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6 Nov
reddit is fun (unofficial)

Posted by TalkLittle in News & Magazines | Nov. 6, 2016 | 268 Comments

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"reddit is fun", commonly abbreviated RIF, gives you a fast and intuitive interface to

Now includes TABLET support and WIDGET! And Moderator features!

Cross-device HISTORY SYNC via!
Set it up in Menu->Settings->Synccit

• INTERNET - The Internet
• BOOT - to restore mail notifications on device boot
• EXTERNAL STORAGE - thumbnail caching
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - detect connection speed for OPTIONAL ads
• GET_ACCOUNTS - associate Google account with custom themes
• MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS - add reddit accounts to system Account Manager
• VIBRATE - for mail notifications
• NFC - share current page via NFC
• READ_SYNC_SETTINGS, WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS - sync web preferences with
• BILLING - purchase premium custom themes (but currently all themes are free)

reddit is a registered trademark owned by reddit, Inc., and used under license.

Whats new

    4.2.15 (Nov 6):
    • Fix CAPTCHA bug
    • Update libraries, fix UI bugs
    4.2.13 (Oct 10):
    • Instant transitions to external browser
    • Configure private save directory (Android 7.0)
    • Fix URL bugs
    4.2.9 (Oct 2):
    • Pin favorite subreddits
    • Multi-window support (Android 7.0)
    • Set default image save anywhere (Android 5.0)
    • Delete all subreddits via settings
    • Setting to opt out of reddit website tracking your clicks
    4.1.15 (May 27):
    • Settings > About > Suggest ideas
    • Block users via Inbox replies

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Cyndi Willey

Works well The app works rather well. To be fair I haven't tried any others to compare, however I really don't feel the need to compare other apps,as this one suits me well.

Katie Westfall

It keeps crashing It seems that every time I go to load a gif, either it never loads or it makes the app crash/close out. Please fix it. Even if I uninstall the WebView it reinstalls by itself. This should be make compatible with it. I shouldn't have to keep uninstalling an app that's supposed to help it work better.

Taylor Wall

Two clicks for comments The only improvement I need is for one click to take me to the comments... That's the most frequent action I take, and two clicks makes it take twice as long.

Danny C

Best Reddit App It may not be an official reddit application, but it sure does function like reddit would on a computer, in a smartphone format. Its easy to use and navigate through, and will even open a desktop version of a specific reddit site without leaving the app and going into my browser, which I find to be awesome. I find no problem when downloading this app! 5/5

Randal Bonham

Having the same Web view bug as many others here, unsurprisingly. My other point of contention is that on my old phone (Galaxy S3) I had no ads, but they are now present. I hadn't done anything to remove them but also had never had them from the time I first downloaded the app. Any reason why they would suddenly pop up?

Jamie Bray

Want to give 5 stars Extremely well designed app, but after upgrade I cannot view any gifs. Just a black screen appears, galaxy s3, please fix I don't want to go to a different app I love this one

Alex Foden

Ok, but some major bugs Overall is a good app but often it'll crash and leave your device unresponsive until it decides to reboot itself. This needs fixing as it's making this app unusable!! Also my phone (z3 Compact )has no removable battery or dedicated powrbutton so om stuck until it decides to reset itself!

David Salsbury

Crashing from gifs Do not download this app until they fix the problem with the app crashing every time a gif or webm is loaded. It freezes my entire phone, leaving me to have to power cycle it just to restore functionality.

Chris Copeland

Rules Don't let them fool you about only having five rules, because rule #6 is: don't make fun of people for using synonyms as antonyms.

Jeff Wilkinson

HTC one m8 App no longer works for my phone. I'm not sure if there was a recent update, but I uninstalled and reinstalled still crashes every time I open the app. Fix this please and my rating will go back to 5 stars.......EDIT: found that it was actually Google's web view. Giving back the 5 stars of love.

Michael Alegria

Crashing and not loading :( Love this app but for some reason it'l l cause my phone to freeze and reset sometimes when loading'll also stop loading subs and comments entirely and just say "no threads here" or load forever. I'm using HTC one M8

Michelle Sepulveda

It keeps crashing): I did like you suggested and uninstalled the update on that one app but Reddit Is Fun keeps crashing while trying to load GIFs and I have to take my battery out because it makes my phone freeze

Clayton Gwinnup

Meh Good, not great. I would really like to see the ability to side scroll instead of going back and forth between pages. It would make navigation smoother and that's one of the key components that makes a reddit app really good

Paul Santos

CRASHES GALORE Used to be one of my fav apps but now itll freezes and crashes after I select a random gif page. It sucks. Prior to the update this was a 5 star app

Joe Parker

Perfect. Does what I want it to do. The bug was in another app. Great app.

Ben Crossley

Favourite reddit app Iv tried a few reddit apps and although reddit sync had some good features I always come back to reddit is fun. Adverts are super non-intrusive and if u get reddit gold the adverts go away anyway!

Kay Aye

Very good but now it's buggy This app has always been amazing but now loading any gifs causes it to freeze. This was after the update. It's too bad because a lot of content is gifs and I might need another app now.

Corey Mitchell

Was great, now crashes I've been using this app for a long time without any issues. However, since the last update or two my phone locks up when trying to load up a gif, seemingly at random, and then my phone reboots.

Steve McCarthy

New Update Crashes my phone Latest update crashes my phone to the point of a hard restart whenever I use the app. Was the best app for reddit but now it's wholly unusable

Eric Will

Gifs don't load after new update Gifs don't load and it crashes my app often times when I try to load one. Even in desktop mode it doesn't work. Sucks that not all features work if you have an old copy of the app on your computer and try and install that.

Jordan Brower

Seriously guys, what happened? With every new update, something else breaks. Now it is just completely unusable. When it's not crashing, it takes forever to load. When it does finally load a picture, its blown up huge and doesn't allow me to zoom out.

A Google User

App is crashing my phone whenever I click a link to a gif after the latest update. I can't even use it effectively since there's no way to differentiate gif links from the rest.

Alex Campos

Update crashes phone Since the new update I can't load an image without the app freezing my phone causing me to take the battery out. Will use again after fix.


Really fast Out of all the Reddit-apps, this is the clear winner. Atleast on my phone (GS4). Other people have apparently been complaining about the .gifv clips being slow on this app, but I literally don't have any problems at all. Really fast and smooth indeed.

Madeline Berry

Needs update I am on an HTC one m8 and the app wont even open. It loads for a second and then disappeares. I am horribly disappointed and y'all need to fix it already please. I want to be able to actually use this app!

David Bielby

Has made my galaxy s5 crash many times It seems many others are having the same problem as I am. Everytime I go to load a gif it makes the app crash, but many cases my entire phone crashes and automatically resets. Until they fix this my rating will remain 3 stars

Allen Lee

Great app Very well made app. IF YOURE HAVING PROBLEMS CRASHING UNINSTALL Android System WebView. It's not the developers fault!

Kevin Cope

Great Much better than the actual reddit mobile site, normal site and awful new mobile site. Well done, seems to cover everything, easy to search etc

Samuel Herts

! Easy layout and simple to use. Best reddit app out there. Recent crashes due to bug from Google. Not reddit is fun! Still a 5 star

Ashley Price

Phone Crashes Everytime New update has messed up this because I never had a problem before. It makes me phone freeze and takes 5 mins to restart each time.. Please fix, or I will be deleting.

Penske 1

Google is crippling this app Suddenly animated gifs pause for over a second in between loops, when they used to be seamless. OnePlus One running Oxygen. Edit: now animated gifs cause the app to completely freeze my phone. Edit 2: The latest update of Android System WebView seems to be causing the freezing problem. Uninstalling updates to WebView has resolved the issue. Hopefully Google will get their act together soon.

Emily Taub

Good for me! Haven't tired other apps for reddit but this one seems to work well and do what I need :)

Lacid Onex

Best Reddit App Period I prefer using this app to the desktop website. Beats any other app by a mile. Few minor bugs, but nothing a quick tap or swipe doesn't fix. A+, buying to support devs.

Michael Langford

Crash fix (updated from 1 star) If this app (and probably a bunch of others) is crashing on your phone, just uninstall "Web View"s updates and everything will work like a charm again. Hope this helps everyone. This is an awesome app and Google's mess up shouldn't affect this apps ratings.

Brian Johnson

Good stuff This app kept crashing on me so I switched to Reddit sync. It made me miss what I had with this app. I'm glad my love has finally gotten updated and is back with me.

A Google User

Thanks! I still love the app but since recently it freezes my whole phone every time I open a gif. Edit: Thanks a lot for the fast answer and easy solution. It worked for me as well. I'll leave this up for other people in case they have they same problem.

Marko M

App freezes phone I've been experiencing an issue with this app. When opening a link with a Gif, it freezes my phone completely and requires a forced restart. This problem emerged just a week ago but has been a huge bother ever since.

Jayme White

This was working fine Until I got a new phone. Now with every other gif I open it crashes and I have to restart my phone. I know someone was having an issue with this and its out of developers hands. I'm hoping it will be fixed soon. Once it is then this will be a 5 star app.

Todd Nowacki

Crashes on start Quality and features of the app have really gone down over the past few months. It now crashes when starting. Completely unusable. 1/100 EDIT: Talk little is trying to push the blame onto Google. I have many other apps that use webviews and none of them are broken besides this one. So I am keeping the one star rating until they fix their hacks.

Geoffrey Villalba

Completely freezes up phone I've been using this app for over a year and its pretty solid most of the time apart from the occasional crash. However, lately its been freezing up my phone at random leaving me with no other option but a hard reset. Running On a One plus One with Lollipop

Александр Калько

Very good The app is easy to use

Denis K.

New bug? Phone hang on gif viewing twice since last update. Never happened before.

Erkin Rasulbaev

User friendly Cool app. Thumbs up.

Айнар Гарипов

Minimalist Just what I need

roman bellkin

Awesome app

Vladimir A

Became super slow That was the best reddit app, but 2 or 3 updates ago it became really slow on my nexus 7 :(

Kevin Acevedo

What i wanted was to comfortably read everything on reddit, and that's what this app has achieved. Nice one.

Сергей Газарян

Really damn great! However, my only request would be a better UI.

Nikita Petrichenko

I9300/I9305 problem No html5 video (gfycat, imgur) playback on CM11 roms, just black screen. Same videos work fine in Chrome.

Гияс Гусейнов

I'm very disappointed ?. Been using this app for a damn long time, but now it becoming very frustrating. The app lags badly if I open any link inside app via built-in browser (especially heavy pages). Then I must restart the app to continue browsing. It works fine if I stay in any subreddit and in the comments. Btw, it lags on flagship devices (like Z3, and Z Ultra)

Christos Damaskos

Great production value! A really good port of the PC version.

Kevin Yu

One pet peeve Only issue I have with this app is the name is not capitalised and it's just makes my OCD senses tingle

Scott D

At least 50% of gifs dont load and the browser always leaves a bar at the top, cutting out 1/2 inch of screen at the top. Also, videos embedded in webpages often cannot be viewed full screen and will make the app glitch and not allow me to view articles, requiring a hard reboot of my phone.

Nigel Snowdon

What is going on... Since the last update, it will not load anything when I open the app. It just continuously shows the loading circle but hangs indefinitely. I am on a nexus 6

A Google User

Works well on Nexus 7 It's my go-to reader for all things reddit. I just started using it on a Nexus 7 and so far so good.

Garrison T

DO NOT GET THIS APP This app will consume your life. Heed my warning and get away while you can.

Steve Pilipenko

Cant stop using it!!! Its offically the most used app on my tablet... I need to stop using it and getting work done ... lol Thank you for all that make this app what it is!!!

Kicsi Manoka

Great It does its job, however if they could implement a swipe in from right to go to comments and a swipe in from left to go back. The swipe right would be very nice as getting to the comments is a hassle (take inspiration from alien blue)

Pete Albin

Best Reddit app I have used. Works as well as browsing the website on an actual computer. Any feature you would want is on it and works well. Unlike other Reddit apps, this one puts function over form so it doesn't look the prettiest, but it doesn't look bad and works the best so its my favorite Reddit app.

Petrus Eksteen

Works like a charm! I have no gripes with this app, the phone and tablet version work marvellously. The one improvement I see viable to make would be to remove the "replying..." pop-up when posting a comment. You can dismiss the pop-up by tapping outside it, but it will continue to post your comment. This causes two things to happen: 1) You think the comment will be cancelled, but it still sends. 2) You think you have to wait for it to finish "replying..." before going on with your goings-on.

Abigail Ledford

Great app I got it on the suggestion of a friend and I couldn't be happier. It's super convenient to use and the design is pretty nice.

Philip Belous

Pretty good The app messes up and hides stuff when I first open it but gets better when I'm actually looking at categories

Steven Breuer

Great mobile app One of the best apps I've ever used for browsing a website: engineered well with very few bugs, works well on all devices I've owned, and regular updates keep improvements coming

Andy G

Very intuitive Feels very natural and clean. Uploading images automatically via imgur is very useful. Does crash quite often though.

Elizabeth Martinez

Awesome! It's a wonderful way to kill some time as we play the hurry up and wait game. My favorite thread is creepy.

Mark Elgersma

Pretty good Definitely not as intuitive as the actual site on a pc, but pretty darn good as far as apps go.

Dheeraj Kalgutkar

All well except... Given there's no official reddit app, this works pretty well. Except the submissions take long times to submit.

Nick Wilfahrt

My favorite reddit app that I tried It's probably the best one in my mind but I didn't look very hard. Works great for most things. Missing the context button on inbox comments is a little annoying though especially when trying to find your comment in the default subs. Also the find comment feature does not work as well as I would like. Overall though a pleasant experience. Includes some features only found in RES on the browser side

Samuel Ray

Can Completely crash phone So I have had some recent issues with the app... Twice just today when trying to view a GIF in the apps browser it completely crashed my phone, I had to do a hard reset with the power and up buttons. Will be making sure to use external browser!


Very good app! I wish it was easier to copy things like video URLs from link posts to my clipboard in order to share them on things like steam, but that's a really minor complaint (and I can just link to the comments section, which is almost as good.)

Eli Bettes

If I could I would turn reddit into a place where we could all talk and expand the consciousness of the world. Either that, or open a mental hospital. My favorite app hands down! :D

nathan layman

Solid I've been using this app for a couple of years. It's only fair I finally make my way over here to review it. I am sure its not perfect, but I use it daily without any complaints. So its close enough for me.


Fast and efficient Browsing Reddit through the browser is a pain. With this it allows images and pages to load with a low memory footprint. The ads are labeled visibly and for the most part unobtrusive. Unfortunately, when loading webpages within the app, there is no way to block those ads.

Captain Alpha

Just like the Reddit page on my computer It's great, there's really nothing more to improve on, other than maybe allowing us to access a subreddit of a post directly from the browsing page. would bang 5/5

Roy Dodd

A pleasure to use This app does everything I need on a Galaxy S3 as RES does on a PC. This newer version works even better on a Samsung Tab A. Reddit never looked so good.

Matthew Hamilton

The way things have been going I will give this a one star. As many others have posted in the reviews here, I cannot open anything from imgur, which is pretty much any picture, album and half of the gifs out there. It has been happening to me for a while, not just since the last update, I'm giving up... Oh and I hope I get one of those helpful responses about how reddit is down and it isn't our fault. Those look sweet.

Meeze Tha Dabber

Bug.......still doing this 12/16 When I click on a post that redirects to a website it does nothing. I have to click open in browser everytime. Kind of annoyong.

Abhishek Balaji

Solid Package! I'm a pretty serial redditor with heavy use. This app fits my need perfectly. It's UI may not be the prettiest, but it's very functional and makes for easy reading. One thing tho, there should be an option to change theme without relaunching the app.

Benjamin Cordner

It's good when it works It's been a lot more stable as of late, good job! I just wish flare showed up now...

Jordan Mitera

Small problems. It doesn't give you full search results of threads you're looking for, and it takes a quite a bit of time loading the pages as well. Navigation is a little confusing at first but is easily learned. Just needs a few touch ups.

Brandon Humphrey

App does its job and works fairly well. I've been having issues recently opening links though, but issue is fixable via clearing app cache in settings. Overall pretty good.

Miranda Cross

Update rendered it unusable This used to be a 5 star app. After the update, the app no longer loads any subreddits or opens any posts. It gives the "error loading data" notice and says there is nothing there. It does this on WiFi as well as over 4G. Incredibly frustrating. Hope a fix is found.

A Google User

Not sure what happened Been using this app for years on different phones. I really like it, but it's been driving me crazy lately. When I click an imgur link it usually loads, but lately a lot of images won't load. The progress bar gets about 10% done at the top and then nothing. Just sits there. I have to close the app and then reopen it and it will work. Only started happening recently, but it seems like it's getting worse and worse lately. Hopefully it gets fixed or I'll have to explore other reddit apps.

Francisco Perez

Nice Since I use this app and see there is a left handed option, my mobile data plan last for one day so my carrier is happy as f**k charging me for additional gb every month. I don't have the words to express how this change my life. Thanks a lot!

luca hoffman

Recent update broke the app I have been using this app for a great deal of time, but recently I updated it for the first time in a few months. Essentially, after using it for long periods of time, imgur links will not load until you clear the cache for the app. Having to clear my cache and relog in and all that is a pain, especially when you have to do it roughly once a week. For now, look elsewhere for reddit readers

Julio Maldonado

App is great!!! The app is great to navigate on as well as the posts are worth the time...if you dont have this app yet you better get it! :)

Matthew Kapteyn

Handy dandy Completely broken after Android February security update. Updated to latest version fixed it.

Billy Shannon

It does everything better than reddits beta mobile version. I can sort by any of the filters for all time to newest, which mobile can't do, I get notified when I get a reddit mail, which is finicky but better than nothing, and overall the thing works seemlessly. Thanks so much.

Eli Szus

Better than Reddit This app is way better than Reddit's own interface. Can't stand the official website design (or lack of design), but this app creates an amazing user experience.

Jamil Malone

My neckbeard grows even stronger. This app has given me the ability to attract multiple women and easily established close, intimate, and lucrative relationships. It embodies what is good in the world and restores my faith in humanity. Five stars.

Joseph G

Easy, clean way to browse Reddit is hard to use in the browser. With Reddit is fun, it's not a problem anymore. Intuitive and understandable with a clean UI

Christa Phelps

It's great but... I love the customizable features. Everything is fairly smooth and it looks great, but I hate how every time I open a link that has more than one image, the entire app crashes. It's extremely frustrating because sometimes I spend several hours scrolling and then it crashes, so I have to choose between either spending the time getting back to my spot, or just start over tomorrow.

Angela Burdsall

Two things First, I want to start by saying i love the stories here. 2 things I would change (if possible) is the layout seems a little cluttered but maybe that's because I'm new. And I can't remember the second thing so it must not be that important. ..

Cory Jean Mills

So much better than Alien Blue... I had to use my iPad in place of a phone for a week while I waited for a new phone to arrive in the mail. Worst week of Redditing ever! Alien Blue did not have near the functionality as this app. I am so happy to be back on Android and using reddit is fun again. I prefer using this app over the desktop site and any other mobile Reddit app I have tried.

Ryan Lampley

Great App Love it! Use it daily. After a while, imgur links refuse to load. Must clear data/cache in order for it to load again. Otherwise, no complaints.

A Google User

I enjoy this app But can you please make the "save" option more reliable? So, so, so many times I've saved posts on this ap that do not carry over to my account on other devices or even the same device once I close out. Very hard to make this my number one app for Reddit when this is the case.

Koot Pieterse

Spam machine I never knew how much I wanted an app that automatically opens my web browser to go to spam websites until now. Thank you, Redditisfun for making me see the light!

Gianni Lewis

Best info app I loved this app informed me about everything and tells me funny jokes and stuff like that so many options you don't have to just listen to the news you can search up anything you want basically.

Ryan Hufstedler

Best app for reddit on moble The app never crashes, it's fast and works seamlessly with the website and is incredibly customizable with preferences to feel right at home.

Josh Irwin

Great app I've been using this app for years and its almost always ran smooth and worked well. Well worth the 5 stars. I used to use alien blue for the iPhone and when I switched to Android I've never looked bad, i also haven't had an iPhone recently either. But either way still a good app

Nedislav Denev

Gfycat issues I've been using this app for a long time now but with the most recent update opening gfycat crashes the app most of the time - I'm running Android 4.1.1

Liam Mayfair

Perfect I've used other allegedly good alternatives for browsing reddit but I just kept coming back to this one. Functional, well rounded, easy to use and feature-complete. Threads are also very readable. Nothing to dislike about it!

Nate Tidwell

Great App App is great. Sometimes it feels clunky because you have to double click to open comment sections rather than the YouTube videos, but its still great.

michael welch

Reddit got spooky Reddit requires 6.66 mb of storage now I...I do- help help me also dank memes

Allan Duran

Good Good but when I go on an imigur picture the whole thing doesn't show up it makes me scroll to see it and I can't see it all at the same time

Corey Pittman

Love it Only had a few problems but seems to be fixed quickly. Keep up the good work

cooper ebersbach

Great app One of the best ways to view reddit. Rivals RES in my opinion. EDIT: sometime later I'm reducing the rating from 5 to 3 stars, while still one of the best reddit apps on Android and still my primary platform for using it's now significantly more prone to crashing, basically for everything which is really disappointing.

Josh Bailey

I'm pooping This app has allowed me to poop for long periods of time without worry.

Jordan Volkman

Great app Fantastic app, but I get really annoyed when I want to switch quickly between collapsing and opening child comments, and the child comments of the top comment are posted as if they are original comments. The users don't change, but the content of the comment does if this makes any sense at to just see it for yourself.


Good Stuff! Perfect for my late night browsing! Haven't had a problem yet, so it's pretty good! Highly recommended.

Matthew Dohnansky

Loved it... What happened? I loved this app, actually used it for a few years, but lately it's been having issues randomly crashing after a few imgur links, and then today it can't even load anything from Reddit... Thinking it was my network I tried jumping off WiFi, still nothing, so I tried using the official Reddit app and that worked... So I guess I'll leave this behind till you get it fixed.


The main reason to never buy a Windows phone I spend countless hours using this app and I've never had an issue with it. This app has made my long journeys and downtime at work a lot more tolerable. It works so much better than browsing the site in a browser.

rusty shackleford

Many years ago i found myself lost among the countless places I needed to visit to stay up to date with cat pics, it was a nightmare. Then through the smoke and faulty urls a small alien appeared and said unto me "I have the cats you're looking for"

A Google User

Amazing app I've been using this app for a couple years now and I have to say the most recent updates are not for the best. The comments sections don't load and I'm constantly getting errors now. I hope this gets resolved because I loved this app for redditing.

Zach Morsell

Crashes on imgur Ok guys, I love this app, I've used it for a long time. But ever since an update a couple months ago the app crashes after a clicking on a couple imgur links. I love this app, but this is infuriating! Please fix!

Eric Lau

Useful but As of the current version on this date, I have found the app to have difficulties loading websites and comments. RIF used to be the best but now it just keeps croaking.

Gil Sery

Used to work flawlessly Previous versions used to work flawlessly. Now, I constantly get an error message that says "Error loading reddit data. Please try again later."

Griffin Swanson

Love it! I've used this app for over a year and it is my go to for when I want to browse reddit. There's a fair amount of customization, and the app is constantly growing. After some patches I have had some issues with crashes, but whenever that happens there is a new patch within the week and the issues for me go away, really active developers! If anyone was looking for a reddit app this would be my first recommendation.

Tyler Owl

Wtf it doesn't load a thing This use to be a very good app. The past 3 updates have sunk this ship. The app crashes. Now as of 9:25 Pacific I can't even load a single thing. Come on.

Peter Hahn

Agree with people below....update sucks I have used this app for the past few years and with the latest updates I can't even use it anymore. It is always crashing. This has honestly been the only app I have used on my phone that I have downloaded in the past two years and now I am having to find a new reddit app to replace it. Any suggestions?

Cassandra Witherbee

Constant crashes since latest update App consistently crashes when viewing Imgur albums which is getting frustrating to the point where I'm considering just switching to the official Reddit app. Total bummer considering this is otherwise the best Reddit app by leaps and bounds.

A Google User

Good reddit app Only complaint I have is inconsistent back button functionality. When you are viewing messages after tapping a message notification you have no way to get into the app to browse reddit, the back button just closes the app. So you have to close the app and reopen it. Sometimes you have to do this twice.

Tim Davis

It's a decent app but crashes constantly It used to be a lot better, but after the last 3-5 updates it seems to crash about every 20 mins or if imgur albums are larger than 10 pics. Galaxy s5

Michael Robinson

Meh Its a very useful app when I'm being useless. Still my goto reddit app after two years.

A Google User

Latest Update Ruined I've been suffering through the 30+ daily crashes because I had faith it would eventually be resolved. Installed the latest update this morning and now ALL comment sections are blank. Sad, because I've used this App for years and it went from awesome to totally useless.

A Google User

Uh oh, latest update Great app, but latest update makes it so no comments or reddit posts are available. Only off-site links for now. No bueno.

Ian Paterson

Some media files play a bit weird. Specifically some (not all) gifv files from imgur, which are quite common on reddit. These have been improving though. Developer seems to be proactive about this issue. But it is important to remember you will occasionally need to open pages in another browser to play the content. I expect this will stop being a problem soon however (still a problem as of April 2016)

Linda G

i love this app but the only downside is it always force closes by itself. edit: i uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it works now :)

Alex Pace

Uhhhh App launches spam play store links almost constantly! It's become unusable...

Dick Butt

Just great Does whatever you expect a reddit app to do. No problems encountered so far.

Robert Christopher

Better than the official app This app is smooth and cards look nice. I think it's the best way to browse your favorite subreddits, on any device.

Austin Hodges

Perfect reddit app. Honestly the best. Feel bad for the new official app... Has a lot to compete with... One thing that would make this absolutely perfect is to have the option to combine an image with its comments below it.

David Chamberlain

See the name of the app. As of 4-22-2016 refusing to load. Site loads just fine in browser. Was: Reddit really is *fun* with this app!

Juan Carlos

Imgur images won't load! This app used to work flawlessly now a critical feature is not working. Please fix.

Mark E.

Great app Great app, good ui, amazing account, management, works very well with reddit(what a surprise right?) would recommend to anyone who needs their autism fix on the go!

Alyssa Rodriguez

Just right. This app does what it says it will, and no more or less. It's exactly what I was looking for.

Ryan Sno-Wood

Was awesome Now just crashing on imgur links. It just crashed 5 times in the last 2 minutes. What the hell?

Robert Thyrion

Worked great until most recent update... now it just loads to "error loading reddit data" and is totally unusable.

David Flores-Marroquin

Good app Pretty cool. Has yet to crash so all is good.

Ahsan Ashraf

Comment section doesn't work anymore App worked fine and was a pretty good alternative to the desktop but lately gas been really buggy. It's always something new going wrong. Haven't had the access to any comment threads for a few days now and it's really annoying.

Jeff McAlister

Imgur still crashes or will not load. In app browser often will not load forcing the user to switch to external browser. External browser is set to Chrome and cannot be changed. These have been persistent problems for the last 3 updates. After initially loving RIF, I'm now going to download another app and may be uninstalling this one after close to 2 years of usage.

John Wing

Love it! Easy to use, rarely any bugs. Any bugs that pop up are fixed very quickly.

Melanie Boizard

Imgur Image Links are glitchy Constantly crashes my app when I open up imgur links. Very disappointed, I've been using RiF for roughly two and a half years and I've never had a problem until the beginning of April. My app crashes upwards of 3 times a day. Do not recommend this app anymore.

Kevin Jantunen

Reddit. Simple as that. It's Reddit made easy and convenient. That's it. Simple. Fantastic. Useful.

Caitlin Altman

Love it most of the time I actually downloaded the official reddit app, but quickly switched back to RIF. I like the interface and I like how I can differentiate between viewed and non viewed links. However, the app will occasionally crash when using imgur, especially on albums that contain more than a few images.

Eric Hernandez

Doesn't work when logged in Won't display tabs when logged in. Been happening for months.

Philip Patry

I like it It's good. Clunky. I don't know where to go sometimes. Needs organization that fits with user needs.

Brian Yang

Works well on my gallery, especially the 2 columns card theme. The 1 column theme is perfect for the phone. However, there are some issues with leading reddit data sometimes when on WiFi but it is solved by clearing cache

Jonathan Sloane

Great when working Good, but crashes (only in imgur) often on me in the last few updates. If devs are here, let me know what info you need for me to help you fix this

Adam Rossmiller

Android widget sub par I love everything about this app except the widget. Coming from baconreader whose widget was very good, this was disappointing. I'm gonna stick with RIF regardless because I can't open subreddit links in that one.

Ronnie Mangulabnan

1 star I'd give this 5 stars but this keep crashing via imgur links since last update. So 1 star till it's fixed

icky8 vicky

Mostly great I am running Android 6.0.1 on Nexus 6P. You can categorize post with same options as the desktop site, easy navigation. After the last update, it keeps crashing. Also, the only other issue I have is that you have to buy a subscription to get the card mode. The card view is much easier on my eyes, and so when my Reddit gold runs out, I may switch apps.

Ajinkya Kamat

Good job developer! Although the app is great, I would love if it would be snappy as there is lag between viewing content or changing sub reddits

gee cee

Paid to gild a comment, didn't go through. I selected a user's comment to be gilded. The app took my money but the gilding didn't go through. Sent an email to talklittle and received no response. Will do a chargeback.

Paul H

Great, but room to improve Love the app, but grow tired of the crashes when loading images. It's great otherwise, and there's no reason to download any other app for Reddit.

Julian Blow

Possibly the best companion app for your favorite site. Just stop asking me to update my rating.

Tyler Maple

Incredible, but... PLEASE FIX CRASHING WHEN LOADING IMGUR GALLERIES. It's killing me. I'll be in a specific subreddit, way down my list, and very far down the Reddit viewing the "hot" section when I'll click a gallery, be too late to realize its going to fail and completely have to reset the whole app and my progress. It's tedious, and annoying.

chris jasin

Great app Has made browsing Reddit much faster and more streamlined, have had no crashes or hiccups. Great app :)

Mr EdSome

The New Update I can't count the number of times the app has crashed on me. Recently it's been completely non responsive just freezes randomly. It's slowly become unusable and I'll be looking elsewhere for a Reddit app

Callum Plymin

Top notch app In all honesty I haven't even used the official reddit app yet because this app gives me all I want, very user friendly, still has the same feel as browser reddit, and it's free.

Tilly Thungström

i love this app but it has issues I have used this app for years now, but more often than not it ether crashes to desctop when loading imgur galleries or it falls back to a previous page far back. Both of which looses where i was browsing

Viky Singhal

Amazing app with the best interface. It has only gotten better. Highly recommend it if you use a phone with AMOLED display.

Robert Ristick

Really enjoyable This app is great. It runs smoothly for the most part. It is a great mobile reddit. 9/10 would recommend

Aaron Metzger

10/10 Would Marry RIF is my longest relationship so far. We love each other very much. How do I do the sex?

Tal Schechter

Great Certain other Reddit apps have gone downhill. A friend recommended and am very happy. A few parts are a bit less than intuitive at the start, but a really good implementation nonetheless.

Hasinul Islam

Best app for reddit I'm no reddit power user by any measure, but browsing reddit with Reddit Is Fun is incredibly intuitive and enjoyable. Very deserved 5 star!

Greg Householter

Gfycat problems maybe caused by cookies? Randomly Gfycat won't load. Imgur never seems to have that problem. Also sometimes links won't load either until I close the app and restart it. Maybe cookies are too full and need to be reset manually by me closing it?

Alexandra Trochet

Crashes every day I really want to like this app, its customizable and easy to use, but it crashes every day. Im not exaggerating. Every. Single. Day. At least once. None of my other apps crash on me. I'll give more stars when it stops crashing.

Sunil Rattu

Best reddit app I've used so far Gifs and images load quickly and nicely, which is probably the most important feature. You can switch between new and top posts quickly too, which is nice

Stephen Lanyi

Crashes multiple times a day. App seems to crash a lot when loading images from posts. Happens multiple times a day on my galaxy s5

Sadaf Ahmad

Crashes on Note 4 Used to be stable months ago, now crashes randomly at least once a day, if not more. Very disappointing

David Hilla

4.5 really It's crashing a lot lately. This is the second time I've re-installed it today.

Monon Bhuyan

Great app without any glaring issues Simple and effective. Works just fine fir reading and viewing. No annoying ads, other than reddit's own, which go away if you have a gold account.

Wyatt Kinsey

Good for text posts and singular images, but I constantly get crashes on imgur albums, and gifvs occasionally do not load

Vengeance of the Fallen

Better than actual Reddit App It's really sad, but I actually prefer this Reddit app over the one released by Reddit.

Andrew Shearn

No way to add users as friends; often crashes when viewing Imgur albums (not individual pictures)

Mick Flick

The Best Reddit App The official honestly shouldn't even exist especially considering the perfection that is reddit is fun.


Used to be good This app used to be much better. Now it crashes multiple times a day. Tired of it and will be switching soon if it's not fixed.

Anthony Pouria

It's pretty solid Takes me to Reddit, and that's what I was looking for. Thanks

Shyla Myatt

No complaints Works prefect on my galaxy s4, even though my phone has been super slow and laggy lately this app never gives me any trouble at all and does what it should.

Tim Mata

Fast and intuitive This is one of those rare mobile apps that actually enhances the experience of visiting a site's content as opposed to a mobile browser. Fast, lightweight and intuitive. I highly recommend it, and I seldom write app reviews of any kind, so consider that too.

Jon Attebery

Better than the original app. If you were to get any reddit app, this should be your go to guy. Better functionality than the original and it has imgur built in.

Mike Randazzo

Prone to bugs Overall it's pretty good but has had many problems in the past. Recently the app crashed repeatedly for a number of weeks. Most recently, nothing will load except a message stating "No threads here. Tap to refresh." It's been about two days with the message appearing and I cannot use the app.

Jamie Bainbridge

As good as it gets. For some reason mobile Reddit seems very hard to do well. This app is the best of a bad bunch.

A Google User

My favorite Reddit app Great interface and I like that I can gild people easily.

Scott Berger

Great App Ive been using it for many months now, its great. Gifs dont load every now and then, but its not frequent enough to make a huge impact.

Firdaus Azmi

One big problem. Random crashes. Never had this problem before.

Lawrence Rushing

Does what I want it to Has everything I need in a Reddit app, though not 5 stars due to the occasional crash that randomly occurs.


Was a great app but keeps crashing constantly, it needs to be fixed asap

Çağrı Köksal

The Best Reddit App Even better than the offical app

Josh Needham

Good Layout - Intuitive to Use I definitely enjoy this app. I have many praises for it ranging from ease of use, extent of customization, and formatting of layout to its minimal lag in processing (it's clean and fast). My only complaint about it has been that it'll occasionally throw errors when trying to play .gif files, but even then that's maybe once a month. It's also possible that my phone is responsible for the issue (or perhaps even Reddit or the source hosting the .gif). I know the app developers have previously patched this.

Ryan Critchfield

Good, but constant link problems. This app is great! Fluid, easy to work, far better than the official app. However, there are frequent problems with different media links (imgur, gify, YouTube, etc.) that will often crash or stall completely.

Mark Nicholas

Do not download Extremelly abusive moderators and admins will ban your account for no reason. Just for a good laugh. Rules are not upheld and harassment is rampant on the site. Not worth downloading.

Norio Wakamoto

App crashes when clicking YouTube link Wonderful app and I'll take it any day over the official app, only gripe is that the app itself crashes whenever I am clicking a YouTube link and the video will play, but the app will be closed

Not too shabby I also have the paid Reddit app, and this one isn't much different. I haven't had any issues with either and this app has a decent format. Definitely recommend.

Matt Campbell

Used to be better Still fails to load some things depending on its mood. Random crashes for no apparent reason.

wael ahmed

The perfect app Ever since I started using this app I never went back to the web version, this is the only app I can honestly call perfect. I literally don't understand how you roll out new Updates on this perfect app.

Erik Sparks

Fixed the constantly crashing Nothing to say but this is a great app for mobile reddit.

Kevin Isaac Perez

Cool app, does what it says and it's easy to use. Also, it's keeping me awake when I clearly need to sleep.

Nagarjun Prasad

This app made me use Reddit! I actually wasn't a regular user if reddit but thanks to the slick user interface of this app I am using reddit regularly, also this app is much better than the official one so blindly go for it.

Katelyn Atkinson

New update broke it I use this app a lot but recently it has been crashing all of the time. I'm not sure if it is just my phone or something is wrong with the app.

miguel lacroix

Well as the title says..reddit is fun! The app actually is seriously good I've been using it for three-four years now, still exclusively use it only. No complaints really. Using a nexus 4 and nexus 5.

Ashleigh O'Sullivan

Crashes all the time The app crashes approx 1/3 of the time when trying to load an Imgur album with more than 2 images.

Kyle Akerstrom

Crashes consistently when viewing imgur galleries, and has done so for a while now...

Ammar Idris

Bug On the LG G5, makes the screen detect touches lower down than I'm actually pressing. Driving me crazy.

patrick rice

Better than the official client Card implementation is a bit wonky, but overall great app

Devon Helsdon

Crashes all the time Frequent crashing on external links, will be trying the official app instead

A Google User

Battery usage skyrocketed This app now trumps my screen for battery usage. Not good.

A Google User

It's easy to use but it crashes constantly. But I do enjoy the app otherwise.

Andrew Marsay

The best reddit client Tried them all, but this is the best on Android. Simple and smooth. The inbuilt browser for opening links could use some optimisation, though. Still, 5 stars.

H Chaudhary

Does what it needs to Maybe it could be made easier to do certain tasks, like subscribe to new subreddits, but overall I'm happy with this app.

Juan Gonzalez

It's a bit slow when I'm not connected to WiFi.

Vijayakumar Subburaj

Excellent app Somehow I managed to uninstall Facebook from my phone, but now I've to deal with this app. Sigh.

Jeff S

Thumbs up Been working great aside from the occasional crash.

Nick Mantzoros

NSFW thumbnails Great app, but the last update now shows NSFW images in the thumbnails of NSFW posts. It used to have the post but with a blocked thumbnail.

No Name

It works Just like works. Nothing fancy.

Jeff Minix

Better than official reddit app This app feels more like reddit on a computer then the official app. Easier to use and better layout

Darren Hoffman

Very good! Awesome app although some options need more explanation. But over all , good!

Ata Monk

I've heard that there are other apps to navigate Reddit. So far I'm very happy with this one.

Spencer Mays

Does everything, better than official app

Andrew George

Does everything it needs to do. Manages multiple accounts, so that's definitely a plus.

Justin Hubbard

Love it! I have been using it for a little over a year and I have to say I have never had a problem

Mike Ligouri

Everything I need in a Reddit app Easy to use. All functionality is there. Minimal ads.

Peter Biggerstaff

It works I can browse reddit.

Shayak Dutta

Does everything I need it to do

j hughes

Dumb name but it's fun

sarah clairmore

Reddit review I really enjoy reading articles, and looking at the photos.

Jake Karslake

Decent Lacks much of the functionality of the full website

Hariz Roslan

In comparison If it is as fluid as Relay for Reddit, i would give it a 5*

Darcy Warby

App is great I love this app, it's so easy to use and you can easily browse reddit whilst on the go. Only minor issue is that imgur images rarely load so you have to open them via imgur. App also gets very laggy if you have it open for a while and things refuse to load until you close and reopen it. Other than that it's amazing!

B. W. Behling

Good but... For a couple of versions now there's been an issue where if you happen to open a YouTube link in the app then it opens a YouTube window at the bottom of the screen that will never close or let you back out of it. The only thing you can do to get rid of it is close this app and reopen it. Previous versions of the app allowed you to simply back out of it.

A Google User

Still the best! Any serious problems that this app has are usually fixed within a matter of days. It's very full-featured, and almost every feature can be accessed without paying anything with optional (and unintrusive!) ads. Less gimmicky than other apps, it feels very powerful and the theming options make it feel very customizable. Have used for years across many devices, and will continue to do so for even longer!

Claus Conrad

Great time waster I mean that in a good way. Reddit is a time waster for me like Facebook is for many other people, but the content on Reddit is a lot more tailored to my interests, and rif makes it easy to catch up on Reddit. I especially like that there are no ads for Reddit Gold members. This app is near perfect in my opinion and still improves with each update.

terrell winans

Who doesn't love Reddit? This app is almost great, randomly closes sometimes and sometimes images don't load and I have to go to imgur. Other than that it's for lack of a better word...neat

Peggy Lok

App keeps crashing Reddit Is Fun is the best reddit app out there for style for style and function. I use it everyday. However recently it has been crashing as soon as I open it. Hoping this gets fixed soon.

Peter Jenkins

Pixel Chromebook I've been using this app on my phone for years, but put it on my Pixel today. It's a great app, good funtionality, and it does exactly what I want it to. My main criticism of the app is that the settings to increase text size don't seem to increase the menu text size at the same time, and it looks a bit messy as a result. Bar that, I love it and will continue to use it for a long time to come.

Scott Rowland

The most used app on my devices No other app is used so much. I really should pay but the free version is so good I don't really need the extra features. Just a minor annoyance for this wide fingered user, the comment link is so small that I some times miss tap and get the next post by mistake. I know this is not the place for feature requests however I believe there is a proper one logged to getting to comments via a double tab. Fix that and I'll buy; you know what I'll just buy it anyway. Thanks guys.

Justin Ferguson

Works Weird that Reddit doesn't have their own app. Or maybe they do. But I have no reason to not use this one. Works great

Michael Gammons

This update I haven't had any problems with this update. This morning RiF keeps closing seconds after opening.

Stephen Autry

Crashing Keeps crashing for some reason. I wonder why....

Lucas Story

Comment scores gone Comment scores have suddenly disappeared, not sure if this is a reddit problem or the app problem but all comment scores are gone. New/old/front page all gone.

Matthew Cushion

Latest update crashes on HTC m8 App was great before this update, will rate 5 stars if they fix it

Kimberly Gillette

Very good app Much easier to use than the mobile version of reddit. I find myself using this more than I read reddit at the computer.


Keeps crashing Constantly crashing since this morning on my Sony xperia z3 mini

anas salkeeney

Keeps logging off Why last update ruined it!?? Keep "unfortunately stopping!!

Jeremy W

Amount of crashing is absurd. Crashes doing nearly everything. Even just looking at pictures or opening links.

James Parsons

Best reddit app Best reddit app including the official one. Love night mode, too. Thanks RiF.

Keenan Buzyniski

Fantastic App I've been using this app for over a year now and I have yet to have any difficulties with it. It reminds me of RES for the desktop version. If you Reddit you'll want this app.

Laurel Ann

Better than Facebook for entertainment Love using this to find funny pictures or just things to look through for fun. Better than the regular reddit app. All the functions work fine for me.

Jason Savickas

Amazing Non intrusive ads. Great response. 100x better than the "official" piece if garbage app.

Alan Corcoran

Crashing since latest update. Hey folks, crashing today since I updated last night. Any ideas why? Bug!

Robert Le Couffe

Recent update crashing App crashes on startup after most recent update. Would rate it a 5 if fixed.

Murad Korejo

Better than the official app! I always use this one over the official. Simple design, high-quality, and lots of features.

Matthew Stoker

Bug Keeps refreshing on it's own after every other post I open causing me to lose my place. Is there a way to fix it?


Great app There is no better reddit app on the store, end of story.

Thomas Hori

Practical mobile Reddit access (Update: two years on since I started and still going strong, the newer official app pales in comparison.)

Dejan Čeko

Ugly icon It's about the time to change this ugly icon

Johnathan Fail

Ads are crashing the app Whenever an ad loads in, the app crashes.

Snackers 199

Please fix Keeps crashing after last update

Spenser Carlisle

Currently won't open. Will change rating when fixed.

The Pusheen

Thank you. The bug has been fixed


-1 star for annoying : P

Fei Ma

Best reddit app Works well and better than the official reddit app, loads quickly and all posts load unlike the offical app.

Joe S

Using huge amounts of data Works well.

Vince N

Gfycat no longer works after latest update. Not much else to say. Opening in browser works though.

sean hertzsch

Great aggregator Like Reddit itself, this is an awesome and simple tool to see what has been gathered in the world.

Nick Jones

Good, clean app, useful features No obtrusive ads, has a dark theme. Can't ask for more

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