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12 Sep
Redsun RTS Premium

Posted by Digital Garbage in Strategy | Sept. 12, 2016 | 72 Comments

Apk file size: 29.0 MB

ATTENTION! This is a paid version of the free application, which has only a few additional features that are listed below. Before you buy this application, we strongly advise to download and try the free app

Redsun RTS is a prime example of the genre classic RTS, unjustly forgotten today.
In this game you directly and as speaks for itself the name of the genre, real-time control armies, build a base, plan attacks and to strengthen the defense on the battlefield. At your disposal different types of units - each with their own tasks, strengths and weaknesses. The game is done in 2D-isometric style.

Key features:
- no donat
- Is almost identical to the first RTS on the PC control (adjusted for the use of the touchscreen).
- 2D graphics with the use particles
- Absence of software restrictions on the creation units (restriction can relate only weak machines)
- Multiplayer 1x1
- Ability to play with the mouse by using OTG-cable
- The system of ranks and achievements using the service Google Play

Differences between the paid version:
- No advertising
- The ability to play for the USSR
- research in offline game

Whats new

    1.0.590 improve skirmish ai
    1.0.591 add Veritech ussr unit, navigate on campaing
    1.0.594 download maps for offline
    1.0.603 fix bug with skirmish AI
    1.0.604 skirmish for ussr
    1.0.607 new campaing, new units
    1.0.607 new campaing, new units
    1.0.613 optimization
    1.0.615 new units
    1.0.616 new missions for rus campaing
    1.0.621 games preview, optimization
    1.0.613 impove skirmish AI for ussr
    1.0.632 balance
    1.0.634 2 new mission on ussr company, new units
    1.0.639 fix bugs
    1.0.652 fix fog of war

Digital Garbage part of our Strategy and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 81.9251. Current verison is 1.0.653. Actual size 29.0 MB.

Download redsun-rts-premium.apk 29.0 MB


Brandon Coleman

Good game Multiplayer does not work for me

Jessie Eddy

Doesn't show Does not show mission objectives when the screen pops up it is just a red screen please fix

Dusty Christopher

It's what I was expecting good RTS

daniel cummings

Great game Addictive but I am having trouble with mission 13 where the mission dies not end even after completing all objectives an no one on the map left to kill.Please fix this do I can carry on to complete the game. Thank you.

Sam Habin

Great game but still very glitchy Sometimes a vehicle will get stuck on a cliff and the campaign level 9 with the oil rig won't end even when all objectives are filled. Can you please fix this.

David Grim

Fixed Save maps are gone, but now i can play with it. Thanks!

Samson David

Stuck on level 13 of campaign. Killed everyone but the map does not end. Have reported, and will wait for a fix. But I love this game, this is amazing. Thank you

pamela hettrick

Really good Its Great, although I think you should replace all the sound effects with c&c ones

eliyahu seidenfeld

playable. UPDATE: game is now playable with a few bugs here and there, good game. OLD REVIEW:Unplayable,too many bugs, i can't even begin to describe the bugs because i don't know where to start, there are so many of them, and the game freezes often.

Daniel Collon

Great, exactly what I've been looking for but This keeps freezing once I get a decent size base built up in missions. Super frustrating. I can hear sounds but no movement. Sometimes I can move the screen around and select guys but they are all frozen in place and sometimes it just freezes altogether. Sony Xperia Z3.

Daniel Christian

Shades of C&C Just a fantastic strategy game reminiscent of Westwood Studio C&C offerings way back in the 90's. Thanks for the nostalgia wrapped in such a great game. I am thoroughly enjoying reliving the good old days and hope to see more similar apps in the future. Changed my rating to 2 stars because I hit campaign 5 and the playing field remained blacked out. The control panel was there but largely grayed out rendering the game unplayable. Reinstalled but did not fix problem. I will change rating back to a 5 if this is remedied and I am able to continue in the game. I adjusted down to 1 star as development has not responded. One more week and I will be dropping the app. Actually, Digital Garbage is a good dev handle. You can keep your garbage and I will rid myself of your useless app today.

Nicholas Scaramella

Too many problems This game has been out long enough to iron out the problems. Too many to list, to the developer just play the game if you want to know.

Shamina amirah

My third best rts game this game is good but no the best on far project y is #1,second imperium galactica,

Antonio Jamison

Fix It a good game.But it gets stuck and no enough missions. Needs more weaponry.

daz dean

Good game one best rts on Android but it freezes on skirmish mode please fix Nvidia shield tablet thanks for getting back so quick and for the update it only took a day works fine now great game

Neth Ballantin

So good It is like red alert but now no new map , please update it

eric shorter

Surfer problems I paid for this plus multi player ducks

Sean Jaochico

Thanks for the help developer Ive finally gotten into the game past the loading screen. Will be checking the game before rating it five stars but it looks good on the google play so wait for my final verdict developer and thanks for the help

michael stanker

Outstanding Love it, but is there a button to move all of your forces at once, not just all of one group?

Mike Dice

This game is for people that can handle a challenge Love this game the more I play it. Takes stratagy and good resource management, highly recommend for anyone but especially the people that grew up playing star craft and command and conquer. Update: wow, tons of updates that add content, not just big fixes, were talking new units and abilities. Developer really cares about the game and it shows!


Pretty good Its not bad But i have a question all of the sprites look like there were stright out of c and c red alert 2

Scott Henry

Nice Pretty good, enjoying it so far. :)


Still impressed with the effort.. However, there are not enough updates done to make this game more stable. It's highly glitchy, relies on internet connection far too much even while offline, and it drives me crazy that the units run around acting retarded and getting stuck or not going exactly where I tell them to go. It also conflicted with other apps I have installed and slowed down my phone greatly. And this game doesn't take presidency over other things installed. Sorry, this is just the truth dude.

Madnes Man

Makers You need a scrimmage and see what you could do about fixing multiplayer get back to me ASAP cuz I play this everyday

Mattias Westphal

While impressive feature-wise, it does not feel polished enough. This game intreagued me as I was curious to see how proper full-on RTS games were doing on mobile. After playing for a while I found it rather impressive that this game carries over many features from games like red alert one and two. Unfortunately the game is buggy, unresponsive. The gui does not feel polished, particles look like placeholders, In general the game looks and feels unfinished.

Jonathan Quiello

Good, but definitely needs work Definitely one of the better rts games out, especially if you love c&c. Still buggy harvester stops for no reason, selecting troops is difficult, and its seems a little laggy. All can be over looked just takes a little to get used to, definitely looking forward to more updates though.

wil horne

Sorry won't run I'm sure it's good but won't run on nexus 6 at the moment. Hopefully will soon

J Hoogerhyde

Force Closes I play for maybe five to ten minutes before it force closes. Tried uninstalling and installing, still no better. Please give me a refund.

Luke Sexton

Terrible I'd give this a 0 rating if I could. This game completely crashed my phone where I had to reset it my phone is a HTC one mini

Franklin Madan

In game mess up In the game half of my menu is cut off by these 3 big white dots that makes it almost impossible to select on the right half of the menu to build items if fixed I will give 5 stars and redownload the item

Dan Bamlett

Training mission broken Fix the tutorial and ill buy again for sure

Sam Lea-Wilson

Unstable Might be a good game but can't get it to get past title screen

Joshua Brandenburg

Unable to play Froze at start screen. Then was completely black with music. Asked for refund sorry.

Vernon Denison

Samsung galaxy s6 edge After the update why am I receiving ads, I have paid for this game to be ads free, sort this out or give me my money back.

Jake Blake

Solid RTS It's essentially a carbon copy of the old CnC games back from the early 2000's and late 90's. In the earlier iterations it lagged to hell when you got more troops on screen but performance has improved greatly since. Solid TRUE RTS, not a Clash Of Clans clone.

michael giannetti

Easily the best "RTS" on mobile. This game is a love letter to anyone who plays the classic RTS genre on pc. The game takes very very heavy influences from command and conquer but that isn't a bad thing. I highly recommend playing with a stylus, it will make your experience much smoother.

cris neacsu

Awsome Great game. I have been searching for a game like this on android for quite some time. Just one thing, i hope that a future update will include to be able to play without signing in to the play store.

kris piper

Great but? How do you unlock titans?

No Name

Too many problems but if sorted just like the classic Search & Destroy games I used to play on PC •Commands randomly don't respond. •Units get stuck or drive into enemy not attack • Air units have false health bar. •Base gets destroyed at start before anything can be built. • Let's me buy researched units without barracks or war factory which waste money. They're is one thing I like which is rare and that's some of the random places you can put the buildings like right at the edge or on the side of the hill I think if that didn't happen I would not play this game at all.

matthew grosshart

The only true rts, like the old pc games. Would love larger maps tho.

Chris Hurst

Good work can you put more ussr reaserch items in guy and make the available in skirmish to

eliyahu seidenfeld

playable. UPDATE: game is now playable with a few bugs here and there, good game. OLD REVIEW:Unplayable,too many bugs, i can't even begin to describe the bugs because i don't know where to start, there are so many of them, and the game freezes often.


Good game Still needed to improve, but I gave 5 stars for dev's effort!

Patrick James Sanchez

Not existed Worthless, people bought dis game for nothing... asar......

Vernon Denison

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge Another update that as messed this game up, why the hell did I bother buying this game, every single update mess this game up,do not buy this game it's a joke, their are other games on the playstore 1000 times better than this rubbish.

jonah ferrin

Great game I've played for sometime know and love how easy it is to learn and to play. With the super weapons it makes it more fun.

jett dimaano

Like command & conquer but this one sucks Moving units very often stuck in front of the barracks, tanks move like an infantry and so much more bugs

Harry Percival

Command and conquer This I love and know that is not a CNC Game but u need to keep to your word continue to make game better try to make bigger maps and generated Map's but just love it and keep it up RED SUN go go go very Good Game GG

Sean Garnett

Very good Be reply good if the graphics where better and it save date but brilliant game well done

imran hazim

Enemy overpowered In mission, enemy move faster than my unit

Richard Adams

Great game If missed the old command and conquer style of gaming hope it keeps growing it's the number one game I play on my phone now.

Nick Beckett

Great game with lots of potential. Just need 2v2 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer matches!!

glenn hughes

Make more I want more Excellent on my tablet it's just classic c and c

Lee Collier

I have been looking for a C&C game for ages and for me this is just as good as the original games. as I'm a bit of a build a holic I would like to see walls and gates structures and more buildings added such as nuclear power stations and repair depos ect. Keep up the good work guys!

Clint Webb

Junk Won't let me do anything. Cannot build anything. Cannot restart the map. Controls are not intuitive.

Tyler W

It's came a long way. I came back to this to see how it's progressed and I have to say that it's great. It's nice to have something like command and conquer from the PC. Thank you for making this game.

Tristan Curry

Love how its like C&C I have been trying to find a game like it well i found that game thanks very good

Jim Gordon

Load Atlases 72%... then there's nothing...just black screen, already remove folder, internet is ok... still black screen

Fred Snyman

Busted since 1.0.653 update Game doesn't want to load past 72% loading atlases.... only happened since latest upgrade. Otherwise, it's pretty awesome!!

Swarm mods

very good - otherhand i cant zoom in please make zoom option in game this game reminds me a pc game command and conquer generals : zero hour :) in the future - keep this game updated !;)

Madnes Man

Makers Needs in game chat and work on the War Factory upgrades for people that are just starting playing it's not working oh and if you can make it where you choose your color but other than that so far good on the other updates

James Hamner

Just starting out I'm just starting out. I did notice that campaign button is spelled wrong on the main screen. Doesn't effect gameplay just annoying.

william jones

Lastest Updated fix my issue Thanks for making this amazing game


Thanks Thanks,now it's work perfectly

Tyler W

Great Everytime I get a new phone I check out this game. Everytime I go back to it it's better than it was before. Thanks for not abandoning your creation. This game has the real feel of classic RTS

Chris Farthing

Great App Brilliant RTS for mobile & tablet. Only problem I can mention is there's not enough players!

johannz aquino

awesome! No more glitches while playing skirmish. Amazing guys! Could you please add more countries and more types of soldiers? I wouldn't mind buying them but I would like to keep them. Trully awesome guys! Keep up the good work! Oh and another thing. I'm not a fan of online gaming but if I can fight multiple enemies on skirmish without doing online that'll be amazing even if I had to buy that option and keep it. Thanks again!

Dylan Varney

Amazing! Great game. The USSR is an awesome faction to play as. Suggestion: could you make naval units?

Erek S

Thank YALL SO MUCH i have been playing command&conquer since I was 8 and I literally own every single copy of each one even every expansion pack they came out with I've been down since Westwood.... Keep up the great work I just found this game and got so freakin excited thank yall so much I've only played one skirmish so far with the (GDI cough) side and the female voice is what made me say yep these guys know what's up again thank yall and keep up the great work. welcome back commanders.

cris neacsu

Awsome Great game. I have been searching for a game like this on android for quite some time. Just love it. Now playing this on my new WINTEL mini pc, dual boot android/windows 10. works with wireless mouse and keyboard. AWSOME!

Theo Hughes

Won't open Says not compatible with my Samsung S7, worked fine with my Nexus 6. Any fixes? Says Context 3d not installed.

dylan hall

Won't load past 84% Please fix this asap

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