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6 Nov
reddit is fun GP (unofficial)

Posted by TalkLittle in News & Magazines | Nov. 6, 2016 | 242 Comments

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If your accounts keep disappearing, please install the lite version of the app alongside this pro version. You don't have to use the lite version, just keep it installed. This is due to an Android bug that affects paid apps:

Want early access to new features? Use this beta opt-in link:

"reddit is fun", commonly abbreviated RIF, gives you a fast and intuitive interface to

TABLET and phone optimized, and with WIDGET. And Moderator features!

Cross-device HISTORY SYNC via!
Set it up in Menu->Settings->Synccit

Your settings from the lite version will be copied over.
Install golden platinum and launch it once, before uninstalling the lite version.

• INTERNET - The Internet
• BOOT - to restore mail notifications on device boot
• EXTERNAL STORAGE - thumbnail caching
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - detect connection speed
• GET_ACCOUNTS - associate Google account with custom themes
• MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS - add reddit accounts to system Account Manager
• VIBRATE - for mail notifications
• NFC - share current page via NFC
• READ_SYNC_SETTINGS, WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS - sync web preferences with
• BILLING - purchase premium custom themes (but currently all themes are free)

reddit is a registered trademark owned by reddit, Inc., and used under license.

Whats new

    4.2.15 (Nov 6):
    • Fix CAPTCHA bug
    • Update libraries, fix UI bugs
    4.2.13 (Oct 10):
    • Instant transitions to external browser
    • Configure private save directory (Android 7.0)
    • Fix URL bugs
    4.2.9 (Oct 2):
    • Pin favorite subreddits
    • Multi-window support (Android 7.0)
    • Set default image save anywhere (Android 5.0)
    • Delete all subreddits via settings
    • Setting to opt out of reddit website tracking your clicks
    4.1.15 (May 27):
    • Settings > About > Suggest ideas
    • Block users via Inbox replies

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Hkil Skywall

Best mobile app for using Reddit. All is well with this app. Everything works as it should. The recent update seems to have totally wiped all of my settings for some reason. But hey it only took me a few minutes to get everything back to normal.

Patrick Hickman

Just a simple fix, programmers... Any and every thing gif related freezes my phone (galaxy s5) to the point I have to remove the battery to make it work again. I never get to report the problem because of this. I've never had a problem in the 3yrs I've had this until now. Just figure it out and get it done

A Google User

Finally back and great again This app is fantastic, but relies heavily on Googles web view app which like most Google software since lollipop is extremely buggy. That said and update soon to be released will resolve the system lockups this app was causing.

Austin Kutz

Crashes on gifv now Ever since the April 17th update gifv files cause my entire phone to lock up and force me to hardware reboot it (holding down power button for 10+ seconds). Thank god this feature exists to protect users from apps like this or I'd have to wait until my phone died each time that happens

AJ West

5 months with the same issue, can't always view comment threads I've used RIF for years, recommending it to friends and people beside me on busses. Recently a number of us have complained that a submission's comments cannot be loaded without force closing or swiping away the app and opening it again, losing your place and having to search for the post again just to read the comments. After providing a lot of constructive criticism to the developer I have great remorse switching to another app; I just can't deal with the inconvenience of such a crucial unaddressed issue.

Julian Stacy

Buggy Crashed my phone and then had the audacity to ask for a rating. Upgraded after the default app wouldn't launch. Come on. I like it when it works.

Ben Adams

Imgur gifs crash Lollipop with latest update. Fantastic app still and otherwise but I'm getting tired of rebooting my phone after every 5th imgur gif freezes it super hard.

Doug Hummer

Great app I have friends with iPhones who wish they had this reddit app. It's very easy to use and I really like how smooth it is. Currently Google broke it though. It crashes when loading images or gifs. I read this is a conflict with the Web system app that Google now has for lollipop. Which has been updated several times in the past couple days and issues are still not fixed. It also causes reddit to lock up to the point where I have to restart my phone.

Philip Bautista

I like the design Can you add swiping between the "hot, new, ...ect" tabs?

Ryan Johnson

Great app, and thanks for responding to people! I have lived this for a long time, and like many others, saw the horrid bugs recently, but when I came to say something, I saw the responses and uninstalled the web updates, and what do ya know- it works great again! :D

Dan Lam

Great app The best Reddit app on the market, free or paid. Finally able to stay logged in after restarting or turning on and off my phone. Wish that tip was the first thing in the update list instead of at the bottom..

MacGregor Shepard

Really like it! Has just started to crash my phone.... I really like this app and have been using it for quite some time. Unfortunately after the new update to my Note 3 it works for a few minutes and then just pauses my phone. None of the buttons work and I'm forced to manually restart it (take the battery out). I really want to keep using this app but I probably won't use it for a bit until this is fixed.

Siddharth Motwani

It works Can't think of any problems right now. Will update if I run into any.

Carter Lange

Ruined my life This app was great when I got it.. But now I only use it and nothing else. My wife left me and took the kids because all I do now is browse dank memes with the upmost effectiveness. But screw'em, who needs them when I've got so much F***ing karma! B**** never understood me anyway. 5 stars

mike kaliman

Good, but crashes After lollipop came out, the app chronically crashes and would occasionally brick my phone until I removed the battery and put it back in. This usually happened when looking at a gif. The app isn't bad but the crashing has been going on for months without an update to fix it. Edit: Thank you for responding to my review! So far uninstalling the web view update has helped and gifs haven't caused my phone to crash.

Brett Modica

Loading any posts or gifs crashes app/phone I use to love this app, and after a the recent update my phone will either crash the app, freeze, or restart the whole phone when I click on any post, gif, or video. I've reinstalled it, cleared cache and data. Still the same problem and I dread clicking on anything cause it's like playing Russian roulette except instead of bullets, it's any post and I don't know which ones will cause my phone to reset and freeze. I will gladly give this app 5 stars again if it gets fixed.

tanner snowdy

Samsung s5 Used to be a great app. Now it crashes at least 1 time per day after a recent update. Please fix this. It's quite annoying to get 30 pages in and have the app restart. EDIT(April 27th ): if it force quits one more time I'm uninstalling it. EDIT2: after reading the devs reply and uninstalling web services, the app does not crash anymore. 5 stars again! Thank you for replying!

Henry Emmet

Great app plagued by GIF crashing I honestly preferred browsing reddit with this app rather than on my computer, but recently the app has been unusable due to a bug with the way it loads GIFs, the app crashes and/or freezes my phone every time I try to load a gif now and is completely unstable, necessitating a hard reboot up to ten times a day, no thank you.

Evan Cleppe

Problem Fix Suggested EDIT: [The developers have informed me that the bug is not an issue with Reddit is Fun and that it is a problem with the current version of the Google Web View app. They suggested I uninstall GWV and reinstall it to try to fix it Thanks TalkLittle!]. The current version has a large bug that has crashed my VM Galaxy S5 (Android 5.0) three times today. Other than that the app is great!! I will return my 5 star rating when the app is fixed.

Jason Smith

Perfect buttt I actually prefer this app over reddit on my pc's browser. However lately has been crashing on imgur gifs and freezing my lg g3. *update* after uninstalling android system webview i no longer get crashes on gifs. Tested for a while in strictly r/gifs. Back to 5 stars!

Kelsey Leffard

Almost perfect. The addition of more moderation abilities (banning, for instance) and some sort of RES-like tagging system would make this app truly unbeatable. That being said, I can't use any other Reddit app! This one is just too awesome. Keep up the great work!

karl ramwell

Dire need for improvement Slick ui but that is the only real positive. Been using this app for years and it has unfortunately steadily gotten worse. Like other reviewers it is completely unstable and has been for months now - regularly locks up and crashes my phone and is the only app that does this, and struggles to load Gifs resulting in more locks and crashes. Find myself using the Web client more and more often, and will probably look for a new reddit app.

A Google User

What happened guys? This used to be great. But for some reason it now crashes at least twice a session. Mainly loading gifs, but sometimes it'll just freeze up and take my OS with it. I have to take my battery out to reset phone. I'm currently using other apps for reddit now. (on galaxy s5 with most recent software and OS)

Hammad Imam

Great app I use it every day. Not the best app out there but the best one on Android. Recommended for any reddit user.

Gregory Opera

Looks fantastic, works well. Of the two Reddit applications I have, I think this is the better-looking of the two because it doesn't try to "overdo it"... Reddit is Fun just keeps the familiar Reddit " look", which is simple but appealing. On top of this, Reddit is Fun seems to work well and without issue, though it would be great to see this updated to support Android Wear devices...

Jamie Fry

Perfect mobile app I can't complain about anything with this app. Super lightweight, doesn't take any bandwidth, non-invasive, and easy to use. I'd rate ten stars if possible.

hamza qudah

Things not loading Pictures and link or not loading anymore. All there is, is a black screen. I have to open in a browser to see them. Please fix.

Curtis Robinson

Random Crashes It crashes randomly. Sometimes i need to force close to have stuff load. Best tablet Reddit app on Andorid but still suffers from major problems.

Paddy Mayo

Best Reddit app I've used.. By far the best Reddit app yet *tips fedora* tis a shame it got so popular. I was using this app before it was good, before reddit even got popular *tipping intensifies*. My bronies and I browse all day while my mom cooks hot pockets for us *strokes neckbeard*. It's cool tho, I don't mind being a trend setter, M'lady's and gents.

A Google User

Samsung Galaxy s5 Love the new crash my phone and force restart feature you guys added, definitely helps my browsing experience.

Tyler Turnbull

Best one around A few issues due to androids recent Lollipop update on Galaxy S5, but with developer's suggestions, it's running a little more smoothly. Terrific app, really appreciate the time the developer has taken to help me out. Highly recommended

David Johnson

The best way to Reddit Need to waste time? Looking to procrastinate? Then you need this app! Now you can access Reddit anywhere in a clean and customisable manner. By far the best Android Reddit app.

Aaron Bajao

Something is wrong Loading gif images causes my phone to freeze, and forces it to restart. Secondly, when I double tap an image, I'd want it to zoom in to its original size, or cover my entire screen, not just a double tap for a small zoom. It works for other phones, but not this. It's a great app, and I've been using it for years, but just not at this moment.

Brad Nelson

New Update is Awesome The most recent update made Imgur GIFs load much quicker on my Nexus 4. That was one of the only things that the app seemed to struggle with, so great job. Devs: is there any way you could add a "see in context" option on past comments? You're only able to jump to the entire thread at this point, and I think it's a pretty useful function.

christian allen

Crashes my GS5 This app keeps crashing my T-Mobile GS5 to the point where I have to pull the battery. I'm running android 5.0, which sucks btw (don't upgrade, stick with Kit Kat!).

Jason McFarland

There I've rated it; stop asking. It works well enough but it will bug you every 5 minutes to rate the app. Without the annoyance of the "please rate", this would be 5 stars.

Joe Arispe

Freezes phone when opening gifs. This was my favorite reddit app until it started freezing my s5 any time I try to open a gif.

Brian Klein

Widget needs some work Widget won't refresh at all and I can't scroll through posts. Widget is completely useless right now on Sprint Nexus 6.

Bryce Miller

Please fix gif on lollipop This app was awesome up until the latest update whenever a gif tries to load my phone completely locks up . Samsung galaxy s5 running 5.1

Gareth Abernethy

Crashing lots Gifs and webm vids crash this app and restart phone. Same gifs/vids load fine on Firefox/chrome. Otherwise good app but problem is serious.

Кирилл Сетдеков

Material design Poor usage of display real estate

Александр Ф.

There is a problem Often impossible to post a comment. When posting a comment it saves as a draft and doesn't actyally post.

Ruslan Ahmetshin

Nice! My every day app

Andrey Kim

Has a fatal flaw. It doesn't let me save draft of my submission, so when I want to post something I have to do it in one sitting and can't read reddit while it's not finished. And I could let it pass, but now I'm sitting here with my two screens long text submission and it just shows me "please wait for CAPTCHA to load" while doing --ing nothing, and I can't quit it, can't resubmit it, can't even look at the settings. It might be a good app for viewing reddit, but it's just horrible if you want something more.

Chris Cowart

I still love it but. It acts as if I don't have the gold version. It sometimes won't let me post. Telling me to set my email. How do i fix that?

Elliot C

Crashes on Lollipop every day It's becoming rare for the app to make it one day without force close. I'm sending crash reports in hopes this becomes a stable app again. Same problem on SM-910V and SM-910T both running OEM Lollipop ROM.

Alan Kush

Lollipop update makes this app useless Html5 gyf support is needed. No problems on kit Kat. Very disappointed, especially since I paid to support this developer. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

Michele Wallace

A must have! Reddit's attempt at a mobile site doesn't cut it. This program gives me many of the features of RES, but on my phone. Very happy!

Christopher Waggoner

Used to work I have been using reddit is fun for about 2 years now and I used to enjoy the app. However with the last updates gifts aren't working correctly, especially gifycat. Photo albums take ages to load yet when I open it in a browser the album loads quickly. I want to rate this higher but since gifs and photo albums are a large part of reddit I can't do that until these problems are fixed.

SJ Porter

Smooth app, could use some refinement My biggest complaint is that expanding and collapsing comment tiers cannot be done in one swipe or button press. I personally like to hide things quickly after I read them, and that's only one button click in baconreader. However, I do enjoy the up and down arrows which let you scroll up and down in the comments. The UI is smooth and I can tell some serious love went into the development of this app. Kudos, hope to see some enhancements to improve navigating through the comments!

James Chasteen

Unfortunately Reddit has stopped working I'm getting really tired of seeing this all the time. It's this or just a total freeze and crash. Gifs don't work either. Is there an update coming??

Dylan Bishop

It keeps logging me out Every time my phone died or the app gets closed I get logged out and have to log in again every time. When I uninstalled and then reinstalled, it couldn't due to an error?

Matthieu Yiptong

Still my favourite reddit app I've tried a lot of others. They have interesting UIs and features, but reddit is fun is most faithful to the desktop reddit experience, while still being stable, good-looking, and providing an easy to use mobile interface.

Donny Vershure

Best app ever It changed my life. When I installed it, I grew a nice set of pecs covered in glorious hair, and my flabby stomach turned into a six pack so tight, it has a six pack of its own.

Steve Hunter

Almost perfect Needs a full screen image view a la Alien Blue. Swipe left/right, or down for thumbs, tap for description.

Brad Gilbertson

Great app I'm addicted to reddit, so this keeps me satisfied while I'm away from my computer. I've tried other apps and this one is my favorite in terms of usability.

Ben Adams

Imgur gifs crash Lollipop with latest update. Fantastic app still and otherwise but I'm getting tired of rebooting my phone after every 5th imgur gif freezes it super hard.

Ben Fraser

Great App! I've been using the brilliant free app for a few years now... But thought I'd support the developers and this App is well worth the few quid and I've not experienced any of the issues that other people have complained about.. I'm using this App on a Galaxy Tab and a LG 4 with no glitches at all! I'd highly recommend purchasing the full App...

Jade Gwatkin

Great app, best there is for reddit! Would just love a splash for maintenance and server issues, as t would save me five min of confusion :)

Harald Clark

Wonderful. I try to limit my reddit addiction, but this app helps me enjoy the goods!

Mitchell Copeland

Loving it Have never had a problem with the lite version of the app. After using flawlessly for months I purchased pro. A great app, browser works fine, functionality is good. I'm yet to find an issue with it!

Dan Lam

Great app The best Reddit app on the market, free or paid. Finally able to stay logged in after restarting or turning on and off my phone. Wish that tip was the first thing in the update list instead of at the bottom..

TJ Bonds

Two different Galaxy phones, same isses I've owned a Galaxy S6 Edge and a Note 5 (on two different carriers) and both display the problem other people are discussing: links will not load in the in-app browser after a few minutes of use. You have to open everything externally to Chrome, which is annoying extra step. You can fix it by killing the app, but the problem will start up again shortly. I guess I'll be moving on to another Reddit app, which sucks because this one was fantastic for years.

C Papillon

Browser issues Internal browser keeps freezing, can't load anything until I kill the app and reopen.

Steve White

The only way I browse Reddit Even when I'm near my computer, I usually use this app. It's clean and simple - minimal fluff gives more room for the text I want to read. Very fair use of unobtrusive ads. I've encountered glitches from time to time, but the developer is active on his own subreddit and responds quickly to problems.

Daryl Diberion

Simple. Intuitive. Almost perfect. The app is very easy to use and its in depth features such as using browser mode, saving posts and comments, and even navigating to each subreddit's side bar feels very natural. You can even switch between accounts with so much ease. My only grievance is that the search function for finding subreddits is a little clunky. But it does its basic job. Directing the app to find new subs is an involved process. Besides all that this app will do everything else with perfect intuition.

None OfYourDammBusiness

Very good Very very good app. But loading imgur pages keeps crapping out after you open a fair number of them. Please fix

Michel Albert

One of the best reddit apps. Tried other apps, and this one is still the one that never let me down. Now that I have a larger phone, I only find it inconvenient to reach the "back" button (both on the bottom and top left). In contrast, the interface of "Relay" uses swipe motions which make this more comfortable. I however sometimes get confused by the different motions in "Relay". As such, I find "reddit is fun" easier, more predictable to work with.

Gregory Opera

Familar look, and easy-to-use. Of the two Reddit applications I have, I think this is the better-looking of the two because it doesn't try to "overdo it"... Reddit is Fun just keeps the familiar Reddit " look", which is simple but appealing. On top of this, Reddit is Fun seems to work well and without issue, though it would be great to see this updated to (natively) support Android Wear devices...

s hall

Reddit addiction deepens And this app is the happy cause. Well executed layout, subs are easy to navigate and the synccit backup is Nirvana sent, good when flashing b+/ ROM. Pushbullet channel support much improved, but I don't get mail or any notifications from the app itself; configd to check on the hour - It's likely I missed a detail. Love the widget, though I wish I could personalise it more to taste. Best reddit client I've tried, liked long enough to upgrade. Thanks, Dev!

Robert Avona

Was awesome, now riddled with bugs Was one of the best apps, but... You know was I can't stand? Clicking a link and watching the page struggle to load, then getting annoyed and clicking the back button after saying screw it. This is was this app has become. You click and it looks like something is going to open but never does. For months I have been waiting for this to be fixed. Support emails sent. Waiting, then more waiting. Well today BaconReader.

Jeffrey Eyerly

Reddit is Fun I used Baconreader for all of my reddit needs until an update changed the reddit viewing experience. Essentially, I now had to view the link/content when seeking to view comments and they could not be seperated via changing the settings. So I jumped ship and downloaded the premium version of Reddit is fun using Play store funds I generated through the Google rewards survey app. I would have to say that this app is much more to my liking than baconreader. I would recommend this app.

Caitlin Russell

Amazing App, Best Reddit Reader For Android I just upgraded to the paid version of this app after using the free one for years. It's a great app, my preferred way to browse Reddit, and I'd say that is worth the $2 to help the developers keep doing what they're doing. Thanks to you guys for making reddit great on mobile - the dark background function is wonderful for when you can't sleep but don't want to burn your eyes out looking at a bright screen. Overall awesome app.

Matt Williamson

Way too buggy I made the upgrade to the paid version after having the free version for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to go back to the free version. This app is constantly crashing, it doesn't mark what links I've clicked on, and the front page ends after 3 or 4 pages of scrolling. I'm very frustrated with this app and it sucks because of how much I love reddit. EDIT: its gotten worse. Just keeps crashing all the time. Doesn't keep the links you've already clicked purple.

Nick Parker

Fast and simple Gets better and more streamlined with every update. Quick load times and simple, intuitive interface.

Sebastian Potoniec

Perfect 90% of the time Sometimes, it refuses to load links, especially imgur. Drives me insane. Sometimes a phone restart fixes it, sometimes I have to open all the links in a browser. Otherwise, 5 stars.

D Cat

One little problem I would like to set r/all as a main page when it opens. The fee one had this as a default.

Joseph Perry

Best app for M'lady I often use this app in between rounds of dnd, that's dungeons and dragons for the simpletons that cannot grasp its complexities, and when I have run out of Mountain Dew and Doritos. I love posting on /r/atheism, where my karma is 153, just like my I.Q.

Sean Mayo

Still the best. I'm updating my review because my SD card problems have been mysteriouly fixed. I absolutely adore this app and probably use it more than any other app on my phone. I've tried all the other Reddit apps and honestly they all fall short, specifically in the layout of the comments. RIF has a much better layout in the comment section of posts, with faded vertical lines along the left side of each comment making it much easier to follow than the other apps. It's the small details like this that make RIF special.

Hira Mohammed

It won't keep me logged in This app used to be perfect until it updated. Now it won't keep me logged in and having to log in every time I want to use it is annoying. Please fix this and this app will be perfect.

A Google User

Best Reddit App there is. This app gets better with every update. Collapsing child comments was a great addition. That was the only thing I had wanted to be different. Top notch job on this. I have tried other Reddit apps but this one beats them all. Glad I got the paid version, totally worth it.

Liam Tillotson

Reduced my original review... Constant crashes when viewing imgur links. Galaxy Note 4 unlocked, no root, stock rom, never messed with. The app is a bit of a joke nowadays. Sorry devs.

Jaron Fitzgerald

Used to be 5 stars I rated this 5 stars the first day I got it. Then I got a pop up asking me to rate this app. I HATE that nonsense. I'll change to 5 stars when I see it mentioned in patchlog

Michael Gilbert

This is one of the best Reddit apps for Android. Imgur links used to crash a lot, but that doesn't happen any longer.

Jack Graziano

Crashes when on Imgur Don't try to load extra pictures when browsing a imgur post. For some reason this causes RIF to crash. Will re-rate when this is fixed.

rob holm

Sorry it took so long to upgrade Literally use this app half of my waking life but I held onto that $2 like it was the love of my life. Love this app and I love you too, seriously let's go get drinks sometime.

Isaiah Chen

Works great Fast loading, easy interface, and an optional darker theme for browsing. My only complaint is that it doesn't filter out re-posts. :P. Edit: still awesome...

Christian Kousidis

Great app One time payment for no ads and it does everything you need it to, including imgur hosting any images you post. Yet to find a fault

Simon Dedman

Upgrade process a drag The core app is 5* no question hence me upgrading. But instead it installs a same-name, identical-icon app and doesn't use your saved info, so you have to set up the accounts and do your settings again. Developer: please look into making it so it automatically migrates over the settings, replaces the icon on homescreens, manages any widgets, and then uninstalls the original app, if that's required. I thought it would be a simple unlock...

Dustin H

Best Reddit app Great for casual users, very easy to use and get used to. Also great for power users, mostly every function available and quick to use after getting to know the app.

Stephen Beaver

Ideal mobile Reddit client Easier to use than the website on mobile but still has the same look and feel as desktop. Doesn't seem to use excessive data nor require too many permissions. Only limitiation I have noticed is flair will be displayed as text rather than images, but that is a small sacrifice to gain usability. The dark theme is also very attractive.

Tahn Costelloe

Wonderful The best Reddit client I've had the privilege of encountering. One minor negative is that the widget isn't very good looking.

César Russek

Best app for reddit I have used several reddit apps and no one can compare to reddit is fun. Very clean UI and easy to use. I like it so much that I decided to support the developer purchasing the paid app.


Excellent app Sleek, fast, reliable, feature-filled, and zero bugs to speak of. An all around fantastic Reddit app.

Peter Doan

Great App! Been using the free version for a while! Finally decided to show my support because I love the app so much and use it every day! Simple design, easy to use, and just works!

Dan Lam

Great app The best Reddit app on the market, free or paid. Finally able to stay logged in after restarting or turning on and off my phone. Wish that tip was the first thing in the update list instead of at the bottom..

Tyler McCollum

Great app, but crashes often This is the best reddit app I've found, but it consistently crashes when opening imgur albums.

Andrew Ison

The best thing since bacon and eggs I've had a lot of bacon and eggs, and this is definitely better than any particular serving of them. Probably not as good as the cumulative total of all the bacon and eggs I've had, but definitely better than any serve in isolation. Other reddit apps might be prettier, but this is the most functional and focused on the delivering you the most content instead of the fanciest app layout.

Hagen Castle

The best app for reddit. No question. RIF is the best. The cleanest, most simple, and most pleasing form of reddit apps. Easy to navigate, lots of options, and totally worth getting the gp version. Great app altogether.

Billy Cox

Perfectly amazing I love how it works very fast. Excellent add free.

Jesse Earl

This should be the official app. It's absolutely amazing I've spent so much of my life on this app.

Tyler McLachlan

Favorite Reddit app! Only reason it's not five stars is that it regularly crashes when trying to load imgur albums with more than three pictures on my Verizon Samsung galaxy S5.

Gareth Nicholas

Two years, still the best I've been using this app two years now and never had a single problem.

Cameron Byergo

Crashes often now Used to work perfectly, but crashes randomly now. Crashes when scrolling through the front page, looking at imgur albums, and watching videos.

Doug Hummer

Great app I have friends with iPhones who wish they had this reddit app. It's very easy to use and I really like how smooth it is.

Jimmy Laureano

Threads not loading recently So I've been getting errors on loading data recently even tough Reddit is up and running normally.

Laurence Gonsalves

The most full-features Reddit app I've found I've tried a number of Reddit apps, and none beat RiF when it comes to features. For example, I use multi-reddits quite a bit, and most Reddit apps have zero support for them. I do think RiF could have better multi editing support, but aside from that it does just about everything I want in a Reddit app.

Nicholas Micko

The best version This version of reddit has the best features, the most ways to customize how you see reddit, and definitely the least amount of bugs/glitches. I highly recommend this app!

Ashley Thornton

Cant stay log in! It's awesome app but it's won't let me stay login for few hours. Had to relogin every day! Fk annoying

Cameron Clack

Best reddit app, better than the official app Well worth paying for the best reddit app without adds

kyle rogers

Randomly crashing Used to work flawlessly, now it randomly crashes at least once or twice a day.

Vespy Fox

Issues The app was perfect before this latest update, but now the app rarely loads any threads. It kept my saved threads and posts, but it won't load anything else and just says there is an error. Please fix! I don't want my money going to waste and I'd love for my favorite Reddit app to work again.

Ryan Spencer

Much better than the lite version! My favorite Reddit reader by far.

DJ Castle

Error Loading Loved this app for a very long time but it is very annoying to use now as it crashes more frequently and 90% of the time it won't be able to load anything

James Viglianco

Does give a small performance boost over the unpaid version. Especially when in an office building.

Darren VanBuren

Solid reddit app for Android Works fantastic, easy to navigate, love the dark theme


A functional Reddit app. The interface isn't the fanciest but it works well on a mobile device.


Bad update Seriously fix it guys, I bought this app to support you because the free version hasn't had an issue in a very long time, right now nothing loads!! LG G4, please fix it or revert it.

Rebekah Robinson

Normally great.... Bad update Nothing loads. Litterally nothing! Sort it out!!!

Carrie Buchanan

Getting this really weird cannot load or no comments here error.

Chad Fluegel

Not working properly anymore Every few times I scroll right on the widget, it becomes transparent, and the text is difficult to read. Fix it.

Oliver Kluge

Best reddit app for Android by a long shot Great UI, great performance (on Galaxy s6), and overall a very enjoyable experience. It blows the official app out the water!

Edgar Rodriguez

Nothing loads now. "Error while loading reddit data. Please try again". I loved this app even paid to remove the adds.loved it until it stopped working. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still errors. The official reddit apps doesn't support multisubreddit this app was the only one that did.

Erik T

Was doing well Now nothing will load. Just started today.

Noah Kneece

Pretty gucci. Best reddit app. Better than the official app too.

Warren Butler

Excellent It has ruined me.

Leroy Brocksieck

Still needs to turn off subreddit history in the left swipe panel.

Alejandro Torres

Was working now it's not Most of the pictures aren't showing up when i click the link

James ace Cotullas

Use it daily It's like my morning newspaper.

A Google User

No longer working Doesn't load the subs after latest update

Shaun Alexander

New update broke it Can't load comments with newest update.

Aaron Echols

Tastes Noice Gotta love the amoled features

Carter Collins

Great app, does what it says This has been the best way to view and browse reddit on android. Worth the buy to get rid of ads.

Andre Lee

Essential app for redditors. Fast loading and simple design. Came from reddit news and I must say the gifs loads faster now.

Dave OnGrave

Best Reddit app The first app I ever got the paid version of. Worth every penny.

Dan Lam

Great app The best Reddit app on the market, free or paid. Finally able to stay logged in after restarting or turning on and off my phone. Wish that tip was the first thing in the update list instead of at the bottom..

James Howell

First thing I downloaded when I switched. I just recently switched to Android and was looking to replace my Alien Blue. This is far superior and I was happy to pay for no ads. Reliable, pictures load well, everything just works.

Chris Tyrrell

A redditor approves This app is my favorite time waster ever. It functions smoothly and reliably, and it offers handy features like holding multiple account info so that you can change accounts quickly and easily. I tried the "official" app for Reddit, but this one is better. Top notch.

Steve Macek

Perfect for mobile reddit Lots of useful features. Mimics the desktop experience perfectly. Bug free.

Kane Deck

Fast and reliable Does everything I'd want, including subreddit filtering and night mode. Title says it all

Anneloes Vermeer

It is fast, has all the functions I need within reach. Favorite reddit app!

Nathan M.

Legacy error After the latest update both the paid and the free version give the legacy error and tell me to logout and in again, after which the error persists. I'm on the 3 N preview btw, other than that it's by far the best reddit app I've seen.

Ruben Ponce

Last update The most recent update as of June 3rd causes the app to crash every couple of pictures clicked. Please fix asap this was never an issue before

James Anderson

Reddit on the go I like the app more than desktop version. It's very well made. There need to be more themes though.

Jeevan Gill

Best reddit app Why did you make the background white? It was much easier on the eyes when grey. Bit ugly now.

Warwick McLean

Worth supporting Best app I've used to date for reddit. Have been using for a long time. Try support the dev.

Michael Dow

Nice Does everything I want. I am not a fan of the cards style and this gives me the option to not use them. Seems fast and responsive. I keep learning about new features. My only complaint is it would be nice to have some color definition or a line between posts.

Luis Unzueta

Way better than the official app Way better than the official App. It has more features and it feels more original. The price for no adds is also worth it to me

Stephen D

Great Best reddit app, definitely worth paying to support.

Spencer Myatt

Only Reddit app worth using And it's the best. Support the best Dev an app could have.

Ed Barnes

Marriage-wrecker Great app. Will ruin your relationships as any good reddit app should.

Richard Crow

Loved it! It does it all, card style, normal style, moderator options... Its the best with no extra fluff.

Eduardo Treviño

10x better Than the real reddit app honestly. Quality stuff

Carlos Hernandez

Great App, easy to navigate through subreddits.

Rebecca Turpin

Works great Definitely recommend this app.

Chris Matlak

Best reddit app I use this more than I do on my PC. It works great and synchs really well from mobile to pc and back.

Joe McLachlan

Best reddit app One of the few pro apps I've bought. I've used it for years and it's great.

Josh Laskey

Used to be worth paying for Now I have to reinstall it every other week just to get any subreddit to load.


King of the reddit apps Always works and never crashes. User friendly interface and many handy features. Upgraded to premium just to support the developer.

Matt Lear

Better than Reddit official app I like the interface of this app much better than the official Reddit app.

Lawrence Lawson

Better than the official app

Matt Zweiböhmer

The best Reddit app! Features an brilliantly straightforward interface and an extensively functional suite of options and configurations.

Luke Platt

Really good reddit app Great overview of everything

Mark Seals

V 4.1.15 Still crashes every time I use it

Erik Anderson

Consistently good

James Hubbard

excellent it is by far the best one for the job.


Satisfied Better than the official.

A Google User

Rather give back Update: still works great years later! Love this app. Must have for any redditer. Decided to upgrade to pro and stop refreeloading! Developer actually cares and updates often. Also he gave you a choice to keep using the free app ad free with am opt in option, this inspired me to upgrade. Thanks!

Austin Duncan

What are these terms and conditions When you first log into your account it tells you all the stuff that this app can do to your account. So let me get this straight you guys can edit my posts you guys can delete my comments and you guys can change my votes. Then you can edit Wikipedia page is through my account. Why would anybody agree to this? I feel like I wasted my money. Not too mention you can send private messages to other accounts on my behalf?! that's bullshit

Dan Lam

Great app The best Reddit app on the market, free or paid. Finally able to stay logged in after restarting or turning on and off my phone. Wish that tip was the first thing in the update list instead of at the bottom..

Chris Irvine

One of the better Reddit apps around Wish they could fix the random crashing, but hey..... Still good

Sean Butts

Great App! One of the most consistently great apps that I use on a daily basis! It delivers my fix everyday and the new update is incredible. Just upgraded from the free version to support the great developers.

Shannon Johnston

The best reddit reader It sucks that this wasn't just adopted by reddit. None better.

Jon Klein

Really great app makes Reddit a breeze Absolutely worth paying for the Golden Platinum edition. Slick, easy, and doesn't hog resources

Mark Sherman

Good stuff cheap. Just like the internet. Absolutely worth buying the gold premium. Updating this review because it's still true. Responsive devs always improving it.

Kristian Barnes

Comprehensively, this is undeniably the best app for browsing and participating on Reddit. Prompt support, informative replies to queries. Would rate 5/5 again.

A Google User

I keep getting logged off

Reddit is fun Best Reddit app I have used. Tried 3 or 4 including the real Reddit app. Uninstalled that one within 12 hours.

No regrets paying for this. Not absolutely perfect but good


Constantly updating If there is any issue with the app, it is always taken care of promptly

Great app! Love the interface and it runs so smooth!

Ian Warford

Best App One of the best redditing apps there is.

Lev Kozlov

Amazing app! Better than the official one!

Linked Devices

Works great. Better than the official app.

Maciej Pociecha

Better than the official app

A Google User

Awesome The best reddit I've used so far. Lately though, some annoying bugs have surfaced. Most notable is the fact that after a little while any preloaded comments just won't show. Just as you've given up waiting and hit the back button, the comments show, but then it's too late because you hit the back button...

Great app Get the paid version - no ads and more features. If the new features don't seem to work, log out of your account and back in. As long as you see a message for the app asking permissions then you're OK!

Damian Nowak

App forgets my account This app forgets my account from time to time and I have to relogin. Very annoying because I never remember my password. It's not a device-specific problem, I use this app on three different devices (Motorola Photon Q, Samsung Captivate Glide, Samsung Galaxy Tab) with different ROMs (Pac-rom 4.3, Pac-rom 4.4, stock), so it's a bug that has to affect many users. EDIT: no, it's not an Android error. When I login on other device, this one will logout out after some time. Same when I login back on this device.

Nathan Bryan

Can't get enough dank memes and upboats I purposely eat a protein only diet so that I can spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom each morning using this app.

Brittany Manning

Crashes Constantlu I purchased this app ages ago loving the ad free aspect, but for the last couple of months it has been force closing and crashing on any thread linked to imgur that contains multiple photos. I'm so aggravated that I'll be uninstalling and returning to the free version with ads. At this rate I can't recommend it to anyone.

Jason Borden

Something happened with latest update Using 2nd gen Moto X, opening Gif files from any sub has a 50/50 chance of crashing my phone. Not just force close, but total nonresponsive. The phone even shuts itself all the way down, power cycles and takes a solid 3 minutes to come back to life. Any ideas what's going on here?

Jesse Campbell

Eh. Kind of getting disappointed in the app the longer I have it. Half the time when I open it, it refuses to load anything. I've tried clearing my cache, restarting my phone, even un-and-re-installing the app. If I hadn't paid money I would have given up by now.

Michael *

Imgur pics force close app 2 stars because imgur links have been shutting this app down for over 6 months now.

Steve Macek

Please add option for clearing cache Web view is disabled in Nougat, so there must be a better way to avoid the spinning circles and blank screen in reddit is fun. When cache gets large, the app just hangs.

Jim Kim

Updates killed it Have problems with imgur albums crashing the app. Problems with imgur animated gifs not loading. Lots of Random closes. I love the interface and functionality, but the issues are frustrating

Alex Marzec

Good, but buggy Great app, until it stops working, freezing you on the loading screen until you have to restart it. Did I mention this happens ALL THE TIME? I can't believe I paid money for this buggy P.O.S.

Jonathan Sosa

Long time user , one request I would like a dedicated random button and maybe a way to go back to the previous random sub reddit, it's annoying to constantly have to open the side bar to change a sub reddit each time

A Google User

Simple design, no bloat. It was 5 stars for me but now it crashes when loading high quality pictures or imgur galleries

Jay Courtney

Best Reddit App On Play Store There's no better feature rich Reddit App on Android. Many come close but none are as fun.

Matt Brown

Awesome app Use this app all the time to browse reddit. If it doesn't work, it is probably because it needs to update. No complaints at all. Update: Still use this app everyday. Best way to surf reddit on mobile.

Jay Anderfuren

Most of the time it's great Use it constantly and it works great most of the time. However. Every. Single. Time. The app loads an imgur album it crashes. Every time. All the time.

Francis OBrien

Best redit app Simple yet efficient... I've spent more time looking at this app than anything else on my phone

Joseph H

Have to keep lite version installed. You say it's an android bug yet none of my other paid apps require this. Bought the paid version to support an outstanding free app. Only significant change from free is now my reddit app takes up twice as much room. Uninstalling

Travis Dinnage

It is fun Very few bugs, but just frequent enough updates keeps this app running great

Patrick Kremer

Solid app I've used multiple reddit apps over the years but I always come back to this one. Never let's me down

Alex R

App drained my battery after N update. My phone battery died really quick, why? Find out Reddit is fun app here used 40℅ of my battery, more than the next three combined!

Manny Subia

Great app! Been using the free version for a couple years now and decided to finally take the plunge and upgrade to the GOLDEN PLATINUM! ?

Better than the Official app I've always used the free version. Figured I'd used RIF for so long and they have always regularly updated, I may as well support their cause and go ad free.

Nathaniel Morel

KEEPS CRASHING I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS APP CRASHING ALMOST ALL THE TIME. YES, I'M ANNOYED. It's been happening for months now. This app isn't as stable as it used to be. Besides the frequent crashes, this app is my favorite. Used to love Alien Blue, but this one takes the cake. I use it all day, every day.

Bhaskar Cherukuri

4 Years still going strong. Just perfect. Was an early adopter from 2012 onwards, and have never looked for an alternative. True black theme is perfect for AMOLED displays and content layout has been optimized down to the pixel. Couldn't recommend this any higher.

Dan Lam

Great app The best Reddit app on the market, free or paid. Finally able to stay logged in after restarting or turning on and off my phone. Wish that tip was the first thing in the update list instead of at the bottom..

graeme bromley

Excellent app Shame about the users but there you go. Very much the 4 Chan of the internet but the people feel above everyone else, good fun if you avoid all the precocious asshats.

Gregory Opera

Familar look, and easy-to-use. Of the two Reddit applications I have, I think this is the better-looking of the two because it doesn't try to "overdo it"... Reddit is Fun just keeps the familiar Reddit " look", which is simple but appealing. On top of this, Reddit is Fun seems to work well and without issue, though it would be great to see this updated to (natively) support Android Wear devices...

Todd Kellgren

Great app A lot of features I wish the official reddit app had, but a few that I wish it took from the reddit app. The reddit official app has a nicer looking ui for my phone, and can preview gifs before opening. Reddit is fun actually has an inbox where I can see who replied to my comments without having to find my comment among everyone else's. This is my main reason for using reddit is fun

Kevin Naughton

Best Reddit App I've Used Maybe I'm just used to it, but no other app is as functional as this one for Reddit. Other apps may have one or two things i like better, but this app is the best overall experience, I've found. Samsung Note 4 / 7

Mark Freedman

Only want to see my subreddits Too easy to hit the scroll and roll down into the thousands of subreddits below my subreddits - very frustrating.

Adam Fleming

GP Version won't load itself when logged in. I can't use the GP version without first opening the free version while logged in and the reloading the page when logged in. Works fine when logged out.

Ruchira Welikala

Great app After years of using the free app and loving it, I decided to buy it. Great app and will never switch to another for reddit.

Prefer it to even the site itself I love this app, I never have any issues. I used the free version for 3 years and decided the paid version was definitely worth it. Glad to have done it.

Jeff Linville

Best reddit app Used this since day one. Always improving, and listens to feed back. My favorite reddit app.

Callum Seggie

Great platform! Let's me live my reddit addiction with no interruptions!

A Google User

Update. It is still a great app. I have been using it for years and is always one of the first apps I use on a new phone and each day.

Roy Stark

Very solid I've used this app for years and it never fails. Best app for mobile redditing.

Brian Caputo

Still amazing Love reddit through this app. This app has only has gotten better

Shawn Sochaski

Beautiful Best client out there. Beautiful interface and clean UI. A winner in my book.

The best Reddit app!

Randy R

Best Reddit App by far... Because OP's mom

Walt Man

Perfect app. Never have any issues

Lloyd Grant

Easy to use and configure Regularly updated.

Erik Anderson

Consistently good

Haakon Meihack

The best reddit app! One of the best apps I've ever used. And it gets updated constantly with features I didn't even know I needed. Thanks so much for this app and for keeping it up to date.

Thomas Shaw

The best Reddit app In terms of functionality and efficiency, there is no better Reddit app. This app, while it may not look the best, is simply the best.

Chun Yang

Gif troubles Inconsistently loading gifs in the app very annoying

Clark Schaefer

The best app for the worst habit.

Michael Peterman

Fantastic. Sincerely better than the official app.

Anthony Carrick

Keeps adding new feature and updates

Michael Manley

Easy to use Great UI and clean

Andrew C

Mod and gold status not detected I just shelled out for this and it doesn't pick up my mod stuff (which is what I bought it for). The free one still works fine. A bit disappointed. Still the same on the new version. Weird.

jedidiah south

Samsung galaxy note 4 Works great, will sometimes crash when viewing larger albums from imgur but if you really want to see it try again and it'll probably work. Not worth losing a star for but worth a mention

Jamie Fry

Gfycat no longer working I can't complain about anything with this app. Super lightweight, doesn't take any bandwidth, non-invasive, and easy to use. I'd rate ten stars if possible.

Rob F

Error loading Reddit data. Please try again. UPDATE: PROBLEM FIXED AS PER INSTRUCTIONS FROM DEVELOPER. I've been getting this error with increasing frequency. Normally I close the app, reopen, and it's fine, but not today. Other apps have no issue accessing Reddit, so it's not me, and it's not Reddit. Prior to this it was a great app

Steve Sabatino

Gif loading is broken I normally would give this a five but lately anytime a gif is to be loaded, I get a black screen and it will sit there. I have to hit the refresh button for it to work. Google pixel

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