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1 Mar
Report to EPA

Posted by Office of Environment and Heritage in Tools | March 1, 2016 | 54 Comments

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The Environment Protection Authority is working to improve the environment in New South Wales. People in the community can help by reporting smoky vehicles, noisy exhaust and tossers littering from vehicles

Whether you're on the road, cycling or walking, the app is at your fingertips. Simply record the vehicle details, tell us where and when you saw it and the Environment Protection Authority will take care of the rest.
Help us reduce the amount of tossers in NSW and report littering from vehicles.

Safety first: It is unlawful for drivers to use a mobile phone to record this information unless your car is parked.

NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) | Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) | NSW Government

Whats new

    Now includes a new button for members of the public to report illegal dumping of waste in NSW. If you spot illegal dumping such as used household items, old tyres, green waste or construction waste e.g bricks and timber, you can report it to your local council by completing four easy steps. The app enables you to provide photos, the illegal dumping location and details about the type of dumped waste through the easy use of drop down menus.

Office of Environment and Heritage part of our Tools and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update March 1, 2016. Google play rating is 40.0. Current verison is 4. Actual size 594.0 KB.

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John Smith

Not even an APP. Don't waste your time! Over 100 error messages! Australian Gov really knows where to spend there money!

Pratik Dave

Worse app Dont waste your time here guys...its fkd

Sam Bryant

Don't even bother Horrible, slow, poorly designed app. Also, subject to misuse. Feel free to report the people you don't like, just to give them a headache. They'll get a notice and have to report their vehicle for inspection... lol

Alison Jackson

UPDATE!! I left negative feedback on the app 4/5/15..and days later i receive a fine in the mail saying that I had thrown a lit ciggarette butt out my car window - i dont even smoke and it was on a day I was 40km away!!!!!! Im opening a Dpmt of Fair Trading dispute...this app is a joke and has become a means for vindictive people to cause difficulties for others. I now have to go to court to contest this fine.

Matthew Downes

Waste of tax payers money ! Would rather the money go towards better roads. Rather than a department for whingy people.

Sujan Regmi

Worst app ever Excellent idea and was excited!! However only the initial links are within the App. Everything else is opened through external browser, slow and very hard to use. My tax $$ used for this crap!

Chris Collum

Don't bother, beyond useless If this is the best you can do, don't bother, clunky, slow, poor drop down menu, if you miss a field or go back, it clears all entered details. Very poor effort.

Sam Katalaveno

Bad don't download slowed phone virus Felt like I installed a virus. Never had si much headaches from an app! What a pain!

Artur Rzasa

Not an app This "app" is just 4 links to the epa website. Some of these pages give errors on mobile too, joy!

Peter Hopkins

Web app that doesn't work as stated

jeremie kerridge

Report this! Good idea, but like everyone says, the app just doesn't work.

Chris Richard

Great when it worked. Now I need to register but it doesn't recognise it's own date format. Can't use the app until this is fixed

Peter Breukel

Why bother Not enough time to go through it all

David Jones

Time waste Tried 10 times on my android to enter my birthday to create an account. Gave up in the end.

Brian Altona

Not even an app It's not really even an app. It's just a page with links that go to the epa website.

Ray Maybury

Will not allow me to insert dob details Needs to be fixed will not allow D.O.B details to be inserted.

Sash Andonovski

Absolutely useless. Can't set your date of birth. Also tell me why you need a time of birth!!???

Voytek Eymont

Nice idea, but the 'app' is a joke. Sorry, but this is not an app, just links to website. Surely you can produce a proper app? Or maybe not...

Andrew McDonald

Couldn't even register properly. Took over ten minutes to try to enter my DOB . Why do you need this and why do you need a time of birth . Un installed very quickly.

Michael Blyde

Useless Why even bother creating this "app"? It's nothing but 5 links to sections of the EPA website.

Simon Robinson

Joke! 1) not an app 2) repeatedly asked for my DOB and wouldn't process. Poor quality attempt. Wouldn't bother.

Michelle V.H

Basically just a big boomark ?

Algis Sutas

The app has a problem with entering date of birth. App is unusable.

Roger Wagner

Application doesn't launch App will only launch through google play. Once launched thiugh it is quick and easy to use.

Robert Martin

Faulty I download app to my phone. Phone tells me app is successfully installed. I tap on the icon and get a message app is not installed. Another good one. No wonder its free.

Peter Gibson

Rubbish app Downloads and says it is installed then when I try to use it says it is NOT installed. Glad I didn't pay for it. Have deleted it.

Simon M

"App isn't installed" error Fails to start! Buggy

Ben Hockings

Brilliant! So easy to report those who want to use the roads as their personal ash tray. I would encourage everyone to download this app and support your community.

Stephen Smart

Dob in tossers Use this to dob in smokers tossing butts out window starting fires.

Peter C. M. McCormack

Good but.... Great concept and app. Cannot open from the app itself, you need to use Google Play to open. Please fix this.

Matt Crowe

About time Awesome. This was going to be my next project..... Easy to use

Matthew Hamilton

Brilliant Fantastic way to report environmental issues. FYI, EPA does not issue fines

Ashleigh Loker

Know Nothing I tried to change my email address, it stayed as the old one. I tried to report a cigarette butt flicker from a vehicle, does not even register what a Ford is. This happened 6 weeks ago, I tried it again today, still doesn't work.

Craig Beamish

Worst idea ever App is prime for misuse. people will just report people they dont like. Worst idea ever and should be shut down...

Nathan Alsop

Crap app I couldn't even get passed my DOB, kept erroring out and telling me it's not valid! I think i know when i was born!

Charlie Bucket

Useless... And yes EPA does issue fines... easy way to get back at people you dont like...

Axel Schweiß

Should report this's rubbish

Berenice Walker

Doesn't work Takes you to the website which won't let you complete registration; throws up error with entering DOB

Matty f

Tool for Jerks I have been done by jerks because of this app. Anyone can dob anyone in for anything its just a tool for people to get at someone if they dislike them cause i passed the noise test fuckwits

Robert Hudson

Just a front end to a webpage Needs to have the functionality built into it, rather than just being a front end to a website. Could easily use GPS for location, camera to get a photo of the offender, etc.

Chris Mcauliffe

Its not even an app. Its a link

Kevin Chamberlain

Use less Will not let me set my DOB. With out it I can not register! !!!!! What is the point?

Paul Irwin

It's just a link to the website... Their terrible website... Downloaded this "app" when I saw someone littering. Instead of just using my Google or Facebook login to streamline all of my relevant information, no, I get directed to the EPA website and told I can't report a thing until I create an account with the EPA...

Yove W

Cant even efficiently do stuff on it. And im not even hate posting, but this needs improvement

Archon Toten

Not a app Just links to websites. With security warnings popping up everywhere. Thanks for nothing epa

Ken Moore

Just a set of links....don't bother.

Lachlan Jackson

Restricted for those who know the make and model of vehicles. I can remember number plates and spot a colour, but that is about it. Sometimes I couldnt even guess the make and model of a vehicle. Also, very buggy. you make it very difficult and time consuming to report an incident. So, easier just to not worry about it which is the attitude you were trying to overcome to begin with.

Nick Ellery

Who designed this thing? Its a great initiative to have an app to report litterers but this app is so hard to use that I gave up on reporting the litterer I was trying to report. The mandatory fields required for a report are ridiculous. Isn't the license plate & colour of vehicle enough? Why do you need the make & model? When a car speeds past and throws rubbish out the window its all I can do to note the license plate and vehicle colour by the time I can fire up this app. The concept is good but poor design means this app fails.

Ralph Davis

Google should ban this app This app has brought out the worst in human nature. As reported on ABC, vexatious ppl use it to report innocent ppl just to spite them over some unrelated grievance. EPA then sends a littering fine by post. EPA knows that most people will simply pay the fine as it's cheaper to do so than take a day off work and having a solicitor defend you in court. When interviewed on radio the Environment Minister was totally unsympathetic. Wouldn't be surprised if some users were Gov't stooges using this as a cash grab.

Angelito Cuna

does not work in the USA does not work in the USA

gavin hughes

Hate litter bugs Tossers...and Smokey vehicles & illegal dumpers so dob them in if u see it. It is not ok...

Louis Cheung

Too restrictive for what it tried to do.

Sash Andonovski

Absolutely useless. Can't set your date of birth. Also tell me why you need a time of birth!!???

Michelle V.H

Basically just a big boomark ?

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