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31 Aug
RedSun RTS

Posted by Digital Garbage in Strategy | Aug. 31, 2016 | 205 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

RedSun is a prime example of the genre classic RTS, unjustly forgotten today.
In this game you directly and, as is self-explanatory name for the genre, real-time control of troops, build a base, plan attacks and to strengthen the defense on the battlefield. At your disposal different types of units - each ones with their own objectives, strengths and weaknesses.
Also, do not forget that the game is just beginning to develop. We, in its turn, will make every effort to develop the game and not let you get bored.
This is just the beginning.

The game is made in 2D isometric style.

The game features:
- Virtually unchanged classical control, with the addition of new features, as well as multiselect units from one to several. (It is possible to play with the mouse, respectively, must be device support OTG cable or Bluetooth)
On screens with HD and FHD use the zoom if you can see finely.
- Building base with classic MCV anywhere on the map (double-click on the engineering machine), as well as other technological structures.
Mining crystals harvesters.
- Powerful weapon in the form of a nuclear explosion (soon there will be other, and it is possible to purchase a quantitative stock)
System improvements Arsenal for the development of new units.
Achievements and medals.
- At the moment you can only play for the Patriots Alliance (soon there will be fanatics of the red hammer, etc)

Differences from other games, so-called strategic:
- Create any number of units and buildings, there are almost no restrictions, in addition to the resources of the device, otherwise it will lag. (Testing on older devices shows excellent fps)

In addition, do not forget that the game is only the beginning of its development in the early autumn, and we in turn will do our best to develop the game and not let You get bored. Planned a lot, possibly even multiplayer.

Thank You for the criticism, reviews, positive comments, suggestions, we first try to make a game good old time RTS strategies of the late 90's and early 2000, to correct errors and shortcomings in the game in time, and to help players understand the mechanics of the game, though it is not particularly simple.

P. S. To update the maps and other content, it is desirable to have always included the Internet. Please update all google service, because the game at the beginning of the run may hang, please do not swear on the game and the developers, because we do in your personal time for you.

Whats new

    1.0.571 improve ingeneer, balance forces, add superveapons into multiplayer
    1.0.578 solved the problem of getting stuck in the rocks
    1.0.582 improve skirmish AI, add Veritech ussr unit, navigate on campaing, download
    maps for offline
    1.0.592 fix bug with skirmish AI
    1.0.601 new compaing, new units
    1,0.603 optimization
    1.0.607 new units, new missions
    1.0.625 games preview, optimization
    1.0.632 Balance
    1.0.634 2 new mission on ussr company, new units
    1.0.638 fix bugs, add music

Digital Garbage part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 31, 2016. Google play rating is 77.0468. Current verison is 1.0.647. Actual size 28.0 MB.

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Camelia Bomantoro

you need to fix. I cant build all those tower and flying unit. Its disappear

Ramil Tizon

iT DOES NOT WORK It only open then it only shows black scree wish you fix this bug

garawaa garawaa

shows only black screen. Galaxy grand neo gt- i9060

mary demers

Because of updates

Gabriel Moreno

Needs lot of work It doesnt work on my tab but only on my phone for some reason, anyways when its a interesting Red Alert 2 copy although, its kinda hard to control your units and they sometimes wander off on their own which can be very annoying.

Aidan Hernandez

Doesn't work I has a Nexus 6 and it no work

Colten Thompson

Great for playing with a friend!!!! Great game!! I played with my brother on multiplayer! Good for killing time!

Dominic Jackson

Good but hard to play. The game seems great but there are some performance issues. It runs really slow and units lag, also the ai has a problem path finding around objects.

Mikhail Dulov

Has potential The game has potential to be amazing, but it lacks a tutorial, you have to do a mission to know the controls, but once you get the hang of it its prety fun, some complains like lag when units like tanks fire in large numbers, the AI being dumb like going the long way around when it can just move straight forward to reach its target, or trying to relocate to attack when it can easily attack, also lacks multiple until selection like either double taping a unit to select all units of same type, a skirmish mode would be most welcome, in time this game can be absolutely amazing!

Alex Armani

New Features Requests Thanks for your quick reply ;) As this game reminds me of Red alert 2 its so wonderful playing it again on my phone. Your team is great and Have a good day ahead. Really love a skirmish map looking forward for it. By the way how do I donate some funds for your team?

Tyler Reaugh

Too many issues. Unit control is garbage, advertising banner eats up space, units can go off map and if unselected they will be target for the AI. Units are weak and your better off building defence towards the enemy. Glitches occur when you try and select several units. Way too many issues and it needs a lot of work.

scott V

Needs work Could be an awesome game but just doesn't run well at all to the point of being unplayable and thats on a note 4 so would hate to have a slow phone

Kyle Koh

Awesome People should start playing multiplayer I spent minutes for someone to join also can you add the helipad in this one please and can you add all of the tanks or do I have to research it?

Connor Barthelmie

Still needs work, but improving I reviewed this before the author released a slew of updates, and in between that time they have been working hard and managed to improve the points I mentioned. Since then, the game is now better optimised, the orders work a little better and the loading times have decreased. Its still not perfect, but enjoying the game is possible now and its good to see the author not abandoning it.

george bob

Not quite funtional I've been awaiting a proper port of tiberian sun on android, but this, though a blatant ripoff, doesn't fit the bill. The engine doesn't run well, the controls aren't tailored to the platform, and it just isn't stable.

Luis Rodriguez

Red alert This is just a rip off of red alert its the same just different names its good game tho I love it

Drakan Fire

Reminds me of the past I play rts games all the time and this game is a great way for me to keep playing on the road. At first i thouht this was by EA due to it being so similar to Red Alert 2. I was surprised to see someone try to revive this series. I would be more then glad to support this in some way. I would also like to see this get put on computers and consoles who knows maybe it will be the next big RTS game just like EA. Currently the game needs some camera fixes and maybe a skirmish setting so players can get used to situations in the game.

Teemo pan

Good game and all but It is hard to understand how to play and not very fun

Gerardo Gomez

Need a lot of work. Scrolling get hard from time to time, units are week,units don't respond to the comand you give them. I love c&c (comand & conquer ) and this game remind me of it. Also needs settings and it doesn't have a feedback button.

Martin Shaw

Too quick enemy attacks straight away. 1star because, does not let you have any chance,of winning,

Roger Walton

Confused No intro, or basic instructions.

Matthew Tobolov

Suicide hard Can manage to finish the first level...

Ali Baker

Great just make units control easier I love it but not when I can't load saved games

Joshua Swann

Air units Were are the air units

alex mulvey

it is who it is made by... digital garbage

Colin Murfin

Redsun Overall a good game, however the control's for selecting unit's feels awkward and also lacking basic troop A.I, first level needs to be easy to allow time for new players like myself to get acquainted to the game mechanics to have a chance to learn how everything works. I understand the game is still a working process and very pleased the developers have bought a command and conquer style/clone back on the scene

Kradx X

Not bad. Not bad for a Camand and conquer game for phone. Biggest thing is lag time. And hard to do somethings. But was worth a try.

Jared Hall

Buggy I was really hoping this would be like c&c but it is too buggy.

RJX 115

I love this This game is basically a command and conquer game on Android and I love it keep up the amazing work. This has so much potential.

Danial Prestianni

A real game Its a great game, but I can't use the defences is there a fix to this? Other than than that it's a great rts

jake chisholm

A real rts Its great to finally have a decent rts game on my mobile. I grew up playing command and conquer and starcraft and have been waiting for a similar android game. My only issue is that there aren't skirmish matches.

niel loreto

Great game But it can be improved The game graphics and animation can be enhanced

martin bowden

This game is getting alot better it is going tobe amazing once finished with more upgrades and online

MYR Ibrahim

Nice game I liked this game because its like red alert or all the command and conquer series

Julius Lam

Hard to command Multiple units it don't stay in 1 place and in some controls like placing ready structures it dont follow on screen fix it It would be better if you put skirmish with AI so that I can play even offline and not just campaign I love this kind of RTS for more than a decade back in my teen hood (2001) C&C Tiberian Sun , Red Alert + Yuri's Revenge specially this Modern start of Era Generals Zero Hour

Koizz Gacilo

Almost There This game reminds me the gameplay of Red Alert & Tiberian Sun.. Much better if it would be like as Yuri's Revenge that can buy simultaneous units.. Keep up the good work guys! I love you very much! ???

Justin Wright

Good but needs work. Great potential. One of the few REAL rts games for droid. I'd love to see it finished. I'll be checking back for the real deal.

Neil Phillips

it wont load every time i load a mission it wont load so im uninstalling it

Jericho Arcelao

EDIT OK thanks for the reply! I'll try running it on a game booster and see if it works. Maybe its just an overloaded ram. EDIT#2: Confirmed it to be overloaded ram. It works fine now. Thanks!

Gary Bennett

Crap!!!!!! When I go to missions and all that comes up is black with in the left corner red with all the maps . The thing is I cant play anything how come I can only zoom in and out!!!!!

James Sweet

Still not working right It starts up but when you start a mission or multi player the screen goes black and stays black on my galaxy tab 2

james valero

Best game..I rarely comment and rated games..this is one of those..

george bob

Not quite funtional I've been awaiting a proper port of tiberian sun on android. This will do.

David Poulton

Awesome game! This is the only true RTS game I think is left on the store, love it so much and how you brought back good old RA2. One slight bug however, when the loading screens display the load percentages jump around a lot (like from 30 to 50 to 20 to 100 to 50 etc)

Kevin Derp

Thanks for fixing that problem But another one just started.When I start the game only the right side of the screen it is black please fix this

arthur komen

Quite a nice game . some futures missing The game is quite good. But unfortunately a few futures are missing, for example there is no airsupport , it will never unlock. Also there is only one research, only for the harvaster. Further it is a very nice game. PS because I lack WiFi I play mainly offline

Cody Brown

Keep it up! This is what im talking about, ive looked high and low for a real rts and you have filled the need. Keep up the good work looking forward to seeing this game bloom

Josef Griesmer

Great game but it took me a while to figure it out. A tutorial is what this game needs and while I finally figured out how to play and loved it I think for more people to play you need a tutorial. The help page is also useful but hard to navigate and slightly unintuitive. Other than that love the game it reminds me of command and conquer (one of my favorite games from when I was younger).

Ruebin Dunson

c&c this is probably the closest thing to command and conquer. i love how the dev has kept it old school. i have been searching everywhere for something like this.

Raymond B

A revival of a classic genre

The Reckoner

Awesome,I've been looking for a game this fun!

George Sperelakis

Red alert 2 with C&C original grαphics Almost everything in this: buildings,units, voices user interface is out of RA2. Only week point is that units can go out of the map and come from behind of your base. Also please add few more soundtracks because only one looping gets boring.

simon offord

It's almost C&C I loved the Command & Conquer series, but haven't found anything on android, well till now. This is the closest I've found so far. It's a bit twitchy and is probably better on a large screen device

Camelia Bomantoro

Thanks for the update. But you need to make the game smooth. No lag

Sam Sabean

Not bad The graphics may not be great, and it might be a bit buggy, but the maps are nice, lots of units and it just looks like it could get much better in the future, I recommend it to strategy gamers

ChaoYang Fang

Pretty good Where are the air units ? How come I can't hire any air units?

Jeremy Huntley

Awesome Brings me back to the days when C&C red alert 3 came out thanks for a good game

Christopher Ng Yan Hon

Still needs development RTS is short for REAL TIME strategy. Resources are the flow of the game. Even some harvesters are built, resource collecting is still slow. These expensive units and buildings... is makes a player's gameplay slow and the player will be longing for resources. Harvesters needs to be faster. Cost of in game buildings and units needs to be set accordingly to a player's need for every battle.

Julius Lam

wow tnx I guess everything ♤ now after a 1 year & 1 day i decided to uninstalled") now I'm back to this 1 of best RTS on android device to see improvements `~~ kiddin not garbage as 2015? XD

munged madridy

The best rts game ever Don't wait download it now!!!!


Console Please leave a like and thumbs up the the game if u like it I hope u enjoy the game this is free

bossman boss

Need work Needs some work but it's like command and Conquer Red Alert it's a little slow but good game need more maps but I do like playing just needs updates thanks for free game

Viven Remsanga

Dislike it for now it never passes the first loading process does it need cache downloading

Christian Navarr

Red alert? Very good.

Ben Larsen

One of the Few Real Mobile Strategy Games

John Gordon

Great game, bit laggy. Reminds me of AoE, mechanical version. Got to level 5 so far, no enemy on map, and I can't progress further. I have killed all.

branden buchmeier

Ok Twice now I have completed hard missions and it didn't give me mission complete.

Mika Draghi

how do I save on campaign mode? I love the graphics and the concept of this game but I don't know how to save on campaign mode please help

A Google User

I like the game Like to see the money trucks grab alittle faster other than that cool game to me

Juliano Tarabay

Why i cant play campaigne mod Every time i try to playe campaigne mode the game stop and why icant play then one mission in skirmich mod please fixet and i will give five star but every thing else is sow amazing i love these kind of game and im just gonna say keep up because its the best game i ever played at my smartphone

Mike Fredrick

Missions completed but it won't let me win

David Brown

Won't save anything Buggy as hell

Jan Ramos

Nice Game ive been looking for

Matt Durie

It's a good start Comparing it to the game its modeled after..concept is are clunky and needs more expansion.. This is something I'd love to get behind! Specially with design. I am a die hard CnC fan and want more of these on mobile. I'd pay money on a classic rts rather than the base builder social games that flood the market. If you're looking for any help I'd love to be a part of this. Thank you!

Fahmi Mukhtarulfalah

jelly bean 4.1.2 has stuck playing this help please i used to play this game on my lg optimus several months ago. and now i would to play this rts game again. when i downloaded current version and play it, it just stuck on loading atlass. can i get help?

erik klinko

A ton of potential! I have literally been dreaming of this since the day I got a smart phone. I want to help this game and idea in general any way I can. I'm not sure what the premium version has to offer above this, but I'm gonna but it just so I can support this. You guys should hit up gamevil or one of the other big names. Or go on go fund yourself.


Just hate it when the unit get stuck..the res t is fine

Sabrina Cartwright

Can't move Everything was great until I noticed I couldn't move the units. I could build , and select them , but can't make them do anything

Alex Varga Toth

Not bad Reminds me of old cnc games keep everything as is except polish controls and unit movement and you got a winner

Abdulelah Almotlaq

Good but graphics The idea is good just like red alert game but the graphics is not so well.and if u can improve the graphics it it be so nice.

Aaron Saeger

Good, not great Gameplay if fun but the game crashes if screen times out

ziyaad seedat

I luv plz make it more like command and conquer Please make more updates for it

David Phillippi

Good game but... For me the graphics of the units are messed up but everything else is fine. I don't know whats causing it.

Jeremy Swantusch

I love command and conquer but This game did a good job making it simular but bad tool bar the pictures are un clear of what you are building and says different things at times and it is a pain to move buildins fix this and i would be very happy

Jihaad Jimmy

JIMMY good game.. some time game didnot end

Laxman Poudel

It took Lots of loading time but the game not started yet

Jenifer Palmer

Hia? Awsome game I love it!! Good job just please make some updates! Thanks!

Steven Gonzalez

Reminds me of Tiberian Sun

Alexander Clark

But I think sometings wrong one of the tabs are useless

Munyaradzi Murapa

Minor tweaks needed The add banner blocks some buttons in the menu...I'm not asking for no adds, but its quite annoying. Also multi select needs tweaking. But otherwise great game. 5 stars when everything if fixed

TheLordOfPie DomOfEnder

Needs work Needs single player mode where you can just do vs against air where they start off just as you do. The campaign as well is annoying with the fact that they send their troops almost right away so I have to be prepared, which isn't to much of a problem since it is an RTS. Kinda leggy but still fun. Best RTS I've found for mobile so far.

Angela Proton

Perfect I just wish they had more maps Wish they had more maps and maybe you and play as another side also more special weapons like nukes and stuff like that and more upgraded tanks and weapons of destruction in the game

Xxxxe Xxxxe

More pls Highet graphics and faster gameplay,hotspot multi and airfield & ship yards....its ok if its size is 50mb or higher just add that plz

Christopher Blanks

Needs work Built army gets stuck and can't complete missions button functions don't always work it's a good game if they would take a little time with it i played this game before on a CD awsome game maby you should play your game

ralph vincent filosopo

Good job Keep up the good work. Thnkz.

Ian Antonio

Needs Multiplyer my friends and I wants to play this together like we used to play RA2 LAN connection, Bluetooth or even WiFi hotspot

Lee Saunders

Great game reminds me of command and conquer

Kian Entwistle

Lag and hard I just went on it and the lag was real and on 0 it was hard to stop the attack wave

Derek Holt

Cool idea. Well it's a CnC knock off. But who cares?? Not me, I love CnC and I'm glad this is on android. But there are some issues. Some of which: Turrets are too strong. The main basic turret annahilates crusader tanks. This turret says it is anti infantry but one turret takes out 4 crusader tanks. These need to be nerfed against armor that way people will have to build anti tank turrets if they want to turtle. The other problem is artillery does not out range defensive turrets like it should. This makes artillery useless. Right now it is too easy and too effective to just sit in your base behind a bunch of turrets..

Levisco MD

It's good. I really like this game, similar to red alert 2, nothing really to complain about except one thing, improve the unit AI so they quit bumping into each other when moving, really bloody annoying when units fall behind because they bump into another unit and move around to not bump into them and then bump into ANOTHER unit creating a mess, and also make it so units get in formation when they get to a destination, my only complaints about this game, although it would be nice to rework the UI a bit so it's more user friendly, also we need to be able to make more then just 2 groups of units.

Ron Krein

Great gameplay just hard to play on small screen Ive been looking for a game like this for android for a long time finally found it. Only thing is in skirmish, very first level, i cannot beat the AI on the lowest skill level. I consider myself a veteran of games such as starcraft and C&C so i think i should be able to handle it on easy. Also level 4 is a joke. Its like onve i get my first tank built 25 of the AI's tanks come rolling in!!! Please fix

Scott Sherwood

How do you harvest? I just downloaded this game because I'm a big command and conquer Gan but I can't figure out how to get my harvester that I built to harvest. I will give 5 stars if I can figure this out

Steve Perry

C&C fans will love it. Great game very similar to command and conquer just what I have been looking for.

Chris Ryan

Prime I've been looking around for quite some time searching for that perfect throwback RTS like command and conquer as the phone supports mouse play games quite well and I just love RTS games so here it is finally true to its name the game is well-balanced real time strategy like Starcraft 64 or command and conquer or Warcraft before it got stupid LOL. Ohhhhh did I mention this is free

Charles John Soteco

I dont like it I love it Hey digital garbage just make the game like red alert. And keep up the good work and make the game beautiful make the graphics more awesome

elio harb

Nice game but! Nice game but it don`t want to start ..when i open it close .... can you fix it plzzzz and thx

Dalton Swider

A real RTS NEVER THOUGHT Id find one about damb time

Harish Danny

Very bad this game can't coming its just coming progress..........

huzaifah Hardian

Look like c&c red alert Well well. This game amazing ever rts mode. In premium more the best. I'll try to play both

Arthur Grennell

Lol This game is a ripoff from command and conquer

Shaun Slater

Good, but... A good little game but there is a lot of plagiarism here, units and voices ripped straight from command and conquer, I mean just look at the premium version, they're using red alert 3 artwork! Edit: just click an mcv in a new game to hear a sound ripped straight from C&C.

Melvin Uy Matiao

Crappy In the middle of the game all control just got stuck. All my units just went haywire and just stand still while the game is on going.

amumu gaming

Nice game And pls add via hotspot multiplayer

Christopher Lane

No tutorials I couldn't figure out how to play

Marilyn Moquia

Very nice game Very nice gane because this game is addictive pls part 2 of red sun new buildings defense special weapon troops tanks airplane and many other thx part 2♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

vin censani

Ok It's OK, graphics are poor

D Saulas

Awesome It has awesome units and building

Bradcpc Gilbert

Very difficult

Azure FlameLion

Although this one is clone but it actually COOL! At first i see this games i though'WHAT!? C&C on android? Will it actually work?" buy when i try it a little bit i could say that it was great only problem for me is that if you play on phone that not big screen you are hard to see unit and small thing in display

NotMe NotYou

Fun Last mission is glitched for me, capture a building and I get nothing for it, any suggestions? Over all, good game

arron luke doyle

so many glichis I play this game and the harvesters are glich ed the turrets are as well I got attacked and they did not fire and the enamy was right in front

gaziciano gaziciano

Best war game ...better than game of war

David Johnson

Won't load all the way It will load only to 84% than just sits there

Bidam Islam

Nice game Please added a 3D thank you

Neal Ryan Caballes

Has a very promising potential! Superbly recreated and revived! Hope that this game go far beyond its promising potentials! I can't wait for that to happen!

Vernon Denison

Samsung s6 edge Really like this game,but please sort all the bugs out and I will give five stars, it freezing and you cannot carry on with the mission so you have to start all over again and again and again . can't play this game half way through a mission and it freezing, this is just stupid, uninstalling don't bother downloading this game.

Carlos Melendez

Hope you continue working on it. Wish there was a skirmish option. Controls are a little weird and sometimes unresponsive. Graphic wise well i hope you improve it to look beautiful. Unit description would also be a plus. Sounds needs a little work also. Other than all that the game has a good thing going and is exactly what i was hoping for. Keep it up! ?

daniel nicholls

Bad language translation. Campaign mission four is impossible to win, you get attacked by a large group of enemies within 30 seconds of starting before you can even set up basic buildings and begin troop production. Also path finding is sketchy, troops frequently get stuck on terrain while moving across the map. Only reason it gets two stars instead of one is for being a decent attempt at true RTS gaming, fix the issues mentioned for more stars.

Tremaine Jordan

i wont give 5 but screen keep taking bout my internet service

Gary Tillery

Love the game, but something needs to be done about mission 4. Mission 4 you get attacked with a massive army. (20+ armored units and just as many ground units.

stefan mandigo

Pretty good Need to have all the missions set so I dont need internet to Load them. Might also want to have certain upgrades actually functional. The repair upgrade doesnt have a function that I can actually use. Please fix that.


Nostalgic When buildings are destroyed, can you make so it spawns a couple of troops? Like in C&C. Other than that I find nothing wrong with it.

Michael Jaime

Gawan nyo ng offline to ha!...

Anurag Jain

Full of bugs The game is nice but it is full of bugs. The game lags, after about half hour it stops responding.

Sindang Hurip Toko

Fix it and free

Franzcine Franchezka

Awesome game I've been addicted to this, just add more maps and campaign for more fun... improved graphics into 3D.


Raiting point issue n less player once i win, raiting point dint increase. Raiting point only decrease when i lose.

Josh Barnard

I remember playing this Looks like the original which I can't recall the name of, other than a few added touches, but I can't say it's the bees knees on the campaign even though it has a nostalgic feel... it's just stupid hard, the original devs are idiotic, unless you tampered with the play mechanics..either way, would only recommend for the multiplayer. It could be improved as well.

James Bailey

Impossible Can't get past the 4th campaign level. The enemy rushes you before you get a chance to get started.

Adeeba jabbar

One of the greatest hames i reckon but try to add some more features ?

Grayden Jock

What I've been waiting for I've been waiting for an awesome RTS that I can play on the go. Mech platoon for the game boy advanced was the last good one for me but who carries a Gameboy advanced around? This game is no clash of clans and that's a good thing. I hate the whole wait 5 hours to upgrade or pay real cash. This game is a straight up command and conquer I absolutely love it and am thrilled we for once have a legit RTS. I made a google+ account just to rate this game. First time I've rated a game before.

el yakuza

AWESOME!!!!!! This game is reeeeaallyyyy good, i still have to see the skirmish mode, i guess not enough people are playing it. Speed is nice.. nice game

Nick Jean

Pointless Ran a skirmish to get a feel for the game, wiped out the enemy with 5 tanks while his just sat there

Dark Shadow

RTS RTS has the most amazing games. I think RTS games are my favorite. My 2 favorite games are Redsun and Rusted Warfare.

Claire Baclea-an

Redsun rts (Red alert& generals). ;))

The Premier

It's ok As a C&C lover, I like it but it would be better with some navy battles it would be soooooo much fun

Saddam Efron

Great game.but is.the units normally lag or is the movement of units really laggy? Fix the units

Merril Thompson

I love it! Nostalgic fun, you should add a cheat menu to the single player mode. Some people have issues with cheat codes, but they've been popular since forever in gaming :)

Jero Nikos

This is very AWESOME!!!! Best RTS like C&C but need more updates... I hope you can add team: allied and soviet,save option,add skirmish 4vs4 in offline,need improvement of graphics,and more. Thankyou this is awesome!!!

James Cox

Blitzkriegs failure Every campaign you start you get rushed in the first 5 minutes. The game is fun reminds me off red alert but by campaign 4 you are rushed too hard and no way to build your base up before they get your harvester.

StoneMountain 64

Great game like C&C Great game! But can you add more defense like prism tower or Tesla coil? And can you also add allied or Soviet? And lastly can you please add C&C soundtrack? Thank you. And I rated it 5 stars

Andrew Birondo

Make some new Pls. add some new airplanes and make it offline ,then when playing multiplayer can you make it using portable hotspot to connect on others....ty

Bryan Tew

Good game but Homekey and back button stay open during gameplay on xperia m4 and build menu is so close to it that it closes the game when trying to select items and progress lost.please fix this I will add a star if done.thanks

EpicGameing 560™

Something we haven't had in a while A good RTS type game that we don't get a lot of on the playstore! This has every right to be called an RTS. Thank you.

zeb albers

Awesome Best app I have it'd be better if there were more races or different army's but I still loved it

Jacq Degracia

Please add more maps i cant use air support..need more . But i love this game so plsss more maps more mission.^_^

Jerry Grantham

Too buggy A decent enough RTS for mobile, but it keeps crashing.

Aaron Thirkettle

I can't complete mission 13 it doesn't end after completion sort it out guys u will get 5 stars big mistake please sort it

Raymond Moore

Love, it , just like command and conquer. Been looking for a game like this forever

Arnav Gaikwad367

Excellent game The game is very nice. Campaing at lvl 13 is never complete. Tried several times but got stuck . Please fix it.

Heavytankz T32

Ahahahaha lol nice app★★★★★★★★★★★ I just maximize enemy difficulty to 7 and i loose...the enemy storm me with plasma tank and new maps pls in single player with many gold to mine and thre is a single map tht not work i single player the one with many blue minable object

nathan p

Bugs Certain troops cannot be used or created... The engineer isn't available for me to use. Bugs with sensitivity on selecting troops and unable to stop troops from attacking enemies without me even addressing them to do so resulting in accidental loss of troops. These are real problems that should be fixed- I'm bout to redownload to see if it will fix the bugs...........

Jeremy Fenge

Good game, But it keeps crashing, so its useless.

jose medina

No save options? How do you load a saved game?

Joshua Lucab

Great game This reminds me of C&C,you should some features like we choose what nation to use in skirmish and every nation has different buildings and units,like C&C..that would be awesome☺

Robert Albrecht

Add garbage Adds cover the controls make game unplayable

Watson Lauaki

No bad Need more maps and controls of units while playing. But good game overall.

Saif Khan

Doesn't start Stuck on the loading page

Alex Beedie

Great game can't seem to get past mission 13 even though I have killed everything and opened all boxes, is it a glitch or am I missing something?

Amanda Welch

GREAT A little hard but a really great game

Michael Dachtler

Could be awesome. The game constantly crashes and the save function doesn't work. Game play is too slow. Units walk through walls. Various other glitches. I would love to love it, but I don't. Uninstalled.

Grzegorz Ostapiuk

Playing it is a hassle It keeps crashing at end of missions and huge parts of screen often go black when looking at options or mission briefings.

Edin Cvrk

Nice This is so much alike red alert one of my favorite real time strategy games

Kaeli Robert Holden

It fixes that ich I am a huge CnC fan and this game has a lot of what red alert feels like. There a couple bugs in it but over all, this is a fun game

Mike Royster

Awesome game better than the computer version

Winston Pedrigal

Good but there's some bugs

Sandip Shrestha

superb game I really like it......please make more game like it....

James Black

Props to the creators! This Red Alert copy is great It is great to finally find a real classic style RTS on android. This being a Red Alert copy is great for any of those red alert fans! To get down to it and to be totally honest the graphics are behind the times but the controls and game play is done well. I hope to see a solid Age of empires style RTS come on android soon too!

Alexandru Juncu

Looks like it's in prototype stage Installed it because I wanted a CnC clone and indeed it does look like one. But it's buggy as hell. The texts don't even fit in the proper way in the window. And game play is impossible.. I got stuck in the first seconds trying to build a building, it doesn't let you control where you put the building (or at least it didn't for me on my tablet)

Dragon D

Stupid why my opponent in multiplayer have units stronger than mine? My opponent in online have strong units and defenses and he build alot of defenses there must be a limit for defenses and tanks are too week can even destroy one defense tower and please let us play 2v2 or 1v1v1 in multiplayer

Donivin Peevy

It's loads then freezes Do u need Wifi or can it play without WiFi.please fix it I will rate all stars

Blas Valzado

Cant But in off-line cannot play please fix it loading still wait nothing happen

Kulas Piro

Not working on LG K10 Two minutes and cannot even get past loading page.

Scott Moye

Thanks You might want to fix that later on

James Wiltfong

It was ok One of a few true rts games on mobile. Though placing of troops is not as tight as others. A long press on buildings,units, etc to show info would be great. Id like to know exactly what im researching. Walls would be a nice addition. Maybe a few more troop types. And my engineers weren't building. Id spend money but no engineers appeared..weird. Overall..a decent sometimes annoying game. Great effort though for a mobile C&C type game.

Noel Nuqui

Great game! A throwback to the C&C series, but i don't mind as I am a big fan. Thanks for making this for mobile. Still some minor bugs, glitches and ocassional hangs... But who cares! Am addicted to it :)

Patrick Jomel Pantaleon

Nice effort! Red allert 2 alike! I wish that it moves like it but i know its not easy but, bravo for the effort! Im looking forward on its improvement!

Kevin Pearson

Pretty awesome Reminds me of the old school RA. one hint, campaign is misspelled on the main menu ;)

Charbel Abboud

I hate Graphics I love this game...Can this game update graphics:i play this game and love it.Please update graphics to play all day please and thank u

Boris Lipschitz

Controls too tiny on high-DPI LG G4 screen Actually, both the controls and the game field, even at the max zoom.

pogi ako

Wont let me play I have a strong connection and has 64 Gb. Of space but nothing happen the game was done downloading then i play then it downloads again but after that wont let me play

John Jones

Thank you Love this game brings back lots of good memory's :) keep up the amazing work and if possible add the sandbags and concrete walls please that would be awesome :)

Ahmed Raza

Awesome game Can you make one like C&C Generals or Red alert 3 or any other from C&C series :)

raymund tordesillas

It's the best rts for android It's like playing rts in your pc.very good game that comes handy for rts addicts.

Dustin Horn

game does not load up for me idk why i just sit at a loading screen

brandon eddy

How do I load a save file? Made a bad ass base to only come back to nothing. Fix?

Laajsde unknown

I like that this game is a strategy game But the game delovepers stoled this game from the first command & conquer

D Saulas

Cool It has awesome units and building

Eddie Game

"I'm on it...!" Just like Westwood's Command&Conquer! Dune started this RTS fun!

pai shamsul

The best I miss to play red alert n general

Robbie Boone

Red sun Nice game sometimes harvester stops on refinery and won't dump and mission 10 is too close to enemy at start they attack harvester as soon as you start. Cant defend them

Damion Landers

To me it makes me think of Red Alert 3 which was one of my favorite games on the computer said Lee Red Alert 3 was only for the computer but now on this I can actually play it on my tablet which is really cool thank you for making this game

clif bartram

Needs some work Hey guys you have a great game here but it's too zoomed out to play on a phone even with 5 inch screen. Can you zoom it in further?

Shad Shivers

Life's/ or the game's tough. It is a very difficult game. But fun none the less. Keep up the good work.

Sobrieadzha 2

To many problems... This game is so bad...... Can't play with my galaxy phone....

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