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15 Jan
Rescan Media

Posted by Aditya Talpade in Tools | Jan. 15, 2011 | 64 Comments

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Rescan Media is a simple app will rescan your mobile phone for new files that usually happens on a system re-boot.
It only calls the android media scanner.


There is an auto quit preference.
This allows the app to quit after it is done with it's work.
If auto quit is on, the app will open and quit in less than 1 seconds.

It uses no permissions at all!!!

Whats new

    v2.0 Small updates to UI

Aditya Talpade part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 15, 2011. Google play rating is 70.6732. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 20.0 KB.

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christopher skinner

no option to select folders; didnt work... why does each uploading site second guess my file system? Iknow where my pics are, i dont need a site to make a guess. i dont need to see (almost) every pic. Not the fault of this App ... it shouldnt be necessary

Leon Taveras

Does the job Google should change the way they handle media. I'm tired of doing this everytime I move pictures or music.

Richard Kurek

Not too bad really Can be very handy in rare specific situations. it doesn't trigger media scan the same way the system does upon booting. Its only use is for saving a user from rebooting temporarily, by making newly created files appear in some non-conformant apps if the files were created on device by a non-conformant app or copied to the device by a method other than mtp. Doesn't work at all on android 4.4.x

Hans-Georg Michna

Does not work on Galaxy Nexus On a rooted Galaxy Nexus with stock Android 4.3 it does not have any visible effect. New files remain invisible over MTP. They only become visible on the next day when I connect the phone to the computer again.

Andy Willams

Bad. Don't waste your time Can't see a progress bar. So cant even tell if its working or how long it may take. I only tryed this app as some one suggested it may fix my camera fault on Samsung galaxy s2. But obviously it did not make any difference as this app is 100% useless.

Crimson Reign

Doesn't work I thought it was supposed to invoke Media Scanner, but I see nothing. I moved some files and waited 15 mins and still never showed properly in the gallery AND STILL NEEDED TO REBOOT. Also there's no options and its annoying that if 'auto quit' is on that you'll never be able to see the app open to change it back.

Michael D. Hobbs

Kyocera Event This app (along with clearing media storage data) fixed an annoying problem I was having with deleted pics and folders showing back up as blank/black squares in my gallery.

A Google User

Thankyou!! Every time I took a picture it would save for a couple hours then delete itself. This app helped me recover everything, 40+ pics! Great find

A Google User

Life saver for my phone since pictures and videos started disappearing on my phone. Using this app will find them!

Billy White

Broken Doesn't seem to be working on my Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 running Android 4.4 KitKat, force closes as soon as it's opened every time!

A Google User

Excellent... better than most others, because... can be configured to just launch, trigger the scanner, and then close... the whole thing in one press. Some of the competitors -- HumanRobto's ScanMedia, for example, just to name one -- launches, then waits for you to press a scan button, and only THEN closes: Two steps, instead of THIS app's just one. Nice.

A Google User

Amazing Amazing app. Saved me a lot of reboots after putting/removing a dot in front of the pictures folder ;-)

Mathew Stevenson

Simple and Effective I'm speechless. The description says all the app does is call the media rescanner, and the app indeed does just that. It worked perfectly.

Heath Harris

Galaxy S root lean kernel 1.2 Ghz Awesome man. Perfection. I love open source. This app is brilliant. Thank you. You saved me from throwing my phone at a wall on boot. Wow. Why would disabling media scan speed my phone up so much? Not just on boot. I'm flying. It's like I have new hardware. Wow. If I could give this 10 stars I would.

A Google User

Works great This app solved my problem with Google Play Music annoying error - "couldn't play the track you requested."

A Google User

Great Just what i needed, a simple ad free, quick reliable virus free non buggy and without requiring root media scanner..... And this is just that... I dont understand why some gave 1 star...

Sare Barky

Does the job nicely Works perfectly for me and ensured all the ringtones & notification tones I've added or modified become available for selection from the systems list again when personalising my phone. Could do with a progress bar in the app or the top bar so dropped it 1 star for that but other than that.... very happy. Thanks.

Bob F

"Unfortunately, Rescan Media has stopped" I used to use this to tell my Nexus about new blender animations I uploaded using "adb push', but the last time i tried to run Rescan Media it failed: "Unfortunately, Rescan Media has stopped" V/PhoneStatusBar( 591): setLightsOn(true) D/AndroidRuntime(10152): Shutting down VM W/dalvikvm(10152): threadid=1: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x419e8ba8) W/ActivityManager( 509): Permission Denial: not allowed to send broadcast android.intent.action.MEDIA_MOUNTED from pid=10152, uid=10102 E/AndroidRuntime(10152): FATAL EXCEPTION: main E/AndroidRuntime(10152): Process: com.addz.mediascanner, PID: 10152 E/AndroidRuntime(10152): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.addz.mediascanner/com.addz.mediascanner.ScanActivity1}: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: not allowed to send broadcast android.intent.action.MEDIA_MOUNTED from pid=10152, uid=10102 I miss the days when it worked. I assume some security change in 4.4.2 or earlier broke it. It doesn't help that all the free File Manager apps look like spyware.

Charles Alva

Great app without ads! Very helpful to accompany file explorer which doesn't fully compatible with jelly bean. rescan media after renaming or deleting files sync the android storage cache. Well done!

Kalpak Khemka

Crashes on KitKat I don't know how the internals work or anything but it crashes every time I start the app. I'm running CM11 M6 on S3. I've used this on 4.3 and it was a no nonsense app. Hopefully they fix it for kitkat.

A Google User

Work Just simple ...... Configure it to auto quite and voala just press and your new media will appears :-)

Rob Rippengale

Not working I don't hate it. It gets 1 star so I can say it Stopped working on Samsung Galaxy Note 2, possibly since Android update 4.4.2

Sarah Wong

Thank you. For making this app. Can't believe the refresh on Google play music refresh button doesn't do anything about the files just uploaded. Thanks again. Doesn't work on nexus 5. :(

Chris Keeble

Perfect for Google Play Music When copying mp3s to my Sony Xperia Z with File Manager (by Rhythym Software) Google Play Music doesn't see the new mp3 files. This apparently instantly fixes the problem (hit Refresh in Google Play Music after running).

A Google User

This app is amazing. It does exactly what it was designed to do and then terminates. Often it's so fast that if you blink you'll miss it, leading some people to think that this app doesn't do anything. Just to clarify to people, THIS APP DOES NOT AFFECT THE SPEED THAT YOUR PHONE SCANS FOR NEW MEDIA, it only starts the existing media scanner built into the android operating system that normally only starts by rebooting the phone.

Jesse Jones

Terrible app. This used to be a good app, but now it literally doesn't do a single thing. Uninstalled and would never recommend to anyone. Inb4 user error. Several of my friends got this app too and it does the same thing for them; that being nothing.

Ryan Chan

Works perfectly Images started to show an exclamation Mark error and I was no longer able to open them to view. 10 seconds after installing media rescan, all the photos showed up again

Cindy Soto

Doesn't work this app keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy Avant. it immediately keeps crashing and shuts itself down. can you please fix this problem? I had it on my LG Optimus F3 and had no problems with it. I would very much appreciate it

Aura Cerveny

Perfect I love love like this app. It does exactly what its supposed to and now I don't have to restart my phone to scan media.

Jay R.

HTC ONE V Works like a charm. Does as the author says. No frigging advertisements! Use this shortcut to the stock media scanner, or reboot your phone. This is much faster.

A Google User

Fixed g2 my g2 kept making pics and vids disapear. This fixed the problem and all the pics I was looking for returned to the gallery. Great app!

Paul Kilian

Invisible This does what it does without any intrusions. Simplicity is indeed the way to go. Especially handy for when having renamed media files. Thank you.

A Google User

Perfect This does exactly what it says and nothing more. No ads, no issues. Set the auto quit option and it opens and closes when it's done.

Barry Krein

Perfect app I wonder why this feature is not standard on phones, good thing this here is available!

Alessio Gaeta

It does what it has to do. Plain and simple. But five star when a button to repeat the scan will be added (so one can rescan the library without relaunch the app).

A Google User

Works fine for me on ICS As title says. Recent update to ES File Explorer broke rescan media function so the Gallery never updated after making changes with the file explorer, this is a good fix until their devs fix it.

Dan Erwin

Extremely simple & Perfect. Nothing to it. Works perfectly. I use it with a tasker app profile that I made that moves files automatically for me then runs this app to refresh my phone to recognize the moved media.

Cleopatra Browne

Not happy on kitkit Works a treat on Galaxy S4 (jellybean 4.3) but after updating ota to kitkat app crashes on S4 & Nexus 10 (kitkat 4.4)

Snowy L

Great little app. Exactly what I have been looking for! I hate the way the built in file manager on my phone runs the media scanner every time I perform a file function. I searched for ages for one that didnt and now that I found one I can perform multiple file functions and then just run this when I'm finished. Thank you so much!!!

metronom ~

Very good, but need 4.4+ support!

Димыч Бесфамильный

Thanks for the app! It's helped me to find my lost media files.

Michael Florentine

Useful for older smartphones I love my Galaxy Note 2. And it works %99 since the day I bought it. But since it's final update to Kitkat (4.6.0), the media system fails to update when I download a new picture or video. Therefore, this app makes up for it.

Ajith Aravindan

Thank you Work 100% perfectly i checked it with twise & i can give u the guarentee, it scan all like when unmount and remount sdcard

A Google User

Exactly what I've been needing. This is exactly what I've needed sometimes the LG Esteem doesn't scan your media. Usually I had to always rebooted my phone to fix and unfortunately that kills your battery a whole lot. This lets me skip that step. 5 stars thank you for this app.

Zach Rutledge

Does what it says, at least on Jelly Bean and below… Worked like a charm on my HTC Droid DNA when it had Jelly Bean, and made listening to daily podcasts on my phone a treat. We got the lovely KitKat update the other day and now this app no longer works. It force closes without doing anything. Bummer.

Carlos Sandoval

Exactly as described I'm a developer and I find it hard to believe that this app fails to work on any version of android or on any phone. The app doesn't actually do the scan itself, it tells android to do it. That is why it requires no special permissions. And the rating is not for what you want thte app to be or do its to let others know if it does what it says and if it does it well or not. That's why 5. Because this app does exactly what it says. And does it perfectly.

Daniel Hennis

Works great, except on Kitkat 4.4.2 I love this app. It works awesomely (that should be a real word). Except it doesn't work on my new LG Lucid 3 with Kitkat 4.4.2. It just crashes with a dialog that says it had to close. Make it work on 4.4.2 and I'll give you one more star! :)

André Sczekalla

Excellent! I'm using BitTorrent Sync to sync my devices. The only problem I had so far was that I had to reboot all of my devices for the gallery to scan for new files. Thanks to your app all I need to do now is tap it's icon. The auto-close feature is great. Thank you!

PS Gill

Brilliant Application HTC One X had major issue with Media not showing in album after connecting USB on the go mem stick. This application resolved my issue in just 2 mins. Keep up the good work folks...

Reuben Steginga

It does its job. I'm glad that there is an automatic close option included, but a widget would be nicer so that I can still open the app to change settings. I'm glad this app exists, but I wish it didn't have to. It remedies a problem android should have fixed by now.

ethan harper

Awesome Phone was actin up, said I couldn't do anything until scanning. Bit every time I rebooted my phone, the media scanner wouldn't kick in. I got this app and it's working wonders

sanket.r.bhat. Upponi.

Super super When my media manager's problem occurred I decided to reset factory ..But this one solved all its problems in just a second. ..:-D

Ajith Aravindan

The softwere work but not for long It works fine but after use more the softwere eject sd card automaticaly... The softwere gives command as eject & re-insert sd card, if it's programming complaints it will destroy ur sd

A Google User

Exactly what I was looking for. Solves the problem of poorly coded apps that do not call the scanner after creating media (I'm looking at you, Camera Zoom FX...)

A Google User

Oh wow...speechless! This app makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Fixes the "I can't listen to the songs I just downloaded in Winamp until I restart or remount" problem. And the autoclose option. Beautiful. Perfect.

Dave Dugal

Just what the Media doctor ordered! The app couldn't be simpler, and the results couldn't be more successful. After copying my Ringtones/ and Notifications/ to several locations on the SD card without success, I tried this app. Using OS Monitor, I could see that "Download Manager" (aka. Media Scanner) woke up and started processing for 5-10 minutes. I now see all of my ringtones and notifications (in triplicate; my own fault). Thank you!

John Weiss

Used to use this on an old phone. However, it doesn't work at all with my KitKat devices. I'd recommend looking for a different rescan-media app for any Android versions from 4.3 onward.

A Google User

Fantastic little app that does exactly what it's intended to do! I deleted all of my media, but strangely all of my media was still displayed in default music app but not playable. Driving me nuts. This fixed it!

Hamish Gale

Not happy! Wiped all the artists names from the media files in Winamp android. I now have over 2000 songs with no artist names! Not happy!

Omkar Zemse

Failed It didn't update my media player library. It needs deep scan or through scan option. I'm sticking with it for at least next update.

Alexey Elisha Voloshin

The app was working great in Android 4.2 I am using LG G2. The app was working great in Android 4.2 when the media wasn't refreshed. Since the upgrade to 4.4, it crashes every time and actually was not needed anymore. Thank you.

Kent Chan

Not sure but I guess it should work. Doesn't really provide details whether its successfully forced the system to refresh... so can't really say its working properly...

A Google User

Sad that this app is necessary. My HTC g2 kept losing my pics. This app fixed the problem. 'Nuff said.

Useless Doesn't do anything. When I open this app come it immediately closes. Droid Razr Maxx

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