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22 May
Reedy. Intelligent reader

Posted by AzaGroup in Books & Reference | May 22, 2016 | 118 Comments

Apk file size: 5.5 MB

Read e-books, articles, any texts and web pages fast and comfortably.
Switch easily between regular reading and speed reading (up to 3000 words per minute)!

Reedy opens files, web links and any text received from other apps
Supported formats: epub / fb2 / html / txt; including books in zip-archives


Styled text, images, tables, links, footnotes: all the elements can be displayed right in the reader;
✔ Extraction of the main content from web pages;
✔ Easy and intuitive navigation through the book. Table of Contents with auto creation even for plain text files;
✔ Convenient and informative bookmarks;
✔ Ability to select, copy and share any text from the document. Intelligent sharing of quotes – customize the text to share, attach the book title and/or author name in one tap;
✔ Locking of the screen orientation in the reader;
✔ Customizable text size – use the pinch-to-zoom multi-touch gesture;
Light/day and dark/night themes;
✔ Automatic book encoding detection;
✔ Quick lists of recent files, web documents and bookmarks;
✔ Clean, simple and intuitive interface.


Increase your reading speed in 1.5-2 times straight away! If you wish you could read 3 or even 4 times faster than usual without the slightest loss of meaning.

Reedy uses a technique called RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) allowing you to read with any comfortable speed. Words are shown fast one after another on the same place of the screen which increases the speed of perception of every single word. With RSVP you can read being entirely absorbed into a book.

Look straight at the displayed word and try to perceive it without subvocal articulation. Also don’t forget to blink. This recommendation can be applied not only to reading :) You should never let your eyes’ surface get dry.

Increase the speed when you get used to and think you’re ready.

✔ Touch the screen to play or pause;
✔ The speed of reading is up to 3000 words per minute with a possible gradual acceleration;
✔ Progress bar and time left till the end of a book;
✔ Quick preview of the full text (including text formatting, images, tables, etc.) during a pause in the speed reader;
Smart slowing – reducing the speed at punctuation marks and complicated words;
✔ Focus mode – the focus point is shifted closer to the beginning of a word;
✔ Navigation through the sentences and paragraphs;
Switch easily between the regular reading and the speed reading;
✔ Use volume buttons to control the speed reader:
— Press any volume button once to stop or proceed the reading. Press and hold to navigate through sentences;
— Or just use volume buttons for quick speed adjusting.


✔ Open a file from your device or sd-card using built-in file manager.
Formats: FB2, EPUB (no DRM) / KEPUB, TXT, HTML + reading books in ZIP-archives.
✔ Send a web page from your favorite web browser, Pocket, Feedly, Evernote;
✔ Use Reedy for opening books from another apps and clouds (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.);
✔ Copy any text or link and paste it into the reader.
Also you can simply share it with Reedy.


Extension for Chrome:

Join us:

Official site:

[email protected]

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Languages: English, Russian.
Want to help with translations? E-Mail us!

If you’ve met any difficulties in some file or web document, please let us know by e-mailing at [email protected], and don’t forget to attach the problem document.

Whats new

    Reedy becomes better and these are some of new features:
    — Styled text, images, tables, links, footnotes: all the elements can be displayed right in the reader.
    — We've implemented the Regular reader! Switch to it when you're tired of speed reading, and read your text as usual.
    — Now you can select any text in the book, and then copy or share it!
    — Table Of Contents shows the book structure and lets you jump right in the desired place!
    — Don't forget that you can open any web documents in Reedy!

AzaGroup part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 22, 2016. Google play rating is 92.7049. Current verison is 2.2.4. Actual size 5.5 MB.

Download reedy-read-faster.apk 5.5 MB


Sashko North

Lovely. Please add support of showing multi words per once.

Ritesh Pandey

i appreciate your hard work for making such an amazing app. please don't forget we need it more for Pdf files.

Amir Bryant

The best speed reading app! If there is a paid version with more features I will buy it. Also there is apps out there where you can convert to epub or fb2. Being able to highlight would be awesome. It will be better if it had tests to see wpm and see how your progress is coming kind of like doulingo! Overall you guys made reading fun and productive so for that 5/5!!!

Kate Balao

It gives me hope that I can finally read all the ebooks I downloaded and not just stay in my ebook folder limbo. I especially love how you can see how much hours it would take to read everthing :) Thanks! I hope you keep it up and running ?... A suggestion though, could you add a feature where you get to speed read it like you're reading a rolling credits? It would be more awesome if you can ? anyways, it?

Anna OwO

My new favorite app Everything works the way it should. You can share text from any app (browser, news reader etc), the UI is modern and easy on the eyes, the speed reader is customizable and you can switch to a regular reader whenever you want. A feature I didn't expect but really appreciate is that pictures are incorporated into the RSVP reader mode!

Branislav Bajic

Almost perfect. Best i could find on Google play store. It would be nice to be able to choose how many words can i read at once. Or be able to see regular word +1-4 letter word, or several 1-4 letter words together. Because i mostly don't pay attention to 1-4 letter words like a/an/of/the/..... Anyway.

Ne Vernetzt

Very good, buy one thing... As mentioned by another one before me, it would be more than awesome if we could choose the number of words we see in the fast reading mode. Like two or three even, also the option to choose at what length of the second word it should be displayed. Thank you for a great app!

Ravi Raushan Kumar

3 improvements 1. Can it display 2 or 3 words (based on selection in setting) and move the red character based on speed setting so that viewing and perception or comprehension of sentence can be better understood. It becomes tough to comprehend when only single word flashes. 2. Auto scroll sentences - Add this feature too (as in adobe reader, PC version) but also with speed control based on average words per sentence. 3. Improve hyphen interpretation. If end of sentence word has hyphen, u should ignore it.

Nemesis Contreras

Genius Work Thank you so much! Maybe challenge the developers to be able to provide pictures (if included in the url ) Thank you! !!

yas yas

Arabic language The app is very good but there is a problem with reading Arabic text .. Please fix it asap

Igor Magazanik

Unique approach to speed reading. Helpful in concentration trough study. Like it!

Kit Carson

Enigma Couldn't figure it out, my 148 IQ was stumped.

Dave Brenza

Decent speed reader The app itself works pretty well, and as I prefer to see only one word at a time the current layout works fine. Wishlist: Get rid of location permission (paid version?). Make font changeable.

Hatice Kübra Parlaktaş

Loved it This app is awesome and very handy but I wish the scrolling bar in regular reading was on the left because I scroll with my right hand and always lose my place

Veritas Wadsworth

Amazing Best app on my phone. Reading a book every day, its great! ^^

mustafa özdemir

Best app in the observable universe You might think I'm paid for this interview but f no , this sht is real dope and my book reading days are back baby

Darius Araya

No idea I have no idea how to use this apps! After I download,,,this apps is empty?

Alexey Abdusamatov

The best reader ever

Waseem Manan

Amazing App Best spritz app by far.

Bill Piazzetta

Permissions Thankfully you guys decreased the amount of new information you wanted access to, so I finally updated. It's bad enough that apps like Facebook already have access to so many things...

Eric Caines

My thoughts on this app. I love this app, its clean, simple and extremely easy to navigate through the features it offers. The only problem I could find is the inability to select a page of the book to start reading from. This wouldn't be a problem if you went start to finish with this app but if you were trying to find your place from a physical book, e-reader or even another "Speed Reading App" you'd have trouble. At least in the update they added the ability to skip to the beginning of a chapter. I would say 4.5 but add a page 5

Robin Scannell

Is good for reading epub books faster. However, there is no support for presenting multiple words at once, capping speed. It's just one at a time currently. Plus, there is no pdf support. I really hope these features are coming soon.

Ion Puiu

Insainly great!!!

Kartikeya Sharma

Its awesome Just one thing...i am trying to read EPUB books in hindi language...but its mostly random words..can u help me out? Do we need to install any font or embed them or something?

Jeferson Silveira

Perfect Is anybody able to read 2000 wpm? Amazing this app! A doubt: what's the better, begin on 300 wpm and increase slowly or begin on 1200 wpm and to force my mind understand it? Thanks

Ryan Jackson

While the Reedy plugins do have issues, it's still the easiest one for me to use. It's pacing is good (with slowing off), it's design is minimal and clean. The issues I've seen so far with this, are improper character encoding so things like ® turn into weird Å's or the like. It's a pain. It's fugly. But, it's better than Readily. (Desktop issues are still incorrect handling of em-dashes.)

Scot Jek

Simple books with regular vocabulary are 600 wpm. So much easier to hold my concentration. Just can't seem to upload books from kindle :( help!

Tiare Sanna

This is my favorite speed reading app by far, but I can't give it 5 stars, because lately it has been unable to open the URL links at all, is anyone able to assist me?

Sash kunthikumar

Awesome app only need a few adjustments Well done to the developers for making this app available. Would be nice if it supports PDFs as well but its not a major concern,a MAJOR NEED is for an option to enable us to read more words at once to enable the reader to master cluster reading which is essential in speed reading to read a group off words at once.please do your best to enable this feature.I would give it 10 stars for sure and here's the other star for reading *

muad shibani

Best app My best reading app also i love chrome extension... Ther is one problem with Arabic text because the focused red character split the Arabic words... You can try your self by pasting Arabic paragraph.. The solution could be easy by making it possible it setting to disable the focus red character

Yaroslav Kulinich

Best spritz based app! Thanks to developers! Great job! Beautiful, minimalistic and very useful app!

A Google User

Great app, but could you create an option that the red letter appear at the middle of the word and in the middle of the screen

James Lee

I'm using this on my Chrome also. Two feature suggestions. 1. Please implement the "Text continuation" feature that's present in the Chrome version. 2. There should be a way to save text shared by other apps. When I select a big text in another app and share it with Reedy, there is no way to save the text.

Anton Gunasekera

Waste of time Cannot open pdf files, nor word documents and it does not work with Google play books or with the Kindle. So what can I read with this?

lum cloud

My favorite app of all time I copy and paste texts I want to go over several times. Take advantage of this app!!!

Michael Elchaninov

Glad to found this app. I'm using this kind of speed readers about 18 years. It was on windows, then KPK, and now I have found it for my cell! Super working great! My speed 1050wpm. If it possible please add option to read several words at the same time moment.

Sahil Bihari

The best speed reading app available on Android I tried 7 other speed reading apps before I discovered Reedy. It was like a pleasant surprise for me because I found all the features that I wished for (such as bookmarking, speed adjustment, time left, etc) in a single app. All the other readers lack one feature or the other. This one is just perfect. Highly recommend this app. Good job!

Liz Magdaleno

Reedy speed reading I'm not sure how to start using this app. Very confusing use.

Sergio Espino

Best i have tried Thi is the best i have tried so far. If it could have the option for more than one word at the same time could be even better. Thanks.

Ritesh Pandey

i appreciate your hard work for making such an amazing app. please don't forget we need it more for Pdf files.

Randall Wasson

It's amazing. I'm sitting here reading at 500 words per minute. No issues. It's really useful.

ma shine

My best speed reader...if ??? Very powerful ...But the problem it don't read arabic word correctly (reversed order) PC chrome version, it do the same problem...but this work after disabling highliting focus letter.. .sadly, in android app that's not resolve the problem


Doesn't work on my phone.

Lijo Lalu Korah

The best out there!

Danny Solares

Great product Simple. Clean design. Allowing you, focus on improving your reading speed

Αντώνης Μυλωνάς

Excellent Does what it is supposed to and does it better than expected while looking good.

Josh Darichuk

Amazing This app will change your life

Rasmus Haahr Jørgensen

Damn good Perfect app for its intended use

Ritesh Pandey

i appreciate your hard work for making such an amazing app. please don't forget we need it more for Pdf files.

Souvik Biswas

Doesn't work Tried sharing a webpage, even pasted the link on the app unable to load ?

Enver Ablyaev

I love it! Now I read twice faster! Unbelievable! :)

Jor Dee Dee

It's the best It's fast, it's the best, keep up the good work!

Rohit Setia

This is better than other readers This is better than most others out there.

Izhik Trlyam

I really appreciate this app, it truly helps to save much time. But sometimes there's one annoying thing: when I hold my phone in the right hand, it's really easy to move scrollbar unexpectedly. I suppose such things happen rather often when you have a phone with narrow edges. Can you add an option to choose between scrollbar on the left or right side, please? :)

Carol Swanson

I love the idea of this app.. I purchased a book from Google play books just to read in Reedy. All that will import is a short one page annotation. Otherwise I have read a couple articles and that worked well.

Rodrigo Fernandes

Virtual Reality Request I love this app, I wanted a way to use this on cardboard alike equipments.Thank You

Sergiy Kha

Super Helps me practically improve speed reading almost x2 times! Just practise more

Robert Long

Improved speed and comprehension. I only use Speedy for Nonfiction, with fiction I like to view a whole sentence and scan ahead. It's increased the number of articles & essays read on my commute each day.

Selase Kanda

Woow. Awesome reading app! This is a great reading app. Speed reading function is priceless!

Jamie Locke

Spritz rip off in violation of patents ...nuff said. Get the real thing in the Get Spritz section of the official Spritz website.

Mathew Lausberg

Great app! Better than spreader which I used to use on chrome. Would love to be able to view images (obj) from Web pages. Unless I'm missing something?...

Tabish Aijaz

New update is amazing I love the new updates. Specially the regular reader with tables and styled text has made the app much more useful. However, it doesn't display Arabic characters correctly in speed reader (no problem with Arabic characters in regular mode)

Robert Anderson

Makes reading Web pages easy I share sluggish graphic and ad intensive Web pages to this app and a simple easy to read version of the page is displayed. Perfect!

Charles Burnett

Epub support, leading text The best RSVP reader I've used. Has a dark option for less eye strain from backlight. There is leading text so you have more context to the word you're reading. I've read a few books with this app, and plan to do most of my reading through it. Very enjoyable. Thank you, developers, for making this available.

Veritas Wadsworth

Amazing Love, LOVE the new update! Being able to anticipate the end of a sentence is very helpful in navigating my train of thought. I got premium last month but you can be sure I'll stick with it now! Excellent work on the app overall, spending hours and hours on it. Top notch!

Callum W

Transforming my reading I struggle with reading, losing track and having to re-read paragraphs over and over. Been using this (Spritz) for just a day and its amazing. Social reading at 500+wpm and technical documentation at 400+wpm. This app compliments spritz really nicely with sensible configuration options. For me, Spritz is a life changer

Richard Barker

A+++ By far the best speed reading app (rsvp & spritz) on Android and as a chrome extension. I use it all the time. Thanks developer!

Joep Karskens

Should add option to highlight several words at once, on speed reading mode. So in chunks of 3 to 5, not just one

Hoàng Lan Anh

Excellent app I have ever used It's smooth and easy to use. I'll give 5 stars if I can change reading speed by wiping up and down directly on the screen while reading; It could be more convenient than using volume buttons to do so.

Leviosa Elm

Doesn't save pages for offline reading.. I thought this was the app i was waiting for all my life and then realised that you have to reload pages everytime you want to read them from internet..

nathan brosh

great ... but can u make it do whole page's at a time ? Please !?!

Ashay Kolhe

.mobi files? Will it support .mobi format? I have tonnes of mobi files. Will up the rating to 5 stars when mobi is supported as well. Ciao.

Lance Hoag

Nook file/book access will earn you 5th star, rave reviews, tell all my friends, and a big premium purchase. "Every book on the planet".

Hai Phong Nguyen

Brilliant Really enjoy using this app. Brilliant features, awesome usability, easy to use. I'd like only one more thing to be added. Ability to save Web pages for reading later. Otherwise no issues with the interface. Keep it up ✌

Taylor C

Wow By far the best app I've downloaded in a long time.

Hyrum Layton

No PDF support? Honestly half the things that I read are PDFs. I adore this app. It's extremely well built, but I need PDF support for file reading. That would make it perfect.

Jayakrishnan V M

Excellent App Saving the 5th star for the PDF support.

Ron H

Amazing! You gotta try this. Give it a shot.

Michal Niesluchowski

Loving the app Easy to use and does what it promise

Cat Milton

Fantastic! I've got speed reading apps on my PC, Apple devices and now Reedy on Android & it's seriously superb! Love the UI & brief pauses for images - nice touch! Thanks ever so @ Dev's!

Ercan Öztürk

Great features Please, don't downgrade.

Souvik Biswas

No pdf support, buggy speed mode. Can't read pdf, speed mode can't read one word at the screen.

Alap Kamat

Doesn't load images and Web page formatting.

Emma Richardson

Awesome! Just like magic.

Imogen IOS

Excellent It has a Minimalist interface and its speedy.

Felix Muslig

Could add a few features (capable of pdf) and options (pick a font). But well done

rezkhy adami

Cant wait for pdf support..!

Chris Jolley

Zero typography options I find it hard to read without being able to set the typography to justify.

Siddarth Choudary

Where do I enable the red focus line.

Kiran Emul

Love it wish I had it before

Gregor W.

Incredible! Much better than what I expected! Now it is time to conquer other platforms!

Elias H-F

Quick Quick reading, easy to use and adless

Aditya Joshi


Manoj Kumar

Loving it :)

Dennis Pascua

Awesome and fast

Tadeáš Tuháček

The best out there Got to give this the full score, it's a really good app and it's far superior to other ones on market. However, the smart slowing thing is horrible, tried both English and my native language books, can't do it. Once it slows down, you drop out of the rhythm. I'd recommend making it a feature that could be turned on, not a feature that can be turned off :)

Tabish Aijaz

Love it This is the best speed reading app for Android and It's getting better with each update. However, it doesn't display Arabic characters correctly in speed reader (no problem with Arabic characters in regular mode)

Emmett Marshall

was super pumped to try this app, but it didn't work with the article I was trying to read (originally clicked on link through Twitter). I tried sharing directly to Reedy and also tried copying and pasting the link in the Reedy app itself. Both times, just spinning circle. Bummer

Denis Durmishi

Highly recommended to everyone It was a big revelation to me to discover speed reading and this app does exactly what I expected it to. It is simple to use and works flawlessly.

Verma Arpit

Really good.. Though I would suggest resting your eyes every 5 minutes or so

Adam J

Wow this app is good. Tried this for the 1st time today and wow it's good. I shared an article via chrome to this app; It worked great and the picures even pop up when it gets to them. I suppose I would like pdf support too because for me sometimes articles from websites don't share well, I just get a menu tree or something instead of the full artcle, so I guess that might happen but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Apart from my nitpick, this app has been super awesome. Edit. The ability for multible instances is very,very cool

Ot Na

Can be improved It's a good app.but doesn't support changing the number of words you can see at the same time. Right now only one word is supported. I don't like when the words slide. I just want them to be shown than switched with the next word. Otherwise it's a cool app. Also try to support pdf too.

Yoga Wardoyo

Great app! But... As a person with adhd reading with this app really helped me a lot, but again I would like to point out some stuffs. First the interface is not really catchy for the eyes, it looks really rigidity. I guess when it comes to this you should just copy what moon+ did. Second the options frm the menu really doesn't cover anything, it won't help you to manually or automatically sort you book, the history from when the books were added were not even there, adding multiple files Isa nuisance too.

Abhijeet Prabhu

Best Speed Reading App Going to recommend this to all my reader friends! Saves time and improves reading speed! Adding your own books is the best thing ever! Please add pdf support soon, that ll make it just perfect !

Chris Knapp

Fantastic speed reader Getting books into unprotected epub can be a bit of a pain, but reader is excellent. Way better now that it supports graphics. Thanks so much for the app!

Russ Dearborn

Might just be me but I couldn't get it to work. By comparison Talk Text Reader worked like a charm on my old Galaxy S3. Sorry Reedy.


Exellent such a good app I i just love this app thank u so much how do i read books from google play on reedy?please help

15minutes pictures

App is simple, works really great and is fast. But, for me not perfect - I'm dying to see the ability to adjust margins!

Shorouk saher

Please there is something wrong about my subscription I make with 59.9 for one year..why my subscription is 5.9 at 8_26_2016_2016 please check about that!!!

Christian Tan

Great app !! I love your apps. I have one thing to ask. Please make it support mobi.

Wow One of those apps you didn't know you needed until you tried it!

nocna straza

I really like this app, but I feel like an option to read more than one word is missing. Anyways great job guys!

shanjeev Rajendran

Simple and elegant Filters out unnecessary things and makes reading easy..recommended for those who do lot of reading in android

Dri Brown

Hate it I hate it doesn't work

Raven Anderson

Great App Wonderfully easy to download your own files through google and I love the night or day themes!

Don't know how to use it

Gustavo Oliveira

Pdf We need the PDFs support as soon as possible!

Andrei Carol

Best educational application. How many words per second you can read?

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