the levels and ranks casually or full on. many games can boast that but none make use of your location just as well as this does. After a week of playing I'm checking it often. no game will reward leaving your house like this does... its not genre leading, it's genre setting!! looking forward to this taking off.

David Pedersen

Amazing game There are still some things in german tho...

Lauren Spaulding

Great game The English is pretty flawless (from what I've seen).

Jeffrey Myers

Not responding to support. I had this game rated at 5 but a recent problem with the game to which I contacted support about has gone unanswered. Until this gets resolved I have to down rate.

Niezarm San

Level stuck!!!! My level stuck on lvl 6 only...after that no progression or improvement on my lvl % if i do any activities on my game....

Timothy Hartman

Excellent so far Not without bugs, but for a game in its relative infancy very promising. Only L20 so far and just recent updated to English, so whatever the "end game" portion is remains to be seen for me. Translation currently a little coarse and smoothness of error dialogs need some work, but certainly playable without significant number of crashes under normal stress. Player base needs to increase to really make it shine, as the major strength of the game is in the economy.

Ingþór Jónas Eyþórsson

Would like to try But it's not in English

Stefan Hegenbart

Similar to games like Ingress But combined with economics. Great so far!

Colin Dale

English please Can't tell what's going on. Looks good though.

Kyle Dozier

Won't load on my HTC one M8!!

slade steinagel

Setting up the game account (which is required) is a huge hassle.

Nicholas Yribarren

English please???

Amory Green

Note 4 verizon Ota lollipop Great work! Some things still need translation.

Ju Wi

GPS Commodities Management A huge mining and production game with the added bonus of mafia hits for those people who deserve it ;)

Dave Tester

Great game. Love these types of games where you have to get up and go out to find stuff. And then when you're home you can buy/sell commodities, upgrade your buildings etc.

Bill Farkly

Grate game Not a huge amount of players in US yet so getting mines is not as much of a fight.

Koosie De Fransie

Log in denied Can not log in again after updated, it says log in denied please fix

Breyon Kidwell

Holy $hizz I love this game im one of the few players in my area. Huge win.

Joshua Mitchell

Email problems The conformation email hasn't been getting to my email and I know it isn't my email because I have gotten email from other things

Jason Helm

Iv only had the game for a day and it worked once now it keeps asking about system time ???

Tom Butler

Good concept I do like the idea of the game. My only complaint is the fact that you have to go out to do anything, and even then it can't be played in offline mode. But other than that, it's a breat game - no lag or bugs that I've seen

Arjan Schaeffer

Get out into the world and get productive Loved the way the game made me get out there and became more and more immersive every level. Bit hard to get in to, since tutorial is meager, but it is not rocket science.

Richard Wilson

Can't play Not getting a confirmation email to start an account.

Dennis Franssen

Addictive master piece Like heroine, hooked once tried!

Samuel Hunter

Doesn't send email I've waited twelve hours for the email to arrive and there wasn't a single sign of one. Triple checked my email.

David Erasmus

Log in denied. Wont log me in.Please sort this out!!!

James Kirkwood

Did like it Let's see I did like the game up until the point where the dev my account because I got in a fight with another player I called her an a****** he locked my account didn't do anything to her even though she was sending harassing PM's which came thru after I blocked her so as I said before did like the game not so much anymore probably wont donate any more money

Jensen Chalis

Error What is systemtime?and why do i need to check it?

Diana Engelbrecht

Login denied This Sucks!!!!!!!

kyle armour

LAGGY Takes forever to log in or do anything now. Fix this developers please

Stijn Keijzer

Amazing game Amazing game, can't believe I drove a few blocks to attack another place!

Chris F

Needs to adjust for more players Servers are ridiculously slow these days, takes 5 minutes to start or switch back to even with fast strong lte connection with less than 60ms ping and 10mbit speed. Updates for trades are spontaneous and no way to do them manually. Other than that a decent game.

Jason Schepler

Battery drainer makes phone dangerously hot So I thought I would try this game looked fun, I played this for about 30 min. my phone went from 100 percent to currently 64 percent. I put my phone in my pocket after playing and it nearly burned my leg. Too bad this has to heat the battery up so hot that it nearly catches the phone on fire. I had others touch my phone they were surprised how hot it was. Uninstalling until this is fixed.

Josh G.

It's OK. Game tends to crash or be unstable on my phone. UI needs a bit of fine tuning. Get better servers or work on the protocols and work on the UI and you may have a game that I'll consistently play between portals in ingress.

StuckIn Toledo

Plagued with crashing, unstable with wifi. Game accused me of being logged in with more than one device, now my account is locked out. Resetting password did nothing. Uninstalling. Müll

Kuemnar Vascjørn

Best Game EVER!!!! The quality is amazing. The GPS is very accurate to where it follows you. And it has so much depth in the game that you will be hooked to this game for life. I give this game a 20/10 for its creativity and depth. U can also attack other businesses, which is an amazing feature. Play this game, get it!!! You don't need real money to win this game. The amount of things to do in this game is beyond any other game!!! There is no microtransactions!!

Sean Livingston

Too long of wait times to get anything done. Could have made everything much cheaper. Now that I have the update since June 13, 2015 the game stalls out and I am unable to do anything. This is the reason why I gave 2 stars as well.

Mark Riley

Good but... It always says mines are too close to each other.

Thomas Knight

Great Game! Very addicting, goes well with Ingress.

Cass Edwards

A variety of levels of engagement Fun economic simulation game which doesn't require thought to play, but I'm sure you will do a lot better if you do the maths! =)

Max Georgeson

Sad Sadly somehow my accounts already been used--sad

Reuben Arnold

no more siting at home to play games. very addictive and fun.

Richard Henniker

Genius Innovation Awesome new concept combining real life into a game. This will be a massive game in a year or so.

Ian Spicknal

Cool concept Not working day two htc one android 5.0.2. Says it won't sync with server and has been very laggy weeks previous please fix asap!

Seth Greenland

Amazing This game intricately combines world class, intelligent entertainment with a driving encouragement to explore the world around you. This GPS based game, which uses a relatively small amount of data when on the go, is an active incentive to get up and start moving. A stroll around your neighborhood to build a handful of mines (yes, literally walking around in the real world) is just the beginning. To progress, you'll have to build a lot more.

Matiss Sergejevs

Great game! In no way is it pay to win. I buy diamonds but you can only use them on factories every 5 days! That doesnt help you enough to make it pay to win!

Shampoo Shampoo

Pay to win Terrible game to play after 100 days. Boring and repetitive. Pay to win is encouraged by the developers who have an inner testing circle with access to game information that will shift the market and allow the rich and successful to stay on top.

Nathan Wiebe

Not pay to win Time limits on the potentially game breaking IAP provide suitable balance. The developer has implemented IAP well and it's very possible to be a top tier player without spending money. Additionally, I noticed somebody mention insider info giving players unfair advantages. The information that gives players an edge in this game is freely circulated in the community. Just hop on chat and ask for advice, you'll get tons of info. The game has one of the best player communities that I've encountered

Jean-Pierre Kellerman

Boring The game works fine no bugs no lag no ads no pay to win (atleast with my experiance). This being siad I found the game to hold nothing new other than haveing to walk around to places irl witch turned out being a pain. It was just not for me but its by no means bad

chris Raimondo

Great game and its addicting First off i want to assure people that this game works fine.Ignore the comments that say otherwise..there was a few hours in the 190 days or so i played that an update had a was fix in less than a few hours...the customer service recieved by this guy is better than service i recieve from large companies like W.G. and Gaingi. This game is fun and simple...the ones saying its confusing can't read the pop ups that tell you how to play..its not rocket science. This game requires SOME brains to play

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Banned after trying fake gps. Not even i got any benefit by installing this fake gps apps

J Cowell

STAY AWAY!! Finally got a reply from dev...after 5 days. Dev left a reply to my original rating. Sent me a link to a Google+ group that says he is banning cheaters. I have NOT cheated! Would love to see the proof! This is ridiculous. Just going to file complaint with Google. Read the reviews. I am not the first this has happened to. Think carefully before spending your money! You too could be "accused" of cheating and loose what you paid for.....and app needs permission to read your phone log and call history?

Chris Dobbie

Not pay to win Seems a lot of people are claiming this game is a pay to win scam. That's just not the case. You can make in app purchases and it does give you a slight advantage, but it's no where near the deciding factor. I've managed to climb my way into the top 30 players and have not once used a giant diamond. Skill and strategy are needed and just dumping piles of money at the game will not get you far. I think the folks claiming pay to win are just sour that they're lacking the basic sense to do well.

Chris Bird

I love this game. It has replaced Ingress as my first to open on my phone, and other than a few bugs and glitches here and there, I have absolutely no problem with it. As for the people complaining that it's pay to win. I can't figure out what will make you whiners happy. You complain about ads and you complain about having to pay, but when someone offers a free game that gives you the option to give a few bucks in exchange for some cool gear, you cry foul.

Jean-Mathieu Dumouchel

Captivating and healthy Brilliant with intricate game dynamics. Been living for 10 years in my neighborhood and this gps base location game has taken me to places I have never seen before. It is a great motivator to go outside and walk. You play this game when you have time and the chat is very friendly. Also, it has a good balance between spending real money and enjoying the game. Truly a great augmented reality game.

Bill McWeeney

Best Tycoon game out right now I wasn't a big fan of Ingress so I was hesitant about downloading this game. Since it was free, there was no risk. Unlike Ingress, this game is awesome. I love business simulations and combining this with GPS adds so much to it. Some of the "missions" even motivate me to go for a walk for no other reason. Unfortunately, since the game has to be open during the walk, my battery goes dead pretty quick, even with screen dim. I killed it in the mall the other day and went hours with no cell phone. Traumatic.

Adamq Carters

Harassed then banned I was harassed by another player then banned because someone randomly messages me( appatently a mod ) I told them to mind their own business not knowing and I got banned. Don't give the dev money because you will get banned and lose it.

Jared Lau

This is one to make you Get Up and Actually not be fat This is an amazing GPS based game. It makes you get up and move. People complain about movin? Ha! Try complain about getting up to get food! This is a very intuitive game and I highly recommend it!

Ethan Saxon

Amazing game This game is awesome I don't give 5 stars often but this developer has things down right as for the pay to win aspect if this was a pay win which its not there would be bigger boosts and such. Great job developing such an awesome game

Egg Plant

peice of dog turd When you have lots of in game currency the game is programmed to have a higher chance of taking it away in the form of mine accidents. dont put actually money into this game.

William Brock

Great support I was having issues logging into my account and sent an email to recover it, it required 2 emails and was done in less than a day. This game does have a bit of a learning curve but is actually quite simple once you learn it, you cannot get to the top in this game by throwing real life money at it you have to think and be active. (a calculator will be handy at some points like when determining if your factories are profitable)

Malvinace Zhen

Addicting game. May seems very complicated and intimidating at first. But once you get a hold of it; it become "much fun many wow" type of game. Earning your way up to billionaire, trillionaire. Building your first diamond mine could be a blast and making it into jewelries will makes you lots of mulla. Tho it has some down sides. Some bugs and intensive battery consumptions will probably makes this game a no go. Apart from that; the one man dev had created one amazing game to play. Not to mention keeping you fit!!

Collier Merriman

It would be so much better if they made easier to get into the game. I want to play it not sign up with my email and Google account.

Brad Henderson

Awesome Game Great Support!! Dev is awesome support is awesome. If you like money management with a twist of real world movement this is great for you! New update is great and they actually listen to the players. May not include what you suggest but they listen! Keep it up guys!

Joseph Domshy

Latest Update can't log in anymore. Welp, this is the sixth time I've tried to play this game, and finally it looked like the GPS detection was good enough to not jump 50m every three seconds. However, with the latest update I can no longer log in. I've tried everything I can think of.

Hudson Caughlin

Top notch Claim your territory now before some one else snatches it up. Like me!

free thing

Best game I've played in 2 years This game is great encourages you to get outside and play great players in game chat plenty to keep you going very addictive you don't have to pay to win but I pay to support this game as I believe in it.

Jayson Hughes

Dev! What do I have to give for a landscape view??? Game is fun and requires a certain sense of analytical prowess to get the most off your investment. The most important things I'd like to request are a landscape mode, which it would beautifully fit in, reducing the scrolling, and more than generic tech upgrade. Just name them something! Haha!

Kris Collins

Just re-reviewing: so a lot has changed since i originally started playing, the game has gotten worlds better with new fetures and missions, the community is pretty competitive, with newer aspects of the game changing dalie with the market value of any good. For those that claim its pay to win, there pretty wrong, the only 2 items that can be purchaced are giant diamonds, and tech4 upgrades you still need to get out there and explore the world to climb the ranks, and dominate the market. Would love to see some higher lv resources, just starting to get into the rouph diamond market, and would love to see something els on par with it. Keep up the improvements, thanx for the game.

jack de siec

Great game Wanderer quest 1,300 m or km?? I've traveled 30 km and it only increase by 26 point

StuckIn Toledo

Game is still buggy, but much less so with passing time. Fun to play. Lots of interesting avenues to take to the top, if that's your bit. Open ended game with no "end"

Matthew Jordan

Good game for people who like math, people who like to walk, and people who like both. Numerous ways to progress in the game, none of which are pay to win, no idea why people keep saying so. The advantage gained by paying is very negligible, and new player protections are good, combined with good scaling of the entire game to keep all players happy at all levels.

Pete Ferris

Pay to win The only way to win this game is to have access to inside information AND to pay to win. The admins are a little too ban happy and unable to actually backup their misguided actions with evidence.

Marc Brown

Worst customer support ever Worst customer support! Played for less than 12 hours in the game and came to login it was showing "login denied, contact support". Contacted support for the last 4 days straight through email and their website contact form. No response from them what so ever!

Andi Bimo Bagaskoro

Can't login Why can't I log into my account? It says login denied. Please contact [email protected] Sent an email, no response.

taylor ohnstad

Not a pay to play Awsome Its really fun to play and I love having to walk can't wait for summer when I'll walk alot more. It's pretty simple of you understand the basics of business. I my self have an iron business but I buy the iron and mine the coal (no iron deposits near me).

David Lambert

Terrible stopped working Can no longer login, get prompted to create new account. Used to be a good game. Edit: no customer/tech support complete waste of time!

William Agyare

GPS is horrible! Whenever I go somewhere it shows my location somewhere completely different while every other all that uses my location works very accurately

Felipe Gonzalez

Changed Rating For some reason I have been kicked out of my account. Signed in previously with Google+. No longer an option. Was a good game for a while until a possible update.

Alisa Hendrickson

Fun for the whole family Love this game. It is intricate but user friendly. My myself, my husband, and my teenage daughter play.

Hank Miller

Ingress meets "X" Tycoon This is one of my all time favorites for mobile gaming. Easy enough to pick up and get started, but to really make your mark, you'll need to put some effort into building, have some business sense, and not be afraid of a little math. Not pay to win. And for that matter, "winning" is just how large/profitable/successful you can make your own business. Build lots of mines and sell what you produce, day trade resources for profit, build bigger and better factories to produce goods... or all of the above.

Rodney Mailloux

Good. Absolutely love this game. It does get kind of repetitive after a while.

Matty Groves

Fantastic, utterly addictive and gameplay is excellent, one of my favourite app games of all time

Alex Sowa

Best game I have not stopped playing this game but it needs a bit more about in game instructions on how to play it, also to give other players to be near other players.

Rex Verschuren

Makes his bank_account blooming! One pile of bugs. Never fixed the old bugs (placing mines with drones, sync-problems in the market, changing rules while nobody is informed etc etc). Hides behind the "one man's project with the kids etc etc... argument". Meanwhile he brags with 50K active users and booming! 5 minutes ago, I deleted my account. Invested about 60 Euro's over the time.

zack ayers

More money in time If you can stay with a game and pace yourself you can get far, I've played for a few months and bring in around 5 billion daily. And growing exponentially

paul cline

Pretty fun trading game At end of fourth day and having a blast. Havent got all mechanics down yet but learning. Might actually go and walk and play this weekend. Keep on dev!

Brendan Nyman

Bug I have perfect internet reception and my gps is on yet the map on the app says i dont even thos all the markets show up and i have my location, i cant pick up my crates wtf guys or do free repair on my mines

Pipin Suripin

Read ToU 1.5 NO Spoof locattion NO Third apps mock location NO Multies Account If you're login denied because of those. Stop Ranting!!! This game not suits you.

Benediktus P Aditama

Are you not ready become popular game? Your server become so lag, black market refresh not going well. Its different when i play months ago.

Nicolas Benham

No issues I've played for 172 days so far.. Very few issues. These 1 stars are angry people who can't wait an hour, this game is not for the impatient. 2 days... Is a lie and you know it. I've logged in just fine literally daily, all throughout the day. Servers do lag occasionally but everything is there within a minute. The game doesn't require minute by minute function to play at the worst of times. 5 of this game.

Dave Tester

Great game. Love these types of games where you have to get up and go out to find stuff. And then when you're home you can buy/sell commodities, upgrade your buildings etc.


Good game Really enjoy the game. Does start to get tedious when you get big. Lots of helpful players. Only giving it 4 because I believe the development could really expand this game, but hasn't yet.

Vinsensa Radita

Not my first augmented reality - GPS based - game, yet this one takes me to a whole new gaming experience. It's quite a challenge for me who doesn't into business and calculation to start a company, but it's so fun at the same time, you want to know what can happen next. This game is also strict regarding cheating on your location hence, a good one to teach you to finally play fair. Well done, developers for making me eager to stay..

Adam McCartney

Problems Logging in Ive had problems logging in for 2 days now, I've emailed support and no reply. I really enjoyed this game but the horrible service has put me off completely. If I had any intention of spending any money on this game its gone now.

Ryan Streich

Initializing Failed Error: Configuration data could not be loaded. Been playing for month first issue I've had.

Spike Kastleman

Can't even sign up. Why? Because I have multiple Google accounts? That's bullshit.

NoobletNub RBLX

Amazing This game is amazing, a helpful community, innovative gameplay, and really fun. I do have a slight problem with the GUI, but all in all, an amazing game. I would recommend it to any economy enthusiasts.

Christo Russouw

Pls fix the casino Betting prices tripled but rewards didnt.. its useless to gamble now

Miguel Lara

Can't open it since the last three updates It just says it stopped working and never even gets so far as the loading screen

Carlos Thompson

Two Thumbs Up Great game keep up the work guys

Eric Richardson

Amazing game Id give it 50☆ if it would let me. 99% of the 1☆s are banned for cheating

JR Eyster

Fun and addictive. Great GPS based game. Nice to be able to play a GPS game at home during bad weather.

Ivan Reilly

Love it Really fun app. Encourages leaving the house!

Revi Maharaja

healthy game this game is very good for people who called gamer's to manage their own mining and factory. just go out and find yourself more healthy as a gamer's.

Eric Jones

Took too long to load. Takes to much effort just to try and play.

Glen Brott

Resources gettin Love roaming around building up mines nimbly bimbly and then seeing who can build up faster maybe throw down an attack or two just in spite... played for over 6months and love it!

Cary Cobb

Can't login since update Won't let me login with google+ for 2 days now

Rodger Read

Great game Fantastic game, gets you out and about

Koltin Hachey

Awesome game Great communication when I've had problems. And one of the best games I've played on a cell phone. everyone should be glad to donate to this company

Ginanjar Taufik

Loved it I found a game what i want in long time.Its interesting or maybe unique gameplay here.Not only u got some fun but u can learn much about run a mine corp.Its great work for dev.Cheerss

Maarten Meinesz

Android 6.0.1 Started to got nuts (In a loop) with new Android because of gps location

connor corso

gr8te 10 outta 10 would play again

Jamie Reed

I'm on day 140 of this game and I still love it. It's the only game I've ever consistently played daily for more than a few weeks.

Torben Schou Jensen

Great game Get you forced to get out in nature

Craig Gese

One and only This is the only game out there that provides this much intelligent entertainment

Lamanama420 Rox

Playing 100 days and no thoughts on stopping awesome factory and market SIM and I love the way it incorporates the real world and having to go out and move around.

Sam LeBlanc

Best tycoon/geo based game period Dont let people talk you out of this game. Great community. Real economy. Worldwide trading. Balanced tycoon game at its best and the gps elements really add a fun original factor

Yukon Dinale

WTF !! complicated

Jack Kisat

Cannot stop playing It's addictive especially the cargo rain parties

Bill McWeeney

Best Tycoon game out right now Been playing for about 100 days now. Still fun. Wish there were more types of resources to mine to keep it fresh. I don't like the new map. It takes longer to load every time I scan. I don't care if the map is colored. Leave it black and white like it was to improve load times (and I assume it would also use less data) .

Calbha Vaughn

Please for the love of god FIX THE SYNC ERROR THAT'S STOLEN ABOUT 12 TRILLION IN CREDITS IN 30 DAYS! ESPECIALLY ON THE MARKET WHEN DEALING WITH LARGE ORDERS. If the game can't function without stealing game money I'm not taking the chance with real money! Oh and at a REAL casino when the bet is increased the minimum winnings is also increased its bullcrap in here you spend more credits but the minimum winnings remain at low level betting

Alison Demzon

Banned me randomly Had one email banned. No response from support. Made a new account to see what went wrong and they banned that one too. Apparently they have no plans for this game aside from wasting a whole lot of money running what amounts to a private game. (Update: They got back to me and claimed I was running some location faking software, as seems to be happening over and over. They also had the attitude that I somehow was required to beg to be allowed to play their game. So, the developers don't get how this works.)

Jayson Hughes

Dev! What do I have to give for a landscape view??? Game is fun and requires a certain sense of analytical prowess to get the most off your investment. The most important things I'd like to request are a landscape mode, which it would beautifully fit in, reducing the scrolling, and more than generic tech upgrade.

Daaku Rei

All fixed Back in business and leveling like no tomorrow! Awesome game still!

Kris Collins

Lots do do Theres a lot to achieve with this game but, it seems to need more, would be nice to see new resources down the road.

chesternel de geyter

force closes always force closes/restarts when trying to place a mine. concept is great tho.

Todd Strawn

Great Game I have played for hundreds of hours, and continue to do so. I have 2 devices; one phablet on which Resources runs liquid smooth, and a bottom of the line, throwaway phone, and the game runs just as good on that. Immersive gameplay, Great community, great developer/updates, and support

Paul Davis

Fun to get out! Pros... really enjoyable building mines and establishing new areas. Cons... game could get boring very quickly constantly needing to fix your mines, protect against unrealistic virus attacks or not having a rough idea before you go out where to look for what. Recommended improvements... slow down the requirement for mines to be repaired or at least make it less boring. After three days I have 80 mines if I had to fix ask those all the time I am going to get really bored really quickly.

Josh Pendleton

Perfection! I love this game so much the concept and the community of members who play are awesome and helpful!!??

blackcatdead the cat

spoofer free amazing rule, spoofer free and now support bahasa indonesia

Harley Gearholdt

Amazing Great game, awesome concept and very friendly community. Developer takes active interest and is quick to fix issues. ;D

Jordan Lee

Awesome Game! There are a few glitches in the game, but the overall concept and game play is fantastic!

Michael lindley

Fantastico. A game that gets you involved and keeps your interest.

Mister RaCeR

Great Game! Really great game, helps get you out and exploring your surroundings!

Hansen Leon

Horrible Need better tutorial system or step by step tutorial.

Laurence Pagaduan

so addictive love this game.

pladder badder

Doesn't load Just says "loading settings" and then "login denied" I'm told to contact the support but they don't reply. Uninstalled the game and will find another game to spend my money on.

Edgaras As

Doesn't work for me can't sing in with Google account. Game looks amaizing . If devs will fix the login with Google I'll be back for now uninstalled

Muhammad Ramadan

Need improvement Failed login using g+, tried register without g+, activation failed because link contain & map accuracy failed. Big time, I'm nowhere near it, i play fine with pokemon go and ingress, better fix it and I'll fix my review

chris Raimondo

Great game and its addicting First off i want to assure people that this game works fine.Ignore the comments that say otherwise..there was a few hours in the 190 days or so i played that an update had a was fix in less than a few hours...the customer service recieved by this guy is better than service i recieve from large companies like W.G. and Gaingi. This game is fun and simple...the ones saying its confusing can't read the pop ups that tell you how to play..its not rocket science. This game requires SOME brains to play.

Joshua Rivers

Screwed me over after spending money I played this game for almost a year. Logged in daily. Had mines all over the country thanks to being a semi driver. I spent about $100-150 on this game too. Then I broke my phone. Couldn't get on the game for a few weeks. I get back on and installed it and had it running for a little while but was too busy to log in. I finally do to find out all my mines demolished literally 45 minutes prior due to decay. I had all notifications turned on but not a thing about a years work about to destroy. Screw this game

Nicolas Benham

No issues Still no issues, great updates. Servers don't lag. On day 256 real time. Old review,..... I've played for 172 days so far.. Very few issues. These 1 stars are angry people who can't wait an hour, this game is not for the impatient. 2 days... Is a lie and you know it. I've logged in just fine literally daily, all throughout the day. Servers do lag occasionally but everything is there within a minute. The game doesn't require minute by minute function to play at the worst of times. 5 of this game.

Tyler Sargent

Can't login anymore Played the game daily for about 3 weeks, then I suddenly could no longer log in. Tried reinstalling the app several times over a week, but to no avail. It's been about 2 months and I tried again and it still just gets stuck on "signing in...". Will up my rating if I can ever play again. EDIT: I've now lost two accounts to "Login denied" and no help from support

Whitney McQuarrie

I Had an issue. I like this game. Great passive game. But I had almost 150 mines stretching across my State. And today when I got on every mine was gone as if I hadn't made one ever.

private very

Loved it at first... I've been playing for a little over 3 weeks now I can't log in... totally not worth starting over if it's just going to do the same thing... no word from support.

James Robinson

7 months in Brilliant game if you are willing to put time and energy into it, great community too. Be nice to have some more resources or factories though added in future versions.

Timothy Hartman

Great Game for Math Nerds Updating review since it's been a year. Still a very entertaining game and has a ton of different great facets. Currently rated 20th in world. Very competitive game.

Tisya S

LOVE this game!! No fake GPS, no spoofer, no cheating, no multi accounts and the best thing is...............less drama :)

Andrew Orel

It's ok Money goes missing a lot and there's no end game. One good point is the dev actively bans cheaters... Unlike ingress...

Tim Gadberry

Update 1.5.4 SUCKS no more. I keep getting Login Denied after I did the upgrade. Resetting password doesn't even work. UPDATE: it just started allowing me to login to the game. Almost a day and the withdrawal was starting to become unbearable.

Tomislav Nikolić

love it I love the game but I wish there were some updates.. Like new materials and such. It feels like devs gave up..

Knocker Box

Super awesome educational and realistic I love it , an awesome game for sure. Will continue to play for a long time. Many helpful people play. Give it a try.

Konvicted Knight

Log in problems Was a good game but now it won't let me log in any more keeps saying something went wrong sucks because I really enjoyed the game up till this point

Magne Røyset

Fun game of exploration and industry This is an interesting game concept. Explore, find and develop resource deposits and use them to build an empire of industry and mining. Game progression is steady and engaging, there is always a new upgrade to stretch for. In-game purchases are available, but not necessary for an enjoyable experience. Recommended for any fan of economic simulation/management games.

Dave Cormier

Great gps game for exploring I actually go out walking around because of this game.

James Wyles

Haven't been able to login for days....emailed support and no answer.

Niclas Nienebuck

I can't log in After about 2 weeks of playing this game that game logged me out and I can't log in anymore

Joel Brown

Wtf!? Seriously? 5 minutes waiting while game 'loads settings' only to have to register/log in and it won't even accept a g+ acct. Thanks for wasting my time n data devs! Really great job! UNINSTALLED!!!

Arthur Gibbs

SSSSLLLOOOWWWW Coded badly very large for what it is, would be fun if more efficient

Max de Prest

Ok App is good. Mapquest stopped suporting your thing.. Can't play game anymore.

Thomas Paisie

Fun Exciting and helps get you out and exploring.

Luke B

This is how mobile gaming should be! November 2015: I'm very happy to support the developer with IAP. The game is very playable without them, however. I simply want to find future development of this fun and innovative game. I will be playing Resources for a long time! September 2016: I'm still playing at this game has just gotten better and better. The addition of offline maps has been a great enhancement!

Daniel W

Fun game, Horrible Dev Team Fun game plagued by awful bugs, and no tech support what so ever. They will take your money as they took mine and offer no help when something breaks. Not one response to three support tickets. Looking back I really regret paying theses guys anything. A total waste of time and money!!!

John Peat

Best real world game on Android by far Would turn my neighbourhood into an industrial wasteland again 10/10


This game is great. Doesn't require a lot of time, or you can devote a lot if you wish. Doesn't require cash, but tips are rewarded (you may purchase boosts). Very good GPS based app, with a good community. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.

Daniel Nutkins

Known as FR34K INC Hey I've been playing on/off for about a year but I let my kids play games on my phone and now I have lost all my data mines everything but I can't remember if I used Google or other email account help would be fantastic if I could claim it all back as I was lvl60+ almost 70 I think

Quinnten Fritz

Great Try it. Its Adventure capitalist just with real areas in the world as your money makers

blackcatdead the cat

best gps and tycon game ever amazing rule, spoofer free, update regulary, friendly support and now support bahasa indonesia.

Brian Cardenas

Force Closes It force closes me out all the time I get back in.

Anthoney Hall

Solution to bug involving missons Mission walk a distance. Counter stops tracking progress. Force close app, clear data (not cache ) , turn off gps (immediately turn back on high accuracy gps). And reopen app. You'll have to log back in. ( if this does not work uninstall and reinstall.

Paul Kucera

It's pokemon go for nerds and economy wonks. Great game, great dev, great community! If you thought pokemon go looks fun but are the kind of person who prefers maps and graphs to goofy cartoons, this is the game for you! There's many ways to play - mine and sell, buy and process, or just build up a base and play the market. It can be a little intimidating to pick up, but watch the chat and ask questions - players are generally super helpful and cooperative. One day this game is gonna blow up big time, come and get a head start!

Mr Art The Great

Great game- one of its kind. Love it. To all the people with login issues. Make sure you have latest version of Google play installed and you logged in. Game is well thought, has alot to offer and community is always helpful.

Han N.

One plus one has a dreadful resolution, please fix.

Gary P

Awesomeness Great game, great support, now pardon me while I hunt for oil in my neighbors back yard

Askin Ceyhan

Login denied Can not login.

Perriae Wright

Epic Game Been playing for 239 days and still have new and exciting adventures day after day.

Don Jon

Fun Keeps you in business mode. Awsome game.

Matthew Utronki

It won't let me play it said Check system time?

T Johnson

Solid gps based game. Tycoon-like game.

Felix Meister

More than mildly addictive This is what happens when you cross ingress, farmville, & crack. The new update has made a great game even better. More complex, more interesting, and finally the market isn't being messed up by the damn merchers!

Hasan Osaily

Points calculation i love this game a lot and play it daily. i have one thing confused me how the points been calculated and why sometimes i lose points ?

Miles Horner

Great game if you like to travel around your local area

Attila Papp

highly addictive better not to start playing, your freetime is in danger ?

Mike Crosno

Best dam game ever This game got me out of the house and I love it

Mostapha M. Howaidy

Best game I've played in a very long time

Steve Coles

This game has a lot to offer. Plenty to exercise the brain cells but you can also use it to exercise your legs exploring the neighbourhood for various resources and maintaining the virtual mines as they decay by 4% each day. Couldn't get the Google login to work but the sign in/register without Google did.

Mike Montague

Decent game Well when I got my new phone I was able to sign in using Google butt after I played the game for two days for some reason it signed me out and I was not able to sign back in I've had this problem before I used to have almost 3,000 mines when I finally was able to sign back in I only had about 200 mines don't know what that glitch was but I have tried every day since I got my new phone to sign in since this has happened and I have had other problems before I have deleted the game and removed it from my phone

Craig Gese

you wrecked it This was a five star rating until you added shipping. you killed the possibility of merching and made the factories people spent months building worth less than the truck factory that took ten minutes to build.

waabm6597 William

Very Fun, Very Addictive, Very Time Consuming, & Very Detailed So this game is GPS Based meaning it uses your phones gps to decide where you are on the map. You places different kind of mines as you progress levels, and manufacture diffrent items. Each mine has to be placed in a different gps local which requited data and a mood to walk or drive. Overall it makes me mind blown, and I have a lot of fun.

Martin Towell

Interesting for a while Novel game but mid- to end- game becomes monotonous. Additionally, the developer is quick to ban players when they haven't done anything wrong but slow to resolve issues they caused because of it.

Calbha Vaughn

Change rating Everything I whined about seems to have been fixed. Not happy with tech support though only following logs and not seeing the bug that stole probably over a trillion from me and others. Bug seems fixed now tho.

Jamie JaysCom

didnt get to try it. installed July 27th 2016 on Galaxy Note 5, tried to log in/create using google account, entered company name, then "there was error logging in " so i tried asked for a company name but mine was now taken lol. uninstalled in case weirdness. good idea tho.

Malvinace Zhen

Addicting game. May seems very complicated and intimidating at first. But once you get a hold of it; it become "much fun many wow" type of game. Earning your way up to billionaire, trillionaire. Building your first diamond mine could be a blast and making it into jewelries will makes you lots of mulla. Tho it has some down sides. Some bugs and intensive battery consumptions will probably makes this game a no go. Apart from that; the one man dev had created one amazing game to play. Not to mention keeping you fit!!


Excellent Great game about gathering and manufacturing the materials you collect and the trade market is awsome. The game Dev is doin a great job solo and is fair and understanding so be patient with them if any probs they will reply

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