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27 Apr
Redeem UV Free

Posted by eighto studios in Entertainment | April 27, 2015 | 98 Comments

Apk file size: 2.2 MB

Give Redeem UV Free a try and redeem your UltraViolet movie codes through your linked vudu and CinemaNow accounts!

If you’ve tried to redeem UltraViolet digital movie codes before, you know that it can be a difficult process. Here is a helpful hint to ease the confusion and help you get the most out of Redeem UV.

Create and link vudu and CinemaNow accounts to one UltraViolet account. UltraViolet requires codes to be redeemed through their partnered retailers. This wouldn’t be a problem except none of the retailers have all of the UltraViolet titles available for redemption. The way to get around this is to have all your retailer accounts linked to one UltraViolet account, that way any UltraViolet code redeemed in one retailer will be added to your library in all the others.

Example: I always use vudu to view my Ultraviolet movies, so I go there first to redeem a code. I type the title in the search box but cannot find a match. The title is not available. No problem, next I search for the movie in the CinemaNow tab, find it, enter the code and redeem my movie. I then exit the Redeem UV app and go to to check my library. The movie I just redeemed is now available in my vudu library even though I had to go to CinemaNow to redeem the code!

Whats new

    Please note this app is intended ONLY for redeeming UV codes. Redeemed titles MUST be viewed from retailer account/apps linked to your UV account.
    2.0 - New movie news feed
    1.9 - Removed target ticket (no longer in service)
    1.8 - Bug fixes
    You can now enter codes directly through UltraViolet without having to first search for the movie title. Just enter the redemption code and select the retailer account you would like use (such as vudu) to redeem the title!

eighto studios part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 27, 2015. Google play rating is 63.7613. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 2.2 MB.

Download redeem-uv-free.apk 2.2 MB


Jesse Covey

Total Rip Off This app only works half the time when you enter your movies. I entered the movie codes for Fast and Furious, for example, and it came up here. Later I went back to watch it on VUDU, which is supposed to be connected to my UV account, and it wasn't there. I contacted the customer care team and they just give me a bunch of b.s. Worst product ever!

Sarah kelly

You still have to use a computer to redeem the code in flexster not impressed fix for a 5 star rating

Helen Barrowclough

Rubbish So many problems with this app

Brion Swanson

Useful. Makes UV a little easier to use by putting things together This app is quite useful but unfortunately the nature of UV basically makes this not much more than an app that opens multiple embedded browser sessions to various UV-enabled sites (like CinemaNow and Vudu). UV is such a hot mess when it comes to redemption this app attempts to consolidate it in one place, but you still end up bouncing around from site to site trying to find one that will accept your UV code. And when you do, chances are you have to create an account with that site to redeem and link that account with your UV account. It's all such a hassle it's no wonder UV isn't lauded as something really helpful and beneficial to consumers. This app get 3 stars for being kind of clunky (mostly UV's fault) and for not including Flixster (another very common UV redemption site).

Cheese Prime

Tip of advice If you have trouble trying to figure out which Ultraviolet Retailer to use to watch your movies, I recommend Cinema Now. And besides the retailers, it is Awesome! I highly recommend it. :)

Edgar Silverio

Does not work When i try to put in my email it just doesnt put in letters it can only do numbers i can sign into my vudu account

Lee Durcan

Waste of space And there wonder why people illegal download films.

Mitch Gladue

Doesn't seem to work 4 me

Queen V Acevedo

Love this app

johnny dent

4stars cause Its not that organized

William Cartwright

Doesn't work It use to work but now when I go to redeem movies the screen is just blank. It won't let me input the codes anymore :( Before this started occuring I used this app all the time but not I have to find other ways to redeem my movies every week.

Justin Lotter

Great app Great app if you know what you are doing. Only 4 stars as I do not like the cheap advertising that is written into app code. For all those complaining, either figure out what you are doing or write your own app. Developers spend a tone of time and publish their work for free and all you do is complain when you can't figure out how it works.

Alan Vogin

Works very well I just select redeem, and enter the code, then select vudu to play it back.then run the vudu app to watch or download. No problems. It would be nice if it had a scanner to read the codes.

Sammy Mccomiskey

It won't work when I put in a code it says that I have to go to flixster so I did that and it still did not work

Samantha B.

Works Great! Ellipsis tablet. 1st u need to get VUDU or anything on their list. Enter this app,pick a service provider,VUDU,etc.,sign in&use redemption code&u r done. Its that easy.I used my VUDU account & it worked. Try it,I'm glad I did.

Beth Roy

this is junk do not waste your time i can log in fine on pc app says info is wrong

Naomi Zukowski

Does not work!! Won't give me a screen to redeem my ultraviolet movies....UNINSTALL!!

Kevin Baily

Doesn't work Don't waste time with this app, it just doesn't do what it claims instead use your web browser to go directly to the site mentioned on the slip that comes with the disc and enter the code, you will then find it successfully added to your library. Will delete app once this review is submitted.

A Google User

I try to download movie after its redeem n always says unable due to an issue n if I try n stream says I need Adobe flash player for my note 4

Cynthia Avey

Nice But where is the one that can show my movies I already have in my account to watch on my tablet?

Jerry Castillo

Awsome I Ignore all the bad reviews and downloaded it anyways.. Awsome App.. Now I can watch my movies on the go on my Cell and Tablet.

Tracy Kelly

Not working NOT WORKING I wanted to make sure all my movies were on account same as iPad(which is how it was set up) I get a blank screen with ultraviolet on top but It doesn't even give option to set up

Charles Roelle

Was of time Doesn't work on Note 4

Venessa Mariscal

Plz fix Don't work on sony Ericsson

Kevin Hess

Useless Once i try to redeem it to vudu is says i need to complete in pop up window. There is no pop up window. So it is useless

Javier Hernandez

Doesn't work Got this "redeem uv" app and doesn't work. I can get on vudu, target ticket, and cinema now but can't get on ultraviolet page. How is it possible that can't I get on this apps own page, needs to get fixed.

Cody Olroyd

Complete crap This app is complete crap do not down load don't work at all and if you do it won't let you watch your UV and won't let you use same code on any other site

Dynasty Villanueva

Didn't work gave it a chance I just downloaded the app and right away the screen turned blank and it froze please fix this app

Abraham Silva

Still not working and confusion Why isn't working look I try you said and I have the account in Google play store of vudu library and it did not find my movie. Can you please put Google play movie TV on utravolt library its not helping me!! And my codes will be expired soon like man of steel. Look Disney rewards help me to steam my movies easy to my library including my Google play TV. but why you can't please help me my codes will expire. Also I know people have proplums too.

Chris Sparks

Most crapiest thing ever It stole all my codes i had 6 now they have them and i cant get them back

Brian Butler

About time! Two days of fiddling to get it going, but seems to work now.

Vic Gaitan

easy 2 use now even easier 2 use after the update

Adam Moul

Nightmare Can not log in using a valid email. Says invalid email. So downloaded app. Then tells me redeeming code is invalid. Looks like I'll just have to take the blue ray everywhere I want to watch it.

Andy Estrada

Good Its good there is no problems with the app

Russ Charlton

Absolute garbage Hate this ap. Redeeming a purchased dvd is impossible. I will never buy a disc with redemption code again. Hate their app. Don't download this piece of crap!

James Edwards

Does'nt work What is the point in having an app that does'nt even work absolute joke

TheMinecrafter 125

Dont get it. I just dont understand how this works, BECAUSE IT DOSENT!! ?

Blossom Phillips

Does not even redeem it sucks how do u even redeem ur code

Jamie Smith

The worst app This app is the worst! Ughh! So difficult to use. I admit I'm not super tech savy, but I generally know my way around a computer. But this app and the ones linked with it are ridiculous.

R G Oden Jr

As the name states This is for redeeming only. You will still have to use your computer even with using this app. FORGET ABOUT WATCHING / DOWNLOADING YOUR SHOWS. rates a 2.5 at best right now.

Jonathon Velasquez

WOW I never knew an app could suck so bad!!!!! Its honestly amazing how much this app sucks, dont waste your time with this crap.

Sean Starstryker

This app is a scam of some sort I think. Is not authorized by UV and ate my code for Kingsman the Secret Service. I fear I exposed my usernames and passwords. It looked as if I was redeeming my movie but UltraViolet has no record of it. They said there was nothing they could do.

Ian Catlow

Waste of time You have to create numerous accounts, I have been trying for hours to get two films on my tablet. You need to use laptop or pc. Just buy your films off Google store and save yourself the hassle. I still haven't got my films on my tablet. Given up

Carrie Scoggan

love it it is one of the most eastiest less complicated and gives all the options other library's in my digital files

David Dalton

Fix your app Ali is not linking Google act.

Dave Ilsley

Just opens UV website With extra ads!!

Lorenzo Ortiz

Problem. I redeemed the hunger games, linked with flixster. I go to the movie, and it says I have to buy it. Wtf. Please help.

Faby M.

AWFUL Wasted my time wuth this ultraviolet piece of crap

Marc Macleod

Shifty shifty app You buy a movie and you can't watch it plus bombarded with ads

Brock Morrison

Awesomely stupid

josh bohinski

Unbelievable This app stole a bunch of codes from me now i can't even find the movies that were suppose to go to my vudu account thanks for the crappy app

Angel Silva

Stole my autistic son's codes I can't believe I just wasted my time trying to redeem codes to make travel easier. Now I have a frustrated autistic son having a fit because even though I uploaded these codes and nothing happened, I can't even goto other sites to try again because they were already "redeemed". Shame on you all! I just want to cry with him.

Jonathan Adams

6 months! Fekakta app! Six months I have been shopping specifically for DVDs & blu-rays that contain a digital copy. And every single time you LIARS havnt successfully ever given me a movie I'm promise on the front of the product, as promised...but every single time I try to redeem a code and UV recognizes the movie that matches the redemption code. The page either doesn't load for connecting to vudu, or Flixster, and Vudu always tells me my password is wrong when I know for a fact it's correct , and eventually it says no promotion exists. This is falsification and misrepresentation to the american public and there are federal laws to protect the public from information thieves like your business is obviously doing. I call shenanigans! falsification and lies and I'm going right now to research if there is a class action lawsuit against you people, and if there is I'm joining it!

Kev S

Worst software experience ever! Do you guys even check the software and procedures you write work properly? Do you deign to actually WATCH someone unfamiliar with the crap you have written use it for the first time? The labyrinthine, arcane, mindbogglingly stupid way this system works (or, indeed, doesn't) is breathtaking! My advice would be, don't bother with this ultraviolet thing until the people who run it and write the software respect you enough to do it properly, make it easy and stop bombarding you with ad after ad after ad afte

Victor Holness

Twice since I have Downloaded my movies they have lost my account changed my google account password,and hold me my 12 or more movies were never plced in their file..but rest assured lord knows they were yet to insult me they asked if I would Like to buy these items again..hmm ..what I would like to do is put my foot up their bleep! At $15 to $25 a pop..and honestly google is behind this as well..who gives them the right to change your passwords to lock people out of their account..send you junk mail 4 times & wastes yourdata

Heather Oxborough-Sanchez

Won't allow me to watch I followed the instructions, put in the code, it's in my library, but when I try to watch it wants me to reload the code on iTunes. I have an android for a reason. Why have an android app to download my movie codes, when it wants me to download on iTunes? Am I the only one this is happening to?

Jeff Birchfield

It took my codes Now it says my device is no longer compatible with the app, or apps that I went with to put my movies on. This company is garbage and owes me 16 movies that I am missing the codes to now.

Tom Nicklis

Don't waste your time. Just go to the page it tells you to redeem at and it is simple. This app steals codes.

Matt Spangler

No point. Cant use the codes to download, and have to use the flixster app to watch something. Which I also hate. Dumb dumb dumb.

Davan D

Great app it's a really big help when I am trying to download digital movies my tablet.

Matthew Work

Whyy Why ultraviolet!! You did so good but you stole my redemption codes and I can't even keep the movie! It was working but then the app cancelled and it cancelled the movie and now I can't get it again ???

Bun Bun Parker

WORST APP EVER! Why the heck does it have an expiration date!? I got the amazing spider man and the code was expired! >:(

Ben Adams

Pointless App!! Absolutely pointless App! You can enter a code then it tells you to install flixter or similar... Which has I already have! It doesn't even tell you if the code worked! Then it just tells you to use the Web browser anyway!! Waste of time!

Nicole Powers

404 Error App use 2 work fine now it doesn't.. It trys jumping to another page with out clicking onto any links then pops up a 404 error message please fix

Nick Groves

Not good All you can do is redeem codes. How about watching movies that you redeem? Dont download, save your time and phone memory!!

Elijah Potton

I.HATE.IT. Ive seen better puke than this I give it -05 stars. once you buy it you can't even watch movies. YOU NEED A PC .My advice DON'T BUY IT!!!!!

Justin Cremeans

Total junk ARRRRRRRRR Entered an code i had two copies of the same movie just to be safe and got nothing in return but amazingly my code showed up thru a google search. Me thinks they be stealin our codes and sellin them. ARRRRRRRRR you scurvy varmints

Barbara Balla

Absaloutly rubbish All my codes are gone and i have to pay you people for films ive already bloody bought. People like you waste my blooming time.

Samuel Leggett

Waste Why have an app that allows you to enter a redemption code, then tell you that you should use the PC version? Frustrating!

T. LOUie

Don't waste your time Took my movie and it might take yours

Alejandra Mejia

Not good. Tried to redeem some movies but none of the app that are connected with UV are working and don't find my movies

Elayne Johnson

Worst app EVER!! Stupid app takes your code....but you CAN'T SEE YOUR MOVIES!! YOU CANT EVEN GET TO THEM. This app SUCKS

David Boettcher

Scam Took my credit card info and my movie code and I got nothing. Looking for legal advise now....

C Thomson

SUCKS funny how they want review but cannot watch

Paul Tighe

Linked to Flikster terrible Fox Redeem. I think Flikster is terrible. Ultraviolet is a Con. Works on Google Play fine. The other Flikster is Rubbish. Keeps wanting to select audio all the Time.

ile ramos

I will only buy Disney!


I hope who controls ultra violet is listening Me nd my brother got the hunger games for Christmas and I was so exited to put it on the tablet and I tried but nooooo you have to h ha ve an expertion date its 24th of Christmas 2015 geuss when it expires 8,18,13 yes you hear me right its almost 3 years old!:(

Ghostbusta911 Hernandez

Waste of space on my phone READ THIS, THIS WILL SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM; this app is NOT useful only because Ultraviolet™ is NOT supported by android, therefore, it will only be useful on MAC and/ Or PC, apple ipads and so on. As of this moment, this app is useless except for buying and/or redeeming codes and adsing them to your account

Michael Gibson

Lame Doesn't work. Followed the steps more than three time and it continues to tell me the code entered doesn't exist.

kaycarjay vlogs

The worst It took my code and won't work at all and now it won't delete

Arnold Sidney, jr.

Purchased 'Sisters' and followed instructions to the letter. Used ITunes (reluctantly) as the viewing station. It didn't show up. Re-entered the code and was surprised that I could but this time chose Universal. Again no show. Had to contact them and they wanted to see the receipt and code on the package. Having been this route before, kept the receipt and displayed the proof. The choices given by Ultraviolet to view the movie were reduced in selection choices. Had to go with Flixster this time. Why didn't it work the first time? DVD purchasers keep your receipts; take a picture of it and the code on the package just in case. With all of the reviewers losing movies/codes Ultraviolet, you've given reason for suspect. I, too, am beginning to question the integrity of this group. For sure, Ultraviolet, you will be my last choice in selection should there be a next time sorry to say.

Crystal Meth

Theif It stole my movies I can't watch them now because it will say error over and over again don't trust this app it will take your movie codes and give B.S

John Scelzi

Criminal Don't use this app. After entering code and attempting to download it'll say the code has already been used. Absolutely ludicrous and unacceptable.

Ciro Festa

Makes life easy Love the fact that I can pop open this app and put info in instead of jumping through hoops if you have to follow the actual standard process

Alan Priest

Download option broken I have 3 films in my library yet I can't download a single one. Every time I try, I get an error. Sort your software out!

james892k thegamer

Useless This app is apsulute dogcrap I bought bttf and put in the code and bam it's gone into thin air complete bullshit don't download ever

Edwin Class

Lost Code tranferring to VuDu today I entered a code today and when VUDU was selected the connection was lost. Now the movie is not in VUDU and is reported as redeemed by UV system. Be carefull, go to the UV site using your browser, is more secured. Code get lost in space.

Dark Western

You are all idiots. So, I only downloaded this obviously bad idea software to tell everyone in the reviews that they are stupid for not just redeeming the codes through official maybe the VUDU app itself? You all deserve to have lost your codes, this app is a test and you all failed.

Audrey Petree

What is this? I entered a code and now I'm stuck at the flixster sign in to download the movie, I changed my password twice, and error codes are still showing up, even though I have typed in the password and email continuously and it still shows up! Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! Help! Not just anyone! Help!

Six Knives

Doesn't work This app is stupid i did everything and it told email was not corret while i was seting up an account ultraviolet is crap

Kevin M

Wth don't waste your time Waste of time all does it keep flashing you can't enter crap. Don't waste your time getting it

Faye Ault

Too many bad reviews I'm uninstalling there are too many people saying they were unable to retrieve there movies.

Gage Purcel

P.O.S I just want to watch Joe dirt not have to re sign in every time I have to try and fix something because it doesn't remember or a wrong password this is total BS

Maleikaeyes wide open2thebullshut

Should be removed immediately Never get this app

Terry Zimmerman

Nope it's only to redeem a movie I need a good DRM video app like Vudo but that app won't install on THIS device. Hey man, I need a poor mans version prog to keep me in the game so I can see my vids and Starz vids. C'ya around later I'm off to my un installer and it never lets me down.

Still a very bad app It's been 2 years and this app still crashes. Do you even check how your own product functions? Needs updated

Not the same It used to work. Now it seems to just steal your codes.

Thomas Collins

I'm NOT DONE WITH THEM YET If I could give ultraviolet and their customer service branch, LESS than a half a star. I a heartbeat! I was an engineer for the Disney on ice worldwide shows. For almost 10 years..all I did was travel the world. I'd heard about this service and figured, what the hell. I buy craploads of all the great movies that I missed in American theater's every year...why not just put them "on the cloud" , via UV. And watch them at my leisure while travelling. I couldn't have been more wrong!

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